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Episode 885 Scott Adams: Announcing my Candidacy for President of the United States

2020-04-03 | 🔗

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  • I’m your Backup Presidential candidate, Matt Gaetz for my VP
  • The TRUE purpose of social distancing in April
  • Chinese elite send their kids to American universities
  • Links and apps to address #coronavirus
  • Key questions SOMEBODY needs to ask the daily briefing

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Some pumpkin confront them from football from everybody got in here. It's time for another delightful episode of coffee was got items. You will be featuring the simultaneous up. Yes, it will. We will not be skipping that today I have a very special announcement soon as you get in here, but first for those of you who were fleet a finger fast enough to get in here, people were well prepared. People were not going to work anyway, you might well listen to me and all you need is a copper mugger, a glass it acre, jealousies, time, canteen, jogger flask of vessel of any kind velvety favorite liquid. Like coffee. He enjoyed the of the parallel pleasure.
The dopamine another day, the thing that makes everything better, including the pandemic, skull the simultaneous go. I can feel the death rates starting to decline already That's how fast it works? Well, the Big NEWS of the day is, of course, I'm announcing my candidacy for a president of the United States effective today now. There are some caveats. The cabbie us important number one I'm not gonna, feel elderly paperwork serve with any that's necessary to be on the ballot. Can somebody for you that for me? Maybe if there's something I have to say I could do that really into the paperwork so open somebody else who take care that, but here's the deal.
I'm not going to be running as a primary candidate, meaning now your first choice, I'm gonna be running as a backup choice. So if you liked, let's say President trumps job performance and he's running and I'm running you should vote for him. That would be my first choice. You should offer him if that is, if you like it, what he's done and you think he's better than the alternatives and even if you think, I'm better than him, you should stop programme right. So, if trappers and the race and these healthy and is doing a good job releases, goodies he's done so far. You should do we ve for him. You should give me no votes but we're in very uncharted territory. November is always away. People over seventy are not guaranteed to be healthy by November,
some percentage of people over seventy and the presence over seventy Miasm Health difficulties between November plus anything can happen. Perhaps the press, Does something that even the supporters don't like hasn't happened yet it could happen. So here's the deal. Democrats are not running a backup option because it looks like it's gonna be job, island and he's not really a backup option forget about the policies he's just simply not capable of function? in vat or any other job. You wouldn't hire him to be a barrister Starbucks. What do I don't think you up? I mean quite seriously you wouldn't so in normal times, your emergency back, our president, would be, Whoever is running in the other party. But right now we now have an emergency back, so I will be
Joe Biden, emergency backup if you're a Democrat and you dont want to vote for Trump. While you can vote for me, though, that would make sense binds knocking to win any way. So you give it a shot. I promise you that. I get elected, I will make a plan for covering everybody with healthcare, but will be more of a capitalist plan. Together may not be under one. So if you're dead that, then you want improved healthcare and you don't really have a candidate, because Joe Biden really isn't one when you think Trump isn't quite what probably a little bit better on healthcare. So for me, but if you Republican just for it, now, in the unlikely event, the Trump is maybe retires or he's unavailable or something happens here would be the people I would nominated for my administration
to see that one said. First of all, I would a good vice president, because I would plan to work from home and I don't do meetings so may not be the best present, because I'm not gonna gonna beatings and not with travel on the net not too much about paperwork, so I would appoint, as my vice president, somebody immediately. Take over I the first day of the job, I would just say, hey vice president, I really like this job anyway. Why don't you do it? If I may or may not step down, which would be optional, I just say it out Really, and all this president thing stuff frankly, rather do something else. So I need a strong vice president, so I think I'll pick that gates, as my vice president,
he doesn't have to agree with us, we'll just draft him and the theory is most most give these picking vice president, who sort of the weaker version of themselves, so you're never confused about who the best person is from the top of their ticket. My pants very solemn. I think he's one of the best vice president's just because he doesn't make mistakes. He's not as exciting as president tromp right, So is this the right way to do it? You wanna just have solid vice president, but my case since I have no qualifications for the presidency whatsoever. I would reverse net, so I would pick a vice president. Who could actually do the job better than I could I figured maggots as policies which are as far almost completely compatible with mine? And this is well known, Republicans my like em so out.
