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Episode 910 Scott Adams: Have You Been Brainwashed by the Government? Find Out Today!

2020-04-13 | 🔗

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  • Did Boris Johnson get treated with hydroxychloroquine?
  • Brainwashed children and reflex thinking as adults
  • Shifting risk to people willing to voluntarily accept that risk
  • Sweden’s non-mitigating policy

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody commanded here it's time for coffee was got arabs and the simultaneous zip yeah it's good is really good and then we'll talk about fascinating things they omar thanks and all you need to prepare for today's episode is a couple of months take your jealous you're starting to get injured reflect a vessel of ethnic i fill it with your faith but i like coffee and join me for the unparalleled pleasure the dominion of the day the thing that makes everything better including the pandemic has called the simultaneous hip go
so i got a message is falling from bjorn luxembourg you may know of him as well known will save voice character but he's a well known voice on climate change and his his special needs niece niche leash especial these is saying that yeah there may be a problem with warming but we're not doing a good job calculating the economic summit so you is focusing on the risk management part of it not whether or not it happened that's the areas not a scientist and he's got a new book out i'm gonna offer to interview by yours my question i'm considering
pudding by eddie interviews i do maybe putting them behind or putting them on only the the locals up so that i'm not so sure i wanna do interviews from my regular periscopes less a question you can either message be directly or or tell me in the comments so the no i wouldn't call him a climate sceptics somebody's trying to characterize beyond biogas climate sceptic i wouldn't use that term i think is more of a climate analysed or are we see works with economist as well as people understand the science so it is more about taking a more comprehensive look at the the business part of it i think out that's how characterizes wooden columnist skeptically in the classic sense of someone who doesn't think there's
problem has so if you think you would like to see me doing interviews in my normal morning periscope let me know but i can also do those off line and then they would just be available if you wanted to see them and it here's my ears my reasoning on this i think that the the population of people watch the morning periscopes and temporarily the evening once probably are coming for me right without ever say that with those having too much of a jerk but i'm just trying to be a market analysed here and say i all your people are coming for one why would i change it unless it was better so i guess that's the question would you like it better if i interviewed interesting people i
you know what i'm getting tired of i'm getting tired of the press reporting on stuff without telling us whether hydroxyl cholera queen is part of the story and started to get really obvious is that while looking at your comments looks like ok yeah looks like there's a lot of support for doing it was lied meeting just put it on the locals platform oh good i actually i am a little bit surprised because i thought there would be more of a mixed response but that's actually my instinct was the same that say that sea here's my thinking the reason you watch an interview is for the person is being interviewed right so there's no reason to assume that people who were coming to my periscopes
also want to see whoever the interview prisoners so just makes sense they use it you'd other supper i will do that so boris yeltsin went from being the icy you to break firstly a lot better did he use drugs a clerk queen a through basin and zinc y know you know that right or as a bun reported as i've done port it i just visit does anybody know the answer does board did boris johnson take those methods now i think i've seen enough people say no interviews this platform so i think i'll take your advice on that
thank you by the way what are the things that really fun about this experience what we're doing right now and i think you feel it as well is that even though a sort of a mass broadcast platform it's also personal and sort of immediately responsive to the audience you're what i do is it's almost like it's alive all weathers live audience but not person the sunset i'm adjusting based on the response all the time so that's gonna fix more far because it can evolve a this natural way so yeah pressure tells bordeaux i just work with thousands of four people and follow me this week
for the same reasons which is there they were badly brainwashed at some point in their life then no note now that's my hypothesis slowly levies that way of thinking with the following anecdote when i was in the sixth grade my sixth grade teacher did an exercise with the class that i think changed me forever it didn't do right away but as i thought about the experience i think it forever changed how i see the world here the exercise he asked us each students to come up one or two time and right on the right on the chalkboard in further class something we would be willing to die for die for their remember were were twelve years old
so each of us go up and were like i don't know you and so it's my turn to go up to write something that i would die for but of course i'm proud of anticipating what the teachers looking for he was used military veteran nea very patriotic kind of guy and i think i intuited that what he was looking for yes or like of good with multiple choice tests because i can tell what they're looking for so i got there and i think i think he's looking for freedom as the answer so i got to the border eighty of freedom i'd be willing to die for freedom and of course he praised me from my excellent answer but it wasn't so much my answer as knowing that that was the answer you looking for but i've never forgotten their moment it here's why
