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Episode 882 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Swaddle Time. See my Joe Biden Impression.

2020-04-03 | 🔗

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  • Chris Cuomo’s daily interview with Governor Andrew Cuomo
  • The path to a vaccine
  • Viewer questions

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just kidding no real birds novel not real burs those me and that's that does not even my best impression yes i can do repression of birds at a distance as heard through a would know from a second story and it goes like this site you there can a regrettable well yes i will be breaking out my joe biden impression they will be taken some questions but
the little their arrival in hot in here turn down the lights in the studio and watch this as if by magic i'll start to get better looking a big difference the sort of an illusion you don't realize it's just getting darker you think i'm getting more handsome quite quite a magic trick i know is i notice is impressive as i thought too what'll it be captain nobody's ever set as the sentence before i always love what i see a sentence that i can imagine the others should like you imagine no one had ever spoken before or reddened before in the history of all spoken language and i would
i propose that category swallow me captain funny sentence so what are you gonna go around here the funniest thing happening is that because president trump seemed pivoted in his preferences from maybe you want to go back to work lubin early to listening to the experts taking their council then going hard in the other direction compatible with the experts what is our lives easier than to criticise what are they have left because they have to be against the president the retired is resistance outta there their audience expects it the other they built up i understand that but one they do in the president's suddenly perverts to completely taken the advice of the moon
the yellow eminent experts and it also happy to agree with what all of these people rather than saying so is it just completely took all other their material away and as i said before you never you never appear political price well i should say never probably some exception but it would be unusual to bear a political price for being too aggressive against a threat but you could easily imagined and it would be obviously would pay a price if people perceived you didn't do enough so the safer thing to do is always do whatever is perceived as the big the big bush not the little pushed
but this is even funnier and by the way i didn't catch this play until later now i'm not to say the trump sought this all the way through the way i'm good at it describe it can be just luck instinct or it could be anything so you can play your own interpretation about how intentional this was but but the first part of the card they says he's been going after say that pretty hot then say that of course going out to him so the in a single them out daily press conferences and really tried to shame them for not being on the side of the country base basically and then as i said they just took away most of his material because the countries seems to be a sort of support over the president
more so than usual and sordid liking his tougher stand of things ever as they ve got nothin to criticise but here's the play that i didn't catch until today you may have noticed that in a somewhat brilliant the save programme decision cnn has chris global regularly is not every day about you're interview brother the governor of the ark andrew global now i'm sure it obviously see then could ever signed someone else to talk to you every day i bet they probably sometimes zeal but isn't it better i'm interest for watch ability you have to admit
the producers whoever's idea was maybe maybe with chris close idea goes great idea because you sort of expected that wouldn't do it and then because they do is so much more interesting frankly so so in terms of producing at that decision i i just can't really love it because whenever i see the german of watching that because i'm brother dynamic just makes it just way more interesting yet especially because they're both operating as a giant level once again that one's prime diamonds in it so they ve got this alleged to them that they don't hide that much like obviously they love each other but they still have this little brother edge to base a really good tv anyway knowing that let me go back to my point this all this office and to the point so the present yesterday throws out this thing
this idea that maybe these master being stolen and new york city which course of course what does that cause to happen well now that if the president of the united states makes any kind of an accusation it doesnt matter of it true or false it's the news right literally doesn't matter what the president accuses who of doing what does it matter of its shrewd as a matter of his ridiculous its headline news you just can't change is the news so the president turns this this allegation that maybe there's some kind of criminal sketchy if you're going on in new york in the andrew cuomo state
this causes the kind of a requirement that his brother with chris global has to ask his brother andrew cuomo what's up with this alleged corruption now if you didn't see that govern again i'm not going to say that the thought it all the way through to the near the logical conclusion that it would make the brothers has this tense exchange because chris covers to last do his job right at me ill everybody expects he's gonna go a little soft of his brother and allows like everybody cares about that frankly rikers andrew cuomo seems doing a great job doesnt really need to get beaten up so i don't think anybody mines they chris glow mose yeltsin pushing
