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Episode 872 Scott Adams: Ask Me Anything For the Simultaneous Swaddle

2020-03-26 | 🔗

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  • #TrumpPills availability
  • Italy conspiracy theory
  • Tik Tok and Zoom security concerns
  • Viewer questions

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody a damn monitor behave yourself like is on its time to swaddle simultaneous model in effect well have their ever been more news filled days than these my goodness my goodness let me tell
it also things rattling somebody has invented a two way valve the terms ventilator into two ventilators all it isn t connection modifying i assume they saw people modifying ventilators on their own and they said well will just make a part is just as little take it actually just stick it in boom we doubled your ventilator capacity pretty girl very goal so india the country of india which is either the biggest producer of i drug secular the queen which i call these hashtag trump fills because i don't like trying to figure out see the big words so the tramp of pills are the high drug see clerk cleaned and lee
this room mason think just call them tramples hashtag tramples so anyway the india is one of the biggest producers of the one that starts with age and they just announced a block exports so one of if not the biggest country that makes the drug that everybody these right now and appears to be in italy the little bit a shortage in places i don't know how much we do visibility on that but the biggest country just decided that they're not gonna give it anybody else now is that because it doesn't work do you think that the country of india you ve heard of india only the country you further they have a lot of people there are quite a few people you may have heard that there are smart people in india which is agreed
under statement there really really smart people in india do you think that all the smartest people in india who and are really really really smart do you think that they blocked exports of this drug because it doesn't work maybe no no they do not so the citizens of this country are ready to break the system i think that people are we been lied to let's let's be honest but not necessarily an evil lie meaning that is pretty obvious at this point that all of the countries see thee trump pills as a big part of the solution and are doing everything they can to make sure they secure their sources
now i said that the united states is doing the same and i assume that our government quite responsibly i would say as lied to us but it's a responsible lie because a few and if you're trying to protect the limited resource scanty the only way to do it so i'm here to say that my moreover i would say my moral line was not crossed by any that probably had to be done but outside the cats out of the bag at this point so what i'd like is some visibility how much do we have how much do we need a po where in this country is there a shortage how do we make it to even make it to this country i know there's at least one no novartis there is at least one company that makes it and its american company but i don't think they make it in america so would they have the same problem if if the company
but every country they make it in what if they say there's no exports if it's an american company that has a manufacturing in another country can we get it as i work because it seems like you just hypothetically if it were if it had been manufactured in india you think india would lead to leave the country just because its owned by an american company i don't think so not an emergency probably not so there is a big question in my mind about this i think is increasingly clear that the difference between trumps more optimistic view by getting back to work and actors out she's more reserved approach both of them productive i think i think that they they sort of mapped out zone one and a little bit too the cautious side when a little bit the optimists inside that gave you
that gave you the zone i think we would have been under served by having one without the other i think i think we would be underserved but this it gives you size a sense of the range that reasonable people can can think about and its obvious now that part of the difference was the trump had some early indication that the mets would be productive and doktor felt you was probably cleverly and now i can't read their minds but it is a reasonable speculation that he knew there would be a shortage problems he doubted it is no use downplaying lopez i think that's where we are seeing now is just sort of obvious now you don't need to go and tell your friends us you you can simply bank the advantage they you get to hear things that other people now hearing on the regular is so don't necessarily tell your friends but just
just now that you're a little bit ahead of the curve again yes so there's on it to the best of my knowledge there's only one study said it didn't work and that came out of a chinese university same time that everything coming out of chinese is misinformation so i think you can really discount the chinese study low let me three here's a conspiracy theory for you the following cannot be proven and i wouldn't go so far as to say i'm sure it's true but let me propose it and then you tell you use your own judgment everything you know about the world and enrich you're rich your own conclusion is this reasonable and it goes like this one of the reasons that italy is doing so poorly is because china is helping them
that's the conspiracy theory and the conspiracy theory to rounded out the last thing china wants is for italy to do really well why you and ask is it because they don't like italy now now has nothing to do with italy as do with how china will look if there are the only ones the big problem china needed some other country to be the disaster countries so that when we talk about my god i hope it get as bad as italy so very cleverly china is helping but does i help include giving the italians large doses of hydroxyl thoroughgoing i'm guessing know maybe because they told the italians it doesnt work so well maybe because they wanted to keep it for themselves
