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Episode 916 Scott Adams: Come Learn About Bigfoot and Bill Gates and Their Plot to Destroy the Galaxy

2020-04-16 | 🔗

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  • Breaking social isolation and inevitable infections
  • Recognizing fakery some people insist is real
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr, many rumors and Bill Gates
  • What Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, did wrong

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump pop up on a restart the academy thanks for joining hello. All of you got him. Commanded gathered around grab deceit, playroom, sit on the floor. Ass. It is I circuit, although I saw myself from behind and apparently not so good in the back, but who cares you and I can see the back. My head anyway well many of you are here to enjoy a little ceremony that you know as the simultaneous yes, first block of good bye, you'll be labourer blocks on this. One today is gonna, be blockers.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the first. If you like to enjoy the simultaneous a boy need is what what do you need neither cover mugger glass, a tanker tells you signed the canteen jogger flask of vessel of any cleaned, fill it with a liquid like coffee. And join me over the unparalleled pleasure that don't mean here the day. The thing that makes everything better. It's called the simultaneous and it happens now right. So So, as you know this we call reality, doesn't real, it's actually a giant simulation that plays like a video game.
And apparently there are that many real characters so long letter characters in this are seen The reason that I know that this is a simulation I just I just realized for sure this morning is why isn't the three seven and a half billion. Whenever a billion people in the world. And every time this used to be like a national or even international story. Somehow I'm connected to it has happened. I mean seriously. What are the odds that the biggest? nor is the world. So often I'm connected to like personally connected to it just doesn't seem like you could possibly be coincidence so case in point. Read the economic reopening committee, what they call themselves. The academic reopening
We need a new name. Voters out, I know two or three people on the committee and what are the odds? Events like the most important. The thing this happening out of seven billion people. And I know to that, I know of, but maybe three people on the committee, Why being that, we have a channel If a review of amazing ideas, the boss of love and you can feel like you're connected to the decision as well. You blow my mind away. That's why we're that's? Why I'm here? How do you in the simulation game? Well, I believe that you win the simulation gave by understandably nature of your. And you do that by moving up later,
Our challenge is just like a video game. For example, this week you learned that when experts present day model of predicted performance in the future, there is no real, add second block of the day, Add its it's of a lover so to the seven your game of life once you realize the experts are only try to persuade you doesn't mean that their dishonest or have bad detentions, but when they give you a graphs and charged stuff, those are just for persuasion. That's not. Some snapshot of the future is ass. Nothing, nobody knows what's gonna happen in the future, is funny
many people can get blocked for my dream, I blocked seven or eight people already this morning for actually stating in public that they can read my thoughts Now, if somebody read my inner thoughts correctly, I wouldn't block you. Unlike in the block, if you get right, but if you stay in public, this is just like you this, because what he really wants us to eat all the ice cream. Well, I dont need ice cream, some gonna blocking for that. Have you seen doves alone, what that is, it will never be the same again. We ve never been the same ever were always changing. Oh yes, it's true exchanging faster, so Your wondered why Sweden is doing so well, actually there infection rate is too high.
But not as high as you think you would be given that are not doing a lot of distancing. Haven't you been wondering what is it about Sweden? What is it about Sweden makes them now. I have to do all the social distancing and there's still getting you're, not the worst resolve the world. What is it? Well? here's, a hypothesis that I heard today. I think this is true came from an editor Buzzfeed, so you can make your decisions but think we can check. This, and here's a statistic it doesn't seem like it could be true, but probably is pulling out here. That's more than fifty percent of swedish households have only one person, so maybe there's something by Sweden, where they are very small households that could be the entire could be the entire exploration.
So, every time we think we we understand what's going on, we probably doubt, So if you were saying to yourself, hey, we should let everybody go back to work in this country. Sweden is doing something like that, and it's not so bad in Sweden is not overwhelming their hospitals or less you like Sweden, can really be the like Sweden. We could try but Cabriolet swim. Adams say this because he wants all the door dash deliveries. That's right does Is about a simulation What's a show on Hulu.
The services, sixty percent or one person, households that doesn't seem like it could be possible, but maybe. I still get people or the internet who say things to be fairly frequently almost every day. The sound something like this, Scots got. Scott why don't you listen to the experts was The doctors you're just a cartoonist. How could you be right if you disagree with the doctors? The experts. The funny thing about there is thus a perfectly reasonable thing to say. I think I have said many times myself over the course of my life. I'll bet, there are plenty of time
you know Bob here, you're a gas station attended you're, not a neurosurgeon neurosurgeon disagrees with you, gonna go with a neurosurgeon lifts neurosurgery, so I certainly understand trusting experts over idiots right. I'm not saying that the gas station intended is video of a general point that experts? You should believe them over people. Don't do anything, but.
Should you believe the experts over people who have consistently and publicly outperform the experts right you fallen for the fake models and hysteria block, because what I've fallen for or haven't for small none of that ever happened, but if you think I've fallen for something that's my intervals, that you're interpreting and you can't do that. You don't actually have my reading ability. You could observe that I say something, but you get observe my inner thoughts. Let's not actually a thing and it would be hard to guess minor thought scarcer somewhat none standard, I do say so.
