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Episode 907 Scott Adams: Swaddling Your Questions Like it Was Nothing. Get in Here.

2020-04-12 | 🔗

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  • Giving up our rights
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But the little spot, Bobo Bobo, Bobo everybody, whatever you do- do not touch your face. Tat year phase does your face because after throw that away greed, hey everybody. Is there something missing here? I think there is a risk. We are not properly waddled. What's because we really her ha ha ha ha, that's better. Oh yeah, so one of the things about this growing virus thing is, it is allowed goes to learn about society.
Is allowing us to learn about ourselves. Let me tell you what I learned about myself tonight. I had always been under the impression that I would probably be a good and cooking if I end of time to concentrate on it turns out. That is not. The case Nope doesn't matter how much time I have cutting is not my special skill so there's that You want to hear, aside of desperation, just watch bill Marshal and you, asking I think Al Gore, whose interviewed Al Gore what he thought of this idea, what if Biden, now ass they use gonna pick Obama to be the corona. Viruses are- and I thought about
of way end. Of course, Al Gore answered it. The smart political way by saying you should ask Obama first before it before you get too excited about it. Does he might not what that job? Which I would imagine even, but can you think of anything the sounds more give up. He then asking a would be be a good idea if and got Obama to do the hard part of buttons job for him is really desperate being add at this point, I dont know if anybody is even pretending that binding is capable it's funny, at least among these smart Democrats and by well, not just emigrates Nashua Bill Marius Idol of he did. I doubt if I were the party
It feels like all the smart people who do identify with the left or kind of thing they don't have much of a candidate. So we'll see what happens there. Have you noticed that is getting harder to tell the difference between people. Just really loves or constitutional freedoms. And sociopath, because at the moment they look to save the only differences. Whatever's internally happening in their heads But if your observing the outside, let's say. Say you're at the tail under the baby booger generation, just as an example say somebody from that perspective. We're looking at some of the younger folks, with the younger foes. Devil. You seem to value getting back to work more.
More than the life of some number of older people now If you just observing from the outside, how can you tell the difference between young people just sociopaths. They couldn't care if he delivered die, not their problem or people who just but really I value on freedom. Look alike, Whenever I see people debating hey, if the government takes this freedom, progress here might solve this problem in the short run, but will lose our freedoms If people know how many freedoms we ve given up over the course of human history with we ve, probably give them more freedoms and you can even list some of its trivial, you know you can't yellow fired a crowded theatre, even though you have
oh yeah, I'm afraid of a speech. You get libel! Somebody, even though we have freedom of speech the. So we have lots of limitations. I can't go to sleep in your house. Just cause I want to I mean we have tons of limitations. Are the most have done the same quality, which is the reason that I'm limited my freedom is limited, because if it's not there is a good chance, it would hurt. Somebody else does that sound how's work most of the time, so what's the difference between every other law in the world, which is mostly about helping other people helping the greater good- and you know whatever draconian restrictions- Put on people at the moment is always at the cost of freedom. We act like we act like something happened last month or so that the change the direction of things from our
open free privacy, world and now is heading in the wrong direction, to which I say what were where ninety nine miles down a hundred by road. We just won another half mile, not even sure, will notice it. So we've been giving up your rights and then things for hundreds of years and so far it's kind of workout. I don't know, can you think of anything that was a right. You gave up. That's really made the world a worse place that they're stuck around. I don't know I've been pressing people on Twitter to give me a number of how many
will, they would be willing to see die extra from the krona virus in order to get back to work. So, as I often say, if you can't put a number on it, then you don't deserve to be in need of deserted, debated. Nobody should even have a conversation with you. If you give fully express your preference, which is going to work on this day issue, and he ll take a risk of losing about this. Many people wish, if you could put it in those terms as a real opinion, but if you can only say we should go back to work or you can only say, lives will be lost You now really helping you're just sort of taking up space, so I asked somebody today and I got this somebody who leans conservative, I don't know his exact. A measure area described himself there, just based on twitter interactions. But it would be conservative, slash Libertarian, maybe, but
he's, never was two hundred and fifty thousand. So here's a person who lives and works among us walk the streets. They you do shops and stores. Just like you do and and he's ok. With the trade off he raised. Nobody's ok, where people dying but you'll be ok with the trade off of a quarter million. People dying who would not necessarily die otherwise elite muslim. In order to get back to work, I had mixed reactions. The first reaction I had was
that I always respect anybody can put a number on the there wouldn't be my number. I would want actually that I think the number was a gross no net in this case. When I do my predictions, I've express them both ways when I express this gross talking, fifty thousand were expresses that talk more like five thousand. I think those than making system protections, A way to fifty thousand deaths is precise and that that is a sort of in the midway range. Between all the people that the United States lost in world war, one and all the soldiers we lost of world war two so there's year, just somebody on twitter who may actually be watching this right now.