After much more vice president and immediately put him in charge upon my election, because I don't think I'd like to do the actual work Of course you hear some. Some of the rest of my cabinet and point is I would point to Adam Townsend as governor of Greenland. He might have conquered himself powers that be they even have weapons author Mark Schneider, of course, secretaries, energy, carbon Duncombe Secretary means obvious secretary defence. I think like Servage, like sewage secretary of defence under my administration, of course, of all Rebecca Secretary of awareness- we have the luxury of arson baby after you can take this back. Then, of course you Jack Posada probably was be secretary of state, but
don't you want, you can have another too. So that would be a good idea. What my administration will look like one thing about this road, a virus thing Is that really shows you whose useful and who is useless I saw her like today that actor junk Hoosac is saying we should try again to impeach President Trump. I'm thinking well, I don't think you could design the more useless person. If you wrote a movie script and said I was going to the movie, I'm going to write a script in the script is about the most useless person in the universe. What could be the most useless thing you can do in the middle of a crisis,
about impeach the president, John Cusack. If you're writing movie script on how to be the most useless, useless personally universe here, only good track, here's for you that I would not have asked weeks ago, There is some indication of courses anecdotal some indication that the drugs, Chloric Weeneth, if given early two people have symptoms reason maybe before they do, can be effective and there's some thinking again editorials, not proven that it might be the most effective if you give it to early on in the symptoms and then they won't progressed to needing, so that's unproven, but totally. That looks to be the case, and so I ask myself is that the way were testing it. So we know that there are a number of trials going on different drug trials.
But are we trailing hydrochloric waitin for people who were just getting symptoms, or Are we only testing it through people who were already in bad shape, where there is some indication that could help, but not nearly as much? Now again? If this were a few weeks ago, I was that it will obviously we're doing both. You know, if you're doing multiple joy trials, you're gonna do the obvious ones. So on trial where you give it to an early one trial where they get it later, but you can try both for those things. However,. Having seen the massive incompetence former professional so far here, I'm talking about the World Health Organization, the CDC are the surgeon general telling us that masks are not a good idea when you knew they were
So if we had not just witnessed obvious and unambiguous massive lying and incompetence. I would have said why you can count on the fact that are doing the right kind of drug trial right, but, as of today, I'm not so sure So this is something I would like the fact Jakob. Ideally, the task force will tell us today is there a trial of the clerk win that does not because on people were already bad off. Any trial of the people were to heed early. I don't need results yet, although I would think we might even have some preliminary ears But are we not even testing that cause? There's pardon me that's a little bit worried that we're not even threaten testing it.
Only because of the massive incompetence I've seen so far. Otherwise I wouldn't even question that I would like an answer that today Oh and in my tweet I said, I said something that is medically probably a terrible idea, which is that maybe people should be giving these is through my son and the hydrochloric green before they have some, but somebody the comments pointed out that if you taking an antibiotic use is through mess, Mason part you, like you, might just close the virus to become resistant. So you're probably doesn't make sense to take an antibiotic until you actually have sentence, but it might make sense. And again this is a question, not a statement today, three hydroxyl chloroprene ahead of any symptoms because islands, antibiotic per se,.