So here is my point. If there's somebody who non expert, who has a long public track record of predicting things and being right, more often than the experts does, is still makes sense to listen to the experts, Well, you certainly going to listen to you wouldn't want to ignore them. But at what point and at how much of a track record, do I need of being right in public publicly protecting things being right and when the experts are or how much we have to do it before peoples, observe scar yourself our partner and asked what you have to do it, but I think I have demonstrated that I can detect bs. So I do not claim I have expertise that is greater than the experts
I certainly don't believe that you and I dont believe these take any any kind of a technical recommendation from a cartoonist overnight What I'm saying is, I do have a really good NOS four be ass. I did, as you know, why I've been a lot of stories early and said no. This was not true that you ve watched them not be true, so you watch me say: let's go, flights from China before the experts before the experts, and now they agree with me. You saw me say that masks do help before all the experts and the least that the ones were talking in public, the CDC. Of felt she had all those people and who was right was all the experts now was me is not because I have some kind of technical knowledge that I picked up from the air.
Then I can override the experts have been studying these things. River is simply that I can detect obvious bs. If it's obvious, you don't have to be an expert right. If, if the best doctor and world comes in says Scott Bigfoot was in your kitchen then Rummagings rear your groceries. Do you need to be an expert to know that didn't happen? I would argue our dog, That's a perfect example of where the non expert but be relied on more than the export. Because of the experts as big four is in your kitchen, you don't have to do any research. Do you
you have to do any research. You have to look into it. Do you need a Google it today to go? Look in your kitchen, you'll have to do any. That is obvious. The big for it is not your kitchen, so it doesn't matter how qualified the export is. Who says? Bigfoot absolutely is in your kitchen you're, not really comparing expertise. You're, comparing one person, who's, gonna, spotting obvious, lies and one person whose telling and obvious lie it's the frame of expert verses, not export is completely irrelevant to spotting obvious. Lies for so all to my only claim is that I can tell him. Obviously I don't make a claim that you should listen to me over experts in some kind of generally. If we don't hear a date for at least thirty,
Partial or propose reopening, even if this means a phased reopening, if we'd all feel any kind of. If we don't get a day by tomorrow, it could change YO tending to date by think tomorrow's. As far as unwilling to go. This is my personal opinion. You make your own decisions. My personal opinion is that well today, actually start breaking my social isolation today. Now the reason I'm gonna do it is cause. Nobody in empower has proposed a workable plan and I think it's because risen one. I don't think it's a failure of planning. I think it's a failure. There is no there's no path, so there's no path where everything works out right.
Way for a vaccine is too long. The therapeutics may or may not slow things down, but it's not going to stop you from spreading it, giving it to people. Maybe the blood serum works. But now there is a report that South Korea that two hundred and forty people Got rid of the virus and then later tested positive so it doesn't even look like Immunity- is promising at this point, so our only choices are too slowly stay home slowly die or to go. Out and risk. What I think will be hundreds of thousands of deaths. That would be my assumption. I could be wrong you're. Nobody can predict the stuff right, sir, if you believe that I can predict that. Well, that's not good. That would be a good opinions, but don't believe that if I ask a protected because you ve seen the people get predictor stuff. However, if you're looking at risk,
Yeah the risk is probably up to a billion people. This country alone and my read of the public? Is we're ready to take that risk? we probably all talk about I'll talk about Kennedy and Bill gates. Is that what I want, I don't want to make you all mad. First cuz, I'm going to go in a blocking spray once we get to that topic, so just hold on to that there are no proposed were known ways to thwart the virus We could do. I think you'll see lots of advances in testing. So We could have widespread testing intestines test, but given a variety of it and how many months it will take to roll out testing, we Carolyn wait right. Somebody says clerk. Weedin works perfectly. I hear my confidence in the high drugs a clerk William,
is dropping every day. So I would say that ETA totally is how they could promising in the beginning. But here's what I fear is true: He had spent quite a long while that they ve been testing this high drugs or clerk weep. Is something that you could definitely tellers working in ten days, because if it doesn't work in ten days it doesnt work and it's gonna, multiple ten day periods with multiple trials. Now I heard that there is, trial, that's completed, but it has been written up. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? It just has been written up Do they know if it works here? They bow the north and works they Nova. Didn t think you, I have already heard about it. If it worked, I hate to tell you, but I
he you would have already heard about it if it worked so the one test that I think will be the first of may be a series of them that are more dependable. A little bit higher level of credibility and scientific rigour the first ones done- and you haven't heard a rumour of how it's gonna go. I think I think it's because it doesn't work, unfortunately I think you know this is a tentative opinion and the basic about this specific, fairly undependable factor. So this is not a hundred percent Panama protection of obstructing to lean they'll, say sixty forty, whereas they asked me a month ago, I would have said sixty percent year since I drugs clerk Green, is the real thing
because there's a lot of anecdotal above law might not be scientifically proven, yeah sure feels good. As of today I get a reverse, Those ratios still solid forty percent chance that helps. So, I can say, doesn't help good forty percent yourselves. But I would say the weight of evidence, because of how long we ve waited to at least here the initial hints. If there's a maid, study it. That's a valid type. In which there waiting to write up the results? That means it didn't work? I think it's not what I want. Yeah, I really really don't want it to be true, but it feels like those tests are not going to tell us what we want, or we would have heard it already. I just like Yet just away humans work, we would have heard about it already.
