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Episode 917 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About That Trump Reopening Plan

2020-04-17 | 🔗

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  • The 3 phase back-to-work process
  • Remdesivir versus Hydroxychloroquine
  • Governor Cuomo hires consultants
  • The scapegoat circle
  • Marco Rubio, China decoupling czar
  • Bill Gates haters and rumors

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Bump bump bump bump, oh yeah style the evening edition of Coffee was got atoms featuring knock off. There was no normally at this time. You see me swaddle than my soft blanket, but the time for swaddling his transitioning two different I've. Yes, yes, was the type. Working on our fear and figuring out how to get through this and understanding it all was the thing to do, but I declare that these one time is over. We are now in a post, swaddle world. You don't need your blanket anymore. You don't Need to worry about your nerves,.
You don't need to worry about your stress. We're we're gonna go out orphans now style. Now, I don't mean that silly tomorrow. It's time to reorient our mindset, this will become more clear to you as I go through my fascinating presentation of today's events. First of all, I broke my own social isolation. Today again you one trust the government, as long as the government is doing what seems credible to you a pretty forgiving about mistakes if they fix it, but I'm not entirely pleased with what the government is doing in terms of guidelines, and so I decided to loosen up my own guidelines.
So I'm not doing anything crazy, but, let's just say I really felt good to loosen my social isolation. That's all we will tell you about that. So my days going well anyway, where the president's guidelines, you probably also the news the present, gave her with these three three phases and the approach, in its present state, he is. Kind of brilliant kind of brilliant there's, there's a bad side here, sold or start with the Good NEWS. So the Good NEWS is- and I have said this before- I believe that the federal government
Specifically, the president should always come down on the side of preserving the most life, even if its irrational, because I think the the number one person in the country should never be in a position to decide who lives and dies in the country. Now, if, as war of course, he's gonna decided lives dies in other countries, but you know what the top person in the country to make those decisions about who listened dies. Instead, you want that to be pushed down. So, for example, I like the fact that the states Get to make most of the decisions about abortion they get to make decisions about the death penalty, so it stays to get to make a lot of decisions that really do determine who lives and who dies and that's the better place for it. So if you looked at the president and Couchy Dr Brooks there.
The recommendation to day it didn't really look like a practical recommendation of here that feeling it looked like I dont want to say political, because if you do something that the EU should do, I'm not sure that you should call that political by need know. I mean So what they did is it looked to me that the plan is the most compatible with the will, the medically The medical dominant opinion, meaning that what look those guidelines does seem to me that, if the were economists of the room and doctors in the room when that, when they came up with that, it feels like the dock. There's had more more say: did you feel like that? You did if you like, The federal government rules were really biased towards keeping the most people alive because it really puts
pretty high horse hurdle. A lot of these states, too, to open so the federal government pulling a high hurdle and the states, but not requiring interesting Lee. This is where the magic is So the federal government says this is what we, prefer it's a little impractical and, of course, every state needs to adjust furthers the situation and here's why? I think anybody knows no expert, no modular, no doctor no virologist I don't believe everybody knows the right time to start up. I believe there are sort of an expert, hunch best guess now, MRS informed by as much data as they can collect. But do you think that they can collect enough data.
That alone would tell them. Where is exactly the right time, to do anything now? Really now really there's no such thing as that came to data or that kind of model. I think that the medical professionals who course probably would prefer area by trading by personality would prefer area on the side of protecting the most life. Even if it's a little expensive and maybe even if The lives that are lost later because of the economic issues, maybe they'll, have names, and it's not so obvious why they died so we expect that whenever gave her the federal government, if they do a right, would We feel a little impractical causes weighing its by us a little too Towards saving life cassettes exactly where the federal government should be so the magic is that so
says who really are the more appropriate designers of life and death in their state? That's the most credible place to do it now, now the federal government has given them that space. So that part brilliant. I don't, I don't think you Ricky. I dont think that you can improve that specifically the pushing them responsibly down. That's just perfect. No, I don't have the Kremlin viruses swallowed sum spent so but so the relay the judge, this is by whatever these states do so states go ahead. Do dub things. It doesn't matter what the federal government said swimming their stop them from doing it on things. And there's nothing that the federal government is doing. That would stop the states from doing smart things.
