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Episode 92: How to End Racism

2018-06-03 | 🔗


  • Respectful disagreement is the path to progress
  • Hawk Newsome’s recent speech
  • Unlocking the potential of black voters
  • Respect from conservatives…is easy to attain
    • Follow the constitution
    • Follow the law
    • Try to contribute to society
  • Washington Post disrespectful article on Chairman Kim
    • Probably fake news
    • Definitely NOT helpful in regard to making world safer
    • Lack of respect hurts potential for progress
  • Kanye “Summer of Love” is helping mental jailbreaks
  • CNN culture critic guest says EVERY Trump voter is a racist
  • My take on Van Jones

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but but boom bum bum bum hunted dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb hey everybody i thought i was alone but i see hundreds streaming in because you know the coffee doesn't taste as excellent as it does when i drink coffee it's time for the simultaneous ip everybody grab your vessel a beverage and go for it now many of you have message me privately to say i don't know what it is but when i have my beverage at the same time that you do it tastes better that's not an accident by
i was thinking of doing a periscope not today on the psychology of food how to make your food taste better psychology so forget about the seasonings in the preparation that's important too but there's a whole psychological part that stuff i picked up when i owned restaurants it's not obvious so i think i'll do that one of these one of these days not today so yesterday i got a message from hog newsome leader of black lives matter greater new york chapter and he sent me a video clip somebody just open phone it's sort of hard to hear but it's a clip of hawk giving a speech too i'm not sure exactly what group it was but he was giving a speech
and it was really interesting first of all he's a great speaker and secondly he made it incredibly clear to the audience and here's how he put it he said black lives matter formed when president obama was president and after eight years of democratic control and he said what what that basically what the hell they done for us you know and and the message was that that democrats don't don't have the automatic black vote and that they they haven't done enough to keep their vote think about that have you heard that before that is a really powerful statement because any so you're saying it is clear as you could possibly say
well he doesn't say it in these words so these are my own words but should republic step up with some policies some result he's saying there's there's nothing to stop us from voting republican if you've got a better plan that is what power because it's not power if you're automatically going to vote democrat no matter what they do so he's using is on tapping sort of unlocking this great potential it's it's fun to watch i don't know if he's going to tweet it but if he does all our retreat that for you that was somebody said who was that there was a hawk newsome had a black lives matter and of new york the greater new york chapter probably their most effective leader i don't know every leader of black lives matter but my guess is you would be
and i want to run something by you i all good and optimistic after my talk yesterday with we it'll pull today which i did on periscope i hope most of you saw it it's my pinned tweet and so most of you know that bill pulte's blight authority project there clearing out huge contiguous blocks of blight in urban areas detroit and pontiac and getting rid of all the crime at the same time because once you take it down to just land you know the crime goes away 'cause there's no place to hide and now there's an opportunity to rebuild that something and i spent the entire day yesterday bring storming the how to how to build maybe residential homes that are optimized just for that etc
followed up he said i think he's got about thirty messages from people who saw the periscope offering to help offering to buy land offering their companies assistance what do just about all of those people have in common well they watched this periscope there probably trump supporters and they are as they were spring loaded to help if they just had an opportunity made sense for the skills and the passions that they have and bills project does that because it creates this winfield situation where everybody can imagine in this situation i could i could contribute this i could put an ideas out there i could invest so there's something powerful about making it possible for people to jump in and help
i promise you in the title of this periscope then i'd tell you how to solve all now racism you obviously you can't make racism per se go away but you can you can certainly do a lot to heal the great divide which is that half of the country believe the the other half are races well i think most of you on this periscope because the filtering mechanism who who watches this doesn't think that's true and i think it's a catastrophe half of the country is living with that psychological burden which i can it's hard to even try to put yourself in their head imagine you you believe you were at a country where half of the people just freaking hated you or disrespected you or something i don't think we live in country i think we live in a country where there are serious racists
but fortunately there it's a small number so i wanted to propose this thought yeah and i think i'm safe in saying that the media preview watching our conservatives or trump trump supporters not all of you but know disproportionate number yeah let me put this thought out here i'm going to say it once and then just going to let it hang there for a while and look at your comments 'cause i want to see you agree or disagree all right as if you don't agree that it's nothing if you i agree it might be a something so here's the thought race relations in the united states will improve substantially moment that the left realizes that the right would has greater respect for
