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Episode 908 Scott Adams: Happy Easter! Get Closer to God With the Simultaneous Sip.

2020-04-12 | 🔗

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  • Voice of America…is pro-China?
  • Pneumonia deaths graph update
  • Viewer questions

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Papa Papa Papa Company from everybody monitor daddy diamonds, good to see you what a day, while most of you are probably insurers, ran into church or wish your church you're doing a rituals room to church. I suppose nobody's actually going to church daring is replacing the country you can actually go. In the same room with each other. I don't know, maybe we'll find out a former good morning good morning,
well there's not much governor today, which is just a continuation of what was going on elsewhere, but we'll talk about that, but not until we get the day started, just right I'll be take. His regressions. Certainly very was the key was to be a question asked her this visa and to do it better. First, if you'd like to enjoy the simultaneous- and of course you would, of course you had he would all you need is a copper mother. A glass of technical society get injured, a flask of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite, like with I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine the other day. The thing that makes everything, including the pandemic, better scald, simultaneous up if it happens now go well see what's going on,
the south is open for church services, what do you think that do you think that you were right to assemble in church should take priority over the health of the public, well, here's the way I look at it. How could you go to church and have those good churches feelings, But also be willing to kill grandma to do it. So I'll give you my opinion. Here's live in freedom is good, but If the way you worship, your God, risks killing your grandmother for no good reason, I would say you ve made the wrong choice was expecting to take a strong stroll. Stared gets going to church. Today, just gonna came out,
As most of you know, I'm not a believer but are very pro. Religion is, I think religion is if properly used in its more often properly. Is that that religion is a tremendous benefit to most people, So I hope you enjoy your your day today, but I have to question why anybody would get outta the group who, when the health are so high, and especially, why would you do it? Our religious day of seems like that, should be the day that you, your worshipping, Satan, If you are worshipping Satan, when it makes sense to get together with the big groups, so you effected, in fact in kill everybody in the nursing home. Feels a little more like sheepish. But that's up to you
You are all familiar with Voice of America. That's r! U S funded entity that broadcasts radio into other countries, so that weaken propagandism and tell them that were pretty darn awesome here. Darn, arson and barely voice of America is not as objective as we'd like today and is still accused by our government. We spend too limited closure of the Voice of America and apparently is starting to spout chinese propaganda. That's right we're, spelling out nobody billions of dollars on the World Health Organization to not give us here to not give us good health information.
Spend all its body on the World Trade Organization to not give us far fair trials, and apparently we spending a lot of money and the Voice of America to create propaganda. Thus, I think that's probably an overstatement, thereby some specific examples which. They seemed a little bit little bit pro China, which is weird. I don't know how I could happen given. They were the ones who father. I honestly, I don't wear apples, but there it is throw away. That's a big story today. I continue to wait before this side before I decide to get afraid of the corona virus. As of today, I have not personally afraid, Eminem certainly afraid for the back to my own country and other people both for me personally pretty well
While isolated here not to afraid but I've, I've propose the standard for myself, which is there a lot of famous people in the world right. If you get all the famous athlete libraries, politicians, Sir, turns a famous people, the world until the first famous person whose, under the age of seventy dies from the corona virus and of all those possible people whose names you know, and you would call them a slut under the age of seventy, if not a single one of them in America dies. What are the odds? I would be the first one cause if you think about it. At this point, I don't wanna jinx myself, but if I were to die, you and me personally to die from corona virus
our own? I will be the most famous person who died of grown a virus in the United States is IRAN by the way who is, as anybody famous in the United States under seventy die. I think so. So what would the odds that I'll be out of all the famous people in the country? Really the world ever did aviary famous dying, yet and of all those famous people. What are they I would be the one who dies seems pretty love, so I realise its irrational and not based on a matter anything but until there is at least one famous person dying. What We are dismayed speaking that baby face the singer producer, entertainer, is one years old, which is weird because he has the most perfect nickname. So he's a singer named baby face, he said
do you want two years old and when I read that it like every right here, sixty one hears patriots, thirty five top they will say, twenties and look into this guy them thinking. He actually has a baby face. So most perfect, nickname anybody. I ran away. He and his family unfortunately have the growth of ours. There's no reason to believe that there especially bad problems with it being the most famous person who's, not Tom, Hanks or pink or their basketball player go I guess so the famous one so far, but we hope you'll be ok. So Tom Hanks recovered enough to host Saturday their lives. They did it all remotely Tom Hanks was in his kitchen and all the rest, the staff they did the roads. Whilst gets like through you to burst from their own homes? I didn't see it, but I've been watching a lot of news, tv, worthy acres and
stuff are in their arms. If you watch the five, you sit around five different locations and stuff. If you watch Bill Marius, either from his back yard or something and here's the question are, the show was somebody saying your Diffee, but he was over over. Sadly, I haven't, I didn't know he was anyway. No John pride was but through over seventy. So here's my question are the shows that were watching that are being cheaply produced for peoples kitchens. Are they worse think about it? So he says Joe Jiffy was sixty one. Why I dont care that one because I didn't know who he was So if I d murder is now famous enough to go, they use I'm sure some of you heard of the bride.
