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Episode 892 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Swaddling and Taking Questions. Get in Here!

2020-04-05 | 🔗

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  • CNN and MSNBC are anti-Hydroxychloroquine?
  • Are pneumonia cases down this year?
  • Joe Rogan’s Presidential preference
  • Dr. Drew’s apology
  • Does anyone still trust anyone or anything?
  • Viewer questions

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Bump, bump bump bump bump bump on the Balkan Bobo everybody money it's time for the simultaneous swaddle. Yes, every twelve hours, you get a little bit more me. Some would say that's plenty, but I don't think they're good sport. I think a little bit more me as just where you need just what you need so were money here. I'm gonna be taken. Some questions, talk about some stuff.
Getting you ready for an extraordinarily good night, asleep. In fact, why don't you tell me in the comments if he had a really good sleep last night cause? I suggested that you would. It would be nice to see your confirmation. So tell me if you had a really good night, you sleep last night soulless catch up on the news for last twelve hours spent quite a bit, for example, and president jumped it is usual taskforce, press conference and after it CNN reported that he was quote quote touting unproven drug. He was touting that's right. Cnn says its president was touting use other turning round
tearing up that drug because I really happened. Was he touting model thing? So I always so. I never use touting here's what I think he was doing. I think the president will say. Yes, We want you and I say when we listen to the doctors, we make a risk management assessment based on what the doctors tell us, So the president clearly knows it hasn't one undergone year: rigorous tests. It does no, there ever total reports that works some that doesn't. He knows that
He also knows that it's been used for years for other purposes, so we know it's well tolerated. He knows that, so why risk assessment is that it might work doctor say they take it themselves because well, it might and the risk, if you're taking it for a short term, especially the risk is almost a vanishingly small and it might work there's some indication in white. So the president touting a drug, or is he simply looking at what the evidence is that we're all looking at exactly the same data and saying? Well, it's a risk management situation. Would you take the risk, which is nothing for a potential game which could save your life yeah?
cal easy. Actually, my guess is that the only reason the president is being with a more full throated about this is because maybe we have more of it. He said we have twenty seven million, I don't know if they're in the right place, but I guess where we got some coming in now. Here's the fun part about this when the president puts down his steak anywhere and says this is what I think is true. What's the natural thing that happens if the president says the sky is blue, CNN says it's not blow not at night on those they why's that boy So the president has honoured off. He planned this, but if it turns out this hydroxychloroquine the queen actually works. If it works, because I'm going,
The same treatment is no matter how many times I say if it works, unproven, We had a total. You know darn, well, that that might role future critics are already planning to say that we were out there telling this guy you touted it then I'll say I did not out there was no touting simply explained the same data the early. Yet they went so the president is forcing see an end to take. Using less strong stand against against believing in the drug, so they're, not against them. Is against believing that without sufficient scientific evidence, there of course, We all we all agree with their right. If you had a choice, if he had a choice of lots of high,
quality studies. We we'd all take their choice. If we had that choice which we don't so So I think it's hilarious if it turns out the drug works, the president will have forced CNN into mocking him for something that turned out to be right, and there's going be a lot of barking. Cuz, it's been spaces, I heard him say it. I thought well, there's a whole new cycle right there, CNN Msnbc, you say it's on. It's on unproven and I say it's unproven as if the president doesn't know that cuz he said it's unproven and they're going to act like he doesn't know at, even though he says it,
directly. Is it my imagination or does the number of deaths from kroner virus declined today at the end of April, looks like we're gonna end down right now, the other day I said, don't get, don't get excited about one day, a role that it looks like it's going down because then the very next day was up of Both stallion its feeling like we're, starting to top now not topping infections but hopping and does which be because the tracks of cork we works good, be So David angel sends me this question. If you want to ask me a question to go to my go to my top tweets on twitter, and you could just put the question: are all read it So there's this graph that I've seen
I don't know to believe it or the source aways graph. This shows the amount of pneumonia by each season reach here in the United States and it purports to show the number of cases of pneumonia. Our way way way down this year, which would mean what will all I, where this gave up somewhere. On Twitter, so I have no idea of the data is right, but if the day It is right that of pneumonia is or things that we call Pneumonia his way down, Could it be that we have accounting problem going on that What we think are a growing virus navy we used to think of pneumonia and vice versa. So I do think there. Some issue about our accounting things and say once again, it seems
