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Episode 913 Scott Adams: Was LIVE

2020-04-15 | 🔗

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  • Senator Kennedy says no bats in the wet market
  • Forgiving each other for our honest mistakes during fog of war
  • Obama’s endorsement of Biden had 2 categories
  • Reconfiguring sports to bring them back
  • President Trump’s WWE style verbal take down of loudmouth

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Bumper Bob Bumpo boom- Hey Jack, Clarion. Yes, this is the place to come at this time of night, so you can get all of the cares intentions of the world three out of your overstretched body today, before the next oh say forty five minutes, it's nothing but good times, we'll put things in perspective. We're going to make you feel better beg you feel relaxed. I feel the lab survey,
for you and I don't know what to make of it. Yet it goes like this. I was watching above all, do his recommendation for binding, and you know that I've commented how Doktor Burke's has up talk now up talk is where you and the sentence with little bit of it up, so it makes it sound. Maybe like avowedly girl, when you do the utter you don't sound as confident, because you sort of asking you making statements but you're making statements is ethical question
Have you ever knows? Obama above all, does down talk so bombers last word is always the the deeper word. I'd never noticed centaurs Washington today. So I give you my above impression. We ve got here the back scratching and cover remote control, but you could take your apple, your buds and you could bear it. With your mechanical. Then they listen to listen to how finishes confident blown out. I thought to myself. I think that's really effective and I also ask myself if I do it now, because, probably because I'm thinking about it all either do
it or or conceal how much I do it or don't do it. So maybe you could tell me, do I well? This is a question somebody to absorb the question. Do I opted? Have you ever heard me up to act in when it making said Events, no questions. We ever notice me because I really don't know, do I downtown, Can the bat and the last? Unless the word do I give you a sentence, and then I'm talking about because it makes me so confident, because the sentence- and you say what
all about, but I finish fast affinities hard finishes strong because I'm coming in and I'm just laying down there just put down their vision down. So he says: no, you don't think you mean new. I doubt up talk, look what I did I automatically Didier down Doc. I think you're gonna practices. Speaking of people who have interesting ways of speaking one of my favorite tv senators- and maybe one of yours as Well- is Senator Kennedy do you know you know, centre to Kennedy he's got I dont know was there from he's got an accident? make some sound, I assume its southern. It's a little bit slower, it's interesting to listen to and what he's talking.
Between the fact that what he says tends to be very clever, often funny because he says it in a certain way: there's a variation in the way he talks you look away when you on television, something interesting. Going to happen. Was watching him if he was on Martha, Maccallum show Fox The EU is used making the case for why. He thinks essentially that the. The virus came from me with violence. Vehicle lab of some sort, as opposed to a web market and one of the things I do appreciate about our. Acted officials is that, while I normally hate the fact there nobody, their own lawyers. I feel like we have too many lawyers
Some lawyers very good, a few lawyers, You want some good advice. Lawyers are smart, their solid thinkers While certainly there's too much of a good thing, sometimes right They have too many lawyers, and I would argue you maybe we reach their level, but that said though the ones who are good enough lawyers that they become well known, run for run for office and win, tend to be pretty good liars, and so so when you ass, you say: Lindsey Graham argues, something Ebay or you watching centred again, they they just do a really good job of making a case in a way that other people artists, clever so areas, some of the Evidence- and you can make up your own mind so Senator Kennedy Says- and I think this this is a fact
He says as a fact, I know that there was a study and article that alleges. This is a fact, but say skeptical of this fact: I'm not skeptical of his overall conclusion. But this ACT has me with a little bit scepticism and the fact is somebody said that there were any bats at the war on world markets, and so the obligation is the virus could not have spread from a bad to human in the web market, because our market- because there were no bats there to do that now, I feel as if I just feel as if I might not be true maybe there was a batter too
now that doesn't really came from the bow of us anywhere. You say that we would try to make up a cover story that couldn't be possible because there were no bats, maybe because what whatever they did is pretty remarkable, so was kept breathing person, but bullets. Let's take a senator Kennedys case. He alleges that is well known, that there were no bats. Elsie and there were lab nearby and there's the story in the Washington Post that their says. There was some kind of report a few years ago that that lab had corroded virus, it had the virus and they have insufficient safety guidelines and safety protocols and stuff.