maybe they didn't want anybody to know how well i work some doctors did report on it but i don't think china can control every doctors communication everywhere so the news got out but the only reason i can think of the italy would do so badly even even with the older population doesn't quite explained in my mind doesn't feel like that's all explanation feels as though whatever's in italy is doing is different from what other countries are doing who also have infections something different and only italy is getting direct advice from china so i would at least put the suggestion out there that china's reputation the things that we do know about so this the speculation is something we have any hard evidence but the things we do know about
there are literally doing it this information campaign they steal our stuff there they ve got the wiggers in prison camp there using the flown flume gone people for spare parts through their killing to take their organs and selling them and these are just a few of the things we know about right if all of those things are true sure they are is it a stretch to say that china would through oh italy under the bus so that china would always look like they did a better job than than some other country what would they be above that not all in terms of ethically and morally there they have demonstrated that they are not even a little bit above that so did joe heard italy's response more than helps i think you have to put down possibility set
we'll find out later if you find out later that china wasn't pushing the drugs that they know work then that's what was there will probably know that somebody will find out whether italy was using their drug whether the chinese were rising them or what but i didn't know that same nothing in our home from china for over three years there somebody says it out o shopping before the locked out was just a few days before we all had to stop doing it and i was just picking things off the shelf and just look here where there were made the hard not to buy something from china i realise how hard it was now you the apple was helping with the end ninety five mass swayed and today they announced that there
source some ass their girl deliver a bunch and i said to myself wait a minute source them are you telling me that apple computer doesn't know how to put up a manufacturing plant and make things and the answer is maybe not because i think everybody who everybody who says there an american company and they're gonna make use of face masks the part they don't say is will not this country because we don't know how to do anything in this country we don't have make stuff so every time i heard a story of an american company there was gonna make some asks you have there s the second question is where you gonna make of our will make human china or will make him in india will make human mexico i dont know a theme i don't know if any american company in manufacturing
i don't know if it's a thing so when i see apple stepping up to help and all they do is act as a broker to find some basts that were some results maybe they helped them go another something but now exactly what i was expecting from their american companies i have dug into the the relief legislation by the way did they get approved where's that i've been off the news for a while but i have i'm starting to develop an opinion which is that it's a complete abomination it looks like the republicans and the damage
that's just completely failed us completely failed us when when the nation needed them most they weren't even a little bit willing to do right not even a little bit willing yes so the my pillow company apparently is making some ass any right there those probably are made in america so there is i guess there is one guy you're one company anyway that my pillow company they yes they do now to make things in america because they make the pillows so he says three makes em ninety five and south dakota hooker so scared so we do have a little bit of american manufacturing so it is as the issue is ventilators yeah i think the meds was their available will make ventilators less necessary because people will get hospitals
asked lies in the first place i let's talk about zoom did you know that zoom so to come allows you very easily to do teleconferencing with lots of different configurations you want to many and so poland and all that it is a really good product i gotta say so i've used zoom quite a bit and every time i use it frankly impressed it's just really well designed as is pretty bulletproof for these kinds of things another telecommunications or is gonna pledges buzz really bulletproof really is interface just everything about it is quality so they deserve to be doing well in obeys using a business now but little problem it's an american company but much your most of their engineering and even one of their data centres is in china
so if you are a big american company and you're talking about topsecret things on your conversation is going to china into a chinese data center server and then deal then over to the other side now hypothetically could the governmental china listen in every business conversation that happens and too well in theory no because is an american company and then they must have some control over their technology even in china but in reality of course some number the employees there are just chinese spy now do i know that now but do i know that yes let me say that again do i know that there are chinese spies working resume now i have no information about that whatsoever