we ve gone yet one more day without the dire consequences. Every day that its every day, we are clear. Here too, the predicted pick, which is dollar. What ten days away and it's not looking diary at the sceptics getting a little happier- and I have to admit, there's pardon me- pardon me, they can see that other movie, just as clearly as I can see the one that I spent most of my time and so the one I spent most of my time in this is pretty bad, but I think between science and in our good work will get a handle on it. So I don't think the death toll be bad. I think the risk is very, very high, but I I think humans will prevail but there's still puts me in the movie. The says is a gigantic problem that could have killed two million people if he did everything wrong
but the people who say it was never a problem and it is all just in your mind. It is just a hysteria. You care rule them out tat, because so far we don't have even one aspect will over capacity rights, but again, ten days from now it could be a health cape and could look like world, are zombie. Are the experts say that's going to happen? They seem pretty clear that in ten days we're going to be super unhappy. I can see both movies at this point and they're both so close. Can't you see both I'm not saying that one either. One is definitely going to happen to the other present. I'm saying as of this point in time, I can see them both just like they both exist and is Swordfish Schrodinger's cat situation where it says, if those two future,
already exist, and the only thing we're going to do is choose a path here. We get to perceive either one but they're both their just waiting for us and you can go either way. You see the comments, said the same thing normally. One of those paths is now clear. My normal situation is, one of them is clear in the rest of Us these are two really clear: Joe Rogan Middle NEWS. He did his interview with Eric Dean and Jergens they're they're talking about Joe Biden being mentally degraded. Andrew Rogan, said that he would vote for President Trump over Joe Biden, because you didn't think Biden was capable of anything.
So so the Joe Rogan you take on. It is the same as most of yours. I think, which is, if you being honest, if here, if you just step away from the political filter for while you just be honest, you can see it right. You can see the buttons not operating with a full, fuller, full clip or something. I love the fact that Jerome, eggs news just by talking about who I vote for you know you ve made it when I say what all the headline that you were just talking with a friend as my own move over Trump over then, as I had life. That means doing something right. If that's
world news. So I now know have my second area that I block for Miss stating what my prediction is of the death now and then. Criticising me already before we even know which way things are already criticising me for being wrong for the things that they miss remembered. I said so now to people Blocked for doing that, there gonna be a lot of them, are bad about will be two dozen people, then I'll have to block, because they will be damn sure. I said something else that I need to admit. Around I'll stay here. Very many wrong doktor drew did something amazingly brave, which is e, did especial little periscope today, just apologizing to the public for his his take the krona virus being a little bit.
Maybe a little too optimistic and comparing it a little bit too much to lesser problems, and I thought that was pretty impressive. I gotta say you don't really expect year. Anybody in the public eye to just say you up. I got that we're all so credited actor drew for acknowledging that now I've said I said before. I don't think he was out far off a doctor felt she was a because if you look at where fell, she's evolution was its thought that different from doktor Drew Oh, you know if you're wrong, but you also were pretty darn close to the top expert in the world who everybody's look into its, not the wrong guess you can be You could be a lot more wrong. Bad you're, even even if the the explanation turned out to be sub optimal,
you could be a lot more wrong in your life than that did anybody confirmed if the than the death can actually went out from yesterday, because I think you down like sharply here, we're still dealing with relatively small numbers. I mean it's a big number if you happen to be one of the ones who died, but a thousand. Can bump around. You know thirty percent today. So please these, I don't understand the context, somebody said can a billionaire fund went up to improve, commit, might start up to him communication in real time cooperative situations. Well, that would be more of a conversation, but if you know any billionaires whatever conversation sending my way. How can we ever trustworthy? Twenty twenty election, I think, were
We're way beyond the point where? But anybody trust anything aren't we, because we don't trust our experts, we don't trust or politicians. We don't trust the news, don't trust anybody doing. Who do we trust so the question? How can we ever trustworthy twenty twenty election? Is you can't. It doesn't matter who wins the other side is concerned, there was cheating and they ll have a good argument, probably have a good argument. Did you don't change in tone for today's press briefing? Much more positive. To be honest answer your question directly. I did not notice, but now that you mention it wasn't morbid well, I don't know the same issue that I'm having, which is the whole ventilator thing, seems syn.