can a twelve year old baker rational decision about life and death can they is there any twelve year old whose brain is developed enough that they can look at the whole situation is a year it does make sense that i would die for this thing the issue is now now you're right you two having developed adult critical thinking so if you ever further opinion about something at twelve years old as everybody in the class seem too because we're once i put that answer up their everybody's oh yeah freedom we die for that it's obvious when you look back at that it was just a result of brainwashing no what i say brainwashing i don't mean bad because society trains its youth together and i welcome this for society and ideally good for the youth as well so
were training in educating and teaching people their culture and giving them religion and giving them patriotism that's nothing but brainwash because it happens that children were far too young to make any kind of critical decision anyway but really there's somebody saying now to this are there actually people who are disagreeing the children are being brainwashed to be patriot i ever know if you would disagree with that thought how could you possibly disagree with that wow most of the comments or disagree that we brainwashed children well you completely wrong so what was just stay with the assumption you're completely wrong
i will i will love defaults my expertise in hypnosis and persuasion to say that the pledging lesions is just brainwash but is very good brainwash in other words if you're the boss and you got to decide ok scott would you continue doing the pledge of allegiance knowing azure describing it is theirs why should i say yeah tell you it's really good because there's nothing wrong with patriotism is a good system and although i am not a believer i'm very pro religion so if children are brought into their religious belief well before they have critical thinking most indictment works out
right so dont be thrown by my use of the word brainwashing you could easily just substitute in educated right and then it feels ok it's like oh we edge it kids just the way you do for children is you don't ask them for their opinion you just tell him what think think that's how you educate kids before they have reason reasonable skills i so what these children who were was say educated so will make you feel better they were educated to value patriotism than the other values of our society and that's all good lad that they were glad i was i'm glad i was likewise educated but then you grow up and you ve got it
reflexes that are sort of designed into so once you do develop the ability to do critical thinking do use it because it's kind of hard to use your critical thinking if you spend a lifetime with justice reflex training like freedom or die for it you don't really think that's rude here just a reflex at this point you love your country you believe it religion is just reflex and so i would say that the thousands of people who on followed me i won't speak for every one of them of course because their different people but my suspicion is that their early education and reflex thinking it was too strong for them to overcome with their sense of reason here's why
so i think that people get mad about was that i said what if he had an app in which you can voluntarily voluntarily give up your personal information and baby would find some hot spots based on your reporting of your symptoms and people said no way can give up your freedom in the form of personal information in this case but dont give our freedom but not really at a critical look at the whole situation because if you are arguing that you don't want to give up your personal information but you haven't driver's license and you have a credit card and you pay taxes and you have a smartphone that the ship sailed you ve given up all of your private information
if there's some other little minor thing they voluntarily give up say did i have a cough on tuesday did i ever cloth on tuesday that's that personal information that you weren't about giving up is voluntary really you ve given up all of your financial stuff all of your preferences goes you financial structure two provinces they can find out your browser history they can find every conversation you made they know your taxes they know where you been and the thing you're worried about this as some people might self report that they ve got a headache tuesday are you kidding me that's the way you worried about now the argument is that it's you sure is voluntary but what is the government requires it well what if they do they required a driver's licence that didn't jellia they required a fishing
licence you survive that right you kids have school if they don't want to somehow survived so routinely the government makes restrictions on your freedom and if you dont like them the public can do something about earlier and that end but the most controversy said which there is a sum idiots on the conservative trio's decided to take me out of context and misinterpret me so here's what did it do to here's what they interpret it will see if i can find their quote because
i can find it i thought i read it out but i won t i think that they got upset about rewrote little hippies on me tonight is that i said that these suitor so years by the sooner the public realises that they will have to give our privacy to to beat the corona virus the sooner we can beat it what the conservatory house change that too is should they actually inserted the words should my statement is an observation i observe that that concern about privacy and are a reflex for freedom preventing us from the obvious solutions which would be to nowhere somebody has it doesn't have it to check here the genetics to see if there's anything that makes your especially susceptible that sort of thing maybe your checking your location or something
so i must say that those are you know that you have to like those things or even that they would necessarily be effective but i'm pretty sure that the solutions the corona virus will will involve at least a little bit whatever that looks like a list little bit of giving up your privacy temporarily now you could the government cheap he's doing whatever its doing forever if you give it up tomorrow it's a slippery slope oh yeah they could but that's the problem with literally everything in life there's somebody could do the wrong thing anytime is now special special about this the government can do bad things and try to get away with it made i know nothing special let's see abated observation that sure would