do i know that chinese spies are working a zoom yes yes i do under present because why when they are you crazy why one day of course they now if they weren't they will endlessly if they haven't yet they and they will so does even matter if they haven't any add is almost a trivial point the point as it is such an enormous security conflict for a country who is most famous for stealing intellectual property and our most important companies are having their their highly confidential conversations because when you when you're talking it doesn't feel like as a security all right we're used to the telephone so you don't want to put something to text somebody can find it but i'll make a phone call cuz nobody is recording my phone call
well how hard would be for some technology to just check the language and look for a keyword and then record anything they had some interesting keywords pretty easy pretty easy so that is a big problem now also the abbot tiktok is owned by china that knows a lot about you and it might even have it few permission to post things on social media if you dead the governor china guess do you guess to follow and unfollow people on your behalf and you never know the difference that was happening my theory that twitter management is not intentionally rigging anything but that sometimes get reg there's somethin clearly giving rig and so it's gotta be something
party service either hackers or apps or there's some internal internal person whose working for the wrong government or something but yeah twitter is clearly compromised in terms of some kind of influence but i don't think it's twitter i think that they have away necessarily even find out what's going on but we know it going on i mean that their parts confirmed its easy to tell that is going on i whereas our zoom exactly where is the american company that's knocking let off or actually very at using zoom is an american company ideally they were just bring their servers back here wish i think should be a law actually i think it should be legislation that if you're a telecommunication product i just can't go through china that we have precedent for that of course
so don't worry i won't hear some questions of my head southern looks like some people are common in that sir at kirby copied out of their sake get here from here you have a clash of very under great relatively i and stuff like that so you know i'm not a conspiracy guy i was hoping that that you could provide imagination that maybe i get much now make my question is that we're during lots of things out of new york city about lots of people in their on ventilators and big lines and worse were hearing about the room
most recently there was something about guy dying in the waiting room waiting for a bed right hands my question is in the world of selfies and people who are possibly going alive and people are costly recording video and uploading it why are we not seeing viral videos of pact emergency rooms and hospitals olive ventilators good question i will give you a possible answer i would say that within lee within the hospital they provide a wanted touch phones goes from they're just like germ machines so they may not have phones in any of the places where you would also ventilators thus possible and probable i'd say secondly if you're in the waiting room there are big signs essay don't use yourself are another i think you're talking about phone calls but i think most
people would realize if they took their phone out in a medical facility is just such a grotesque violation of privacy it could be the just people don't do it or it could be that they ve done it keep it to themselves because they don't want to be accused of violating somebody's privacy it is an immense violation that right stan i understand all that led the hip violations violation and privacy in everything but i guess the heart of my question is that you know nobody nobody abides by those things in it the other situation he had always a very strange to me that there were not seeing at least one or two wives dreams coming from i'll tell you i have been to by healthcare providers waiting room not not recently because the crisis and i was the only person using a phone i think yardley areas like nobody took their phone out but idea
just taxing set so so i got what you're saying so the the implication is if things were as bad as the reports we would surely have visual evidence that there is actually a good starvation but within the them the call domain you would expect a little less video then do me and now i want to i want to reiterate that i am not suggesting anything like i'm not suggesting that this is a giant observing that i'm just asking a simple question that that i feel like should have an answer but dad i'm getting a lot of push back from don't ask this is like a pre that's a pretty fair question but the other thing might be that i think the the bad spots are spots so if you got to the point where every hospital in new york was was a death sentence
then the are the a video pretty high but if most of them are kind of ok but you had a couple of bad days at one word somebody died in the waiting room i dont know that people take out there found so so where work sort of in the grey area where i could see why wouldn't happen that the longer it goes and the worse it gets reportedly the longer we go and dozy video them that's perfectly valid questions thanks let our galaxy it might take a good question all these people want to talk to me let's do jason
jason are you there jason clearly give aggression thing is the happy centre and it seems to me i'm just being here that that is not the case that is very much overblown and there are people who are getting sick there is a lot of social distancing albert doesn't seem julius bad as they are saying and have i've seen a lot reports new york times had one that there were people die we were beds etc i just don't see that that had actually topic but i would you see that my my understanding is