Is a famous drummer in John Pride was over seventy with underlying health conditions. Boris Yeltsin, they say nearly died. They said fifty fifty bunny kids so anyway. My point is, if you watching the news, all these people do these low production jobs from home. Honestly they look just ask I personally have you noticed the only thing that I notice is obviously a sort of missing. Is there are some people who do not I've shows with live audiences where at least other. People in the room, and they before the laugh. The laugh ass it. So the way bill did his yo. I thought was clever and also also please self aware, because we ve been.
Lord, as is stand up a lot of a lot of the the show, if you will have to do with the audience reaction. So he's not just telling jokes Thirdly, there is the sort of moving with the audience and yet, if they laugh, he responds itself and work together. People saying that is worth, I don't know, I think, is different. Anything is interesting, so, in the long run of exposure gets out, Production is worse. Is that but there's a little bit of adjustment they may need to bank so the way at the market? His was he. He had a double the of fake audiences laughing at his jokes, there will be a different audience, YO and obviously from historical black and white footage stuff, so actually, it was actually pretty good. The hue, the hubris Scott
would be the last thing that somebody said undercover before they get blood anyway and after that. So I would like to update my permanent prediction record. Your remember that there was a grass the showed that the number of diagnosed Pneumonia DAS for them. Here seem to drop off a cliff, coincidentally, at about the same time that the quota virus was picking up, and so people pass that The gravel around the internet people said. Look it's obvious that there's nothing happening, but ordinary pneumonia
is being miss categorized as growth a virus, and you can tell by looking at the graph. Is pneumonia stop? At the same time the krona goes up. So it's obviously just misdiagnosis. I looked at tat graph with no factual evidence whatsoever said that looks like a faint raftery was The first person on the internet that you saw might have been others, but the first one that you saw call out this graph that people everybody was passing this around. It was very, very well well traffic how many people saw them, believed it, and then I was baby, the first person in the world to tell you that doesn't look real, that's fake. Why didn't take long for data scientist
the name of their. So there's an update to the story. You further for Smart Tyler Morgan who put together this amazing visualization, in which he showed that the only reason that that one line seem too drop off this year was because there's a lag in the data reporting and it happens every year. And every other year looked exactly like this year, if measured at the same time, but there's dead. So people said. Are you sure Tyler Morgan? Are you sure it's gonna happen this year, just because the other years, they had dropped to the and corrected, does not necessarily mean is gonna happen this year and we do now, but that we do now the now these data has been reported and data. I just Tyler Morgan pointedly actual data so that it was changed. You just took the data the way, as reported in the scary drop in remote areas.
Just went away. It went away exactly as Tyler Bargain told you it would because it went away all the other years at the same type and so just waited for the same time. I told you I was gonna happen, then reopen re read, it is graph and their lives there are still people you're, saying it's not fake. Ok, here's what you need to do so it's amazing how there's no amount of information that will change people's minds. Even though I wrote a book on that topic, so even the most famous for saying that the information Facts, don't change anybody's opinion, even though they should. What are you haven't running? Probably here's what you need to do this for the data, is red right on the grass saved you gotta, my twitter feed you. If you could find the ground look at the source, look at the data and see
he put the right data into the graph, it's all you could find out yourself. Does you can look at the actual sources government source so just look at it like a dance if the same daily looked at the chart- and they go back to me and tell me: did Iraq Another gave is gonna. Go back to me now. I haven't done that by the way. I have not check that myself, but do you think this data scientist who's got quite a bit of attention, because I tweeted him and he deserves that is really good. Do you think that you just made that up? I don't think so, whose more famous in me you know, you can check that there is a website called Twitter fight that what is called know Google fighter was less. Do that Google
is everything everything that I'd like to know that flights fight I guess I went away the nose were a frugal fight. That's why I get is weird situation with my phone enough, as has televue, but the way I hold my phone all day long is this sum is on this corner of the right here, so an unholy get. The slum is always right, others edge and for a long time afterwards, it'll have a dent in. It can be seen that I spend so much time with the phone and a quarter of only followed. That is actually like a! U shaped it takes a while for to come back.
I've so deformity under my son by holding the same portable phone there when I try to type the end of my son has two points. Instead of having one point in the middle of is like this, like a little camel humble to two and I'm like, I do like crazy, so again. This is the worst scope of all type, but there's not much their entertainment happening so see like this? Third, as make a fight, I saw what was I guy's name Debbie Joe Divvy. So will check. Joe D Affaires. I think then, there's me. How interesting what other people type on their phones in purple soon.
