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Episode 871 Scott Adams: It’s Time to Stop Using an Obama Afghanistan Strategy Against a Virus

2020-03-25 | 🔗

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  • #TrumpPills and an Easter date for economy resurrection
  • Pelosi’s explanation for her pork-laden bill
  • People dying because 5 day test required to get meds
  • Texas LT Governor Dan Patrick is wrong
  • CNN FAKE NEWS on mask sterilization

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump me. Everybody glad you could make it. Come on in gathered round we're gonna do were set fire to the republic today, it's time to go off, it's not happy, I'm not happy with the way things are going. Well tell you about that, but not until we have a little simultaneously What do you need to do that? Well now, much much really. All you need is a couple, Margaret glass at anchor Jealous restarted, Kantian, juggler flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid, like coffee and joining. You know for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine to the day, the thing that makes everything better the same
Gimme a sip go tastes better them trumpet tells you not trouble all right. The Trump pills are the name I'm giving the combination of pills letter that drug see Chloric Queen and as it were, my son and using. Because I really writing those down and hey pronouncing on so from this day forward. Hashtag trumpet pills, what's up, they work for his sake. All right, let's talk well some fun things and then some serious things this podcast, which so this periscope gets, turned into a youtube for replay that you can see it on periscope. In reply, but also its turned into just. What are you only?
this week we had number seventy seven on Itunes. So of all, pod gas in the world, of which I gotta think there are quite a few we ve cracked, the top hundred its number. Seventy seven, it's good! The New York Times has an article today, the just got lost because you nobody cares about except corona virus, but there's a reason sure who figured out how to reverse aging why you're watching the crisis, the other but over the lab somewhere else like just cured old age now. Was it real? Well, we ve heard this a few times, maybe not, but we at the so silly slowly, learning level they figured out how to reverse the age of a cell. Now it's my take a while to see if they can ramp that up into some kind of medicine that humans can use under oath
they'll get. There are not very just found that in the middle of this crisis, the most dramatically ITALY's potentially positive thing in the history of human civilization just happened. Nobody Fredjim cares little care about right now. Baby is good. Maybe it's good news, so I said last night and I will say it again case obey most microscope last night, the president, putting the data on this is just brilliant, it's it's good, managing its good leadership. As I said it before happened there. Need wish their best guess it can change, it can change if we need to make a short or longer. I can change, but is really important. Never an estimated now we have, and I love the fact that President tricked Easter, because it associates the resurrection with our economy, beginning his resurrection. It's just sort
perfect sudden, I'm gonna give some harsh grades today to the to the administration, but I want to start with the Good NEWS. Souls are not just all Agri all day. The good news is, I think, setting the date is brilliant. I think closing with China travel early was brilliant. I think closing the european travel. Strong move. I think the team is very strong. I likely I like the the updates. Every day there was a great and there's that other stuff happening so there's a whole bunch of stuff. If you being fair, if you can remove yourself from the politics a little bit, there's a whole bunch of stuff that the administration is really do well, but there things in it and we'll talk about those and what to do about it. But first I would like to point out- and this all dovetail into the the media- the conversation you have been saying for a while that the the republic has evolved,
No longer do we elect smart people, have them rather horse off the Washington and mix of votes for us. Maybe we find out some What they did, that was. The original system was fine in a world with no social media. People were that connected communication lies, but now we are- and I have argued that the the republic has already evolved. So there's social media is effectively running the country for anything social media care enough about the others? Ninety nine percent of government? We don't really care about it. Seo collecting the garbage sorted but for the one percent that we get excited about and the public can understand that some level the public is is driving the car? If you want to see a good example of that, you just saw one of the best ones you ever see, which is well below
the consumer parachuted into town, to kill the relief deal by adding a bunch of port to it- that's business as usual, usually usually The whole concept of making laws is fear for funding bill. Everybody throws or pork are there and its actually part of the process, because if he can't get the senator from the state to vote for it, maybe you can get anything passed and the only waken bride that senators to fund and military military base district or something like that- So the pork has a functional purpose and mostly the public just says I hated, but I gather that things to think about just make something happened. It doesn't have to be perfect yeah. I know there's pork and sort of useful, but it's just let them
but in the middle of a national emergency, our totally out of touch leaders, Pelosi, consumer and really they are so disconnected from those I gazed at the they. They failed to read the room in a way this just astounding, because right in front of us, they flew into town and they just they just broke the system to throw some pork in there. So I happened while of course the Republicans complained, but they weren't complaining to the Democrats. They complained to their bosses, the Republicans too,