My suspicion is that some of the tests are showing no results. Thy drugstore poor, queen and that's not the deuce that people are anxious to give you so might take a few weeks before we hear that. So, given all of the There are lots of things that could make a difference, but there are two slough you how long it takes to wrap up to massive testing will solve the problem by massive testing is slowing down, there's nothing to stop sixty or seventy percent of the public from getting the same. Ultimately so he says you said they worked, I dont know well how about, if you hadn't secret, if he had done the laugh he faces, I wouldn't be blocking you know, but I just told you my entire thought process
Told you what I based off before and there was a sixty percent chess look good. And I've told you what changed and that that new information that we're not hearing from these trials change by appealing to sixty four the other way. Why does that early? For various laughing icons after the centres you said they worked. Now it's I don't know, you said a word about what I don't know. No, no press! I never said a word. I said it looked, so the odds were good. Ok at least have something in your mind. This approximately, like my opinion before you criticise me for it, causes get a sort of might really so. Chris goes to the dustbin of blocking history.
At the very least you should be in the neighborhood of my opinion, if you're gonna be you're, gonna be lacking, here's the thing you really want to talk about I love it was about the going back to work. So let me say again that I just making your personal decision, then I'm your start, loosening my social isolation, starting today they are part of it is because I dont believe there is a reasonable plan to keep me from getting the virus. So I could wait and then get the virus later. But I don't have an option of not getting the virus. You know it's like a seventy percent. Chance of wages live my life. So here is the strategy I plan to take independent of whatever the economic reopening committee does not, of course, the I'm gonna be supportive of that. I'm sure I'd like to be supported,
it's possible, make sure that's a good plan, but I'm gonna make my own decisions and I know all of you will and here's what I think is my best plan. I want to be really clear now I dont think any of you should take my plan for your own. This is not a smart plan. It's just my plan is not based on expert opinions. It's not based on good judgment in space and who I am, and what I did to do. A lot of this is is just a personal decision right. I've told you before the Roma pull the bandaid off a guy. Everybody is one of those two personalities. Some people will delay forever me away for something good happened. Then, maybe act later. Other people like me who say I live in a world where I might get this virus but I will live in a world where I go out and get it right away.
I'm gonna pull the bearded off. I do delayed pain anymore, I'm no longer willing to put up with delayed risk or delayed pain, I'm unripened mandate off. So for me, and again I'd like you to do anything that would risk. In fact, again, if you don't worry, I'm lucky to be reckless in small ways, I'll be your loosening things up in my my personal life. But at this point I want to get the virus. Do not take my example. You should not do what I'm doing. Ok, you're relation. I mean that seriously do not take my example, but here's the play I'm gonna make I've heard. Again, this does not have scientific backing in terms of your credible, I don't think there's any kind of controlled tested this scientifically, but there's lots of ETA
This suggests anecdotally, very risky to use avatar with information. Incidentally, that the amount. They load you get a virus. Additionally has a big difference on your outcome, in other words, if you're cruise ship and you're just breathing each other's fumes use marinating and virus you're gonna get real sexual fast and maybe to seek to fast, but if you got a little with the virus, darts burrowing into your body from wherever you got it, your own immune system has a little bit of warning. Is I can't was that? Oh, let's get ready, guys and just start start recovering. So my strategy will be this. I will Do you love social distancing in public?
The coastal do the obvious stuff aware basque. Do the basics. But I no longer I'm afraid of not getting it Adele afraid. Let me says not afraid I m not afraid of getting it anymore. That fear. For me, it's gone now, I'm afraid of not getting it together. Difference now, I'm afraid of not getting it so I'm gonna go live my life, I'm gonna do normal precautions, because I think that is good for the benefit of society to keep you keep the hospitals you know of. Under capacity, but my mindset about preventing me from getting it just completely river and uttered off. This is just a personality thing in my life. Until I make a decision a decision, but decide what I'm done.
Once I decide that, I've told you the difference between wanting in deciding right You might want to get the virus, but doesn't help you can watch anything you want, but the virus has its own plan as well. I have now decided to get the virus and luckily try to get it and like a girl like something in public, but I've decided that does the path that I prefer, and is more of a year. Sort of the mental health trick. Change me doing good common sense things washing my ancestor, but no longer. Taking the mindset into into the rest of my life that my goal is to avoid. My goal is not over. My goal is to be exposed eventually, whatever happens,
but to get a lighter viral load. Sunday stay out of any kind of environment such as the elevator, I'm gonna stay out of any new tea room, unlike those shopping where there's a crowd, certainly not gonna, go anywhere where this crowd for a long time, but I would like to I would like to get a little bit closed, because if the government doesn't have another plan and we can't wait, you have to take the best planning have, the best plan you have just what's available, you don't get. Nobody has. The magic plan is the magic plan. Urged the one where you work for the way you away from the magic cure areas that were two months for three months or even if we know, is coming
and we didn't know when, but we know it's coming, I'd say maybe way for that I'd say maybe weight, but I don't see anything on the horizon. That actually would stop us off Jellia, eventually, no matter how much you test the therapeutic stole. Stop you from spreading it the vaccine. Doesn't it You work all the time on all the people and not everybody is going to get it anyway. It's going to be eighteen months or a year, whatever The Zagreb delegates. I'll give you some background. First, When I was a young child, I remember thinking was very on. I remember thinking, wait a minute. I don't think the Santa Claus thing holds up.