See this fight and I'll show it to you as it happening. If I can it's it's thinking is the king. So what this is is Google wool test? The number of our search results the well I was like is not at work as just allows the least interesting thing that happened like I do. You have any questions I will take your questions now. Let's see who has good questions for me, the street address. If I'm producing right. The dress address address. The dress there, you have a question.
Thinking about the mental framework for this crisis and I've been thinking. Maybe we should change like collectively to the thinking off like a really resilience. Animal or insects like an ant colony basically went under attack that unites forces and really doesn't worry too much about the particular feelings of every individual and just puts together follows orders and pulled through yadda other sure this thinking about it differently would get us to a better result, because we we have pretty amazing cooperation and innovations and everything is like everything else in the world
five or ten percent of the world. Just isn't gonna go along with anything but ninety percent of the world or do pretty well. You probably can't get much better than what she's threatened to kill people, but in terms of how things are going, I like that the president is reinforcing how much he thinks the the economies can about speck and how quickly and what I like about that is easy he's basically setting or expectations and he's picked a future points, and he said the end of the year might be like a record setting numbers that I don't know if they'll be a record setting, but if everybody thinks it's going to be good at the end of the year, will all prepare for it, so businesses will make more. Products and people will save their money to spend and people will act as though we all agree that things are going to be good at the end of the year. And if we act as though it is that it becomes good because the economy is just the result of all these intentions, actions
the people. So that's my best answer at a loss as any good, but but thank you re settings that the expression, let's see what bill has to say bill. And went away. Bill was dry John. I don't know why people go away as whose eyes like them or knows that's a technology thing. Admittedly bill. The other question bill and you have a question build, is not listening to his phone later he's gonna, say darn, it almost cell phone call, astride Desi Nancy, looks prepared.
There's a year, you do have a question for me. Yes, you know what today is: is it users other areas? I am wondering what you think about something in the world of persuasion. Then I asked it over two thousand years actually occurred in those days by a very small group of people that were able to influence
But the world down through the generations it has ten. So how could that have happened? Well, I hate Iraq, your world, I feel now. I want you to feel bad answered this question, that is through somebody, but you asked and young people don't where do here be lighter themselves. I give him an honest answer: I'm not I'm not a religious historian, I'm now, but I will make a statement which I believe to be tubes things I've heard from religious historians, which is that there were lots of conditions, and there are lots of other religions that it does survive. Tat. Similar characteristics of somebody was killed, then every borders as something bigger. So apparently that's just a normal thing that happens with lots of religions. So if you go back in time,
There are lots of different religions and they compete against each other in different ways and something one you know a few of them emerged. So Islam immersion. And Christianity immersion lots of different forms of Christianity, so I will look at it S. Just evolution was some some kind of survival of the fittest which in some cases has to do with the the quality of the the story. If you will, he doesn't have a holy book here is it put together. Well, you know, does it is promoted? by a leader costs are lower number leaders who sort of took up Christianity as their thing. Now. Is a few leaders had changed your mind? You know if there king of England or you know, Charlotte leader, I don't know my history bother, but if you ve
well, the gray leaders, just a few of them had simply said now. I'm gonna pick this other religion probably would have gone a different way, so either a bunch of factors, but why one religion does well and one does not, but I have to. I would pick in particular, maybe two things about Christianity that make it work. Really well persuasion wise to get to your question What is the thought that you can always be saved? No matter what bad you did so we'd like to think that we can be good people if this with a bad things and Christianity directly says yeah, you could do terrible things, but as long as you're willing to at this moment is change young and do the right steps become more godly according to Christianity, Then you're saved and you say forever and you're year history is wiped clean. I think that is such a seductive and appealing thought because people-
racked by guilt and have some authorities say you know all the guilty you had. We all got problems, do all you gotta do is do these steps say these things I believe and believe in these things at your history is white clean. Your guilt is, God Centres, I'm getting ready guilt, is great and also has the advantage that, if your life is bad, you can always tell yourself you don't. My life is bad, but I'll do these following things to be a good person, then eternity, after life will be awesome. Gaza because I worked hard, even though my life was bad so between the fact as a pay off of infinity literally forever in Heaven, that's the best pay off you could possibly have so you would expect the people work the hardest and and will be the most obedient to whatever promise them the most reward So you see as our promises a big reward. Christianity promises a big room
or if you do the right stuff, so the persuasion rises fairly, is fairly straightforward. People will do a lot to get a gigantic potential reward, even like You'll buy a lottery ticket. Even if you have a woman what an hundred million chance winning, because if you didn't It would be so great you'll be happy, so do that is requested all well. I think that's that's a good shot. I don't know, I'm not sure. Maybe perhaps a big o fairytale were a good fairy tale it here.
