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Episode 861 Scott Adams: Sipping the Crisis Away. Join Me!

2020-03-20 | 🔗

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  • Questionable stock trades by Congress members
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar compliments President Trump
  • Cash to Americans plan, Ray Dalio says DOUBLE needed
  • Chloroquine thoughts and availability
  • Joe Biden’s disgusting fake news coronavirus tweet

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bump bump bump bump bump and everybody commodity near a little better technical difficulty but i used all my technical know how to work it out it seems that if anybody for twitter listening for some reason the periscope would not initialize when i had the guest feature on but when i turned it off it did i test that on my phone withered out in my bed so maybe a little bug there at the moment or it could be a capacity issue
i'm guessing the internet is slowing down quite a bit people are noticing that already but oh why are you here yes i know why you and it's a little thing called the simultaneous at all you need is a couple of my glass at anchor jealousies die again to india good vessel of every kind enjoyment over the unparalleled pleasure the dublin meeting the day the thing that makes everything better including a pandemic join me now go just right well let's talk about all of the thing
so big story in the news is that there were some senators who sold some stocks ahead of ahead of announcing that things were as bad as air and the thinking of course are you thinking it was a day they traded on insider trading but it seems like the release three slippers different sub different situations so senator bird seems to have been more of a cleaner situation where he got some information they sold some stocks and i think he owes the public and explanation now my ex variance with these things as they really have to hear the other side you really have to hear the other side but on the surface of it
pretty bad so uses the explanation that that's all i'm going to say if he doesn't explain it i think turkey girls and said and i would agree with it if he can't explain that needs to reside but i'm gonna say behold my hold my opinion until you're the other side now the other two seem a little sketch here there's some somebody in congress does matter who who where's the money and trusts but is a blind trust russian there then the one that is the least credible as these senator diane feinstein also some someone out of stock was old if you don't realize how rich diane feinstein is it looks like bad behavior but as soon as you imagine that her wealth is this much new measures old was like a dog in that universe
the odds the other diane feinstein was doing insider trading i i think i'm vanishingly small the others have a little more to explain but wait will see was what i want to mention some about you learn or mars complimentary comments about president trump which of course is most unexpected thing in the world envy all remind you of this whatever you you learn omar personally or her politics and i am sure that the audience for this is is not big fans but something that aside for a moment if we can just neo be adult and separate the technique from the the opinions etc her technique has always been good meaning that she's she's smart she knows how to capture the public's attention and here's what i love about
you love or mars play first of all it was the right thing to do being being supportive of your president when he's when he's heading in the right direction which was maybe not they want right mean even even supporter said it was after a shaky start once the present government firm footing and i think he clearly isn't this boy it does make sense given the national mood and no worry that's in the air this makes us as democrats would at least try to join ranks at least from the point of the emergency and she did that so if you could separate yourself from ok what is water hidden intentions what she really up to we carried her mind we can just say what was the right thing for a leader in the democratic party to do right now it was the right thing for the country but there's another level to this
you are no more solved one of her own biggest problems and then that's the clever part of this because if you can find something that's on ambiguously good for the country and i think praising the president your once he was on firm footing was good for the country cuz it builds confidence inside but there's another level which is just good for her which is you can argue that you're on biggest weakness as a politician is the people wonder if she's on the side of america right and this is now my opinion other municipal my opinion this i'm just saying that that is the criticism critics make a year yeah you have some other loyalty you're not an american you gonna destroy america etc
so by going so conspicuously against form by complementing the president bush's easiness operated on many occasions she is she makes it a really smart counterpoint which is from this day forward if you say you lot omar doesn't have the best interests of the united states in mind you have to explain today didn't this week because to me it look like clearly a counter counter political move sorry if you hear my catches crazy social always have up thing to say you know if i were pure political creature why was i complementing the president unless i meant it so it's very smart play is good for the kurds
it's your selfishly politically good but that sort of hidden and showed me by the fact is good for the country so i'd say if you just separate what you think about her politically or personally from the technique good technique and end the eu just as we pointed out i eat our i hate to be divisive but there's something that's worth noticing in the public reactions to things i've said that this is a time when everybody seems to be volunteering to do whatever it is naked new what i can do is not that much i can do this right so so i do this i do this but a vision to do what they do but
the people were least equipped for this situation many cases are artists writers journalists musicians oh it's sarah though they may not have the skill set that is immediately available now i think artists are very important and they will certainly be part of getting this back to normal and making is all right so artist area gigantic part of our experience and what makes life good and in its importance artists are wonderful and sometimes i pretend to be one during the crisis were noticing that the artists shorter default to what they can do nobody cares about the arthur creating at the moment because we got bigger things worry about and think they're defaulting to criticism because it's sort of what artists can do so just as shadow to artists this isn't the time here