later respect for able black lesbian with a job compared to a white guy who doesn't have one and is looking for one just read the comments hey you see that yep now there's some people who are saying now but i believe that those people say no are not answering for themselves bible the people in there only a few of you have disagreed the people you disagreed i think you're saying i don't think other people will agree with that i don't believe there's anything anyone here who disagrees with that statement so
so make sure you're answering for yourself don't make it an assumption about other people yeah just just look at rarely rarely do you ever see this much agreement all right so here's the thing it's not about racism it's about respect that's it if if the left understood the right they would have an air tight system for for creating the world they want to live in what's the world you want to live in if if you think you're in a world where half the half the country is racist what within you don't like that of course what's the world you want to live in the world you want to live in is one where you have a strategy to make that go away here's
energy for making that go away be a good citizen that's it you could ask the same question that i asked you you could get a whole variety of ways let me give you another one if for just talk about conservatives and people on the right with the people right have more respect for a black person following the law or white person violating the law it's easy if you're talking about respect conservative conservatives are very consistent you know follow the institution follow the law try to contribute and and he knows that i said try to contribute not everybody can contribute we're not in a world where everybody has the
where with all the resources the opportunity the time not everybody can contribute you can tell if people are trying or if they're at least trying to reduce the burden they have on other people for conservatives and i remind my viewers i'm not one alright i appreciate conservatives largely because of this thing that i'm talking about that irv have a code if you will a way of looking at the world with makes it really easy for them to like you contribute do something useful that's about it alright so to the extent of you can change the frame from rb racist are you more races these are unanswerable impossible to solve problems because
talking about one person's mental state and another person's mental state i'm guessing what you're thinking but i'm guessing wrong the whole races conversation is a dead end there's i at the end of the road there but respect is not only easy to understand it's easy to achieve so equality maybe impossible because everybody has a different idea of what an equal situation is so even equality somehow where possible we wouldn't agree that we were there nobody can i agree what's equal we just we're just not built that way we can never agree what's equal on any topic you know is equal that i pay a higher percentage of my taxes than you do because i'm rich it works
i paid the same dollar amount we could just argue all day about what's equal you can never never settle fair you could never settle equal you can never settle is this racist or is this not racist these are unsolvable problems so why i have a problem that's solvable is easy how how we treat each other with respect that she could do treat everybody with respect and how hard is it to get respect from the right doesn't matter who you are just contribute now as we saw with the doubled voltage project the urban blight project it's kinda rare that i a periscope and and somebody would get you know immediately messages and growing of how can i help how can i contribute
for literally nothing in return that's a rare situation but it's also it's common in the sense that because so this is something people could imagine how they could help it just became practical and so when it was practical you saw that the good impulses that people kick in people have good impulses sort of trapped in their own mental prison if you will you know the the good will of the people who are who have a good situation in this world and i'm one of them is a little bit trapped you know we'd like to do more i wake up i swear wake up every morning thinking how can i make world a better place and i see a lot of obstacles and it defines
i can and can't do i try to push through them but there are obstacles so to the extent that there are some obstacles to our our good intentions it it hides the respect and the goodness the people would like to see on the right so what what do you what is the left see from the right what's in front of them what is it that they notice most bad behavior right if you're on the left and you go on social media and you look at what anything anything anybody is saying on the right what's it look like it looks like a bunch of castles right if you the left and you reading social media and you what the right is saying you're saying what a bunch of
if you're on the right and you're reading anything from the left on social media what are you going to think oh my god bunch assholes all right that's what's in front of our face because we spend all day on social media while we don't all day doing is what bill pulte is doing which is you know fixing stuff he's actually making the world better he's literally remove urban blight he's creating you great feelings and and feelings of optimism and potential analyst but if all you do is hang out on social media you just think the other side are just terrible people so here's my solution if you want to end racism change the frame to respect that's something we can measure and it's easy to whether you've achieved all right if you're staying in if you're staying on the right side of the law and you're trying your in school