up to their bosses. No, not the president. The president is not the boss of Congress. You are, you: are the bosses Congress at what happened when Republicans kicked it up to their bosses? Well, we were happy worry because in this case the pork is not. Ok. It's not ok with the Democrats. It's not ok with the Republicans and let me let me propose a rule for you something to watch. If you see Mark cuban using gross profanity
On social media telling telling the government to get its act together as he did and you see me using gross profanity in exactly the same mission- is probably going to happen. In other words, if you can pass off Mark Cuban and me at the same time, You'Re- probably peasant off everybody right, you're, probably person off everybody, and if we get that mad. So We're gonna just take the filter, often say, as we do not want to repeat the words, but as Our cuban put it in the cleanest, most leadership way and by the way, is superstar this. This is doing great. He said this: do you job and I don't need any details? That's the beginning of the conversation and that's the end of the conversation. I don't wanna hear because
I don't want to hear you can't do it. I want to hear about the process of your. Why it's a good idea to do your way. Nope just do your f and job, and you saw that it looks like they took the pork Anna there and they are getting you done now. This is the cleanest example. You seen of the republic is not. He is not here. The people in charge there only in charge. When you and I don't care and we're not watching, but when we care- and we understand the topic of this- was easy for No part in were engaged your elected perfectly. Your elected people are not in charge, not enclose you. The public made them change their mind right in front of you, and there is no question about what happened. The Democrats did not cave to the Republicans they gave to you you, the public hearing charge. This is important.
For what I'm gonna talk about in a moment her? So here's what blows he said this is an actual call from her talking about. You know the the pork though she tried to put into the bill. I think this is civilian? She said this quote: there is a whole concern in our country. What what is a whore concern? Are there such things as partial concerns? The first part of her senses is literally babble is actually nonsense in it. You'd better so here, there's a whole concern in our country with factors have been sorry that if giving tens of billions of dollars to the airlines? Ok, that's just the fact that we could. We have a shared value about what happens to the environment. What that sentence doesn't make any sense. You're, not leaving the room. You now serving the public
and I'm sorry that even making sense he can't be our leader so from here until the crisis is best she's she's not in charge you or do you want that in charge? Do you want, decisions about your life and death made by somebody who is a hundred years old and can put a fuckin sentence together in public know. You dont want Joe Fuckin Biden and you don't want fucking- do composing Nancy Pelosi. You can't put a fucking sentence together, they're, not in charge and we're done with them we're done with them. Cuz you, the people. You can tell them what to do now. Alright, so do it! It work the first time that it looks like some kind of stimulus bill is going to come, but it wasn't because they did the job now it was because you did the job
You did the job, they didn't do the job. So less number one complaint. I got more number two. I've been saying for several days. Can the government to give us some visibility on their supply Supply pipeline for these critical medical supplies. At least tell us how many you need. Tell us how many have and then some visibility doesn't have to be perfectly accurate. The some sense of the pipeline. You have noticed that has not happened, although here. One estimate that New York City things: they need twenty thousand ventilators and they got to fork out, but this doesn't tell you the story right doesn't tell you story, because how many are in the pipeline? How many can they get right? Your flight
blind who is in charge? You are you're in charge. You watch yourself, you are in charge and what information do you have to make a decision about ventilators, none, none had spent several days and your government can't tell you How many we need money we have what's in the pipeline. Failure, fuckin failure. That simple ship, that's simple ship tell us the basics. If you can't do that, How do I always supposed to know what to do how we most mobilise how I suppose the motion I find a way to help make ventilators or should I find a way to help making masks, because I could probably help. I don't know. Because I don't know what we have. I don't know what was missing
So why do we have this situation? Well, let me tell you: we ve got war powers act. If we had done its standard way, the government would say you factory or like him asked. I don't care if you like. It is a war powers like you're, making ventilators you're, making this if we had done it that way, that's the old traditional way our govern. One would know what we have, what we're making what we need here was in the pipeline. If the government controlled- and you said you factory- you factor you factory, how many can you make aren't you can make five thousand? Let that my list but instead the president has taken another approach. It has how some benefits! So I'm not going to say this is a mistake and we ll tell you what problems that caused, which is different from say. It was the wrong path, so he's gone with. Apparently there was so much voluntary cooperation from voluntary cooperation.