there will be a time where the artists are actually very important to our well being our my under her public senses hu we are all that stuff arts terribly important but not now in terms of private so so you artists i know you got some opinions and now by just hold them damages hold them and help them help the national mine to get to some sort of comfort and some court it sort of confidence and do what can be done that is that's good so cringing videos and criticisms of things that are can change just now helping here's ears like a perfect use a bad behaviour by an artist now i'm using article two b writers and anybody in that field this is something that somebody said where
in an opinion peace by anticipating the catastrophe we are now living trump joins pantheon of american leaders whose failures of imagination have come at great cost the perspective was very different indeed been in the obama administration alice hill rights for cnn our thinking is the right time to pretend we know what somebody's imagination was doing it seems again not reading the room later later this big gray fails to our autopsy later but this kind of weak your generic concept level i think i read his mind but compared to the person i imagine who doesn't exist who is doing the job at the same time in my imagination manly imaginary president did so well
let me imagine what this president did and then i'll write something about why he was thinking in imagining as if i knew and compared to my magical thinking i'm somebody who i wasn't actually there and doing the job and i don't really know any of the details of why they did what they did it was just craziness just skip them so i would say that for a while people gary readiness articles after general content and alice let's be honest they needed paycheck to babies hey jack but for the time being maybe just already them forget about whether the right or wrong just over four now concentrate and something else the approval for the president has jumped down ethically in the last few days so he went from forty three
under proving to fifty five percent approving of his management of the crisis is pretty good and i would say that the public is getting this right when you because i think the public said that's a bad start in the polls the poles reflected that that was made in i'm in my opinion was that we got off to a bad start but the differences there when i say it's a bad start i'm talking like an adult than adults who lived more than three years of adult life in adult knows that in the midst of the numbers of the type we ve never crazy i mean nothing's quite like this experience there is no such thing as people who were smart and knew what to do that's completely imaginary every criticism of what the administration did or did not do right in the end the earth these days compare
sam to some magical nonexistent person who knew exactly what to do that person didn't exist who exactly was the expert who knew what to do i believe there were none there are thus not to say the somebody didn't say the right thing from the start because if you any situation than that is complicated there's a grey area there's lots of unknown and you can either go left or right well if you talk to enough experts you're gonna have somebody who says go left and somebody says go right after it's done you will mistakenly say that one of those two teams these are the goal after the garage right got the right answer but that's ridiculous because in any situation to be people say go left people say go right you can gonna go one of those ways somebody's go look they were geniuses of hindsight ass now how it works if you were in the room and they
today's you're probably didn't know what to do and that's not because you dumb now because you were incompetent is because the situation is self was very opaque it wasn't giving us idle information we didn't know yet how successful lewd would be was this or that so yeah they're gonna be plenty of people say oh yeah i told you so i knew it before the president did it's just another thing is just not on you will not find that there is anybody who just knew what to do and in here is important he's not knowing what to do this knowing exactly when to do it because remember your balancing to moons the unknown of what it would do to the economy with potential devastating effect
versus the unknown of what it would do to our health these were to gigantic unknowns so i'm gonna have no patient no pain with the people who say that in the first week smart people knew what to do i just as in the thing and and let me say again they're on january twenty fourth i was cursing in public line saying close airports for a week before the president did i think some like that now do i say i'm a genius because got that right i mean in hindsight it looks right i do not i do not that was my opinion
right and when i said we should close the airports and i was then certain about it does i mean i was right now does not mean that i mean that turns out i was right but did i know one at the time i thought i knew it but nobody is really that smart do i blame the president for awaiting a few days i prefer he had gone earlier the blame is sort of a child's game here because i didn't know what the president new so all i knew was there's something bad happened in china close the airport now when i set it many of you experienced alive it was server
sort of a shocking moment for people didn't quite know what our big problem would become my reaction to a properly looked completely anyplace but here's the thing you did i do that because our smarter than you did i do it because i've gotta a grudge against china which i do did i beyond did i do it because i'm some expert on epidemics allergy no i can't even pronounce it but don't let anybody else tell you just goes maybe are on the right side and they got an early like i did i think you jack this outbreak was even earlier than that i think on january twenty second he tweeted closed the borders clever its sense of their clothes travel but basically use on it more than a week before the president closed