little bit but not too hard is his brother then there's no really reason the push but the president just loves us little soul grant aid over the fence and when i first saw is like well it was provocative and i thought well probably worth looking too and he tells the media to look into it which again is chris global who s desk his brother if a state is corrupt and then the major global acts like this is the best part the the answer to it andrew covers answer i'm not crazy he live i'll just say he answered in the style of a liar which i thought to myself was really because here's what not a liar would say that we cannot say you're lying it is mine i'm just say let there the pattern that liars use
i'll tell you what is so if he had not been lying as somebody answer that question and you're the governor yu probably wouldn't know the s right less you'd already looked into it which you programme so so the right answer is i don't know about their honestly but all i'll ask around were will look into it or we ve already looked into it and that i think we're just using a lot of masks or it's the way they counted and probably you know i don't i don't think it's what you think it's probably just the way that you haven't already done can't do it i'll get back to you that's what i would say if i were the governor and i didn't know i was gonna they probably doesn't know suppose he did know what was going on any new that they were being stolen but maybe he did or maybe you didn't know who is responsible but you didn't want to get into it like it serve a distraction
how would how would you answer that so here's what he acted like you didn't know what the president meant he said well you know i don't don't know what he meant like that but if he has an accusation he should say it directly and i thought to myself i think that was pretty direct though the president didn't say he knew who is taking masks if there were later because he was a maybe he's always worth looking into for the elderly the president was he didn't take credit for the idea he said you know i was just talking to somebody is like an expert and he said to me and then i just suggested to the press and the next thing you know the corn was run tv and the latter answer to that there's just threatened hilarious why
would you like to see my joe biden impression that i've been working on my joe biden oppression knows i this day a day and somebody asked me a question asked me a question in the comments and now i'll be joe biden lesser now you may save yourself skype can you you can see the questions and doesn't matter really because here's my answer what what you have to understand is with with if the strategy going forward he get you can't be on a year what i'm saying before so and this is important
and in the present doesn't understand that if you don't think what i'm saying is i think you're the summons out then strategy take out of the bank jack now as my joe biden impression i think i know that this version one point no gimme a break my very first eyes and i dont know what would democrats be saying if they did not have they had the excuse of the crisis to hide their candidate most of the time the little bit his on tv from his little low underground bunker
the fact that joe biden is another is it's like a bunker under his house i have everything that is wrong is literally like is like it aid is basement here present job is out there trying to save the entire country from from me maybe hundreds of thousands of deaths be possibly millions and joe buttons hiding in the basement in the bunker life he could ever bigger contrast larry i believe this is the path to the end of this so this is what i m kind of peace in together from all i'm saying so if you look at these trends things it seems that there is a lot of action to get the hydroxyl claret gleamed into into the approved system so that people can start getting it trend
this amount of action in terms of getting pills manufacturer cetera and then so a tremendous amount of energy into getting new faster cheaper tests so that you can start testing massive numbers evil sweating those two things are step one to keep people from diamond you can do massive testing and you will probably go from here a million to ten million yeah i think we can wrap it up like crazy because we have to do so if we get those two things to say that i dropped clerk green is plentiful of the people get it assumes i've symptoms and though we so test so we know for sure he's gotta who doesn't
those two things would probably in the optimist case that the case that the the pills actually work with the jester bison to cetera so the optimist case is that the death plunge or at least get down to the level where we don't run out of ventilators i'll do the narrator lots unless a test and wasted near term there's still a few weeks away because you could probably get pills into most people who needed in two weeks given how hard i imagine are pushing to do that then i think there's a middle ground between just keeping people alive which is what our due and getting to vex patients this pre long wait and who knows the vaccination really works right so we don't have to wait like nine months waiting for the vaccination it's where i'm guessing and this is just be sort of putting together
the pieces of the news that i hear so by by no means no authoritative voice here perceives like the the getting us to vex laces vaccination stage may have a lot to do with the country listen serum serve seeing as phase one the hydroxyl clerk queen as this through moistens ink and just massively wrapping up testing as much as are american ingenuity can can get it done this phase one keep us alive phase two you gonna build that immunity you dont want away all away until there's a vaccination so that's where this comes lesson serum thing might work taking the blood and he had a the good parts the antibodies from people is already recovered and all the smart people say that it should work at least a little bit
now then i ever heard anybody tries to put a number of it like with this stop x amount of whatever seems like everybody says this is such a historically tried and true method that there's no reason to think it wouldn't work and then there's that wild card that somebody smarter will have to answer witches be reproduced in liberty after take blood out of real people which would be i assume ardor maybe caesar somebody says couldn't make enough from tools or not well here's the thing here's the thing you know i've been complaining that the task force and in pencil in particular cannot be said be managing the crisis until there also measuring this the critical things like not much suppliers and what they are doing it looks like a good job of measuring
