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Episode 859 Scott Adams: Humans Rule, Coronavirus is About to Drool. We Are Going Weapons Hot Soon

2020-03-19 | 🔗

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  • Chloroquine study 100% CURE RATE, Gregory Rigano
  • Julia Cheek, EverlyWell.com will have home test kit MONDAY
  • Ian Hilgart-Martiszus serum therapy
  • More good news

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Some bump bump, bump bump bump bump Alexa turnaround studio. Everybody has gone well welcomed. Coffee was got items as part of your day.
Have you ever feel guilty being in the middle of a pandemic and still finding a way to have a tremendous time every now and then all year? We can take this quite seriously. We can still have our phone, and this is one of those times well. Welcome to the simultaneous happened covers got items and all you need is a government or a glass at anchor jealously Stein again in geography, classical vessel of any kind.
Fill me with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join you now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dominion of the day, the thing that makes everything better, including a pandemic skull, the simultaneous it happens. Now we have a hospital worker here joining in the ship. Thank you for your service. Normally, I would reserve that for people in our military, but can you make a distinction today between a health care worker on the front line,
but in the military. Well, you can, but it's a minor distinction. Serve you see a doctor, a nurse. Thank them, maybe don't say service will save them from the people in the service. But thank you so what is special about today? What is special about today. I'm gonna call the elbow now. The elbow is what I've been told. I've been tell you for. Awhile is coming to see elbow the curve and not talking about the virus curve. I'm talking about you're talking about the these slow acquisition of information that the humans are doing on a global scale, and I told you this is largely an information problem. One drugs work against it. We need to know what types of people are most affected.
Need to know what worked. What didn't work we need to know and of course, who hasn't need to know if you get the information the viruses toast, so it has always been and information problem presenting itself as a healthcare problem, because that's ramifications, but I told you from the start: if there's one thing we're good at humans, after a cuban we're good at finding information, there were good, are doing things when we're all. On the same page, the only thing that ever slow us down is one we're not in the same team. That kind of stuff this week, we're gonna well on the same team. At the moment deal which I the later. But at the moment sandy enemy of my enemy. And the elbow looks like is happening now,
Some would say that you still need some gave an omen. Wouldn't you like that? Wouldn't you like that there were some kind of her aside. If you're, if you're believer you'd say while there's God tell him anything, is ever everything's gonna be ok if you're not a believer, maybe like dissimulation, maybe sourcing coincidences, and you say ah the simulations winking at me now I don't think you do these things pass any kind of scientific rigour, but sometimes doesn't feel good, when you just see something that, just as I think, everything's gonna be ok. Now I'm not gonna live you next, two weeks, my
a little bit rugged for you and for the people who catch the virus scan be horrific. That's gonna happen. You you don't have to stress about, should happen. How do we stop at next week's? Are gonna be rough? That's just the way. It's gonna be Book there might be some good things coming and I'm gonna talk about them,
first I want to give you a just a simple Tipp. You can try on now. This may sound silly, but try it if you're feeling a little bit anxious about all this stuff, and of course you do. Of course you do. The strongest person in the world is gonna, feel limp and anxious. Today, here's a little tip and don't laugh at this- is it actually works, find a nice soft, blanket and rapid around yourself and you see other fields. Other softness is a big part of it, because it's on your arms nicely scan blank you just gonna feel covered. It is just a physical thing is not even psychological. I don't think I think here were designs and nice warm embrace of something soft. Even if it's just a blanket school make, you feel better.
So I got actually ordered like at four only this purpose, so I put on my blanket yesterday, and it only feels there is a real pity, just find a nice off blanket during the day you solve open it. I swear to God. I feel great writer. Joe you to give this up, but let's talk about what's happened. Most of you saw the clip from Tucker Carlson's show last night in which, it was being announced that there's a cure now? Do we believe it yet.