For so many people now through the generally well located. Might I didn't say that now so so, so I try to be more or less lately. You know well the thing that you mentioned so often is we can't even remember you know who is in the news last week and persuasive, and it strikes me every year at Christmas and Eastern, particularly that this man had the most incredible effect on human history out of all people that have ever live. So it is a massive made because he didn't have any of the tools. That we have today and yet it will still exist well or or you could say that whoever wrote the Bible Worthy influential once because the Bible was written after Jesus is life
had not been written in a way that people sound, influential and persuasive for centuries. I dont know that why he did would be so headed, add the impact and more to do with it the people who collected on paper right, will you agree? Well, I don't know about that when you think about Paul who was influenced the most heated even have the babble you didn't have here. He was speaking to people about the influence of this man, juices cry, so it was amazing that Paul didn't have anything to go on said. His experience pointed out You know I read that their turn. The other trick didn't really mean what we think it to mean today, however, that I am I don't know the details by think turn. The other trick was alive. More aggressive I think in those days it wasn't so much. You know let me again, I will you back with the way we interpret it. Lay there you it was. It was more of it.
Suddenly, psychologically aggressive thing- I don't know the details, but change, but let me just say this might by larger The reality is that none of us have brains which are designed to understand reality, meaning that a clam doesn't know it's a clam, but also doesn't need to my dog doesnt really understand much about this complicated human world that it lives them doesn't need do so. As long as the creature can survive and procreate, that's all it needs so there's no reason to believe that humans have this extra ability. Not only breed in your programme but we can actually understand reality when in fact, we watch the two of us could watch the news. On a Tuesday and walk away completely different realities, what will say the president's across its obvious who was right there on the news, the elderly, Neither presents the greatest patriot of all.
It is obvious that was right there in the news we both watched. It is obvious, and so we can see that even in the simplest situations, people will look at it. Same facts with yellow eyes and ears and stuff and come to completely wildly different conclusions: at their own reality. Read that moment. In the moment, people are redefining reality wildly differently, so when used when somebody says, is this religion or that religion? True, I have the same answer for all of them. Nothing is true, you're, not not the not a thing in your hands. Not a thing. You heard a news, not what you think of your life, your purpose in the world. None of his true, because we don't have the equipment, meaning our brain It is not designed to tells was true this, just as I to keep us alive. For that telling us little stories does fine. So is it true that any of us have the right little story,
so, might it be that the the Hindus, for example, are the only people were gave the right story and everybody this is interpreting a wildly different deal. The Muslims Christians I'll think. So I don't think so. There seems possible, I mean you're rule there, but it seems far more likely there. All the evidence suggests that none of us have an accurate view of reality and we ve all created these stories that exist in our heads, which are internally consistent to us, but sound like nonsense, often when we explained it to someone who has a different movie in their head, so I dont say that your Jesus is real or not real, that Islam is real or not really real. Writing else. I say that we don't have the capacity to no one so whether there is a real version of religion or not, there isn't any chance? We find it except by law.
It also there's so many religions that, if one of them is right, doesn't matter which one if one of them is like Bang it does mean all the rest of them are wrong and you don't know, european. As the problem, I obeyed Our programme, and even I say just one last thing I have so far. I am a believer at, but I have loved for the first time years ago, when you first introduced the idea of the simulation. It has just been fascinating to me there and I must see evidence of it over and over and over and yet the flip side, and that is that in this world, the christian belief world we call those Easter bliss,
As for me, you are today's Easter blessing Happy Easter, Scott. Ah you so nice. I love you thanks. Let them greater that, but I like, when people are in a good mood justice does its eastern, maybe she's a good. Do it all the time Let's see what Omar has to say, oh Omar may the guise of technology connectors, but it looks like this. Not so or Mars, got some technical difficulty come back, come back,
Let's try Jan Jan Jacket and you have a question Jane, happy Easter, but what you I've got an idea. I want to see what you thought about it. So this is a really rough idea. I was talking about it with my husband yesterday with the restaurants. Being, I think the restaurants are gonna have a hard time coming back. They're gonna have to get really creative. So what do you think about a handheld mouth shield that you could have the restaurants could provide? And now this is a rough idea and they would they could brand it they could make them look kind of
a fancy or funky down the road, but the ideas you can see people's mouse and they would have the subtle handheld shield and they could take it with them, build shield. So the kind that the medical professionals attached to their head is. Are we talking about a well know? I'm talking about, like you know how the old sands many years and debt decades maybe centuries ago, women would hold there's little fans and they were, I ever got themselves, but instead it would be like a fixed. It wouldn't open up like a fan and be silent were opaque. It would be a clear, translucent peace, you will be held on a stick and you would hold it up to your face. Why you talking at a restaurant? Well, you I will use the same argument. I use your facebook switches, assume to me that anything that is a barrier to the fore
So the Erika the earlier mouth should make some difference, but I would give the obvious thing is that if you have a basque I'll, it's gonna keep the air closer you face. If you have a flat object in front of, you seems like you're. Air was still sort of escape around it, but it would set up a little bit of it. My my thought is that it would be hard to make that widespread it would hard to convince people that made enough of a difference for them to take the effort to to use them and have something in one hand and its good thinking. I like where you go on with this, because I likely I like them. General thinking of. Is there some other thing you can do with your face mouth area too It is thus as well like the thinking, I'm not enough of a scientist to know how much of a different state would be, but as somebody says that the comments- maybe some I mean, if
if coughing into to your elbow, makes a difference makes some differences to get people to do it. They went into interesting idea. Thank you for that, thanks any any ideas or require, and then everybody will do acts There is always a problem, because getting everybody to do acts is pretty hard. I would add a studio low colored. You have a question for me collar, I'm talking to you, but you don't know I D, J Elsie Studio you're. Writing the Dilber comics. Do you think that you're kind, going through the process of having conversations with yourself.
