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Episode 911 Scott Adams: Swaddle and Learn Surprising Things

2020-04-14 | 🔗

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  • People are really bad at evaluating things
  • Why Dr. Fauci will NOT be fired
  • Biden and Bernie’s video
  • Clever things President Trump is doing right now
  • Steve Bannon booted off Twitter

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a bump bump on the boat for football above all love everybody commanded it's time for the evening swaddle you can have a blanket retell does matter velvet fell because well you ll find out why so we ve got to news covenant so fast dislike of fire hose into dixie cup and i'm just the dixie cup to grab the fire who saw the water and tell you what it all beans glad you could make it here's what it means in no particular order the star with the bad news
so have you noticed that people really bad at evaluating things sorry candy people really bad at evaluating things in this situation is really brought out into stark relief as they like to say as you watch people do a better job of evaluating things let me give you an example people said we heard a hard our order or those models were not accurate because first they said might be a billion or two then they settle down could be a billion at the high side but it might be a hundred thousand at the low side and then got revised to sixty thousand the people said the bottles the models are wrong because you said you said it was gonna be at least a hundred thousand they rather sixty thousand and you may destroy all the stuff to which i say there's something this
sing in the analysis and it goes like this which part of our plan to get back to work makes the virus go away anybody anybody which part of all the plans to go back to work feature the virus just not be there any more is the answer none i think the answer none so if the answer is none that means a whenever we go back to work and here's the key part however we go back to work fifty thousand number will no longer be valid because we won't be mitigated i dont believe the models have any kind of in an end state contemplated
i believe the models don't assumed that the virus ever goes away the models assume that they sorted just trails off some low number forever but we don't have a cure nor do we think that the vaccine will be like a magic thing that makes it go away so here's the thing did the models get it wrong fortunately that numbers knock over these sixty thousand because is pretty clear that we're gonna go back to work one way or another whether its may you're doing right after that will go back to work and the counter starts again because we can test like crazy we can take hydra drugs currently clean if that works or whatever but the fact is it will still be with us and still be viral and still be killing people
so it's gonna take its number are the only player that everybody is contemplated evolves what one percent of the united states time sixty percent getting it was number so the actual number if you're asking yourself what's the actual number were contemplating go back to work now the going back to work number is back and the hundreds of thousands and that sixty thousand immediately just gets thrown out the windows like up now you're back two hundred thousands so i think the people are quite seeing this right there imagining that sixty thousand lives are is the worst case or something so we can go back to work as fifty thousand but there is no there's no path like that that doesn't exist is either never go back to work or its hundreds of thousands of deaths
i predict that this point that we will accept the hundreds of thousands of deaths but not until we ve taken that as far as we can take it to a flat because in the end well you don't have they ask you don't have to ask what path will pick because there's only one there's only one path and the path is we're gonna go back to work sometime in the next few weeks and we're gonna have hundreds of thousands of deaths there's just no way around it and said now we might be able to avoid crashing hospitals but i doubt it i think that all this preparation we have now though we didn't need we'll probably dismantling them wish we had a later such values so if anybody tells you that are working plan you should have
recording you had this like oh ok we are going to accept a few hundred thousand deaths because otherwise there is no plan there's no plan without that can happen troublous fabric is he played a compilation clip at the press conference mocking the media did you see that was pretty pretty ballsy play is accomplished club or just all be wrong about the growth of irish save us he was now here's the thing that nobody has quite figured out yet when i say it when i say that you're gonna be bad yourself there you didn't think of it so that's my challenge to you
say something that assumes you here you gotta say oh that's really obvious but it wasn't until you said it here goes you saw the talk about the job by one a fire of algae there's no way and here's why and this is the part is gonna make you bad as well it is felt she exists and is on the team felt she is apparently willing to say what you said today these said before but he said a really clearly today
he said every time the eye and doktor burke's recommended something for the president to he said yes every single time now if you're the president and the top recognised experts in the world is giving you that much cover the experts say luck he did everything we asked him to do where the experts that is a hundred percent uncover do you think the trump is going to fire the guy it gives him a hundred percent cover because remember is the top viral guy he says often and clearly trump did everything i recommended and fairly quickly to now