So there are two problems with the pandemic models that I can see, number one dimension, lessening periscope. If you're throwing the New York Data in with it, the country data and then averaging it you get an average that doesn't mean anything because it is like averaging and apple and orange you. So really. You should look at New York by itself as if it's the only country and the rest of the country, because there s the country is not nearly as bad off. So if you're, pretty acting what's gonna happen by throwing New York into the mix, its problem securing the average in a way that there is misleading You think. That's true organism confirmation by think that's true, but then some others, People point another problem with the model, and this is a pretty big problem, which is that the model say that, after the after the end of the court, the quarantine or the social distancing there
a number of deaths will be way down and that's the Good NEWS it would trend towards zero, except the experts say what happens as soon as you stop doing. Social the minute you stop it. Doesn't it just go right back up, in other words, if the social distancing, is doing nothing but delaying the bob you have exact. The same murmured ass. They just do you just spread about, spreading when I was a good thing in and of itself does of hospital capacity, but does it affect the total number of people who die? or is it just gonna be? The same position is nothing we can do in the next eighteen months. Rather long it takes to get a vaccination. As a very good question? And if you don't do that, then any
These numbers about total number of people are going to die or just nonsense, because it's based on magic and the magic would be after the after the social distancing is over and everybody just goes. Work, the magical assumption is it the pandemic. Doesn't just start right back in again, exactly like a was. Why wouldn't there's no reason when not a single reason that it would be Here's the hope, if we slow down, we can first of all it is a gigantic big deal with lower down, even if the same number of total DES, because you list, can you get your hospital capacity a little bit more under control, but maybe those other beds are a big difference to maybe will no more from the drug or else so I would say that it's a stalling technique to find out which are the network that feels like that's what that is, and I don't think that's been explained. So I think I'm explaining to you better than
the experts, because you have to know, what's what comes after what happens when everybody goes back to work. If there is no plan for that, there's no plan, so Biology of us- and as this suggestion, which I think is pretty good, we might be a sort of a sea by permanent world where were face. Masks are gonna, be important, so even after this pandemic passes, we might have lots of future needs for face, masks worried over a few weeks. Every year like that, and so the lawyer says why don't we Mecum cool, you know what are you build some stuff into a high tech transmits? Maybe it's got your phone in there when you like ever face mask a voice. Let us be good idea like a high tech, face mass, not not a cloth one but something more sinister.
It's already proposed in electronics and whatever could you back one in which you could talk, but only the the person on the phone and you ve got a phone microphone there, but always person. The falcon hear you. So, in other words, can be wearing a mask. Having a regular conversation was somebody on the phone through your mask, but people in the room can just here remember ill murmur. Maybe it doesn't bother me so much and maybe you could pose a heads up- display, though some not virtual, enhanced reality stuff so make a cool. Maybe let us compare what experts told you and when to what a cartoonist told you Ok, ok, though there is good to say well, how did the experts do compared to the non experts
and that doesn't mean that the very next time you should only listen to the experts, are only listens and not experts. Really this is just one day. But every now and then you should stop and say: how did the experts do just sort of running tally, so you no one to be skeptical overnight let me give you some examples. Was the first expert who said we should closely airports the flights from China. Was it the virologists or wasn't me, it was me it was me, so I was way before the experts say we should close flights, try right away. You can check that January. Twenty fourth was anybody before me. Who is an expert.
I am not aware of any aware I'm aware of Jack possible said it before me that we should close the borders and he's not a virologist. So just that one scale of should we close the airports of say the experts were following the non experts and you can verify that I mean there might be some experts who sang it before me, but check them. How about the question of whether masks were useful or not useful in the pandemic, who said first, the masks are probably useful, because data was that the experts, the CDC the World Health Organization, you're, surgeon, general and your taskforce, wasn't them or wasn't me. The answer me way before the experts admitted it. I told you Basques clearly, obviously
make some difference, and now the experts pretty much are all the great all right. So I was before the experts enclosing the airports before the experts on the efficacy of masks Where did you first here in public that Hydroxyl Chloric Queen the malaria drugs might be useful if taking early now, I'm not the person invented that idea. Of course I did come from the experts, but where did you hear a first probably for me. Right now, somebody might have from somewhere else, but probably most of Europe for me now again Let me right or wrong: we still have to test it and who knows if it'll work and up, but it's very Orton part of the conversation. Everybody agrees with that. You probably erna first for me at least to people watching this periscope what about convalescent blood therapy, where, where was the first,