So the states to have the right kind of flexibility, but here is a problem. I hope the states don't take the same model as the federal government because it seems like the federal government, has sort of a geographic bent. So, like ok, you're, a state figure out what your state is gonna do, we don't know yet, as the state will make finer decisions within the state, Presumably they will make a difference between was a allay the rural area, but will they make decisions about individuals? That's the part dismissing right. Because the federal government just says, if you can get your, what is it something about the destabilizing fur too? x or or dropping you're severity for two weeks. Then you can go to the next level.
But until you ve got two weeks of dropping it. You can't do it, and here is the problem that are you I mean that a twenty five year old, going back to work gonna blow. Your whole deal the twenty five year old, Ladys sick, but probably they're not gonna, die. And so wouldn't it be smarter to once you ve got your geographic decisions of the two states make their own decisions. Maybe star, smarter to also have a individual filter. That comes after that, in which you too, ok even though we are not quite in phase one, you can certainly go to work, so big decisions based on the door. Jewels here's a an approach that comes from Laval, So if I can find it so he boys.
Out of all drugs summarize it you could pick age and say people his elbows people below the age of forty five, so you could pick their age to make the death rate there. We anticipate equal to the regular flew. So, for example, if you sell only people under forty five and I think it means people without any complicating health conditions, otherwise if they go back to work there, will be extra deaths, it will be almost exactly the same as a regular flew. So so, if that's worth they can tolerate the regular flew. Then maybe you send back young enough people so that that's the result you get. So I like that idea, According to evolve back of the envelope calculations,
you would get a lot more illnesses, but if you're sending young people- and you wouldn't get that many more deaths, that's that's gonna be the far more impact so I would say that the federal government did a real good job of determined. The field, but everything will depend on the states if the states take a similar, similar approach where they just say: ok you know if you're in a high risk categories they own, if you're not, and they know the rose sorted any better than that there may be a problem. Socio of states come up with our withhold. My judgment. So I do not believe on this. So today there are all these stories about rub. Does of legally annex. Is
totally showing great results there? These studies, they don't have a control. So the studies have now written up and they don't ever control This means that there are reliable and the way that we want things to be reliable, but there's archives oppress that day, this thousand dollars a treatment drug that you can only taken the hospital is by Aviv's thousand dollars that this is the thing and it saved all these people etc, Do you believe that either do you believe that and somebody twitter said,
Looks like it looks like I jocks clerk wages for Republicans and run disappears for Democrats, and the cattle looks like that. It can. It looks like half of the country. What's really does appear to be the thing ass, because she was hijacked the clerk queen to be the thing, because its political implication that nobody wants loosely Democrats. I want to try to be right, so they know why jocks clerk were to be the one and so here's here's. My personal opinion is that it doesn't work so
a leading care, the heavily toward neither room does appear nor I drugs chloric leave work and I use the same the same thinking in both cases. We would not be at this point without knowing if it worked really dramatically. You never really been a difference. We know it by now and we do so if it worked as well as we, you wanted to work to be a game changing drug. I think you'd see it even without the tests, even without the trials. Are you deaf people saying it So I'm I'm sixty forty that neither the work sixty percent, that neither of them work, but there early dozens of things being tested. So maybe maybe one of those works. I got a bunch. Trolls can be ended, we're getting really agree. Hurling the Bulbs, Abbey and telling me that they water,
data, my grave just a sort of normal, then add just fine, I sort of clicking on their profiles to see what jobs they have and it is so freaky how often they are artists, the artist and the ones who can't understand that, whatever decision we make about going back to work, somebody dies. They act as though, if you, if you pick a direction which is what they were complaining about, I would say that people are ready to go back to work because people not mean specifically, but their people seem to be willing to take a few hundred thousand ass to get back to work at. How does everybody the understand, the no matter, what you do, whether you kill people by crushing the economy or you kill people by the flu? We we have a choice of killing people