do i say them therefore oh jack piece of work and i were the genius we knew in gosh you didn't know and do what we suggested i gotta wrong now no doubt because i'm afraid adult and i've been in the world and i know what it's like to be in the room if you were in the room you know more than cartoonist in california sitting in front of his ipad saying go sharing f bomb saint closely closed the travel to and from china i thought i knew and i thought it was important enough to get people's attention so was fully considered no i didn't know what they know i don't have an economist saying here you know if you do the math you you'll kill more people closing down the economy then you well maybe you wait a little i don't know what happened in the room who knows what the president was told who knows what the camera points were who knows what the opinions
so here is my thing you said a million times because maybe nothing has ever been more important judge what the administration does by their corrections not the mistakes cousin emergency is nothing but guessing making mistakes will happen and correcting so if judging the guessing and making mistakes part without the corrective part you not part of the productive world you not looking at a correctly is not of adult opinion it's almost like a child like opinion yeah i know what the president of the united states and all of its should adopt without being there in the room without having the knowledge so another that let when i give you a perfect another example so the
the government administration is looking at this cash payments to citizens to keep people eating and get them to the crisis and look at this so you're saying a reproduction of the similar in type i wanna make analogy with similar and type because of the unknown does very similar in type make analogy with similar and type because the unknowns to the original decision that the president illustration had about what to do about the virus so this new five of war is just perfect example what i'm talking about so some of the smartest people in the world are saying that in our trillions of dollars should be pumped into the economy now remember these like smartest people in the government or saying i think about a trillion put it in their meanwhile you may know this new re dahlia so
the stimulus package is way too small and should be may be doubled doubled a hundred percent difference we're talking about an extra really dollars now who is re do you care what you should because everybody was knows re dahlia was like the smart guy of the smart guys right very in this world of finance and economics the people who know this world and i count myself the least little bit knowledgeable about it my four if embrace new here i've got a background in economics degree mba i have worked in the in corporate amerika for a long time so re dahlia was somebody that would be very familiar to me actually happens book this book downstairs and if he goes into the room and says the right number is two trillion and other people were just a smart you re raymond young man
all those cats they're all the same room and one of them says the right members a trillion and somebody else smart says right numbers two trillion who's the smart one the answer is nobody knows there's a sort of a guesswork so that's how big the differences that the most qualified and well informed experts could be that for our part so they're gonna make they're gonna try something right so in the end there will either be a check or not to check that check will be a certain amount and not some others are male we're going to try it
if it isn't right we're gonna correct judge of the correction right you can see this forming if it's too little and they correct that was right move if it's too much while i don't know if you can do too much can you can you do too much that in the thing so look for the corrections corrections for your assumption of competence don't look for the first gas because the smartest people in the world are not anyway they are the same page so you should now be second guessing the smartest the world's i well if i were there oh it's a trillion i think is one point two trillion lasserate about i also the idea itself so this day point here is that at least the waste and floated as it should be a hundred thousand dollar ninety nine thousand dollar whatever cut off
you wouldn't get a check if you're income is above that not enough that's family or individual but the details are matters much as the principal what would happen to the country in terms of our europe our national mood etc if the people under certain come get that money and we all know i mean you don't have to be a genius we re valeo to know this that there will be plenty of people of a hundred thousand maybe maybe below one fifty whatever the numbers the loss of jobs and little figure by food there are plenty of people i mean that there have to be ten million speed in the category that they make more than ever on paper but they care by groceries gazillion you pay this week the can be plenty
so what happens if they don't get any money and other people do well they give me plenty complaining and there's gotta be a lot of people say and he was gonna so i went to toss out one possibility and i'm just the other i dont know if this is a good idea again to my point this more people can disagree greatly in this field of greater moons suppose you this vote has pointed out there is a suggestion i don't know if it's goodwin there is something very different about this situation that cannot be compared to anything that we humans and especially we americans have ever been in and has to do with the fact that were on the same team for all practical purposes that's a different
situation in the lao is maybe some different strategies let me just this year and i sent it wants is as a thought experiment but i'm getting more serious about it now it still just a thought but on a little more serious and it goes like this could you trust the people who have sufficient incomes to get through the the emergency i would be one of them could you trust them to donate their money back now the words if you just gave money to everybody with no regard to him could you trust that the billy there's the millionaires or or just the people were who didn't lose their paycheck good you trust that they would donated intelligently in their community you know give everybody a check and say you presently i says look we don't have time to sort this out
