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Episode 867 Scott Adams PART1: Sip the Morning Away and Get a Great Start

2020-03-23 | 🔗

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  • Special guest: Aris Lavranos MD, answers key coronavirus questions
  • A message to our leaders in the Senate and the House
  • Chuck Schumer is not worthy of the public’s sacrifice
  • The National COVID-19 Medical Equipment Clearinghouse

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bump bump on everybody combining this time right now for coffee was got atoms yeah yeah it's gonna be a good one one of the best i predict i've got a special gasters on my audio line waiting to answer some medical questions doktor heiress glove rhinos empty offer to help us with some of the medical since it i've got it on hold say i thank you i'm taking my might run away i left it in mind
your way if i ask you in other question i everybody you know its next i know you do it's it's a simultaneous up here aren't you're lucky i know you're in all you need is a copper mugger a glass at anchor tells us time against drug of less good vessel of any kind fell in with you like off he enjoyed the now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine over the day the thing that makes every pandemic go way eventually it's called the simultaneous happens now good good stuff i well i ve got the the doktor here and we don't get too many chances to ask these questions i'm going to ask some questions and if the sound is bad will will deal with that
after live run out the best way to pronounce it remarkable job without people my personal life got well i'm sure i'm sure i'll get it wrong next time so years top of the list of questions number one everything we ve seen about the hydra hydroxyl chloroprene look promising but it's all anecdotal here's the question i ask you have even heard of any in total stories they go the other way in other words ray anecdotal will story we hear is positive but again that's no scientifically valid you heard anything even on the grapevine or personally where there was
somebody you didn't have an underlying condition they got the drugs glory gleam in time and then still one bad so i can't speak about the ring for connemara specifically but in terms of the generic process of medication is being used for conditions hopefully that their working and end up not working unfortunately we have brought the gospels a thing like that i agree that would be steroids for output injuries it used to be the main a bare feet and then found out those actually probably going more on the benefit of many months or a year before we realise that satellite up another couple would be rid of the tree the patient without all do much of this with asian we use even antivirals we don't even antivirals anymore just given steroids do no real harm having given them antivirals by producing ever benefit from what i have heard
some of my colleagues are sharing online i cannot give you twenty new update with corporate regularly i will tell you i am hopeful that i got report when under the title we'll get it you know i'm still looking for the first actual medical doctor who who says i dont think it'll work and i haven't seen any of you know not all i can say that everyone is waiting with bated breath work in those well hopeful that it will not coming out with any kind of idea not work my and one of the one of the good things about this is it we understand the mechanism of of why should work
fairly well right as well understood in the way of it yeah yes it is but i would be careful with that kind of logic because in i'm fighting by white working you know if you re months ago eighty because you do not work when offer minus permitting the shriek cornerwise you'd probably about people think well i don't know how that will happen i suppose you now in cases that it could be united that mechanism that we believe is happening it won't open you give a true picture of the back of it all right and so it would be tough to sort that out because my understanding is that eighty percent of people are just gonna get better on their own so if you gave everybody this drug eighty percent of them would look like they got better on their own and it
we present would look like they died from an annoying condition anyway right right so i'm i'm hoping that we are going to see some sort of random i am not necessarily random i at least some control study groups where will be able to say in these two hundred eighty four democracy intervention the gentle demographic affected a general level like better requirement but they were not in the ideal but the ones in the treatment of the big open you know people must be two things are happening about italy how korea maybe don't do we have a severe ethical conundrum here which is it seems anna the benefit of the drug is just as it is at the highest end of anecdotally looking good but anywhere even touching the i scientifically valid so
people are actually dying from it had other doctors treated you don't really want to control gould all i mean the control group when they could die from it and when the drug is basically nobody's dying on it unless you have underlined conditions as far as i can are you navigate that is the test of new york city actually get to have a control group i don't i don't think that's where you gonna register remembering activity i think about ethical especially with the level it may have been ethical if we were not in such a state of emergency worldwide difficult like what you have said about eighty percent of people like you get better but i think it would be more matter we gave it to be two hundred people and these two hundred people who are very similar r r comparison our control
i take your point is well made that ultimately it will be more rigorous run you control the thing i'm looking for the only indicator that i care about because i feel like is the leading indicator would be how many people were actually on the front line doktor such as yourself who act lee contractor we expect that'll be fairly high but then actually die from it without some underlying conditions of their own and so far i've heard zero of that in the last week now maybe early because that the total number of doctors touching and infected is why would put a guest