From companies which is great stress the Good NEWS apple, three m. Basically every company they could stood. You stood up, And offered something, so that's all good news right, great news, all these companies stepping up to do something, except because of that we have no stability, I dont believe seven billion the government, who has visibility of all the companies will stepped up and what they do and what should be done so because we're This way, instead of the government saying you factory, make twenty thousand you factory make thirty thousand, in which case the government would know exactly what is in the pipeline. I don't think they know, and I think we have a system in which they can now be, as its people acting independently and just trying to figure it out here's. What I recommend for a solution,
since we ve already got this path, werner- we're not gonna, reverse it now, but that's a pathway. So here's how to fix it There have been a number of acts and websites built by people spontaneous the just people saying. I think there is a need to connect doctors to other doctors. Somebody somebody built that slack. Somebody else said. I think there is a need to connect the people were making stuff with the people were buying stuff, and somebody built that that's or existence, but here's my problem, We may have more than one of those. In other words, we may have duplicated effort. But now I need my leadership. I need my president do at the next s force To say these are the ones Workin endorse, because they're, probably bearer of websites that are trying to do the same thing. All you're, just patriots jump in what is confused the field at this. Point somebody in any ministration has to say here that five,
some websites that everybody should use. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the people who use the other ones build them jumped in tried to help. Thank you thank you Are you but we gotta get everything on the same platform, otherwise we're flying blind. So we got no what's in the pipeline and we gotta get it. On the same app and you're. Your leadership has not asked for that. As far as I know, that's enough sorry, I'm grading tough. Today, that's enough for visible holy to the public, because the public is going to have to have a big role in running this, this war and worthwhile blind. We can help.
Here's my big problem with what we're doing as a strategy and you're not like to hear this, but I'm just gonna, be as honest as I can today. Our strategy to fight this virus looks a lot like the Obama strategy for Afghanistan, the F the above. A strategy for Afghanistan was apparently that if somebody in the field on the battlefield said a looks like we found somebody to target, they would have to run all the way up to the chain and not only for Burma had to say yes or somebody at the top and by the time, Word came back the situation to changed, so it was impossible, fight the war. The way the people on the ground knew it should be fought because they weren't in charge. It was all centralized that appears to be the same bad fuckin strategy that were using against the virus.
Here's what I mean right now. The guidelines are that if you have some symptoms, you you can get a test. If you dont have sometimes you can't get a test, but if you have sometimes you can give a test. Can you get the Mets while you can get the mad? If the test comes back and says you ve got the converse: how long's attic five days issue, because tests, Earl centralized in the whole process of you who gets a pill and under what conditions essential lies. The FDA as these lines about now you you ve got it. You ve got actually we'll show in the test. The takes five days You gotta show that you get symptoms. Are they you're really of the crowd of, and then your doktor baby can give you some left label meds. So that's our situation, that's the Afghans
students strategy. So, while you're waiting for your fuckin test for five days, you could die that I pathetically no, not that thirty one people are Fuckin Dian, because we ve got an afghan Stan strategy, meaning that you and the doktor can't make a battlefield decision right. That's the guidelines, you and your doktor can't make a battle. Feel decision. You got run up to the FDA. What's the FDA say? Well, you gotta get a test. Can I Let us not allow, sometimes they work. Sometimes it don't. They ve gotta go through the state labs, these all state official labs. Are they they geared up to be able to do the volume? No, can they Europe to do the volume? Probably not you have completely failed strategy in place. It's the Afghanistan strategy. We know it doesn't work. You gotta bring down the control to the doktor and the patient, and I'm going to tell you how to get those meds from your doctor.