play she heard of that as something that could work. Well, it's an old technique. So there are people who are aware of it, and certainly it opens groups libyan small ways we're talking about it, but You heard at first for me now I didn't make it up. I order from from in whose Leslie, like Endeavour You know you are and you're probably watching, but. That, probably you probably are there from non experts before you're there from experts our years whether one the experts are telling me that it might be dangerous, give people these malaria pills hydroxyl collar queen before they have something, and the reasoning is that We are certain conditions. If you have heard issues, I guess maybe something else the pillows could kill you, that's what the experts are saying. In fact, even this morning, a medical checks
told me, this said he you don't want to give these just everybody Willy nilly, because the pills themselves can kill people, and we know that if certain as there are certain condition, To which I say to the experts were a problem when you prescribed for Lupus, which you do every day. Is that a problem when you prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis, which you do every day is that a problem when you prescribe for malaria before we believe in how malaria every day so experts. Why are you telling me that this is a problem when it something has been done? First for decades for other conditions and of course you have exactly the same morning. It doesn't matter if you getting Lupus or malaria rheumatoid arthritis, it's gotta come from a doktor and the doctors gonna say
do you have one of these conditions. If you say yes, maybe you don't get it? If you say no, maybe again, it is. Different than all the other uses? So who would you listen to the doctors in the Spurts who say outer now this pill could be dangerous or the non expert who is telling me you here could be dangerous. We. That is no different than every other use who we're gonna believe me are the doctors, I would go with me honestly, I would argue another one. How much dna testing is being done of the people who have the worst outcomes verses once you do. That By doing that, which export is tell you yeah, we better to start testing dna get out of this fanaticism, anything about some people that makes them more susceptible
I am not aware of any or you do you think a month from now that nobody will be testing DNA to do exactly what I just said find out who's most susceptible. I guarantee it in a month. You're experts will be say, hey. I got an idea. What are we test for DNA? again. This is like my original idea. I got this from people were smarter work in this field, but you probably heard it from me so here is my point, even though I'm not I'm not your regional creator of anything any the stuff. I told you except the mass stuff was obvious. I'm not creator of its, not the original expert for but worry hearing you from If your experts have a lot of knowledge but they're not telling you that knowledge or these are you the opposite? Knowledge? Doesn't really? feel that they have their knowledge. You also need to be communicating it accurately,
I would say if you, if you're looking at this whole situation- and you were being even a little bit of objective, and you said who if you better information about this medical situation, it would be me I'm not even a little bit uncovered in about that opinion right. I think you too great. Let's see what else we gotta go around here, come up with the idea that it's a little half baked. Maybe somebody can help me with this, You know that my start up created its own crypto token? Lots of people do this in the past, but one should really crypto token interest or less wherever you don't have to close ever do anything you create the token they just lives in the internet forever, and I don't think
can ever change. I suppose anything can happen so the. When is a token. Thus on the internet and will live forever, no matter what you do but light most crypto currencies. You know its values starts out optimistically drops until it becomes vanishingly small, utterly and one it is at the moment, but here's my idea most. The reason that dollar bills are valuable is that the government back some here that the full faith and guarantee of the gun- Is what make sure? U S dollars worth something, because you know that if everything else when wrong, at least the government would take it when you pay your taxes, so there's always a market for a dollar. If only the government collecting taxes crypto currency. If you can guarantee that someone will ever what one than its values zero, so here's my idea, I'm going to pegs
tell you of the when two one role of toilet paper then one role of toilet paper will become the the backing. No years apart, I haven't quite figured out. Have to be able to figure out some way that you could legitimately trade, some when We get a role at all if it were actually get a robot olympic, some users worst periscope ever well. You ll have to ever listen to another one. Good for you, because if anybody can figure out how to do that like maybe it will require an actual warehouse, fuller toilet paper? and so your ears, the part of the deal you could distributing when which at the moment is worth nothing virtually nothing and to poor people,