but you're you're local if you're rich i'm going to trust you to do the right thing now maybe make it easy there could be a specific way you can back there might be a way you can hear right void on your check and register learn something maybe some way that you can you can be sure they you gave it to somebody who didn't already get money from somebody else so maybe there's a way to register who you donated to so they don't get multiple too much multiple contributions and when somebody else gets nothing so the absolute alone knows but if you if you can by the way although selling this is a great idea i'm just putting out there because or ideas we have new baby that helps somebody fix a different idea somebody said some wood and some now that's the asylum
i would like to test imagine that some will just keep it what percentage and does it matter maybe that maybe doesn't it but i think this is a different national mood i think that every person who can help is helping this is very different that's leg is down to why this is different than any other time if this were not we'll times of course you don't send money to rich people of course but could you trust them could you trust the citizens the rich ones the rich enough once you are the ones that over wretch but written off could you trust them i think he s now i would certainly like to fight to argue with you if you say no and that doesn't work it'll make things worse and people will complain as the rich people kept their money and all that but i don't
so i think the way i'm reading the room is that that money would fly under the rich people's hands as fast as i could get rid of it i believe that they would be raising the garret because you know you don't want to be in the middle of a pandemic you know it i want to be the rich asshole who kept money that should go into the poor nobody wants to be that guy that woman that guy nobody wants to be that person and i think that money would just like fly over the hands of the rich video give it to a local restaurant to local business i think it wouldn't last ten minutes before the rich given away that's what i think now i just put it out there it would require the highest level of trust can you trust your fellow citizens
especially the ones who are more money can you trust them in this emergency i think again he kept and maybe it would be a good thing for the national psyche just approve it now sport is guided the room on this issue that's for sure not even close so just pointed out there is an idea here's what years some stuff i'd like to know in answer to so there were coming to understand that this is an information problem the gatt turned into a health care problem if we had perfect information we would have no problem already and be solved does our known as the virus nuncio bob as virus will stay with more than two weeks later both good soviet
perfect information be fine and as we are gaining information about what tools and what tests and who s who doesn't works what doesn't work that's that's how will get over over the top so deftly information kind of the problem but here's some questions with information so some things i want to know how to improve my feeling of cover i would like to know the following things what do we know about the number of people who are treated with chloric
and then lived versus died so in other words we have death rates of just people be summed up in average but i want to see the death rate specifically of people who got chloric queen bootless say before they were ventilated you'd probably want to look at only pre ventilated pete people will be then you could imagine there was too late so few subtract out to people that you don't know if it's too late or not but it would ruin your numbers in the way you you take them them out so no ventilated people just people were maybe having their direction how many who got the fool you clerk queen treatment actually died and then of the ones who died how many of them had an underlying condition that explained it and because he is what i'm gonna predict didn't talk from in a moment ago
doktor felsi who is a way less optimistic about poor queen then people were read up on it are explained element it but i want to know is this works to allow people not to die alice in wonderland condition that would be very good to do now the president said it could be a game changer maybe maybe not so italy left some doubt thereby used the phrase game changer and that made the public think that we really got something good and and things are going to go well when doktor who we all recognise as the we want to listen to your if there's a typewriter on facts we listen to the right of our president
who likes to put a good spin on things as this doctor fancy who does not try to put a good spin on things he's just trying to give it to you straight he says something a little different who are you gonna believe while under normal circumstances say well maybe you want toward doktor fancy but this might be an exception and limit let me say why so fast use s about me said there's cord no magic drug meaning that is both and that it goes on
there is no magic drug that both effective and safe or has been tested to be effective and safe as it has been tested porthos clinical my cow shut up can you purchased the second round
thanks you can tell us is our high quality production because all your high quality productions they stop what they're doing let's get out now i was talking about felsi somewhat disagree with the president's characterisation of this clerk we so this isn't a game changer maybe as the present says or is it no magic drug there's your test to be safe and f issues why would they be sort of a little bit different where are they are then did the presidency that the drug has been tested and was safe and efficacious he didn't so one thousand says that there is no magic drug that is tested the safe and effective that's compatible with with what presence as the present just saying it could be good fancies you saying it could be good
just using different words basically there's no difference now fell he is holding back on the optimism but i he also said louise gave us the why because we have already experienced hoarding of toilet paper right so we're in a world where we know that hoarding would happen what is felt she said this is the magic pill if you have this pill you can live if you dont have this pill you might die what would happen what would happen so i think g is playing a careful game here which is i believe the government might have a lot more belief in its efficiency and safety them are