how'd she says but is also my fault effectively because he was operating on forty information from china savvy gathers perfect cell up so shrub can blame fancy and he's right i don't think that's a an excuse if your top expert tells you what to do and then you do it well you that's about whose good is you can if you're not an expert yourself so chop as a perfect alibi in south she felt she has a perfect alibi in china does everybody agrees that china was lying so found she didn't have the right information but who is china blame the united states trump so it's a perfect like circle of life of blame trouble can live
she felt she complained china than china just goes back and blames trump everybody's got somebody the blame so foul she's not getting fired he's the perfect sit down their position if you wanna hear reelected the new neighbours trump by the way i think in my opinion found she hasn't made any mistakes he simply add that information like everybody else fog of war you could say substantially should to better but that's not fair at the time nobody knew what was going on i had a phone call today i the local restaurant because i was curious what the most capable operator in my town was doing
so as restaurant there doesn't appear a door dash inside looked for and i can order food water and it was there so i thought if they're not doing take out so do i do that i know the owners i call them as you do it now i have to say again the reason that i focused on this one restaurant this well known or is it i own the restaurant locally and i can tell you he's the best restaurant owner
with best entrepreneurial just the smartest savest restaurant order the area so i thought whatever he's doing they gonna find out so here here's what you said so they fairly quickly retooled operation to be take out only he kept a half of the staff that's what he could do but he's also applying for the the sba things so you'll be able to bring them back with a guarantee pursue so that's pretty good kept half of whom you went to take out but apparently is being quite creative slavery changed their website to say that they have all these offerings and be they'll take it out to the curb for you so you get us call em up put in your drive up and text and i guess they pop out give it to you but here's gray part
he evaded offer for easter that you make your meal for your server catering situation you just had come pick it up and he had the other lines around the lies around the block and here's the fun part he almost made as much as he made last year the same weekend easter week and so was such a smashing success now a lot of work to do with the fact that the local population is really looks like you're stepping up to support their locals so i call them so what can i do to help and i told them that we talk a little bit i said all up invention next door let's see local app that just goes out to your neighbors all too often by the year you know that you're open for business and you ve taken out to the urban and he's not adored ashes site i didn't elaborate husband for him on the local local media that allowed people look at
without a huge difference but here was the idea that i suggested because one is things he'll do is he'll actually sell people uncut consummate so you'll get it from his distributor and then assembly was a cook it at home they want to go to the grocery store they want a nice cod he'll prepare it'll be all including the uncooked beat and i asked them hey you don't give me that russia's have a different supply chain couldn't you are given to everybody's we inflexible could accustomed recall you and say you know i'd like to get a giant sack of vegetables or i want to get some industrial toilet paper the guy that they have an offices but you know you don't get in the growth
because that's a different supply chain so if you're really needed to get food in your grocery store was too busy here you didn't want to deal with the crowds were you try to get something like toilet paper try calling try calling a independent rest just say if you can order these items for me from your regular suppliers just give me a call on all come pick him up and i'll give you whatever says one other options open i guess every eggs was this campaign manager retweeted i can't believe andrea endorse joe biden want to sell out loud so i guess every eggs i think is a care baby manager would not too happy
did you see the joe biden video with burly oh my god look so bad so birdie was poorly led to the looks like looks like some troll and in the branches of the bite it looked like somebody for make up on him did you wonder about that who got close enough to buy to put all that make up on his wife actually says only you looked bided look confused and lost of course he was radio offer teleprompter even though you were talking to his good friend bernie i tell you bite it is completely awkward is exactly that whereas gopher they're both awkward ed i dont think bided has mastered the the medium you nobody is going to the crowd he's good easier retail politician the ocean ancestor but where will you put it just in front of a camera that he's gotta talk to somebody
yeah he loses all of his spark it was really hard watch here's a bad news i had to say there is a there's a thread that i tweeted for obey doctor says that they ve given hydroxyl clerk we too pretty much everybody in the ice you surf they get to that point he said they i'll get it then as far as you can tell does make any difference now use specific to say i'm only talking about ones were already in the ice you said there were bad shape but his view the drugs a clerk queen at least just anecdotally said i see no difference does workable so factor then we would like to think that are still works if you get an early but we might be surprised that this part of the reason though saying at the top there the
