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Episode 865 Scott Adams PART1: Good Morning, Shut-Ins. Let’s Sip!

2020-03-22 | 🔗

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  • Coronavirus Loserthink examples
  • Suggestion: Better coronavirus graphics?
  • Suggestion: Debit cards? Representative Tlaib
  • Psychology of toilet paper panic
  • Stop pretending Joe Biden is capable
  • Temporary suspension of civil liberties

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Everybody bump bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on the outgoing everybody. I'm a little behind there wasn't time printout. My notes here can enjoy the simultaneous with you, because that's why you're here? That's why you're here it is, and I know that your day will be better if you enjoy the simultaneous at all. You need is a cover
you're, a glass integra gels resided in danger of a flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid. Like coffee and showed me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine either the day. The thing that makes everything including the pandemic scale. The simultaneous happen happens now go stay right. They're gonna grab my notes I know it looks like I never prepared and the reason for that is well, I'm never prepared. All right we'll go the way borders a minute, but let's talk about some things, some things that are happening. I am taking as my personal mission to
I remove loser, think wherever I sent and loser think of meaning unproductive thinking. It doesn't mean the person saying it is a loser. It was just about the thinking style end in this crisis. Those faulty thinking styles could actually get us killed. Literally a little bit of bad thinking by the public, could kill millions of people literally I'm that's not. It does not even a little bit of hyperbole. Let me give you an example online. I continue to see people say: hey, that's line, flew killed, half a million people within closed down the entire world economy. Over that, so why would we closed down things for something
toy, killed a few thousand when the entire swine flu only killed a half a million, and we then close things for that so how's. It makes sense. How those numbers makes sense, why are we over reacting now say people.
Which I say: did you know that the atomic bomb doesn't kill people did you know that I can prove it because the first week that the atomic bomb was built zero deaths, let's see under the analysis right the first week that the atomic the very first atomic bomb was built. Nobody died so that that proves that atomic bombs don't kill people right away. Now, that's crazy because you know the bomb was gonna, be exploded over people and later alot of people who die, but you gotta count that don't you because I'm watching people say that the
viruses killed, is still relatively small number of people compared to the population of earth in its infancy, because people are pretty sure that this is closer to the beginning than the end, but the slightest swine flu is already over. And we knew about it that add a different viral signature. If you will, and scientists apparently knew that you could stop it because it wasn't as viral recall the Sarah? This one is way more viral inside. Just don't believe it's gonna be as easy to stop. So we took different made measures. Humanity is in science both dead, but don't make the mistake of comparing them
new thing that just started with the thing that we have full visibility about which had a completely different nature and turns it is by reality and is lethality. So I keep seeing people doing this and this sort of dovetails into the there's an article. A lot of you asked me about a lot of you forwarded to me, and I think I was smart enough not to tweet it. I hope I was you might prove my grooming because I've been I've been retweeting with a little less filter than I normally word, because I'm just trying to cure a knowledge and I'm yes, I'm wrong, but I think I held back looks like some of the platforms or deep love forming that article is a medium by guy named Erin, Gyn Gee, I again and
if I understand it correctly, he was like a marketing guy who understood marketing, veracity and then sort of backwards use those skills to be an epidemic. Epidemiologist does really work that their skill does exactly translate, and it was, moreover, don't be hysterical. This is not so bad kind of an article but fairly the experts shouts of the holes in it that it was actually deep platforms in that. If I recall, I think you got torn down before, I could remind myself what it said, I think it is doing the same thing. I think it is doing the analysis of the automobile is perfectly safe. How do we know so easy, because the week that the model T was invented, no one died. No one, no one died. In fact.