top expert is letting on number one just always makes sense not let people get complacent is still an emergency situation then there will be several benefits of downplaying it the number one benefit is it would read the riis reduce the number of people who hoarded they will reduce the number of people are willing to maybe get violent and get it last thing you wanna hear is that your neighbour has some of this drug you don't but you have a gun sewer i'm going with us how would you like a country where there's a magic pill some people have it goes the collection whatever so some people could have everything some people gotta from their secret mexico source whatever and they ve got the pill but the neighbors gotta got you on live in that country if you're governance as you know this is a magical if you haven't you can live if you don't have the killing
my die neighbour has it the other neighbour doesn't happen but he's got a gun you know live in their world so if you look at the the brain power in some of these people so no matter you want to say about falsehood he's gonna have his critics he's gonna have his supporters just like everybody right but he said he's super smart nobody saying is now smart smart for thousand to downplay the little bit for now until we so much of it that everybody can have as much as they want that's where we're right there there's been some three million but do we have them do we have probably night not yet come over the play on the same day at a low did they several hundred thousand butter craig you know the rest how many hospitals are there how many people might be that what was the creation but i do know
the that if the supply is not directly under the control of the medical professionals we're gonna have some how many of you know a doctor who could write a prescription and you ve contacted the doktor said doktor can you get me some of this quick before runs out just in case now your patient i'm your friend can give us of this how many people have done that already a lot a lot did i try to get some of that early i did i did i contacted maya my doctor by email of course and ass i said hey i'm only the danger group surrounding the danger of over sixty asthma and is there any way i could get older this since as well tolerated
i said can get hold of it so i can take your prophylactically meaning to prevent getting the virus if i'm exposed and my doctor gave me an answer that i feel like was the responsible answer but was probably also i think it was a lie by omission wasn't lie standards since in my doctor rollback that its we don't we don't get heavily in the forest now here's what's wrong with that answer is not carried in the pharmacy here's what's wrong with that do you believe that offers all i don't know this but the pharmacy can order kind of anything you want and your doktor did rather prescription that you could take to some other pharmacy so did my doctor give me a straight answer when she simply said and then just dropped it
yeah we don't care that the pharmacy she didn't say it was a bad idea to take it seal conspicuously there she didn't say leader for the medical professionals gazelle i would abandon hoarding mode for sure i wouldn't have but to my mind we ve got there and you don't wanna be thinking about its availability like oh maybe if i tried harder i can guess some of this so i think my i think my doktor did the responsible thing by sorting taking me off the trail just sorted nudging me off the trail and i felt it was like a gentle nudge it's like
not now that's what it felt like it i think that was exactly the right the re play not good for me what's good for me as i get an early dose and unprotected and you're not right that's what's good for me but what was good for the public i think is the women doktor plated which is we don't carry that now what i think that might mean in here i'm just guessing if i had to guess the big medical entities that would already have some supply this probably some time ago got an order from the government that you can't give it out prophylactically guess it i would like to think that my government was clever enough as soon as they thought this this drug has some potential because they knew before we didn't right there were here
the official news from other countries i would like to know that they immediately went to the people had the supply and said lock down is can be only for the young essentials only for i mean i'd like to add like to think that all of our first line healthcare providers are getting prophylactically by the the weak there's a timely issue of course but by the end of the week wouldn't you like to know that even if you i'll have it don't you want to know your doktor asked the other doctors working on the front line you want them to have adverse right and that's probably were having there's probably a limited supply so i'm going to be a team player for now and i'm not going to try to find some secret way to hoard it even though i think i probably could if i worked on it all right so i'm gonna say that fell tea in the past
we are not really on different pages but they're trying to manage manage our expectations differently i think i approve of the difference this cause there's a little bit of an accidental in other some form of a good cop bad cop bad example but if the president's giving us say hey there is reason for optimism story and his expert saying well not so fast that sort of exactly where i want them today see what i'm saying i want my leader to say things will be arrived at the same time i want my expert to say hold on yo you might be good but let's test this thing i am quite happy with that meanwhile the least relevant person in the entire world you may whose name is joe biden have you heard the name he's running for president or something
but he's the least important person in the world right now and he tweets this out yesterday yesterday to exist the obama biden administration set up the white house national security council directorate for global health security and bio defence to prepare for future by pandemics like covert nineteen while there were smart donald trump eliminated it and now the price well most of you know that's just fake news it was eliminated in the sense that those functions were folded into something else and the redundancy was eliminated the other redundancy was eliminated but this is just not true would you like to be in the middle of a global pandemic the countries fighting for its economic life wants to be president