We should know a lot more than we are. I can't even tell. You're, just a few days away from the projected Pique I can't tell, if were a hundred thousand ventilators short. Or we already have too many. Can you basin everything. You seen you in the press conferences. Would you be able to answer this question? Will we will we be a hundred thousand ventilators short? Despite I think we're doing or do we already have twice as many as we need. I don't think I can answer the question because I just hear confusing numbers that don't seem to have any contacts which leads me to believe that maybe nobody knows.
Now there is little hoarding than there is a question of the government taking control of them to move them where they need to be, which I think is the right answer. They should do that, but could we possibly be the lesser informed about the biggest question, it's the biggest question and I can't even tell you you know the continent that the answers and totally unacceptable. How soon before the the Trump pills, I believe what I call the drugs for a queen. Also, before their standard for treating the crowbar ass well I don't know if it'll be standard until we actually have some test results that might be a month from now. So I guess, there's a test in the United States that will have some
Also the mob so advanced waning by standard, I think was doctors will do off label prescriptions just based on anecdotal stuff, but does that make their standard? I don't understand that question from comes Ella for twenty. If you could put a single word to all this happened so far since January. What would it be? ok! Well, you can, you can all play along if you had to describe the situation the Corona verse World, situation in one word since January. What would it be about transformative thing is transformative,
because so much about the way we think of our world will change aside from Christina tickling Chopin. Leaning on the piano what other music soon these soothes you these days. Well, I'm not a music guy. I wish I were I've. Never I can enjoy joy, his arm for a while, where are you tired of it, but I just don't enjoy music? I listen to his sometimes bitterly medicinal early. I said this before so I won't bore the rest of you, but I use would music medicinal so, for example, if I'm working out what the time to go faster,
am I find some music that that's good for working out, but I dont like random music programming, my brain just because I turned on the serious and and music was coming, and I don't like to be programmed without making my consent, initial rim does severe trial should have concluded last week. Any news. Well, yes, here's the news, there's no positive news, which I think is all you need to know. If you saw the survey of out six thousand doctors were surveyed about what meds they think are working. So that's the most unscientific. You can get. An answer, of course, is just asking their opinions, but, based on the doctors are actually doing the work, they thought the the Trump pills were, that the most effective again just anecdotally,
Look for a ram does appear on the list and it was way down the list, and I don't know if that just means that most doctors have no experience with it, which you'd have to assume that most of never persuaded- or they ve heard, they ve heard things and is not good, so you're right enough time is governed by their. We should have at least initial initial indications that it works and is. At least you know, the task force would have heard a little bit early. Don't you think, don't you think the task force has already getting early indications from the trials? They just don't want to tell the public for good, And if the taskforce were hearing good things about rim does severe, I feel like we would have heard about it now: they wouldn't have the it works, but they might have said were hearing good things about rimmed as Aver.