The entire first year of the automobile? Maybe only one person died? Maybe there we're gonna die anyway right, so the automobile will never kill you because the first weaken them. How many people, so that's the analysis, we're getting from people who are trying to inform our decisions at our policies, if you see anybody comparing the front of something to the under something run away. Now here is my problem with us: I'm not seeing this being done by only dumb people, I'm seeing this being done by people. I can judge to be very smart, so I don't know what's going on and I can't tell why they're doing it, the people were who have not been exposed to good thinking. Styles,
there's no surprise that they don't know what to compare that if that's widespread, but people do know how to compare. Things are also doing this and I don't know what's going on. I can't tell what's behind that. I mean actually puzzled. I don't even have a good hypothesis for why a smart person would compare the beginning of something to the end of a completely different thing. I just don't get it so somebody does please explain to me on twitter or something all right yesterday, I said if the press doesn't inform us today, which was yesterday about the supply situation for the medical supplies. In particular, we have to conclude that the press is broken. Because a sort of our most important question right is: anything that is more vital to understand. Your where we're right, where whereat and where we can get to
Than having a real, clear picture of the supply situation, you as its coming and causes moving picture, I should have to capture the the fluid nature of it and the fact that it might be small but growing and how to communicate that if you watched the press conference yes and no lot, if you did the president and his taskforce, you could see, though there was a major communication problem, and I'm not going to say it's. The fault of the people were on the the stage, the taskforce, cuz they're they're, not really they're, not graphic artists and you
didn't needed, somebody who is a graphic artist and a visualize her to tell the story because as a little bit complicated but is vital. So here's what doesn't work so years. Me you, U months stage, and you asked me Scott, you know, you're, the head of the task force was the situation with the supply of mask, you're, just just one supply will just keep us able what's a supply, so here's how not to answer that question. Well, we're hearing for lots, people we ve got to five million mass ordered and I got your six million on the way and people are real building factories and we're working with the public. Do you know that told me nothing? Nothing there There is no information there, a wrong number of masks is completely meaningless to the audience.
I saw it. Let me give you a sense of this. I saw you a letter from a doctor. Some some doktor was associated with the biggest and I thought you were somebody involved with administration, so they knew they knew the whole workers. The hospital, and I saw a number of how many masks and gowns and protective stuff that they were, and if you didn't know it, they have to throw that stuff away. After every use, every patient, so hospital could go through simply like forty thousand masks it like a day or do so
number that the size of the need is so enormous that you are normal common sense brains when we think of a hospital. If I picture hospital can picture you big hospital, how many people in that would be the medical people need mass? I know a thousand, so then my dumb medical, non medical brain does ok, maybe too doesn't masks, so you got a backup. Would give you all the mask the need for hospital nope nope, The number of ass you need for is one hospital is probably at the hundreds of thousands for justice little period of time now, a plague list with the numbers, so I'm just try to give you a sizing. If you come back to me back to me, God is not hundreds of thousands and might be eighty thousand for four. Ok, ok, it's sort of the same point that is their gigantic numbers.
Is one hospital. So when your pros are standing on stage and they say yeah, we got ten million masks coming. I say: how long is that going to take? How many hospitals is that How many hospitals do we have so immediately becomes complicated and the story? Canopy trends, from whatever they now too. Whenever we, the public, would like to know. So I would like to offer the way past that this is just one suggestion.