So I'm going to save the lives of everybody is watching this in the sense that your risk from the krona viruses gonna go from a little bit too big to something closer to zero. I'm gonna tell you how to get the the Mets from your doctor. I'm gonna break the government, at least for you, so you gonna be freed of these government restrictions and while in a way that will work slowly go get to that moment. So we ve gotta testing process, in which we can't do these home testing. You so so you're not allowed to ever a get home. Swab use of a mail it down or dropping off someplace, which would be completely safe. You actually have to go to a facility that stuff meaning and corona virus infect your doktor, maybe the word
and then wait five days while you may or may not, suddenly turned bad and fuckin die. While you waiting for your God, damn fucking, incompetent government to run the Afghanistan were strategy on a God, damn virus, it's the wrong strategy, I'm gonna break it right now became so the strategy doesn't apply to you any more or tell you why, but but you're free of it, and here's? Why everybody who is in the now knows that the Mets worked I'll, call him the trunk pills, because I think it's funny it's easier to pronounce the eye dropsy clerk when the Sesar Vices
You think, I'm here to tell you. I have more information than you have about most things, in other words, I'm pretty tapped in to the collective brain of the world as this point largely because this process- and I can tell you that pretty much all the doctors are prescribing- Epsom salts, pretty much all the doctors are making sure they have enough of their family. I bet you you're not going to see one fucking famous person died from this disease unless they have underlying conditions. Why cuz? Every famous person gets this drug as soon as they go in with symptoms you know. I know you, don't you go in with symptoms and they say well, you have to take a test, whereas the tests we don't have it, but maybe I can get one and then I'll tell you. Sometimes it s works and sometimes they don't who's gonna take five days and you might drowned in your own fucking lung juice, while you're waiting, there's a celebrity Buddha now does a billionaire.
Wait for the test, not one fucking time, every billion erroneous drug. I thought I was gonna play a call for a while, because I thought all there must be some kind of shortage of the drug. Now I know you're thinking, you're saying, discuss Gus God is not proven limit. Let me let me tell you that benefit Europe. These drugs are widely available. You could probably get them at Walmart recommend giving them if you dont have symptoms Gazette that breaks the whole country right. If you heard them will be hard to get them without symptoms. But probably, if you try really aren't you could do I just don't know but the moment you get symptoms, I can tell you how to get it before you get the test, It's not allowed is not recommended, but I'll tell you I'm doing so stated. So here's a trade off. We know that this is a well tolerated drug. We know that if you taking a short term
probably the worst case scenario? Is you get a little diarrhea and maybe a little nausea, no big deal compared to the drowning in your own lemon juice, which is the other potential and possibility We know that everywhere around the world is being used, their pretty happy about four twenty dollars and the risk of a little bit of diarrhoea, are you gonna take five days of risk of dying from the corona virus plus giving it everybody you touch?
No you're. Not so let me tell you how to convince your doktor to skip the test and give you the maids and getting lit not lit up by some messages from somebody who knows I'm on periscope services, where's, your proof, none! If you ask you for proof, you're fuckin idiot. Let me give you the limit. I view the trade off the trade off? Is it costs about twenty dollars for a widely available drug, its worst case scenario, because we then using it for years is that if you took over long time. There might be some issues for a short time couple weeks or whatever the regiment is basically no sun, facts
and if all your doctors are using it in all, the tests are showing that it works await. You say: did you see that? Did you see the study that followed some people and send it didn't work? You protocol that news right Bloomberg reported Bloomberg. Do you know where the study from China, there was a chinese university. The only one who says it: doesnt work, in the middle of Fuckin China a massive dis information campaign to lie about every goddamn part of this virus situation. They lie about how much bigger problem was that they have They are lying now about their statistics, lying about the United States being maybe responsible for it, and I guarantee fuckin to you that this study that came out of a Chinese universally was disinformation, can I prove it now, but are you gonna believe anything? China tells you about the virus today? No look it
ray other source and they all point the same direction. Everyone only one points in the other direction: China, very small chinese university- which of course is owned by the government- so don't worry this drive by hearsay. Again it. Let me let me tell you the persuasion technique. You go into your doctor and if you ve clearly got the symptoms, you know the symptoms. Are you ve clearly got em here. Doktor says yes, I agree it might not be corroded virus, but you do have the symptoms. Here's a you convince your doktor to give you the drugs the four So you need to know is that you to go in there. Well informed if your doctor even sniffs. That you know less about this situation than the doktor. You might not get him so jobless.