And I forget what age I was among them. What whatever age kids for euros in clause is not real fire whenever and I remember thinking you through a thick, You know, I don't see how you could fit all those presence on us lead and given the average speed of flying, sled and largely doesn't even have you can't even get down urgently is just for exhaustion and the doors are locked in and out of this makes sense. Now, if you came to me and said Scott Scott. Explain to me why you don't believe Santa Claus. Would I give you my scientific arguments was as an adult, lifesaver dont came to me and said scarred user? Is you don't believe in Santa Claus What would be by war would be my reaction, should I,
well adult- or we will give this way, I will watch. Do the math disfigure travels, Let's do the volume of the sled volume of the earth. Would you do that? No now, if an adult asked you as an adult Why you don't believe in Santa Claus. You would not get into the argument, because it's just so frightened, Obviously Santa Claus is now real. If you're an adult, let me give you another. When I was eleven, I went to Methodist Sunday School That's it the Sunday school where you go, where you be taught Bible stories, and my Parents were not terribly religious, but they wanted to be least raised and Luba that tradition. So we will go to the law,
methods of school, and I was sitting in Sunday School age eleven and the instructor whose some young person was teaching us about. Jonah and the well and how the there was a large fish that swallowed up Joan but there are no several days later after praying leash spit em up, and he was fine. Absolutely where love years old in the Sunday School of thinking. Really really you tell me that I bid or fish, I think called it a whale but maybe fisheries row big all fish whale swallowed, EU. He lives in their whale stomach without the benefit of air. There is no bad impact from these stomach juices, the digestive tract of the well. Let me guess up by magic. He was fine and.
That same day, I called a meeting with my mother said: mom I don't have to tell you. This is true story by the way, I don't have to tell you this the things were. Learning in Sunday, school. These are real. You don't we believe these things do you Bob and to her credit, and I said to Her- and I will be continuing by Sunday school education, starting today I didn't say quite otherwise, but I said it is. I said it as resolutely as I'm saying you now, I remember even eleven years old you'd have to understand. You'd have to understand my parents to know that this is a real thing. This wouldn't work with your parents It would work with you as apparent, but trust me this work with me in my purse. And I just said so- I
We're going back to Sunday School because now I seldom I did what you wanted. I gave it a good. Try, What is obvious to me that the stories are made up and the point And my mother said to me very well: it was never discussed here. That was the last day I had to go to Sunday School now. I believe my siblings had to go with you for a little bit longer until they saw rebelled, remember their their exact plans. My brother can remind me alaskan litter so with age eleven I'm not going to talk you out of your religion. I'm just gonna say that that specific story about the fish and Jonah. It seemed a clearly unreal if you're too.
Me as an adult do defender my opinion on that, I would say not gonna, because big fish, Each person spits persons personnel whole days later. That's not an argument That's not really a debate if you can see, that's the real! Without the benefit of the discussion about it. I don't think I'm gonna change your mind. Years, go by there's a thing called professional wrestling and when I was a kid it wasn't? It wasn't explicit that it's just acting- I would watch all my peers watching wrestling outside You said you see the same thing, I'm saying, because that wrestling is obviously all acting alone.
My peers, the kids and they say no, it isn't what there's blood look at that they couldn't possibly be acting That's it myself. I can't really argue the fine points of this, because just Santa Claus all over again. This is just Jonah. By fish. I don't really need to argue the details. Look at it. It's Obviously acting my peers said no, and also of course now we know it was. I remember watching the jury. Springer shoe, you remember the Jerry Springer Sham I watched the jury, spatial and every single episode. The guess would get into a fight. But it was a weird kind: the fire which nobody ever got really hurt and the first several I thought. Well, your people are seeing other people fighting them. They have just decided that you will do to estimate.
But I can watch you shall after show. No, got hurt and it became increasingly clear that they were being coached to do for fights, and I would tell people you know this isn't real there. Yet these are real gas, but they have obviously been coached that they can do this and they'll be somebody to pull them apart and nobody's gonna get hurt, and am I right. People argued with me this aid Scott. You can't just look at it and those fake. You can't tell us fake just by looking at it, to which I said yeah you can just look at it. Just look at it. If you can't tell this vague, are you serious? You can look at juries. Rigour and not know those are fake fights. You can look at professional wrestling back in the day. You can't tell less fake you can you can look at Santa Claus, you don't
Oh that's real use, your body to his very do you believe the argument really need the argument there, just obviously not true Likewise, I went through the phase of your big foot and Loch Ness monster. I told myself. Well, maybe maybe, but as time goes by and the evidence all falls apart. It's obvious that big for it's not real. If there's any had a big fish in the lock, maybe but it's Agnes Monster, and that brings us to bill gates. And the many rumours of his secret go to reduce the population of earth through eugenics, I've been going down the road, the whole of reading, all the accusations about bill gates and they fall into these. The boys number one might really. Why do I say that.