does it near city where they ve ordered refrigerated trucks for all the bodies we were the only place you would see it is right in the hospital so leisure in the hospital you shouldn't be see anything though i'm gonna happen to know personally lot of doctors who you know family members in my social circle that right now working working hospitals in westchester in lower manhattan and i haven't ranking like that i just i think i would have heard there was a horror story like that so i just i think we should see we really see what's going it does seem to me to be here all overblown well being my my understanding is if you're looking you if you look here that as snapshot in time then you're just looking at the wrong thing does everything is about the rate so they delivered four thousand ventilators which
you're taking as a stab shot would probably be thirty five hundred ventilators more than they need runaway but since they think they might need thousand we're not talking about a snapshot of today we are talking about the direction is gone and all the experts saying if you dont clip down little milton turn into a disaster i feel like the experts are giving you the amount of warning that is appropriate and next week even more than appropriate at the moment maybe that's what you're feeling that the alarm the alarm this sort of next week alarm so you don't see it on the ground yet so thus my best guess but i thank slick they solution soon signals we got here let's daycare brian brian you look like you ever questions brian
brian ryan disappeared let's try tracy crazy dot tracy i have a question for my sister was a man in manhattan and she's been quarantining herself because she's been ill with an inner ear problem and she was just telling me she went to the hospital today to see a rehab person to help her with this manoeuvre they have to do she has crystals in her ears that are out of work and she shut the hospital was not busy at all she doesn't know what i'm talking about when i talk to her
about the corona virus because men she was the only haitian that this we have woman had tonight will those that's exactly what it should look like if it's really an emergency you get the right so the way it should look like is they ve cancelled all the elective surgery and they ve david massively increased their capacity in anticipation of what next week in the week after week like so why you saw us exactly what it should look like in some hospitals have been here but they expected so i think that's losing now of course we could be wrong to think that the question of women i think it happen i'm curious what gonna happen if we do a really good job of beating the virus and everybody's he'll say see i told you it wasn't real omar are you there omar omar command technology
work it's cooking try to get a war on their about looks like does not work for some reason right let's try some body else the st james james can you hear me if we have oh very hard james you have a question a load of aggression it's been wants a red button so we talk about the universe and from training could this i mean just sings is the theory haltingly actually did it but could this be could this be a test in a way that you could real lane other manufacturing these come from china but you know we couldn't after some like medical supplies in everything
this in turn will i think be the result of this will be less stuff based in china as will be pulling our supply lines so so china will be worse off so if you're trying to imagine that somebody intentionally let the virus out you'd have to save yourself ok who could gain by such a thing now not in my opinion nobody did it potentially i think that's was very very unlikely but if you want to go through the mental exercise you say who could possibly win by a virus that is not a solution give me a little selective by age but not not by country so if you couldn't control it by ethnicity or a country nobody would let that out
nobody who knew what they had would let it out so that they would leave the possibility that they thought it would act some other way but even that sounds impossible so i reject all of the intentional theories but that doesn't mean that he didn't get out of some kind of a research lab because they could have had it for research that doesn't mean that they meant dig it out or that it was a weapon right thank you for the question so you saw me will you let me go back to that he saw me ad block somebody here because i said look how you panicked scott now i dont know how many times i need to tell you this they're in the early part of the you're just knowing that
endemic was coming the experts said if we don't do anything it will turn into and a million million people die so i quoting the experts also said if we don't do anything that will happen that still true but we are doing things so those of you who have come to mock me because i said it could be the bad unless we do something you you just don't belong here you just can't be here you're not smart enough if you don't know the difference between what it looks like if you don't do anything looks like if you try really hard to stop it you just do you just can't be here you have to to find some other form of entertainment you don't you don't understand the basics right i said to prepare big and witches
smart and anybody who prepared sprawly pretty happy about it because you have tat toilet paper so certainly a her than was the superstar of the early incorrect predictions on this nobody nobody comes close to what he was saying and how early but i saw an article there was saying that the people who also saw a trump coming early and to be the same people who saw the krona virus early and i thought that was a good operation because this kind of true abandon me mike sort of several others but we were that the peoples are trump early saw this as well as adequate incidents may not be so i am that we take another question here since i got a lot of people waiting