Who thinks it will be and not even say he is wrong by the way. If it sounds like it sounds like you're taking my agreed So I would say I don't think I can do that, because other. There is reason to believe people will die both ways and there is reason to believe No one is smart enough to measure exactly where the right balances, so I would say, he's on the sort of under outside edge of something that is normal, human could suggest as reasonable is further. Go both but its world war size and be willing to take. That risk. Does
I guess he is wrong. It's just! I wouldn't. I wouldn't say that I asked you for questions and I believe I have some going to Twitter whereby question was asked and where is my question you questions people have here your covers for your first to change. The Chinese said this is a diversion. Now I don't think anybody didn't intentionally. I dont think whatever find out that to be true.
Sir question from skip: what does the talents stag needed to be a great teacher and press enter as you predicted Wilburn future deeply? Those skills can be learned and baby outlined. The specific persuasion skills you well. I think that the future will be people who baby don't have the full talent stack, but is it Evil people, just like maybe a Hollywood movie where the directors got these skills, the the actors- have different skills and writers, etc. So these can be more like that, but if you are trying to do with one person, of course it would be being comfortable too.
You don't care about. That would be number one, so it really is well being comfortable. This mostly just practice. He said to do a lot you need to build. Put a thought together needs be able need to build organize your thoughts so that yes and content this interesting and ideally ideally, do you look good or at least know how to be fit in. Fashionable whatever. Whatever is the best you can do given given why you working with you, should learn a little bit about maybe even makeup, and I'm talking about online video makeup. Probably needs, no lighting. You need to know what ever equipment you need. You need to know social media to promoted so desperate, deep, tell stacking I'd Erika says: would you consider following
doing a Youtube cooking show at periscope it for us to watch that you can surprise Christina when she comes back well. Actually I was going to do that joke as you might Erica. Actually planned to do that? So I told some EU that, starting to boost the content of a give adieu and announced will pretty soon but moving so content over to the locals platform. That's Dave Rubens New platform, where there will be no censorship of the type that I get typically and everywhere else, but I'm here to put some extra content there, so some fun stuff that is a little off my normal stuff up with that, their cassettes subscription service. So people get extra.
Rory says: do holy cow. That is truly sorry asked me if I like his are in progress at you. You have to see this because this is not to be believed. He resolved like, like anybody, you know or other north as me, the hell is that pearly I've been cloned, so I Rory worry the sculptor clay, I guess and spreading its pretty impressive. Well,
Lisa says this facility helpful ends. Well, you welcome Michael says: isn't a system just a way to achieve a gold? No, it isn't. No it isn't it candy. So Woody will include that. But what is magic about a system that allows you to be flexible enough to take advantage of of opportunities that you didn't even see so having a go use, you set your focus on something in your marching towards their specific thing. Having a system can prepare you for lots of different things and you might be more opportunistic and say well, I never thought about this thing, but now that is there. I have all the skills I need I've or more practiced up accidentally, but I have the skills to Serbia will like going to college and getting
in english degree. You could end up with a variety of different jobs. You dont know exactly which specific one. So it's not like you, my goal. Is to give job and that building over there to be vice president marketing. Rather you get your college degree and then you say well, I could do a lot of things and you start looking round lawyer possibilities plus the big difference. Why do you Betty conservatives are so afraid of losing something privacy. They don't already have well as a good question and is a sort of my biggest question. Why would you be afraid of losing something that you know have privacy, because ears were allocated? If the government has a legitimate reason to check on you, they can do it, they just get a subpoena
to a fire flies. Application apparently does take much to get those, so the government already can get all your stuff. Do you see that every time somebody is accused of a crime So you don't have any privacy if the government cares now. What is the government doesn't care? Well, then, you don't really have privacy in the sense that if they started carrying, they could go get it. But as long as Don't care is like a functional privacy goes just nobody cares, but even if the government doesn't care, they're gonna be developers and programmers and people have access to databases administrators than they have access the there's no way to design this planet so that nobody has access to your private. Stop interest can be done,
Because if it could be programmed, it could be that so yeah you live in a world where the only thing that keeps you private is people being uninterested in you said the sudanese people are interested for legitimate reasons. They say they think you said you committed a crime. They can find out anything they want. The other two governments assessment of this threat has proven wildly wrong. No answer that didn't happen.