we don't have a plan that doesn't still cost hundreds of thousands of lives maybe a million i think we're we're probably back to a million early because if we just go to work and work for three years and the virus gives beckoned ass you should kill emily vessel three years there was something that job said today at the taskforce press conference the back of the only person who noticed receive anybody any of you know he used the phrase these gathered trouble for before and he was just doing about log about how bad the presses and they use this phrase you people the only said you people he was addressing anybody any wasn't i don't think he was even answering a specific question for babies he was just doing about log about
the press is and what he was referring to that collectively the ruby goes and you people blah blah blah what about you didn't catch a lot right because it was part of importance others by the law than you people do this remember how much trouble he got in what he said the same praise you people whether use answering one is the name of the reporter foreign pr who is african american at every basin oh you people you people we ve seen this before the only only time anybody says you people we ve already means raises dog was all races whistle nobody uses that phrase you people less their racist exams he just use the sentence was just talking about a group of people exactly the way you talk about it before
so our somebody did not set there somebody did notice so you people as the press obviously so i like these slipped out and then added of those other things intentional but that worked out to favour here's something this really clever about what europe is doing right now yeah yeah beach is rubbish your beach else into resolving the the report thank you so here's what troubles do this clever and i don't think he's doing as a strategy but bad is it worth wells strategy so what would the what would the democrats most like to attack a trump for the fall well they ve tried every kind of attack but i think the one attack they really like to make is that doesnt listen to science reich
is it the one thing they really want to mud is not listening to the experts and he's gonna go into the election after several months of doing nothing but conspicuously and publicly following the advice of the experts even while half the country is making the experts are wrong so you ve got troubles in a perfect situation one of his greatest weakness is he's doing the opposite of it in public every single day listening to experts one of the experts sent listlessly experts ice recyclers experts so the democrats who do not have much leader oh yeah oh they'll have this there because it is a sure he did listen to the experts at one time please not listening to the climate model experts what about that to which say with their long range prediction models
are you saying he should listen to the more because their long rage prediction bottles are so reliable so even climate change as largely been taken off the table number one because the price of carbon if you'll just drop to play where i don't know what it what would be compatible with it does re think compatible price wise with twenty dollar gallon get that gas or whatever fuel oil or whenever it is so i guess they came to a new deal surprises by go up a little bit pastel still prices can be better so they can't if they can't go after shrub for listening to experts and they care really blame him for not putting too much credibility and long term production model because we just watch one that people were too happy with even though i think it was good other people though but here's elevate used this clever politically is
you don't know which way he's gonna go in terms of its ultimate recommendation have you noticed democrats are really really quiet about what they would do let listen to this dog does not barking hello hello douglas now barking there are a lot of democratic pundits there are large democratic politicians i've never seen the be shy before about what they would recommend if they were president i can think of almost every other topic you could ask any part you could ask any politician that's a democrat and say what would you do in this situation that's different from what president trumpeted they'll say well let me tell you if i were president i would do acts and why z and the president's doing a b and c that's all wrong obviously but what the presidency is doing
by waiting and and holding its decision and you know no you really don't know what is going to be is a girl some people go to work at bay furnaces and wait till the middle a junior really don't know so all of the democrats can describe what they would do why because if they accidently save here's what i would do that the president comes down in the same the same place says here's what i would do and it turns out to be exactly what the democrats said one should do they got nothin so they have to stay silent on what they would do until he goes first so they can be on the other side you see their right just watch for how no democrat will give you an opinion you will not see one peep from nancy policy or churchill
about specifically what they do though they complain about process and who taught do and what was the timing of things should other sooner but you're not going to see is their recommendation you're not going to see that cities as well by just go below because you just realized that is not their right you didn't notice that it was missing until i point there and the like why is this the only topic in the world that not a single democrats has voiced a specific opinion here's what i would do i do it may first do it this way not going to see it so i've never seen i've never seen any president running for reelection who had such a commanding possess
maybe you could say reagan you could say ragged but this looks like even more convincing because at least was ragged really gets his opponent who feasibly could have done the job maybe they're like his policies but that the job bardell biden doesn't even look like he could do the job so here's the funniest thing you have to do this wait maybe i'll do it if you didn't watch the live stream or even