We hope ends up the way. The way it started to a year, they will have their would have teased. That is looking good boat short of that teasing. I'd have to say, probably it doesn't. You know if you had a doubt it. I think we would have heard about it if it did work all right. Should Trump offered drop or for the to the task force, and if so, who quick answer, no region that he should just do wherever works best and adding anybody who would be a source of conflict or mobile or anything not drain emergency, Bill gates conducted events in twenty twenty, her China assimilated word six weeks before that admirably that
Some say that don't believe I dont believe wherever this is this accusation. How fast could we realistically move manufacturers back from China? Well, I'll tell you, There are probably a lot of things that are really really complicated because it would take a long time to build a factory get approval, and yet we get a lot of red tape and so. I think we might be able to cut some of the red tape, but there was still be plenty, and so it depends and the things which are easiest to move back are the ones that you can replace with a robot nada, not an employee So I am I see is this trend already started is you may manufacturing come back but being done by a robot. So as a mixed bag is the answer.
What is lightly whenever retroactive review of DES attributed to covet nineteen, to determine the actual cause of death, I think, is Are we likely that, no matter where it comes out that people will dig in and say it was done wrong? I think so. I think we is a guarantee that people will criticize it, whether the critics or right or not. We won't know Digital shakedown street type vending add densher, others. Do. I need to wear a mask while walking my dog. Well, it depends how embarrassed your dog is to be held.
If you ever noticed, your dog sore looks away and feels embarrassed when you're out walking the dog. You better wear a mask because you don't want to embarrass your dog, can you teach lucid dreaming, I've heard people say that you can is nothing. I've have experience with. Well, I have experience of trading myself to do. It is just a process of thinking about something and then sometimes you, your dream will extend that thought. So, there's no there's no real trick to it. Sometimes a works, and sometimes it does But if you, if you think of a certain scenario before even asleep and you're dedicated to it, you might he my dream. It. How to reconcile nervously more running out of room with an overall lower number of deaths. That's a good question. Here's my guess,
Right, you so worship were hearing stuff, that's very conflicting, right, we're hearing that that the morgue is overrun list in one place, the other Europeans bodies in a refrigerated truck at the same. It seems that are lower overall accidents in general explained that here. Would be my explanation, and this is just a guess, Be the sum hospitals were especially grown virus so that the hospital specializing specialised all kinds of cases that people die. So there the sort of bunched up in one area, but maybe had more to do with the hospital handling the tough cases, because otherwise we see than the other and were not so that's my gas. So we should still see some problems upcoming, maybe.
Can you? U S, cancel the debt to China well, in the sense that you can do anything but you, but if you cancel so that then their version credit worthiness, so the cost is usually bigger than the game is drama. Important. The world. Yes, yes, it is drama, is important to the world, meaning that if there wasn't some here, naturally we would create some because we need it. You say that in your personal life, all the time people like drop, week, I like it and then the news business of course operates on that drama. So here it's important. Maybe you should be What to do if you're very sick? Well, that's that's! A dark and question knew TAT ten, most persuasive words Tell you some of those who make you mad, because I can't tell you the real secret
somewhere in the world. I came across a part of hypnotists, Who created a new word that is so powerful? It's crazy and I can't tell you the word because then you would go, find it and you would be sucked into these evil hypnotists schemes, but just trust me. I came across. It legislates muscle there the most powerful word. So they took an existing word and re purpose that I can't tell you the word, I'm sorry I just can't and and then reprocessing at they lay. Imbued it with power.
This powerful thing. I've ever seen so much so it could change civilization. But I can't tell you what it is. Does I you won't escape from its little world, but if it does, oh, my god so so there's a persuasive word in the wild that is designed better than the coronavirus, and I don't know if that's going to get out, but if it does, if it does get out like this year for now, and it's like an a, line or something I'll tell you what it was, but I don't want to help it because it's it's truly evil I'll have to think about some other words. So there was a terrible answers Well, the country and the same when things reverse now, I'll, be the same. There's request How much things will change My guess is, will be eighty five percent say eventually nodded
they want, but world sorted river to eighty five percent saint. It will be different, might be temporary, such as no large gatherings. I thought that the era of large group gatherings was going to end anyway. And I thought it was gonna sort of end this year, because it is this, is it the drones become extra dangerous? They they ve been getting more dangerous every year, but this boy is, it would be just so easy for somebody with intentions to do something bad with the large outdoor crowd, especially of nor with some kind of a job. Tat her. So I've been thinking that large group events were probably couldn't go away, and this will just push them a little further. Now, if I had a bad though I bet you come back in the long run. They might go away but think don't come back here.