cool you're looking for a job your seat mentors you're trying to figure what's wrong baby you're working on your health maybe somebody else you're you're contributing you're at least put your work in right direction you've got all the respect thank you you can you can handle right so let's make it easy let's change the frame let's give each other a little to respect you could start on social media and if you do oh my god what a world we could be living i know it's more fun to fight back it's more fun to defend yourself but try to stick with the ideas edit show some respect well disagreeing you can disagree as as aggressively as the situation requires that you could do it respectfully and by
ok this is advice that i have not taken for myself in the past uh so i'm going to take a make a concerted effort to be a better person in terms of how i present myself i don't think my innards aren't any different but in terms of how i present myself i'm going to try to try to fix that up a little bit so you're saying the importance of respect in the kim jeong hoon north korea situation and you see how powerful that is your people were literally mortal enemies in north korea and the united states mortal enemies literally on the verge of wiping out each other
and as soon as one of them increased its respect for the other this was president trump you simply allowed the respect to to even out suddenly we're talking now if you say yourself my god this will will not lead to a good result it i don't know exactly why n korea would want to nuke us if we're being nice to love you don't really nuke people who are not at war with you and or try and help that's just not who you nuke i'm hoping that will be successful in denuclearizing the peninsula but at the very least if they start
yes as being a helpful player we're heading in the right direction but i think denuclearisation has to be the goal all right uh i'll tell you you i was very annoyed at the washington post i don't know if they were the first one to break the story but they reported that the president of the chairman kim kim's that's the respectful name for him apparently his chair kim would have trouble paying for a hotel room in singapore now here's what i think probably not true yeah the seems like it seems very unlikely that that was true
but secondarily even if you thought it was true what are you doing reporting that this is this is real this is real sensitive stuff and the president has clearly indicated that a proper tone of respect is what's going to get us where we want to go and to me this is one of those situations where it wouldn't matter if it was a president trump president obama in this yes he's operating as commander in chief and he's very clearly told the country what is the right tone to sat because the public opinion is is connected with the leadership in our entry you know chairman kim is not going to want to make a deal with the leader who's at odds with the people because the very next president might reverse the deal so it's pretty important that
public is generally on the same side with the president especially in showing respect i saw that i saw that article in the washington post and i said first of all probably not true it probably fake news and secondly so unhelpful that it just shocks the conscience i mean it's shocking i'm at well i i read that and i i wanted to reach we did but i also didn't want to make a bigger deal of it and and my i just was like well what team is the washington post island are they trying to make the world better now i get that you know you could argue that it's news but it's not the news that matters it's the news that can only
kurt should you report news that can only make the world worse you know that you could make an argument that there's some news it's hard to hear but we need to hear it right now important to know it even though it's unpleasant and can cause some trouble that's still very gated but you have a new story that can only the world worse and potentially really worse like clear war worse and you say yeah that's good enough let's publish that you just got to ask for team you're on you know that this isn't the time to kneecap the commander in chief you know there's plenty of time to get back to politics once we get something good going with north korea you know nobody's going to tell anybody to stay nice forever but this is one of those times
of a rallying time this isn't to undercut the president time and yes i would say this no matter who the president was all right just so somebody saying what does the nuclear deal look like well i'm no expert but if there's any realistic chance of nuclear war i would say that we have not achieved what we wanted to achieve there is no objective standard for this will make the world worse there right there's no
active standard but the news business is a judgment business and i think it would be easy to say that something had a downside in no upside that wouldn't be hard determination uh huh somebody said did connie helped persuade you for the summer of love idea uhm can't say that i've thought of it in exactly those terms but now that you've asked the question i'd say yes uh the fact that connie said it makes it look possible so you know why he did a sort of help people out of a little mental prison and if the jailbreak is happening then it changes my opinion of what's possible before the jailbreak if you will the mental jailbreak