It is true that half of the country thinks that the government's assessment of this threat has proven wildly wrong it, just as in true here's. Why I'll give you the short version models? Production models are not meant to be, for a grasp of the future is now possible. So having an accurate forecast bottle is not even a thing. You can't say that it did or did not do the thing they can't be done. Nor was designed to do that.
The models are simply designed to give you a rough size. How big the problem- maybe maybe how sensitive is to serve variables, fuss about it now, if they, if they said it, was good, we can get it out, two hundred thousand s with full mitigation, but then they changed it to sixty thousand as IRAN, not my book in my book. That's as close as anybody could ever get was something this. Public in and with somebody unknowns if, if they guessed a hundred thousand at the lower end with mitigation and we hit the sixty, I'm sorry, that's a home run. That's it that's a dart thrown thrown from the length of a football field and hits the bulls I do. You know why you think it's a gigantic miss and the government was wildly wrong because the news does not interpret things. They told you that you can look at you
self and see that the range was a million two hundred thousand and a hundred thousand was at least after the first initial confusion The hundred thousand was always if you mitigating, tell the difference from billion dollar. Two hundred thousand is really big distant difference. The difference further from a hundred death sixty because lost around so for a given that production models are not really made to predict. They can't nobody can see the future to get that close. Even by luck with the extra Very the if nothing changed and all all we knew is at a lower the delta sixty unless it was exactly that year, whereas all down sixty thousand there. Would be hailed as one of the most successful models of all time, because it doesn't get better. If you think it could be better,
That then you don't even understand what the models or for why they do them or when they buy is thinking you can put them at all. That's his girls, you can do. Is they worked to scare people into action? Then there were the best models of all time. So I reject your premise. I guess arrest. Joseph, how do you feel about your smart washer, your phone tracking, your temperature daily? Not only what I like that But I would like to ask the does the following things. I would like an apple there. S me these questions. Have I had taken my temperature, it be great if it were a pair. The little temperature taking the butler? I rode temperature taking away so every
They are pops up this, as did you take your temperature. Ok, take your temperature. Did you put it and those? As do you start your sense of smell, and you say I'm really thought about it. I don't think I do so. That's you is that come from action, but as one of the more frequent symptoms if people lose a smell, so you go you I lost my senses. Well, maybe you say: the ever any body eggs do you have any headaches whatever the other symptoms are squashy throat, etc. So every day whether you has a loser, you do that you would at least take your temperature and then you- and you just say you are now here's the thing. If enough is enough people this then even a small rise in temperature, along with maybe paired with some people, said they lost their smell. You could probably tell that maybe, like an apartment building was getting on becoming a hot spot,
I feel like, if you just reported it on your own, just how you feel and your temperature, I think, you'd catch all of it, but baby you a quarter of it. It would help We think based Diamond Princess data emissions, as without social distancing infection rates would be twenty percent. Really data also shows with social distancing infection rates is fifteen percent. Research math, I can do for you there, sir. Oh, yes, he's done the math and says that if his mouth is right, we We spend a hundred and twenty eight million dollars per death avoided. Well, I hope that's not true.
But years away, you in any case the wrong analysis. So if you buy insurance and then you doubt, your house doesn't burned down you by fire. George, you house doesn't Bordeaux, wasn't a mistake to buy insurance Was it if you pay for insurance, your whole life and you have never burns down, wasn't a mistake in the Azores now I mean if you had, if you had your speech and you can see the future area, but scant so from the perspective of when the decision is made. It's not it's not a mistake.
