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Episode 905 Scott Adams: Swaddle in Place. Come Learn a Useful Trick With Me.

2020-04-11 | 🔗

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  • Dr. Fauci is “somewhat reserved and skeptical of models”
  • Contact Tracing apps
  • Tucker Carlson’s head-scratching question
  • Are coronavirus deaths coded correctly?
  • PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on. Do you, like my exciting new introduction, you get to watch the lights command than the shades go down upon my shades? Isn't working together, we go there, we go so exciting, is sort of like a little build up back to me so that that how do I give you Ben? I missed you spent eleven hours and somebody says Christina Stoka. Your hair well she's in the in Seoul,
isolation in the different house, so I was gonna cut my hair. I live stream today, but I didn't feel like cleaning up there in my office, so I can do that. I'm not a young twenty questions, but if I see something by I'll, take question. So here's what's happened since last we spoke. As our brain Hume, tweeting acquired by ITALY, fancied active algae in But she felt she was saying that he's never had much trust and models Obray whom paraphrasing but basically break, said. Why are you telling us now, because you seemed you seem pretty confident not too long ago seemed pretty governing back then. But now you don't trust models and here's where Iphone
funny about that the reason fell. She says he doesn't trust in bottles. Does that there are only as good as the assumptions put in them is that IRAN is factually wrong that the models are only as good as the assumptions. No, of course not of course, that we all know that it is that the most ordinary expected thing you could ever say about models that it depends on the assumptions repugnant, just the most obvious they. So I said different? We today that I will lose respect for, and the experts who believed models work any expert doesn't matter what the field is. As they say, these long range Malta's variable models, work and actually can give you a photograph of the future. I would not trust those extra. You know what I mean, but always funny said about this is broken,
This probably most YO experience news people you'd, have you seen everything from every angle? One of the sharpest you know, observers of political life, especially and apparently Bray Hume thought these models were actually telling you something. To which I think really get this far and not know that long range prediction models are not are not tell you even slightly more than you could just gas, because if they could anybody you can read, can a superpower to predict the future even with a little bit of edge over over chance with the italian air? If anybody can do it, somebody would do it to get ready to be a million ways. You can explain that to get rich, so no doctor, forty,
it is my opinion of doktor vouch. He just went up a level when it but he doesn't believe the bottles, the virology models. So that is the correct answer. The activation as I see, that the acts FDA had doc, you got lab, you say that we should go back to work, but ideally we should ever widespread screening Though I would like to nominate for the most useless thing that anybody can say about the krona virus is. We should have widespread testing. Why don't we have more testing? Hey I've got an idea. Why are we do testing yoga? South Korea did some testing. What are we do? Some testing? Hey? I've got an idea. Is everybody thought of this? We can do some testing.
Have you have you realized by the first one to think it means that if we could test people- and we get us a lot of people, that would really help we'd know well, who didn't while I am so sick of people going on television or in the news to tell us that it would really be good if we could test if we had the tasks. If we can, I'm pretty sure that would have been right at the top of the list that our experts would have wanted to do Please stop saying we should do more testing there's nobody who disagrees with that. We just can't do it so you don't would also be good to stop this pandemic magic. Why don't we use magic people? People are you not thinking through just use magic
Oh magic isn't real. Well, then, we'll just test we'll just do massive. Oh, we don't have massive tests, they don't exist and we can make that fast while the Good NEWS is that there are a number of saving developments in the world of testing. By the way I want my best predictions I believe, based on some information The most people do now is that the world of quickly testing stuff had moved way way into the future, bad I've been product is yet another words or a lot of start. Ups, who already had laces technology from government labs It would allow you to very quickly check things inexpensively and accurately in the field.