So all of the other businesses that are hit the hardest they're going to eat top of this cost me my job. Basically, I don't know the outcome yet, but when this is when this is done, I don't expect many newspapers to remain in business cuz, a lot of newspapers were sort of yeah. They were declining every year from a from a pretty good profit margin, but they were getting pretty close to that the edge of where they can stay in business. So I think three quarters of the local newspapers- probably around a business when this is over, which means three slash. Four of my income just went away so all actually be looking for a job so in terms of how how dear and will things be well, I thought I I thought I was just going to retire and keep on doing what I was gonna do
but I actually have to look for a job down like a lot of people with me to now, I'm not going to starve. So I'm not in any kind of dire straits, but it changed my career. That means I don't have to retool everything I'm doing, which is kind of look forward to nice challenge and at other people you, the restaurant business, recreation business, learn about your stuff or anything that was your group activities scooby in bad shape, for sometime blurry. Let me give you a good news. Everybody focuses on a bad is because it is more obvious more in your face. There is definitely something is happening to me that I wonder if it's happening to any of you. It goes like this. You ve heard this story about a baseline.
Happiness there, people sort of their born with a level of happiness that doesn't seem to change too much unless they're just having the worse problems in the world. But generally you could have a good or bad life and you happiness doesn't seem to change that. Much we're just sort of born a certain amount of happiness and it takes a lot to move us all for that. And the thing that I'm starting to learn. By having everything taken away from me meeting, while looking things that here the things that I've lost temporarily in some permanently. So I've lost my because A certain age and risk factor it, I've lost it only to go anywhere to justly my house same with most of Europe, I lost my ability to go. The gym socialize with people go either.
Restaurant in all the things you can do as well, but here's the thing. If I had a choice, I would of course want those back. But I'm not less happy, and I don't know What's up with that, I think it's just a baseline unhappiness thing. There's as I write and sleep, and you get some exercise and stuff that my happiness doesn't change. I mean if you look at the fact that my entire career just blew up like nimble. Probably half of the people here just add your your job. Up your retirement blowup said I get like dig it again now, in theory, I should make me really sad theory, but a dim and so here's what I found out about myself,
and I'm wondering if any of you had this realizations. What I found out about myself is that the stuff I thought I needed to make me happy wasn't that important that there's some you just need to do. We need a certain amount of variety. I think I think people have to travel a little bit for mental health, but if you, the fact that some of it just as a repressive mental health thing you gonna hold together, but just what do you need it turns out? It turns out. I guess I didn't need that. Much because my life is really slow down to you, the dog and taken an app and do some work done talking periscope, so so the stress of my life weirdly. You know we're in this in theory the shooting,
stress over read my life, but I'm not experiencing it that way, I mean I definitely have my my moments same as most of you were the I can get worked up about worrying about something that has lasted, so I would say that the disconnect between the things I think make me happy and the fact that most of them just went away, including my career. I mean you think about it. I mean my career just went away, and I feel that sad be more sad if I was worried about eating or something but not so I think that maybe there's something we learned in this this important somebody else pointed out to imagine how terrible this would have been. If we didn't have smartphones- and you have Netflix and screens.