Best way to visualize data. So it's a data visualization, I'm not using any real data here you just you know of formats, so you can say so. The public would like to see the information this way and in this is very important. This next point it doesn't matter if it's accurate. Now, if you've ever worked with data and explaining things to me, momentum that sort of thing that used to me by job for years I was sort of a fighting chance guy and I would put together powerpoint slides like this and explain where the budget was in your where our investment in technology is heading and was the least better than a purchase, so it is my job to take a complicated situation and try to figure out the easiest way. You could put her on one page Sutherland executive who didn't
all the details, Ghisola still get the lay of the land. Now getting back to my point. It doesn't matter if its accurate, it doesn't matter if its accurate doesn't that what we the public need to know is that the people in, charge have a handle on this and that in a general sense- or we will hear next week before we get stuff or we will hear three weeks. If they tell you are three weeks, and it turns out to be five weeks- is wrong but at least you're in that you're in the ballpark. You know you giving me you some sense that you got some control and buy three weeks from now. I would have expected you, you would adjusted you numbers everyday things so the three weeks were now when I find out what is really five weeks. I'm not surprised because you ve been adjusting the whole time, so here's how I do it. I would take each item. Let's say pills were ventilators or masks,
and I would say, what's the peak number that you need to get through what you imagine will be neither with the worst part of the crime now why you imagine, as the peak will also change every day, so every day you can just this up or down, but just tell us keep a simple the next three weeks, which are the critical, once tell us how many of our future this item we have now tell us what does don't look like in one week two weeks and then three. These are just example. Examples sizes, but I would imagine that the first week you can't get your production up now, asked, but maybe by the second week, you're really cooking and then by the third week, maybe you're just topic off, so it looks something roughly like Now. If you show me this by category, do you feel more comfortable that you they, your leaders can undo
the data and they have some sense of how to communicate it in a way that you you'll get now again. If they give you this number and they change it tomorrow, I still have confidence because I'm watching the entire chain of we learn something. We adjusted our numbers now we're showing it to you, and I would feel that change and sort of real time cuz. I do the yeah they're doing updates every day, So as long as they were honest with us and they said, look, we got a lot of balls in the air. I can't really tell you what that looks like, but you know, I'm an expert I've been talking to a lot of people, I'm going to put a number on it, cuz of that the public needs and number. I think it's, I think it's three million by next week, this five million. Are you less happy? Are you unhappy because your expert guess three million, but you got five million. No, no you're happier if you guess, if if it gets his three million, but it's two million well, you got some questions, they ask and then you you look at the next weeks
whereby the pointers data visualization, is a specific skill. It is unlikely that anybody on the stage as that kind of talent sets its is a weird talent, but the government needs to get there person. So I guess somebody on the team who can make african slide. There will show the public what we're talking about and again it doesn't have to be that accurate. Just give us a sense: is this a one week problem, or is this a three month problem to get enough mass? I have no idea, I have no idea, but I liked it enough about them by the way. This is just one more example, of a remarkable phenomenon using everywhere, and you know what our everybody saying will never be the same after this people are saying, life will never be the same.
Well, I think it'll be mostly the same in terms of the material you know stuff of life and going back to work. I do believe that we'll go back to something that's pretty close to normal same way. We after nine eleven, you could argue that nine eleven changed everything, but the fact is, if you were waiting line at the airport. Looked about the same young few years later, life look kind of similar. You just wait longer at the airport for the most part, and I think that's where we're we're ended with this things will be largely say, but one thing that will ever be the same will be that the people who lived through this,
have an experience that experience because part of you so we're all being required by the experience to the extent they were old enough to to really meant what's going on, and I don't think that's bad. If you notice today, did you notice that Al Sharpen tweeted that he had? I guess he had said in public- that president needs to do something about the homeless and people in prison closer, especially at risk of the spread of the disease and L Shopton tweeted that I guess to his surprise. The president called him long conversation about those concerns and Al Shopton tweeted out he said is the president can call a twitter
Call a graphic like AL sharply and work with them than the rest of you can to it's. A big deal is a big deal, so AL sharp them, who is a bigger critic of President trumps Dan L, dropped him without, but today I will sharpen and and President Trump are the same person today today, you're the same person as I am our differences of just melted away. Even when you see you're still seeing people talk about politics right, you're, saying people talk about politics and presidential than this year, when I do it too, but doesn't feel hollow dont the conversations about politics, just they just feel empty. You know that they have a little bit of entertainment value but they're just empty calories right now, because you nine AL sharpened in representative
Toledo? I'm going one can imagine a moment or almost the at the moment. Now anybody who doesn't lives through this. Will not have experienced this and I have to say, as tragic as the says. I certainly wouldn't hope for any kind of a crisis like this ever, but you can deny that this is doing something to us. I mean it's almost like we're. Gonna evolve differently or something I mean it's that to me anyway. It's a critical to the way. We think that is possible. We just now back to politics as usual the day we feel like we're past it, but we will always have this. We will always have this. There will never be a day. Lou put it this way. If L sharpen goes back to being all the EL sharpen, and these just you will pass the gray. It just goes back to politics as usual. I'm still gonna love our shopton.