So I see the number of start trying to exploit that technology, so I predicted early on that you would We see leaping into existence this technology, because now it was an emergency, so funding could be had and things we wrapped up quickly and just like I imagined I think you were. Pretty sure uses can new stuff. Let's just say I get to see things before you do and there's some exciting stuff coming in that realm. Here's of interesting positive thought the present. Said something along these lines, but I want to extend the fuck the president was making is economic prediction that he said, You say the second quarters, you're gonna be bad, the third quarter. Maybe you could start to think about things getting better, but the present thousands there's lots of pent up demand that the fourth quarter
record selling. I really really liked the way put puts that. Because he's very is being very. I'd say, conservative about what would happen this quarter or next, obviously, they're not gonna, be great, but It gives us a pretty Legitimate most optimistic case that the end of this year, things would start picking up and maybe even our records, because pent up demand that. The abbot meme is just as likely that'll be soft demand because people go crushed economically but you could see the people who didn't get crush, step and open having a lecture spending legacy that There is, I want to add- and I think that the present referred to this Budgetary level deeper witches. We ve never had a time in our history.
There are. So many of us took a time out and just stopped working and sort of had time to think about things Now you think yourself, let's not a big deal me. We we often we often take vacations and we take the weekend It's not that big a deal that we have time to think about things. Beers was different because Of the restrictions placed on all our lives and the economic impact etcetera, Almost everybody had to rethink from the ground up. Everything they do. You had to rethink how you eat. Had he give food, you had to rethink your social life, you had to rethink travel, you had cleaning yet wreath. Shipping yet rethink your job and every party, your job. He had to think education, family structure this baby setting all of it all,
had to be rethought, they're, my positive spin on this. I think that process makes people realise there is just a ton of stuff, then needs to be better frown, how many people realise that they could get more work done by not commuting just pick one simple example: And I ve got a feeling that people saw different ways to do things. They saw a red tape for being cut, they saw people doing things faster than they thought they saw innovation. They saw peoples stepping up and everybody to rethink from scratch. How can I do this job I have been doing here was the smart.
When you do this now that meets all these different requirements? And I think what's gonna happen? Every maybe will never be alert measure it, but I think that there is going to be a systems innovation. Surge in what I say systems I mean the system of how do you travel to work? The system of how do you go to school, the system of the workplace? organizing everything like that. So I think people get a fundamentally rethink Oliver systems. As you know, and the biggest proponent of making sure you ve got good systems and it can be really gigantic in terms of its long term impact simply the fact that our creativity was was challenged. So concentrated away, so it'll take a while for those benefits to work their way through the system. By thinking they could be really big.
I trying to think of all the things that will be different after we get back to work Certainly the work at home thing. I think the argument for self driving cars just go way stronger. As I often say, persuasion is not just about how good your argument is its also, getting people's attention, so the things that people think about the most they irrationally think are the important things because their thinking about it serve. You makes a rethink about something. Lot. It will become important them when it wasn't before so here's. My point is that, because A lot of attention will be put on the natural death rate of driving only because we are
It's weird experiment: when people stop driving for a while, so you could actually really see in concrete terms how many people did not die because we weren't all in traffic, and I think what s going to do is going to push people toward thinking when about we say I'm gonna take a number uttered. What's real eyebrows people go save, I tell me we saved twenty five thousand lives by not driving and their wicked bank that savings and always save twenty five thousand lives were for the full year babies. Fifty thousand could we sell. Could we save fifty thousand lives a year just by having self driving cars that would almost never crash, I mean if you didn't write that would never crash. So I think the self driving cars just went from you know something you'd like some day too.