You know it's in: there is in the category of things. One should not automatically believe rights. Any time somebody says: hey. We studied forty people, which is not a gigantic simple and a hundred per cent of them were cured with chloric wins the drug that I've been talking about for a while. Either the rumours are then that it it was effective, so apparently A french study now that allegedly and I'm not a scientist and haven't looked at the study- and I haven't reproduces- I don't take my word for it. But this is the report. Is a hundred percent effective curing the krona virus after you? Have it. Now, if you miss that, let me say it again would just completed just completed french study from one of the most of the time. I guess one of those famous
talented scientists in this exact field, it's been accepted for publication, so it's so now it's past, at least step and they tested forty people than a hundred percent success rate. Now I guess the math on this, assuming that others get it, and I agree that the test was organized correctly I think people are saying it was apparently. Math on this. Even though, is only forty people, the odds, Is it not being real are very close to zero, And apparently that almost never happens in stalker esters, gasped, you know, you're talking was appropriately skeptical and amazed same time, watching Tuckers face when this. I noticed whose completely credible finally known credible scientist saying that the growth
virus, as a hundred percent cure a pill we already make and is well known in a safe and sovereignty been used in other countries and Tucker is hearing this. And you look at his face. It was worth it was worse, just watching all show just for the moment. Because he was having the same experience that all of us we're having a home listening to it for the first time, which is what I dont know. If I'm hearing this right, is it possible that there a safe, effective, widely available pill. That's already in pharmacies. That's a hundred percent fewer barely there's only one other time that we ve curative virus. Yeah. So there's only one other time. The humans have learned havoc we cure a virus. So this
Be the second time if it's real, so we have some precedent that actually cure virus with the right balance. I think I think they do it, for you remind me whatever the problem is, So here is, among other things, Madame alone, first of all, there are some. There's some troubling suggestion China knew this and was maybe, not as forthcoming as they could have been with sharing the information. Now. This is not yet the time to look backwards, so just put her put attacker a question we're going ask. Is in China. No, this worked, I mean actually know it works long before
They made a widely available to other countries at risk spreading clash. That's real big question gives you know I I, I'm gonna stick with asking them to say it a million times in the next year. I have no patience for people Look at other people operating in an emergency trying to do the best they can sitting on the sidelines and saying you should have done it sooner. You're gonna get second me saying. The idiots in the room are the ones who said it should have been done sooner. I'm going to make an exception. Recently are the argument there is that everything that's good should have been done soon. Surfing he covered the something should have been done sooner. It has no meaning, because that applies to all things. Good should have been done soon
why were you smarter, wouldn't you say, come and wanted to work? Are there is no exception to that? We should abandon sooner, but I'm going to make an exception in the case where it was intentionally withheld. Now I'm not going to say that that's the case, Whenever it turns out that China, maybe knew more than they shared, and it was intentional just speculating. Wouldn't you like to know that, so if that's the case that wouldn't feel the same about delay. If its intention, of course, some other good news, either this sort of a wild card, the thing actually might be important, one of the things will get a learn even though we didn't want to learn it, is what happens to. C o to your, maybe potentially
a little bit more about climate change, risk, etc, etc. Based on the fact that we reduce air pollution, substantial and probably will last month so well that will the scientists be able to take advantage, the rarest thing that can happen, which is the the economy in the world just stopping at the same time and then watching the air pollution drop. And what are we learn now that Let us say so. You know your your first instinct would be well, maybe nothing because it's a short it's hard to untangle the variables so baby, nothing because here too long term problem. It's not something happened this month, But I'm not so sure I feel as if that might be enough data for remember The scientists are smarter than you you're, smarter than me, so, just as I can
you know how to take advantage of that information doesn't mean somebody give in. We'd love to know if we actually experienced anything like some seasonal coolness. Now, in theory, you yours, here's. My question: if pollution goes out of there can be quickly we watch that already happened. So warm was super polluted and now it's not here they might be back to work, but at least was appear when it wasn't so we know that the air clears pretty darn quickly. But what I don't know, but I have to ask some scientists disabling the co2, clears. And in his ears, the dumbest question you ever gonna here, but I have no shame. Somebody's gonna ask him anyway, Is there such a thing? As you know, I just ask If, if every ten years, we just did
headed to shut down all industry and travel for two weeks? The adjust brainstorming here? Don't take this too serious and broader pollution due to zero with those gains. Be any anyway permanent. Another word Could you just stop doing everything for awhile and let the co2 l and how long would it take. As pollution whenever they are pretty quickly, but does the ceo too, because its nature rang around longer, even after you started to stop polluting? I don't know the answer that question but even if there's a small change, dont the scientists get like an incredible amount of new insights, just based on this unique situation I just put out there is a question. I think it's a potentially tremendous benefit, but it's a maybe
the Good NEWS, Julia Cheek, I guess she's founder of Company called Everley, well, that Today they announced she's. Collier. Proudest day ever- and I would say that might be the case she says we're launching the first solution in the: U S: to get tested in diagnosed forgot nineteen from your home on Monday. So this Monday, can you believe this by Monday, There the be many on my soon, but I guess Craig and production. By Monday, will have a home task it for the chrome virus in it. Kind of come down to you come out? This is a contest between viral viral spread and reproduction.