in the united states given our caseload how many doctors do you think if they have come in new direct contact with equipment but direct contact with second person is in the thousands right all without a doubt it confirms what that absolutely correct so i can tell you he's got a maximum working at all for coming back with patient at work emerging army and unfortunately that patient was low risk screen so yet had had trouble but greater than forty days prior to his horse mackerel is now as far as i can recollect i was wearing my ppp however because a patient had screen negative and still ended up having a very high bio load and ultimately is getting the condition of stable currently at aren't i know but because of it
i've been working there are twenty five conditions working my department on that ship with me alone there were three so they were possibly three point five and at once it has been spent on all the other hundreds of people coming to the department davy there is a year since that people in your situation where you where you're not presenting symptoms although i heard you clear your throat there a little bit do you have any symptoms do you think we're reaching the point where people in your classification where's demonstrated the habit but you may have it you think you would you
we have to go back to work this is all but worse yet i am open to help and occupational health multiple times here we had a very strong disagreement on did you about whether or not i should be fourteen i was quite out of it i didn't need you because i want a poverty down but but regarding those details they agreed that it was a bit of a fringe case that it could have gone either way and at me coming out with asian unfortunately that under this far too high hello it better to allow conditions and put my work to complete work because otherwise we are working as forty days yasser your quarantine is really is still in the luxury category because at the moment i need you go back to work i you though i so great
your question and i'm gonna give you the option of deferring so don't don't feel like you have to answer this thing you think you're the greater good think of all the ramifications not justly the medical specific answer your account leagues who were on the front lines the medical doctors are they prophylactically taking the drugs and chlorine and again if you would perverted take a pass on that question that's perfectly acceptable i don't have a problem with that question because i can tell you honestly are we have talked about it i have one colleague jokingly had to get it to go i don't know i don't know
that was sending out fevers ticket offensive if someone would do not they were right in such a prescription but why would ways i can get you guys write your own prescriptions no i'm not like myself but you can write one for each other so that you could get it prophylactically and if one your colleagues who was working with infected patients was not yet to test is as as having been in always does suspected of having it but it's been around it would you feel quickly in this current situation especially where there might be some shortages of the drug would you prescribe it to it to a medical professional not notices so that that's a sort of magic that i think is close to universal right now and it's really comes down to the of supply and was a specific situation
let me ask you another question and i don't know if you decide on it today but the issue is this the shortage of masks it's been suggested but not in a way that i feel has enough credibility yet they since the virus it has no lifespan and different materials but do you not use and ask for a paper bag come back to it in two weeks and feel pretty if you knew you were dealing with somebody was known to be effective just people were suspended
would you feel comfortable pudding ninety five miles back on is insane paper bag for two weeks with no other question i think you read this question yes the issue is that unfortunately viruses dont bother along unfortunately organic services and this goes back to the idea that you had said he was up several days ago technically speaking become really even viruses being alive they are this strange legion injected the matter that the message about humans so other infectious agents are so bacteria fungi off and other things are and they can live a lot a lot longer
we have to stay with my own mask then yes we can still use are all mass for up to eight or ten hours on shit ok ok then so that's exactly what i was talking about though was that you put your own masking the paper bag and then you oh did at the other side in an emergency obviously nobody knew the way but but you lloyd if there were other germs back whatever whatever but they were your own
we largely ignored to you in the possibly the sort of thing where if i thought you know it you drank from a cop and you left on the counterpart to weaken it was in and out of the sun and whatever bacteria happening your mouth were allowed to grow there but you just go and pick up a cup later and drink it cool you would not want to but you could so you know at the hard for me to say what kind of bulgaria people have and which would grow we completed the think that it take twenty minutes or bacteria to replicating the ideal situation without changing disruption sunlight and air and all other things so it could faster but not necessarily so if you was will say you took your mask any only then close line and yeah you let left its two weeks it doesn't rain for whatever reason so the sun is just on it
