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Episode 890 Scott Adams: Swaddle With Scott is Happening Now!

2020-04-05 | 🔗

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  • When should we go back to work?
  • Who should go back to work first?
  • Hydroxychloroquine is STILL an open question

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Bump bump comparable: oh that's, better basin, soft and warm just the way I like it well, I have always been since I saw you last twelve hours ago. It doesn't seem like twelve hours says it feels like. I was just here, they'll Mars on well he's gonna have to wait. You can record him.
So it looks like the number of new death spiked quite a bit today. I got all excited because it went down yesterday. It was down from the day before so here are the numbers so on April first, it was one thousand and forty nine, but I dropped a little on the next day April, second, to nine hundred and sixty nine, but then the third jump from nine hundred and sixty nine to one thousand three hundred and twenty one. That's a pretty big jump percentage wise I keep her complaining about, does seem good numbers for stuff, and apparently New York is doing a good job of it. I was not aware that Andrew Quo is is doing exactly what I keep saying. The task force should do properties,
different state, which is to show how much they think they ll need of each of the pieces of equipment and shortage. Then show how many they think they can get pretty basic right. Here's what we think we need here's, what we think we have so why then, why the federal government couldn't do this also is beyond me. But here's what we know so apparently the predicted about of ventilators the prediction changes a little bit, but I think the most cruel one is the have twenty five thousand patients who will need them at the peak let them, but the most, but there that they only fifteen thousand available, so there are fifteen. Available beer with all of their different sources in New York City for twenty five thousand patients.
So it's really gonna make a big difference. If there s a of twenty five thousand as accurate as there can be, ten thousand people. Who basically just drought in there all lunges, because we don't have enough and letters there. If I had to bet, I would bet, will close that gap meeting that either the number of deaths will be less than this worthy. Maybe maybe they start giving you a drugstore queen in there just the fewer deaths. That would be the optimist. We don't know yet. If that drug works But maybe or I would think, we'll get more ventilators, so at least that's within it feels like that's within striking distance right still emergency level problem, no doubt about it, but feels like we might.
Bill to close that gap, but then I saw I was going to print it out. Just didn't have time before we got in there, but he also showed the number of masks, and I think you have correct me if I'm wrong, but the number of masks, I think that they would need, was something like one million and the number that they have available is one or two million. What.
I think I saw their right that the number of masks leaders, twenty million and the number that they think they can get is one or two. I think I read their right and some of the other materials are in short supply as well. Now remember what river bribe and tell you the whole time they? U you being the citizen of the United States, would act differently if its closer to zero percent that is closer to ninety percent. This is pretty good example right. How do you feel about the fact that New York City might be short like ninety percent short, most vital thing? The masks really big problem now, even if they start to reuse the masks that still gets you from you, maybe two million master for
or six any need twenty, so they're, not even in the ball park, and that's with you are that three m was allowing some sales and of the country. Now my understand these, rather than it wasn't three m per se that was living matter. The country was the distributors and three I was just sell. You to distributors and distributors are doing what they do is sell it wherever they can sell it, but I imagine that three of could have stopped their distributors should do if they require them to do that. So that's a good example of something that clearly was a mistake, meaning that we should have stopped that from the from the jump. But if we corrected it quickly, that's not so bad The present came out. Maybe you should its recommended banal required,
where some kind of a face mask when you go out in public, doesn't probably shouldn't be one of those high grade medical ones. Cuz. You want to save those for the save those for the pros and then the funniest thing was watching the surgeon general come on and try to explain why the new recommendation was completely different than the old recommendation. Did you see that oh cringe worthy because he was he was so busted and the old men who will never know the story of why the original recommendations were soldiers awfully wrong. I suppose he was believing the World Health Organization, maybe or or use acting to reduce shortages as possible but all man. I feel so sorry for him trying to explain why just completely reversed on such a basic, obviously that we all knew was true and it took him