nothing but it's kind of interesting salt awkward if there's a if there's a genetic marker for whose more vulnerable and there's some speculation in the scientific and medical community there's there's something about your east to receptors new lungs and i think you could genetically tests to see if you have that that care drastic there seems to be something that in a general way might track with different ethnic groups but that doesn't so thoroughly mean if here within their ethnic group that you you have those receptors or doubt is just more correlated as i am now that doesn't mean that any of that actually tested in more rigorous fashion would be correlated with airports no that's true but here's what i noticed their deeds
seem to be released by eyeball but not necessarily if you really dug into it at least by eyeball assumes that people of germanic background we're having better outcomes so for example he has a low death rate denmark seems to be doing ok in sweden is not having a good outcome in terms of their death rate there deathrays above eight percent which if you right in the world it wouldn't be very good but they also didn't do much mitigation so the fact that as well is higher than germany's and denmark makes sense because they didn't do as much to stop it but when you look at the united states if we look at these states within the united states that have the greatest population of germanic people resettled
and they also have for the most part it was percent correlation but for the most part they have also load threats now the other them other things in other correlations so it would be hard to tease out what's really the cause what is it for example the states and also of the greatest germanic populations in the united states also happen to be not very dense and then you have a lot of international travel so it could easily just be that right it could easily be that is just a coincidence ensues you studied at the u any kind of genetic difference would fall away but there certainly enough suspicion there's worth looking into especially because
we healthy people do die don't you think that if you tested the young healthy people is less likely that you'd find they had some hidden health problem like oh they actually at heart problem we didn't know about like that could be the holiest actually but the other possibility is that there is some should everything how are we to be defined as some people in the car on twitter said is really really hard to find genetic cause for any disease because we ve looked whereas for other diseases and is really complicated is it's not like it's you on one part of your dna and maybe a combination of things and cetera and i think that that sounds like us probably true as a general statement but here's my here is my question if if you have a suspicion that seas is too inhibitors couldn't you just look at that
given that we know it's a long related problem if you just look there just love related genetic issues that we know are things would we not the least rule it in a real adele so the very least i thank you live and i think i've heard that there is some genetic study going on maybe more than one place so i suspected chanting that love to get that data because it's not the genetic studies and correct me if i'm wrong about this but if you will hear the genes for a correlation you don't have to do it i don't think you have to do a controlled study i think you just have to look at the outcomes and they look at the genes since they are the people these genes are better outcomes i think right so we should be able to just take a bunch of blood samples from people who have known outcomes
wouldn't we be done maybe two weeks two weeks if you work in our current test enough to know if there's some they're so might my feeling is there's been about a week since i first heard that somebody who was gonna start looking into that so any day now i'm expecting there we're find out if that's the thing and it be that gives us a little more information for battling that of course the things you have to watch out for that pollution is correlated we found that out for sure obviously population density whether there's mass transit how much they tried to mitigate when they got it till they have elevate elevators is an international hub yes do they have
lot of unhealthy people do the old people live with the young people in this tell jim lots of different factors but maybe we could tease annexes ancient it so i'm i'm moving closer to the opinion i don't have any the opinion yet about what the exact right go back to work strategy would be to anybody use hating me for suggesting ideas he's not really understanding that i'm not promoting ideas i'm just brainstorming just surfacing ideas see how people react if the way people react as no i will not give up my pride
see it doesn't matter if its rational or not if it turns out that you can convince people they should give up a trivial bitter privacy such as did you call on tuesday of that's the problem in people can't be talked out of it all that that informs your policy pop possibilities here because you have to deal with the whole person the rational part that small and the irrational part this gigantic so of course as you leave compliance you didn't have to get people on board but a moving closer to this opinion so this is an unformed opinion you can see it in process it goes like this the big problem about sending some people back to work is not there s another words we do live in a country in which we we sort of
generally agree that if an individual has an opportunity to take a risk that only affects them we're going to be a little flexible about that cosette that is just you you're you're human freedom to take the risk that makes sense for you but we get a little prickly as a society or any society if your personal risks class someone else bunny surface you're doing is going to raise my taxes or raise my healthcare or bring me pay for more police force or whenever if it's gonna fuck me and i want to vote on them now here's where i'm going we have situations in society where people have different risk levels and we compensate for that take car insurance the people have the highest risk pay the most car insurance and we mostly are okay with that even though it seems to me