i would have said it doesn't matter what you say yeah the there's no place there's no waiting path here but once you see that there's the potential for people to think differently just think differently i'm not even saying what they should think or are thinking anything just just allowing themselves to say alright what if just what if what if we allowed the republicans and democrats to compete for the black vote and give us some policies and we will work with you will will help pick the good ones will advise will help implement what if talk about my cnn tweet this morning yes there was it's on cnn there's a clip in clip in which the you are
title was a cnn culture critic or something like that something about culture and she claimed in front of two horrified cnn hosts the she was specifically saying that everyone who voted for trump is a racist you can see the you can see the i should laugh about this because it was horrible but the hosts could almost feel the the ratings of c and then go down twenty five percent and and never come back that was a sort of opinion that deserved i think in the end the views of the public deserve more than a raised eyebrow which is effectively what she got they and they made sure they made sure to to clarify whether she really really meant to say every trump voter is a racist
and she doubled down you know they gave her an out they gave her a trap they said alright you said something let make sure you know what you just said so that you could back it up if you need to fair but it's it's hard to imagine a view that would be that damaging to cnn as a network that they would let slide so in terms of a business decision it was just catastrophic in terms of how the news should be presented that's up to them but as a business decision to let somebody associated with their network say that and to leave it on challenged except to make sure that she had clarified it i don't know how you get your ratings back after that so i've seen it
number of people asking me if i can debate van jones uhm you know i've said before van jones is one of the best communicators in the anti trump world so he did invite me on his show once when when his new show is kicking off i did get an invitation to be on it which i appreciate it but i would have had to fly to new york to do that and it didn't work with my schedule but i did appreciate that invitation and i would talk to him you know anytime you wanted to if it was we probably have to do it electronically but if we were in the same place absolutely at the end for the reasons that you stated that he feels like the most credible voice on the left who also agrees with yeah the the general
game over there a lot of voices of both the left and the right are in agreement will save their side but they don't feel credible they just feel like team play it looks like somebody who's you know we're all influenced by by the team effect it looks like an independent thinker in my opinion so that's my take on him so i would say he would be one of the most kredible people in the gay man one of the best communicators yeah he was caught on tape and bedding russia was a nothing burger yeah that's why he wasn't caught on tape he seven on tape there's a big difference it wasn't a secret meeting he knew he was
recorded and he gave you an honest opinion right that wasn't a secret recording i don't think so yeah vanden he coined the phrase white lash which is both clever area and did not entirely wrong they're they're very much was a white lash it wasn't the whole story but it was there oh stop it you're somebody questioning whether there was a white it will keep in mind that i don't talk in absolutes but clearly there were white people who who were saying we found a black president president let's try a white president or or things went too far or yeah we went past fairness and we overshot the mark
it was real that was a real thing i i couldn't put a size on it if you told me that was you know ten percent of the people's thinking or forty and i wouldn't have any way to to agree or disagree but it existed it was it was a variable and by the way it would be just as fair to say their presence obama what helped him get elected was that he was black and he didn't make a big deal about the the smartest thing a bomb ever did well that's not fair because at that lowers the bar too much she did a lot of smart stuff but one of the smarter things you did that really stands out is that he ran for president as a black man who didn't make a big deal about being a
and that that more than anything allowed to people to say thank goodness you know yeah we're we we want to we want to be open minded about stuff just make it easy for us just make it easy for us to be open minded and he did so that was part of his genius i know you don't like that but some of you don't like it but in terms of politics he was brilliant uh somebody saying that he totally claimed it i think you mean being a black man part he didn't deny it and certainly he mentioned it but
but in no way was it a central theme he minimized it obviously and intentionally compared to hillary clinton who made as a central point of her rate of her race of her campaign that she was a woman that was a gigantic political mistake had hillary clinton never once said i'm a woman and that should matter if she had never said that she would be present i don't remember hearing that on her list of why she lost that's not a live
right that does she realize that she never mentioned being female the issue would be president quite easily in my mind that what about the what about a slam dunk it is on our list maybe it is all right i think i've said enough for today all right a reading a funny comment that i'm not going to report alright that's it for today go out have a great day
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