weeks to come around to it, but here we are so the president is deliverable way in which I said it's about the present all the time, but it's impossible for him not to be interesting, whether you think that's a good thing or a bad thing is good, interesting about interesting. He just can't turn it off the simple thing talking about this, recommendation for masks, and then he throws only I'm, not gonna where one, so our role model by water, where mass we're not going to its optional, now. When you tried to explain why you wasn't, I think you, going for. It wasn't presidential nothing I was really caring about that at the moment have been at least in terms of medical issued on care so nobody would have thought it was on presidential frontier mask as it you just don't. Wanna be photographed an early thought. You'd look silly may
so it was the worst possible reason for not wanting to wear a mask, there would have been a better answer. Here's the better answer, reason there were making it optional that everybody would just really needs to make that choice for themselves. So there's no situation like mine, this is the choice are making here. You can get to make your own choices. Make choices. That's all I will said. I will just said: that's all appointed a being option. Where'd you get to decide about your specific case, while the variables outages globe for that. But here was away more interesting, because it is more provocative. He just you just doesn't allow to be uninteresting is
possible? Madam president, from the joke about models, you just couldn't help it, whereas Scots net death count. I believe that the growth is over. Seven thousand, which means a net would still be quite negative. So, but I think you, forty percent more DES today than the day before, so that was suggested school clay motor now. Are you having the same questions, I'm having which this is why we are now seeing the these stories of the gigantic crushes. Yet And I worry that the people who are saying hey the models said that we would already be at a higher level.
Are we measure by that much because the whole point of this is that the increase will be very fast, wants its that fast part of the curve every day is clearly much much more than last. So, if you were to miss the peak projection by was a week will say the experts were off. One week of where the peak would be well, that would still give us really make us really calm today and still all hell to break loose. You know by next week, but they told us at last RO shouldn't. We already be in critical situation right now, so this is the damnedest. It's a damned situation where we all have to sunlight a reality
but there are two of them that are just running full speed. One of them is a gigantic problem. Just like the experts who tell us that movie is clear as day couldn't couldn't be more clear. All the experts seem to agree. Other countries have had a bad time of the year We seem to no viruses pretty well so that that just usually clear, it's gonna be a terrible, terrible thing and tens of thousands will die of daughters, thousands, if not millions but the other movie is still completely running the other movie, is just a mass hysteria.
It would be a weird mass hysteria because you can't deny that people are dying in the the doctors are saying. Oh, this is different. This is not the flu, so there's something different about it, but there were also also different things about about alone, you, swine flu and all that so they all have their own characteristics, but one of them never comes what. If we never get, we the icy used completely crushed and running any ventilators. What for never happens because, as of today, that possibility seems completely open to me completely, thereby tomorrow it could be closed off and maybe the one movie just new rules for all time.
We just take a few days of bad results in and we say there. It is weirdest, MR by a few days, but that's not how models work there, not that accurate, but every day that goes by, The bottle is not delivering these, which, thankfully not delivering all these des. I asked myself did I get taken, because I know now that, from this perspective I ask myself was this is because we thought, I think I think you,
TAT S the question of this point? Here's what I think we should do about him back to work then said this before, but I think we need a checklist number one in the checklist is dna antibodies. I think, if you have anti bodies is just should be automatic. You should be able to go back to work period, nation, baby, Neeson You evidence others of paperwork or something, but there should be automatic if you have We should we want to get to the point where we can test that, The other thing is, we know there is such a big correlation with things like waiting gender and are you a smoker? What's your age and you're underlying conditions, and maybe someday will fit for your answers?
make connection, should we just have a check list and have our smartest people figure out that if you check these boxes, your risk just for you personally, is the same as maybe the risk of a regular, flew so that local communities it was a year twenty five year, your roof fit, yearn athlete no extra weight, your female, you an advantage and yet no underlying traditions. But what are the odds for that person?. If you are young and should then female mail does? However, the underlying conditions can somebody tell me the odds for that person whose why is that person not getting to go to work? Is the only people went to work?