Versus american manufacturing mucus a world manufacturing, but I think I think people are gonna be keeping whatever they can produce to themselves for the short run. So if suddenly, some country could produce a lot of that ninety five masks. They probably need to keep em. There are enough, they could produce enough to also export runaway, so most countries are sort of on their own in the short run in the long run, of course, will be, sharing, but ensure run? I think the Eu S probably needs to make its own masks and frequently probably needs makes some test get some pretty quickly and so is condemned to a contest, a fair fight. It wasn't a fair fight. At first we had no weapons, we had no tools, we have. No information was a sneak attack boom viruses, but now, with a little time to regroup, we did a strategic retreat. We divided to conquer and then the smartest people in the world then work,
essentially a global Manhattan project to find every possible weapon. You could against this virus and it looks like they found. It looks like they found it now, having let the cure, if we can call it that. The others there still of aspects on their. So don't if things change no say didn't tell you couldn't, has occurred, but his look. Really good, I gotta say The other thing you need is the test gets surfing. Simply test and you ve got a pill there. You know that works and you ve got a strategy of of delay and separation. We're we're on the cusp of one of the greatest American Cheeseman's of all time I might be wrong could be wrong
but if I were to sort of straight line this works going, I think, by the end of the summer the United States, full strategy. If you look at it from from closing the airports, which was the first action, yes to delaying too you know building tools, learning from the other countries and then once we have the weapons and right now we ve done defied the weapons. We know we know we, this drug would be insane if, if a government is not working hard to produce this drug already, you do you know if you ve got that one. No one gold standard kind of good test says it worked a hundred percent of the time. You should be Craig in that out.
If, if by the end of today, you have not heard you, governments say that, while just in case you were still making sure this works, but just in case we just put a billion dollars on it. We just dropped of cash in the, U S Army and in the full weight of american manufacturing on it, make we're gonna make the hell out of this pill. Cholera coin, I guess there's a stronger version as well. We're going to make the hell out of this pill- and I guess, there's a when it goes well with it just in case
If you don't hear that by the end of today, you should lose some confidence in your government. I'm going to be honest, but I think you might, and I'm I'm actively trying to get that answer some, I'm using what contacts I have to see. If somebody can tell me, is there a? Is there a specific manufacturing plant that we're putting the full weight of the United States power? money, your arms and legs and brains into it, and that is happening right now. If you know you're that, by the end of the day, you should lose confidence and I don't mean that what they tell you is that it is working great because it's like everything Day, one of doing anything is gonna, be just nothing but mistakes, but if putting the energy into it you you could reasonably
loosen confidence in your government- and nobody would say that you were being unreasonable- and if that today is the day we win, the country needs to hear it now: How good news today, this check my stock market, green, green, green, green, green, green, green, green ring, green green, green, green Green saw green baby green we're going to weapons heart. I add yet don't have enough, but we know the weapons now and when humans start working. It could be amazing thing here, some more things we now over in Belgium, they have adjusted their protocols now One of them tell you now is from,
I dont know on the internet so as this is wrong. Well, sorry, It sounds like something this right so that their, The best I can tell you is sounds like it's true The Belgium has adjusted their protocols to give that to give the even stronger version of the cholera quinine, the hydroxide flora, quinine too, patients with medium to severe symptoms, so they can obviously all patients so that there are waiting for something giving it to all medium to so more data and success rate should come up then we're going to know a lot in a week to week stopped. Because Belgium will be reproducing it, presumably with enough with enough information that will really feel more confident about what we know.