What are we hurry up on this case? You say fifty thousand lives here, that's as much as that's as much as we close down the entire economy for. I think contact tracing is going thing. Did you see the story? I guess, couple of Google have decided to release. I dunno some standards, technical standards, the irish something, but the idea is that there are making it possible to build apps where you can tell if you buy near buddy. So let's say you, you were diagnosed with. Having grown a virus, you could, with the few pushes of whatever buttons on Europe Maybe you don't have to allow it. I don't know if you have to give permission and where the government has just gonna, do it as up where you have to give permission. So maybe you give permission from the outset before you ve been diagnosed, so that your blue tooth is tell you you're bumping into
They who also has a blue to them. So the ideas that you could look at the digital trail and send people attacks and say you stood within forfeited. This person who has grown worse, go, get a check or something like that That could be huge. You know if you were going to make a a short list of all the things that could get you back to work, Well, one of them would be widespread testing, which we can't do yet, but maybe in a few weeks the other would be magic, of course, which doesn't exist, so now be great and that we have this new thing, which is these acts that will do the blue tooth contact things which doesn't exist, but one imagines that a month or so maybe we could have something like that working, but all those we, the dioxin chloroprene, makes a difference. Navy genetic testing will tell something, so we probably have
four different ways that we could attack the virus. So I think we'll get there. Other educational line will change completely. I think the biggest they will change online education is the first time somebody does it right in my opinion, has never been done right now. It's not like I've seen every online course, but nothing I've seen and What I mean and what I mean by doing right somebody takes like a Hollywood movie kind of a bottle and they get they hire. Somebody was just Good on camera, looks good talks well, somebody's right, the script, somebody to do the graphic, somebody's directly so you ve felt like a real movie production, but it's just a college course or a class. It wants to stop right.
Especially you'd. Also do a lot of aid be testing, so you might tested out with small crowds before you finalized it to make sure that your saying things clearly etc so to basically produce. A class? The way manufacturers produce any other product, which is it goes through testing and research and pulling know you ve got a team of experts coming together, so long term project right now we just point a camera. Somebody who knows how to teach a major stage, but soon somebody does a right, the first time its concern into a real business, and it may be- I would argue Are you using other protection? argue that the biggest business of the future will be.
The online trailing. How do you like that protection I'll say it again, just as there is no there's, no there's no confusion. My prediction is that the biggest industry in the EU the one with the most dollar about will be our line. Education because the courses are going to be using. Colleges will eventually have to disappear because it already makes sense for the price you're. Getting there just a mainly says something. Regular colleges will start to fade away, like education will grow and just keep going better, and I think that when people are producing, imagine why you would Just think about. Imagine why you would pay too
Of course, the you needed will see these. It is your job rose part of a degree programme, but you could take the course there was. This fund is watching the best move. You watched, like guess, there's really entertaining but you're also learning at the same time. How much extra would you pay for that? versus the boring one that makes you wanna. Take your brain out with a spoon. Will you would pay a lot for that, not everybody, but it would be enough people with money who would pay a lot, for that training. That's a little bit better Eventually, the transmission of information and training will be the biggest market in the world. That's what I think. Tucker girls asked a question that has had me scratching my head, since I heard it, I guess I d the fact check on this cuz assumption in this respect.
Well sure about, but what Tucker said was that elsewhere If we had there, Bela major break out in China, Is it better and other city in China the gap, real problems like New York or or world and Tucker says? What's up with that? Because we also learned that maybe the virus is even worse, more viral than we thought. So how it'll be way viral than we thought millions Full have left one since, since the worst part of their pandemic. Their travelling all round. Super viral it don't have other major outbreaks in China. How would you even speculate that that's possible? Well, listless! Do that
regulate number one. Is China's lie? Ok, that's the obvious will write the most obvious. One is lying, but if what happened in word was anywhere else. How would we, not notice is it possible this, as big as will honour or a half. A word was still be gigantic. Still be a really big deal. How would we I notice that, even even with the control of the media in everything else, we would now right so so one possibility is, it is happening in China is like millions of people are dying, and we just don't know. I guess it's possible right. I guess there's one possibility. Here's another possibility. They have a vaccine.
Right, what's the possibility that they have a vaccine? Well, here again, you have the same problem as the first example if they are a vaccine means they would have vaccinated what hundreds of millions of people do, you think there's a chance. We wouldn't know. If Millions of people were forcefully vaccinated in a period of a few weeks. Yeah a window that right again. We don't have greater visibility about everything everything in China, but something of that size. We now slugger ruler, vaccination. I've got a rule out, then dear. Actually big outbreaks everywhere, because we would notice those two things here is another one. I see that the commercial been heavily Spos, Hydroxyl Chloroprene and as estimation Lindsey
work really really well and by really well, I mean, Well enough that it does, overwhelm your hospitals, even if you ve got the outbreak. Would you now, would you be aware of it. Lot of regular chinese people were, something that was like a mild cold, but they retain their their beds and it didn't ask relies on men. They got better in a week. Would it with the rest of the world know that that was happening on a massive scale, while here again, we might now because a lot of hard drugs, chloroprene. Is there any there like candy over there too? There a billion or whatever plus people. Wouldn't we know that I think we know but of the three choices is the one we would least likely now. Will you agree with that?
