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Episode 860 Scott Adams: Relaxing You Before Bed

2020-03-20 | 🔗

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  • Some bedtime positivity

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Bob Bump bump, bump bump bump bump and everybody. How are you it's time for a bonus edition of covers, got items without the coffee, because it's not coffee time, it's bedtime away. You need to drift off to sleep is a little bit more or me. Apparently, Irene sounds silly, but here you are here. We are- and I just want to remind you- that the finest mines in the universe are working and solving your corona virus problem, and I think we ve turned the corner not in terms of people who get it or people who
sadly pass Scooby little more that but here's my predation. When we get on the other end, this we're going to be amazed who were how well we did the things that people are going to learn that they're gonna learn them pretty quickly. Is that saying something should have been done differently in the fog of war? Not yours, a thing. What does matter is whether you you quickly correct and we ve seen our government and our citizens. Try, try, try and equally correct, add the corrections have been studying. I think the first tries the first attitudes first gas, the first hunch, the first, the first instinct- that sort of luck, sort, a guess
you know of any situation. Somebody's yours, a variety of opinions, somebody's gonna be right because you have a variety you have people to say yes and people the same now, gotta go one way or the other, so I think we should be generous with housing start, but probably in the end we can be very proud about how things end and by the way. I hope that you enjoy the fact today, didn't do my second absolute periscope to conflict with Tucker. Think talker, as has gone from talk, shows through whatever he calls himself to national treasure and is one of the most productive people in the business. Not
productive in terms of producing content. He does a lot of that too, but productive in terms of his cut. That makes a difference in a way that it seems like other house you wish they could be doing. This was quite in battle and has been quite a year. I think quite a quite a patriot, if I may say especially with his corona virus coverage, etc. Somebody says, is my brother, my career MIKE. I hear your brother's looking for you well allays is yes how many of you I almost eight asked us, but how many of you are enjoying the lockdown be honest, because it's a weird category,
emergency, you know nobody enjoyed world or tell you. Probably. Everybody was effected in such a bad way that the armed robbery erratic good day for a long time, but the weird thing about this is being forced to stay home and work less and any to food. The hoarded start the worst thing in the world. I actually thought it would be a lot worse than it is, but largely because I I decided that part of my objective for the lock them is that our work on my sadness and end Vespasian really really really good. I sure, as hell fear them. I think I've felt an arab years as because I made my fitness. My job here is one thing to say: well, I got my priorities and I'm gonna shudder
work in a little you even write and exercising stuff. They thus most people's normal attitude, but so this is grown a virus. Look like the real thing I said to myself: we're not gonna go easy. If the krona virus has come in for me, can make it easy I'm. So you community, pardoned by my own actions them first, I'm gonna feel a sense of doing something: and we humans need to do something else. If you're feeling bad situation, the most the best you can do is find something this productively can do, is the doing that it makes you feel better so,
anyway, so he says I miss the stores and restaurants bars. You know, there's never been anything quite like war were experiencing, just nothing like it. Certainly if you list, through nine eleven you saw the country you come together as one, but the weird part about that is that by the time we came together, the damage was done. There was still a war that we can debate forever to wars, or we can they be debate for ever, but it wasn't quite this. We ve never seen the problem coming toward us from you know. Well now it's a close quarters fight at this point, but we ve never all focused on solving this problem, the entire world simultaneously. Once and no matter how many times I say that I feel like. I need two key points of the round
This is this is one of the most remarkable experiences in humanity: amateurs there's a non euro chance than the other end of this week and turned the next pandemic into her two weeks of home vacation, because the thing about much we were learning from this pandemic. I'm really think about all the things we ve learned, because a lot of these these methods have such high chances of working that, even if one of the ones that are talking about is the one you stuck out several of them, the look pretty promising in several vaccinations, and we ve got detection kids you a year from now our ability to to instantly ramp up, ventilators and detection, get some syrup roadblocks and shut down the publican say were too weak vacation everybody send out some checks.