they came in and act like. I was the devil, because I suggested one of the two paths, both of which your people that we don't even know which one kills more? If we, then it would be obvious right. If we all knew, which was the one that kills the fewest people. What debate would there be so seeing in most of the artists were writers, authors love letters. I firefighters is soak a system. That is, they're worth noting, because it tells you what a good experience will get you and if you don't have it well. Sir Andrew Quabo, has tapped. Consultants begins ie to develop with recalling a troop prove economic reopening plan. Now. Most of this week, people telling me that I'm talking about things that are
not area of expertise, and indeed the true, not my area of expertise, the amount I know about the virus energy would fill a very small nothing. But when it comes to the question, should New York City higher begins consultants to help them come up with a plan well down your and my goodbye, we'll house, you're, my wheel house now, and let me tell you my experience with Mckinsey consultants relevant days. It was one of them so that the big visually could soldiers are very similar so at above it. Thank you.
This book Mckinsey, but we also worked with bands, what was one of them, but there are others that they have a similarity, so you can replace either aim and the story would still were so where he at preserving bell. We had some big strategic decision to make and our management decided to higher. One of these big insulting companies than the way their works is the consulting company citizen a high level partner, the high level partner sits with our management and the management thanks to themselves at the end of the meeting wow. This consulted person is really really smart and do you know why they think that it is true that bit those consultant people urgently super smart. So there are recruited at the top schools and their work around the clock there, almost like superhuman so the so it is true.
The people who committed these consultant companies that are not like you and I honestly They are really really smart. So that parts it is true, but Here'S- here's the fund bar. Surplus having bell says. Yes, we will hire you I've never even see they do, but he's smart as you just just the ideas You threw the room here so good, it's like, while you are worth three million dollars, so we hire them and then the smartest person they consultative partner, says at all sunlight even to work with you. There forever WWE Enzo and will actually work in your office. So they'll have your desk to the office, and you know phone is just like employees will just be in bed until just work and and then that I say
was happily here. Didn't we just hire you because you, the person who is the the principle of the company, is so darn smart. Well, yes, true, and did you just tell me, you're not going to be here? Instead, you gonna say So people who just got other colleagues too, Tell us how to run our business. We ve been running for thirty years. Is that why you just proposed yeah yeah, but the really smart, ok, ok there really smart, but let me just clarify this, then don't know anything about our business right. They have never been in telecommunications. Is that you don't worry? We have a process so they'll just follow the process is patented process and they can solve.
Pretty much every situation, so they don't really need to be experts, because you'll tell them how to fill in the process to which I say yeah, you know, but I think we could figure out a process. We can look at the costs and benefits. Do spreadsheets. Whenever predict things it turns out. We have all of those same skills. Why are we hiring somebody for millions of dollars whose sending somebody who is not even the guy. We wanted to hire who are going to learn the business from us and then tell us what to do and by the way, do you know how do you know our recommendation comes out of it? Do you? Let me tell you, recommendation that comes out of the the these young experts is whatever the staff wants it to be,
The staff is training them and teaching them what they need to know to fill their models so that staff has an opinion, so we just now sure that all the data that the consultants get just happens scan for. To our opinion. Do you think they do you think the consultants would know if there was something you didn't tell him? Probably not. First of the business. So if you only tell them half of what they need to know too bias them toward whatever it is you It should have been done anyway. I've got another difference. They only know you Tom, so they make complicated, spreadsheets and charts, and your gigantic reports and an especially especially graphs and they present them, and then you learn the whole real reason why any this is done
because in the end, all this happened is the consultants have recommended exactly what the staff would have recommended. If you just ask them and you find out that your boss is just covering his, but because if he took his own staffs recommendation and it was bad, that would be his fault but if you spend millions of dollars on a top management firm who puts together this killer presentation and then takes it, presentation to your boss you don't even have to do it, you don't even have to sell your own boss, you don't have to go. Israel, boss, gazettes, what again Saunders USA above us here you gotta get a few minutes making Sultan is gonna. Give you this really complicated press nation you're not going to and most of it really you like in the state very of it. But you understand the summary, I think that we really smart and we must have done something for our money. That's good way to cover your body.