So apparently, apparently it was known that that lab had this stuff in that it could get out, and it was known problem there had been written up and there weren't any better, At the wet market, we also know that. Is it true that the the doctors who originally reported this sort of either diner disappeared through a bunch of people who died or disappeared. And didn't China say we can look into it and the other there's no more looking into it and didn't China say that their danger says it wasn't transferable from person to person from you will do? Human assorted adds up. You, I don't know how it could be any end and they also closed they closed word at the
same time. There were say it was no big deal, they totally closed or city. It's no big deal. If you're wondering about the timing, I think it was generally twenty. Third, they closed word and the very next day, which is probably the next periscope idea. I soup I called for closing travel so the moment that China said we're gonna clothes word I said: ok, I'm done. I do not need to see any additional information if, if somebody has some kind of a virus and they blockades entire city? What other questions do you need to ask too. Oh it's time to close down the airports and that's what I said you know you could say to yourself Scott, the X. In the CDC and the World Health organization in China
which I say. Did you hear the part about China Closed a major city, you could even gathered around because of a virus. That's killing people If you tell me, you need to study this a little bit longer. I dont think you heard this part. China closed a major city They didn't let people travel in and out. No stress study required closely airports so now another some time is borne by those of you Some of you sort of remember the moment. You remember the key of rat, now, you can see it in hindsight and you can see how how accurate there was away.
So here's some questions, for you will present she remain in power now, obviously, as a pretty good grip on the country's dictator in practical firms, so there is certainly no political process for remove again. I suppose the year with the. If the party wanted to remove them, they could but I don't see that as being likely in their system spires a thing. The corona virus scandal just went from we're accusing you you're denying it to another level. When you say, wouldn't you say when you say we'll get rid of this critic
you say that China has a big scandal now and that were passed, the point of questioning, whether whether their responsible and in a very bad way, but that's not the real problem for China Spent- have a bad reputation, but isn't this going to cause all of the major countries that were victims of this to decouple the United States? I'm sure he's going to decouple. I don't know how quickly the who's gonna pay for it. What it looks like, but is the beginning of the end. There is not a question that the United States is gonna have less business. There are not more I think the same, probably with Japan, and I would expect some other european countries to follow. So it seems to me that the only path. China has is economic catastrophe. I think you
those days war will climb out of this pre readily it. If you want to feel good about the United States, here's a little fact that I heard from Peter to Varro who, by the way, was excellent television today, if you listen to Peter Navarro, just talk on a new show, I don't know if he's always is good because I haven't really paid attention to, but he gave just one of the best. Tv interviews, you'll ever say I'll, kill you it wasn't. Flash is maybe nobody's gonna. Maybe it didn't take note here. Maybe nobody noticed but the the clarity of his thought and they in the precision in which he just your presented things in it in a simple way from the public with really get a plus Peter Navarro.
Why so seems item noise in talking about Peter Navarro, loosened point urban or you will make you feel good here. There's something period of our oh said he was talking about the ventilators another american companies were gearing up to rapidly create ventilators. I forget which company was but one of the car companies, I believe, built a ventilator factory that was prudent, use their own factory has retrofit and they started producing ventilators. Seven days. In eleven days we split up a ventilator Actually there were well on the way to producing on. I think you said a hundred and fifty thousand ventilators a hundred and fifty thousand ventilators it looks like will need about. A third of them will probably take two thirds. Then you distribute them two states first
houses and for storage, and they will probably help other countries, but how Hell prouder you to live in a country that can make a ventilator factory in eleven days, remember when you watching China put up their little instant hospitals and everyone who say my god, we can't do that will never built hospital. Levin days like China, we we build a ventilator factory eleven days now bad I assume I assume it was probably more about assembling parts from other places. There is probably a lot more to do with assembling than anything else, but still lovedays progressive, Here's what I propose- I just we did this before I go out here. I prefer proper so when the corona viruses behind us and Sunday will be.
That we forgive each other, be U Democrats, Republicans view professionals and experts and doctors, businesspeople by EU citizens, I propose that we just forgive each other, Oliver, honest mistakes during the fog of war, because less emit there's always somebody's goody right, but only because there's always somebody on every side of every issue. So somebody's gonna be right. My luck, but nobody knows was the right thing to do. Nobody really had quite the right information in the early days. Nobody smart enough to know. What's the exact re thing to do and the right time to do,
So whether we get things right or whether some people got something's wrong, they're, both luck, the things we didn't write a little bit of luck, the things we did wrong bad luck because year, you just can't be smart. When you don't have data and you don't have a way to get it. But that's what I'm talking about artists mistakes? If you make earnest mistakes, I think we should just forgive each other. But we should not forgive dishonest mistakes and I don't have any evidence that anybody involved in this country has a dishonest mistake. I know you're gonna think so also liable to love, and I think that this is the case. I think some people had bad information in view too bad information.