and then all the poor people say I've got these crypto currencies, but it's not worth it and then a big toilet paper company could say we're gonna, pegging the well to you a roller toil of it. Will actually mail it to serve. You yourself, some of the when will send you some rules, a toilet paper. The moment there was an exchange So there you knew that one can be exchanged for actual real toilet paper. The one would have would have value and the moon has value all the poor people who got some would suddenly have money because they wouldn't have to use it for toilet paper. They could traded to someone else who didn't need toilet paper now. This is a Baked idea, pretty sure, there's something wrong with us and how practical is you need some big toilet maker Whither
toilet paper maker with a warehouse to sort of Bakit, but I think it would make a whole bunch of poor people rich or at least give them enough to buy food. You just distribute them a bunch of when, because we got lots of them they're not doing anything. Turn it into money by buy back here with toilet paper. So somebody tell me why that's bad idea. I pray a survey up on the internet, which is the following provocative question: do you think China will kill more people with which of the following methods? Will they kill more people with fentanyl cuz? Of course they allow their dealers to send it to the cartels, could turn it into fentanyl pills and kills him including my stepson, so that they can be forty two seventy thousand Americans per year, so will they kill more people with Sentinel keep my this is all intention
because the government of China could stop at any time they want. They know they actually know who the sentinel dealers are even sixty minutes interviewed over the top ones, the top one. So if sixty minutes can find you in China to reassure the government knows who you are too So that's one number, the corona virus. Well, we don't know yet could be doing two thousand dead could be two million that can get up they're pretty fast. How about climate change? if China is the biggest contributor to climate change What would the green new deal? People say in terms of the number of people who will die because of China specifically now, of course, it takes everybody polluting to get the result you got, but if one of them,
biggest polluter. You can probably say well, a quarter of the deaths were attributed to China or something like that right. Seventy without me, how many people do you think, will die from climate change over the next hundred years and would thus a twenty five percent of those deaths spirit, with its China, that's question: how bout the organ transplants, so, as you know, its alleged with high credibility that they use prisoners, probably political nurse and they they kill them on demand to sell their organs to people were buying organs from both from China from other countries. Now because of the quota virus, a lot of people are going to have their lungs destroyed.
There is already information that China, maybe executing prisoners just to take their lungs and hearts and translate them into people, would be willing to pay for it because it can. Apparently people will pay a lot. For an organ. So how many and wiggers and floods followed, fallen flung down whatever that is, Emily dissidents and political prisoners will be used for parts. Will that kill more then than sensible or chrome virus or climate change. So that's a question, no suggestion that I've heard a few times as, if were every american death caused by China. We should kick out of the country and the chinese citizens that are, for example, going to our universities. Apparently that's a big deal for chinese elites to send their
Two american universities, the ivy leagues, so that would hurt quite a bit because the elite really have a pretty big incentive to send their kids to american high end colleges say it gives you say it's nothing, personal, it's nothing, personal, we're just gonna, go in alphabetical order and we're just gonna send one student home for every death, and we can just do a weekly batch him up and say Well, there's a thousand sentinel DES and we thank you for a hundred people died from proto virus, so we'll send back fourteen hundred chinese Those who are using this country from writing things that could be rich people who just have houses here here we could send back and confiscate their houses. We could take their stock says they own any.
Assets in the United States. We could just say I well knows nothing personal we're just doing this now for medical order, And literally just start with, they just are sending them back in alphabetical order, and the thinking here would be if your letter, if your letter f you don't you your last name in China starts with enough and you watching. A girl and then the bees go home and the sea is gone. Well, the elites who are a letter f. Beyond? I guess a holy cow there about killing. My kid is: gonna be sent home from Stanford MIT Harvard, wherever and that's it you're not gonna. Have our real education is just come on, come on Oh, would they start saying? Maybe we should not be sending sentinel to the United States with the elite say let this and they are bad. For me,
it was okay when it was only bad for dead Americans. I didn't care, you said the chinese elite, but now it's affecting me, so maybe we should rethink it cuz. I want my kids to go to Ivy League School, so I think if we were to do this, we should do it by formula and it would be called an effective to just do it. An alphabet explorer cause alphabet of glory is such a strong message that has not personal because of this it has nothing to do with the individuals who are getting kicked out has nothing to do with it. Just is just numbers and if you want to keep telling us China well, the sun went all we're, not even killers amended, I would say that be mild response when you for every person they kill our. There was send somebody home. That's a pretty mild response. I don't even think that that's extreme, so we can be doing that.