Is to no more than the doktor really says much just about this very narrow young drug application and thus not arc. So I'll tell you what to now to prove to your doctor that you understand enough to get it off label, because I can give it to me. Billy off label, without a test No, they don't go to jail if they give you the jug, its legal the guidelines. So, U way for the test, doorway from the doorway for the test that use your doctor. The waiting for the test is the Afghanistan Obama strategy to let some centralized thing slow down the process, the EU, We need to be fast here. The things you wanna tell your doktor number one. Every doktor either is taking it planning to take it, whereas already stockpiled it look at your doctor in the fucking.
Eyes and say tell me you won't take this for yourself. If you get the symptoms, look me in the eye and tell me that you get away five days for a test. If your spouse starts a dry cloth, you fucking liar because if you tell me that you wouldn't give your spouse out on day, one you're just lying now, don't call you your doktor fucking liar. Yet But they are a fucking liar if they say no, no I'd way for the test. Cassettes, that's what the FDA said. No, no doubt her anywhere in the world will wait for the test if their own spouse has a dry off in the middle of the corona virus, then don't believe everybody says otherwise. Secondly, other countries are massively taking it. We know this to be true, it's not a coincidence. The other thing is that you should know that the court,
the cost of the region for getting the drugs it's about a twin, Dollar cost for the entire cycle that you would beyond twenty dollars, I mean give or take the prices are all over the place. What is the cost of it? asked a thousand dollars right, do you do you think you should take a twenty dollar test? you can take immediately. Take the odds the view worsening down too pretty low. According to anecdotally, everything is happening or do you, want to take a thousand dollar tests and wait five days and you might be dead before the tuscans and there's no question which is marked so make sure your doktor, those that the pills caused twenty dollars and that the task force in two thousand and then here's the kill, shot. Here's the killer shot.
Don't leave this one out here so that so the high ground maneuver The show that you understand the clause and the risks as much as the doktor does and here's an export the disease progresses quickly. That's that's the end of your persuasion. The disease progress is quickly. There are plenty of Eric those your doctor will be familiar with them of somebody who wasn't that bad and suddenly you it's time from the ventilator, so you doctor knows that. If you show that you know it too, then you have said I have potentially a deadly disease. It could kill me before the test comes in, It is legal for you to give it off label. We'll go literally fucking insane. If I'm worrying about this for five days, because remember doctor you not just treating my boy
you're treating my mind if I don't get this drug, and I have to wait five days- I'm gonna fuckin, flip l and here's an export doctor and by the way, this next thing I have used- and I know this works doktor. Here's the deal I M going to get that draw if you prescriber to me, Thus the preferred situation because you're my doctor and you can you can monitor my my whole situation. But if you don't give it to me, I'm going to walk out of here and I'm going to gather I'll, get it on the black market, which can be done, I'm going to shop for a doctor to give it to me. You won't know as much about me but here's the thing doctor that I need you to understand by the end of today I'm going to be on that drug. I would The EU is, I know you can. I know its legal and I know you're allowed to use your judgment, one to use it and went to not U Klute Europe you know that I don't understand the field. You know that I have looked at the cost of the
and you know that, although we don't have the long term tests that such a low risk. It would be absolutely insane not to give it to me. How many of your doctors are going to give it to you? Well either everyone or find another doktor. So your ability to find a doctor that will give you this with that without preamble. You have to use of persuasion, so you may want to bookmark, doesn't play back and write it down. You want to get all the points you need to know all the cause. You need to know the risks. You need to know that it's a fast moving disease. You need to know that the labs are going to take five days and that the risk reward. The simple and, very importantly, you have to know the doctors themselves are prescribing it to themselves, because that that's that's where the under the conversation
if you can get your doctors say, I'd give it by spouse into the situation because they would they would. I looked at the language for the right to try now the right to try act does not cover the situation. The right to try was twenty. Eight in law. The said that if you ve tried all other allowed treatments and they didn't work, and you're willing to at least at all. You are not able to go into a clinical trial, so if you can go into a clinical trial use or to have two, but then you might get the placebo right. So that's the risk, but this right to try.