Forward, but I don't know that anybody at then tensions in this country. However, China made a different kind of mistake as far as we can tell now. Apparently, the presence glow with old funding from the World Health Organization until he gets an answer and maybe that'll tell us whether China something let's say intentional verses unintentional, but it certainly looking every bit as if China made a dishonest mistake. In other words, they they just lied to us and knew it so. Under those conditions. I don't think we have to elevate call the beans we don't have to disrespected, but it wouldn't make any sense to have a future with them in which were continue. The trade, because they don't ever they don't have a system- is compatible with our system
so, whatever it is, whatever it is about their system, I don't even need to judge it. Like you say, it's a good system, necklaces bad, I'm not going to say that the chinese government is good or bad. I dont you, I mean I've. Opinion, but it doesn't matter for what you say next and certainly I don't think the chinese people are anything except awesome, people, everybody, I know from China's, pretty pretty amazing, so you, but still we can say no hard feelings, but our systems don't work together. Whatever. It is that we're doing here this democracy, capitalism as much transparency, as you can judge it. Just doesn't
with a will get away with anything we can and we're going to hide as much this weekend. Those two systems that work now if they were both the same system. I don't know what that worth. Who knows? Maybe maybe you would both be okay with it, because you're both doing the same thing. Personal. We don't have to say China were in a cold war. Now we'll have to do that. We just say: you know: we'd love to connect our telecommunications equipment stuff, those made in your country, but we also like security and you haven't built everything that has now feature so something personal. We just cant connect to your telecom equipment cause you don't have a future. We need the future security. Should you ever have that feature? We love to talk to you again. I think we should just completely do personalized this thing, because.
You know I don't know what they're thinking, but I don't have a bad feeling about anybody in China, except you maybe some of the leaders, but let's just not make it personal just business. If you got a system and we get a system, they just don't talk. Why forces. Mr Barroso Bombers endorsement of Joe Biden and I Cheek Ali tweeted this a little while ago. This is me imagining your conversation between above I and some sample Democrats Obama says going to endorse a candidate today. The Democrats in unison, say yea is the candidate pretty and Obama says he has great personality, befell like that
what he was saying did you note that when Obama was describing the greatness of Joe Biden, there were two categories one. He attended meetings for important stuff. The way above us as it is. Obama provided in charge, and he got things then, but daddy. I think he attended. Meetings of things can happen, one where the other, the of the Obama ordered and other people pretty much executed. Paroquet use at the meetings, powers that did good bye to initiate he didn't issues stuff- I don't remember other mentioning it, but it seems, like Obama, was really focusing its personnel me. Am I wrong?
You know you ve got is a character and you know you data. He ate a president. You need to present who's got. These calls the called czar yeah and thinking to myself, you're so three years too late, because if president trouble personnel, the quirks we're going to ruin the country. What do we have a simple that already think about it? We ve had three and a half years of president job And from the very beginning, people were saying
that personality that character of his the way things and operates those those times is that in the past the fact checking all that personality stuff. That's going to cost! You ask a question: what would be an example of that three and a half years he's better exactly the same person for three and a half years, if its, if it so bombers biggest bitch, three and a half years later, he better come up with a fucking absurd You better come up with an example. If that's your biggest complaint is the guy's personality. Now their personnel personality will wreck stuff after three and a half years. Indeed, to give us an example of that, the economy went down because the time John told the junk.
The the unemployment level arose because the time tribe insulted a member of a press right to that- and I don't remember that happening so- give us an example here that so that was such aid at twenty fifteen way to approach Joe Biden. Did it made me think there was? No no organic enthusiasm. Did you pick up on that? It was like Obama, sat down to write an essay. The topic you didn't care about, I please write an essay energy of Joe Biden, over the evil Orange Menace President Drop- and you know it
Obama sit down pencil like his character is not the type of Fibre, we need to the leadership in the country are not just they're about mayors. I gotta fill up this page, not just talk about governors developed today. Not just talking about Congress. Ok, they'll be out If I do another something like that at all listening to this thing and it looked like the most uninspired essay that was written by somebody really didn't want to write the USA and the best way he could come up with is the skies gotta good personality. I swear to God damned by fate praise I swear to God, the the biggest advantage. The Joe Biden has as a democratic candidate is that nobody dislikes him think about that.