you did he lay that have watched it this way so if you watch the live stream of biden talking to bernie there are less covets there were happening if i could find it turned off the sound and i just want to reach just carried the comments that gave it right that this is a its abiding event so you expect that most people other be true course coarser patrols
i hear what the democrats who say we're aft only way binding will never win wake up over waffle only will be tribe is bernie for vp answer the question but it is just as secretly corruptors obama i doubt keep in mind i'm not skipping any calculates sir i've not selectively picking the most insulting ones there are no supporters of binding on the biden live stream look for yourself i know you don't believe it i know you don't believe it look for yourself you have to do this go find the video and so the his work if you live in this orientation i feel this way i think they come and go away but if you turn in this way the comments will stream by just reads more how do i governed by a hundred
rob pick one screw this about but by it is really well today didn't bite and say you wouldn't change everything this is bogus joe biden care former centres oh my god bertie vp or indeed a turnaround surprised by this community clearly clearly this is a trade wreck job is guaranteed to win never voted for by the never again i say i swear folks i'm not skipping any good ones i'm not i know you don't believe me i know you don't believe me but you have to go look you saw
in the event of one of the most important events of the camp is isn't he couldn't find anybody who come to his live stream and say good things about non not today by safe and good about bernie yeah doesn't bother him forever for doing this they put the closest weathers good is divided we fall together we are stronger says obviously a democrat but notice that's really about birdie helping bided so all she's the only theses complementing is a burning go help by neither by this good that but that are working together so they even the even the best thing they could come up with is not so good that's good that's just the screamingly here so stevens podcast
the serbians war room pandemic or is it a pandemic bins war room it's one of those but pandemic i think is the title so i had never never listened to it but today i guess they got boolooroo offer twitter and if somebody gets booted off a twitter while i'm gonna go listen to that i don't listen to a lot of podcast adored good things about it but i never had been really incentive to go said device to go get it and then said that was into pursued as i already got booted offer of twitter i thought he's got something to say those go see what that's all about so i dont think
they even know exactly where they get burned off but the the proxy that cause the one that seems obvious is that they had some episodes about china and they talked about organ organ harvesting wiggers and whatever else add so i guess i was good enough to get kicked off of twitter i dont think that didn't sound like its temporary i think they're just kicked off so i tweeted the link to it and listen to me today's episode that was really good is actually like a well may chow and i didn't know i didn't want to expect but held by interest all the way through it was it was a high say hi entertainment to time ratio square good so i recommend you just can't fight links on twitter but you see a link to it my twitter feed if you're looking for
google it go the webpage so years other really messed with your mind i don't know if this is true so it's been reported but keep your keyboard scepticism hold us back a little scepticism others one but is so delicious if it's true that i have to tell you about it even now fully trust it and there is an official french reports they did some study and they fell down that in several countries there is a very strong correlation between cigarette smoking and you're out comes with crony virus it turns out that being a lifetime cigarettes smoker protects you from corona virus protects you from verona virus and here's the fun part not just a little bit
i'm just a little apparently is a gigantic deference never have you noticed that when the doctors you're talking about co morbidity correct me if i'm wrong but when they were originally talking very pro morbidity another dog this now barking so you have to fact chechnya that's right so just use your memory and see if this is true a month ago when doctors talked about co more the other health factors that might kill you if you got quota virus correct me if i'm wrong tobacco was prominently on the list poking tobacco it was using the top for or top five i think now listen to a doctor today or yes
when they do they list their list of co morbidity is smoking is none the less anywhere it just sordid dropped off the list now i don't know if the people move forgot to included on the list just forgot about it this coincidence maybe maybe they think is covered with high protection or or something else but but am i wrong listen to the doctors when they talk about the the other health conditions i think they just sing tobacco it could be just wait and see now the other thing there was interesting about it is that people who used to smoke and quit still got quite a bit of protection compared to someone who never spoke so the the worst thing that you could do is never smoke cigarettes
now i heard somebody in the cupboard speculating that was i guess if you know things about east to receptors which i doubt but if you're smart enough to talk in those terms you say stuff like well it makes perfect sense because the tobacco sort of leo impinges on those receptors degrades them and those receptors are needed to pick up the virus so it actually makes its smoking weed degrade the very receptors that are necessary from the virus so somebody says that the new medication baby jocks a clerk we than tobacco plus a thrombosis zinc i guess so no word of marijuana smoke but that can take any jets august smoke as much marijuana as i can just in case you know
