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Episode 886 Scott Adams: Swaddle up to Your Screen. It’s Time for Positive Thoughts Before Bed.

2020-04-03 | 🔗

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Bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump a bone. Everybody money it's time for a positive thoughts. While swaddling lay soft blanket tried to feel going about things. I have now watch theatre, your king, but I feel like I just sort of have to everybody is talking about. Maybe I'll have to wait into that So yesterday I tweeted- and I quote it's too quiet today- Something big is coming. Now I don't know if this was it, but today the President announced. That is moving the military against the drug trade from as well this is soon after he said that I think they put a price on Madeira.
Of Venezuela. Cipher try and pretty hard to get them out of their fathers server. Two four because number why they could slow down some drugs. Denies on drug money to the Andorra regime, is very uplifting Because her oil revenues down, but the edges, in theory is so usually good news. Here's the Good NEWS. Venezuela. In China work and the big trading partners until all? all the stuff. I guess so stance that China can be wish that this part of the world by by get rid of her to hold in Venezuela. Can we go the good in the long run could began a good
so I've gotta feelings. Something is gonna happen militarily, that my bigger than just going moving ass the year, the drug trade. I've got a feeling that maybe this is all about putting pressure on Maduro. Getting military assets a little bit to play. If you know what I mean, because I think we're negotiating with them is always easier to negotiate. Have. Your entire military within shooting distance Just is the neighborhood's about the drugs. You don't have anything to do with the drugs. Do we're just after the drugs yet we do have a lot of warships. Here is just about the drugs, so it seems that is now considered a fact. We always have to be careful about these things, but The news, a ball size is now correct me if I'm wrong. Considering the fact,
China lied about their deaths, double which This led our exports about? severe it was which cause not to raise the alarm is lovely, as they might have accurate information, and it looks like That's maybe the explanation for why we always start. You can always argue. We should have had more ventilators stuff like that and that's covers, Is it worth having but now, though, we know that China absolutely screw the world on this by lying about about it was. They haven't even stopped offence in all trade, how long's it been. How long ago was that they promised, I will take care that fence and also so It took me a long time to come round to the the idea that China's guy was intentionally doing things to kill Americans.
But I don't know what you're thinking but the effect of others, London, Americans so I'm pretty sure that at the end of this there's glory, the serious reckoning. I think, the President Smart and you Downloading it at the moment, because he was the source of food sources. Far products to China, so in our presidency to tat place I think in the long run, China's galloped answer for I promise you I will answer some questions and I will. David Angel ass to think over Do you think Joe Biden will get to the finish line in October or November and the answer is I don't think so But you know you can only, for the odds are these things, so anybody says yes or no. There's just kidding you. I had to put the odds on it.
Joe Biden actually being a candid aid and being the candidate and still being the race. Arnold, today, twenty five percent, maybe sl the odds. Maybe forty percent. Are you a forty percent still in the race for ever and a variety of reasons that could change Everything we do as normal is over. Well, that's not true government other. I think that There will be some things that change a lot. And other things that approval art. So things get worse. It will be different, but eighty five percent of life is good exactly the same, Rebecca says, tell us more stories during
nighttime swaddling story time. Well, I'm glad you asked Rebecca fuller stories what kind of stories with would you like the funny kindly embarrassing kind. I use a story that a friend told me Now this requires you to know what they are. I bridle The figure for those before giving the same stories. So let me tell you what my first jobs I was working on my uncle's farm somewhere, dairy from it sort of walking distance. If is made a the long walk so my siblings. I wouldn't woodworth their mostly my brother and I am We do every by bad farm job. You could do we literally shovelling manure and yoga the hay and other fields and pilot, oh bills, and no
can cows and cleaning leave cleaning. Everything basically so at all is terrible, Egypt, but one of the jobs was that you had to get the cat how's, that we call it was just called getting the cows, And what I meant was that during the day, the cows would be left, let em the barn and there was several hundred acres. My lad. And it was for us than open part. Son, swab and stuff is very vague. And so the forty or so cows, I think programme, forty one, out into the into the forest, They were mostly hang around within sight of each other because their cows cows I heard instinct they tend to be not too far away from each other, and so the process of going in getting them gathered them up and hurting