Because pretty much people are and survival mode, justly here screens again talk to people or go anywhere, but it works. Marital screens are pretty good glad. We had this why do we have this problem? We had good technology. Let's see What are the odds are worth hundreds of thousands of deaths? Well, the the export. Say pretty good and I say pre low, Well, I don't know, I'm not sure if you can calculate odds in this, because my bet is based us getting really effective really quickly and seek. It really predict that so could be an invention and inside a drug or something, but I think will be on the lowest of the low side of DAS, because we're so darn clever,
why does a model we are told to look ass being the model for the krona virus? Death continue to give pretty numbers that are already proven wrong. I know there are two ways schools of thought. One is that you just your model every day as you ve got actual and the other is that you're more honest and say I we're not going to change what we predicted we'll just change the line of where it actually is. So you can see how our model? Was? It's a little more honest to not updated every day so that people can see what you thought it was compared to what it is If you updated every day, you feel like eating web developer bone.
How would the world change if we allowed the week to die? That's a dark question, but always like dirt, questions. Here's how the world would change if we allowed the week to die We'd have a law argument about what that included, because, You talk about Europe, talk about a system that will eat itself as soon as you get to decide. Who is weak euro system blows up so. You can't do that. You don't have to say one of the strongest things about humanity is, we have these kinds of arguments and that you we were wins. Is the site we're gonna? Keep everybody live, no matter what we are you you're, whether it's the abortion question or Witherspoon,
iris. We always have at least half of the country arguing that there's no grey zone when it comes to life, there's no grey zone, it's like if you can protect yet if it might be alive if its, if its origin, hoobly life. If somebody could think it's the life you protect it. So at least half the country has that impulse, no matter the topic we're just going to, let you know, of course they may feel differently about guilty life. You know if you, if your murderer or something terrorist, but if you're innocent half the country is going to work really hard to keep you alive. Even if somebody else has an argument why they shouldn't humans. What did you take on plant based yogurt plant based food either? I don't believe anything anymore, so
Anything I would know about. Diet is because experts, Toby and there's no topic, The experts have been more wrong for more years consecutively than nutrition. So I swear. I dont know what to believe anymore about nutrition or a lot of things that really the experts or do you think, putting Adam Schiff on the recovery taskforce would be a stroke of political genius. Now would be the worst idea in the world that I very much in favour of working with your your political, never sees in an emergency, but I am is not a political nemesis there's something wrong with him. We grew that is thing to say I am a democrat and five from my side, Aroma republic and I'm gonna fight from my side. But that's not
what Adam shifted Adam Shift, suddenly looks more like a mental problem you playing out in some kind of political drama in it? If it looked like it was just a political disagreement year in and year I've tried to reach out to the own Chris Cuomo was diagnosed. I'd say nice words, Cathy Griffin, Bessie LAB and try to to boost the signal of people I normally wouldn't because it just sends a signal that were on the same team at the moment, but shift doesn't seem like one of them. It is easy for me, like a sea. Even if I dislike every policy she mentions cause, I think she is here good intentions and she's. A real politician shift for some
whatever is going on with him. It's not about politics or just something something deeply broken there. I can't put my finger on it Our blue and snickers doing great there, my only companies so they're a lot of attention. What do you think will be the main attack on trumped leading up to the election? Everything depends on the groom of ours. Everything depends on it because and I think that, no matter how well the president does it's always going to be complicated and they'll always be able to say you should have done it differently. It would have been better, but we. Approve it. You should have done it sooner. Even though we didn't know you should do a sooner either
they're always have something to complain about I'm guessing you'll be the growers will be. The main line of attack showed the way our press poor be required where mass to protect the president. Yes, yes and yes, I can't tell you how my confidence in the system is degraded by sea. The task force and the press conferences not wearing masks and being a little too each other. Doesn't that degrade your confidence in their ability, now travel sort of a one off, and you can convince your software. I you know he is the present here. Maybe maybe you don't want to look weaken where I'm asking you people would make fun of amyloid beta. The thing so so you can make an argument that the president is the one exception:
explained the rest of the task force, because since one of the main benefits of the of the mask is do not in fact other people, you can make the argument that the president has been tested twice and they're doing a good job of keeping people away from modern off. They are both say there. You can make the argument that the presidency- only personally doesn't have to wear a mask because we're not worry so much. They he'll give it to someone else. The risk, as someone who gave it to him, so you do all the other people around him to wear masks, even if he dimmed that's like minimum in what amounts to a little bit better, but you can imagine how he would be the exception. So yeah I completely lose confidence, what I see them not wearing masks, as of today you up till now, maybe you can make an argument that a new.