they are the vaccine forced hundreds of millions of people to taken a few weeks. We know that, if millions of people were dying. We know that But if they were giving out massive amounts of hijacks clerk anytime, any somebody showed the first signs of symptoms. Would we know because less say they only gave us the people who showed sentence will. We know maybe not So if I had to guess I would say that would be the one that slightly more likely or it could be some other some other therapeutic. Are you alone? People were in that the the crackdown on the shelter in place, orders and all that are the
beginning of softening us up for the osment dictator, move where all of our rights and freedoms are taken away from us. I am finding no sympathy for that opinion because, first of all, I think is happening. I just we're doing what we need to do for the emergency there was over, will get rid of these things, there's some sense that any kind of surveillance are tracking relaxing privacy. We just what it actually become permanent. Even after we solve the problem for which they had been implemented, I'll think so Of all the things under the worry about this year that doesn't make my top hundred now, maybe maybe I'm missing something, but to me it looks like the United States is really good it tweaking things when they need to.
And we hear whether done now. I think that I think that you'd have to have a different mindset in your public for that to be a big risk. I said this before, but also again, which is the great asset that Americans have. Is the american idea The idea of what is right and fair, the brainwashing that we all got ass kids to be patriotic the brainwashing but other negative way because to have a coherent society UK they have to bridge brainwash people to be on the same page, culturally, religiously, in some cases, but at least in terms of the constitutional law So these are brainwashing. United States are really well is created. The society of very independent wickeder will resist the drop of a hat.
So there's something about the american mind, then I think really makes all dictatorship things seem ridiculous, you would have to see our minds change a whole lot before you see me getting worried. There's always our minds are good: we're doing with the details is not the beginning of the dictator state is just what we need to do to solve a problem right now. That's what I say I asked this question about whether the deaths are being correctly characterize and added to the right categories for the coronavirus death, especially and I got to feed bags from er doctors. So I asked if it is already our doctor who can confirm the following beliefs. So this is my belief, belief without being in the yard, is that they probably are
Why good accurately identifying the real cause of death? The I'll give you by simple examples, which is if somebody had diabetes for fifteen years and they come in, and they die within a day of respiratory problems and classic red eyes of the corona virus, patient and as every sign of of kroner virus that are probably wasn't diabetes that they ve had fifty years could be, but it just be this weird coincidence that that was the day you died. So Thus, by simplified story, but as one year darker explained to me that they adopt there's do actually look at the other patients. History was recently here that the entire constellation of factors, and then they decide what the cause of death is, there's all process for doing it.