play unfair compared everything else we do in life because you know i was a young man i was in the category of risky drivers but i wasn't personally risky because i didn't take yard and drive especially fast i had been reflexes all you can do the checklist so i just wasn't a risky personality but also in that category and i still i complain about it constantly but i'm not going to start a revolution over it because there is a crime about reason at the start and the reason is you kind do want to move the risk as much as you can tell the people were there this people this society says that feels better feels more affair we don't have to do it but if that's the only way
society can say yeah i hate it but i can get why you're doing it sometimes that's the best you can do and so here's my question is there a way that the people who want to take personal risk of going back to work is our way that we can let them do that but also somehow wall off their risk so are only ones who take it now the obvious answer that is here because the people at risk can most in most cases they can choose to sequestered i so severely that there really not taking the same risk so that's one way that the risky people can gonna work grandma can we lock herself in a room for three months if she chooses she doesn't have to but she could but could we go further than that good we because here's my concern is not the only concern but as were working through the options some things
start to rise up as more important than others i don't want my health care services available to me someone else decided that their risk reward was sufficient for them to go back to work in other words other people's choice about we'll fairly immediately impact me or could goods in terms my care availability etc this very important so is there a way you could wall off the the health care burden so that people who do want to take the risk would be i'll just throw this out as a possible if you could say yes if you get the growth of irish you can go to this hospital but the other ones in your area so just throwing at an idea so you have one hospital here will would not be
we're capacity when you start but he'd say the people want to go back right if you get trouble we hospital this gonna take you is the one we have designated and if you going back to work causes a lot of you to be dying well you might if you waiting in line and dying of the sidewalk cuz it's just going to be this one hospital everybody has decided not to go back to work and just wanted to sequester their they're going to get you know these other hospital so they can get their operation harsher juries nobody else now about say that's perfect answer i can give you an example of how you could creatively shift the risk from the people say that's not a risk i wanna take to the people who quite reasonably say i will take that risk i'm an american i've got freedom
i take that risk can a wallet often just find a way to limit that you can do it with financially they'll be another way you could just say you can go back to work but given that there is going to be such a burden to the health care assist would you mind those of you go back to work the same the ten percent extra on your health care for six months you you can go back to work we're just gonna move the burden of the the risk the year the ones take here and the ones you don't wanna take the risk drafting now again i'm not saying that's the answer what i'm saying you have the freedom to not earn money everybody would be waiting their physical risk with their economic risk and everything else but i'm i'm i have emphasised
fourthly the freedom loving people who say yes us decide if we want to take their risk that's a strong it's a strong argument but i think we could tweak it so that the risk is moved to the people who accepted voluntarily and then i think society would just be more comfortable with have because all of our solutions will be suboptimal you what the one that's at least at least a little bit comfortable say why is it that the swedes so i've got lots of questions on comparable countries i tweeted out i think it was real clear plot politics had an excellent a list that looks like it's updated on time is a really good breakdown of the deaths
members and also desperate capital which is what i was looking for per capita desperate cabinet for each country to correct them and see if there's anything we can it's all the countries or hindley things differently its guy too hard just i bullet but when you do i bullet you see some the correlations one is the germanic countries seem to be doing well say it or germany austria has i forgot about austria austria as a super low low death rate and so is germany so it could be that some countries that more hydrochloric queen maybe the ones that have a lot there may be other correlations there but here's the question that jump down to me so the swedes favor sleep did not do aggressive government mandated lockdown
apparently a number of citizens are upon it upon themselves to work at home or not computer keeps it gives home the generals the swedes did not take the heavy and his government boot process here's the data i dont know what's happening in their hospitals so i can see the death rate they can see the infection rates that's good it gives me a little bit of visibility but the swedes are deciding to well put this why don't i novel and this is the swedish hospitals are overrun already why don't i know that does not come down to like the most important thing because sweden is saying i will just player by ear and they're hot those are not overrun kind of a really important factors
really really important somebody says forty percent of swedes work from home i think i need a fact check on that wouldn't out it could be so and also there some some evidence that the swedes are not doing as much testing so it's possible the third faction rate is higher than reported but all of that would still end up in hospital deaths so the key thing is what's going on in the house those in sweden and why are they not worry the thoughts bills were overrun and again what question does the press not tell us i drugs a clerk if sweden using a lot of it are all the countries that are having a good outcome germany