don't take any medical advice for me no no more truer words have evidence can i just say their marijuana is approved medical disapproved medication for a variety of conditions and if you want to use of label and spoke like crazy to protect yourself from growth of ours i would say that you're a very shaky ground because first
i don't think there one spoke effectually loves away tobacco smoke does so let me be serious for a moment i would not expect i would not expect that even if it's true their regular tobacco smoke protection ones from grown a virus obstetrical that but even if that's true it does not follow the bureau and smoke would do it because they they do really act very differently for example you don't get lung cancer from here want to smoke so some of you were going to argue with that but even go argue with the deal i hear something interesting i talk the other day about that movie those claiming that this
yeah i was controlling the the hollywood movie movie staff and causing the two message things to the public to brainwash as i gotta make a general statement here's a general statement in the long run in the long run all social media platforms and all news platforms will come to be owned by intelligence services in the long run that doesn't mean sorry happen but it's obvious that through seven floats now but if you wait long enough it's the nature of the intelligence services that they do sort of burrow in the other for all the day then again another then they get another so based on everything i know about the world
if you wait long enough every social media platform every app that has at any impact on ebay add every new source should eventually come to be owned by intelligence sources no could be arson it could be another country but i dont know that there is an exception because it's too tempting and the stakes are too i so of course they would of course that we try so that's just a general statement uttered this issue either give leave anything anymore but apparently adam schiff allegedly
announced that he wanted to hold the intelligence committee meetings by zoom zoo is the video conferencing software that as its servers and china now i think they're trying to fix that but at the moment zoo is literally famous for being the least secure platform in the world if you tried to be secure from china specifically it would be the least security you could possibly do and out of sheer fiscal uses for the intelligence committee now if tomorrow i find out that was fake news don't say i didn't suspect it okay cuz it's your other stories a little on the nose that i've use that example before when the story seems a little too perfect wait and it turns out it didn't happen is fake news i say this was a little too under those it could do that
says we will use teleconferencing and then maybe somebody on the zoom party cuz i thought it was funny so you can find out that that's not true by tomorrow i would guess so the india has an app for tracking their population and contact tracing the details but we shall know we shall know if he has any successful that because they have to use it and i think that was the main stuff i won't talk about but there is one other thing i need to do and maybe if you have any questions you can it s in the comments but i gotta you myself erika now this is normally christina job but were insatiable social isolation
so i can go the barbershop christina gathered so africa my own so feeble mind you have any questions use good slight overdue doktor achievers scope the business syndrome stuff what do you think of the governor of michigan oh i don't know i don't really know too much other governors those same interesting that president jobs every this love fast with all the governors who ever thought that would happen but but i think he's play your perfectly do you think there will be a vaccine i do that i don't think so be a vaccine
wherever they might be a vaccine that they call it a vaccine and it work some people some of the time but at this point i would not bet on it by the way of user you as a mere washroom myself here i've been working people by like crazy lots of people are a cupboard after the last couple of days spent quite a block of home what i think good terms press covers i thought i was one of his best i like how he co opted it to turn it into basically campaign at with this show you get big commercial those that was pretty funny
yeah i think so she did a solid by to get up there and to clarify that joe boys did what she asked yes so starting road the end of april second herself you get to see all the characters of the dobryna wearing face masts or working from home so the dilber go back is going to go the way of he's gonna go the way the rest of the world and the character will be wary risks for awhile etc to predict what the what else where you asks what that's gonna be
the others are those with you oh you should block yourself alright well you have to watch the merciless somebody says are stoned and eating a big mac we'll go for you oil you clippers after use good idea
that's all you ever now i will see you all the morning had tonight you gonna have the best native sleep so just think about user silent if you try to get to sleep in the of the thoughts i want you to imagine getting your hair cut worth if you're a woman imagine having your hair done so as as a thought to relax you just picture self getting erika how it feels the sounded the clippers smells the whole experience just put yourself their seed because a server relaxing situation the sort of relaxing situation to somebody else is doing the work so try that will be good diversion that's off now i'll talk to you in more
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