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Episode 920 Scott Adams: Predicting the Next Chapter in the Virus Saga

2020-04-18 | 🔗

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  • Anti-Trump media starving for something to criticize
  • Huffington Post slimy headline 
  • Opening up date estimates
  • Kim Jong Un not seen in a week

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Bob Bob Bob, copper, everybody column it's been a level hours since last time I was with you I think that to lock it style there's not much happening today. So good takes four questions. It's been. Ground all day, every day you wake up, and you say do we still have a virus? I could give another one of those days, but this One will start a little bit better than many because you can leave taking the simultaneous up with me, and all you need is a couple mother a glass attacker jealously style account in jogger flask, A vessel of any kind, fellow with a favorite liquid. I like coffee,
and join me for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine other day. The thing that makes everything better. It's called the simultaneous up and it happens now. Delicious. So. Let's talk about these things that are happening, So face those little lad test of Facebook, users, facebook users were over two hundred and two dollars. If there were just give up Facebook for a little while they tested to see how they did it turns out, the giving of Facebook is good for health, sir, the people were report, approved such subjective well, being apparently the widow at least a little bit of scientific data. This has faced looks bad for your health. Did it.
So he says he Bab not respirators work. If you have a link for that, send to me because I think I know what you're talking about, but I don't know if it's true, so we need a sack check. Somebody say that these sea Bab machines might be better than the letters which don't rule out as possible, Well, because and leaders were concerned, maybe not the be all and all they might have been on pressure at all those of here. Why? why, under the two dollars rouse good question, so we have heard about it, the patients who, the krona virus, then they recovered but then some number them. Maybe two percent show that have the infection. Still as other researchers, a war most have antibodies units bills to be able to get rid of acted by, Here's the Good news turns
You shouldn't be as worried about that. Does maybe you were There is at least one scientists, doktor researcher types. Who thinks they should not be. A source of worry adheres is arrogant. Because her several possible explanations of vote People are testing positive and of these several possible explanations? Most of them are harmless. For example, there could be remnants of the virus that are still in people in the test is sensitive to fix it. Up. But a remnant of the virus would not be something to work. That doesn't mean yes virus. You speak of some of the garbage from them, I was a little left over says one possibility the possible leaves were say, just an era where the test, so it could be that the test is too sensitive meetings To good says, picking up more than the virus is picking the debris from the virus, but the others
the test is just not perfect, so maybe, as it has done, some false positives, I been thinking you retesting people that are positive again, but not others I shall be the one task right Who would give out here and a long covered about a big boring just to get blocked was supported it. Either maybe other issues, let us do so here's my current, updated opinion. I had been thinking that is heard immunity. Wasn't it wasn't really guaranteed is still not guaranteed. So there's still questions to be answered, but at least one one researchers scientists to close to this site- We shall need to worry about that lot of immunity. So, even if I do
so, the people or even if some people than ever merely others is probably enough. People to do to get married merely eventually, but the people ward, star so easy. This is like a regular virus. You they get it and recover, but later years for your organs to recover Apparently this is pretty bad stuff. Yo Yo get better, but it might a you years to actually be better. That's pretty ugly so keep an eye on that. The anti trumpet media. Broadly speaking, They they don't have much material to work with. Lately does nothing normal time. The president cues, taking the advice of experts, which is ruining elbows on everything the present text, leagues, the advice of experts at the experts back, I'm up just takes all the father. The diatribe people goes like you.