what a matter the temperature outdoors or without pretty much concentrations and now aren't category of ai weiwei so so there might be in an emergency situation some way too i mean you were watching these amazing hat i saw yesterday somebody you used hosing to turn until later for one into a ventilator for nine patients is your sense that the ventilator machine would be in the land aloud i mean that the engine of it when i handle the airflow for nine people deserve that
like they were yeah yeah so i have some experience will have been deleted i put people leaders in emergency carbon not infrequently unfortunately i think that from a machine point of view this sound but it could handle it would be more worried about sort of the software and the interface of the machine to do that we need to control and a leader settings on what we call it a pressure or all you u cap and hope both odin seen pumped air out for a certain amount of pressure or certain other boys so i guess you could increase the amount of organs is being distributed but i've never seen the software being pushed through that process to note
good work economic certain fishing that could do that and not others but i dont know if there is quite a lot of different models of ventilator so so that ireland is right yeah that's moreover electrical engineering question that would depend on each individual model but just done you also tabby rather there's nothing new and eliminate the bustling just don't know the details of this right for example who have very large long later i see no reason why you children could not be put on the table the later with by proceeding to ready for each of them so i don't i don't even know about it it software machine could do it next question people keep asking me about taking zinc supplements sort of ahead of time because the idea for a queen interacts with the zinc in a positive way so you might as well have some thinking
that is something we recommended at this point was that you had using supplements in your moldova the moon or just things of women's and good idea yet i think it is a good idea i can tell you that even academic i'm doing it myself every day think be evident in a while i have looked at the evans pressing events or against common cold is weak but it was there so you do yourself any taking a motive i would think in it as its interaction with high performing talking i think that that part
nevertheless i don't think there's any evidence to suggest that you should because of its benefits would be back when i got up or when but certainly didn't wanna get mean anyway goes might give you a little less probable or use was worth a shot and i think that this goes back to your general regime all you know those working outside europe now in the sun really help well probably a little bit gap and the harm none so these things all together mount some benefit and i recommend to people that they dont inhale any opposition including my wanted to keep her london help is also that they take a movie violent which includes compounded think i e as well and then that there is a well i suggest you do not you you don't want to go on a bunch of paddy meals were of a large proteinaceous meal they will feel resources in cold water relieved i guess
so a little bit of exercise but you know i think you're right i'm no longer muckle building i'm just kind of maintaining release learned orphans move and where women are not her the audience heard you that you're taking my medical advice please and again at second reading an excellent debate that you want to be circulating your blood you want to be in a state of fitness you wants to recent orphans and being the lowest levels of you gonna go back a virus so this is not the time to be pumping heavy iron to be building was a black the gas it to destroying rebuilding hustle that cop energy resources some regular exercise to release endorphins is the best thing thank you for that i feel twice a smart because you know about my strategy is these strategy of one presents yo
if my walking in the sun is one percent in my taking those ink is one percent in my getting some good sleep is one percent i can up to ten percent ten percent edge against their deadly pandemic that's a ten percent edge i'm not gonna leave ten percent on the table not today for someone like you given your age and your competencies for your history about it i think we all get under outcome is right you know i've been trying to make a difference for someone was otherwise young unhealthy probably they have all the reserve they need you i told my god has a history of what i believe to be he'll be and sixty seven so i tell him to do all these things as well
well aren't you could have watching and so is much more important than a more vulnerable population working on my biceps i've been told telling people but lifting heavy lead nowhere doctor i will talk about some other topics in this was really great and so thank you for volunteering to to do this i think the audience got a lot of this so that we do not take her i was really useful circleville some other stuff see just getting some poor notices heirloom internet off sorry here's your message to our leaders here
you probably watch the the house in the senate basically failed to do the work of the people you just watch the nancy blows the inhuman command and kill the bill that that the other democrat certain negotiating in good faith now of course the accusations that well it's just political you guys fly and kill him nothing there was going pretty well other it was a wild scathingly got there in time to stop this corporate give away he now i can't tell the difference from the chair i'm sitting in i don't have enough visibility on these proposals to say this is a good one this is a bad one if we help these businesses a war it will support x number jobs would be lost but if we give them it individually they'll spend money and that goes for the business if we can be honest