I heard the internal process under enough obeys ever asked me this question, which is actually really good question the internal process. I have one I'm writing. It is usually start with some So it's something that bothers people, something that happens, allowed the office and then that I say well, which characters would make sense to be interacting around this concept is usually pretty obvious if it's sort of her a nerdy thing, it's delivered if its embossings, the Boston, etc, so that I've got the concept of get characters. And then I say I, where are they usually the office, and then I say I who would start the conversation there ass, a ass, a writer, here's little writing trick people They really like this writing tricks, all repeat it If you want a dialogue to look serve realistic, even though its in comic forum, but
Elizabeth people say: oh that happened to me. You avoid asking questions, because it's really easy, as a writer to say, ok to people talking the first one S, questions I couldn't answers, that's becomes boring right away now. You can't avoided because the world people do ask questions is that's. Why, of course, include questions at the comic, but the first I tell myself is, cannot rewrite it without a question, so I always have that that thought in my head, so I started the comecon reflexively. Does everybody does first line The question I go. Ok, my rule is, if I can avoid it. The first line of of dialogue should not be a question
should be a statement because in the real world people don't care what you think. Ninety nine percent of time. Nobody cares what you think. They simply tell you what they think they try to get, what they want to try to move their agenda. They try to be selfish. So if you write dialogue, writer for people who are being selfish self absorbed and don't care a bit about the other people, alas you're happens character that that is the very character you characteristic that they care about people without delay exception, but take the ordinary people to make them look like real people who real situations make them super selfish and then that the audience will say. Oh yeah, I've had that feeling before, because your train yet to people's internal thoughts. You are not the ones that they let other people say. So our internal thoughts tend to be far more selfish and add
dark than the ones we let the rest of the world say. So if you're writing, dialogue and you're trying to entertain people is also good to have a view, characters make statements the match people's dark, selfish thoughts. That- who is works like it. If there's one trick of writing, use our eyes. So that is the question is: does it become kind dialogue in my head, I think that's where you radically that about a year- the dialogues that we risk it kind of So ever minds me a lot if you're familiar with what John Bearded Send talks about with archetypes a kind of seems that a lot of your characters, a kind of archetypes yeah they they very much out of you, one of the things that reinforces that is, if you were to try to map the Dilber care, so where they exist into an existing just said you could more easily than you imagine. That is to say it you would quite
easily, though, who the king was, which will be the boss. You know who the queen is because the queen is the most powerful character and female that's Alice, so they you're the one that looks like a castle with Lou, Where a costly sorted, looks like Gilbert and delivered. Straight lines here is an engineer. In only gonna straight line up here- and I should be the internees upon is literally smaller and the expendable in the world because he's just lantern in and if you look at em. Of course, Dahlberg would be that the night. The horse to cause. You know see a carbon cycle. Due to over one already unslackened. So it is quite carbon though you take any popular tv show em. You can map a right in But just because to your point we have these universal feelings of categories of people.
And we sort of automatically our brains, poor people into categories, these things archetypes, as you say so so others that they would Does your question was they have the the characters set up and I've got the situation and the first try I ask a question and I say that don't make it a question of making a statement makes selfish Mickey stupid. That looks like a person. And then I just iterate. So I could actually hear them talking to me as if they're the ones talking and I don't know if I can always do that- or is this just practice or if everybody can do that easily under but in my mind I can actually to see them, and then they start talking so Dilber will say my Logic is heading towards a wall or something and then look at another. He wouldn't say that way, and then he says that endeavour way go now. That's not the way dilber we're talking.