So the number of people we did save should have been a million. So what is too is what are. We spend two trillion to save a million gonna talk to my digital, assisting here in a moment, and let me ask so. Like so, what is two trillion divided by a million, though Alexa? What is two trillion divided by one million
is two billion thirty two volume, two billion for to avoid a million deaths, so two million per is two billion per person too much said too much depends if here sociopath areas I can see what else you do bill Gates is a good guy, using his wealth to try to preserve and improve lives worldwide or
on serve a man trying to kill people off with yet with yet to be sufficiently tests and vaccines. Vicki s question: here's. What I think I think Bill gaze is exactly what he says is, I'm not sure he's capable of lying in that way. Now I'm sure when you ran Microsoft, you may have exaggerated is sales numbers and their voters from Hyper Billy in there, and maybe the Simpson arrogance but in terms of hooey is I dont know if he's capable lie about that about his is own basic character is goals for the world? The thing that always impressed me about bill gates
Even when I was a young man, he was already the richest person than utter a country in the world or something he was already the richest person, and he said that he was going to retire early dedicated life to intelligently, giving it away so not just giving away, but coming up with new intelligent way to do that. That became the Gates foundation. Of course, that's exactly what he's been doing an eye if you haven't watch the gates, documentary road towards called, maybe a skull gates and Afflux, where he talks about his mission to develop a better toilet for Africa that that works everywhere it's really taking on some thankless task. I mean Bill gates, has taken out all the worst job so hardest. Most thankless ones and mice have
Unless the worst judge of character in the world he's a hundred percent real does via Sesar, And I don't think I would give anybody hundred well. Maybe I would, but there are many people that I would say, yeah my opinion. I am one hundred percent sure that what you see is what you get in terms of bill gates. They use actually just trying to make the world a better place. Let me put it in kind: returns if he thought the pushing. Let's say a vaccine as an investment in could make him an extra ten billion dollars, but doing something else would work better for the for the public. I don't have any question of any question. They would push you're, the one that works better for the world, because it doesn't really mean another. Ten billion dollars,
try to give it away as fast as again, he doesn't need another tent. After your way I mean I'm sure you will appreciate it, but So it was on the worst judge of character the world that bill Gates is exactly as good as you would think, based on the fact that he's dedicating his life to charity and doing a good job all right. Do you think it is more likely? California has lower Kovac cases because of heard immunity? better policy or warmer. Whether well, I don't know Nick, but I think this is a big. The big question, the most obvious things are, the density of the weather might have something to do it by these density and care for use.
Notoriously healthier californians are lower. Wait, you a better, more likely to exercise more likely, spend time those doors more likely to open the windows. I think we have the least this winter are. Humanity has been pretty good in terms of keeping down viruses, so a whole bunch of stuff, but I have another. Four I'd have another hypothesis. I don't think this is my baby. I heard somebody say this, but I haven't you heard that there are two forms of the krona virus. I don't know if that's confirmed yet, but especially there's a bad one and they not so bad. When it could,
Be this is true that Europe infected New York City and China affected infected California. I dont know if you can believe that, but preliminarily, I think you're the New York Times reporting that, if that's true, that also opens the possibility that we got a weak one, and I wonder if that makes sense. I was somewhere alone lies. I heard this and I dont know if it's true there things of the deadliest when they first the first job, so its maximum deadliest when it went first jobs but but
subsequent jobs, it can get weaken. I wonder if I'm just gonna put this failures. Bothers. Doesn't virus weaken if its given across ethnicities? I wonder so yours, here's, the hypothesis. Could it be that the change in the China version was actually not that strong? Maybe it was a relatively weak. Maybe that both but the weak, when it was all the worse, the one they got around the most, so that would explain why China had a relatively good result, because it could be that their their form of the virus was more the weak when than the strong. Now imagine that that also went to California, which would amend California,
also got the weak one. But what does the strong one got out and that would went toward Europe so that the Europeans would bring the strong won over to that? That would explain ITALY right. So you see the strong one laying waste to ITALY, and then it gets over to New York that lays wasted your so it could be and it s sort of fits the data that I can think of. Baby there some facts in evidence like a thinker, but it could be to viruses coming in from two different directions. Just maybe I would throw that you know on the list with ten other possibilities. Sir George Michael Copilot says what happening with. You is a theatre or a true breakdown s.