Well, let me give you an example from Robert F junior. This is a believer. This is a tweet of his, but it's a call from him. A protest. Robert Kennedy: Jews as public health advocates around the world accuse gates, who are these people other not named? Ok,. Butter around the world and the accusing gates Now that is he's is true right. These are spell keep on going of steering the World Health Organization's agenda away from projects proven to curb infectious diseases. Including clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development. That serves gate. Philosophy and then gauges serving his own philosophy, that good health only comes from a syringe. So. This is robber. F Kennedy. Reading bill gates is mine, This bill gates never said, wouldn't you say
Don't guess never said, good health only comes from a syringe. Do you think he ever said? Do you think he's ever suggested? You think the bill gates doesn't think that clean water and hygiene Nutrition are important really because developing toilets for Africa to fix those problems. One of his biggest projects is fixing exactly the problem. Hygiene, clean water, nutrition, separate, but he's work there is work and do so bill gates, one of the most famous people in the world doing the most anybody's ever done that I've even heard of working hygiene and clean water preserve the related, because the the the waste in some african countries and undeveloped countries goes into the waters, So if you infects fix the hygiene with a good toilet, then you also clean water. At the same time, bill gates is literally.
The world's most involved effective people on the very thing. In public. That there's enough, like special delegates, doing exactly the thing. Robert have carriages Junior, says he's the emphasising. HE d emphasising there's a netflix special out it. How do you deal for size, something that there's a Netflix special one, and then it goes Is there any says that Bill Gates philosophy does the good health of it comes from a syringe? Now, let me ask Is that something you need to do research the major research and Google to determine whether its true or false, this claim from Robert Kennedy who is apparently, fortunately it was last year. By the way I had this opinion before this from from
other situations I had suspected the Robert F Kennedy was an idiot, and I say this In my mind, but you don't need to do research to find out the bill gates. Doesn't ever philosophy. The good of only comes from a syringe really. This is this is pure bigfoot material Robert F Kennedy says is in public and is this is crazy. This is crazy. Talk less as for the rest, the so the first category is my dreaming, and that was my first example. So, if your beliefs about Bill bill gates, evil, miss
comes from what you believe, he's thinking about eugenics or what you believe is thinking about syringes and health. That's not good thinking. Let's go down an excellent next one is guilt by association. There are many photographs of around many but photographs of Bill gates with Jeffrey Epstein. It is well documented that they have been in the same place, then photographed knew each other and indeed bill gates. I believe you seem flower, Epstein Splain, so therefore guilty right. Not only that, but apparently bill gates has also been associated with this Abramovich woman who's been accused of satanic things. So there are very have arrived guilty is guilty
What could be more obvious than he is spend time with people who have done things that in one case, we know Epstein, bad things. Abramovich. That's, moreover, murky situation, but you convince right. They spend time together. Did I not just open up this this periscope, but Are you the? I personally know two or three people on this economic reopening very now? What are the odds? Are there? the odds as somebody said earlier in the comments, the odds were pretty good, because I'm a public figure if you're a public figure have you ever been photographed with or spend significant time with. People who you fell their later were serious criminals or
War criminals. At the time I have, I have spent time with some of the worst people on the planet. Earth. In fact, I've had a serial pedophile in my home as a friend numerous times, a serial convicted pedophile in my home personal personal friend, cells, bad right. I didn't know it at the time. Do you think I knew it now? I didn't know it. Jail for fifteen years after I didn't know, uses pedophile. I didn't know he was a serial pedophile right, I wouldn't have a home if you use a serial pedophile but
if you look at the other world of of written famous people, here's the contacts that you need to know. Jeffrey Epstein was one of these who was a social connector, Sir Jeffrey Epstein knew everybody famous. If you took all the pictures of famous people who have been on his plane stood next to him, he met, he knows. Is phone book would deal like half the people you ve heard of? He was a collector when people connect with you say this high level, you often say to yourself: well I don't know much about this person, but this person is the connection to the other person. So it is quite common.