Patriot Hill Guard Marty's us has put together. I tweeted at you, certainly twitter feed. What are the odds? best, just one of the best things. I've ever seen a sort of data geek. If I see a good presentation about data like it just makes me tangle, Apologies for that. You have to see what you did so the question to the commission. He was looking at was convalescent serum. What that means is people have already recovered from the virus. Have the? anti bodies. Already in your blood and so there is a mechanism is its known, something that China used and has reported on with some success that if you identify the cured people take their blood. You you play the blood a little bit you, whatever you do with it, and turns into something these,
inject into somebody else and give them a little resistance of his followers. Distance, I enough it's just good those things now but wouldn't you like to know, like what would that look like that practical in other words, how many, how many recovered p- What would you need to have enough of supply for the people who need to cover? Isn't that a good question right like at what point do we have enough recovered people who would also volunteer to give their blood that there's enough of it, though you can start really protecting a big groups, so im figure that out. This is a field yes of experiences and he's a great communicator where the best will in the Basle ever see in the technical sense, and it comes up with this map of the United States and puts them
where are these state strategies? So you see a pattern of California was like forty nine people, whatever very things, a snapshot, so snapshot snapshot in time. Of course, all this changes. But it's a real good first take you know, of course, other than others who know how to look at this stuff. Probably should look at it and you don't weaken or adjust it, but man is that productive information that is really productive, because it figured out how much blood people can give and how many people have it. So in know we, keep providing that Bulgaria, let's just great work, so corona virus. Your days are numbered So we ve got a curve lesson. Serum method for some some degree of protection. We don't know if that's one percent were one percent. We ve got test, and gets online common. We have,
I saw that Elon Musk, maybe getting in the fight You must use replying to I don't know I was, but the question was: could he be part of the effort to master use these and ninety five masks and apparently pie The problem is a large bank. So is not good enough. Just M fact: you got the right kind of factory in knowhow and it's not fast and So you has a sort of entered, entered the fight, at least in the question sense and said that Tesla space acts. They have enjoyed. Ears would know how to make a ventilator, not words, making ventilator would be easy before the kind of talent he has this. Basically what he said,
But he hasn't stepped up and said we're getting we're gonna go out that you said you tell me which aspects need ventilators, so I think he's still testing to see if this is real, meaning our partners, it that he starts converting the resources of Tesla toward eventually or at least helping. Somebody else do it. So I would say, is fully in the file yet, but If I were a virus- and I heard he was getting that close to being in the fight I'd- be a little worried, somebody says Cuban on Fox, I was gonna talk about more cuban he's on my list and he he had come for engine publicly called for engineers to forget how to engineer is simpler version of the end. Ninety five! So We can make them faster, I gotta say mentioned this before, but there will be a lot
leaders who were identified during this crisis. People just stepped up and he's one of them so marked Cuban, I would say, is one of them most important and effective, just citizen leaders in this crisis I get, I give him just all kinds of credit for that these include not only the way we handle this business and its employees, which was early and fast and public great role model, but an he's is continuing to find areas in which is unique. Contribution difference. Probably we only know about a fraction of it. So, when you when you say that see here most capable people stepping up just hassling feel better should see what else we get this. Funny anecdote I forgot about it, so
It might have been the day before yesterday, Bernie Sanders was asked by sea and ends Manu Raj you, in essence, timeframe for a decision about the weather is in the race or not, and this court doesnt work nearly as well without the full swearing goes burning used to curse word, but I'm not going to tell you that tell you kissed, leave the room because I'm not going to use the work but I want you in your mind to substitute that that word, because it makes it all funnier because it's coming from Bernie Sanders and he's talking to manoeuvre jealousy in it. Samantha Roger says Essen. For his time, for a decision and reportedly Bernie look them said quote: I'm dealing with an effort, global crisis right now try to do my best to make sure that we do have
economic meltdown, the people don't die Zeit enough for you to keep me busy for today, Birdie the only thing I'm gonna like better than Bernie running for president burning, knowing he's not gonna, be president, Bernie unleashed once he those he doesn't have to do things or say things that are going to make him. President cuz, that's not gonna happen. It looks like at least internally one could imagine that these may that decision, Who knows I carried his mind, but by well But if you say that this year, then, if you turn. The ceiling persons and deal with enough global crisis right now, try to do my best to make sure that we will have an economic. No, now the people don't die Zeit enough for you to keep me busy today. Trouble has never dealt with CNN that well