My city over my start up, Dick Galiani, is It is trying to figure out a way to to help things with the krona virus, and so is using its technical at technical expertise. Is to put together a virtual online summit for blockchain development, ideally for list primary purpose. Right now is for the APS that may use the blockchain. They would have some immediate healthcare indoor krona virus solution, so it's. A is a general platform for people want to learn a little bit more about blockchain development for the purpose of developing some kind of a useful app now doesn't have to be for that purpose. You could just go there for general information. But I tweeted it in my list of online online sources. So it's a pin tweet the has all the different links to different thing.
Don't talk about those limit, but one of them is the block covered line summit. So if you, if you can't find the leg, just Google Google block covered, summit or you could go to ad block covered and you'll see the links of sight. I tweeted in its day said it's a pin. Account. I asked for people to put in links to various apps and websites and stuff that would be useful for The crisis so some of the ones I know about just just to tell you what's going on so besides the one I just mentioned, there is the project. And ninety five, the com, where buyers and sellers of this people we can find each other
that's a good one, there is one I put on there and get you can find. The actual links on my pinned tweet is linked to the people where you can take your temperature everyday just on your own, and then you enter into the. The after the website, your temperature and the idea is that, as anybody gets elevated temperature, if you might be able to identify hot zones, so you know if you found that let's say the people in my zip code suddenly started to in shop in temperature may be going to so. Those are just some of the many ideas and a lot of people have submitted links for them. So goody goody. Look at that! by the way, if you're wondering why you would use blockchain as opposed to other technologies, for then we can have some of the event.
Images, are that it's say distributed system, so you don't need to build a database, the other data they lives, distributed in the internet some of it is privacy. Some of it is it's easier to do things across borders, so you don't have to worry about the banking regulations, etc. If you just moving block gene and tokens and stuff the guy, are too involved in it. So those are some of the benefits and no expert here is the question which is so missing, which is this is a question for the reporters today for the task force I'm pretty sure that there are some reporters watch, these periscopes and here's what I suggest as a question for the next press conference. Mr President and MR, President, are you already taking drugs clerk Queen
The members of the task force through by the nature of their job do have to. Sort of need and rooms and they can do their social distancing, but I'm pretty sure the president is not a thing six feet away from people. I just don't know if it's even practice, for him to do his job, so the question I would ask is: are they already high clerk when and why not? Why not. If you don't see that question asked today, I will be amazed. Because assumes you hear the question you said yourself you gotta ask that question. Europe is a yes or no and we'd like to deal with them Here's the related question. Are we aware of any one in the United States? Who is a medical professionals who was taking the Hydroxyl chloric Queen in advance of infection, that another?
it's just a guess who also went on to have to be an event later. Even one is there any even one person who felt sad description now. This is not a scam study obviously, but I am assuming that by now we have many thousands of healthcare workers who probably anecdotally, were hearing reports in this. Probably or taking prophylactically, in other words, in advance of having a problem. So. We have thousands of healthcare workers and we know some number them, unfortunately, are gonna get infected, no doubt about it, because they're just there just too close to it all the time So other people who got the infection, also taking the drug before they got the infection doing even one case where a progressed to needing ventilator,
because enough time is borne by right. Where is that, Bruce zero is still not a it's, not a scientific test. You can't take it to the bank, but I'd feel better when you I'd feel better. If I knew that a number of zero and if it turns out as one or two or whatever, that I'd start asking? You know where their underlying under and the underlying issues. So those are the main things happening today I was suddenly there says they're taking a low those. Here. I don't know if that's a good idea, isn't that, are you get into the hoarding doo doo doo
yeah, as has Chris Cuomo said. Yet, if he's what what methods of unease take you down here, they'll be good case by the way, my hat off to Chris Cuomo. I hope that he can he was working even as he has symptoms. I realise that you know: thou be people who say that's gonna, show boating coffees coughing trying together is interviews but on the other hand it's real, it's now show boarding. If it's real, if it's real and he is willing to keep working. I would be very interested in watching their programming. I've told you before that