the people whose odds were dying were pick a number one in a thousand. What war would be well would be an acceptable death rate of just the part of the public that we do send back to work. First sued, don't talk about the old people and the over. This is just forget them, and even forget people were overweight and have medical problems just forget them for a moment. Just the people that the scientists would say you are in the smallest risk group, healthy female, doesn't smoke. Teenage. Let's say the risk was one in a thousand of diet. Would you say, go back to work. One thousand about one in five thousand were actually and I'd like to see this in the comments. Give me your acceptable level
of risk for the first batch. They go back to work. Those will be the safest ones, what would be acceptable level Risa. If you can get down to that at least those people should go back to work. So I'm seeing one percent, so one in a hundred, so you'd say, go back to work. If, if one in a hundred died, young help, The women one hundred, that's pretty high muslim people, say one. No, I think you may mean that, because the the stakes are so I possess a lot ass. His, let me ask you this year, This gonna do what was the last war? The humans were involved with it, which we sent to battle to fight the war. We sent our youngest females.
To the front lines. When is either happened. My happened now, I'm looking at your numbers here- some say one in ten thousand people per se. Thousand five per thousand each others, and the reason I asked use, is that the the consensus of the crown, what is really going to matter because Disaster- ok with us, one percent so I don't see anybody is over one percent. I was somebody's at five for seven. Okay, I don't think you'd be that you wouldn't let five percent of the people go back to work. I know if you knew that five percent of young females going back to work, we're going to die you'd, be okay with that.
Yeah well, this is the most common numbers of saying. Is one one hundred and one thousand some one in ten thousand, and how close can we get? Can somebody tell me: is your user anybody here who could do the math on the back of the Anglo says because we sort it now we ve seen, statistics from different categories, couldn't we get to one in a thousand so. I feel as though we should do these calculations without the benefit of the government. You know, maybe somebody smart can come up with a checklist and- and I drank it by you- know what each of these things means. If you check this box and how many and then we should presented to the government. I don't think
should be the other way around you by the way is, if you Rasmussen Paul, is listening. Here's the full I'd like to say that for the first group of people who go back to work here, you'll have to work on the wording of the question, but for them first group that go back to work the safest group. What would you pull responded say is the rescue you think is acceptable because it's not up to the present visit the president might get to decide with with his team he might have to decide. How is he going to decide? how is the president to decide what level of risk of the country should take? Its job right, he asked you, but was he going to base it on? I would suggest,
that you, as you observe this process, you can see the public pushing the professionals, get you that's obvious to you, This is obvious to you that this was a very interactive process where, Our leaders were saying I'm going to do this than the public said a way. Are you sure about that then the leaders had well look at it and then there was this continuous dance with the public. The other experts, the leaders it would seem to me that the leaders were continually meaning mostly job testing, testing the public getting a response and then adjusting Now, if you say that that's wrong, it would be better if he were magic in everything. He did was right. The first time. Oh yeah degrade the southern real world.
In the real world is probably the best process you can come up with is really feel out the public, as well as your adjusting your policies, you're really tuned in and see what the responses. So here's my point, I don't think we should make Trump weight to find out what the public's ok with we should presented. There's nothing in our system that stops us from doing then near its unconstitutional. Then, certainly in the context of an emergency situation completely appropriate its within our ability, we can do it. We should do it It would be the single most important piece of data that comes out of any this. You can argue this another important data, but what would be more important than knowing the public's consensus for the risks that are willing to bear to get back to work?
I like to know that you know I'd. I feel like it's going to come out somewhere I'll bet. Any group would come out of that where you, where you did between one and one hundred and one and one thousand and then have her expo. Can you promise from what you know already. Can you promise? Is that now everything was thrown into the mix, the Hydroxyl clerk queen and whether or not their works. That, too is a two movies situation. I started out being quite optimistic that the dioxin chloroprene was was gonna, be a really a game. Changer, as the present says but every day that goes by without there being confirmed vigorously.