here are some more potential good news. It's good news that emanates. From a horrible names. So let me now underplay the horrible this of what I'm going to say- and I wanna be for this origins and be viral tomorrow, because I said anything positive but It was apparently a family of seven members law got it in three of them died. Now, that's the tragedy. Obviously,. So you're things Garriga worse for the family, and so we feel for them but your three members of the same family die, there's a little flag often you had the says genetic genetic, now the steward to say yes, their strong reason to believe that there might be
but this family and I don't mean to be unkind, but they did show a family picture and I'll just say that there, they don't look like they go to the gym locked out. You say that ok, year. Rule out It was an unusually. Health related family- I just don't want to be unkind, she can't get rule out that there was something about the family. They were taken care of themselves and that had something to do with it. But suggesting that andreasen that we don't know the situation by. I'm definitely not suggesting that just saying it's in the the list of things you look at the other possibility is again this. Very non scientific. What I'm gonna say just something would be in the hypothesis category, maybe a little a bit more than a hypothesis, which is that The viral load next deference surf somebody. Your family, gets in here and close quarters,
be getting your big dose of the virus and then maybe three people in the family of it and you're, getting a real big those, so The entire story could be that one. The family got it. They were just to close and inevitable ventilation. So they just stood in it until they got the worst possible degree of the infection, in the same way that a nursing home go got it worse in the same way that the crucial got it worse because the marinating in the extra virus might make a difference and you can kind of come. Senselessly see whether it would make sense, even if your common sense doesn't match actual science. So this is just a question. I said this before, if the other, if you're, who's got into you just one way. Let's say you touch your mouth after you touch something Is that a slow building virus? I guess you're your body time to build up some defences verses.
If I walked up to you with a fire hose full of virus into sprayed all of your body, and it was getting in every crack and hole in your body at the same time, would you recover just as quickly now my common sense informed by exactly zero science and zero medical knowledge? Is that I think it would be worse if you get the fire hose virus versus the little pinprick of virus azure Your initial infection right I mean- maybe somebody can tell me- that's just crazy, but I think there's some this sum medical intuition that people have had about them. So. Well go on. This is that there are people looking to genetic testing if they can, examples of this family samples of other people who have had good it's good experiences and bad experiences. There is a very strong feeling that there's something about the genetic
lung composition of some people that makes them more susceptible and we have, we have the companies that can do that waste. Certainly must have enough samples that exist. You're getting permission to though, samples given permission to test and then getting for them. The you have a useful thing could tell us a lot so remember this is an information problem disguised as a health problem. And if we could take everybody's dna, a imagine we could test you test your home here. You spent in the test tube, just like twenty three me in the bud? but a lot more resources against testing Wouldn't you like to know?
in my case I very dollar twenty three me so I dont know if that means they could just use what they already have. That will be, So somebody asked answer me this question: please those little tests that are exist- twenty three in me in such if you ve already taken that Did twenty three me and the other companies that do that sort of thing they keep a full profile of your dna, or do they just pick up, The parts that they know how to deal with and in it literally you delete the rest or not test tested on how that works, but Do we already have pretty? database that full it have to be a full spectrum. You'd have to look at the whole dna. Do we have that are because if we
do a magic, you find out the year, your lung receptors of the type that are the bad kind or that of the kind that you most likely to some people in the comments were saying that they had the full dna. I can guarantee that's true, but lot of smart people. You're suggesting better, as our subsidies echo the comments this live, it is the hardest thing to test for viruses. But that's our we're talking about we're not talking about saliva to test. If you have a virus and talking about using saliva to test, if you have the genetic make up, there would make you especially us susceptible to the virus or in the best case, especially non susceptible. So that's another weapon, so let let me Leslie so we got the virus, the the
medicines that appear to be a hundred percent effective in trials we ve got test, gets the you build a test, a home we just after ramp up, we ve got this genetic potential. That I think is actually really high potential to be to be something positive here and really really give us more information about would protect the most. We ve got the indication that the the blood serum Thing should be effective and will have more information soon, with the test gets of whose recovered, etc. You see a cupboard altogether you and I think, will be making more massive ventilators. Two apparently the I predicted that the drive and theatres whatever with sir popping up not