During this whole process, Joe Biden has been YO criticised and insulted in just every way. Every accusation from your corruption to senility averages. Everything he's had every charge at him, but let me ask ass to his credit, have you heard even one person say these? Not a nice guy? right. Even president Drab said impulse like the other day is really, nice guy Everybody who is on the other side, killing and five but they don't like about, but I think the Democrats have mistaken
By didn't, having no reason to dislike him with having the qualities to be president, now one of the characteristics of human beings is rose, fighting the last war for that for phrase right so end, there was of all who say if he quoted somebody- or this was his own observation- that you are the year. The result of your trawlers that yeah, that's, who you are is mostly defined by that the biggest problems you have. Gub Gub person Ed since the country the Democrats specifically have been undergoing. This really have your trauma of being,
in a country in which their most hated them assists president Trump as president, you, you got a figure that their that they're going to fight the war of the personality WAR is the one that lost. Does he tried to beat among personality in character and it didn't work here. That's what the law grandma by the whenever tape was about your your character down. We gather character so that the covering around again with the old character attack- and it feels like Joe Biden- was the antidote to the mental anguish. Of Trump just just hold the saw your head for a moment and you'll see how profound it is or not. If you thinking about of what is literally the opposite of him. This bind
it is almost the literal opposite job. I believe that that the Democrats wanted the most opposite person, because they has such a high level of hatred for Trump and they ve ran against just had to be the most different and when somebody like MIKE Bloomberg, gets on the stage, while it doesn't matter that might Bloomberg is considered highly capable and an honest. Have you was considered highly capable and honest. I should have been good enough right and probably my Bloomberg said to himself locked if I ever run against President Trump, that I think I have you all these biliary credentials and I better Mayer we have to resume clearly and the skills I have the money, I'm a reasonable guy. Of all the right policies. Why wouldn't I win and here's what I think he missed. I think you missed
that he's a billion there from New York and he's not different enough he's just not different enough is not good enough that, even if you thought my Blue Bergen, worse skill and was nicer, is just not different enough and the most different person was Joe Biden. So you you could take almost any of the other candidates. Amy closure, very capable of one of the top politicians could still be the vice presidential back has not been ruled out and By all accounts, a very capable politician, but you know that the story better be to her staff in eating the salad with a cobra. Whenever she is a little bit me So she was an opposite enough of the thing that is most about job. We're vocabulary ass well in many ways the capital of job, but
impersonality impersonality people thought she could be a little harsh, maybe should a little legion prosecuted or to arm so you can see how people would be looking for the furthest from their trauma which was drawn up so bind, I think, was just the devil. I told you that some some restaurants, by star selling goods directly to the public because they have different supply chains. So, if you weren't by toilet paper and your grocery store didn't have any, there is actually a pretty good chance leave you go to your local restaurant. That's only doing take out because had to close because they shut down and say I can order, be a bunch of toilet paper and they save sure. Will you take twenty percent mark up fifty percent wherever this and then they just by
and walked up to the car. So I just said that there is one of our local another. One of our local businesses is doing this, the first Street Ale House, California, if something! That's and suddenly there would ordinarily order anyway from a cut of me to observe in order to actually toilet paper. That's other list, you can bite over the phone, you just drive up and you show your receipt in the window and they carried out put it in your trunk. You know you don't have to have any human contact. Your behind the glassy car use hold up the receipt pop your drug boom, you got yourself some gross using. You never went to the grocery store there. When I say this, really amazing how people are adapting right people, the best entrepreneurs just just found new ways to make money.
When the old ways go back there going to do ways and old ways. So I think I think the best entrepreneurs are actually finding a way to come in, come out of this and here's another idea you are the big at sports. Businesses are allowed trouble because they give fill the stands because for the obvious reasons of distance, so I was saying that maybe these big sports teams should look at this as an opportunity to build support from the ground up save athletes, say basic rules, but instead of building for in person watching why not build it from the ground up for watching. Originally from,
this means. Another words the reason that the sports care survive just with television as as great as watching sports and television is still the optimized. For that here's what you could do, for example, you could make all the players and all the coaches and all the rafts unless you're a home- and maybe you ve done apps even watch sports and you can choose your channel so you could actually here the rough you can hear the announcers. You could hear the defensive lied. You could hear everything except the quarterback, giving them the calls. I guess you'd have to turn it off, but it would have to be just football could be a basketball, baseball, insider, Ed, and you make it a sort of a party in which less say you know the other people watching our in your ear to see
instead of having the the cheering of the crowd that motivates motivates. The players makes you feel like you're part of something, and here, of course you get. You can motivated by the chair of the crowd. What? If? What? If you say in the cheer, the crap I was in your headphones. It is the other. People are home who are illiterate we sharing at home. They may be hearing. You will say just to complete this Let's say you watching it on whatever device and you you're you're watching one of the channels you listening to the defence of the offence and the players are richer scamper. He always leads left watch. This vacantly left to take his legs out in yours too, and then the play and then you're the aperture let's all the cheering from all the living room through an end.