Because I like your work and I would like to know you're. Ok, do I look like I'm having a breakdown? Does everything my mental health is a risk? I think so. I think so right away, melody asks? Has anything made in China ever less than as long as this virus. You, though, it used to be the old days that made in China that low quality and obviously sometimes is still does. I think it really depends on your your Iphone was made in China. To so is that, like China only makes bad stuff but
due to mutter. What do you think you're so did so wrong compared to the rest. Densely, mostly, is re alternative to lose privacy, or death from the virus? Well, I've analysed downstairs. I forgot to write it down of all the difference eggs that are floating around. They could solve this thing so that our budget things they could just by themselves be the solution. For example, if I dioxin chloroprene works and we can't get enough of it in a few weeks, maybe that's all you need. It is possible to do just that, what they now also if we get or if we re up our ability to test and we get so good, we can just tell stack anything's less all you need the test. They alone would be enough
then there's the serum stuff where they give you the recovered people's blood. That might be enough. That could be the thing they guesses banks or could be. I don't they masks by themselves or enough, but isn't it is Norway or Sweden whose basically just saying be smart and wear masks and go back to work so version of that there is so their several different s there there's the rim. Rimmed is aware: there was test
Anderson early indications that my work but based on the story? It didn't look like a word to me. So that is why those the headlines and match the story. The headlights as this drug makes a lot of people get better and that he read the body of its like two thirds of the people who took the drugs. You got better and I thought to myself: two thirds took the drugs got better. Is that pretty close to what would happen without the drug Gazeta really have a control, and I'm thinking even these were the more the icy you cases, the worse ones, but by the time you get the icy. You know I am at least fifty four she also giving out. Don't you to do what
how many Bernie supporters do, you think, will vote for Trump in November, well, probably that will be born staying home than there is voting for job will be a little above. Everything depends on the summer is almost like. Nothing. That's happened between you tromp selection, and now it's almost like none of it mattered because I think the election will be entirely decided on weapons over the summer between in between now and of ever what does Lex. He says: what does I dressed for a queen looked like as a prophylactic. I believe we do not know. I. I don't think anybody believes it will stop you from getting the info.
I believe that people do believe that if you are in your body already, it might make it serve a problem, but you'd still be infected. I think that's the current thinking Well grown a virus every second or third wave well at the model, We don't have a plan to be done with it. They realize I write that nobody has described the plan that even on paper could work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anybody said our aid. If we do this this this, we can get back to work because, as always son, imaginary things right everything here, as I was,
doing, widespread testing. There will get back to work. You may whatever that I'll say. Can we do widespread testing by then now? Ok, so that's not a plan. If you can actually do the widespread testing, that's not the bland So at this point since vaccines or take too long we're doing anything about my drugs chloroprene that feels new and updated, and we can't tasks we we don't have enough the serum stuff, what's our lab, so the moment. Nobody can even scope out on a piece of paper. I this makes sense you do a than you do be the need to see that doesn't even exist.
The only player that anybody has is that we are the sixty percent to seventy percent of the country's guess it we just get a slower than than the summer the set that the plan is for, like four million to die Well I'll be in the bath, let's say. Let's say seventy percent of the country is gonna, get it sooner or later, because it'll happen before the first vaccine is available. So I say: seventy percent of the country gets there, but we spread now so the hoss. Those are ok because ago, spread out by how many people were to be after a year and a half well below two percent of sixty percent of three hundred and twenty seven yeah, it's a big number. It's never. So our current plan is for millions of Americans to die. Do did you know that
you know that the current plans for millions of Americans nine not over thousands, because the the hundred thousand is if we can get it down to that, your will. Will feel like we're over the hope and we may maybe we can talk about going back to work blab as if you go, the works? It doesn't matter. How intelligently you do it it's the most Rural virus of all time. So a little bit of going back to work, basically, just in fact that group of people we pull back, they in fact them, but the current plan is heard. You is heard immune. Over a long period of time, because there's no vaccine that will get there in time right, as is already the math, is red four million people die. That's the current plan so
for those of you who are thinking this was overrated. I consider that the current plan by default, does we don't have any other plan is for four million people to die now. I will change that would be addressed. The clerk win works better than anybody who said so far and we have enough of it. What can change that is there were ramping up I get. Did I see the Caesar the FDA only later like three hundred different companies doing various types of testing, so just then the whole feel is being flooded with stuff. So if they wrapped up The new depths undergrowth, but at the moment those things don't exist, which they will be the last to completely open up here, might be New York City, that biogas.