At least for this one here doktor it was his opinion that their that their can't really that their categorizing is probably ninety five percent grant less that's one period, there's somebody who, aside the lot of death certificates, so this is this- is coming from somebody who has personally sign hundreds of death certificates from the yard, and he says in his opinion that they're probably ninety five percent correct, because the other pretty responsible and there's a logic to it and the others. There are ways you can tell me So the time I got a second been so the. Secondly, our doktor had indifferent take on it, and it would like this. He too was not disagreeing with the basic premise that a doctor can know the accurate cause of death in saying that, if I may
the time, so both dockers seem to be on the same page that the doctor knows, and that is not a problem of the doktor, not knowing okay, so just kill that put appended to die. Those who actually do this work are sure that they do a pretty good job and I think that they would tell me the truth. If they knew they were guessing. They say: well, we honestly it's hard to tell we just take our best shot. We think we're right most of the time. I think they would have said that right, because why would they is that, like they wouldn't have to hide that its people doing the best they can with the information they have? It wouldn't be any kind of her. A bad mark on the record really, but instead, them seem to believe that the doctor can actually identify the cause of death and that the
all the evidence is gonna, be pretty clear, magnify percent, but the second year doctor, Added this little bit of flavour to the discussion and said yes, but there may be tremendous economic incentive, to cheap, to which I said just paraphrasing along grew conversation to which I said, I dont believe the doctor would cheat for the benefit of the hospital because After has all the incentive in the world to just do their job right. I don't there are a lot of doctors were going into the doktor business to like you guess, over on the world. I think most doctors, just you want to do a good job, and I don't. And so I said to myself: I care really see a doctor intentionally. Miss characterizing the cause of death
the doctors pay won't change anyway, and but me the hospital will make more money, and so I can square that, and so here is a counter argument which I give some way too It was like this. The hospital has a relationship with the doctors in which the doctors need to make the hospital happy Ass, Westlake the doctors a b and this become unhappy them. Then our relationship and that's not good and so the thought was that if that is the hospital definitely wants more corona virus. L comes in terms of death certificates, that, even though the doktor is not inclined to lie, then, even though doktor doesn't have a direct benefit. Surely the hospital as benefit it, after all, be a team player maybe a little bit flexible. The ones that are sort of on the fence.
To which I say goodbye yeah? That's it! I would imagine that's exactly what to expect with human beings has nothing to do with. Hospitals and doctors, but with human beings, you could Active somebody as a relationship and money is involved If somebody wants something they're gonna be sore. Suddenly, if not directly pressure to give that thing that Europe, your partner, what. But here's my summary of this, I dont believe doctors. Because of a major way would lie about the cause death. Nor do I think that there are many cases that are on the fence that gets down to that that five percent there probably could go in the way. So maybe there's stakes, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's a five percent bias, because that doctors, what the hospital to feel good about the
everyone is played along, the hospital makes money, so the doctor says a place to work and stuff like that, either. We don't have a way to measure it others just so. It's just my various of life in my understanding of humans is that probably the deaths are being coded. Ninety two ninety percent correctly, which is good enough to think there's not at some giant problem here, that's my bid and could be wrong. Let's see I love giving you were reminders of things I said years ago, so you can see whether or not they came to fruition. It was one of my favorite.
Predictions, and it was my favorite, because I knew that not a single person believed that this will happen. Nor did anybody take it seriously, and here it is, I said in twenty. Fifty in the trump would not just change what we thought of politics, but the YE would alter. Our understanding of reality itself- and I set it in a number of times publicly and the most. Nobody ever engaged me that say what what do you mean? What exactly the same? if they had a load off, I gotta get the explained it. But let me give you some examples. So We saw, for example, that facts don't matter that was a gigantic mental share, right you went from a world and twenty fourteen in, in which you thought facts actually matter and their people use them to make decisions,
but for most of what we do where emotional creatures and we rationalize it after the fact. So I think most of you have come around to believe that is true, you know or either really obvious, or they have no emotional content, but for most of we do where emotional creatures- and we rationalize it after the fact. So I think most of you have come around to believe that is true and think about mass events. Changing your understanding of reality from facts matter too. They don't matter, that's pretty fundamental change. I think a lot of you, Gone on that journey with me, but you just a few other things: about reality that have changed in just the last few years. It's funny when you see all together what is The Russia collusion thing was There are at least some point in that when you said yourself well,
I believe this is actually an organised coup attempt to overthrow the the elected president of the United States. One thing now As of this week, we know that basically, the Pfizer process was completely abused. Attorney general bars, it says basically well, could be incompetence What is certainly doesn't look like it and were were looking to see if any by needs to go to jail. So that's that's your attorney general. So, whether not no matter what we find about you once we get to the bottom of the road. Inclusion thing, no matter what we find, what You say that or believe about, what's possible got modified a little. Because I would have said.