I'm still gonna love Al Shopton because of this, because this day, because again take that away that actually happened. That's who he is so you're learning. You know, you're learning who L sharpen is at the same time, you're learning through the president is at the same time you're learning who you are so I will never think of him. The same all still disagree with its policies, but I'll, never think of in the same because at the moment l sharpen is me, there's no difference. Speaking of dogs and cats laying down together, so I tweeted yesterday, I think I've ever had less or fewer. I don't think I've ever had fewer retreats for a tweet. I tweeted, as suggestion from representative lab, who probably most of you, know,
I've been critical, love her she's bread, critical of the president's does not a big fan of robotics goes without saying, but she added idea- and I don't know It's great idea or is not a great deal, but I liked it enough that, in the spirit of the crisis I tweeted and the idea was us- that, since we're looking at it looks like through there are definitely will be some kind of cash transfer to people who need to pay their bills. So, given that it looks like that's gonna happen, the question is: how best to do it? I said around the idea that we should just send that money to people and then rich people can have it clawed back on their taxes. You know cuz, the government would know. I gave it to you and then it would send you your taxes and say we know you got it so give it back and what is tax time?
before the rich people, who didn't now just be a service, clean and easy way to get somebody out there. Without the bureaucracy I represent play about an idea that is in that field, which is instead of checks, sending out a debit card, and here is the advantage of the debit card. While a few advantages, one is that if you ve got a debit card and you go to the store, I think it would reduce the number of things you touch you, you wouldn't be handing it to human you'd, be putting into the machine. You know if you, if you use a glove or something to push you buttons, you gotta go in, for it says better than a Czech probably
to go to a store or you're. Not everybody has a phone, they can then deposit, but the other advantage- and I thought this was a big one- is that if you need to do a second round, they already have the card and they just fill the card. So the card would be prepaid like debit card once you spent it. If the crisis is not over the government, could you say push the button refilled cards, you don't have to wait for your check. It is already there now there might be some downsides that in that's really not the point of what I'm saying. So I put it out there, so people can wrestle with it. I don't off its good idea about it either
Some there may be a hidden downside. That's not obviously, but here is a point under any normal situation. I'm not gonna be seeing an idea from representatives labour that I say looks like a pretty good idea forward this, because today I am L sharpen. I am you I am ready, lab. I am president drop and we are fighting this virus in at the moment were on the same side. This may never happen again. Maybe my lifetime could abbot
Life, but I don't know all ever lived through this again- were absolutely everybody's on the same team period and said I hate it when people say period, but sometimes in sleep. So I, and by the way, the the same graph that I was using for medical supplies. Wouldn't you like to see, therefore toilet paper,
you know you were right is it do you feel is where? Because when you hear the task force in managing the crisis, you're probably not worried about the tiled toilet paper supply right right, you don't think that's! The top priority is like well save the toilet paper, all people on deck, let the hospitals fend for themselves, but we can solve this toilet paper problem. Do you not think about, but I would like to suggest that, although the task force problem, we shouldn't be doing anything about toilet paper, meaning the private industry is probably doing everything is to be done. I would imagine that the other people make the stuff cracking down chip in it and it's just being absorbed quickly, but fairly soon will get to the point where the hoarders have done their thing in the end, and then we stop hoarding. But wouldn't you like to know is that next week, or as it is,
three weeks, because I don't know about you, but some people are starting to count the rolls. If you know what I mean now Why do I even bring this up in the middle of an emergency? Isn't it the least important thing nope? No, it is not the least important thing. Certainly people can figure out the workarounds and inconveniences era, but psychologically. This toilet paper thing has a much larger hold on our imagination than common sense says it should because we're not virologists were not medical people. We just need our toilet paper where citizens and if you tell me that I can't get another role for Gimme a number.