I must say that the just to extend this just a brainstorm unless the players will say the players also avid earpiece, so that the players can, because this is a microphone these walls near peace. So you ve got it earpiece said They can actually here the cheering. So what if they can hear you cheering at home, and why not is there is no technological reason there, couldn't hear everybody cheering from their living room. You just have to build the outer. Doesn't then you can imagine that the the players were talking to each other the pick up that and Sarah now he may say yourself well, I dont want to listen to these borri athletes and their name chatter, but that's what you're thinking about it develop the old way. I'm not saying do business exactly the same way. I'm saying TAT,
the players that part of their job is to be interesting. Mike em up there, there's always gonna, be a few funny people on everything, you don't need all nine players on the field to be witty and entertaining. If you ve got a hilarious shortstop and then the others a sort of play to have this the best show the world. How much would you like watching a baseball game where, most of the time you just waiting for something to happen? Even if you love baseball, wasn't there you're waiting for South Africa, but while you're waiting you here in the the funniest, stop in the world just ripping apart the other two just saying this guy's got you he's gonna, do two legs and has now to his Tuesday, whatever it would be very entertaining anyway
so the whole point of it is that if you re thought sports as a digital product, it was still work every bit. It was still work in alive setting once they go back to your browser. Ok, but in the meantime you to have a better product, so they should go back with a better product should be improved sports when they go back, you should be the year. Just we take females. Than just back to it. How boring would that be? Did you see the press conference in which Trump got all over that want it in the back who would shut up? I thought I was his best
your server world rustling performance. Does you know, I think I think by now even the people were slow to catch on have figured out. The trump knows. What the show is he knows is putting on a show any place like a shower. There took people, I think, is critics. It's taken them years to figure that out, and even some of them are still talk about it like you, just lost his temper. Now, that's now what happened here other than genuinely bad that, whatever time you're talking about it, doesn't matter which time you say that the time you're talking about whatever was you might have been genuinely bad, but that's why he acted the way he did he the act that way because he was mad. He acted that way, because it's a show- and he knows how to put the issue-
and he used a genuine emotion in whatever time to put other show so today show was excellent. There was this. There's some reporter. There must have been from some unfriendly publication and success in question and trump tries to shut down and does really let it get is questioning the guy's insistent and he won't stop talking and jobs are going to the next person. Guy just keeps talking shop. Just stops, puts the of the full shrub you leave, Europe can and focus on the sky just rifts them apart and I'm just watch it isn't a thinking. I've never enjoyed politics, this much, you know We say this all the time to the to the boy words, its tried, you're gonna messages. I mean
really good at Missus, because you don't realize how jacked up your body, chemistry is were kind of addicted to it. If they were kind of addicted in you, you might have taken your team. You will say your team is team Trump and you're, like a trump really towards that guy. That was a good day, but for the other to him. They think that are winning too. So I see it I will be like. Did you see that crazy old trumped is more crazy stuff because he saw impulsively can't control himself raw and then their ratings go up everybody has a good time. So, like everybody wins the the reason that you resolutely is We also know that work is everybody gets a chance to win yeah? Maybe your team loses today about here. You can win later, so you get you into, I thought trumps show.
Maybe the fires ever just for, like a one on one moment, work as best, we can say. Let's talk about the the fake controversy of whether Trump is trying to be dictator and overrule the governors, despite despite the constitutional limitations in the press tried to bait trump back into that conversation. Eighty he wisely decided that he just didn't wanna that conversation it doesn t do it doesn't have to answer, it adheres why there's no real question about what would happen in the real world so talking to the governors and talking to tramp about.
Well. What would you do in this situation and what, if the person who is really a charge, are you in charge? You say your jarred, but are you in charge? Maybe you should talk, there may be, should find out. We got it will find out. That's all artificial, because neither the governors nor the President have any question in their mind how this will play out. There is no question: there's no ambiguity whatsoever Among the governors in the president, when you say because years I was going to work out whatever is the smartest thing, that's what they ll agree to do because remember it The visibility of this is extraordinary everything that every governor decides everything. The present does taskforce. Does we ve got three hundred and one five million eyes looking at it. So if, if there is such a thing as a good plan.