things such as number of icy you beds were see that and there were saying deaths and how many people have in avonlea recovered so the basic statistics probably in the ball park a pretty good or as best we can get there but what do you want to know how many ventilators we need and how many we have in our belief in the pipeline and etc ferralti the gloves in the masters of so zeb in saying that since we don't know that tens is not really managing because if you're not measure doing what you have and what you did you just flailing europe managing anything but yesterday and today it was reinforced today their pens has ordered the all the hospitals to report so i don't know how long that takes but that was of course the right move
add this to the things you wanna ask later about why that took so long because you have to ask yourself really why did we just have to ask the hospitals to report to some central positively feels like that should have been a little closer to day one candidate but maybe there was replaced report two until they build something so anyway the we don't need to were rehash the best the doing right now and i think it a rather focus on that here's a good idea we ve got these hotels that are empty and looked like together we empty for a long time could we use those hotels given it every by us we locked them anyway could we
those hotels for addiction treatment o hold on hold on don't keep in mind the first of all though tells can sell those room for any normal reason but suppose you only allowed people and who were tested so you know you'd nobody then gets into the hotel unless they ve tested so that my require a few more tests to be available but it might be a good time to claim because what else you got to do the resident selling rarely your own house which is all the time nation in the world suppose you just go to the threats and the routes as you know will make a deal twenty five dollars a night whatever nor an order things or the governor days it or something but the point is roger disorder silly where you probably least have to pay for the maids recently the lottery and stuff but and then of course you wouldn't want to
fill them here you might wanna measures on space and they still jason social distancing when they made they could just be meeting in the bar rooms and getting strange so i dont think this'll you come revision but when will you ever have another time when the hotels are empty and you could actually take a gigantic by end of addiction because people didn't have anything else to do just go to put it out there that russia is a good idea i'm just say if we don't considerate where else are we gonna have situation lay less at least it in the hopper hopper and think about it
if you did that watch tucker curls and talking about the government lying to us about the effectiveness of basques there was tonight if you recorded it that they don't mess it is really good because when tucker is accusing stupid liars of being stupid liars but he does that better than him because he's got that he's gotta disgusted face they just pairs perfectly with the added it is like you're lying to us how stupid you think we are you must be the stupid what is it worth as they were decibels obviously the world of course password that's my version of his version but that was a minor masterpiece watching that was really entertain and and he was pretty brutal which we have called for this situation
brutality was called for i've made a ruling yes i have a mere ruling we'll take some questions at him females ruling as the creator of dilber diamond out with certain powers obviously end among those powers as the creator of the dilber come extra time i'm authorized to determine dress codes in the workplace you probably thought that companies get in germany and on their own but no since the idea has been delegated to me of sword like a light like a cabinet member so i make the decisions about the dress codes and then the company's act like it was their decision but basically me so i've been noticing
a really bad fashioned mistake i'm watching the tv news cnn talks and you'll see the the house would normally be in the studio our broadcasting from home but you're wearing suits in their their own like hallways and living rooms and stuff and it looks so i laplace so here's my ruling as the creative gilbert i rule that the proper dress code if you're a tv broadcasts personality your broadcasting from your own home on skype the just code is but you have a casual that's right the jam a casual now what that means
is like me the bottom half is already for bed or perhaps got up not that long ago the top half casual did sleep in this wait a minute is this the top i slept in or is it just a casual shared that i was wearing you don't know that my friends jail a casual so that's my rulings if you're on your own people tv news no suits if your broadcasting unscathed from your home it's pajama casual i have ruled the states on questions who would like to ask the question who all that
too clever using my own book as your icon how clever can you be i got to tell a story about that in a minute very clever using my book as your icon do have a question hello can you talk about anti eating a little bit i heard the other day that you mention that they figured out how to reverse the aging oversell i fought guides go ahead finnish finish your question i follow the work of david sinclair in boston he's a phd researcher at harvard and arm he's he's working on rejuvenating retina cells and optic nerve cells which is really interesting to me because i have very visual impairment and problems with my retinal optic nerve so that's why i'm here