No, you know if somebody describe this before I'll, even happened and said Scott. Give me give me a reason on this. Tell me a thing: if you think this could happen, deep state actors would put together this, the charge about Russia that creates this whole conspiracy and it would be the the grounds for impeachment and they would remove the legally elected president. We just a bunch of stuff they made up. I would have said to you think so. Sure that's a thing and then we watch to happen. We watch them. The other some views that we have known for years. I would question what knowing means in this context. Certainly, certainly people were covered in that it was always a big conspiracy and people who thought it wasn't
Well, I don't know if everybody knows. I was always point out the fact that there are always smart people all around every topic. So if you ever get to the point where you know the answer, some of them we'll be right, but if he gets out, which was a right ahead of time, I don't know if it's anybody, knowing their right or is just people, are on all sides of somebody's gotta, be right, Anyway, so we have a different opinion about how slow the people in our government are and can be, we ve lost I trusted are intelligence agencies. I mean I have to admit that the Iraq weapons amiss. Destruction and end even other notable failures that they ve had? I think, you're worth a surprised by the fall of the iron curtain. So there's a famous failed. Preserver intelligence agencies, but did you think that they might not? Even
you work here on your side. Did it ever occur to you that are most trusted intelligence Agencies were actually not even on your side. They're, not even though you too, but we know that now because Obviously the were important members of them who are working against the interests of the american public How about the World Health organization? two weeks ago. Did you think that was a legitimate international organizations in which they are working towards a world health? I candidate, like I kind of thought it was an actual organisations dedicated to world health. Well, I don't know what the world organization is, but it's nothin like that looks like some kind of chinese propaganda. Organ how about a logo was that these are, the news was real I gave to this would sooner than you did because I have said this before, but because I am often the subject
the news. I have a friend rosy it to see I with accurate. It is because, when you're talking about me, I know of its accurate I'll, be like I didn't do that. I didn't say that that's all inaccurate, but most of you are just observers you just in the audience, watching people like me. You're ripped apart by the media and you think, whilst probably too where they would say it was all the truce bride you, but now. You all know that the news is made up right everything you thought about the legitimacy of the media. That's all gone, I don't, I don't think we think there's any legitimacy to the media. At this point. There's another one. This is. This is also really knew. This is a freshman long term. Production models don't work. This may be my favorite
Because I've spent ten years of my life arguing that, whether climate change, is a problem or another big problem. The production models are not science their whatever assumptions you put in their size- and I think that this week. The entire world is ready to say both Democrats and Republicans. I think the entire. World is looking at this and say wait a minute where have we seen this before all the experts were on the same side that located prediction bottle, which they used to convince the politicians and the public of something very expensive, But then those models seem to be not as accurate as we had hoped. What's a remind you of what I think, that one of the big changes at school command
This is, it is almost impossible to argue for climate change anymore, because an hour today's Europe bill, you do say, and we get this on climate change and here's my argument, here's my here's, my long term production model for eighty years and people are just gonna say put that down put it down, put it down and they'll say no get models. You see my graph, Those I put it down. We're not gonna, listen to your long term models anymore now, even She said that you didn't use the models to decide to close down or to agree to close down the travel from China or to agree to close down the academy. Rather, you said that the the striking things were the experience that they observes in China and ITALY.
So even found she said, then use models fell. She said just look at what happened in other places and said, there's a problem that climate change is similar to that. I wouldn't put too much credibility in the models, but it might be true that the experts can just look at the data, a certain kind of warm, and we think we know why. Maybe we should be worried about that, but the model part, the models- are nothing to be accurate. Here's another thing. I learned. Who did other money? You can just be printed today, There are some level. You didn't know that right. You knew that we're printing press is the most of you are educated people. You say you knew that
those states could always print more dollar bills. Print more money. Put it in circulation, see knew that we could do that, but didn't you think it was a bad idea. Did you think that you could physically, you can print more money, but you don't want to do that because it would create inflation. The simple reason that is: if there is more money in the system, then people are willing to pay more for their goods and services and then the people to sell them say hey? I got a lot of demand. I think I'll raise my prices. So if you, if you flood the system with too much cash, you can cause inflation. So there's no point in doing it. So there's no way you can just create money out of nothing except I think we just did it deadly, because in an environment in which inflation is basically impossible,
with the exception of the hoarded goods that are there, some price gouging for normal nobody's gonna, build or raise a prize. The United States just printed utterly. Literally printed or out is a digital and assure exactly other works was probably digital process, but we created trillions of dollars the only downside of creating. In the dollar is was was inflation, which, under the spell condition can't it can't nobody who raise prices and the enough demand for a while, anyway,. So I feel like I'm missing. Suddenly obvious because you know actually have some background to this stuff and I'm very confused. But did we find. A trillion dollars or free money can kill. Somebody work, that's for me. I think there's either greater implications than the simple ones in them
explaining, so there must be some downside. That's all more than I think but what I always say. The present job is good at finding free money on the table in picking it up like a free money. But we want this, and when I heard that we were going to fund this stimulus, if you want to call it that not by borrowing but brother, printing money, and then I realized that inflation is gonna go up, even though we print the money. I think Trump found. Two or three trillion dollars laid on the table and my wrong I have to be removed. Right is Joshua Ganz. If you watching this actual, the economist? What am I doing wrong? I mean, did we just three trillion dollars at another, because we had weird opportunity where there was no chance of inflation. The duchess happened. I've.
