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Episode 881 Scott Adams: Sip Away Your Cares and Learn What the Future Holds

2020-04-03 | 🔗

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  • Expertly managing the psychology of the American people
  • Immunity certificates in Germany
  • Homemade masks

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Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody in the morning and it's time for simultaneous happen. Coffee was got out a Omar Keziah money. Dear Mary, always a pleasure there. First, I'm periscope and you have the good luck to come here. Therein vocs you're the luckiest periscope watcher of all time. Good morning, a boring you don't you like you participated in simultaneous happen. You know Do you do want do well, how you did is a cover. A mother of Lhasa thank Rochelle, sustained again to trigger flask of vessel of any kind to fill it with a very liquid, like coffee
And join me now for the umbrella pleasure, the doping the other day, the thing that makes everything better, including the pandemic scald the simultaneous and it happens now, go. Well many view saw my periscope last night and you know that I thought that the present Most recent press conference and the growth of virus is the best he's ever done. In my opinion, I think he had best tone following the experts showed showed command the topic. You showed confidence showed up your decisive leadership. I thought I thought it was all a package, so I would say it is best performers, yet What does that make everybody happy? Nor does not, because the
this, of course, is that the president moved his aspirational target for the middle of April to the end of April. The more weeks and that all think it'll be done. Then necessarily maybe a few weeks after that I would say this was exactly the right way to play it, even though it looks like a mistake. Here's why? If you can design in advance the best way that the president could play that yet hindsight perfect hindsight, how would you advised him to plant in this is with knowledge of how things turned out now? If he had knowledge? Is that the way things too? Now, you probably would have played it exactly the way that wishes,
set a date that wasn't so far in the future. The people would panic, wasn't so far in the future. The people would start to hoard again. So people wouldn't say my god. It's goody weeks and months, a better hoard, so inciting study says you know, we're going to make the decisions based on data, so he always left himself. The opening the things could stop change in a minute he always does, It is possible but aspiration all we can for the state now that day was soon enough in the future. That approach they did not cause everybody to do much of any extra horning and also felt I can't I can't let you do a few more weeks. You can see how it looks like a brilliant, let that, as we get a little closer to their, that The the president has looked at the data. Was the experts and extended it? That's probably the very best way this could have pointed out.
Because if he had originally said April, thirtieth. I would have felt really hard by saying you know the cats on the roof feed I mean there's an old joke. Yes, Easy goes into it. I think their site logically, we were more primed to say I gave you extra weeks, I'm going. This far hasn't been the worst thing in the world. Are you if you extra weeks. So, even if he had perfect, hindsight ended known from the start exactly when, when the new dates, we're gonna be probably was better haven't interim day and then just is assigned to it could be. Managing our psychology is one of the biggest parts of his job right now, But here is my favorite part: the president in pivoting from
the guy who wants to open up, maybe too early and go back to work, maybe Little bit before the experts say aged overnight. To the guy? Who really is going to lock us down for a quite a few weeks? So if you're see you, then what do you criticize cuz you've got to be on the office, How do you get on the opposite side of somebody who said to oppose the opinions and twenty four hours. I tell do it so if you have watched president's any repress either see then were MSNBC their little left voted today, because I don't care Know what to do especially That's the way the President coveted was publicly and obviously in response to his best experts, giving up their best advice, What are you gonna? Do I mean seriously Yerkes critic and they just took them.
Vice of the experts, the very thing that the people are most concerned about those president and he did the opposite. What are you gonna? Do so just watch for this purely entertainment purposes, watch out desperately the antitrust press is just searching for something that he did wrong now, of course, You would expect that the criticism would start landing on the should have taken a seriously sooner yeah. We should have been more prepared sooner. Now, of course, almost every day, I will tell you that see. That's the losers criticism, because everything should abandon sooner just out all the time. At everything in life, on every situation, on every topic, from the beginning of time, to the end of time, if there's something that was good to do probably should have done it sooner.