all about it but you have worked on at hating so yeah so i would not claim to know much of anything about that except that i think ever since i was a kid there have been a periodic articles movie once again about some scientists do figured out how a reverse aging ed i was fifty years ago and there are still not reversing much aging if you know what i mean there was one point it was it was three resistors fraud or whatever it is that stuff that's in wine right air travel yes exactly isn't that exactly what i said rosalie yes father s i and one point they i've seen somebody these studies so the point is that doesn't mean that the modern ones are so as bogus as everyone the there's been every month fifty years because you have to pay
here were probably getting closer to it you know like if we're not there yet were certainly close to be able to do it than we ever have been i would imagine but here's the thing i i've been saying forever the if i could stay healthy enough long enough that even in my lifetime they probably going to figure out how to do exactly that you don't have to stem cell you back to some better state and fix your eyes and give me news of a teenager and stuff and it does feel like i could go on for another twenty years i think so anything left me shorter fallen you joe biden duration away they could probably do stuff send me back to back my fifties maybe a good day will say what they say no seventeen years away now so you'll be right there start we need you
when we hear wisdom so well see that are ongoing directly into a computer to live forever yet my uncle the plan i they regretted you ve got the scholars steve d you steve are you there the other questions vantage of the united states cancelling admission of k and ninety five face mass in the time of the crisis they just did that on twenty eight and that's the most abundantly supplied faith mask in a world where a boy i don't know anything about the stories of the governing council order or cancelled what what they can afford you can't import can ninety five face vast anymore
here i don't know that but all of that sort of story falls into the category of things where if if on first glance is absurd is probably because there's something this left then story so that there may be some extenuating circumstances it just that feel of one of those stories that if you'd the full story maybe you'd feel differently because certainly who can imagine why thou data i gotta give any reasons i think i've berries did i must add that partakes of cereals we lived i'm not value added every time i think fell needs at least ask your question raphael
reveal oh you there the other questions mystic because serve your predicted death count is more than a mere doktor birch speaking again she says under the best situation under the best conditions a hundred thousand two hundred thousand are gonna die how do i explained that you ask exactly and when you like me explain away the makes you feel good again do you because those darn experts god knows all wound up well here the things you should consider number one nobody predicts the unpredictable but but i did rise lets them the first efforts so the doctors are looking at what they know they're saying basin what we know is should be so
in this neighborhood this end and i don't have to do that i can say in our way seen so many surprises just in the past week things you didn't know that humans could figure out and do in all the different mad look like they could work lee sculleries will probably doing serum and testing and we get the test down to fifty miss i mean really miracles of innovation in one awake so what are the odds there were done elevated so that this is how i predict things what are the odds it this was the whig well we didn't have any other ideas we just got to the end of that we can now be done a lot of good ones so nothing it is what we got that's will get more likely new or a better ideas are coming and in our ability to go from zero to was a making a million tests is probably the hard part my guess is if he got from zero to a million go from
ten billion year you you figure it out basically there just get more of these machines do line up here these guys are doing so seems me that we will just do very now living earl non linear and explosive lee interesting things and i also think that there is a good chance that the dioxin kirkland will be effective if he had taken early so so i'm back i'm betting that the unexpected is guaranteed a rational scientist and somebody whose job is to speak to the public can't say what i just said because it sounds crazy even those right because we the eu should certainly expect the unexpected that's like the easiest thing to produce but you can't say that if you are in their job you're what it is well i think it'll be
seventeen people but i don't know how something unexpected my happened right so they have to just like go the eyes and bounded but they also others the responsibility which is the manager psychology that they're not they're not blinded blind as a key part of their job is to do i need to do but short of just flippin l that's that's fine balance and i feel that part of my job is to catch the people who fell through the net and it would flip out you are where we'll already willing to do what they needed to do and maybe and maybe you're one of them like i'm going to do what you tell me to do you know socially isolate i wash my hands i do all the things by i also don't wanna like die of stress so i feel like i can i can provide
service there because you should not expect that the doctors are really giving you the lowest bound that's possible they should give you the lowest bound that will still scare you quite a bit and they did if they had done if they had said what i said they should be fired but i can say that right is another after nobody's gonna take me to seriously and iran literally predicting the unpredictable which this still be so rises things no better than you think we'll get smarter faster that sort of thing and i actually feel i'll tell you if you had to bed and by the way my low count is a net that counts the fact there we might almost certainly save a whole bunch of lives just because we're not on the highways and dangerous sports and stuff too much surf the net that out because i counts as part of the