back to the barn and across the street was something that everybody worth of the farm had learned. It was Your turn eventually turned to go: get the gas now this was easier than you think because it would be a trained cow dog the dog would actually do all the work. So the dog would learn from other doors as EU teach a cow dog, the way a cow dog, dogs and get him back at night and stuff. Is you just introduce a puppy You, I think some breeds are better than others, but just introduce a puppy. To a situation where there is already a train dog and the older all just teaches a third cows scan of an amazing process so anyway well trained train carried out. And it was my turn for twenty five cents, which was the payment for this task. I had to you take my train dog stick cuz, The girls are often together attention
as bad as it sounds. Usually the sticks were sorry. Switches bendy than the ones and cows are literally men, leather, so you you can pretty hard. For, though, even look at you why you do you, the other cow. What really hard and the cow just be eating grass it'll be like, I feel like there's a fly on my backers. Only. So further by will stick in Macao dog in my twenty five cents they went out to get the council that you have done. There was like before little bit before dark, so go out there and I tried to get around behind the The cows and the dog is the other way around pursued, I've lost the dog. So now, not only if I now held the cows, got any cows back and they seem to be like dispersing lately. Washed, Oliver cow instincts suddenly, instead of hurting
And just sort of automatically going back to the barn as they ve done every day of their life. They decided when they saw me. It's just sort separate and they just started dissolving into different parts of the list. Up in the forest, and Like all my got, the dog losing all the cows, some like going deeper and deeper into the swamp charters, to get around them? Well, if I get a few cows moving, usually that's why she you get a few cows moving in the right direction and then there goes, the herd instinct kicks in? like whoop cows, that direction, but I guess I'll go though I know just organ I couldn't get behind. The council, then it's getting dark now lost which direction is the cows still in the middle of the swamp, no coward dog I've lost all forty cows. It is dark and I don't
which direction is home. This is before cellphones, as you can imagine add like oh, I guess, I'm really sleepily swamp or abandoned or somethin. So eventually I a scam, scam and it was my uncle who read the farm and maybe my brother, who somebody else who with them and they it's called out to me and I called back early- They found me with your flashlights and took me back to safety. But they're, taking back and or feeling really bad, because I didn't get Erica House. And I lost the dog in the forest, so I'd like I we can't go back yet What do I have all the cows and I've even lost the dog do My uncle said another: the dog took the cat back to the barn an hour ago, I got a complete loss in the swamp
And the dog just took care of it. So the dog, just one rounded up all the cows, took him back to the barn with the dog, does that was the dogs job dog? Wasn't it the doors job to follow me around The dog had the job description to care of business. True story, So. What is more stories like Alice stories? You know I do. One day by my grandfather was my uncle's farther than the same farm. Was working in the field and he thought he heard something it turns around. This is and abstained New York on the dairy farm, It turns around and there's an elephant standing. Actual live elephant. Standing behind them whose own field on the floor,
it turns out that a few you farms down the road Was company that world train elephants, so there, The train elephants for various circuses and there their main elephant. A name I forget some surrogacy. They ve got away just like one for a strong. So, So my grandfather was just like work on the farm and turns, ran, there's an elephant so I wasn't wasn't much of a punchline third storey story, but you know your standards alone was, let's face it. It was, nonetheless, you have lower standards rooms. You see all your my taking measures story. I know you do. As I told the story before only once environment hallucinogens, and it was mushrooms, it was
what I just go to college and came to San Francisco and there's some a new from college. I will give you any details. But she had. I decide to try some mushrooms. Now, normally, of course, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't know You taken Diego crazy and the other dangers but she had done so from the same bag they before with some other peoples. If you knew how much to do- and you know that is the others particular bag really what it was mostly. So? Some of the main questions of risk were answered. Because it was unknown quantity. Those she talk me into it, and so it's like And if you do my God, it is terrible, really taste And we decided that we would just take a street car that J Church Streetcar too
the beach we were just watch the sunset, and that was our plan, and pretty much my whole life changed that night. And the reason for my life changed as it was my first distinct experience. Of a different reality, the still work and its The fact that it is still work the positive changes you forever because you'd see reality like you'd, never seen it before like yours brand new. So Report of it from here your hand, do the cars in the trees were just brand new, like you, visiting another planet and see things for the first time? But You still knew what they were. Use them. You can navigate your world just perfectly. You wouldn't want to drive a car or something like that, but in terms of your just, u existing and going in having a snack in water.