Says that if you for some easy, it can't be in the trial, and you ve tried everything else. Under those conditions, you could try an experimental drug. There has not gone through phase one trials now this supply to the Trump pills, and the answer is no. It does not, but in the reasons it doesn't is because It just doesn't quite fit the description of what is happening here and I am pretty sure that lawyers would agree that this is a quite meant for the situation doesn't quite covered, but in in attitude it does in in the USA, the the Spirit of the law. It absolutely does. The Spirit of the law,
Is that if you think here you got a deadly something that could kill you, you get to be a little more flexible, at least if using common sense about what you know, what you don't know what the risks are well, this is exactly that, so it doesn't fit the right to try, but it is the right to try. I mean it the right to try your users and have the right to try. Now, if you, attention you'll see that what I have done is I've taken power from the government, so your government is tell you to pursue the Afghanistan strategy, wait five days for your test, oh, don't do the tests that that's got to be centralized and don't get the drug when it would be a smart idea and turn the risk reward. Now I got to wait for the test Obama, Afghanistan, strategy.
Don't don't do it take control. So all of you have heard my experience now are largely safe from the growing virus, because every that we have heard and by the way you should keep your social isolation. Like crazy, doesn't mean you should take risks. Thou wouldst thou be stupid, speaking stupid. Damn Patrick. What does he Lieutenant governor something of taxes and sadness? Before but I'm gonna pylon because Britain Hume considered that Patrick added, an entirely reasonable viewpoint. There's lots push back and social media that so I went away in Sudan. Its point of view was that people over Seventy would be willing to take the risk of sort of normalized in the economy.
Because, even though there are the ones most likely to die, they also want to leave a functioning economy for their grandchildren angel. And so the and Patrick were saying quite bravely that he would take that risk, because it's for the greater good here's my problem with that, it's not for the greater good, It's not if it were for the greater good, I would say well ass, pretty noble I would have like a tonne. Respect for somebody, you said you know, I'm in the danger zone and even I'm gonna take a chance, because I don't want to hurt the rest of you, but that's not what's happening if If the seventeen year olds leave the house and go back to work A number of them are going to fill our hospitals. That's my problem. That's my problem! So damn Patrick you're not taking a risk on yourself, which would be fun,
taking a personal risk for the greater good will, thus that sort of the ultimate the ultimate hero move right. So that would be great, but he's not doing that he's taking a risk for us, so you can get out of the house. Now I realize is good for US grandchildren's well, but damn Patrick. I want you to stay home. If you ask me what I want what's good for me, what's good for my grandkids, I want you to stay. The fuck home stay the fuck up, don't don't we from a casually and fill up my eyes you. I might need that if I get a heart attack, so stay the fuck home and bring you who is, I have to say one of the most consistently reasonable voices social media. I mean really whenever, whenever I see a bright Hume tweet, I always read that thing. If, if you tweets in article, I always read it,
it is just one of the better Cecil field. I may just just one of the best people talking about anything on tv, but I don't think it's a reasonable viewpoint. It is reasonable for and take a risk for himself, but not on our behalf, here is what we need. I think the public is gonna need the to leave the argument about reopening, and I think it's already happened If you ask me the the president picking a date and getting a little more aggressive about opening is a response to the public. I don't think that's just because smart people in the government channel. Some of us think you are open some of the stone we're trying to work it out. I don't think it's that I think the public is. It is driving that date. You know the government have to give us a date. I think the public is driving
give us a date everything's better when you have a date, because once you have removed some uncertainty here, there's always but you have removed a lot of uncertainty, is a six month. Thing were two month thing. You know it's closer to two and six, thus removing a lot of uncertainty. So there should be a big boost. Xuthus workers doing today stuck look in this little mixed. We got some ups. We got some day, I will only speak that you should. It should look mixed today. There would be expected kissed. Yes, newspeak updates are so let's go break the system here. Here's the thing. If enough and you demanded the drug without the test- that's the law you get there.