no if everybody knows the difference meeting if you assemble the greatest economists in the world and anti democratic leaning this way the report things are leading this way what is corporate path were you make the corporation healthy and supports jobs the other ones more direct but then they become good consumers they support to companies which one of these is better in the long run and the answer is around if you imagine you know maybe you should stop doing that europe now the reason that congress can agree is they don't know so i think they default just my presumption so i can't read any mines but i think the regular default to what
feels best politically and is compatible with our brand independent of what is good for the country because i don't think they can tell not because they're not educated in this matter communist or not but i think the economists could really i think that a common be indifferent pages so we ve got our situation going on in our lives failed us last night was just call it what it was let's call it what it was the our leaders failed us last night by not acting we're in a situation where acting is probably more important than getting just right that's the sore the emergency rule you know would be great to do everything right if you wait long enough you could make sure you ve tested everything and you make just the right decision
that may be good in regular times but emergency action just has a greater value because were managing the psychology of all of us in trying to hold it together remember this is and this is partly a physical problem the big bar the life and death of it but in order for that part to be minimized you got to get the psychology of it right to enter the country's got to be on your side we got to trust our got to trust our leadership we got to feel like pro since being made we gonna feel like we're winning we're getting on top of the virus and then policy issue were jenin to town and just justs not the whole thing off the table when it looked like it to go now are they right i don't know it could be only possible that they came in and said oh you inexperienced people are making a big mistake you just gonna fix this thing maybe
but our sugar and policy that much smarter about what's good for the country then the people who are already in the room is there something about sure and policy that have they had knowledge they could not be transmitted by the the telephone is our were pelosi and humor not in continuous contact with people who are negotiating for their team while it was happening what was it about flying in that the result because they do have telephones nancy and chuck as we like to call them as president likes the album if they have a problem with it during the negotiation are we finding out what is too late i care you have come up with a scenario in my head in which it
this is anything but a naked political incompetence now it could be after the fact will we learn that there is more to it and i'm always open to that i'm always open to well scott you now at the time there was this good reason and i'll be a little charitable because its emergency but i don't want to dwell on it don't need to spend any more time talking about what happened yesterday but let me just make this point you are leadership be they president be they senators be they representatives or mayors and it goes like this our leaders are asking us we the people to make big sacrifices pig faces they're asking us to take a big sacrifices
your response it only leaders be they president's representatives senators or mayors your responsibility is to be worthy of that sector i realize we're gonna do allow the lifting we the people you know that the hard stuff who's gonna be down in the trenches but you do have a responsibility to be worthy of that sacrifice and last night you were not you're not and if what if you're thinking ozga you're being political lenny lily round it out for you when the president in my opinion mocked mitt romney for being in quarantine not good not good not ideal i think we need oliver our leaders to be worthy of our sacrifice governor cuomo in new york is worthy of our sacrifice
my governor who i've criticized allowed for the duration of this you know that the least the activities during the crisis is worthy of my sacrifice he is worthy of my sacrifice unlike like all of you to be worthy and congress isn't there yet though so today's request from the public i think i can speak for mostly when this narrow way not everything but this narrow way we need our early first to be worthy of the sacrifice and you're not close and in congress you not close you got a lot of ground to make up and it needs to be today tomorrow tomorrow's now good needs to be today an action is more important than getting it exactly right that's that's a big deal i have i ever saw the thought expense
question normally with these big economic questions i at least have a point of view meaning i can think myself here that makes sense probably or doesn't make sense probably everything's service statistical situation if you're predicting but here's one i don't even have a little bit of a sense of and run it by and let me tell you of this as any any merit suppose hypothetically and this is not a recommendation that's a question i pathetically the federal government said that until further notice maybe thirty days or sixty days of ninety days whatever the period that makes sense nobody has to pay rent nobody has to pay their mortgage nobody has to pay for their power phone or cable tv nobody pays for the health care and nobody pays for their image now what all of these have in common is that there's more
psych services than physical product i dont think you can rule says you can't you don't have to pay for a physical product like a loaf of bread or a phone or some like that that still has to be got pay for it because things will go crazy otherwise but just just play this through new head so take a modern time nobody pays rent i that's good for all the people pay and unless must that you don't have to pay it back later either is just gone this just off the table now all the landlords would be a lot right so they would lose their income if your landlord and you vote and several properties while you lose your income for the month of three months but you also that pay your rent and you're not paying for your electricity or your healthcare so you would lose that but also your expenses would go down the same as the people were not bad you