The following ex ok you're taking expert advice, but but the next time you know following the experts. Ok, this time we are also taking the expert advice, but we're gotcha one of these days and so far the president has definitely. State on the right side of the least so is agreeing with the experts believe that a degree. So we're watching at age from press desperately trying to find things to criticise a positive for, because that's your business smile. Oh criticise the their their audience, will go somewhere else, so they have to criticise president for years what they have come up with today they did. Hitherto bunch up unrelated things story, so they ve bunch together doctor doctor, as adopted until now
I love to know what doktor juice ex about that already. I they think about be lumped together, but the the unfairness of that to love, three completely different people with three completely different situations together, laughter. That is so that fair, Ed, so So this was on that Spirit was ass. This was on CNN, and this was outlined Fox news. Gives inviting tv doctors on air who say crazy things, crazy things. Which were the crazy things? You were crazy views. After drew, is that apologized for the seriousness of the virus keep in mind. He was under playing it when the greatest experts in the world,
were telling us not to be the word so dark energy. Correctly, you know upgraded. This opinion, apologized for getting it wrong in the beginning, but he wasn't far from the experts It's crazy. It's they looked crazy if you're looking at it in the rearview mirror, and you take out the context. The contacts at the time there's. A lot of people were on the same page. Who who were experts then there's the doktor ass one? Is this crazy, Ralph, suggested that children would be a safe class of peace. To go back to school and, of course, the key to getting people near the adults to go back to work? As you did, the kids, taking care of essentially. But he worded it rob Sages worded a wrong, and so the people were low, for trouble. They they the way the wanted to hear the sound like he was doing,
Cold about the possibility of children dying now. You don't have to have a very high. I q, to know the doktor eyes did not go on television, and say something called about children dying. Just don't even happened, but of course They twist his words, it'll kill. It sounds like maybe said something like that, if you couldn't really hard and reduce your iq by fifty percent. So, first doc browser just talk about tough choices. Some he's gotta go first right: you can and the parents to work and leave the kids a home If there are young kids, so you just begging and adult observation, that you'd want to do it in. You're a certain order in this by be good order, unless it there's nothing crazy about the law, but they turned its them. The doktor film was religious guilty of the most universal bad comparison. The one in the world of irregular flute,
or other other problems are not viral to this one, but. Without that was just the analysis this is aimed at analysis, was practically universal. So what which parts of these were crazy. These three people had three opinions, but none of this crazy- it's not even close to crazy. So that's all they got for that. Japan is having a new surgeon covered nineteen cases ed. I pointed out his people had to them as an example we'll get it under control easily and therefore maybe it wasn't. Such a big problem does hey look. Japan took care of it so easily waters at Then did not take it seriously because a searching again, we hope get that under control, but we're we're doubly learning stuff. I watching other countries and what they're doing having imposed
again, not having their father to work with the other day to criticise, that anybody on his side so yours, but they came up with. It lists Adele bad. This had layers. I saw your satellite for often boast right way the economist who has been accused of racism before. If you hear the, if uses had lied. Then a right wing economist who has been accused of racism before what that guy well, Thank you. Definitely, racist right. You re not read the story. You like work has been use racism before, even this one is untrue. Maybe the other one is, and maybe, if the other one wasn't true probably this one, it is one of the odds at one person, would get accused of racism twice unless there's something very little smoke this fire so today, so that laughing imposed play
their slander. They They give you a headline where it led you to believe: there's gotta, be something here: I mean there's, there's a meteor. Dig into this right. Who was it was at the Morton the economist who this job supporter This is why he's in trouble for so Rather the headline he's, accused of racism before so. That headline suggested the story the accusation erases array because the headline NEWS has been accused of racism before how else it Can you interpret that than the stories of his potentially being racist right. So stick at. What was he doing? was all racist. This time There would remind you that last time I hears what he did, the recycling three other social distance protestors who approach
lasting having to stay on in those days were they don't think it's a bigger problem and here's what he said I Call- these people modern Day Rosa Parks, their protests, against injustice in Lhasa. Libraries are even more sorry at his neighbor Stephen more. And- and I dont know how to interpret their sentence. I call this people modern day arose parks perks as it very big compliment parks. Is there any other way to interpret type those other than a Jaguar the compliment, respect respect. And admiration for Rosa parks? Now, in you could certainly argue that silly to compare these these protesters throws apart, but if I told you lightless, I said you know
so, and so is the Michael Jordan of being a senator If I said somebody was the Michael Jordan of being a senator Would you say? Oh my god, that's a little racist. Now would say the whole. Isn't you using Michael Jordan? speakers. Arguably the greatest of all time. It is literally a sign of admiration and respect for the person used as an example, Michael Jordan, your your being here dry, cleaner, whatever, likewise if you're gonna use somebody azure symbol, of like the ultimate respected your crew noble person That's really the opposite. Of racism like this. As far as you can get from day holdings You know somebody who is likely
one of the greatest icons of the african american experience Yeah somebody universally respected forbidding, the other, the unknown pursue changed the world, how the world. Is this raises a cabin further from racist, it lives we can't be further. It's his mind boggling, but people read the what the having imposed every that and go up It looks like he's insulting Rosa parks by comparing or to people showed up with air fifteen's and the state. What is wrong with people. I was looking for The topic looking for some deadline. And the states no Before early on, when the topic of closing down came up. I
does the president needs to give us a date because If that diggers later revised, we're all work trouble with a date now, that April. Fifteen days than he had to revise it, and I think, maybe that that's all like an embarrassment, DORA a mistake I don't think it was. I think you is exactly the right thing to do, even though a guard revised, whose number from star, I said you should the date, even if You know you to revise it does. Public needs to needs to focus on something, even if its changed and. I'm, I'm uncomfortable having these states all make their decisions because longer the longer we go. I mean they obviously have to be involved in the decision, but I like them to come up with an opening time much sooner.