Tell me I can have a rule for a week a new role, I'll say: ok week, my things things are under control. If I can have the second get those on the store shelf in the week, I'm not leaving you think it was ever a problem. But if you tell me is three weeks I can start rationing, you don't pleasure your hoarded, but some of us might need to start rationing a little bit and then I'm just started thinking about it and then there's going to be in my hand and then somebody's gonna send me a picture of an empty shells and I'm going to think it's. The whole store is not just the toilet paper shelf. How many of you seen the the so called empty shells
there's, while they take a picture of the toilet paper shellfish empty and then they go to the cleaning supplies and maybe the rice and those are empty, and then you think, my god we're going to run out of food when the restless store. Has your broccoli pretty much everything you want so message to the task force you don't need to be working on toilet paper. Private histories got that you don't you know, we don't need any presidential decrees on toys of paper, but just tell us the timing. You kind of need to do that for our for our mental health.
It's a mental health question. When do you think the toilet paper will be back on the shelves even more than the rice, because, probably most of you have not dipped in dear you're rice supply here, you're beans or whatever you got your cans and whenever you probably Evan dipped into those guys are still food in the stores. But I'll bet you dipped in to your toilet paper supplied, ensure that you do But their supply little down so direction. Only your government should tell you that, even though, on the surface, you think you would be the least important thing, it just says a big hole than our brain cells. Let's do something about that. I, oh here's, the more the news, Elon Musk as well as TIM Cook, forever
They're making ventilators sir, was confirms that you learn. Musk is not just tweeting in talking about ventilators, they make an ventilators and apples make him too, and quite a few now I don't know how many we need, but Frank about other people, a great EU. You see now. Do it yourself directions for making your own ventilator with party founder of you find so, here, the opposite of the toilet paper story, where there is a trivial thing: they had a big hole them. My psychology. This is that the positive the other side, which is when you hear that Elon Musk is making ventilators? Don't you just feel better seriously.
If the YO, arguably, between TIM Cook, anyone musk, you have the two most capable manufacturers of physical items in the the country in the world about it. All I mean, don't you feel better, knowing that there are fully engaged in this? I showed you But it does, it does raise one question which I'm seeing over and over again I should tell you I've I have two lives that are sort of operating simultaneously during this crisis. There's the public part that you see in all the other stuff. I tell you but the moment I get off I get off of this periscope, I'm gonna
working for hours, cure rating questions, and you can you connect me with his person and answer this question and you can you introduce me? I've got it. I've got a thing, so there there's all budget, that's the operating below them, the public visibility and it's a lot. Let me tell you it's a full time job. I assume I turn this office, all I'm gonna be doing until next time. You see me on periscope and probably going to fall asleep in my bed tonight, like last night, connected people and waiting and stuff, so there's Latona, but one of the trends which I feel
and alarming, but fixable is that when people are saying you know, I have a source for this or that supply. If, if ass, to be built or manufacture, the source is always in another country. I have not yet identified an actual american company that stepping up to manufacture their alot american these have connections overseas or they their factories overseas. So their american companies were using foreign assembly manufacturing but it does seem as if this country doesnt matter, may things. We know how to engineer. We had a word or things. We got good lawyers, we got good insurance, but if you need seventy two slept together a factory and start assembling parts. It looks like we can. I dont know how to do that anymore. So we can have a look at that and I am sure that at this point the supply chain is coming home, so
see that happen. Let's talk about Joe Biden because we have to I'm watching other people. So it's not just me other others. Smart people are saying, whereas Joe Biden, whereas Joe Biden, here's my problem, I you know, I think that President Trump will coast to re election unless we are surprised the lesser something new that comes up. I think you'll coast to re, elect even even with the crisis, even with everything else, because you get it. You know we were hearing enough of these L. Sharpen stories were hearing Governor Cuomo, Governor Newsome, saying that the President's doing the right stuff and we're we're gonna watch some progress. I think the the crisis will turn into a positive for the president, because he's. Strong leader- and you want a strong leader when you're in war
think people one. I like you, get out of the canoe and change canoes in the middle of war right, so my estimation is that while there the crisis can work, you know both ways. People will find something to complain about. You should have done it this way, but I think the public is gonna say you know he made some tough decisions. Closing the airports and stuff and it was all hands on deck. You didn't even hold back. Anything was once he was engaged. I think he's gonna get he's gonna get a push us about us.