and again i must say this is a good idea i'm i'm asking for help thinking of because i dont know everything the seven the box has been considered so what about you don't pay your mortgage so the bank's don't that income for two or three months can they afford it well i'll tell you the banks are gonna make a fortune when we get back to work because all the people in need working cap and loans they have good businesses that have been demonstrated by their ass in all they need is a little bit too just get back up and ruddy thanks love those thanks i don't even know if banks on the whole are gonna be worse off if you didn't pay your mortgage for three months unless it doesn't it you don't you never have to banish is delayed here you gonna pay the same now you were paid in long run by the later three months just
example what about your electricity phone and cable could we keep all those things working if nobody paid for him for three minutes well probably because phone companies are pretty ridge cable companies power companies can probably you know get by few months easier them individuals can you tell if if my local power company say rather muddy and they couldn't pay all their employees they pay their employees half for three months under the scenario there their employees are not paying rent not pay mortgage nothing for their own power cable are so maybe php can say i this is gonna kill us nobody's paying for power but we
get by for three months as loans we pay our people have half amount than their expenses or lower to say can get by a few months just throwing it out there and then insurance and healthcare same thing would it be easier just do as suspend all our big expenses and make those big entities that largely could afford it just eat it for three months and then we just come up running now we might also in addition to that might require some you be i another words it might not be enough so you don't have to pay the rent cuz you still have to buy some food and maybe some medicines and stuff always still me will you be i just put them out there they will read all the promises are gone by we had some visibility on here you ve got some economic background could you tell me what i'm missing
now i realize it would have gigantic unintended consequences in places that would be hard to know in advance and we could be quite disruptive for as long as everybody got food money and everybody still went to work to keep the lights in the water flowing everything i think it would work what it how long does it take to create a deep fake digital version joe biden of thinking we may see that today now i'm just joking but imagine if you will there was some entity some deep state deeply hidden enemy who wanted to take over the united states it like a dictatorship but the and make it look like it didn't happen how would you do it well the first thing you do is you take some
moreover the virus at you'd you drop it often war on i don't think this happened i'm just making a movie this is the movie they could come out of this so the movie would be somebody infects the world so you release the thing in a city this nero by weapons lab this is the first part of the movie announcing this happened and then you run a candidate who sort of a shell of his former so you release the thing in a city this nero by weapons lab this is the first part of the movie unless saying this happened and then you run a candidate who sort of a shell of his former soften kind of doesn't even know is unstable he's got good name recognition and he's gonna get a lot of votes just because they know his name is joe biden but because it's a pandemic you have the option of taking him completely out of the public eye
which you can never do in any other situation you couldn't but you can do in this situation and then we happen to be coincidentally at exactly the point in human history where you could pull off a deep fake now the same is happening again i'm just doing the movie version of our reality so you do the pandemic you blame then somebody else the world that goes into lockdown you take your candidate was a shell of his former self he locked him up and nobody sees them except digitally it takes a while to get the deep wake up and running and then you can all your debates gazette slackened work bay pandemic but against the loose debates and suddenly you ve got a deep fake president and we will know the difference now again
i don't think that's happening but is a big coincidence that we get one the one time you ve ever been locked down in your house and you can't grown public his exactly the time in history that we can make a deep fake at exactly the time in history that the the ideal candidate to do that with a job i looks like the presumptive nominee less a lotta coincidences but that's makes it a movie a lot of people saying opened the country right now and some people say no and lowest document that little bit don't get trapped in the binary the most lie please scenario as i've been tell you for some time we run our few weeks that the president has signalled if you can if you read the tea leaves here
the president has signalled that very optimistic about this hydroxyl clerk queen drugs used withers mason especially its being tested in new york city and i think they have enough patients and not experience that are going a solid idea about this drug in about a week is my guess is that's about how long you take to be pretty sure that is making a difference if it does it looks like the president as we did a tweet last night in which he said and all capital letters you know we need to go back to work and then he would make a decision at the end of our two week period which i believe is one week issue from now so in one week the present says we're going to make a decision was a sound like to you if the president believed that the most likely result is there's gotta be a few months lockdown would he have to