let's see what spend is up to spend coming to you because i like your name can you hear me said the other question yes again threat after all this is over how do you want to see kind of the united states change i'm socially governments only well used some of it will be changes that we didn't eliza changes as it'll be massive changes just about how we do things to keep viruses from spreading will be met real financial changes in dislocation so the balkans a fairly predictable ones but the fun ones are there
you don't really feel and see you just sort of notice it after the fact and one of them is what i keep talking about is that our government is no longer really the government making decisions there either hannah taking your cue from the public and from social media as it as it represents a public and so the of the of the public being almost an equal partner with the government and and informing them in working with them and pushing and pulling i love that's a big deal because it's a you is a new form of government the simply didn't exist until social media medicine the other thing that we're getting out of this is that a whole bunch of people met each other who would not have otherwise met and by that i mean the scientists the benefit of no cross fertilizing a bunch of scientists as could be tremendous commitment
this the amount of sharing their probably permanently connected at some point so the next the next pandemic dundee be that much better but one of the other one of the others or unexpected big elements of this is there for how many years have the green new deal people been telling us that we should do this this big massive society changing expensive truly dollar thing to redress this one problem now without arguing whether or not we should or whether an ideal the science is right or anything like that forget about africa just the fact of how do you manage your risks and i've been saying from the beginning if you put all of your money in this climate change thing you ve missed other gigantic risks they you would be broke for example and i always said pandemic so that was on my short list i rosy pandemic your media or claim
change you can't spend all your money on any one of them so you have to figure out the right mix and i think that that lesson when from just sort of academic and people here and immediately media we forget it too oh my god we can spend oliver money on the green new deal and i think that the green new deal probably lost a lot of support in terms of illegally energy behind at young people the same people who supported it will continue to support it but as the same heat anymore because now it's kind of obvious that we would have been a lot of trouble if we started three years ago to become a social list socialist world and with we just the apparel budget into the the green new deal we going to wish we had their economic strength now so you and i'm sure this region was that we were pretty skirt than those kiss
yeah so the trumpet doctrine of making sure that you're as strong as possible because i gives you the most like hostility against the most every threats i think is proven and so face to face with a question will you take another collar let's stake alex alex got here early you should reward its that's if you're still there alex alexander question about robert shall be me yes and do you think that he is gunshot said sir he pushed the whole tramples does the issue in the last election well i carry his mind i i heard or read that you wasn't going to be involved in politics again
yes i think he's it is early seventies and i think use their way maybe that was a younger man gamers something but i'd be surprised if he hasn't been asked to consult for somebody bernie or somebody else be surprised if he had been asked that he give a little bit of advice so i don't know and i kick in his head or what are you thinking it would be surprising if somebody of that skill set had not been consulted because we're buried it didn't work on the obama elections we know that and you probably work done hillary clinton because you see his fingerprints on it so i wouldn't he admitted it seems seems like they would ask him guys things here below embarrassed if he had to offers on his are on his country well you don't nobody nobody council that way religious looks that way to you and he'd he'd probably say do you know
well muslins voter suppression or something arrow i don't wanna put words at his head so i have no idea what he's thinking but just the general point that people are reasons you just go they don't look artist you doesn't mean they don't have reasons scott nigel equation senator mark is here hello senator lucy steve as a question for me steve steve went away i think people get shy or maybe they're not really signed up here gabriel i wanna talk to you gabriel
gabriel can hear me the other questions i was reading a recent document stating that the i guess the uk government downgraded corona virus to you i guess whatever lower tier there is aside from like anti virus and there are some of the moors scarier things they're right but i was curious in i don't wanna i'm gonna like ask people to place a wager on this and this is leading to something else but what are the odds you think that we can get miles out ok here's what i think will happen i think that the the final death gout will be
shockingly low away lower than seasonal flu but because it's a full gore press on me with close down the economy i mean we're just doing turkey for julian efforts so between the fact that the met the med seem to really be and once those come online this looks like a completely different problem once you have no test gets test kids once you have an event layers once you have enough meds and protective equipment once you have enough supplies and that's guaranteed to happen i think this becomes more trivial but but but until were armed with some somewhat alarmed and we ve been on the defensive retreat or just turned the turned the corner and weapons are gonna go hearts in the next week or so and then we're gonna off its