War with China, when well barely we ve been in a war with. China level killing tens of thousands of Americans per year, but they deny it so we believe them the feds totally accidental yeah we'll take care that so sorry about all the fentanyl yeah. Oh really, did we not take care of that already, I thought yet to Bob. Did we like it? We didn't we're. So sorry, I will take care that will take care, they're right away. So we're in a war with China is just conventional one where there are killing us in their own way, as I don't for killing them in our own ways, but I can also. My mom, how long before the vulnerable and the elderly can leave their homes. It will be a long time. If I did as for myself. I saw a monthly
Only the barely edge of elderly I like to think so saw be turning sixties, ranging, but I'm sort of a young young sixty three, I like them, But even for me we're just like a. Bit of asthma is not like a big deal, but even for me, I think I might be stuck inside for six months. I think they make it easily the end of the year and therefore when longer because they say well, so they three months. After their web of acceding suppose. They say that at the end of the year of the word, but if they said that I ask tempting to stay another three months, just be sure So I think the people who are at risk at least six months just a gas and for other people
I think I think, may will be when some people go back. But beyond that What about the walks? What about the walks away IQ girlfriend? so is a little as a little ambiguous. Now what even allowed to go for a walk, because not sure that's allowed right text. We were not really allowed her boys law help him. Their stand so yeah, so the number people Adam Townsend and rubber barnes- and there are some
still have taken the you know. This might be overblown, and this isn't going to be as bad as as prince. There- are still some really smart people on their side, which is what keeps a movie alive for me completely alive. If, if a month from now, if a month from now we're saying man, it just was nothing. We ended up with fewer people died than than were killed because shutting down the economy if it turned out to be the case. I wouldn't even be a little bit surprised at this point at this point. It would not surprise me to find out the whole thing was overblown, but only because we're so good at mitigating, not because it wasn't real risk, another depression nope. I don't think so. I don't think so.
I actually. I am still very much on the side of a quick recovery. You can go the park in your state people saying back to work here. I am, I think, that's all I got for tonight and I think that you You should have a terrific, terrific, nine to sleep, I'm going to give you some brain hacking tips. So those of you stay to the end of these periscopes. You get a little extra because the other people bailed out when I started reading reading questions like only those questions so yours, I love brain hack tips there.
The main whether you can hack your brain wishes? Rewiring, your brain is by Association Ed. I give you an example. Let's say: there's a tv show that you ve never been interested in and in my case the tv show golden girls is a very old show if you're so nature, invertebrate skull golden girls, you can still find it in reruns four hundred years and Christina recently, when when we can still see each other at the same time started liking at Cynthia shoes, so she enjoyed watching some of the old reruns. Now I enjoy, of course, being with Christina, so I would agree to watch that show because I would be spooning her and we'd be watching it on the Ipad. It was just so comfortable and.