Just universally Joe. In this case, the president has a stronger defence and you'll have to fact check this, for even I was reading an opinion piece in the Washington Post forget it run it and the the author was saying that no other country prepared better. In other words, we didn't, we didn't do as much as we could have to prepare for how about it is, but neither does Canada. Neither nobody else. So if you're getting judge Trump harshly, no. What not listening to the ECB, birds earlier not preparing you're gonna have to explore Y all how many countries are there in the world. Several hundred you can have Explain how hundreds of other countries active no differently everybody knew, but nobody did anything.
Was it only them all? Tromp was the only one who didn't do anything now that didn't happen turns out. Everybody who had the same information as Trump, which was really the leaders of all the big countries, they all there at the same. Basically, preparation wishes not not well enough. Those someday somebody saying south Korean Singapore prepared the best I don't love, was preparation. There was a response, they may have responded the best and. You know I had to go against. The experts know. I doubt I love to go against. The experts is just a dangerous and dumping most of the time, but you do right now. Here's my non expert opinion.
Subject to. I don't know if we'll ever be able to fact check this, but I'll put it out there anyway and South Korea's success, and somebody said, in Asia? In my opinion, these successes, less aid, Japan, South Korea and Singapore- is more mask wearing of even the people don't have symptoms. So that's my prediction. My prediction is that when a fool I rebuilding determine this, but after all set and the people are doing the autopsy. They say what worked what didn't work. I think that the countries that have the highest percentage of mask, where which was probably only related to supply, I think some of the asian countries, especially if they already had some pollution problems which probably doesn't apply as much except those,
in China, but I've got a feeling that a number of masks is going to be the most variable that explains the most about why some countries did well. I don't think it's gonna be the testing alone testing factor. But I can't I can't wrap my head around how a country that seal many millions of people no matter how many tests they have. Italy is only a small percentage. I can't read my head around: that's the biggest factor when there are so few tests compared to people, but if eighty percent of the public People would outside wore a mask and, as a measure, that's true, but I could easily imagine in South Korea. Eighty percent of people going outside had masks pretty quickly. Is that true, de fact jacket, but that feels like that would be a much more
aggressive and direct way to battle it. So what you see? That's just my guest and I also think that when there are more of those mass in the United States, there will see a big drop. The daily does, I've had a little trouble understanding the the data, but it feels like the number of death is starting to night increases by, while the number of infections is still assuming, which is the Good NEWS, especially since the FDA approved the use of the drugs declare a queen, and I think the clerk wins while for its now approved, for people want to use it for
for treatment, and I think that that also allowed maybe more manufacturers to make it so there's a supply problem. Here is a question for you. I'm just going to put this out there? I have no idea if this was a good idea. Cuz I can't quite under- and I can't think through all of the parts and maybe somebody else can the government from saying again this is a poorly thought out idea. I think there are problems with it is pointed out there suppose the government said that just for the period of the crisis will create a second currency will be a crypto currency. This around crypto will just make something up where they can use one that exist then just endorsing and and they'll just say we're gonna work
assign these crypto coins. Do everybody below a certain com, or even just everybody and they will expire at the end of three months or six months whatever or they'll, be automatically converted to cash. Suppose you could do that too. If you just force the exchange to do it cuz, I would drive down the value sport, but I haven't thought through so the boys. Could he have a temporary crypto currency that would operate. It's the same terms, a dollar. All the people who are doing ok and still have two dollars. They just go ahead and spend, unlike usual, but you lost your income aid. Just do you don't have a dime, you can use the crypto and then the government would sort of guarantee its value on the exchange, in other words, that the government could goodbye and buy and sell the crypto too, to balance its value.