he'll be a lot more fun grass lee i work as a pharmacist and one thing i would say is that perhaps this will help us actually better approach the flu and upcoming seasons because some of these practices would definitely prevent some other thousands and thousands of deaths happen you know most years right yeah what i would say i think that the eu one of the unintended consequences is that regular flu is either more treatable maybe they find something that works out or at the very least our practices get so much better than theirs is less i see i am optimistic about those while i thank you for the question right gabriel's one of the people i see on twitter making the smart comments i was happy to talk to him
color went away color does not want to talk to me the stray omar again omar don't run away this time omar how're ya get get gave question very idea is but first of all i want to thank you for all your hard work every day you're getting on twice a day just to make me feel better there on the right filters for us here your national treasures gardner but i thank you very much for that well i think i think everybody all over the country or jump in doing what they can do so the others does the fun bar is people just say what can i do i what what am i gonna that and then there is doing it
so it is pretty spray sensational did you have a question yes i do i do so i'm not married your mind but i'm assuming that you were just as pissed off and i was about the stimulus bill today as it seems like its corporate social somewhere they corporations are getting helped out in the average man is getting fucked over so my question to you is that since its necessarily that individuals should be bailed out on their needs a you know these corporations are being bailed out based on our need for them so that makes them a utility so shouldn't
government put some kind of parameters as to how they are able to use the bail out money so they don't just give each other promotions and stock by backs yeah n i haven't doug into the details but i know the president wanted that basically everybody wanted it so if everybody was talking in public wanted it didn't happen then there must be some lobbyists to affect their but i would have to say that congress failed miserably just just failed right in front of us in a way that is somewhat spectacular because they fear they may or may not sign something you sounded like the president was gonna be pretty flexible and he wasn't he wasn't gonna he wasn't gonna go to war about twenty five million for this twenty five million for that as long as i had a reason why you may not prefer it but at least you'll get the country back on the road and i don't know about that i think that he is actually playing as smart
he's being complimentary to everybody in congress even though you shouldn't be based on their performance he should be castigating them but i think he's play correctly you smartly saying you know congresses congress if they can't do better than that and will take what i could get but i need this i need someone not nothing so something is better than nothing but if com mrs credibility again lower i just don't know how i am in this i'm not really the guy who wants to criticise congress alzheimer's just solely easy and obvious and perpetual but while this feels like a whole the level of incompetence you sort of imagined there when it was a national emergency there were they would let the little stuff go and just focus but did not they didn't even a little bit they failed us completely
everybody involved with those should be removed from office in my opinion and i agree that there is one thing i want to mention something interesting i learned from a friend of mine who is a chinese national but only bothers actually fully functioning and they function very well during the quarantine our during these the covert crisis and i didn't know why but something that i didn't know was back in early two thousand i believe with sars happened alibaba had to go through this whole pandemic themselves that is self quarantine inter company so they are actually really well prepared to handle this and i'm wondering if because the u s companies all went this themselves that
in the next ten or twenty or thirty years if this were to happen again we would essentially be anti fragile and are in our economy to sea links up here think it depends what happens if we wait twenty years it would allow the pandemic in that time will probably go soft budgets will get cod will get you know we'll get complacent but i would say of a pandemic comes back in three years we're really gonna be a little it'll be fresh you'll have to tell people to do we will just go into our routine together depends
but yes i think that one of the big benefits is we're gonna commander had preparation wise it will be a much hardened society when we're done that my hope last lasting and i'll let you guess gotta get fischer who time i know that you know you you're on instagram now and love your picks barometer suggest something you should try and tell me what you end up seeing like a few tik tok instagram videos and you'll get retargeting by a variety of these very impressive at companies for photos are you no vote video editing all which not only are coming out of china but they also happen becoming too
han and i just thought it was very very strange that have seen so try that on your and see what you end up finding her ok look for that they don't forget the guy right let's start to alec see if alec has aggression alec the of aggression alec i can certainly railing i'll get into a quieter place in one second my question is what do you think what's your prediction on what's going to happen once this blows over once we get a handle of it in places like iran and hong kong do you believe the protests will return