Wonderful, so I didn't. I didn't care about the show because I cared about the experience was more about just lazing around and and spooning Christina, but because that's such a good experience, I started to love the show And if you think that this is a sort of one off, when you don't understand our brains, work, that's him. Association of the thing, then I only associated with one thing, which was spooning Christina and so since I was so much fun, I started like the show now this is always the case. If you associate things together, those associations become your new programme, the the opposite of that, and so you can change. I've actually experimented with us, but over the years I have experimented see if I can change what I thought,
What's the basic preference, so you know you have a favorite color or there's a food you like he has any of these preferences and I've actually experimented with quite a few times and something I've done for years to see. If I can Sounds like something that I don't like or or distant. Something that I really liked and I've done it dozens and dozens and dozens of times it's just easily. Reproducible in bolstering since you can actually just rewire your brain to like different things, you just have to work at it, You have to reward yourself when you do it. If you want it, if something you want to like and if it's something you don't take. The example of I was very hooked on eating Snickers candy bars, but after I stayed off of them for a while. I just come We lost it and something one from my favorite thing in the world and I
justly rewired it to something that I look at it go. I would even put us in my body, like I can remember what it tastes like. I have still not interested in complete. Rewiring so you can see where you re that way. The other way, the other way you can do is by contrast, does your brain is a contrast engine and pattern recognition engine, and so, if you want to say, if you want to like something to think about it, in contrast to the worst alternative, seek actually talk yourself at the liking, something by thinking of it in the context of something bad, and so some manage your contrasts because their option, so it's a trick that a real state, brokenly use real stay broken, will take you to the really bad listing you'll be like. I can't live here that after several bad ones
The real estate agent will take you to a nice one and then you're all pride. I gotta have this right now and you like you. I got aside this deal right now as those other ones or so bad. I we saw one good says using the concept of contrast, the suit you saw what that look, good, you're sold now, if the broker and done it. The other way, which is to show you something a little out of your price range first and they're really good and then show you that average one that you could afford. You wouldn't want it, and you might even change your mind about buying a house at all cuz. He be like we want. I can afford it so bad compared to these other good ones. I saw so you could manage your own contrast by simply choosing what you're thinking about.
So, whenever you have the option, just manage the thing you're thinking about next to the other things manage their contrast and that will reprogramming Those are a few tricks right there and you also want to use a trick of associating things with specific things. I told you the cut in the context of trying to get a good night's sleep. You only want to use your bed for sleeping
and or adult activities, but you dont, want to use your bed is the place you go to watch movies stuff like that because than your brain will think. Oh I'm in bed. This is the time I wake up to watch a movie so make sure they you, you have triggers in your life the only or associated with one state, for example. I also teach in my book. Heterophylla will say things that would beg that if you want to exercise because you know it's good for you, but you go for work and you just don't have any energy you like I worked all day. I know I should exercise. I just can't do it.
Track trick that I teach is to put on your Jim clothes and especially your athletic footwear. Now it simply that you don't wear your your sneakers here, you're running shoes all day anyway, if its and unusual feeling, meaning that the only time you have this kind of footwear on his when you exercise that association will trigger yours exercise, so you can be not in the mood at all and say hi, but at least I could put my sneakers on it.
People more than you walk round a little bit and suddenly suddenly, just because you dressed for it it'll it'll trigger you into that state. So, there's another mind. Hack is final, triggers the even associate with just one state and then reinforced seven reinforcing until you can use that trigger to reproduce that state. The other brain knack, of course, is that talk about too much is talent stacking. You have a certain set of talents and then you intelligently layer, new skills on top. Don't have to be the best in the world just things that shit together really well, that becomes a brain hack, because all new ideas are really old ideas, just combined. So, for example, if you knew something about economics and something about our industry to bigger too ridiculous examples, you might notice
something you one of those fields that gives you an idea for the other field in economics we think of it. This way are historians, never think of it this way, but they could, and so it seems like a new idea of a really most ideas come from other fields. So when you combine your kid, your talent stack and had several unrelated skills together that just work well together towards a man view you create the ability. To be more creative, simply because you held in your head, more variety of patterns and things, and they say. Ah, that's like Macro bay is like others. I planned. The drums is like
So you can have your brain to be more creative simply by having talents from unruly feels that happens. Elect Bali talk all day about bread acts but Sunday you gotta get to bed, and you remember that, since I suggested that you would have a tremendous native sleep and you can remember, be counted to twenty, if those of you who were there to be to be hypnotized into being able to do self, it noses just county twenty, when you get to twenty you'll, be relaxed drift off and between now and the next time. I see you in the morning. Twelve hours from now have a great many sleep, and I will talk to you in the morning.
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