As even if it goes wrong, you can say: smart consultants Cuomo hiring these consultants is should be seen as primarily a covering your but move. The consultants will come up with whatever the people pay. The bills want them to come up with here's. What the consultants are not going to come up with the opposite of what the people who pay the bills want them to come up with. You you can banker that so adding value, except to convince people that it wasn't Andrew Como who made the decision by simply pointed out of his ass, but he's gonna pull it out of his ass collectively. We will make the decision in a vacuum, but the the people closer to it, politicians have to make a decision without data, because we don't have all the data. We need to really be certain. So you'll do it again and is consultants will cover for him now
if you have noticed leaders, have created a perfect situation, present shrub has experts which you can see is closely following their advice. So if it's wrong, Who do you blame while you sort of blame the experts right so present Trump as a scapegoat? The experts also have come up with this framework, but they say but the real work has to be done at the states. So the experts also have set up a scapegoat, which is the governors. Because the president can say I listen to the experts, the experts can say the government, the governors dimmed implemented correctly, so everybody
a scapegoat and that the governors is there, a smart, we'll find other scapegoats, as in Andrew Cuomo, which is the consultants. So the president will blame the experts. The experts will blame the governors, the governors of consultants. They can blame the consultants and who all the consultants blame China but the little boy Java Likud, because China gave us bad data or models, could have been better. But whenever now boy baby, they don't use data, but the the consultancy gratifies over the boy throughout the bottle. The figures are broadly bad implementation, I'm starting to think that, Marco Rubio will be the perfect choice for what I'll call the secretary of decoupling from China, so
We always doings of interviews and here's. What I like about about, I like that is of the same party, is trouble, which means here he could be, could be dominated for something reasonably and he's he's appropriately tough on China and seems to have a good grasp of the whole thing so Don't we need somebody at that level? Together things going. Because we re not doing what Japan is doing, which is paying companies to move stuff back, but with China we ve got bigger problems. You ve got. The you're everything for the wiggers to tell him telecommunications there still staff, the ip it's a big big, complicated thing and you could argue, will be one of its, not the biggest economic variable of our future. So just just put them back your mind: maybe marker Rubio Desert Promotion,
do what it will be, one of the biggest jobs about. I was like. Let's talk some more about whether you want to follow up on the bill gates. So, as you know of having this ongoing debate a little doubt about whether delegates- Done a whole variety of horrible things which he is accused of by conspiracy theories. Or that's all, it is made up, of course, under the sight of this all, obviously just me and if you just look at it you go, then it happened. And so of course I've gone through the list of all the other reasons. That delegation is not the devil I'll, just give you one example, so you can see how it goes. People's everyday delegates, supports the World Health Organization and their evil, as we no two which I say so. Does the United States, so
and does the United States what exactly what Bill gates wants from the World Health Organization. You of course both of them what different leadership, but we both know that, if good leadership, be a really good thing. So is a really any difference between job and and bill gates when it comes to the World Health Organization, nope there's no difference. Tromp is holding the funding as leverage to negotiate bill gates is just as a different job. But somebody has to hold them to be accountable. You don't think the bill gates. What's the World Health Organization do not be accountable right, so is just bad thinking and weird conspiracy theory to think that bill Gates is a bad guy, because he supports a functional World health organization. You should be understood. That he wants carpeted management. As do we are so that, and so you can see from that example ledges, one where you can
Take all these weird accusations and go here, but you just thinking about a wrong how to came down to this. He spent a lot of time with Jeffrey upstream. Centres out, maybe it? After all, these complaints of is horrible. Things he's done allegedly, The boy come down too well. Get a picture on standing next to Jeffrey I've seen how to explain them, and I don't explain what new whatever bill Gates is thinking or why you didn't get? Nobody can do that progress in context.