Is. It feels like the government could just create money out of nothing for a while and then just make it go away by forcing you to convert it. Would that work- and I think it's the- I think it's the winding it down in front of the doesn't work if you allowed to before. I have to run it forever or people. Somebody would lose. I haven't thought that through, but I feel like there's something there I just can't. I can't hold all the parts that I had enough to know. If it would really work. Bill gates seems to be quite in favour of the longer shut down the six to ten weeks. He things which makes me a better about everything I can say that bill Gates is wrong. Is right about everything all the time who is really but who's gonna, better track record Have you ever seen the comparing bill Gates is oldest predictions about what the world would look like
comparing it to what the world actually looks like? If you ever seen those lists of things he said would happen, and then you compared to what happened and you look at it you go. This is the same. Is he from the future, because he's really good at this guessing what's happening in twenty years, business, so or a bill gates who is quite informed in this and quite good at math. As you know, if he thinks six to ten gets us best artist part, I'd rather be on your side, all things equal. How would you feel comfortable if your opinion was the opposite, a bill gates on something useful They looked into this, isn't something these or casually glanced at they'll gaze is dug into this year in his bill gates way. He opened it one topic if he thinks this is the right play, I feel like
I should think that the experts seem to be agreed. Here is an interesting thing this week, and maybe the next week to I'm watching the people who had been saying it was just the flu and seeing just one for me of people watching prospect watching their voices. Go from a full screen is just the flu you idiots. Can't. You see what we see it's. Obviously it says some hawks and a. Little more data, little more data them few fewer. Poor, say latin there, maybe not as loud and fewer and not quite as loud I feel like this week. This might be the weak,
because the actual hospital impact will be a little more clear. I think those voices are gonna start to get really quite Now I will love for them to be right. Wouldn't it be great if the people who say it's it's overblown and we'll get on top of this in no time is no worse One of the greatest right. I think the odds are there or shrinking everyday still possible. You still cannot rule out here. If you're being objected. You cannot rule out the things go a lot better than the experts lot. My prediction is ridiculously optimistic. And that we will save a lot of lives from just being shut down fewer car accidents. Fewer just do industrial accidents, fewer fewer ways to die in general,
in that, even though we will lose thousands of already lost thousands to the krona virus that I don't think will not more than five thousand now. Nobody else agrees is day. So, if you're trying to patients, combats? Beware that nobody in the world has my prediction: is the dumbest most outlier protection anybody can make? Does the government is taking even even if we do a good job. Saying, even if you do a really good job and do everything right lose it we're talking Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, it's gonna, be a big number say the government. I'm going for contrary and on that, but I am not saying.
That they were wrong about the potential problem. I'm saying that the experts were largely right about how big issue was in the order of magnitude way, but there will be more successful in people. People imagine so that our innovation will make a big difference now. I think that this is interesting, but the the prospect of the hydroxyl for a queen working well enough to at least keep people from hospitalization, which is the whole gave to me. The entire game comes down to. Does the Hydroxyl chloric win if given early, and do we have enough supply? That's a big question: if given early does a key people from being hospitalized anecdotally, that looks to be the case then some largish small studies, either small studies, but you will not tiny tiny seed,
it does, but I dont know if you can trust anything. Yet you are. I don't trust So your ears, my current thinking, I dont trust any small study, this country or any other. I don't trust him and I don't think that we can, because even in good times when you ve got plenty of time to do peer review and everything else, even in good times, half of the things again get peer, reviewed and accepted turn out to be false. You got plenty of time and everybody is doing the best slowest most careful work, how good the studies that people are slackened together in an emergency in theory? the quality of those studies should be the lowest of any studies you ve ever seen, because they're so fast and their smaller certain things are imperfect, gives us a crisis, But that doesn't mean is wrong.