Among the higher levels of rich people, of which I I do get a glimpse of that world fairly often, it is very common that people can act in depth. Of what they think of each other independent or whether they think you're, a crook independent of whether they think you're gonna jail, someday independent of whether a democratic republic in a socialist, capitalist at the highest levels. You would find dogs and cats sleeping with each other all over the place. The thing you don't think is true is that people with opposite feelings who should hate each other? You think that they don't they associate, but
you're completely wrong at the highest yes or that the rich level of people they all associated they all associate, and there isn't that much distinction between them, the worst to them in the best of them in terms of whether connected whether they ve ever been to each other? I was is when they benefit each other's planes. So if you see other context, a picture of the famous pedophile standing next to somebody else, you know, of course it should raise a red flag. I agree with that. Of course it should raise of lagging like what are these to do it in the picture. Together, you don't think I have pictures standing with horrible people seriously. Do you know how many pictures? There must be a good thing if anybody in particular off of had but don't you think there are plenty of public pictures of me standing with murderers, and God knows what. Of course, I've taken my picture with thousands of people and
Some of them are bad. I know that. Have I ever intentionally spend time with people that I knew too have horrible horrible things in their background. The answer is yes, and I will continue to do. I exert my right without restriction to associate with anyone and if your blaming people by Association, NASA Rational. Russian, and it might be that you just don't understand how nor what is for the worst people in the world to us. But she was people were not it's so common that it doesn't mean anything I remember the EP bill gates were both in saudi money finding world. There we are working on these high levels where people were
giving money in getting money in donating money in moving money, and so it should be a big surprise that the repairs crossed, but it doesn't mean much more than that. Use the other thing that people miss, if you only hear one side of a story, it's always convincing. So yesterday, somebody there's an entire bill gates. Video showing that he is somehow tied in a straight line from it off Hitler through the eugenics, the eugenics movement and plan pair of urban and there's bill gates as up it's all connected and therefore, if he's basically- and I looked at this video and I say to leave totally convincing so the person who said it would like to know whether the video is convincing, absolutely totally convincing
You know what else is convincing three video that doesnt show you the other side, if you think they're watching the video is, fencing while you're an idiot you're in it. It will. I think that too, so that our ability to do so we're both Elliot's, because we both watch the video and we say yeah that looks totally persuasive, but you haven't seen her side, What happens when you see the other side while most of the time? The first story just falls apart, so if you're making? decision I bill gates, because you saw this video on the internet, the Meda. Really solid argument: you're, not very smart, because the internet is full of videos that are real just as good arguments, because they all have the same quality Thus, in the other side,. The moment you see the other side is going to fall apart. So.
So that's the other guy your mind, readers we're just litter. Making up stuff in assigning the bill gates, ridiculous stuff, as if he has a philosophy that good health only comes from a syringe. I mean that's ridiculous- on the surface- right- dig into that quota context. That's an excellent so there are buncher quotes where Bill Gates is talk about. Population control is one where he's predicting. That will be a corona virus, What does that mean nothing? Nothing. It doesn't mean anything None of that means anything quotes taken out, Contacts are only that they should vote. Since you have anything. You see a quote from building or anyone else in other contexts,
really evil. It's almost certainly not true almost certainly, and if it's true meaning that the quote actually happened is to send a context. So today Steve Cortez was tweeting round, reminding us that Joe Biden campaign was launched on the fine people hoax do you know how many people believe and believed that President Trump stood in front of the public and said that the nuts Charlottesville we're fine people, a lot of people believe that, because, if you take one part of its quota in a context which is what they did, it looks exactly and all the people who saw that other context did they say to themselves. Well, I'd better wait because this might be other contacts. No, they said is obvious. They settle. What can I do with my own eyes, Scott? He said it. He said it look at it.
Listen to it openly, Rear Scott Use, your eyes red the context. Re read the transcript Trump said. Those nazis were fine, How can you doubt it it's all here? Let's you actually look it's transcript and find out. This is taken into account, and this is literally the opposite of that. So called out of context should give you you should tell them as zero usefulness exactly not! Maybe if you see a quote from a famous person that just looks really The wrong way to think of it as well may not be true, but they wouldn't probably wouldn't be here. If it wasn't probably true now it's the opposite, a quote out of context by famous for is almost always wrong. This almost always just propagate. You should assume
I see you got your mind. Reading you, ve got them. One side of the story: videos that are always useless, you got the quotes out of context which are always of zero value, zero, not even a little bit, and then you ve got your by association because he knew he knows. People that you know like in have in some cases have been demonstrated to have done Horrible things these are this sort of it. This is the argument now people have asked me Scott. Can you prove that none of this is true and of course, you can prove that things are not true, so undertake this back, all the way back to say because if you are tweeting this sort of conspiracy crap about bill gates. This is Santa laws well, it's Jonah professional risk. Wrestling Jerry
Spring fine people, hoax bullshit,. This is the bullshit areas bullshit do insult me by asking me to detail my argument of why Santa Claus is not a real. I'm not gonna detail my argument about why people can live in a fishes belly for three days detailed. My argument, but while wrestling is acting, Luckily, w give you more argument by about why reality shows on tv, or at least a little bit scripted. You know, maybe maybe the producers who have given little knowledge if you're gonna and I can give you an argument for that. It's obviously not true. Who says what about gates supporting the World Health organization? That's that, a good question I'm gonna give credit where credit is due.