Right if another, you value your doctors and perfectly reasonable and by the way you're, not cheating you just being smart. You and your doktor can ever can have an honest conversation about risk and reward. You are allowed to do that. You're, not breaking their laws, so go. Do it go. The system break the system by the day. For now
when I hear that anybody was symptoms is getting that drug. I don't want to hear that people are unwisely waiting five days just bully your doktor push him. I know, there's another is at least one person washing away now who doesn't want to hear the doesn't want to hear the sentence. Believer doktor bologna we'd be as clear as I can't believe, you're doctor for your own good now, and if you doctor can't be bullied and don't be a jerk at it, you don't need today. You just need to lay out the case and it should be fine. You dont have to be you, don't have to actually be able to actually be a joke jerk but get what you want or go somewhere else and get it. But get what you want, you don't have to worry about, not getting all see. I saw Harrison CNN, fake news Societe headline this
physician trumps request. Poland is really impossible. So if you saw this headline physician on trumps request now the topic as troubles mentioning that maybe some of the ninety five mass- not all, but some of them could be sterilised. Reuse. Let's that's trunks request so, Sera Headline physician, I'm trumps request is really impossible, so you play the video and you expect to hear a physician say that it's impossible to sterilize any and ninety five masks, and so you play it. It is not. There is actually no fuckin there. There's nothing in the interview in which this doctor said of trumps request is really impossible. Didn't users, words didn't use words to that effect. Basically, just change the subject, because its
the daughter she's, not some, this random physician big meal, who is an expertise about the disease, probably does not have expertise on designing and testing in sanitizing and ninety five masks and to her credit did not offer an opinion because she's a doctor and she's not an expert on sanitizing and ninety five mass of some type, I'm pretty sure nobody is there's. Nobody is really at worry about it before. So this is just grotesquely fake news. It the headline doesn't have any any relation with the actual story? This is crazy oh Prince Charles apparently got the corona virus seems to be feeling good.
What are the odds that he has already received? The trump pills? Thank you call them. They might call something different in England. What are the odds in the comments? prince Charles has grown a virus. What are the odds he's not already taking that a dollar regiment of tromp pills. Fuckin zero fourteen zero? Those are exactly the odds, not one percent that has now taken. Not two percent he's fucking day him so gay. So if you, if you get those symptoms, go get your pills
It's about all I have to. I don't know if this can be sterilised by the way. I'm just say that the scene and headline was vague. I think I have said what I want to say: traffic since be pretty heavy right now. So I'll say it again: the an emergency. Leaders and urge you ve got you ve got your president. You ve got your head of your FDA. You ve got you haven't the CDC alot of leaders emerge in a crisis, but that does not absolve you of your responsibility to also be a leader. You also get to be a leader.
Now you can leave in your household, you can lead on social media. You can lead in a number of ways, but you don't get to not be one. This is now the spectator sport. So leave it's time for the people to take the decision away from the government. The government has given you in Afghanistan strategy for testing centralized make you wait die while you waiting Don't do that smart cost benefit thing and take them that's right away. If that's your government strategy than the government has lost its leadership, it doesn't it. It doesn't, have the moral authority to lead you anymore cassettes and by the way I would also accept a good argument from the government. The says: I'm not telling you the right.
After do, I would accept a good argument that it has put a limit on the drugs. I think that's doing shortage has to do with the fact that those drugs are used for other important diseases and those people don't want to be. After about it, so that the Nevada decision should be seen as proving its useful, because if Nevada thought that this was not a useful drug, it dont think they'd actors aggressively. I think they just sort of trying to talking elements. I now, though,
that's not tested. But when you see the links that they're going to secure their supply, don't you should interpret that are so. That's the dog that doesnt marking the dog, the dozen barking is that the drug works and, if you're not getting it soon, you're in the Afghanistan Obama strategy, and it's not gonna work. That's all for now go break. The system needs to be broken just those those few ways will see if we can change that by the end of the week and by the way that the these studies that are happening in New York City, because I think it was monday- they started giving people these tromp pills to test them. It's Thursday right to this theirs, from Monday to Thursday. You would already know if they work anecdotally. They do work their fast anecdotally
You already know in twenty four hours, if the patient is recovering are getting worse by the third day you pretty much. No, and I'm telling you that anybody you got to drug on Monday. They might be close to symptom free by now. So if we wait one more day, that's a failure of leadership We wait one more day where you have to wait for tests before you get the drug. That's just the failure of this, but it doesn't mean you have to fail because you can be a leader two, so go make it happen, go break the system. If it doesnt break itself, talk you later
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