Actually curious. I don't know, but it might have in mind if you had to. And unless you should bet that, I'm wrong about this by the way you should bet that there's some big variable than another thinking about that would explain it. But otherwise we just created three trillion dollars out nothing. How does that change your view of reality? Its message with mind I'll tell you My view of reality has taken a beating. If we just create three trillion dollars, I learnt nothing. How hard is gonna be to argue against health care for all and pay off student loans. When we just created three trillion dollars out of air, How are you going to argue against you, say: birdies big take as tough as as binding as carrying forward,
How are you going to argue against it because you know have enough money if we, if you'd just printed three trillion dollars. I see so we say yes, you are wrong, Normally, I block people for just saying you're wrong without giving a reason, but I'll give you a special diskin distance, today, because I also think I'm wrong. I just don't know why maybe so can fix it for me, so just to make things fun. The the Anti term press designated a official race better, so it looks like they are enough. They pick teams or how they do. This but somebody works repeat: BS named Nietzsche I'll sender,
early guess do so in the way our press secretary and try to start resource. So she s all the dumb ass clashes that make the headlines, because you should ask these questions and is the wrong place. It's just die awful, so issues asking the the surgeon general, whose african American and are used He is a language to refer to grandpa and grandma. He was using some culturally relevant language and she called enough work as a because it sounded racist and then there's poor, this poor black guy, Who is the surgeon? General of the United States has to explain a camera.
To the designated race WAR started in the audience is poor ease reached, maybe the pinnacle of at least in terms of public service. Being the surgeon General young guy this is quite a good job right. Yes, there that there listening to this woman, ask him if he's racist seriously, now here's my opinion. I think she should be kicked out of the room by the administration does not too harsh. Is it. Because if somebody is coming into the press coverage for the sea emergency, crisis situation, to ask this dummy s. Question there's no value except to get people upset about race for no good reason whatsoever when we should be doing the opposite. Pulling together under normal conditions,
a lot of the press is asking these gotcha questions, but would be unfair to uninvited her and just granules. I would be ok with that when you, No, if this witness these were normal times and maybe not let them ass their questions etc. But I think she should be kicked out of the room, because she's wishes operating opposite of the national interest during an emergency and there's nothing added. She added nothing. Yeah you're talking about the language. Users for his own family come on their poor guy. I've been very critical of the surgeon general because the face mask link
we have a common on that, but even I feel bad for him having to go through that is Artie or the hill Entire Trump Press. I don't know what that means. Have you noticed that the president is being extradited to Jimmy Carter? also being extradited to the governors, given the democratic governors. The president is also being extradited to Joe Biden at least not the campaign, answers or prohibitions. The things that the president himself says. He complimented Joe Biden decoupled at the governors here yet these even call them ass the job, if you notice, users or a joking with them a little bit at one point,
So even looks like the President in Jim Casta have some weird detente that I'm sure as temporary. But at least I like it like the shell honestly. Yeah, I think the world would be worse without Jim accosted. For being honest the one thing I'll give him credit for that. He understands. He understands the shell, so yeah, I'm not going to say that Trump is a genius, because he knows that you know how to operate a showmanship for his advantage. Even though it's not typical politicking, he knows how to use it A does. The same thing, I'm not like to compliment the president for doing there. Well watch across the do well and not give him the same compliment, which is a cast a no. What is job is in the ways decided to define, find his role in the world,