Look. You have is, until I find any doctors who is working on this problem, who would not personally take it, you think there's something in there. We have not correct me if I'm wrong, have you seen one even one literally just one I'll say one american doctor who is actually working with these patients, who advise against taking that drug is red one. If there's one I'm gonna save myself. Well, maybe there's something that we used to have a phone here. I was gonna check to stop working. But I guess I put my phone somewhere else. I think us it's gonna be good. There's a articles as Germany is considering Considering is the key word here because it's not like this is imminent. But there are considering issuing thousands or giving people
immunity certificates, so you yes, some kind of a certificate. The said We would already have it your own. Do you have an immunity, so you're allowed to go back to work and mingle? I guess. There are strong to think again. The imminent it's just something over considering in Germany, But I thought to myself: how are you actually Hubert. Because, if you say ok, let's say ten percent of the public and go back to work, how The authorities know if they were on saw. People on the streets are working in the shops How are they know? That was the right ten percent, because people would massively cheat. They say, I'm not not a boon but nobody's gonna know I'm gonna go back to work and the police couldn't stop and check everybody right. I mean they could check some people but they're, not Gazelle Sciascia papers.
Fill us Europe able steel. Are you allowed here? I shall pay bass so that doesn't feel like that would work just two billion people, Then I thought was supposed to people who had Have the immunity had at where lanyard just got like the certificates right in the latter? It's like you. I passed well. That will take five seconds for people to three deepen those things are or photocopy the fakes and you can really. How can you tell so here is my suggestion. My suggestions, us as if the government clear you and maybe a doktor asked to do it, the dock, It goes into his database and pleasure social security. Now you're registered as somebody that the doctor has certified. You can't do it yourself. A doctor is certified that you have any dirty so you're in that than in the national database. Then here's my idea.
You build an app so that maybe only the police can tell so listen in the beginning. It's just something law enforcement can tell and they can track. Everybody's food and they can see see on them. Above the dots in the desert. The green or read. So if the police go into a neighborhood is opened up in the stores or open, they can pull out there they could say- ok, green green ring up, there's a red. And they can. You say that the reds twenty feet over there and then You walk over and say, or even click on it, because the police might have the secret database. You know that all your privacy is gone, it is click on it say Looks like Bob twenty feet over there's a red Bob Bob come here for Bobby you do not have the community certificate gone immediately, so
Could you build a map in which at least law enforcement could walk through a crowded street? see on the map. If there's a cheater, I think so now you have to give up immense and our support Do it, but were certainly at that point where that can happen, and, of course, that the brute force ways to do that is with facial recognition right, but people you so wearing masks? So what do you do with facial recognition? If somebody people wearing face masks, so you probably have to do with a database situation, a person. I don't know on Twitter asked this question: are we
We have a civil war, because this extra locked down is gonna, make people pregnancy and so, as a person reasonable ass. This could lead to civil war. Now there are some things that are hard to predict and there are some things which are not. This is solidly in the cattle Of now Archer predict, so let me tell you exactly: what's gonna happen visiting the question of a civil war, there will not be one Not even a little chance, nothing could be. Service, zero or or more zero than the odds of a civil war? Let's say between now and the end of June justice. Just put, it the odds of a civil war. The United States are the lowest they ve ever been right. Now, there's never been lower here, why, in order to have a civil war, you have to have an enemy this in your own country. Somebody in Europe
through your fighting against whose that who who's we, the enemy, is a virus, we're all the same. We were on the same side, you, get a civil, a when you, entire civil community is fighting the same external. In this case it got into the country, but you know, is: it is fighting a third party. That's the most unifying thing that could ever have your country, so we are in whatever is the most opposite of the civil war is what we are experiencing now were experiencing the most unity. You can even see it in the news. Even the news is going easy on the present we this is the most community. This country is bad in my lifetime by far their there's. Nothing even quote! Well, nine hundred and eleven nine hundred and eleven was was one of those points and what are the odds that there would be a civil war within a month of nine Levin happening zero zero
the odds of a civil war when, when this country is threatened by any kind of external force, the odds are some gorgeous goes to zero, and that would be true that every country really countries bind together. So if you're gonna make a list of you, should worry about the eyes of a civil war that one's just zero. We ve never been further from that. If you worried that in person I come and do said well, there's gonna be looting. Well, it's it's kind of hard to lose right now, because unless people without a mass Doesn't work you can't the one looter you can't be like well, nobody else is looting, but I'm gonna do some looting. You know those stores are all empty. I think break window because if you really the you're, the only one you got a noticeable The third quarter of two percent.