full force or is it a little bit too foggy detail to foggy detail because the even the protesters we're not gonna want to gather so at the moment the more more virus arisen ran maybe the regime is evil safer because people just don't want to get in the same way but let's say we get past the virus and people are no longer afraid to gather up like a rat has a lot to explain you know they need to explore in this union down the ukraine there lived a bad economy they need to explain either a pariah they need to explain what the real economy is the worst they need to explain why the the virus was so bad therein less by another places so is gonna hurt but on the other hand so just if you just look at all the site knowledge it doesn't that there is something about a national emergency the does make people pull together and put a little more
trust in the regime even if they aided him yesterday so work either way as were squarely in the fog wars jewish good question thank you thank you figure steel its due eric eric eric eric american here media of aggression pact have why didn't the president said the peace more on the goodies and the bill like you know the payments directly to workers directly dressed for a small business wound and then of course then when all the big corporate stop has to happen to big bailouts while he blames out on congress gotta seems like you
i've been sitting back and letting the bill just kind of happen rather than getting out from here you know he hears here's what i would have liked to have seen i would like to see the president say both parties have failed us here's your bill i need you to vote on this by tomorrow because i think president could you say here's what you gave us with all this park here's what they read look is one that the basically give way to big business according to people look at it more than i am i the president has said i know what it looks like when you're not doing either those things so here is vote by tomorrow's in words i think you could have done it in any in any other circumstance of course here that wouldn't work but i think he could find enough light on it to just harrison now let me give you an example if the press it is said look you ve completely screwed approach on this is too complicated as do divisive it's just
the wrong is wrong in every way here's what we're gonna do you give everybody three thousand dollars that's it and then the people who didn't deserve it you people like me who owns them income is really some of it will be intact after this is over probably down about third from newspapers are going to business forever but people like me i just want to fill my taxes i just say i got three thousand dollars burden deserve it so giving give it back you attack site is the easiest because you don't even have to worry about the claw back into later you don't have to worry there's somebody got the got the money based on law steer but this was a bad here you don't worry about any that you just say bohme here's your money corporations get nothing now should corporations get nothing will they go out of business and i think the answer is no if the guy was to help companies stay in business and is just a
the general is a short cash fall problem well that's what banks do you know maybe maybe the government could guarantee in some cases or the government could take equity they don't like that but the government good like it we make a profit on this like the governments say yeah i'll help you boeing but i own ten percent of your company and when the stock goes back up i'm gonna sell is undoubtedly stock business i'm just help anyhow so it feels to me that the government could have done lots of stuff to make sure that the big companies at least have but we would get paid back and it seems to me we can just directly give castor people live there people get cash well they pricing anyway that's good but they can climb back so i think the president had a high ground play now i don't know politics of washington maybe i'm being a little too little
do i deal is take about reasons are but there are things you can do any emergency they just couldn't do other types and i got a feeling that that the public was so primed for leadership that the present could i said i'm pointed out one page but on this tomorrow and i really want to see that stuff that you handed me it is so far off the american people should fire every one of you but here's my one days you give it to me too much by tomorrow yet that what if i hadn't all run for him surrounded it was kind of talk about help trumps gonna dropped some opportunities for himself to your hit it out better about extra like all agree with all that take my client my whenever i thanked thicker getting pretty good questions today
all the smart people here today that didn't work about that sorry i knocked you are thousands forefinger bravo traceable stony down i can hear me i'll get and you have a question what's going on with new orleans if you heard anything about their it seems like that's gonna blow up really soon after noon work well probably in i would expect that all the natural areas are gonna get hit some more than others that is through vacation places and you know older places and people are more crowded did all the usual factors so cleverly special intel on that but i think that with marty ground and late february a lot of seeds forgot
my understanding is that bourbon street just continued on until the police came in and said what back get out of here sir i think they had to close down bourbon street of the big crowded airy there thanks for question well i seem to be pressing the wrong button sirens try that i thus offer today i won't be back with you at ten easter time and the eastern not easter and seven a m california time for the simultaneous up do not mess do not visit do not visit appear to tell you that things are gonna turn round is all about supplies now supplies the test supplies meds supplies of protective equipment and then we if we go on orphans very close very close i see in the morning
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