No, if anybody's, actually popped up an actual driving theatre just for the the crisis, but apparently the ones that exist there still are. Some are doing good business. Oh somebody said that that was in the red that you That's true, it's not your showing up unless doctor, but there is a delay there. So I wouldn't take that as true yet, but keep an eye on him. So think about all those things that are positive today. Now. I actually scouted location in my neighborhood. There's a there's, a logic, holiday strip models is closed So while the anchor stores closed, the small ones still there, but the parking lot is empty
because they remaining stores are sort of one's a to z, customer situations. So this is fast parking lot in the middle of my neighborhood. With with nothing to do and how hard can it be Howard? Could it be to put up a temporary screen? Then I dont know what technology it is, but you should be able to speak to the car radios right if you have the right track, elegy you can do a short range fm situation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if somebody can tell me what product that is. Why is we saying that market is down when my ticker is not showing? That is at the delay out? Yet it turned out so yeah there's a take delay. So just turned out so you, what you are going to see today,
the news of the potential cure. You see lots of good news, but lots of things, but the market is also going to be seeing massive bad news. So you can see more news. The daily everyday life, but like eighty percent of its can be bad because its people, having a bad time right now, the twenty percent, it's gonna, be I think we give him love it. I think we can get ahead of all so people say, leader was down. You should expect she's back a lotta choppy. This makes two weeks. How are you, how are you doing on you're micro steps Let me give you a way to get going because, no matter what We're probably give me hold up for a few more weeks, best case scenario. We're still give you stay home and.
Best case scenario. What will be staying on the lot? No matter? What and here's my region, nation and amusing, this process myself micro steps. I talked about this before Minister Mr Rocard, and talk about it again, so much my new skill that I plan to pick up in the next few weeks has to do with my studio equipment, Anderson, new software, then I have to load and learn and have it use an altogether. Is that so? I have my body of learning that idea to complete. Now, if I think about all of it. It's easy to ignore, like results, could be a lot of work really feel. I got a lot of work. Who does so? It is easy to ignore that I see it as this big hard thing, so instead I say one school do one micro step, so I did that.
Yesterday or the day before I talk to the person who makes the software to explain how to use it and arranging to arranging, to purchase it and et Cetera slaver. So it's a very small thing. I just made a phone call checksum stuff so, if you're thinking about noon learning, something do that. Do the smallest step, if you're thinking about I'd like to pick up some skills unless a marketing. The smallest step to find the airline course then is offering it either. There are few so just to the smallest thing, if you think class. So like a lot of work, just by their word, is off dont committee anything else just find out where it is and then the next day, maybe sign up you don't even after must look away the course materials just sign up ten minutes and
The next day you say, you know I'll, say let s look at this five minutes, so that's it That's the king, you what're, you got You will have many times in your life? Where can I have this much spare time that you can't productively do something outside the house, so we use it. You learn skill, fix up your house fix your space find a way to take advantage of this cruel evolve. This holiday, we're having. I want to make sure that our forgot about this So I mentioned this yesterday by some of you only watch in the morning, Health and human services announced that tell our doctor will be able in maybe it's in general, but There will be able to practise across state borders.
The federal government has just overruled all this. State borders that control the stuff and just said at least for the jury, duration of the emergency. The doctors can practice across the borders effectively tripling the capacity in one day, Mason. Can somebody tell me the name of the night shovel, a movie in which millions Gibson was in it and aliens keep their own end? They couldn't be stopped, but it turns out that these, solution was water, so when they thought everything was was doomed, there is no way to solve it. I was called signs. Thank you very quick, yes, movies called signs. And I got to tell you that from the very first the start of this growth, a virus crisis I couldn't get that movie over my head and the
out of it I could get a man was just a specific part where there was. There was the weapon that existed it was widely available, literally use water and the And were killed by war, and I thought to Myself- I don't know. I can't shake this. I feel like there's an existing substance, or something on earth. Are we just have to figure out what it is, and I think we did that we we, the public we these we, these the scientists anyway, I guess that's, not. We so I couldn't get that item ahead in its and it's. This feels like the third act of a movie. Yeah we're we're that impossible situation and then he realized water kills the aliens and I feel like that.
Was the movie that we just found ourselves it with this clause, quite aim Chloric queen whenever this stuff- that's all I got for today. I think its bloody and and hope you all feel better. Get your blanket I'll talk to you later.
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