I reject anybody who says you can hang out with and talk to anybody, war anytime, you or for any reason, and that's where I live my life, if you were to judge me by the people that I've spent significant time with well, you you'd want the death penalty for me. Moreover, if I could judge other people by the same standard, I wonder what the death penalty for half of the people, I know, because we ve all spent people. We ve spent significant time with bad people. And sometimes we knew it and sometimes we then I'll think there's an exception is ready view. Evan spend time with somebody used on some really bad stuff and you knew it or you suspected it. They're proved we can a thought about. What's, let's try to be a little bit adult people spend time with all kinds of people and the thing the bugs me about that is that when you see
The gates was a round with Epstein the thing everybody says as well that means something about Epstein, either his lifestyle or whatever was sort of bleeding off onto gates, like does the badness Epstein sourdough, just steam gates, to which I say wise after work that way we're where's, whereas the thinking behind this Given the influence works, one way, why wouldn't it be true that bill gates was making Epstein a better person because if Bill gates was hanging around with Epstein to get money from Epstein for charity and apparently that is what they were talking about right, there were talking to you money for charity. So if bill gates was hanging around was somebody who is super sketchy like an sketches. You could possibly be, but he's
maybe you're getting charity going and it would help the world. Do you care now it's up to leave the legal system to take care of you know: you're you're, Jeffrey upset, and it's not really delegates job, there's somebody somebody's serves their time. Even if you don't think he was there sentence is not really our job to make them serve time again right. If that is the legal system, let somebody out I'm just not going to be the one to say now. I can't talk to you as you should serve the longer So here is my I'll. Give you my personal rule. Of course these are all personal decisions. I said this many times, but I would declare its as many times as I need to. I declare my complete and total right to associate with must respect the worry block you.
I maintain that complete right to associate with anybody, good or bad under the theory that associated with me would make them better people, because Do you think that if I hang around with a bad person so that persons who may be bad, or do you think that hang around with me, maybe they'd pick up some pick up? Some things would make them better. Do you really want no good people to ever to associated with bad people according to you, whoever is good and bad. You can do whatever you want and the ice I understand the point: it's not like. I don't understand the point of doing something that near booster supports bad people.
But keep in mind when it was brought up to bill gates that working with his person, for I'm sure what gave slot was unproductive reason in the charity. World cassettes was reported. It is reported that the reason they were talking is about Epstein, raising funds from other people, apparently a good ways to do that, etc.
And I think they ll gaze just said your personal life is your personal life and now you're about that. I'm always gonna be ok with that now you know have liked or gates that's fine, but I would at least like you to think about it clearly here, if you think about it clearly and still decide you don't like last year. We welcome to the opinion, but I think I can help you at least clear up. What's ridiculous conspiracy theory and what is reasonable thing so somebody's comments comments says that Bill Gates apologized, but he's generally socially stupid. Let me let me take offence at that.