Makes me think, maybe you won't be so at this point, the two movies drugs o clock we are also completely alive- was that, of course, we see so much evidence it works. Six thousand doctors were surveyed me by wide moat majority. They said it's the best thing, but even the doctors who have been using it- I think only thirty seven, percent of them said the dark support, Green made a difference, but that's not what we are hearing from. Other people right were hearing something like it works every time, but then they talk to the doctors near like thirty seven percent, then there's another study. This, as in this case, doesn't seem to me the virus. Good and all I would say there is a big question mark in their drug radio so and if it turns out to be completely useless
I will I will say that my predictions were wrong said. Let me state that so that at this point in time, it sort of a jump, ball, angry, say sixty percent chance, the drug does make a difference. If you get an early forty percent chance, it doesn't just business. We know right now, that's my current instinct. So what I'm saying is somebody smart needs to help make him up with a check list of your risk. We need to agree on it here. Maybe a few people will try a different take on it. It will see you get. Some was re tweets. The beauty of twitter is you concerning Jesse was what people like right off right off? you just of those regions. So if you do that tweeted at me, monsieur I see it and if it's good
all retweeted and will to track the traffic people like They want to play with little that they can do it. Absolutely you should be thinking in terms of these citizens presenting to their government what they will accept. Think how much you would like that, if you are the president right remember this is this: is not a spectator sport. If you can find anything, you can do. That would be the least been helpful. Try it do it almost all day long since this whole crisis started people contact me privately or in a variety of ways and these, I have this idea for helping. Should I do it. Mostly, I say yes does mean work. Don't doesn't meal they'll help, but if you ever
we are for helping it just always. Yes, just yes, there's somebody, you think war, even if you don't know it or work? Yes, some is dangerous. So this is one of those cases. If where the president, wouldn't you want you republic to present to you the level arrests that there were comfortably with you don't have to take it, you don't have to take the recommendation. That's how works you know you're, not commander in chief, and neither am I then this is war. So if the commander in Chief look centre importance as undertake a higher risk or I'm gonna, take a lower risk, that's why we elect people to make those this,
let's see if you ve got in here, no one here, I'm looking at you come in here, but maybe right, given the shots, Scott, the meaning of w, I five eight showed that is all you don't. You know the other thing that I don't think area the models capture. Here's what the models don't captures you from wrote them right about this. The models sorted, make some kind of general assumption about social distancing. Don't you think, so this is more of a question. I think that I'm right about this so should be a accurate criticism, but maybe we'll see,
when the models figure out how well social distancing works, what are the main variables right if you're doing a model of whose getting infected you gotta put his variables for the effectiveness of social distancing, but my guess is that they take some Kevin. They say. Ok, the average person will only social distance this well, but I don't think that's what's happened and I think was really happening. Is their people like me who have a special risk? I just Not only the isolation, I have no human contact, I mean, if they virus flies me. It's gonna have to work for it right now. I don't, I don't do create stuff, but I have no human contact
you know I'm not within twenty feet of a human? I don't touch things that other people are touched. Unless it's wash down, there are not perfect, but don't you think, that's my the because I've a risk. The robe and well informed, I'm taking like super extra duper efforts to social distance, but had ever twenty five year. Old, probably is enjoying that hard. So. What does it mean when you take me? the only one who's baby, endanger eventually dying in, in my simplistic thing I've been in danger of dying, but I'm doing super effort to isolate the. Don't have a risk of dying, whether not trying so hard swell I mean to have one variable that represents me. Just nailing announced isolation,
and some twenty five year old. Who is not an end, then you calculate with our average. This probably was happening right and my guess is that that, because the people were Special risk know exactly what they are, this boy there, it is hiding really well so yours, but I would think is at least possible. I think the mob could be way off in this critical. The variable wishes how well people isolate. Because the ones you know they need isolate or probably do in a pretty good job like well better than average, and I dont know if them is the model takes into account. Maybe those Maybe it is better. You could slice it then. Finally,. The other big fan levy. Videos, wonder why you dont simply keep people over sixty with preconditions home.