and he knows it is some form of wrestling, and he knows more about that. Go and he brings the show. Does the president to the president your back away from the shell? Never that's! Where we love battle, you never backs. The show, so he goes into the show, and then you ve got the president. Will you show and considering the show and its news diet and they're gonna like it. We also need real reporters and stuff and lots of things that across the Sesar or so ridiculous, they make you have explode, but. In the context of the show, he's a good character. You not I mean if you can cast this as a movie. He be a great character, so my enjoyment of watching the whole the whole movie, if, as it were like Dr Accustomed, he's, is good in addition to the movie, if not here sense of information
I will teach you the most valuable thing you ve learned- and I like to say this for the end, because only the people who really really care are here ready to give you a little life hack. That really can change fundamentally change your life in such a little thing really changed It goes like this. I learned years ago that touch the other set. The act of touching somebody or something is a skill. You think it might not be than you think you're. So I know you be like somebody use a train. Massage therapists would know how to touch people correctly yo, and maybe, if you just randomly touching somebody you endorse, allow no less often talk about as part of it.
So, yes, there is some technique, Bell learning where to touch people and how hard and everything that will make you feel better. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about intention. If you were to say, you're walking through the underbrush and some of the underbrush was rubbing as parts of your body, including here you're you're naughty bets. Would that except you probably not because even though there were some sense of something touchy, you in your naughty parts, probably would not have been register is anything exciting, because there's no intention involves the Bush has no intention. Absent intention touch loses all of its power. This is the
will change your life? I learned this because I couldn't understand why some people can touch you and it feels great that you have a say in the context of dating or whatever and other people can touch you and it doesn't feel great. It doesn't feel much of anything in it doesn't seem to be related to how much you like the person or they like you or what they look like where you chemistry, there's something that some people have This is actually a skill that, if they just lay their hands on your shoulder, some people can make you feel good, and some people can't- and I figured out what it is and its intention that you can. You can even tested on your animals.
Here's your specifically what I mean when you're touching somebody, whether human right that you should be thinking to yourself in your bide. The interval voice should be. How does it feel to the other person, in other words, you're putting yourself in their head and you're, focusing completely on the task? If he do those two things you focus completely, and the other person knows it, and you put yourself in your head, In a way that you would imagine if this were you, you would like it, even though you might be a little different. You you to learn what they like in a just as you go but that little bit of intention will turn on ordinary touch into almost an electric experience. Though you won't believe it until you tried but try this experience of.
Touching somebody you ve ever ancillary user will say you you convince your boyfriend girlfriend spouse to scratch your back and they're. Just with scratch, your back and say you like that, would just for. For example, of how like it, if that person is also rearing their phone and scratching you back worry about their intention is intention. It's just a mechanical thing, and it's just like the branch, the brush, should the forest, even though I should feel exactly the same as soon as the intention is gone and the focus has gone, it just becomes something scratching you so when he had once you find someone you can actually touch so maybe we'll try that Try complete focus, put yourself in there and their mode and then do that,
You also learn the besides therapists, the best ones. Do that's. That's that's a difference between a great besides therapist, what they might have the same moves, but one Who is going to be electric that one of them is just with your like something on your back all right, you see in the comments that there's some people who are agreeing with it, nobody is disagree with it. So most of you just probably hearing it for the first time like you, never really thought of it in those terms,
Try it if you, if there's somebody in your house or a patter scented, try it nursing, doesn't ok, some basis. I think you're, confirming in the comments that when you learn to be a nurse, that's that might be part of their training for the empathy. Isn't that makes sense. I and that's all I needed to tell you, stop stealing my booze right. That's all for now, and I will talk to you in the morning. You know when.
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