decision when we decided to shut things down everybody knew that would save lives that's that there has to be part of the variables so if you for that and i think you gotta be closer to my number then two hundred thousand that's my family but an end after that if there were more people who watch this periscope i wouldn't say some public for the same reason that the professionals doubt because they're trying to manage a lot the whole country and they need you to be a little the two scared that sort of this we spot is limited to scared so you really gonna do something not just maybe do it but really gotta do something but this smallish audience of smart people i have the freedom to say there was itself you now
everybody has to leave the door open that nobody's gonna protecting ethic it happens may think it happen but i'm gonna hold with my protection at the moment let's see we ve lost are coloured well let's see if we can get it other terry is a call me that
buried you ever questions i might help over their hydroxyl clerk green and i'm the public partners i talk to you the other night about the homeless shelter pop up but i just wanted to inform you guys about i inquired with a dear friend of mine that's a hospital as she's one of the most respected ones that our local hospital the concern with that one is though is anybody with a cardiac arrest me out which is kind of common folks of older aids cannot take that she treated a lot of people for many years in africa and factual grew up enough crashes incredible doctor but anyways yet can cause sudden death said there are other antivirals coming down the line
it's very helpful but yeah here in like central count bringing in the south it is well re really now that does it these bills are routinely already prescribed for the they retired radius and larry it's so it's the same question right if they were prescribed to those people and they are the heart condition it would be as deadly but clearly this within the acceptable rest so that probably won't slow us down too much i would guess i mean given the size of the alternative risk seems like a pretty small leah lupus is the other thing yet and especially with the younger felt about i mean in a few years ago i had to have a cardiac up abrasion i don't
start star delusions signal that is that while those good to do any your patience you should know those while she not ask i thank you for that seals we get the go mikey making the monkey
i like your notice no monkey the sun to tobacco chewbacca demonstration dream i knew it was worth you heard about them and one way some unless you those monitored because we don't want or companies to know we're engineers and scientists in talking to hundreds of people so don't discount their own living i wondered is that article in twitter people rockwork now about down it's about sterilizing the mass and it's about getting microwaves not the microwave ovens which destroys the mass but higher frequent five eight and dig herds twelve and they can actually it was a paper from taiwan twentieth day every city of your city and down i just wondered if you ve seen there because it actually starts in there about the other sterilize the erika the levels are lower than the actual ii as they are those other specific absorption rate stop sellers
but it passed the virus that residents that the word i pulled at those hair frequencies much like you might remember that much more power as a paper did you send somebody so say again i think we had location brother what is it that serve popping the virus it was at the usual was it microwaves microwave so it so we can penetrate things and i can tell you what etc frequency and law much much much lower than you might well say you did like wonders that's the technology that the air the mask sterilizing machines use because apparently there are some industrial mask sterilizing me things are going into use right now i want all over the years by you
he's in a debate on all save our right you have as i just suddenly done the lincolns can i can i can i would hope that working on this but i haven't heard today about it that's why concerning ok i'll pass a law i thank you
let's see who also regard here start to paul paul off they baldy ever question does that every question all disappeared we must boss but we're gonna talk to neck and neck will be so exciting it's like to balls necker you they're neck do you have a question for me nick i do indeed i was wondering what do you think he's gonna happen with
oh your prices in soundly russian there were no one's dry well at the moment it is probably the beggar issue is lack of demand because the economy's stalled so i dont see the price of oil go up anita soon there the oil industry is gonna take quite a haircut less but and the good side it's like a operates like a tax cuts for everybody uses energy so so we'll take it out and bad for the oil company is good for us most bad for the oil history in this country but if you do during my like it thanks again
ed i was fascinated at the range of questions that people ask the sea of mikey has the best course today my gear the you there you have a question good for you i'm doing gray man i had a question about persuasion yes good i've been irene through your are reading this nothing like that over a long period of time in a group my friends and i find it a little difficult on translating some of the ideas into practical use in everyday life trotting o grow them like stan i wondered if you add any tips on no do things like gum is a leading in practice things like that out in the world with your friends family and things like that here you know there's no substitute for just practicing so that the best way i would explain it is if you'd ever try to learn to type without will hear your fingers