That would be one of the possibilities. Just keep it simple and you say, are here's the deal if you're over sixteen preconditions stay home, but I think it I'm seeing their weight and smoking engender seem to be at least as important year. If you added them together, they previously, organization drain off this issue, but it. But if you say the age is the big variable by If you also were overweight mail- and you smoked in you added those three variables together, it's probably just as big as being over sixty right, maybe more think a sort of a precondition, the end and babies
Although things no gradually, if I'm wrong, but by now Food Arthur enough people who have been selected that we would know that all the people read Lupus. In other words, all the people were already on drugs clerk. We wouldn't, we know what the result is. Do we have to do a study of people taking drugs, declare a green before they get infected? Do we have to do their study, or can we not just say, ok, there's one, how many people are in fact hundreds of thousands there's like a quarter million infected person like that, how many quarter million also have lupus. And we're on a scorpion. There must be a thousand, were elderly people have whoop herself too.
Fifty, but probably there are hundreds and hundreds of people but we should be able to find pretty easily look at their record. There's the lupus, there's hydrochloric green still live. Are they still lie, Because there are still alive they have lupus because you think Lupus would be a condition right. That would be a risk, but if the jars Chloric Marine Protection so well, they even will Lupus they don't die while that's a pretty good advertisements for the drugs.
Why don't we know that feels right out in the most noble thing at this point? What else is going on where my trunk bills? So I like to see by tomorrow, I think Jared will have some more useful numbers. That would be my guess. What about the folks who don't know they have condition? so, so the risk would be people who don't know they have some condition. But I wonder, could you check for those conditions? So, for example, Let's say somebody didn't know how many people dont another diabetic or how many people don't know they have hypertension. Well, maybe that's a condition,
So maybe you say you're even thirty five. You have to have your blood pressure checked and you you have to be checked for honour of diabetes or something seems like you: could there could be a checklist list here? You know, have you checked it? Not just the honor system, but did the doctors say go back to work. Are you backing off your original trumpeted mania? now, I would say that I'm exactly where I was, but no matter what happens, people who can say that I then I was wrong. So one one of the most annoying things about being me is the number of people who miss. Remember what I said and then declare that I am wrong, but after they miss remember what I said so I've never said the pills work. I've said the anecdote. Only they work, and I said the third small
the issues that are not credible and they said that that still exactly the case, we have more information, but it just more of the same type which, as well as more information networks, then there's a little more indication that maybe you should question it sets almost exactly where its ban by every but I will say that every day that goes by we don't have more clear information is making me wonder why. Why do we not have better visibility, you're right to be wrong? Somebody says I don't what that means, why the p,
who is this to your own still watch your periscopes. Well, I think people want me to be wrong. It's like anybody, any celebrity suppose you gonna want them to be wrong virtue and did it Admit it as much as you might like it, when I'm right. There's a little part of you admit it. There's a little part of you. It doesn't mind what I'm wrong either see me she be knocked down a level come on. You can hear human escape sculptor schadenfreude. Essentially you get when other people get knocked down a bag. You don't mind too much, so these agitated either way. Use your lung capacity affected by passive smoking. Well, I can give you a medical answer that I won't,
is it? The only study, I'm aware of this as a few years ago, so The study of lung capacity of marijuana smokers verses people in smoke, anything so I was people smoke, a lot of marijuana everyday and people didn't spoke, anything cigarettes, cigarettes feels, and these rich researchers were surprised that the marijuana smokers had more lung capacity on average and it was statistically noticeable. Now it was one study, and they were like. Well, we don't know this is exactly what everybody thought I would be so they speculated. Why would there be now, of course, what they didn't speculators? We did the study wrong, that the first thing I would think zones and not a valid study. Maybe