Watching for a squirrel interviews, brother, the governor of your New York, is some of the best. Just some of the best tv around me is fascinating to watch that so I'd like to keep silent so best of luck to Chris Cuomo for a speedy recovery, but I hope that you stick with us and let us, let's see the whole process, and I hope it turns out well that's about all. I got here not affair Scott, but would vote for us God just on the waiting list, but I promise I'll get the federal guy out of the way business states will still get to make some decisions, but I'll get the federal government and by the way, I'm pretty sure that maggots would do the same. Save you You know what my policies would look like. I haven't
match them, but I've gotta feeling the mass graves really really close a lot of stuff from you. How do you addressed the green new deal to healthcare to weed? I think a lot of a rugged. We really close. I haven't check, but I think so Yeah I've heard of people who I know one person who hasn't gotten a test result spend almost two weeks. So this is somebody who actually you waited waited and got the test, had the right symptoms to get the test and two weeks ago and buy without a result. Two weeks now,
Scott running at a gas document Meer or the world. Somebody says the antibiotics help with secondary infection yeah. So the reason that people take the malaria, drugs plus visas from Iceland is if they do get the of the virus. These information helps the infection part, whereas the malaria, drugs sore, prevents it from from your body from go nuts and then the zinc handsome. Some benefit to, let's see what about cruise ships. Oh, let me talk about an idea. I don't I'm not sure if I totally understand this, but Somebody on the internet was suggesting that if we don't have a better plan that that their sort of an emergency backup plan,
So we hope will have a better plan that would have your therapeutics and vaccines sooner than we think in your stuff like that, but maybe maybe not so. The other plans to put people in the same point The hotel or perimeter cruise ship were put someplace that their only together and they don't leave with the idea of intentionally infecting them, So the idea would be to put groups clusters of people who volunteered to say living in an apartment or a hotel or some some identified space. With the express intention of infecting them, but to also in fact them lightly, so that they don't get that the full dose which barely makes Difference if you, if you're just marinating in the virus, it will They cover your immune system pretty quickly and you're in bad shape. If you get a little trace of the virus,.
And here you are immune system- gets a little bit of warning before the virus gets to beg. Then there's a fair fight, so there seems to be a big difference. Whether you get early, whether you get a little bit of those, were big those, even though both of them can, in fact so the idea would be to give people intentional small doses. Treating them early. I assume this part. I might be adding to the idea so you give them my drugs clergy, and if that works and it works. When you get there So you build a group of people. All have immunity, and then what save all tested positive, but they don't have it doesn't look like they have, they would spread it. Then you just released them into the wild and you ve created a whole bunch of immune people. You just do it again with another batch now without work or without just spread
these everywhere, it definitely falls into the category of. If you don't, a better idea, maybe try it so like the safest thing in the world for a variety of reasons, but what we're doing now might not be the safest in the world. Let's see Just looking at your comments, some of them, I don't want to read out loud because none of you have medical opinions Asher, I wonder randomly spelt the medical opinion, something in the comments if the right, so he says this is the concept of a vaccine. Well, not exactly because of action would be a non none deadly version. You can't be a little bit pregnant. Actually you can with a virus fairly
can be a little bit pregnant, meaning that you can ever a low initial viral load. Verses. Island of now on the same point. There was his story was then a Washington state where there was a choir who decided to hold their choir practice, despite the fact that the quota virus was becoming a. Everything, but these stay had not yet told people not to meet in groups was right at the end of when you could still mean in the group, and they did And the problem was they under choir practice, of course, same room, and I think there were something like forty five of them who ended up with a virus and the thinking which sounds lodge to me is not just that they were in the same room and not just that they did not do social isolation, they knew they were close to each other. But there was something that some thinking that this
Itself might have been contributing, meaning If you say in your exhaling, more aggressively you're, all standing together, exhaling aggressively cause you're, saying so that might have been the very worst situation that you could possibly imagine where a bunch of people with no face mess are exhaling air in the same splay space for a couple hours, I'm probably couldn't have been worse and sure enough. The results show it. The others. Navy carrier was with a bunch of infected people on it. So probably learn something from that. That is how it is. I just saw em ass and sole article them DM days. Leave you a stronger resistance and our northern DM two years.