So. I think it's a lot worse in there some way you can tie it to the government's actions in a way that even the public would say. Why did you do that which could happen? I think he's gonna be reelected, but here's my points, one of the benefits of our system, is a Europe of a backup small spare tire. So if you get a flat tire, you gotta backup now in the course of the regular governing, if you're president is taken off the field, for whatever reason you gotta you gonna viceroy. So that's a good backup vice president is a backup for present, but there's another way in which we need a backup which is the election itself. So you want to have two candidates. Ideally, if one of them didn't win
the other one wouldn't wreck of the country. Now it may not be the policies you like you know. Maybe your taxes go up a little bit down a little bit. Maybe you don't like that. Second candidate, but they're not going to break anything there at least capable of doing the job right
we don't have that president tromp is gonna, be running against. I dont know what I mean. Joe Biden is not even capable enough, and I think we can just say that as a fact, I think we're beyond the speculating part if Joe Biden were capable of speaking spontaneously on camera to that country in this time of crisis, if you were capable, of course, we see it. Of course we see it there is. There is no explanation during a presidential campaign, especially during the crisis. There's no explanation for why we don't see him. We see Bernie right, we ve seen Pelosi. We ve seen everybody and they have some kind of bs exe
It is about their other during construction, I'm at his house to turn it into a studio or something but he's gotTa Ipad. I'm talking to the world if I were running for president and and this where the production quality and I got a couple lights over there and I just close the chaise and I turned on my ipod sprinting good right, I mean you know at least I'm not doing the thing with my phone worm, recording myself in in Portrait LISA's clever enough to turn aside ways, and this is where if I were running for president, I would just do this. I get a little Ipad on my desk, face it and turn it on couple times a day.
I'm running for president, my name is Joe Biden, presents doing some great things. I'd like to see him do some other things here and by the way of our president, you know: you'd have better healthcare suddenly that it's kind of easy, the the hurdle that Joe Biden is not able to get over, is so low that a child could do it, meaning just a mere ipad yourself and turned it on a child, could turn on an ipod, namely that their face and and broadcast to the world. How do I know that go to Youtube on Youtube? Their infinite seems like it infinite children who have figured out how to do this. They put the camera they'll pointed at themselves. Turn it on your life to you too, and Joe Biden can't figure that out.
We should stop. We should stop pretending whether you're, a Republican or a Democrat. Remember this. These are strange times. You know I'm a man sharpened today, but I am also Donald Trump today. A strange times and I'm actually a little uncomfortable having the emergency backup plan being no spare tire, because, if just throw out some names to make my point, if John was say, let's see somebody else. Let's say I want to pay. Just me just pick pick a boring governor that you think is doing a good job and as a Democrat, if It's the Democrats were running a boring governor who is just does a good job. I would say to myself you right. I still prefer present tromp very clear preference.