we think he added to it was fake news to make you feel bad about your president who is leading this ever seriously i mean i don't think you could do a worse job of being even a citizen and we forget about you what it is for his campaign that's gonna lose anyway unease irrelevant because a key year east i can win but that's the best you can do for the country the best you can do for the country joe biden was to put some faint news up that makes you doubt your president during a time crisis that's it that's all you thought you could help disgusting and let let me shout out some people who have been critics of the president who think i really stepping up i said this before mark human great job leadership yeah just love to see love to see natural leaders just just stepping up
you learn omar praising the then sir performance against type i give regret it i think i think presently said the same thing if i'm not mistaken fact check me on that i would like to thank bernie bernie sanders this is not a this definitely is not a democratic forces republican thing because praising bernie sanders for being productive for shouting down cnn about making this political andrew yang very productive thank you anyway good citizen and i think he hang really softened up the public with his uv i'd make even what we're talking about possible let me just make
please you for everybody so they yang has been tremendous yet i think you'd deva bash cnn contributor amateur exactly job title but very positive very constructive i think so big shout out to everybody has been constructive be they democrats were anything else but joe biden not i think that's worth mentioning so the rainbow by stocks i am like bloomberg
leave is donating gigantic amounts of money and at the moment i haven't heard bloomberg complained about the present case such junkie such patriot exactly so he says that the bird went live yesterday you know i don't know secondary doing what i think we can guarantee its productive i know where you live must said that tesla could make ventilators if needed none of us will happen but people are stepping up somebody says maybe anti malaria drugs is a reason for few cases in africa that is possible the other possibility is that there is a genetic marker well there's a genetic difference meaning that the east the ac to inhibitors or whatever the hell is receptors and the lungs
clearly not a doctor but there there does seem to be some genetic difference that makes some people more susceptible and some of them might be smoking and wait and obesity and things like that there's one thing you don't hear if if you're looking for the obvious how many obese people the embassy in africa and every time i hear about somebody die are they not sixty percent of them obese maybe maybe sixty percent of the world is obese
what if i'm if i'm asking myself why it doesn't seem to be hitting africa has hardly she'd want the the questions you ask is maybe they just don't have good testing maybe it is and we don't know it maybe there's a lung difference that some people have maybe there they smoke less doo doo africans smoke as many cigarettes as everybody else you never i can't think of a picture of africa were so somebody with a cigarette in their mouth then they must have smokers but those in a big thing there and how often you see or bees africans in africa it could be they can actually just be healthier
could be left but it also could be that some of them are already taking the malaria jog that's possible i can imagine that would be enough people taking it is it is it is like a vitamin in africa dissembled suddenly do effect check on my right can somebody here's what i walked also need you fact check where they overlay global map the percentage of people were regularly taking the malaria drugs just because there in that zone is anything do you take it in preventive lee i don't even know if that's the thing but i like unlike some visibilium somebody says a sure you want to go down this road and what you're talking about not many o bees chinese
but lots of smokers it also could be ventilation one thing i imagine that you have less of an africa correct me if i'm wrong is arrogant mission now the sun is i suppose they must have enough but i can't imagine there's a ton of air conditioning and justly the general africa public outside of the cities so maybe that's a factor to the the recirculated of the yeah i saw that weird press they were to bless yo said it's ok for him to go to the gym because he needs to stay healthy to manage the crisis i thought that goes into the pantheon of bad political way
but again he's is a front line leader emergency and i'm not gonna knock me cap de palacio for going to jump you can make your own judgement about that but at the moment we just need to be on the same day somebody says italy is getting country no others have suggested that the number of young people living with grandparents probably is a big factor in the death rate not in the rate of people gathered exposed but
were we're getting a pretty good idea that are probably five or six things going on that may have a factor even the experts i know in africa eventually stop taking it is something you take for a while and then don't take any more i ve never that no its experience from hiv a bowler prevention so somebody suggesting that africa have experience maybe helping them that would translate into real world action somebody says remember you pick this road i don't know you talk about somebody says it's somewhere in africa could be could be a factor
somebody says fifty percent of the world listen malaria areas tell you doctor says men do not do as well as women without also be related to the fact that men do live as long as women so in other words if if your problem is that old people are dying and that a generally just attacks you sort of generally you know it's not like well when we set this way among very old people the males going to i rate than the women right so the same threats man or a woman at age seventy five should be heard the man no matter what it is is it true that you have to fact that but it could be a simple as men have a lower lower life expectancy and it's just the accentuated by this