Where then Dilber says something else. I got that's Delbert, ok, that's what Dilber would say. Then that's my first sentence. And then I go from there and just reiterate when I get to the end, if there's something about the timing of the set up that didn't work, I can go back and tweak things so that, we know that the pace of the timing ended the right place, but very iterative add it is. It is more like listening that in creating, and that support that. People were not naturally, creative, probably find to be the magic part uttered. Alec is usually known. He only know your own brains, you don't know what anybody else's internal process is like me of a poem that I wrote, which is, I can't stop writing poetry. When I reared right, I wrote Judge myself here is so Judging yourself and re. Writing is really the process of writing so hating what you just road.
Most dominate part of writing and also something else and said. Then this will be the last thing is you got plenty of other important collars to get too, which is in greek mythology Nyc. They kind of represent different architects like there's like the God of Love and the God of war, and all that stuff and people were basically compelled by those different got, and they were like consumed or one could say, possessed those guards in some way. You were saying, also reminded me of a different poem. I wrote a long time ago about chess, but so
There are some issues, lots I'd take care was taken at the color was c c of Larry has something to say: Larry Larry Larry there. The other question. Yes, I can you get fired, different parts- one is about bill gates and the others about Joe by which would you prefer deal Gazer Joe Biden, email president? No, no questions about happens.
Oh you be a bill gates, so gates is apparently therapy vaccine factories per seven different, promised vaccines, which seems like an incredibly generous and proactive and due to the biggest polluters, gonna produce them just in case there viable it'll have to wait. Put in all this conspiracy theories, part of it He's gonna put microbes dollars. It just seems idiotic what. Why does that help and have an open the gates foundation stoppage Well, some of it has to do with a bill gates legacy reputation because when he was making is money as a young man, It was pretty much a shark, so you were there at least he was famous for I wasn't there's like it
personally, but he was famous whirl essay bending the ethical limits release within what the monopoly. What is fair competition and, as they say, but he has that which will always dog him, but I think those were also the the actions of a younger. A younger man, and he always said that his goal was to make much money. Then given away intelligently and now he is. But I said this before and our policy a million times, I'm almost positive, the bill Gates is exactly what you see, meaning that there's just nothing There's just no pretense largely because he doesn't need to. He doesn't need your money is I really tried to give his money away, so the thought that he would have something to gain politically were monetarily flies in the face of everything you know about,
because I am against a couple years ago. You have now you don't care you out. Human he's got a thousand times the money. You have certain things to think about all the rumours and incomplete cigarette about George Soros right. Azora Soros is a rich guy, but these issues a fraction as rich as delegates. Bill gates wanted power, he would be buying it directly. You'd be doing what George Soros does have you ever heard of a bill gates buying power anywhere. I haven't Have you ever seen bill gates express that, like clever interests like blood never run for President Gaza. I'm uncertainly honour that everybody is asking me, but I know I'm focused on You know that thing where he really wants to be president. He just never done that eradicating malaria holier right. So I think delegates thinks that elected job would be a move back, which I would.
If you, if you ask me what is more terrible and important. President of the United States or build it's doing what he's doing now, I'm not weaken, guess somebody else to be president, like you could fill their job with other capable people, but How do you get another bill Gates Foundation like trying to cure? areas that I mean, that's that's a one off, so I think the bill gates Hell he can't be trying to get a prize. Ocean. Does he already has the most honourable important job on the planet. He doesn't need money, says he doesn't have a motivation and and here's another factor which maybe I ever so little special feelings. If you ve seen some documentaries about him, he's not normal, meaning that he looks like Maybe it's Asperger's at this level,
the ability to focus incredibly now, one of the things that comes with that- and this is me- speculating all bear some I'm a little further than where I should be, but just for fun part of the year, the double the other side of the coin. For that intense folks, and whatever the you're being on the spectrum gives you I wish is like a superpower in his gaze and also make sure early, honest and blood, so he's not the kind of guy who can hide it. I feel like I feel like, even when he was being you a capitalist evil guy during is is makes of days. I don't know everything was hidden, it was just raw power, I am mostly. I don't think you nobody ever so. You know. Is told me somethin, I thought he was lying. You ve, never or that of the other available. I have ever heard one accusation in the entire. In the entire history of bill gates,
nobody ever even one time accused him of lie, think about it figured out famous, he is their lorries, but in the public eye. Can you think of one example where somebody credibly said the bill gates himself as opposed to somebody else because of ever one time has even been accused of lying. Think about it everybody's, but I use the line I dont know. The Erasmus and somebody else. They give an example. Perhaps, but No, I am I am one hundred percent confident that bill gates is the real thing. Because all of the incentive would be for him to be the real thing that all of us incentive theirs. No incentive room to be anything except exactly what he shall you. He doesn't have anything to game, so the girl could not elaborate that inspires me there. Here and there among us.