Can't load what I want- and I don't think were proud, because people are still are well worn enough that nobody's gonna really form alluding crowd. It would be a bad strategy. You would just be giving each other viruses. And then many burglaries or home invasions. Oh you too have when everybody stay home was zero, probably not zero, but Not many people are going to have their homes burgled when their home all day, burglars are gonna, be down murders, gulliby down other crimes gonna be there as well as accidents, so no no risk of civil war, and I think, also no risk of having food, because if you to your rob, your neighbor. Let me just give you a scenario. You're out of food, and you have a gun.
You gotta your neighbour and say I've got a gun, Gimme, all your food. What does your neighbor going to say in the middle of this crisis? I think your neighbors who say: what's the gun, foreign here's some food if it is more food I'll make a run to the grocery store, for I can safely has plenty of food. No we're running out of food You run out of money. Maybe then, if you know, if you need me to help you with some so food until the government Jack. I'm sorry whenever sure, no problem, no problem. So nobody's going to rob people for food simply because they'll be plenty people saying I'll, give you food. Do you have to rob anybody all right. Let's see.
So the range of people who might die according to in the United States, according to experts, everything from maybe a hundred thousand, if you did everything right, two thousand to two point- two million. I guess the two point: two million is what got trumped yeah, I was close everything now, as I have said before, if you're playing a politically you just Jose say. The eleven thing interested in is getting reelected. I don't think that's the case. You have said this before, but no matter who you are being Democratic Republic and by the time you become president. I think there's something about the process and something about it. Office that really does guarantee that your interests for the benefit of the public and you're being watched them carefully, so I think all presidents genuinely want what's best for the country, but they also want to get reelected the best
for getting reelected is do not make the mistake of doing too little. So you can see this where's. So if the relief package has been one trillion after somebody has suggested that there should be two trillion, that would have been just a mistake: the politically not or no one would be economically politically would clearly be mistake, psychologically, probably mistake because you don't penalized for being too decisive or too aggressive in emergency. You can. Get penalized for not doing enough for being weak so the president has been presented with a tough option. And the one that makes them look like a strong leader versus the near the weaker version He has consistently back to correctly the strong option now the strong action at the moment. Most people would agree that the strongest options
close down, that's different from the right action, the optimal out of who knows. I'm not smart enough to know, but if you're just try to judge it on the strength of it whatever that means to each of us, we can interpret that all of it differently. Closing the whole economy at the risk of of the president losing the crown jewel of the thing he cares most about enters its accomplishment, which They call me so you watching the President care more about the economy, then maybe anybody we care for our own individual outcomes, but Aren t you this president really really cares about the economy for all the right reasons, and of all the personal reasons, and don't forget Trump, the trumpet business could be bankrupt within this. Now
who said they ve got a good balance sheet, but you need a really good balance sheet together through you know, customers for three months or whatever it's gonna be for the Trump properties. So when you watch a leader who is making a decision that, in my opinion, will bankrupt his own fortune, yeah Trump might actually be broke. Nobody gets out of office has less to do with the whole economy that has to do with the fact that usually there that leisure, industry and the leisure industry, is just gonna, be the hardest hit. So watching leader make a decision that, in my opinion, my bankrupt rubbed his own company and his own family. Might I don't know if it will, but I would say it's gotta be in be fifty fifty risk, just because everybody that industry is gonna to be at least fifty fifty risk of bankruptcy.