yeah that the first few months of it just feels like a sort of impossible and you can't convulsively do it same as if you're young an instrument for the first time thoroughly heavy how do you left him to do something and you re able to do something else like that does not seem possible then one but then this sort of that is obviously one day that you realise oh yeah i just got separation and i can type down i do all these things and in persuasion is like that so there's a whole bunch of just being aware of it and then thinking yourself oh i'll try this one thing in this one situation just keep reminding yourselves and practising see what happens trial and error but you think of it in terms of aid skill that you build up over decades now son
when you learn a weekend in a week and you can learn all the tracks right you can actually get better at them just infinitely because they just become incorporated in the way you talk so at this point people who made this observation about me i use cecily use the tools of persuasion but i'm not thinking about it as i do it's nothing i owe you use this tool is simply the way i talk now and and that'll happen to you just time in practice as all this passing man appreciated global everything i'd take out thanks secret everything time in practice that's your brain has to say brian brian rise brandy of treasury right right
gothic i'll get me in there is waiting for the care of the imo and i remember when i worked for boeing in wichita kansas in the eighty nineties before you announced will you really were we are working next you worked boeing happens yeah everybody did that wasn't boeing i probably everybody in every company thought you had work america now yeah that alot news is made worse by the fact that i have a common name so mostly the biggest fortune five hundred companies they have somebody with my name on the payroll and i know this because people told me the stories of we knew you worked for hewlett packard wish i didn't know as we look to the employee directory and they're yours and then we knew it and then ibm till this same thing p gnp and privilege all the big companies had one of me but
there was only one to me and it wasn't he was really those did you have a question to you just wanta i just on the persuasion angle here i want to know like mike dwindle today is taking a lotta he because instead of any of the other theo's catching grief he is probably because he dared to mention jesus and then the other question more is on doktor burke's is she because she seems like a real star to me she seems like she has incredible credibility is is the fact that she's catching so much grief from the liberal media because they are so afraid of her ability to influence people now i endeavored interpret those kinds of motives somebody's secretly afraid of somebody's power or something like that i don't think so i think tat the doktor
works is associated with president trump deserve your working on the same project so that means that the anti antitrust press has to not love her too much they're gonna walk the fine line issues she's credible jeez woman she's got a year of great reputation slicker later azure but they might want you you look a little less credible that might my work in their favour but dont look too far for these motives ethic there does not that much clout what is going on usually i lost my legs were days immigration but still one more or more elmer elmer who looks like a cat elmer elmer do you have a question for me
the number disappeared technical difficulties and that puts carol in the queue carol carol can hear me tell you i have a question for me it's a starts to decline then if people recognise that what they see the disadvantages of going back to the world as it was a couple weeks ago if what declined the death rate and generally mean the accidental death rate early accidents in someone you know i've been thinking about this lot bigger i thought i was gonna hasten is more than i do meeting you have been forced to
i can go for a walk that's it and so far i like you more than i thought no i hate the fact is and i was my fiance so therefore now you can give us others breeds pretty big ventures my health not board has been better than i thought then send you away today is really classes result so we ought to say here those kind of but i was thinking want ends up like the travel industry if people recognise that it was having sexual abandon flat then you know like can you can hold yeah i know it's hard to convince people ok let's not go about that yeah good point the all of the people who commute as these terrible
two hours each wake amused theirs something about how we just sort of drift into things but when you are forced to not do over two months maybe you just can't go back because you just say my god i feel so much better than will have to do that so thank you for the comments and questions language groups fat fingering let all right so i think we ve done enough for tonight i believe that we have now found ourselves down into a good place where we human beings will be in some ways observers to a fight between two viruses that's right i sent a fight between two viruses that's my dog making noise
is she here that one viruses the corona virus and the other is a series of ideas those ideas use human beings as their carriers exactly as the grown virus does so the credit crunch virus doesn't kill you directly it causes you to be programmed wrong and kill yourself likewise a bad idea could do that but in this case this idea is become like idea viruses they spread to other people and people learn what to do with their mass what what did drugs work how social isolation works and was bending the curve it's all these ideas formed like an army of ideas and there the other using our bodies as just a fortress is basically because the idea is that are fighting the other viruses really virus on virus one virus has a fish go and one hasn't sort of
conceptual idea form but is really the ideas are fighting the other physical virus humans are disorder receptacles basically we're just a battleground in a way the so if our ideas reprogram us productively weaken the part of building the other virus that's all i got safe now and i'll talk to you in the morning you know when i say that
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