What part of the movie or we are nowhere near the point where the hero finds an impossible solution. Well, I also because, as I said, shorter vase uprising polar rather than had? Nobody has planned that doesn't involve four million people dying just a little more slowly than it could have benefited and faster. So I see, I think, were I think the third act is probably June. First, if you that's what it will look, the darkest things will look, the worst around beginning,
So there should be the third act. Why of american citizen so freely give up their rights? Fear then says: can you just this flaw in your model? Framing I dont know the rest of the sentence is holding for me, but barely been,
thanks to some flaws in my framing, and he says in order for a model to persuade it must be perceived as credible, true, accurate and trustworthy to the public to without their prerequisite. It cannot be a persuasion tool, where's, the flawed, my mom you just then he just stated what I believe. I don't see the floor, so I think you're baking or you should make a distinction between what is true and what people believed to be. True. There's probably the problem here: J Rock TAT,
who says I will never submit. Why have you because I'm not us frightened wooden bench? That's why here's? Why I'm not afraid of losing my privacy cause? I'm not I'm not afraid that the government will go too far, because I think the people are still more powerful than the government. If that changed. If the government became more powerful than the people. I would be worried about temporarily giving them some rights that maybe I can get back later, but as long as the people are more powerful than the government is not even close, really slow, close to worried that if they borrow some of our rights to solve a problem, there We won't get them back. If we care, though I do think, is very likely that we will care that motion would just get used to it why you did with her tracking location way, would just keep that we might need a letter. I think people.
Just get used to giving up their privacy say an end to J Rock TIGERS. I would say why have you given up so much of your freedom yeah, you can't carry a machine gun down the down the street. He care by hand grenade they're, just hundreds and hundreds of things that you can't do, and how did you give up so willingly was always the same answer stuff. You don't care about nobody. Why have you stop doing our robot Gilbert yeah.
I tried that character and use one for a while I'll bring you back. Actually, just you remind me to bring the robot character back is probably enough. So you'll be back this week and last week all the comic some writing for May and June ever have deliberately that's my dog dream. They all have the characters wearing masks it saved me. A lot of time is the hardest thing to draw would deliver characters is the noses. Does he can't get? The knows just right, it's just to Providence is getting it right, but now because all the characters ever face masks.
My work is twenty percent. Is you this week? What is your opinion of Amazon banning the Hoechst documentary, so I've been kind of watching the tweets on that, and I sure I know the full story but make sure to which is incredible, Boogie host, which I talked it over his honestly one of the most enjoyable pieces of content that I've watched in a long time in a long time is really good. But that's not wise good, very way. Also ever go
You know why it took so long again on Amazon environments and problem really does is very controversial to expel, fake news, etc and, and MIKE is controversial himself, but there's nothing in the documentary that crosses any line. You can be provocative and controversial, but he's not even close to crossing line, then that I've seen it and there's nothing in there. That, I would think, is even a little bit. Suspect. I dont know what it would be so Amazon, obviously according to tweet, I saw, did not offer a reason and said we don't have to offer your reason they just took it often and they they took it back from the people, would actually bought it differently so that they can take it back.
We ve already bought it, so I would say that that's I dont know how else to interpret it. Basically, what I do know, except for a grotesque and obscene censorship by a private company that so big it is operating as women. Only this week and it's one of the worst things I've ever seen. Really I mean so bad now. Here's interesting for Amazon just made enemy of MIKE Servage, and I have to admit that, while my first choice would be that you make makes a fortune on his excellent movie. So that's my first choice, but if that's not going to happen at least through Amazon watching MIKE rip them apart from now until the end of time, Scooby pretty good.
I also have some mixed emotions, because when this, when the stock market crashed, I put every every penny I had in cash, I put into Amazon star. Does anything ever see their low again? So financially have started a percentage of my investments, but because the big enough number will influence me if I care about that, but what watching MIKE sort of its figure out, where the the soft underbelly of Amazon, as you can see him already work? Another is tweezers suggest these are reporting is attacked, land together and I don't think they know it's called for as though they may be under the impression that he's a random gadfly on the internet and if they haven't, if they haven't researched,
well, there's something about other, just body because they know she was coming like that's. That's funny for either probably think it well. I think you're thinking how much harm can do and I think they got to find out the school dealers anyway, as the watch for that so invite video to help one is now so am I gonna just like the Easter Bunny for tomorrow morning, probably from anyway, it's offer me I'll talk to you in the morning. Sealant.
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