The block and stuff you can do all that stuff but you are a completely different world- what you get from, that that you keep forever. Is the idea that your reality there may be some base of J? the reality, but it is not available to you If there is an objective real base, reality the odds are you can perceive. It are low because we The people could have completely different movies in their minds and they all work. You can believe that trust, there's a monster. Somebody else can leave, use the Saviour and he whom, both by, All it paper on a good day, but maybe not lately, so we went to the beach and every time somebody got on the street car. I remember thinking it was the most entertaining they had ever seen, because people's faces are so different from from,
one to the other, that everyone was just like a marvel limit. It like I just couldn't, stop looking at them just the way their faces. Went to the beach. And it may have been the best sunset of all time. Or it could have been an sunset, and I was really in the mood for it, but the the other thing I learned is just how Do you feel. Because I had never felt that good before or even close. The amount of good you feel under those conditions is so good doesn't map to any other experiences at some sort of a multi. All of the best thing you ve ever felt, but I've had a passing interest in doing it again, Does it does feel like the sort of thing there one
You ve done it. You don't need to do it. If you know what I mean but one once you ve seen behind the door the curtain. Let's say you know what it wants you to look behind the curtain. You don't need to look a second time, cuz, you've already seen. What's back, and what's back there is that reality is far more subjective, then our normal experience would suggest so there's that you see what other questions, yet thoughts well with the general said today. Well, you, the general was very persuasive. If you saw the press conference I thought he was good at being the general who knows. What's going to happen, there is solely that nobody knows really what's gonna happen. Did you ever finnish watching a star is born, I did not. For those of you know the newest version of the stars, bored with Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper.
I didn't watch it the rest of it. Is that first by the movie was so perfect rule the moon is that good that I couldn't watches second part, because the first part was just too perfect. Like you very much I've never had that experienced before I didn't want to ruin the movie by watching the rest, because, let's face it, these movies you sort of Peter out after a while longer than they need to be. A word you see, this must be an old comic from oh yeah, my back and interesting. How'd you, like writing. A book into a system, seems goal oriented to? Well, it's very good question really Bali, and here's your answer. If you're trying to do something as big as write a book, from someone who has written eleven books all evidence of Moscow. Every time it seems impossible,
every time a ready write, a book you day? Why do you think. How many words on a page it is to have the right. Those like a rewrite this. How many and matters relating to throw away completely unjust start over, and if he's If you play with the enormity of it, you just kick start. Study you into submission, but there's a we're thing that happens when you start just working added in little chunks. If you can get going that They suddenly start adding up, because time flies, which is bad you tried to enjoy yourself, but is good when you're doing something unpleasant like trying to finish writing a book, so You can get to the end of the nine months, whoever alone it's gonna. Take it to do it. That nine months just sort of always goes fast. That's just the way the world there are. Everything goes fast.
So, what I would say is the main thing is to take the smallest, smallest increment and then just do that for me the smallest and promote unaware restart I just open a blank page, They start writing titles. This this title this title, this title lovely a bunch of tunnels, little neither was it like and they'll get down to what I call a working title. And the working title. Is what I need to make sure that everything right can be tight back to that in some logical way about the straining to make the title makes sense, but I almost always change the title, so it I don't know how many times well enough. It's always but often I'll have a working title for quite a long time Changes are boy than my. Maybe my publisher editor look at it. They say Alice run this by the salespeople than salespeople say this week. It would be better than there were
so tell severely iterative process so don't start with the title, and then start writing. You first sentence and your first sentence it should be the sentence. You re right, the most. So they'll be lots of sentences new book, they write and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite that's normal. But the first sentence. If you're doing, if you dont, know right we'll be there. You re right, the most if you write a good for a sentence and you just look at it and that's the one that you do end up with when you're done with the book, you probably have a bad book. I realize that's harsh, but that first sentence Hasta just do a lot of work, because this The first impression the first sentence tells people out there. We feel for the rest of the book, and you can kind to tell you You spend it. I writing. Reading books pick up any book. Read the first sentence
No, I was gonna, go. Don't you're amazing important, though you can be a little sloppy later on when people have a sense of what the book is. They decide it. Is they like it better first sentence. You gotta rewrite the a lot. So Bali outside try for a working title, open, open document. In writing a few opening sentences. Anything. In terms of rewriting the opening sentence. Twenty to fifty times. And you might actually I'm one. You like ray several chapters and then still Go back and change it twelve, fifty more times those very difficult For me, there are various different process that there's or to do with my specific process? I've told you they studied persuasion for decades, as as part of holding my writing talent and that's a perfect example.
Because what a a writer would maybe not obsess about as much his efforts sentence. But I would upset about it because I know the importance of the first impression. Suddenly you learn. This persuasion Lee, you might well learn with writing. So much hypnotize, you ok Already able to issue, but I'm not gonna, put you in a trance goes like this. I know you're wondering if I can. But part of the reason they you watch these periscopes as you think What I can do some things that other people can do and. As you listening to a. U wondering can the actually do that can equally suggestion in my mind, that will actually change? My programming.