but they didn't say that they said they speculated that the act of smoking marijuana requires you to take deep, inhales and hold it and they speculated that. Maybe the marijuana smoke wasn't degrading your lungs as much as the daily practice of heavy breathing and hold a year. Your breath was actually helping you so Navy, and I say this to them by the way you I make no secret that medical marijuana user, but our ever every now and then I like to be clear that recommended. So I know recommended for you recommended for Anybody Andrews
recommended. Is I'm not a doctor? I'm not a doctor. I think there are situations in which it would be the worst possible thing you can do smokey marijuana. There are people in situ. Certain personnel types, certain situations where maybe it is just the worst thing you could possibly do but or other situations that are unique, and you have to look at every situation differently, and I am one of them and. You know one of the things I have going for me is that you and I can make my own schedule, and you know I have a lot of experience and it doesn't affect me the way that affects others. Where was people don't know about marijuana? Is it affects everybody differently, and so the waiter IE is overwhelmingly positive, but that doesn't mean it would be for you
and for me it's over well wiggly, positive. Basically, every time after you know, I think it think of an exception is basically a guarantee its you. Your life has improved in my case, but here's the ears, the observation. For those of you, ve never experienced marijuana. My observation is that it doesn't make you donors. Do or re the things that people say what it makes. You is more of what you already were, so what I mean is if your naturally lazy, o it'll, make you lazier,
It will do that if you are already lazy, make your lazier, but if you're, if yourself motivated and you're Europe's or a creative personal full of energy, it will make you more of that. So in my case I am naturally creative and it makes me more creative. I mean just really Obviously it's been studied, incomparable unnaturally motivated, and I find that it makes me even more money, but here's the other trick- and this is the biggest trick. There are lots of different kinds of it. And they don't act the same, and if you don't learn that you can be really surprised,
I wonder why I like that this time and this time I just go sleep. You fell asleep and it's completely different. So the big differences. There are two main types you ve got the year indicator dominant and your city of two different kinds of plants, but they're. Both And the same family, this achiever gives you energy innovation. Creative information just enjoy your day. And you can do all everything just as well, if you're at an experienced user, if you're not experienced, don't don't plan to do anything important, but if your experience is a completely different sensation and experience. So if you take the city VA during the day,
Let's say: you're a medical marijuana user only not because of the recreationally, but I would not even recommend it recreationally. It's just not a party truck. I don't even know why I'm not even sure why people use it so But it does have many many benefits to life in the rights of circumstance, so the civil will wake you up, make you more productive. Somebody was referred to it as worker weed It's a kind of marijuana you would want to smoke before work, especially of young gentlemen, required too much thinking, but the indigo is the opposite. It makes you relax in here, probably just gonna wanna take a nap and what sheets? tat the dog. So if you dont know which one you're doing
you do the right one in the daytime and the other one a night as secondary good results. So that would be yet another reason not to recommend anybody. Do it Does he really gotta know how you do it others, a big difference between in getting the right strain in doing the right time and just randomly saying. Well, let me just try so the less you get a very different, and then within the types, the infinite varieties, with slightly different characters. Some make you hungrier some like make you better If your regular user, you don't get the paranoia so much and the is some make you Some are good for your libido, some good for exercise, some good for you just or has a different things, and
Sometimes you dont know those things until you try it, but also consistent you can. You can definitely tell there's something gonna write. So that's what you need to know about that stuff. Again, I recommend any of it. You should only do enough. The doctor says it works for you. I get it mostly. A light form of sleep at near it's not so bad. I need to see Bab, but is not so good that I can get to sleep easily, but few heads of indigo and I've best lay sleeping I wake. I feel great.