But at least we got it emergencies spare. You know it's a little tired or we goes fifty miles, but it's not nothing. It's not nothing and Joe Biden is like. I don't know how to say it more. Clearly, it is nothing. Joe Biden doesn't have the capability of doing at each other. This point here he couldn't workers, seven eleven and that's literally true. I dont think you get in Le Java seven eleven at this point. Otherwise you'd see my camera so Democrats,
feel like you need to make the adult decision, and I mean this in a non partisan way. I think whoever you run is gonna lose, but you do the country a solid and run somebody who could run the country and that's almost anybody now, if you run Bernie, for example, he has a chance of getting lected, so you might want to think of your own strategy there, but there are plenty of moderate people who are still functional, give it gives us the emergency backup spare trump still gonna win, but you know we're in an uncertain time. Anything can happen. Give us the backup. I ask people. Do tweet me questions again today
did that yesterday in that worked out pretty well. So let us see if you're gonna, questions or me bear with me, as my internet is very slow today,. Two hundred and eighty one question: some of these are going to be good answers says: can you speak about trade off between your response to current a virus and the removal of civil liberties. Ok
up up up home and then goes on about analogies black answer. This question speak about the trade off between response to current of virus and removal of civil liberties. Well, here's why you need adults in charge. You need somebody may hard decisions. Fortunately, we do have a president who can make a hard decision. Imagine if you had a President Biden and this and the experts told him to close the southern border. Could he do it don't know if he could suppose you're the experts and you say to President Trump: you know you ought to be thinking about closing air traffic from Europe. Could he do it yeah by the time you finish the scent.
By the time they finish the sentence, he's others financing closer travel from Europe. She evident Dalton charge. People were appreciating that without saying there appreciating it, we got a guy in charge, who's gonna make hard decisions all day long, and you can trust that you will, because you ve seen it right. Yes, such along track record of doing things that well it's a tough decision, but I'm the adult the room, I'm gonna, do it and you take that you take. The heat could buy new that goody
the real question I dont know if he could make adult decisions right now. I so here s the trade off between civil liberties and the response to the growth of ours. I think that the best answer to that is that it has to be adult decisions if those adult decisions come down and they say Scott, I'm going to remove your civil law civil liberties for a week. Just tell me why just tell me why, because remember you know this week. I am,
shortly but this week I am also President Trump and if it either either. Those people who are the same person at the moment says there's a good reason why you should temporarily suspend my civil liberties. Do it do it? You have my absolute and complete support. Do it because the adults gotta make the decisions and if we trust them- and I think Trump working with the experts is a very very safe combination, say just do it because here's the thing I would trust the thing that this country and less countries do well We brainwash our youth and in my case I used to be a youth, the brainwashing and I'm gonna use and in the positive in Washington with this country, does too to design the adults they get to run. The country is really really good,
And one of the things that were all deeply wired also wired instead brainwashed Things were deeply wired by our system. To appreciate is freedom, so if this were some other country was a third world country and that the dictator said just for a week, I'm gonna take away your civil liberties. Would you trust that? No, no! You wouldn't trust that, because you think this is the first before we lose all our civil liberties, and maybe it would be what in the United States, we got three hundred and seventy million wired coded Brainwash design whatever. Where do you want to put on it, human brains that aren't going to put up with that. Grab. So if you take our civil liberties away for a week with a good reason, you'll get pretty good compliance two months.
For now, if the reason went away- and we still don't have that civil liberty back we're gonna change, links, change or government, so there is no risk in the United States because the citizens are so well designed. I mean it actually design his brain design. If you want to put it that way, so we are so well designed in this country that our government couldn't take, or at least an important civil liberty away any longer than the reason for doing it remained. You could argue whether the reason has remained. There will always be a grey area, but it won't be some sign of approaching evil. Alright. What's your estimate of the mortality rates? Well, you know the experts sir lowering in all the time. Luckily give any kind of a dumb estimate dislike cartoonist, overrules side.
Something like that. So I will refer to the scientists up up up, do Gregg Garfield. I have an understanding about material and the answer is we're friends and we think like, and we talk about a lot of stuff online I use of whose ideas use some online. So, yes, it is they fully a fully friendly and ongoing situation, and I was using Greg's examples yesterday, for example, so that that's far more a case of two people were very similar thinking. Cells will both from Berkeley both California, If you, if you lined up our opinions, are they're gonna be pretty close sprawling. Ninety percent overlap. What are you do here? Door dash comes to write down. The containers is good
action. I am not an expert on these, so take anything I say with agreement of salt. The this I had to say this. They say very clearly that the virus lives surfaces. They also say very clearly
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