And the answer is yes, I most the train to do that have been doing for decades. It's easy And all really requires that you be open to it. So if I were to suggest the thing that you didn't want? the work at all because you wouldn't be open to it in this most important requirement: But suppose I suggested. The? U added unusually good night sleep tonight,. How many of you would object, to the idea knows brings attached to simply having a really good sleep tonight How would you feel if azure drifting off tonight you remember that I told you that you would They can you even sleep here, because you're thinking is a working. I can't
if I'm sleepy, because I was sleeping room sleepy because the cartoonist, who is also a hypnotist Told me that I was And then you gotta be starting to think Am I doing this on my own, or is it because he suggested That you remember my voice exactly the way here right now, hear my voice. And you get to hear my confidence. Are you gonna hear me tell you this, oceans when you are open to them, always were and you are open to them, because you like to have a good night's sleep. The always feel better when you do. And you associate a good night's sleep now my voice, the suggestion that you're gonna have an amazing amazing night asleep. When are you and if you don't have the best sleep tonight.
You might notice that it happens tomorrow. Could be the night after. And you may notice is just the average starts to improve. Some of you will start right away with incredible night sleep, the really refreshing kind, with either no dreams, I remember, or that good kind and Did I feel, refreshed relaxed when you wake up And you're going to wake up and you're gonna think yourself. I feel good. Today, terrorism, normal. And then you gotta think about the suggestion. I'm giving you and you're going to say then it is that why, And the more you think about the fact that I suggested it And the more you realize that we could be a coincidence, but you notice that you can sleep better in the future, is Zadig coincidence and you associate your ability to sleep better.
Your memory of my voice as you here it right now you'll be able to replace my voice. In your mind, almost perfectly effect. If you weren't, you feel it right now in a way that you could remember, I'm going to count to twenty. And what I reach twenty we if you want to Those are you don't want. Experiences can just observed, but if you weren't you for close your eyes right now and just listen. You can listen to make out twenty and you will find that the recent Thing about my voice, something about my cadence the way I talk The nation more relaxed, as I count up from one to twenty and as I count.
You'll find yourself getting deeper and deeper and more relaxed and with each count, you'll go deeper. But if I were to reverse the count from twenty back toward one, temporarily or permanently you'd, start to feel Leslie Morwick. But if I were to reverses again and came back to twenty, it would be, much more profound and you go deeper more quickly. And so now you can feel yourself relaxed make sure that your feeder Well in the ground or your propped up, so you can, you can support. Software is really muscles and list,
my voice. I should go deeper, one going deeper to going deeper, three four going deeper, now more relaxed. Failure, arms, heavy your legs, heavy! all your muscles. What is your time as you think about them around your body, each of them relaxing think of the muscle relaxes think if you know neck muscles and they relax, seven doesn't matter if I skipper number nine getting. Three ten going deeper and more relaxed, listen to my voice and play it back when you want to relax in the future, one thousand one hundred and twelve going deeper and now
I'm going back the other way, you'll be a little bit more awake, ten thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. You feel yourself waking up a little bit six and now back feels better to go this way. Doesn't it seven more
much deeper this time, each each time you go towards one? Are you get deeper than the last nine nine going deeper ten eleven going deeper, thirteen deeper now twice as deep fifteen twice as deep began. Sixteen seventeen eighteen now very deep, very relaxed feeling very good, almost floating eighteen nineteen, twenty now completely relaxed and going even further twenty one.
And now a very, very relaxed twenty, two and you'll be able to kill yourself into this relax state. By listening to my voice in your head and playing a bath. And if you want to take yourself out of the state, while you can just wake up anytime, you want unfeeling reference. Or you could hear me counting you back as I will do now so from your totally Like state twenty nineteen, eighty, started to get a little bit more awake now, sixteen fifty in starting to wake up twelve nine, eight starting to wake up six, seven skeletal great when you, when he commanded
Five for almost completely wait now three to shake your muscles. One totally way and feeling better than you thought you could feel surprise Similarly better in such a short amount of time, and now tonight. When you go to relax close your eyes The weight of the day is off of you. You'll, hear my voice and your count to twenty in my voice and you'll drift off to sleep at that. Here's my little gift for you today and I will see you in the morning. You know when today I'm Easter, Sunday and Pacific for the simultaneous
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