Even if it changes because having having a day in your head make way easier to manage your isolation, imagine being in isolation and not knowing what it's gonna end, this is being isolation that knowing that entire days is over those not the same one? can make you crazy. And the other is, like others, find some way to keep busy for nine days now begun is a completely different mindset and were experiencing as much as were experience again here. The crisis and the economic crisis, its psychological prices, too psychological part informs the vessels as well sweating. They get the psychology right. We need some candidates there. We can argue about plan for feel bad about you just interact. Was we just? We just need a little bit of solid this and Doktor Chris Mirth Murray.
Who is one of the mothers you're? One of the big models here. Is that you see in it, and he was talking about generally what you thought for reopening days. We thought maybe a state, like Hawaii there's the least covered problem, So far secular may be the first part of my life may, first or so they might opening up, but that worst hit places the hot spots by the middle of June. And he sees a lot of other stuff in the middle. You're too late. By now, That's the first time I saw only but together an estimate who know what they are talking about, and even though, if you say well, those models are incorrect. I don't really care that the models are incorrect. Care that I had a estimated time- and so I can look at those times as I ok we're, not I'm in California, so we're done
goodness Hawaii but were not as bad as New York City put us in their little zone did they. Maybe but we're California, so maybe it will be a little more aggressors and stained close, but it looks to me like that at least bounds. It I feel like mid too late may would be a California time. So that makes me feel better, and I wish that I wish The task force would do something similar, which is to say in public each your states will be different it's gonna be somewhere between May first everything to societies, you have your hotspot part as the latter. If you notice the former and everybody else, This could be somewhere in the middle ground that would make a big difference, till the psychology Here is an interesting fact: Lloyd, Kim Jong. Il has not been seen in a week.
And apparently there about at least a few events that typically would always be too because he has given us some, that traditional value in North Korea, something about his relatives, etc and so you can missing is obvious. That. There's some kind of choice or inability to be in public. So, Speculation is anything from his they were trying to put some distance between himself and the events, as the events were those February and he was to be his own personal. I doubt that I don't think that explanation. The other one was there just trying to keep them safe because they don't want em around other people does he might because it, I think, that's possible here- is the other possibility Jim Jargon is exactly the person who dies from grown virus. Am I right now
you I how to say this as delicately is possible, but. Jim jug does not look like the the sum bull of good health he's got some issues. I don't know what they are about to be diabetes, but you certainly got some weight issues and lots of your rumours about other issues? so at the very least that he smokes, although there be good without no smoking. Be good or bad will have to wait and see, but. If give juggle got thrown a virus, I feel like you would make it At least the odds wouldn't be that good well, I guess even Lucy at his age. His age, even if he's that super healthy I think actually you'd mostly survive right. When you is very useful, I believe that if it got it, but.
You do wonder if there is anybody in his circle or anywhere anybody anywhere.
China will say they want to slip. A moloch wrote just.
Because, by my assumption was probably just never talks about.
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