Well we're going to have a little a little framework built after this, so that the next and. Apparently the experts say Euro is gonna. Go on the next one could turn out to be a lot closer to the common cold if were as smart as we can be about detecting and never get it in the bud. So that's good news I'll tell you one thing that I'm feeling at this point here in in the optimistic case era: governmental,
republic can keep our small businesses pay on. It is really a case of hay on because I'm pretty committed and I'm sure the other people who didn't lose their income during this time. The number of people won't lose their income and for them they have a lot of pent up spending and you're, not just because they they want to get back in there, but because a likely literally have more money. With one of the weird things about this is that you are not spending as much money as it would they most people. That would be the same. So a lot of people can have a little extra cash, and there will be
call, probably from the government, probably from President Trump, probably from friends, neighbours to tee at the local stores hard. So whenever we get the year the green light consumers are going to come back with both kindness and gratitude in a big way could remember, the small businesses didn't ass to close the their willing to do it for the for the good of the Republican because is still required, but I think the people who who did well, in other words the people, lose their income and innocent, actually maybe save some money. I think they're gonna come back hard just just at the moment it safe, and maybe it's not as simple as that. Maybe maybe phase one will be. The small businesses can open, but they ve got. It stagger, customers
people ten feet apart and stuff, so maybe some other phase, but there's a there's. A whole lot of spending come in your way. Small businesses of I'm just gonna be peppering, my little town with as much businesses again, and I think most people do the same. Now here's here's the site experiment. I understand is actually complicated for the government to give people money right the sort of complicated, because I guess lots of agencies involved and near There'S- a big machinery of governments and everything, and so such were an emergency either How could you sure got that would be one way you could show a figuring out We debated had available. That was whose like one way would be just to give everybody money they say to yourself? Walter does likely workers you, you you'd, be giving
people, money and driving up the debt and little need it. What are you be? A little smarter and figure out who deserves edge doesn't deserve. It bears a thought experiment, part of it in normal times and unambitious time. You expect a lot of bad behavior, so somebody you didn't need the money and new they didn't need the money gotta check for a thousand dollars. Would they keep it while in normal times I say I pay low taxes, I'm just gonna, keep it yea and got a thousand dollars, but suppose a government says we don't have time to mess around everybody's gonna give check for a thousand dollars. Is this just a thought? Experiment? Nothing like this is gonna happen and I'm not I'm not really suggested, but is a thought experiment to help. You feel the situation to read the room. If you will how many
rich people would keep the money in normal times, probably quite a few, they say: hey paid by taxes. I'll take you thousand dollars like you're. Much presuppose a government that we don't have time to sort this out. If you get a jack in you, don't need it. Here's where to give it back years, here's to give it to some agents. Ear deposited some errors and insular how many rich people will automatically without blinking and even people now wretched. Even people were not even do now I'll just say you know somebody else, these my thousand dollars. I didn't hurt it I'd. Rather rather the small business going so go. Give this to my look, a restaurant or southern. How will you we'll just wouldn't keep it. I don't know, is an open question because whatever is happening now in the world
certainly can feel others do something in the air this connecting us all in a way that this never happened. I think I think it would be like a ninety eight percent automatic compliance. People were just looking Themselves and say, I think something is more than I do, but I think this is just a guess. I don't think we're. U can really take a chance on that working, but so maybe you couldn't servage says if you're doing well pay back. You were bare forwarder worrisome That nature, how many of you knows
Somebody or know somebody, you know somebody who actually has the crowd virus, because let me warn you about what's common case you're, not ready for this. So aside from than the obvious fact that there will be more infections next few weeks, we're gonna get ugly, there's no there's just no way around it, but then maybe in two weeks, so you get it uses a fairly dramatic flatly the curve and then we'll be on top of that in addressing the ground. I think it may take a while, but I think two weeks is sort of way you should look at for a guaranteed is getting worse. You, But after that I think there is reason to believe we. My bill will be on top of this is my personal opinion. There's nobody officials at anything nearly that optimistic now Bobby. Let me suggest this: if, if you could imagine two hypothetical people who are trying to protect housing,
It would go from the very beginning, and one of them was an optimist about human ability and one was up a semester just that at Aspirus is going to get us all which one of them would have been more right. Now the the pessimist would have been more right that I caught us off. Third and oh man, it's bad, so this really was a alarmist because every right you're not an alarmist. If you're right, so the people were dark opinion of what was coming turned out to be dead right, but from the point that humanity organised- and it happened very- luckily. The smartest people are the ones who predicted that we beat the expectations does any sense. You know your common sense of how long things stake is completely influenced by the normal world and were not