Somebody in the cupboard says the dog true and demonstrated you can also for yourself. Bill Gates bill gates, even today the saying that the world organization is important and should be maintained. So what about that? What about it? What about that? what's your point because do you know who else thinks the World Health Organization should remaining in business, everybody, everybody so Bill gates, has the same opinion as everybody that the World Health Organisation would be good to maintain what is present trump? Think about the World Organisation same thing same thing,
If you were to talk privately to president job, of course, I can't read his mind, but just do do a sanity jack. Do you think the president, as his first choice, is that the World Health organization disappear completely? Does anybody think that's president trumps first choice there now you don't think that You know because you ve been watching president triumph for enough years. These here it is, opening offer is the whole world Organization is gonna, go away because I pulled off my funding. That's the risk remember, you didn't even say is pulling away the funding he said he's holding the funding. Till they do the the urgent to what happened. Don't you think President Trump would be happier with
replacing the leadership and having more influence over the World Health Organization. Don't you think the President Trop would be happier with just a little Should change because the World Health Organisation does actual real things bill gates knows it? Everybody knows it. So if you think the bill gates and shrub disagree on the World Health Organization, the Yemen been paying attention. There are exactly the same page. Did you see bill gates say I have complete and total confidence in the leadership of the World Health organization. Now, no, and by the way, if you do see that, then I would like to change everything. I just said- and I will agree with you- that bill gates is a malign influence on the world, must be stopped. What was just, let's make it easy, if ever you see, building by the way I've looked so I'm gonna make this I'm going
because there's something without even looking without even checking. First, if you see bill gates say that he has complete confidence in the head of the World Health Organization and that they did a good job recently on this crowd of virus. If he says that while take your opinion- and I would just say- yeah- I've got You're right, I didn't realize bookcases just evil, but but it's gotta be that if the always you here is Bill gates, saying that the organisation is important, especially in a time of pending then that's the same opinions trump, don't try to don't try to pretend those are different. Opinions were- negotiating and the other is just describing bill. Gaze is just described, World Health organisation they do a lot of good things. If you, about the leadership being excellent. Well then, fuck it right Can we agree on that? If you see bill gates,
ring with the leadership of who, while we're dead, we're done with them. Can we all do that, if he does that we will collectively I'll be on your side. We will, never listened to him again and we will try. Show him from all future public activities. If he does, that he's not gonna do that is not so on twitter or be blocking all the people who still think who still believe these Santa Claus stories about Bill gates, I'm not going to tell you the bill Gates has never made mistakes there's theirs. Please one story in which some vaccines use involved, with probably hers and people, If you heard his side of the story, I believe you would probably understand it in a different light.
But it may also be true that people who test new medical solutions- they probably hurt people, some of them probably die. But of course the whole point of it is that you hope to save more people in the long run, Than died here, you're blaming bill gates for eugenics, as he works every day and delegates misfortune to helping more people in Africa list. And he is literally working every day to keep people alive in Africa and you frickin idiots, want to tear him down, and I gotta say I take a little bit personally because what the stuff that delegations, the least attempting to do- and I think has done are of such monumental. At least potential importance. That's what I watch. People try to stop him because they believe in Santa Claus and big foot. I I get a little bit.
Re about it, because I would like to people in Africa to have a better life and ethics stopping bill gates from making their happen released. Attempting to make that happen is one of the biggest mistakes in the history of mistakes. Ah somebody says you light my soul today. You know, I need that. Thank you thank you because I didn't feel, like I certainly didn't feel like I was lighting anybody saw today. I felt like I was just being angry uncritical. So the fact that you are getting something positive under this actually makes me really happy because I didn't feel like I was rising to the challenge today. Frankly, so
A blocked the people here, the Santa Claus, believers Mother- postpone how many people died, however, real number on that, but it's too many can see. I take a person, I do take it personally. I do take it personally. If somebody's tried to stop somebody from saving millions of souls in Africa, I think Personally, if you're, if you're doing something that could kill millions, yeah take their personal as a citizen of earth. Don't get your money and get out of the way our block you that this is how, for us,
some of you appreciate this, and I appreciate that you telematics action. Didna gates is better cutthroat opportunist his whole career. Gates has been a yeah. I was a cut throat capitalist, but his plan always had banned these executing. It is the move from TAT. Throw capitalist to most effective philanthropist, so I wouldn't say his whole career sad, get asked questions about important people who told you you can ask questions about important people.
How many lived in terms of the vaccinations? Well, I think it was vaccination trial, so I dont know if it saved anybody's life, but at least allegedly there's some damage. Chop also wants the World Health Organization to stay. Of course he does, of course he does who actually doubted that that's crazy. Gates already controls well gets is put in a little over a billion and the United States, but in a lot more than that or or did we did, we put millions or billions to gaze put in more money than we did to the World Health Organization actually done earlier.