do they have a lot of hydrochloric we now it could be that it's not important but i think i'd like that report so every time we see in fact here's what fact like to see i like to see the the same chart that the real clear politics has then shows the death rate spike three per capita but there should also be a column this whether it was just say hi medium and low usage of hydroxyl chloroprene because it is hard to get you too much specifics on that but you could probably rate the countries in terms of whether their being aggressive and two people early or other plagued by ear or they just don't have any other three cases is there a correlation i by now we should see it in the death rates what what would you what would you think was true
if germany and ireland and austria who all have unusually low death rates what would you think was true they also had high use of drugs core equipment and they do then i will tell you something every day on twitter people are still asking me what makes this virus special now how do you not know that by now right how could you have got this far in the world and this far into the year and not know that this virus is not like the other ones how do you not know that does not even a criticism but just curious like how do you know that at the very least how do you know
no there's having an impact on hospitals is that a fact that nobody mention its puzzling let's see sir we're all the people who were don't what they govern the collector private information the reason that i say it's probably a reflex that they say that is i don't think they think through that the government has other personal information if the government has any reason to look into they just files the paper work with the court's they ve got all your information everything if you followed everything else so your private information that was gone a long time ago looks like
my high points here women just make sure oh here's that idea there was suggested by a dentist says you know let us have medical training over of special sort very used to dealing with infected people you know the dentist office your worked right through the the aids epidemic and to do so dead this are very experienced in using bp and protecting themselves and here is the idea since just care really do their work and at the moment their clothes with everybody else so there's desert suggests letting dentist offices test their patience and i thought but probably make sense or better dentist would be perfectly qualified with a little bit of instruction at a worker a test and make sure that the samples don't guess below everybody
and then they could also test people if you have the kind of test where you get it for reaction fairly quickly the other the tests that are five to fifty minutes raven esther is the desert says our you're good fifty minutes after you after the samples taken that the debtors can do the debtor so basically you tested only the waiting area and if they testified you take him in the back and you do your work but i thought so good idea so that would suggest that maybe but the higher priority places for testing equipment might be dentists offices because i can't imagine two million deaths a suicide note that right because their offices are closed unless they figure out somewhere in some way past it given that most of them were job in and help and maybe people would pay for the test as well as in the dentistry one seems like
good idea so i was asked on twitter to boost that idea so that's what i'm doing boosted i think that's about it for today so our says it's a brilliant idea well i wish i had been my idea is brilliant idea i think it was mine brisk little they given factions dispose i used to look familiar covered everything that i said today that is bugging you especially scouts health ab tells the feds you mr dose and you get cops at your door to forced tells you though that the slippery slope people are the
these rational among us are you thinking with your five thousand that death i guess i'm just like you which does not mean that therefore it'll be accurate but i'm sticking with it as being closer than any other public i guess so that doesn't mean i'm right we'll find out now for those view knew when i say that we know all were saving tens of thousands of lives just by having the economy shut down because we're not having the same kinds of traffic accidents you'd have to add back in any extra suicides and domestic murders i guess you'd have to include everything you pluses minuses but i think if you do that we might end up closer to five thousand
which would be a gross or maybe fifty thousand so somewhere around fifty thousand gross des because i'm thinking that the estimate of sixty thousand were broken down again but was a sixth fifty thousand des you're probably to subtract out forty three people you saved me around ten thousand my estimate of five thousand would be the closest one in the country i think scott is the idea that freedom is valuable for its own sake only the result of brainwashing yes yes it is that is correct the freedom being value both for its own sake is a ridiculous idea and you know we have that if you were brainwashed if you're not brainwash you say well freedom is one variable let me look at my other variables
our balance of all you know sometimes i get a little bit of freedom up well i'm gonna be gained you don't give a little bit afraid above but at least you i got my operation so others if somebody thinks of freedom is just sort of a universal good and you don't have to ask any other questions that would be brainwashing absolutely does way house monitor my ideas well i don't know monitor means i will tell you that my followers on periscope and on twitter include lots of people in lots of places from from congress to white house so i i do know from confirmation from various people that i have high visibility so
people say my ideas i just don't know who and what can we try to get trop on periscope with your yes yes i will do that i will try to get europe on periscope i think we have to get closer to the election but there is not a zero chance that i can get him i don't think that's a good year i think the odds of getting job to do it in a two minute your connection on periscope with mayor low as low but probably two hundred thousand people would see at you double my normal traffic if if he was under and having two hundred thousand people here your message election season