I don't really think offensive thing. Something events on behalf of someone else. Have you see led Deaf licks special about bill gates, one of the things that I would say is fairly obvious and off. He would deny this and I'm not a medical doctor. Bizarre give you my opinion. It does appear that he's somewhere on the spectrum in the ass burgers gave away and the the tells for that would be ability to deeply focus, and you really be able to like dived down on a topic in a way which ordinary people can't and that's exactly you bill gates. He carries is big your bag of books around on topics from view biology in physics and start things that you and I would were spent too much time reading but
can we get? You can just go off in the woods with his bag of books and do these deep dies, but do you think there is social policy? Awareness is the same as everybody else's. I don't think so. I feel like. Maybe that's just not the area where is his brain is optimized, so could it be, Were he literally just had a blind spot for we look to other people they, maybe maybe managers are blind spot railway? We women are decided the stories we don't know
should speak about your views. Ochreous don't watch mean I mean I know the centres says but which views your document so salaries, sarcastically, saying I'm nothing like my friends letter of sarcastic am I on the spectrum, while many people have suggested that I am apparently I have enough towels that it's at least a hypothesis. My personal opinion is probably not, but I wouldn't doubt it if some expert
Where was one about taxes or production limits? I dont know about their story, actually, no more food coming tonight. For me, the virus from lab was obvious here at some point. It became obvious. They might read me. Sometimes they do. Did you break a solution say only
only with Christina Yeah- and I can't do anything crazy, but I've decided to take more control of my personal situation and my personal risk. An assembly see was vital to activate a shadow government to counter job. Did you see the latest clip of Joe Biden not being able to give them a sentence? You sitting there with his wife gel on camera and I ask myself: why is his wife? I carry with them because she wasn't talking. It was like she was just sitting there to be supportive or something made me feel like more issues more tending him. Do you know what I'm talking about?
fell, like maybe his wife was there just to take him off camera non gm or something if needed to be done, and no turkey uses hijacks clothing and has the death rate. Cuz. What is it good or bad? Have you heard of a memory hole? I've heard of it Pelosi admitted to strategy of smear, to get press to report, to use press as proof of elegant. What that spoke, any thoughts on Roger Stone, not getting a second trial. Well, doesn't that open up possibility of a burden or whatever you call it apart.
So they would not surprise me to see the Roger Stone, like your pardoned, if, if there's no more legal process to run out a kind of expected, what happened? I despise it? Do you agree with bill gates that we need to depopulated really? Do you think the bill Gates said we want to read whose population earth now I don't have to go. Google that to know that damn happened, Bill gates, With no research I'll do no research whatsoever and I'll state with complete confidence, then only a jerk, like beacon have in this situation, bill gates, never said anything about depopulating the earth where we say that with complete confidence? Will it with no research whatsoever.
This is an example of what I talk about when I say there are some things that you don't have the research. You don't have to research whether that was a true thing. You just go. Look at it the same way. You look at Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Some things are just obviously not true and is obviously not true. That bill Gates is promoting depopulating the world dude. You really believe that John, I drugstore green this a bit earlier. I think both room does appear in the drugs cholera queen I give M
Well, actually, I think I accidentally miss spoke earlier in this periscope. So let me say this way. I think, there's a sixty percent Jason either of them work at work the same if it's a sixty percent chance for each of them think it's the same rate. I think there's a forty percent chance if you would either them individually that that they did work in some vague way. Somebody says he did look it up.
It did not say that you did not say that I'm not gonna. Look it up! You're, lucky to trick me. It'll help Santa Claus absorbing covered so Jed. I contracts snafu. There was another nor what that's about gates supports roundup, GMO Mass immune injections at the you'd have to beg our point before I could come alone, and do you blame cable tv news for the ceiling division? America today?
I don't know if it is a combination of social media and tv news, but certainly is the media landscape, which is causing the division for sure. Is your senses. I gazed confirmation by us could be set so confirmation by his works. If anybody tells you that your opinion is not confirmation by us, it just means they don't understand what confirmation biases if you're, the one who has it. You're, the only one who can tell us it's confirmation by us. Otherwise it wouldn't be confirmation buys if you could tell the difference. It wouldn't be a thing.
Duty ordered about your ram, does veer yeah. It makes sense that people would maybe stock up on it. Just in case as I went billfold they tried to give away his own money and all the haters gave out. What was that all about so rich guy literally just tries to give his money way to lots of different people with no strings attached, and these treated as the devil is no good deed. The goes unpunished. Gus debris part too. There is a part too. There is a sequel. The gods Cypriots called the religion. War Are you a morning Joe Buddies no you know I I I one appearance on morning, Joe, to be the one morning he didn't come to work.