the anymore, which is not in a world of friction. We're not in a world where, if you say I need this battle, the Chrome virus, whoever you're talking to says now in the real world usually get. Now almost you know everything we do he drank Sally and more knows that the US is so one from a world of mostly now to almost overnight a world mostly yes and how can I help and now that I've helped can I help you more understood is raising else I can do. Can I volunteer can impose a muslim this? Can I put money into it? You ve never seen anything like this is remarkable I'd love to believe this. Others is permanent, maybe some maybe a little bit? Maybe the memory of it in or at least for a generation could shape us, and I am looking
key into the comments here. So here's what I wanted to warn you about that you can get a little sense of it in the comments that Kevin Bacon Game, where everybody is six degrees of separation from everybody else. Well, the Kevin Bacon effect still a story? Shipping you hard so already. I can tell you in my life, I know somebody, you know somebody you got it. I know somebody who got it probably got it so already the cavern bacon the factors at me, one once directly in one a couple levels move but close to close down: you're all gonna be Kevin Bacon to death, but but keep in mind that this is a mathematical sort of illusion. The horizon, the cavern baking game, so fascinating is that your common sense doesn't tell you that you could be just a few jobs away from somebody
and and that illusion is going to be smacking this around for a couple weeks, cuz you're going to hear about people all the time that you have one or two or three jumps away from, and it's going to start scary, you cuz, that's feels closed, but just keep in mind. It's really easy to be a few levels away from somebody. So it's the sort of a object appear objects in the mere appear closer than they are situation. So this is my warning. You will feel allow worse? It is next copper weeks, but it will also be worth it is so it's gonna be worse in terms of the number of people who have a problem with the virus, but has also had a look worse than that suggest, adjusted in mind too to damage it actually is versus the
how much it feels like it, because you ve heard of six cavern bacon people. You know that they gotta this week. So just does this sum is gone. What did you Saucily trumpet you be? I you know I have looked at the deed. Details are look them in the morning before I periscope, but my understanding is he's? Getting praise from is almost impossible even like go barely comes out of my mouth, but you learn Omar. I think didn't Presley praise him too for leadership, and I think that as a whole lot to do with the fact that I think he went back right so you're, something you I don't wanna be to political.
I think it's always good if he had learned something right. So so, with the learning in mind, let me talk about some things. Normally. I just wanna put his politics aside, but if you learn something, that's that's worth it. I don't think you can lose your re election by going to hard at everything the corona virus. So if, if the best YO kindest most empathetic and smart people said, I think we should give you each person x amount. The smartest thing for the president to do given remember nobody knows the right amount.
Right. There's nobody smart enough! Who knows that it's one thousand or to those were fifteen hundred double. Nobody knows the right amount. So there's a lot of judgment and guessing in that, so within that you have to go around so within that their judgment emanate from ours. Our those who say that that you don't really know what you're real, if your president's doing a great job or not, but here's some things that you can count on if the president exceeds why even the good people imagined was the right amount
and I think that would be the smart thing to do. Since nobody knows the right amount, once the people on the left have said darn it, we ve gotta get a thousand dollars and everybody's hands, and I dont know if this is what happened I'll check on this tomorrow. But if the president said a thousand dollars tried three thousand, I have no idea of those numbers remain close, but the point is if the present, when bigger than even the Democrats were asking, that was exactly the right place right because nobody knows where to go. Nobody knows the right amount, but if you go smaller, embrace gonna blame you and if you go, bigger was the worst. They can happen if it doesn't work, he's gonna stay. Well, I still bigger there, but he said so is still looks like the smart move, even if it doesn't work and its end and if you were small and it doesnt work
Well then, you really look like you did everything wrong. So the president, as once, more play, which, just as the advantage of also being within the zone of what we imagine will be good for the country which is just go back to school. Hearted everything drop every regulation. You can. He is he's a maniac and drop regulations as workin as work and well removing friction. I think he's is adopted the right, yeah, the war general tone of this. I think his optimism about how quickly we get back is maybe closer than anybody else's gas. Are you ready for that? Are you ready for you know, I don't want to be over optimistic. Get people's hopes up, but I feel like the person who is the most optimistic, is also going to be the most
right, given what we just learned and last forty eight hours about the depths of human were the heights. I guess of human ingenuity. Why you have seen and less just forty eight hours is absolutely astounding. In terms of what be what we learned. What we figured out, what we tried, what we know what we can do, what we can build and announce a contest between the manufacturing might of the world and viruses duplicating itself verily, who do you? Baron wouldn't bet against people were pretty good at this hour right
turns out. I didn't take any calls and I'm gonna have to go in a moment, but I'm a let you know what about the stock market, so I dont make stock or financial advice, accept diversification, but I'll make this comments. What kind of investments are people likely to make one safe
Feel they can put money back into the market. What kind of investments will they do risky investments, while some people welcome a risky? But what do you think? What would it? What do you think will be that the bias where the trend, my guess, is that the trend will be towards safety and release within safety within the stocks world, which means diversification, which means of funds like us like a fortune, five hundred fund. So my protection- and this is not a vice- this is just a prediction of. What's other people are going to do right? My position is that the funds will do great gotta go my door dashes here, help in the local community Turkey later.
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