So that's a strong decision, drawn decisions, can be right and they can be wrong, but they almost never politically wrong so long as in their also compatible with what the experts so drop is so politically right. This and also according to the experts right about his right as you can get, you could argue. I've been there sooner you. What was he talking about yesterday? Those those conversations but at the moment is a right as you can get, So I guess Joe Biden appeared and meet the depressed, and he was now asked about the accusations against him. Bye, bye I used to work with him and his staff staff fin out, I mean she was working-
instead of the nineties She as very credible sounding claims that he may Tudor pretty pretty, are and which is not funny. Nothing funny about that and this house credible, but you don't even when she tells a story. How do I know you myself further trouble there, but what back I'll get myself information even though she tells the story the way she tells it and she's Lee YO she's the victim in the story. So you expect the victims but you're the spin on it that is friendly as to the and even she says that Biden even with alleged, Babby Aver, seems will genuinely be it Ben confused about whether was welcome and
there's. Something in that this is important to understand, especially that has to do with young male was a male perceptions. Over time you the way she tells a story the year, the alleged victim, the accuser who again has a very credible sounding story she tells it sounds like you made away too aggressive move the type that you certainly should be asking for a little. A little bit of your agreement to end being on the same page about without getting into details. What would you say he? U way crossed the line of something you should do without knowing it's ok, let's just say that as an unambiguous, but even the way the victim tells a story is Effie. He didn't know though you literally didn't know it wasn't? Ok because
in a way that the? U only active you if you were literally confused about. Why didn't go? Well, I have to say they weren't. What people say about those story, even through the eyes of the accuser, if they, if they take the accusers version of it, how do you process that? when you know that her version. Is that you didn't know he was doing a wrong even the way she tells it we have the year. We have the benefit of hindsight. We can see a perfectly in hindsight, so we what's wrong. There's no ambiguity when were were hearing the story, but it is. With a little bit feasible that Joe Biden in the nineties. The way things were now saying that, about their way about forgiving. Anything, so don't take me out of context.
But you can try to see the he actually wouldn't know, which is not an excuse. It's more of a historical point of interest. You have, it doesn't forgive anything Everyone knows that the the A standard for equality for broadcast interviews has gone away down in a good way, Well, it would be a real example who I'm so that I was around in the corporate world, when computers were invented In the eye I lived in a world where typewriters as the main business tool in and watched your computer's command and replaced. And during that transition there was this weird thing that happened in corporate America, and it is here young you're, just going to laugh with us. Just have pity for the people in my age group that we went through the following. Should I be
I cubicle in corporate Amerika and I need to write a memos- let's say some manager in another group, but had to go through my boss. That doesn't sound so about right. You have to read a memo. Somebody who's above you in another department. Of course we should break go through your boss. Just make sure you don't do anything done but the way we had to do was I would have in those it's a little computer with a dot matrix printer, so the press, was, I will write up my letter in draft form imprinted on a dot matrix you are not allowed
you're not allowed to give a printout from a dot nature sprinter to manager in the company, because that would be unprofessional, said dot matrix printer add to be printed. It had to be tight and select tricks typewriter. So you take the debaters printer. You give it to the your bosses secretary at the time back when that was actually job title and the secretary would retail what you tight, but on a selections than theirs. Show it to you and then you said now: there's some typos so she'd have to retype. It then you'd be happy that she had typed what you had on your matrix and then you would take that to your boss and your boss would change it every time.
Most of the time mother every time, and then he would start from scratch again and you go back to your debates. Exposure and you'd make the changes you give her back the secretary she'll retailer on its electrics with errors. You would have to change those errors again, causes be retired from scratch, and then you shut your boss. Again any boy says hello, yeah there's one thing I forgot to tell you. And then he changes that again and you go right back to the cycle again so the process of setting a memo. Somebody in my own company that I knew personally, who just happened to be alive, above me in management could take two weeks. Is that a joke? You could spend two weeks. You have to get your managers attention time after time. The secretary S did not be working on something two weeks descended
somebody that you know who's hundred yards down that way the office two weeks. That was typical. So what happened with courses? things evolved to the point where the casualness of communications, one way way way way down. Procedures had to sort this boy in any business. I think it wouldn't be that big deal the send a poorly written, Miss Typed email. To somebody at a level above you copy your boss or not copy your boss, everything's more casual there, so you so the world accepted the cash, all of emu will you just had to afterwhile. You couldn't wait two weeks every tend to exchange a memo I think the same thing is happening because of this shut down I'm watching a the major broadcasts networks doing basically Skype quality interviews with
what screens and watching it and I'm thinking I that at all, somewhat People who, after Mr Camera, because their kids were screaming the background and the cat walked by somebody, opens the door behind many Europe, the siren in the back and stuff and there is an industry, of course, would prefer not to do that. They, like a nice, clean professional, had job Well, you said that you raised the question. Let me talk about my professional I'll, give you the background, so it's always been done, but I think, the year the shut down it was called by the way you have a name for this. Where we're all staying home, it's not a quarantine. Is it but I think has lowered our expectations were, or at least our standards for what a split screen interview would look like, and I think that's actually gonna be accrue to the good and others.