it's not a terribly use the time and obviously i would be in the interesting interview was i brainwashing or setting social standards saving somebody says you constantly sally pass the sale it's your main way while people who know persuasion do that just automatically so you right here is chris cuomo and the trumpet pills well vice complaint why don't you know that don't you say the cnn should report whether not chris cuomo is taking the tramples i guess your stuff nablus and his wife also does positive one do you think maybe see
they will want to tell you if they use the the trump pills dioxin clerk with even more in your protection from yesterday regarding a big news this week did i say only this week i dont know if the news will be in this week but there's some big news common but no updated it also missus darling don't you you yeah i would i probably would have a relatively greater adds that he would say yes this good idea of china action do you believe we are being told all the government knows about this pandemic no doubt not that that's necessarily bad
he's doing hundreds of calls and today you are the president talks of a lot of people during the day so who knows interview chris cuomo i would love to do that i doubt you say yes but he would be a great interview bridges es doctors crusty purse with intelligence and i in the case of telemedicine i did make a direct contact with the staff member of congress who did confirmed that the idea was immediately given to the task force and also confirmed
got a positive response sues there now that's very different from saying that that them my suggestion for a teller health allowing people to do an across the board boundaries is very different from to say that i suggested it then it is to say that's why they did it that would be a big leap because the reason just as there was obvious so if you suggest an idea that smell people were working out a problem you should have seen themselves chances are they did so i can't make any assumption about anything i did that ultimately change the policy decisions but i do think is generally productive than if you see something that could be a gap in the thinking that year you're trying to fill it in you just check and make sure they thought of it as value you just don't know when it has a lot of valuable
when should we consider the feet tall a year from the nautilus they re the babylon bs larry's their great degree patriot act you know i never spent a lot time looking into it what will later be bold enough to set a date i think that's coming few weeks which country most hack our election we already know that it's china by far there already working hard apparently when
joe biden drop out i don't know they didn't drop out he might he might turn things over to vice president candidate indoor vice president if you like but i know it is starting to look like he's not gonna job el it looks like the play is for the important democratic dimension they ve got through vice president and place the cabinets why can't you pronounce the trump pillar properly at hijacks clerk queen z through mrs now as a through bison zinc takes practice and not area say looking at your questions is this
she off the reservation he though i care i care find myself giving interested in the trump verses voucher stuff gazelle feels artificial doesn't like do you see anything in the way there touchy talks in public there would lead you to believe that were or job that would lead us to believe that when the two of them were in the room talk about stuff that they have any problem i'll feel like it feels like to work together just fine that doesn't mean that agreement over the year the fao she's not getting fired you think more cuban will be on the back to work taskforce we'll see that's a good question would work cuban beyond
gonna say no but not because he wouldn't be great to be on and i think since i can't read is mine i'm just guessing right so so mark and speak for himself but guess i believe that both he and i have a similar situation in which we probably could give all the input we want and it would get to the right place so if you can make all the info you want and it can get to the right place you can do a publicly in some messages to people you know committee etc maybe you don't have to attend the meetings right cuz i'm not sure i have much to add if i'm one a twenty five people around a big table listening to people blather about statistics i don't know if i have anything to add but in my special case maybe i can suggest ideas
before we thought of suggest models of you how to do it in a staged way maybe something i suggest you triggers somebody to think of a better version of that so that's about all i can do and i'll have you also have the statistics for the medical background or neither do i deep economic model so the total about that i can add to the process i could probably do from the outside and mark cuban might again unless speaking raymond would imagine i can read his mind but he has a similar set up to me which is if if he wants the task force to hear something he could do uneasily who run the taskforce navarro maybe doesn't seem like navarro would be about the right person to do that
do you think humans will run for president this time i just saw an interview with him where it didn't sound like it i think it was sort of keeping the option open which is just smart but it didn't sound like he had the fire in his belly and i think you'd have to have the fire in your belly by now it's just a little too late human study would do it i think you would do it under exactly the right conditions which does exist so saturnine that that's pre hypothetical i mean i would do it under exactly the right conditions for if he asked me if i if i'm running for president
the answer is no but under exactly the right conditions so actually ed i had often myself as emergency backup your case case trump decides retire in the next few months they just just vote for me i'll just a point some smart people to take your stuff as you emergency backups it'll have to but i think i would have to have done some paper by now so i can't really be i don't think i can really be alas i think you have to do the paper to be a priority but do you have to do the paperwork to be an independent candidates probably ass yet again on the ballot yet so these too late anyway that's offer no talk you later
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