Scott was the world vaccinated, Suez, weak immune system can persist, mind readers get blocked, you're, always gotta get blocked. If you say Scott thinks any centres that comes after that Scott thinks that x, probably gonna get blocked. Do you think Texas Florida Calphurnia? Should open up. Yes, I do yes, I do you know. Yesterday I told myself, you know if any stores are open aside from grocery stores. I am I've decided that I will love frequent them. In other words, if I could walk to Starbucks today, I can't cases closed, but if a good
start today. So my personal decision is that I'm coming out of isolation carefully carefully, but if any local businesses want to open up, I will give you some business actually speak for myself and I dont even recommend what you do, I'm only speaking for myself. What about big foot the Michigan Governor thoughts? Well, yes, so years by thoughts about the mission in government And I will generalizers to what I think should be done. You saw me put together a checklist the other day I tweeted around in a sort of e a framework or a format that of how to think about going back to work and the way I think that it can work. Really. The only way is for the government to let the individual's make their own individual decisions, but informed so for example,
we should have a website in there's a checklist and every citizen can go. Others say: ok. We're sixty mail. I have these conditions, I I can't say socially isolate at work, I have to commute in a group in all those things, so we probably have fifty indifferent factors from was zip code. Are you in which will tell you if your hospitals or impact etc. So the government could fairly easily build a checklist, and then you fill in your checklist say: ok, all these privately and spit sound the score Never say your score says you can safely go back to work as long as you're. A careful still do the mask and distancing the less eager score this to love.
Your score is like below the limit and it's too risky. Should the government be able to tell you not to go to work because some number blocked out of this thing? That said, it's too risky for you and the answer is no. Because America, the government, can tell me what my risk is. The government can tell me not to take a risk, doesn't have that right and while we all, I think we all respect, whither without the benefit of constitutional support we all respect the basic concept. In an emergency as law your government's used to be acting, let's say respectfully respectfully and rest,
You do want to let them make decisions and so to take the lead in an emergency. It just makes sense, but as time goes by, if the government is not performing in a way that you need as a citizen, you dig it. You do get to take your power back and we're at that point so I'm taking my power back as of today, though I don't have any option about going shopping in my local stores, because they're not open, but I can make their own decisions today in I've decided that the that these, the isolation in terms of staying home is over for me today, so today will be my last day of being as careful as I have been I'll still be careful, I'm not going to be crazy. Right, don't be crazy to stay safe, but it's time to get back to work.
So I think we need to have some kind of a checklist from the government, and then people need to make their own decisions so tying this back to the question about the Michigan governor. Here's what she did wrong. She Micro managed! That's it so, Michigan Governor did not say these things a risky, and these things are not use your judgment. She said you can't go in the part of the store that has the vegetable seeds near the garden seeds and the people said you, though I might need to grow some vegetables and and if of the government, are prevented me from growing my own food in my back yard, during what some people might be worried about a future Then I think the government has lost credibility.
Because there's a level of micromanaging that everybody recognises as too much and she found it. So she found that level that was just too much is people should be able to buy farming equipment if we're turning into an agrarian society We like it or not. They are the most interesting thing talker last night. I love it when I hear something that I'm positive. I understand the situation and then you something that just blows your friend mind you go right. I guess I can be that wrong, and here it is. You heard that in some states liquor stores were considered essential services and what was your first reaction to that? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you kidding me liquor store is in this.
Central service, that's craziness, did somebody get bribed. What right We all know that field, and then you heard that you could go to the liquor store, but you couldn't going to church. Even if, even if you are in your car, you didn't even get your car go to church. You said yourself insanity. Well, I think the church thing was overdone, but not the liquor store decision- and I heard so talk rather, I guess- was governor on any explained. Why the her stores were essential business and if you have an already figure this out, it's gonna blow your might here's. Why. Because there are so many alcoholics colleagues, you see it if you're an alcoholic, and you're, not in actually recovery programme. Maybe you ve got medical assistance, maybe,
Tapering off, what are we doing if you got well tapering parliament's work, but if you're, not in some kind of a controlled detox situation is deadly, its is medically deadly. So the worst thing in the world with would be that ten percent of our population of our alcoholics, but their functional Mosul. So most people are just functional alcoholics. What would happen if they couldn't get uncle? They would steal right. They would rather frickin star, I mean not all of them, but you don't want. You don't want ten percent of your public on the ground shaking and incapable of a functioning. Isn't that a complete like mind, spinner, that's the first time you heard liquor stores were centuries and less just that's just crazy. But then you here, I am ten percent of our public. Are alcohol acts and for that it's actually medically
required in the short run in the long run. It would be better, of course, to define supply to get off. But in the short run, its actually medically required And the governor, to his credit, I forget which governor it was New Jersey the governor to his credit, explained it said we went to the experts. We said experts can we close? Only let restores the experts the experts said. Well, you don't do that. Italy it'll, be a disaster that you don't see common concern experts and I think, right on now, so I dont always disagree with the experts, but when the experts say something so plainly, obviously true. Well, then I do- and I do so- a perfect example. Remember what I said. You can't believe anything about bill gates if You saw was one side how warm
did, you only see the one sided liquor, store story. Were you not totally convinced that there was nothing else to do How could we will be able to be another side right? How can they other side to the story, the liquor stores and essential. Like you didn't you didn't see that common video but keep that one in your mind, remember the liquor store example, as your way of reminding yourself in the future. Then if you seen? One side, you don't know anything, it's a real good, disciplined I've talked to long, I'm gonna go there and do something else, and I will talk to you tonight. You know when
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