Think the whole tvs whisky. Then everything may forever become more casual envy. Anybody can do it at this point at this boy. I think I have the hardware and software that I can put. It A nightly new show that would be similar. Already to see it in terms of your too bad interview, things of the screen is that's what they're doing radio sue people are reacting. The Fox news will have some legal liability because they downplay the corona virus. Now what I say they downplayed it. I don't mean Fox lose as an entity. I mean they're individuals, mostly opinion people who downplayed now, can you sue
You saw a news organization if their opinion, people had the wrong opinion. That doesn't seem like that doesn't seem like a lawsuit you can win, does it At what point is having the wrong opinion legally actionable, especially if you're showers clearly presented as opinion. If somebody gives you an opinion in you act like it's a fact. Well that's a little bit on you yours so the above all the news, Businesses have that problem. Making sure that your opinion, stuff on your new stuff is clearly delineated. There is a real issue that people can tell the difference, see, a man is a little more ambiguous about what's opinion and what's news I think Fox does a much better job of labeling whose opinion person who's a newspaper
It is a little more obvious, or there are still you do now. The people, are turning on the and treating it like it's the news, even though he is as clear as it could be the reasoned opinion Joe. But people probably taken this news. You have to know that's true, but could it be actionable? I can. I can see how I'd hate to think it would be so there's little weird little article about the President of Mexico, was visiting. I guess he's doing a political visit to the home turf of L chapel. So there The area of Mexico were L, chapel, of whose borders Emily was era when I'm so well, travellers jail, but the next year, stops, the Ngos over and shake hands with L trappers, mother. I think it was a birthday there, I'll chaplains birthday, somebody's birthday and acted like the loop each other pretty well and.
Quite friendly and some video that the President Mexico, we have stopped as motorcade got out and personally shook hands with the elderly, mother avail Chapel and that's a nice words. With her and said he got a letter. I Silver letter was something about her son. And I thought to Myself- Her voice was to feel about that waste goes to feel about. President and Ex ago, being quite friendly will choppers mob
raises lowbrow. Doesn't it were well? I've been saying for a while that we should maybe just drop the charade that the government of Mexico and the cartels are separate entities that these are live separate job descriptions, but then I will think we can assume that the government is trying to crack down on the cartels. Can we say that that's not a thing. Alright, I wonder if we're going to see a bunch of water is going on podcast such as mine, because they can't do book tours. So let me put this out there. My knowledge of the book industry is that there are two big releases each year, so there's a there's, a big release in the spring or the summer spring or summer,
coming up around jewish. I think I don't know exactly the dates, but then there's another one in autumn before Christmas, my books, I usually release in the autumn because they tend to be gift items for Christmas there can be a whole bunch of others who can't know book to our guests other book and they D spent a year to building this book and just can't market, because he gonna tv, nobody wants interviewers, etc. So I'm hoping that the pod Castro's the world can pick up the slack in maybe maybe reach out to some of the big publishers because they would be hungry. For
what are you at this point? I would imagine all the big publishers shouldn't be hard to find. One is there's a favorite author. You think there's a book coming out a european culture, and you said yourself under normal circumstances. I would never be able to get this famous author to come on my little bud guessed, but about you could know about. You would be surprised that you can get an author to come on your body, cast the options or low right here. Your comments getting form Also what that means corona until we see there will be an avalanche of new books. So seven loan is using zoom.