a word about the stafford act hoax here so apparently people are getting some kind of unsolicited text message saying that there will be some kind of martial law lockdown or something and we think that foreign foreign actors are behind it we think that might be china etc now you're watching the china continues to push the idea with people were clearly been cleared by the governor to blame the united states for starting the first started it apparently they're gonna keep pushing my button because their domestic audience they can tell them anything they want add ah how should we process it seems to me that the verse legislation right now to bring the supply lines at least for farmers
because back i think there's other legislation about bringing just the supply chain and general back i don't think there's any i don't think there's any chance going forward that decoupling is not going to happen so if if you're looking if you're keeping track of who said who said the right thing first and you should because i always recommend you should look at people's predictions and then see how they did and he should do it for yourself and you should say of publicly because if you know say publicly here's my prediction and then publicly i got it were publicly i got it wrong it's too easy to forget the ones you go wrong if you already you don't put it out there so other people to remind you i would like to remind you that not too many people were saying decouple from china before i was i wasn't first flanagins yo gordon chang kyle bass
president for a long time but i was early and there will be a lot more people who are going to be joining that so if you're keeping score keep that in mind isn't ella lockdown well all of california is on lockdown obviously i believe
so lockdown means that we can only we can only those four essential services so thanks you can do take out food here got arrested you can have delivery even go to the doktor you can get you can get aids and then everybody you were here of critical infrastructure stuff they can do so california is locked out how many of you i'd like to see in the comments and see if i've influence you in this one way how many of you have added taking a nice walk to your daily routine and i mean daily not just somebody did once how many of you have taken seriously going for a long walk every day
delay the covered saward say by just just tell me how many of you are doing it because i could not recommend this more strongly i baby test home and the the one time i didn't go from my long walk man i can feel it mentally mentally or physically i really feel it yet nicky healy what that's all about doesnt trade encourage good behavior but apparently did not the hope was their trading with china would cause them to be better partners but instead they used it as a weakness too to take revenge so given that that's what we know they will do it makes no sense to follow them that plan still
joe bad yeah then i think you have to say that tromp was early on in the china is not necessarily our friend but let's not be slow start a war with them but they're not her friend i think jobless a look at all the comments just excrement now i am very proud of you because there are many things you can do during the emergency that you know are the right thing to do and we just unambiguously you just know it's the right thing to do
but taking a long walk every day is definitely the right thing to do now if you're going to sell these mentioning seem town that to be fair i blocked him a long time ago for not understanding this now he's a smart guy and assure if you're decided it would sound differently results may be better than the way i'm gonna characterize it but he was he was always the main proponent of the argument that even if there was just a small chance that climate change was real you should still put massive resources against it because a one percent chance of doing that much damaged
the earth is just too big so he started in math approach to it what's it called there are some principle unequal people big word steward and big names eloquently said that's just great thinking there if he only had one problem if we lived in a world with exactly one thing they could take down the entire economy yeah you should spend all your money you should really make sure you don't have that one percent chance but what if you have more than one problem that could take out your whole economy if we had put here's a thought experiment for you let's say that day one when a yo see and and those who support here came up with a green new deal on day one unless they weave the countryside salisbury good
sounds pretty good let's do their green new deal now the one thing we know about it as it would be a massive change whether you like it or don't like it everybody would agree is fairly massive change the economy how would you like to be going through a massive restructuring of the economy at the same time a pandemic and how much money would you have much resources would have would you be in same shape cut it depends what happened right but the point is if you live in a world where you might need an asteroid defence system you might need a whole new pandemic recovery thing and maybe there's a risk with climate change that you should be thrown a lot of money at two if you have multiple take down the economy risks the ideas of massively spending resources on just one of them
does it makes more sense anymore now can you think of anybody else in the world who said publicly and often for the past ten years you better not spend all of your money on climate change because pandemics could be expensive to specifically i've been specifically saying very probably ten years if i checked it is fine long time that you gotta look at band you gotta get literally asteroids was should we put a trillion dollars into building a network of satellites thickened see enough that we can send those topic bomb and change the direction of a meteorite coming our direction maybe maybe there is very small chance we'd be wiped out where media
but maybe so you're in a world with multiple risks you got be smarter value risk management somebody says you are making excuses for what i don't know you don't even know that racism is or make it i think i know your criticism is making excuses for not doing enough about climate change but then you'd have missed the whole point lotta meters at a hundred percent so this