You're, not you when you're high regular me talk about something else. Why doesn't matter? What is one of the things I hear rose from people who don't wanna do anything to mind altering drug and is probably good that they have. This shouldn't talk you out of it, but people say stuff like one like. You just saw the comments but you're, not you you're here somebody else or your escaping from reality, to which I say so. Those are reasons statements. There's no reason and any that why can't you be a different person, sometimes because you're not the same personally you're tired in that same person when you hungry you not the same personally, get a promotion as you are when you get fired, you have lots of different,
is. There is not one of you. You have a whole range of different preferences, different feelings, different internal feelings, different actions, so say you wouldn't want to have a drink or smoke marijuana, something good cause. It makes you not. U meaningless statement gives you never you you're you're always is ever changing thing, and here the chemistry in your environment are always part of who you are the moment. This is not a real reason. There are plenty of reasons not to do those things. Like plenty of good reasons. I mean alcohol shoes poison. Basically, then he should never do. Merit marijuana, leisure doctor says it's good idea, so you don't need you don't need any other reasons not to do it. Do I dab I. I did exactly once and I thought my head was gonna. Come clear off so you think you're experienced.
Until you find out even stronger way to do it, so I recommend any less. Do I metabolize Kaufman caffeine, faster slow? I don't know how to measure that I know and I get along really well care speak for other people, but oh really well,. So I dont remember seeing your responses to have any of you are sleeping better because I've told you that you will So in the air, in the comments, if there is anybody here whose sleeping better at night, because I helped you sleep better light just let me now I'd like to know how that's workin, Jack Jack, her air, Jack RARE, is
among the best, as you know, can I go to sleep after careful always leave yeah? I actually go sleep anywhere anytime. It's like a superpower I fall asleep when I'm getting my teeth, cleaned like wall, while the dental hygienist is in my mouth, with power tools falsely and I wake up is really scary. They wake and here you commander, you sleep and there's somebody in your mouth with power tools you like so I falls
you ve, been wake up like three times every time. That of giving my teeth cleaned and it's a whore everytime, ok, so the come as coming. Look how many people are sleeping better because of the suggestion I so here's, the more good sleeping tips, don't think about what you need to do tomorrow. Less number one do not go to bed close your eyes and then think about what you have to do to more ever. Never, if you need to think about where you going to do tomorrow, get up make a list. All the things that are only mind, write em down so that you remember in the morning, but do not.
Plan your day when you're in bed ever never met never make an exception to that getup doesn't matter it doesn't matter if it's two in the morning, if you can't, if you can't stop your mind from planning your day and is two in get up get up. Does you never want to associate those thoughts with being in bed you? You have to be a maniac about separating these sleep experience from the thinking, yo stressful experience so get up, make your list is half an hour later put the list away and then try to go back to bed, and if you can't stop thinking about a well just get up again, but don't don't, lay in bed thinking about what are you gonna do ever that's what people do wrong the most The other thing is: what do you think about when you're trying to go to sleep.