Well you know, I think, using zoom report. Gas is no risk here that the fact that zooms traffic goes through some servers and China would be terrible if you're a big corporation with corporate secrets. But if you just do the pod gas that you're gonna release anyway, zoom would be a great product, see Betty Stanislas. Does this issue? Ok, good technical? You favour celebrity Dennis Miller, went on Dave, Irving, wear masks Scott. So open the cupboard yesterday. They found at ninety five masks that I don't know it's been sitting on the shelf for probably a few years. I don't know why it was used for went. I ok, if an end mask is sitting in a dry cupboard in there's no good
humanity. You any problems like that. It's been there for a few years that safe. I mean, I know it's safe from the crowd of virus is, has been sitting there since before it existed, but safe in general. If it's just sit in a cupboard Kennedy, can any prior germs lived there for years and years Doesn't seem to you that we should get going on genetic testing, because I think might be another way to get some people back to work faster and, we probably only have to let people who have been exposed to it out at first. That might be the first wave, but
after it seems like. You also should release people who might be with say they ve got a prescription for I drugs clerk queen and they have a genetic make up. That's the least dangerous one spoke out those two things you're around the drug. Let's say doctors decide? Ok, you do shed maybe a little if you catch yet, but you were also on the drug. At the same time, maybe you'd even not even noticed she had symptoms, so maybe your technically you could shut it, but the odds are low. I can imagine that we would keep tweaking, are a strategy based on what we learn can easily imagine that people were the right genetic make up we're safe. Overweight products, smokers and elderly whenever and those there are also on drugs chloroprene. Maybe that's a second wave people. People can go back to work.
I have a suggestion, for you are you ready goes like this? You remember during the Revolution Revolutionary WAR, there was a famous seamstress. Her name was Betsy Ross, Bessie Ross and her friends sewed flags, so the famous Betsy ROS famous for sowing something at home, The help of the fight we have the same situation now, wouldn't you like a government approved design with experts when you like that the the administration just published a make it home mask the so yourself with your either by hand or maybe, with your sewing machine. Some specifications about what materials to use, because you don't want to go to the store by materials I believe that old pillow case or the old genes.
So you don't wear anymore. You wanna to cut out some pieces so. Like every Betsy ROS Design, just to do a call back to famous seamstress. Hey Bessie, Ross Design that you can make your prior to us. Having enough and ninety five ninety, I think You would like, because people are all lotta. People know how to so, especially sew certain generation they ve got their sewing machines. You don't think here your grandmother and her sewing machine would sort of be happy to have something new If she had the design and the government specifications which he makes some Betsy ROS best, I think she would. I think she would be a good thing to do just to make people feel like their party, something I think All I want to talk about so you posted a woman so masks here.
All over the country there are people making Rome asked, but I don't think working on a common designed, so at sea is the feeling like. The report of the larger effort, that's as little fun to it and give it The Betsy Ross, bread. If you will either take you back to a time when you had to sell a piece of fabric and then actually made a difference to the war effort and work, were there. Now also sewing machines, though you can program right. Can't you programme program sewing machine, do without masks fairly quickly. If you, if you cut the squares or if you cut the components, Couldn't you programme these new sewing machines, even at your home, the other pre programmed will do just got rumour and put a mask.
There are also some machines in which you can so like a pattern on something. Could you that create a mass design for the people, whether programmable? I guess you do by unto, but programmable sewing machine to put a little american flag on it. So there you it was, a any color the color mask, but the you're, the common design, is that where your mouth is available american flag or something maybe some sites that wherever goes best became fun, that's my does suggest. For the day. And also he says there Turkey has done thousands. All I really want is a common design. That's the Betsy Ross version. You can put a flag on it. That's what I'd like
they're, not OSHA, safety approved. That is true, but I think the experts are coming round to the idea. That is better than nothing better than other sovereign I'll talk to you tonight, seven o clock, Pacific, ten, o clock Eastern
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