a meter is the protection that the president would win based on current current conditions which nobody assumes would remain stable through from now to the election so it's a artificial number doesn't really protect just says if nothing changed this is what would happen at this moment you saw the prizes paul numbers just just reversed in a week and went from his pretty good job to your from not such a good job at the moment there's just no lose unless something new happen but of course new things will happen before now then how much does the pandemic reduced co2 planet wide smart people tell me this their police can go away quickly just false co2 as a forum
over the period of reduction but i still think is the right question now until somebody really really smart works in this field tells me this is dumb i'm going to say that this is at least possible which is that we could learn something that maybe we couldn't have learned the way which is does the level of co2 come down and all those combat an all in a month where you're not putting out as much now you might be able to measure that didn't go up now and again at present sensitivity have only talking about does he go up by a thousand or something like that but science right science can major stuff so possessing me about the stock market new job and looked at today she was doing
if my start ticker is up to date well i guess you pretty happy about stocks yesterday her when resource or up twenty five percent today snap is up six the broad index of their fortune five hundred is up one point seven apples up two point five all green nothing greed somebody says too is not pollution you need
go somewhere where people don't know that and then shelter ever everybody on the sparrow scope knows than co2 and pollution are different things so if you're trying to tell me the sea into inclusion or different things you're in the wrong place there must be somebody needs to know that but nobody here that nobody here would be confused by that somebody says they miss me some missing measure in my normal way major my upstate new york way somebody says stop asking about why american airlines is up etc he'll let me thravels idea for you this is it poorly thought out idea you can immediately see the problems but if you if you're not new to this you know that i often
oh poorly formed ideas because it might make you think of one that's got so in other words it will just take your brain to endeavour place you might say well your idea doesn't work but you reminded me of something that would work so that's that's these spiritedness so we got a bunch of cruise ships send their empty because nobody wants to take a crews and is probably not even at the moment are not a the situation as we also have a bunch of young people want to go on spring break sea were about what if we take the young people who were going to spend money on spring break and we say if you let us test you at least for a fever whenever again i know others you can always get all etc so the testing is incomplete
but suppose we say oh you spring breakers if you are going to spend money anyway i give you a cheap crews now how much would spring breakers like to be on a cruise ship a lot what do you suppose you said array since year if you agree to go the cruise ship you also have to agree to some other conditions which is if something breaks out here gonna be there for two weeks but we're gonna be alas smarter about maybe you only fill up half the cruise ship maybe we learn learned something about the ventilation system maybe maybe you give them a pile of cora queen and their young people again where the rights of their young unhealthy to begin with you give em a barrel chloroprene you get out of the ship maybe again this is just brainstorming do not kill myself that this is a good idea is just sort of
creative and moving in the right direction and maybe you can fix it so fix my idea for me if you can can we just load up the cruise ships with people were low risk young people who have been checked before they got check waller on checked when they got off to a degree that you could even do that so one way you can save the cruise industry is by taking the spring breakers and test so utterly chest cutter normally test kids we have but if you could rapidly test could you save an industry by yeah i know we need to test everywhere there are not enough but just brainstorming just stay with me could you focus some of the tests industry there could be least kept on life support until the economy comes out just baby you keep the cruise ship business life
about hotels how about you say you know the merry autumn pick a city said the ego zero business and basically we're gonna go out of business but if you're spring breaker you're young person will give you a deal half baked nobody nobody now tell us of young people know no old people will get there you can't check in without taking the floor queen before you walk in the front door and when you hear you can't leave and before it will be tested i'm just thrown out ideas could save the travel industry by say we're going to to young people working to slash the price cuts have we test before you get in and you ve gotta be limited here but you are who who would be mad about being stuck in a hotel
with only other young people were single nobody tells me you're young persons who doesn't want goes stay at the merry out with only on people and spring break pay half price but you can't leave the building for two weeks might be popular so this is the human ingenuity not this idea but we support the idea of being flexible i'm sorry sir save airlines first so here's the thing you might be able to do something similar by testing people before they got him a flight but it seems like it be too slow case of a cruise ship people actual will go a day early and stay at the hotel near the crucial open europe you spend hours and hours waiting actually board the ship itself so the
the ship is already built for people who expect a eight hour delay before they get on the ship that's normal already
but the airline industry is really about getting someplace then what are you there you you're free range chicken infecting people so maybe you could get enough rapid testing to make the airlines working and maybe you can you only show every third seed maybe maybe and ninety five mass and gloves are mandatory so yeah i think i think there's awaken do it might be different we don't have much information on the number of covert tests gets coming so that's a big question mark i'd love to have more more efficient are us all for now i will talk to you again later today stay safe stay strong take walk right have a greedy
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