Do you have a go to set of thoughts now some people, cattle sheep or try to think a boring things, here's what I do. I imagine good outcomes. In the future, but in more of a not a real world way. So not thinking so much about what will happen tomorrow. Cuz it again. You know what to think about tomorrow too much. I think about fantastical long term outcomes And I and I and I create a little movie in my head, where I put myself in it and it's sometime in the future and something good is happening. It's because I've accomplished something I got lucky. I was in the right place at the right time. Doesn't matter why something good is happening,
I forced myself to think about this little movie on creating something good now. Would you like to know what I've been using for most of my life one of them is flying, so I have a an imaginary flying future, and then this future again. This doesn't have to be based on two reality in the future I learned how to fly just with my body. I can just hover above the ground. It when I was a kid about once a year out of the flying dream and what was cool so every year I have the dream from childhood through adult every year. I'd have the dream. I could fly better and the dream than glasstream stream, so the initial dreams, I could sort of jump up in the air and to hover a little bed then come down, and then I can sort of make long jumps. When I hover,
for I came down and then the next year- and I don't have the stream once a year- once a year and then, finally, I build up your flowed round and round the ceiling. Then, finally, when I was in adult after decades of this dream, once a year I got so, I could leave, leaves the building and fly around here in the atmosphere as hard as I wanted the alike Superman. I always thought that the dream was an ominous, good bye way, because I've had so much time. Thinking about it. I can actually put myself in in the air in my mind, so I closed my mind. Imagine my year, my Astral projection room, my body or whatever leaving my body. You can also just imagine that year. Fly works and that I imagine in my head the
sure what it feels like and what it looks like as an as a floating over the houses. In my name so since you have a general idea of what it would look like. You know you can sort of man, Well, if I were hovering over my house looking down what would it look like, so I simply go flying. And has been doing for years, but my head, Close my eyes- and maybe I have some other Thoughts Fatima, I'm gonna get rid of him. I say so for a flight, and I just hope I see other people do the same thing, and so I take Did I just fly around the neighborhood and I you know I land on the roof and I hop off the roof and fly over to another one and it's so absorbing, and it's all positive that it just takes me out of my life and next thing. I know I wake up the next morning.
I had a dream that I always thought that it presage some good good NEWS The last time I had a dream was right after I became thus indicating a cartoonist, so I felt like just refine. It feels like that was my prediction: that there was something good anatomy and it was there, so the other thing that some you'll tell you something I don't think I've ever told anybody. This. But my other one that I would think about all the time from childhood on it went like this. The Sunday, the President of the United States, would call me too to me with him in his office is crazy. Right, I told you they. You should pick a legacy
Does he think that you know it's not gonna happen in the real world citizens ever since childhood, my most common dream falling off to sleep fantasy that the president, in those days, summon me too, the oval office to Chap just. There's something I did or sadder southern there he actually wanted to talk to me so that, in the end that the essence of the the fantasy, Is it wasn't me trying to get a meeting with the president, but rather invited me they're, just the president invited me to go. Me with him in the lovers office. So, of course, that's like a ridiculous thing. Yeah, it's not like the president ever invite you. Eleven join with me in the of lovers, except that it happened. Most of you already know the the post
you're so the president and twenty eighteen through through staff contact. Nay invited me to me with him in the old laughs and it was like a tell yo Freaky was because it was exactly the thing I fall asleep that I've been falling to sleep too for decades and an ice. I chose it specifically because it couldn't happen in the real world so like the flying flying one. You pick them because they can happen there. There better than life is exaggerated version, and then it happened. So maybe I should have set my sicel higher true story that is wild. Did I tell him that I did not know.
By the way, there's a day coming up, in which I'm gonna tell you really the lilies substantive part of the conversation I had with the press. Now you know the rule right. If, if, if you ever get invited to talk to somebody in government- and I level you don't talk about the conversation afterwards- that's a hard rule right. It's a private conversation Doesn't matter who ass little it doesn't matter who asked even your spouse. That's a private conversation is the private IST conversation there could be because the President United States, so if you you, if you violate address, that's that does it gets. There said there was a little exchange, the? U I had in the waters that I thought
sometime in the next month or two I'll, be able to tell you because it makes them look good so that that would be my exception. There there's something he said there was downright psychic. And you have to hear the exchange, but only only after events proven right. So, unlike in it, if it turns out the revenge still go the way they think they're gonna go then I'll, never tell you, but
It would be an interesting little Tibet if they do go the way, because you can see I was like a. He is an ill boy, your mind really. So that's all I got for today. I think you're gonna go often have an incredible night. You gonna sleep well, awake upper relaxed murmured account twenty think about your flying dream. Think about you're. It so impossible feeling of success or happiness in the future and have yourself a great sleep, I'll talk to you in the morning. You know when
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