I don't believe they situation that has taken other. Maybe We can do one more and see what. He'll see is up to tee Elsie. Can you hear me. More day and you have a question? I have an idea that I wonder, and I see what you think, we'll get some kind of problem, how we get the economy back open and do that in a way that he's everybody says thinking, no less vulnerable group seems to be teenagers, so what's preventing teenagers from taking on what might growl cop the dirty jobs that are keeping the country Millbank? Well,
I think that's a fact of life what's gonna happen, but maybe without the under eighteen people, because if you're under thirty year, also pretty pretty safe relatively speaking, yet I will. I wouldn't be surprised if you see that the people who have jobs that are under Fifty less I do go back to their own jobs by you might say to your point: young people fell for the people can go back to their job. So I would like to see that separate situation that yeah and I'm thinking? I am from a manufacturing backgrounds and there's this in a dearth of kids that are going to be freed spores so now that there are not regular school, we could send them into these jobs, keep them away from adults if you want, but here
got empty hotels all over the place, empty dorm rooms, yeah you're right. I think you, u hint toward a bigger boy, which is everybody, is gonna, be really creative and flexible about how to get This done so I don't think there's even one element of society. That is an under review right now that we ve never seen this before, which is part of the reason that I am confident about the future, the future being twenty twenty, on the other, because the amount of innovation that this is going to sort of accidently trigger because we ve we ve credit key reexamined everything we do from the the bottom up as if it didn't exist. We had to start from scratch. It's ok. What if I always had to give?
food in a world in which I couldn't be around other people loud. I do it and then you think about delivery and stuff, and so the systems are being modified. Just all over the place. Like crazy, it's just a ton of creativity and ably testing going up. So what a good stuff happening, Bosnia, but that might be on that. I have one more thing that I'd like to see what you are not look at her. There was an article I believe two three days ago in the Wall Street Journal about farmers dumping now in throwing out seas, and this is an issue with packaging rights of theirs, but eight hour I food with two thousand s: Wrath industrial packaging in production and in there
regular snuff we get in a supermarket. Now more food has been outlined in the home traditionally scenario: the weak. They can't if those lines over the package it in a way that it can go into supermarkets, but then we're seeing these long lines that food kitchens and other things and re warning. You know India starving, why We know now, what do you want to stop that? Well, my guess is that all of these are two birthing, so it is so temporarily. You can easily see somebody say if I add two weeks I could solve this by my by milk will be barely one week. So so I think give you your check back in a year. A lot of stuff would be work,
we have new systems and just like you said- and this is why a timely thing I think, they're just takes a little while to work things out by the quartet there. So I think some, but I think in the still one more because its eastern, they can't think of a better reason right. I'm gonna pick this wouldn t your title based and running toward what, although based the other question our technologies, not going to add you, it looks like so based will not be with us. Let's try, Blake Blake. Do you have a question for me.
Morning, yes, I can guess so I figured about simulation theory and all this persuasion. It's it's only. You know what you grass burden wrap your head around it. How do you make more practical applications of it, for instance in stressful situations, where you need to be calm and think about how to be more persuasive like if you are in accord on the standard you're in business negotiation or something like that is in question, and I did something like us with a relaxation cannot exercise but there's theirs, or is it every day? Part of this I find myself on a regular basis to say are what, if My reality is not the euro, the classic one where I'm a real person, is born and live and die of stuff, but rather what? If I'm a character in a video game? And this video game is designed for me to solve certain
the goals to get to the next level, I say to myself, doesn't seem like it. I keep running into the same problem everywhere and it feels like that's what defines the level Europe have you had this experience. Well, the bee yeah other people have all kinds of different problems in different realms by you. For some isn't keep having that's the same flame the same problem, indifferent close one time. Another series of any size of is this. My was this. My challenge for this level, like I guess this problem he's coming up and up and everything I could go to another state. After another house change Jobs- and I was still have this problem because it would follow me like so sometimes it's fun to think of yourself in a video game. So instead of oh, why? Why am I play by this problem? Nobody has this problem, but me what is it you following me? Instead of
there's a oh. I get it now. That's that's my objective for the level. I can't go up Levant I solvers. So then it makes his fun. They are a instead. This big annoying thing that victim of what do we do about this, How can I get past this? How we get to the next level? So sure that this is real, but is one thing, but the other thing is that when you take yourself out of your end of year, Let's say human frame, You just said the suddenly looked down on yourself, like you're, a video game. It can take you out of your stress because you can actually just imagine. I imagine that under the game, Creed you I'm just looking down on the game and I'm looking at my characters. What are the odds that those characters agree? It was a dead in awake week, not very high right, but if you are the character you're looking at this year, one percent chance of getting the grown a virus or something you dirty worried.