it last night it's important to get back to work we don't want the cure to be worse than the thing will make a decision in a week does that sound like somebody who has a serious intention of locking you down for three months it does not now now that the president can get a little ahead of the experts we know he can get ahead of fancies at least public optimism without nobody says privately but his fetches public optimism it is a european little cautious but the president is clearly signalling some news had now does the present no more than you and i know i hope so right
does he know more than doktor felt she knows of course now but it makes sense that they're doing the dance the us or a good cop bad cop but in the form of optimist impressionist i would say not pessimists vouches more like a realist i would say is not a personal he's a realist and he saying it's just the fact that the drugs need to be tested it's just the fact that we can't know how dangerous it is just a fact scientifically according to the rigours of science it can be demonstrated that it works so without you stick to the facts i wouldn't call him a pessimist that's just facts but in trump sticking with optimism so he's he's over there by feel like their signalling that a plan is coming together and i think he's gonna look like this
the present is pretty good instincts and i think he knows sore like my captain kirk and scattered the engineer analogy yesterday psych can be warp six scotty i cannot give you warm six it'll come of art you can do it scotty gimme warp sex aright gives you warp section looks like ships can fall apart but it doesn't so you in those stories the mythical captain kirk has just some kind of magical intuition you can just feel the right answer somehow without without the details and we have seen that president seems to demonstrate a weird kind of instinct that's been right a lot you know what is instinct to close airports early being the most obvious example so saying he every one of his hunches will always be right rose has been right but
of a track record that's that's not the inconsequential they should give you a little and these clearly signalling that there's something like a get back to work plan brewing now here's what thank you using the gregor filled model don't don't be trapped in the prison ideas likelihood it's gonna be something between let everybody go back to work and don't let anybody go back to work in all likelihood it'll be some ground that gets us moving in the right direction and movement and direction or the important things for confidence for psychology for that markets and everything else so getting some movement in the right direction no matter how small your president understands how important that is he s especially really so he knows that direction matters
i would expect that at the end of the two weeks that they all announced something even if its small that is directly pause meaning for example i'm gonna let these jobs or these industries go back to work but only under these conditions so my look some like that and then you say are finally at least a few people got back to work how about next week while next week we'll see how that weak went maybe she more maybe loosen up maybe tighten up the restrictions for basic play it by ear but with a firm commitment that is the path toward reemployment so
i think you're gonna see the president say we ve looked at the week of experience in new york city with his hydra hydroxyl chloric clean and z through mason cocktail i think he's gonna say it looks like it's stopping the deaths and it looks like is speeding up the recovery if we can get to stopping the day of the people under sixty with no health problems then i think your president can ask you for the following sacrifice and would be worthy of it would be worthy of the sacrifice if this happened i think he's going to ask the american public to take a risk and i think he was going to ask the american public to take a risk for the benefit of the republic and i think he's going to tell us this isn't going to be safe as some of you the young the fit the one especially the one says the most critical jobs
i'm going some of you to go back to work i don't know if this is next week or soon it's gonna be a risk and i'm going to ask the over sixty to stay home and if you can help them do so but i think i think it's going to be very much your present asking you directly to take a risk with your health and safety for the republic he's a war president this is all against a virus you our president needs to ask you directly to take a risk it makes a difference it's one thing to say and i think this is a good idea here's my get guideline and it will probably comply but it does make a difference if you asked directly i know this is going to be hard i know some of you are going to be lost but we have to take the hill where we're at the point
you just have to take the hill now if you're worried about closing the economy verses your opening the economy i have a firm opinion that a two week closure is meant to be a fatal flaw fatal blow a three week closure also not a fatal blow i think we could take a month but this is where the captain kirk and me start ok scotty unluckily ask you for warp ten but i might ask you for work eight so
in my just feel of the mood of the country my red reading of this i gazed my projecting from my personal feelings my lifetime if experience a month is the absolute ragged edge especially if we have this drug this working so i don't think your president's gonna take you a month to get some people back to work i would expect that if you can tell a commute that you will be asked to continue that's what i would expect and i would expect that if you have to be physically present there will be some new guidelines for that maybe we ve got some extra mass by them but that's what's gonna look like
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