How are you certain the virus and the surface of cancer food restart? I? Why so minutes? I assume it is Everything has to be seen as statistics and, following the odds the odds of getting the virus. If you're in a chorus it's in one room and all things really loudly and exhales seems to be very high. So don't do that the the eyes of getting from intense personal interaction with somebody, has it very high, so don't do that, but The odds of getting it because you took a walk in the park is possible right again Because a second float around in the air and who knows you stopping at a dog and it's on the dog.
So could you get it from a walk in the park by yourself? The answers, I guess, maybe but the odds of getting it that way or so low that that not be really contributing much to the viral spread. Where is the only way anybody ever got? It was taking you walk in the park, It would not reproduce fast enough to be viral, so that's not forget a risk that I would avoid. Has taken walks good for you too. Likewise, your question was: how can you be sure it's not under the cans of food or the food itself in the answers it probably is somewhere in some grocery store. I'm sure it's on southern may mean the odds. Are that seem like honour percent somewhere in the in the whole supply chain. But what are the odds? Are you gonna get it that way. So, let's say you, your bag. Groceries is delivered to you.
And you hear you open it up and you take things out. You put him away, but you make sure you don't touch you face, maybe wearing a mask when you do it. Immediately thoroughly sure hands after you, ve touched everything. Do you then need to go back and Schwab? thing down, like all your cans and wash was so pure, your vegetables and stuff like that, while a priori, but do it, because the way I'm gonna play the odds is here. If somebody has a ninety percent chance and giving it to me like attending acquire practice, I'm not going to do that If something has a review, one percent chance of giving it to me are probably still do that. If everybody act that way- and they avoided
ninety percent chance of getting it, but they did do the things that will give you a one percent chance of doing it. We still be okay because it would bring the the rate of reproduction down below giving it a one person making more than one person thing So you can't reduce your wrist zero from your groceries, You can do the obvious stuff, wash your hands, throw away the bag throughout the baggage luxuriance, but I don't know there's the risk is a big worry about that too much here, I am not giving you my personal medical opinion. I am imitating the doctors working on the front lines who said- experiences they are dealt with under or how many hundreds of patients that they all know where they got it? Basically, all not honour percent?
but mostly they know where they got it and they got it from a person and they got it from a person that they interact with what he's not seeing is people coming in saying I have no idea where I got it because I've been socially isolating and just taking walks. So is now saying that, and those people of course are handling, your groceries because they have to eat. So if it's happening is lots ethic were safely. We can see them. Even the garbage man and all that. But my guess. All the outdoor stuff is just not going to be your big problem. I would use water found, but that's about it.
Yesterday, as ninety rules now see wipe it all down here, you know if, if you get people word special risk, then maybe you wanna take it to another level if, if only to make you feel better information feel better. It's worth it. If you have, the time is right. Don't want to give up. My reusable bags in here are you carrying Euro area. Well, that's a good question because you know what I thought this was just a few weeks. I thought well, there's a whole bunch of stuff you can put off for a few weeks, but a haircut is now suddenly. You were offered two months,
if you're me anyway, so I'm gonna have to cut my own here. It looks like that's cover enough. I don't see anybody in person is likely make much difference. Stock market predictions yeah, the stock market will be spotty in choppy, was estates body and choppy for a long time. So you can have your days when it's up five percent terrorism is down send them. Some states do well with some new doo doo poorly, but in the long run the a broad basket of stocks of the United States. Probably going to be among your safest investments. I don't give financial advice, and so you should not consider that financial advice. But if you are Warren Buffett- and somebody said what should I do, I think you tell you the same thing, which is, I think he tell you that there are no guarantees, but if you wanted to look historically and even based on
duration. What country is the safest place? The park, your money, probably the United States and if you get a park in the United States, was the safest asset class the burden. Probably a broad based your basket of the bigger stocks in the United States. Probably so that's all I got for now and I'll talk to you later tonight. You dollar time, ten, ten pm Eastern Sevenpm Pacific and I will I will see that I also stay safe everything's under control.
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