But then you take yourself up to the game level you go On percentages, another wherever that, let's go to the next level so so does help sometimes used. I imagine you are a different person in a different country. And then you can imagine that the same situation, source looking differently, Keshaf different point of view. It's just a little trick. I use to take me out of my preferred frame some I prefer frame? Is I am me, I'm in this real world? I have these problems, and I can really way on you. So, even though the problems donors has change, you can think about them differently by ten years. Up to your game, creator level and looking down say that doesn't look like one there's gonna stop and for more than a few days you solve that problem. Laundered, gibes, yeah, he's he's, happy about. Given forty eight hours will have that that over with and then it just, let you see a more objective, especially Godfrey opt out when you,
yeah I got yet when, but when you say you give us all the tabs when we read the books and step, but when you're, actually in the situation, you like what I use this technique, a dual use, this technique, how like? How do you framed yourself when you're in the moment or about to go into it? Like I get the relaxation thing you just said about taking so out of that space in being about it, but when you're, actually in it and the questions are flying at you guess who doesn't work, I don't find that this works, wonder other people in the room, shut or other people. The room you're pretty much tied to interacting with me. Yeah just disappear into your head. Some talking about in your quiet times, you know, you're here is drifting off to sleep, your city aid us by yourself so Moreover, a private process there there's nothing, you can do with other people around. There's other people around you, you will be drawn into their their world, suggests
if your other thinking for one year alone would be my advice, The best I can do. I don't think they ll too much but use much question like thank you. I think I can do here and tomorrow. And this coming week, we're going to have a lot of news. It's going to get really newsy. There are some things coming in the coming weeks that I know about that you at least one of those things is really really good, meaning that if you're wondering you are, we gonna be having this problem forever. The answer is no. And I can't tell you what I know that you don't know. But let me tell you that when you are looking at the tool box of tools from for dealing with this
a virus situation. There is a new tool. That's better than the other tools. Nobody activities, little development, we're talking only about a few weeks, baby, three or four weeks, see something that you will say to yourself what if we had that before we be in a lot better shape now so and as just one of the things I know I'm about somebody with a groan viruses, nurses, good news? Probably nothing's a hundred per cent but there are things I know about the Euro yet know about their would suggest, there's a new tool coming this better than all the other tools. We might only be three weeks way so. My prediction is that if you worried will be locked down forever through the summer or something like that very small chance Very small chance that we will be locked down all summer might
will you be locked down until they say June? First, pretty good chance, pretty good. She is, I think I think maybe some stuff will open May first, but maybe not much, I think, may fiftieth is gonna, be the first time that anybody get serious about opening stuff up, just a guess and I think June. First, if you had better, it would be when more things will open up than before June, first so if I had a bad at it, it's gonna be June. First and part of this is dependent upon these new tools are on the way one I know about others are also look promising but they're not really get. Me are lying around June. First us when we can give serious so, as somebody says, Emma Bluffing de la Bluffing, I could be wrong me that maybe my optimism will be misplaced, but of the a works and is just a question of wrapping up,
So basically, we don't have to wonder if it works. That ports answered is a manufacturing production distribution question which I think so says June first is to learn. Well maybe here's here's. What I think I've been thinking about my neighborhood, you, I've got this app called them neighborhood. So if I send out a message, it says Reggio fenced to only go to the people in my zone that live. There were her lips, these people who signed up deliver ed, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna make sure nobody starves in mind. It probably said earlier, those who said that the email or something where a message on the next or up just to tell people in my neighborhood letters there are issues that are gonna starve unless, unless we all staff, so if someone is a sandwich in my neighborhood Obama, Savage so
oh yeah, that's a pretty upscale neighborhood, so people can be too much starving here. But the point is, I can personally make sure in this environment. So if you don't get kicked any home and they're not going to turn off the power, they probably won't even turn off your cable, because if everybody knows we live in trouble thing, The message is a: if, if you have some reason, you gave your food email me I'll, take care of her anyway, so nobody in my neighbors Gustaf, likewise nobody's gonna, be kicked out of their homes because nobody's gonna get evicted in this environment. So, if you don't get kicked any harm and they're not going to turn off the power, they probably won't even turn off your cable, because everybody knows we live in trouble paying bills so at least
the next few months. I think everybody can stay where they are and where they have the option. There won't be fun, but his stay where you are, and I don't think, there's any chance that people won't be willing to help feed you should you need it, and I know that you part of the problem is that there are people who just said: normal good jobs alive, who suddenly literally can't buy food, and I think that for many of them, but just asking for help, is going to be the hard part asking for help is going to be the hard part right, which is why, in my neighborhood I'll, probably just send out an email, people contact me personally is nobody wants to admit they need help. So you say June first is too long, but let me suggest there
Who is your own people will starve to death in the United States, so I'm predicting that zero people will starve to death because of the corona virus uttered authors, Ebay, starving for other reasons, but not because on a virus were knocker rather food and we're not run out of generosity, got plenty of that. I am saying in the comments that more cuban would crush Biden. I think you're right as national I'll see you tonight. You know when sailor.
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