I saw the hallway from a distance, but for whatever reason he wasn't Cameroon, the day he had sunk gonna, but Mercosur somebody says it's a thirty six percent chance that neither work if each has a sixty percent. Ok good! Thank you for clarification o o gonna, make you very dubbed non standard prediction ready you, like my contrary, actions if, on the contrary and prediction that is wrong. I will I look really stupid, but if I get a right I look like smartest guy ever so. Here's the most contrary and prediction that you're gonna have. I predict. That the number of suicides will be lower than normal. Now all the experts say higher right, then apparently, there are lots more calls to suit.
I live in the real reasons that the argument that the way, moreover, is pretty compelling, and then there is also the the correlation with unemployment. If the unemployment goes up, it's like an extra five thousand suicides for real I just want to know that, so the argument the suicides will go up is solid gold when you agree, All of your common sense says: it's gonna, be if there's anything that would exercise go of, it would be this right So, that's why my predictions contrary in and it goes like this- this crisis gave everybody meaning. Meaning that if you were happy with your life, some just because you don't have like a purpose so they're alive, people who just realized
I do this level my grandmother s, two problems instead of one, if I do this now out of my family wait here. Otherwise, maybe would have been so big and the other thing The other thing is that people are gonna be with people and small spaces. I think you need a certain about privacy to do suicide, and maybe people are just going to be a little too on each other stuff for a while. So there's something about this, college. You this that first, while the the thing about unemployment causing more suicide. We ve never had a situation where the unemployment was presumed to be? Not your fault, that's the first thing. Do you kill yourself? If something happens to you, that appears to be temporary and not.
Your fault because of the Euro. Really blame yourself, you don't think of a loser because Adam they say they happen everybody. So there's there's something about the the large lists of the situation that I think will make people. Were connected to the world. You have was tell you the other day that I feel connected to everybody in a way. I don't normally, if I'm just going about their business because every everything that we're gonna do together. This affects all of us and about about this diamond, very similar ways, so, if you feel connected to the world, are you is likely to kill yourself problem that I think that people's situ You will change, there will go into a re evaluation, Bode which is they're going to say. They get to say everything was terrible, but there's a lot of stuff happening.
That makes me wonder if something might be different yeah, maybe Maybe I'm not looking at the other straight line of just more of this thing that made me want to kill myself made instead of looking at the whole year, the boxes mistaken that maybe I just want to see where it goes. Just want to see where it goes. Curiosity, I've often said is the most underrated motivations. Here's a little trick for you, you want to do you want to have a trick for a really bad day Instead of saying the bad day coming up, I hope it's a good day, but it's probably going to be a bad day and stress and stress and stress and you're worried that some bad news will. Might go this way that that you're just the normal thank the normal thing than all of us feel overtime. Instead move your brain to curiosity mode and say this:
like a movie or or like a simulation and you're in a video game. Just ask yourself, given happening right now. What is going to happen, and just and activate your curiosity, said yourself, you know, I can't really need to know. What's gonna happen, if I were watching this is a movie. I'd want to know how is it I find that I can actually do a brain hack. You should try. The settlements actually works very well You can do a brain hack where you, you change your frame of reference from oh, no, oh, no! It's all bad news and a hundred miles a bad news covered two. I wonder. What's going to happen. No wonder, I wonder how this is going to turn out and it just
This occupies a different party or brain than usual leaves little different process and a different chemistry, and sometimes it is just enough of a switch. They can get you off whatever's. Whenever was buggy, you the other way to try to schoolchildren Suicides often occur when things are objectively improving, but not fast enough. Somebody sounds like the research this, so so that's my. My prediction by prediction is fewer suicides than the normal year. It during this time, complete opposite of what all the experts would say is true, that's for me and I'm gonna go. Do somethin else. I'll talk you in the morning
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