Say a governor brings it to the president. He doesn't have to bring into the present but, let's just say they publicize the plans unless the President says that when a problem, what's gonna happen, President, isn't gonna, settle the army and killable right, the presence, gonna column and say: look, This could be a big problem. Why are you doing this? We'll talk it, President well, maybe you some pressure by say: look, you know federal government's. Given you a lot to help, you gotta give us a little Can you give us a little so will give you a little, maybe a little pressure. In the end? Has a good worker? what, in the end, the state will get something that's pretty close to what they wanted. The president by influence a little bit and that's what you want It's exactly the way you want to go
as long as we're all watching nobody's gonna. Do something crazy that that the public in the absurd. I would say why are you doing that? We're watching we're watching you do that? Don't do that they're just too many people watching. So I don't think, there's any risk whatsoever that there's a problem between the governors and the federal government and Trump when it comes right down to it when, when the phone call his bade, when the legislation is to be used, when the Czech has three Rehn is actually be problem and use, you ve already seen them all work together. Well enough that I think you believe that that sea So here's here's a real sign of something new, whose air, sea and senators
You were got together and they're calling Shiva to supply funeral funding to families who have lost loved ones to the virus. And they say quote disaster funeral assistance would help individuals in households with the death of an immediate family member. Now you know much about the issue, but cells good good one right so in terms of whether this is a good idea or a bad idea I would say anything anything we can do to help the public at this point is a good idea so Apart from the question of whether it is a good idea, which I don't wanna talk about it just not interesting, because it seems like a good enough ideas, not really controversial but was interesting about this is that air, sea and sugar, wouldn't you say, are the sort of top five of effective trumpet critics
the first David Yossi issue when they get together there, like the best strongest trumpet critics and what they spend their time out today was something needs to be done. I'm guessing. It seems like this is a reasonable thing, therefore happy that their serving the public, I'm sure their constituents rescued list. So until we are bored with what the rescue for here's. My here's. My point here is my point: it's all they had left is all they had left. Because a sudanese doktor found she said, President Drug did everything we recommended. What do you got. As soon as President Trump said, let's get a ton of money given to people directly and then the Democrats said how about even more money in the present
ok and then, when we spend all their money, the president's literally in public. Today's say you: U, Democrats gotta, give us more money more money to give to the poor people What do I say and Chuck Schubert have left What issue are they gonna? Because I can't really talk about the economy. Everybody understands why the economy is weight. Is they can't really talk about him handling things wrong because the experts what to do- and you just did it, and there are the one saying president, you have to listen to the experts on climate change. I think In a weird way, the most positive endorse
I've ever seen of President Shrub came today completely accidentally in an indifferent realm, had nothing to do with them that two of his strongest nemesis got together to do something new, simply useful for the public and by the way to their credit. So thank you. I'm sure the families will appreciate that. I hope I hope FEMA comes through, but that's all they had left think about that think about think about. That was the issue that was left important, bloody did it, but it clearly shows that the president is sorely willingly
yeah, you spoil the big levers and hitting the big buttons and what's left needs to be mopped up is not less important, but certainly suggested the presence on the right path. I promised you forty five minutes of stellar entertainment, pretty sure I delivered.
So tonight, by the way, did invite try my technique for relaxation. The technique was, do remember your last hair color hair salon visit it. Just imagine yourself goes the steps now I felt and spell them and less so in the cab us when the cover sketch out just tell me is that workforce average before would very seventy five hundred people die every day. We can. We cared okay, so I asked the question of people who think we're panicking on this thing to tell me what it would look like for them to be wrong. The other words how many people would have to die when we go back to work,
For somebody who said you you're over Sally the saying it's not a big deal compared to other problems, we have you what level of death would it take for you to look back and say whoa, I guess the experts were right. This was way worsen. The flu is there a number that you'd say I was wrong, wonder without windy. Thank you. I drink myself to sleep so somebody now my husband wants me to cut his hair. Somebody doesn't like aircars sellers to men. Also suggestion to work like a charm slept like a baby. Amazingly, no panic our work again.
While it has worked very well know, try to get this sort of thing that you can do more than once. That's all for now. I will talk to you in the morning. Does Prager posted letter written by five doctors who think lockdown was not necessary, disseminating visually confine five, five doctors, the dogma that tomorrow that have agreed
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