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Episode 923 Scott Adams: #Coronavirus, The Simulation and Next Level Human Awareness

2020-04-19 | 🔗

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  • China is an incompatible system
  • No vaccine or herd immunity, no return to normal
  • Our adult decision needs to be herd immunity
  • California Mayor of Auburn abdicates his right to empathy
  • Far UV light kills coronavirus

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A bump bump bump bump bump bump me well you come in our line. Yes, this is the famous coffee was got Adam Studio, going into dark mood in a moment, my lighting we'll be there. I am there. You are good to have you got a bump bump bump bump, hey, you know, degrade I'll. Tell you all right. This would be a great. It's called the simultaneous. Probably why you wind, for if you would like to participate it doesnt. How much are you need
Single along with me, you know the words, no doubt, but imagine you do just imagine. You can say that you had a copper, mugger, glass, attacker jealous or study were Kantians younger flask, a vessel abetting Kagan. Fellow with your favorite liquid. I got it and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dough. However, the day of legal makes everything, including the pandemic better. Is your immunity you and join me for the simultaneous it happens now cup immunity coming on I feel as though I could find off any old virus, be it by engine. In a chinese weapons lab or be it coming from a dead bath? I'm market either one of those no problem well
let's talk about. Things happened to the less eleven hours learned some adopt you. It appears that the chinese China has a reputation in the world continues to get worse. I guess Germany's going after him, art in terms of the media, so there's some stories about how hard the german media is going after China and the EU s media? It seems to be at least the media from the right seems to be on board, and I am not sure if the latter fully on board, I think Nancy Blowsy still siding with China, the independent politics that there's something shouldn't say about politics that are just too
Jackie leader, and I think this is objective. We drew Nancy policies now really on our society more easily, and I mean our side protocol appeared. I trampling I mean I'm not sure she's on american side anymore, and it's got its got that far you normally I'm not the person who says I don't call them a traitor. They're just have different political beliefs but my opinion with policies that her actions are entirely based on trumpet. Personally right, It feels like everything she does has to do with Trump personally, doesn't have to do with the voters, doesn't have to do in the country, doesn't have to do with Congress,
so the government is just personal and if she can get out of that bodes well, we don't need her in any position in our country. So I would say that, as a discussion is important, democratic, she seems to be absolutely completely worthless, will now be a worthless worthlessly just species not helping Policy seems actively working against the interests of the United States, because she's got some bugging rebounded you gonna, wanna reader, bind soldier say she acts as though, if you just look here, actions she access. That was just something to personally. That would be my can't tell you see some who would like say hi again early say I do.
All right, let's go for that, and every single day that I open up the news it looks like it looks like there is just more hatred for China is just growing and growing growing and here's. What I would worry about this is a persuasion trick. People become whatever you you act like they are so low stop. It serves. Example. If, if you meet somebody new for the first time- and you simply act like ear their best friend had a back all they just sort of automatically at friendlier you're, they might not. Like your best friend but a very friendly to people that we back is just automatic. We mirror people automatically.
If you trees somebody like an enemy, how will they act? Was you treat them like that? Neither could act like an at me so, to a large extent, it's not a hundred percent effective, but to a large extent you can cause other people to become what you want. By treating that way, you can actually treat somebody like a friend into lay become a friend treated like an enemy until they become one. China was gonna spend a case, because apparently, at least culturally were told the chinese culture, as some A dominant conquering we must take over the world can evade vibe to it, which obviously, I would say, as unconfirmed castors go
Crazy over there, the atom of move, all the things on my desktop issues back along the ground, Baggily. So here's the thing: if we just tell China, China, you have all these beds, just dollar stuff, the new. You lied about the Krona virus in your locking, wiggers and concentration camp and reason flung goom people for real Forster transplants. You doing all that, Sir William Tree, like an enemy Howard. China respond. I think, they'd respond like an enemy. We ve, we ve tried to treat them like a friend and I think we all agreed in work right
I feel I feel like it was worth a try. I wouldn't I dont think out have any bad feeling about anybody. You wanted to get closer to China in the past, because account was worth a try, but now we tried right so that the trying is over. We tried. It clearly did work being friends with them, just isn't a model that can work for us now we don't have to be their enemy. That would be the worst thing. We could do that worst thing we could do is to say our and your enemy nails were just going treat like an enemy. When do that, I will go a different way and I would be personalized letting the president's instincts would be similar. Crises is begun being respectful to leadership for ethical purposes and the other the Idiot opposition axes, though tromp can't tell the difference between presidencies,
Oh man did, I want to swear just send Wall ever was slowly in the curse. Words is welcomed by throat and I'd like to eat them to choke them. Back when I was precisely womankind things about presidency, the Sailorman less see tones President Trump, apparently smarter than all of his critics on the left. A lesser is pretending, because, quite obviously and he's not trying to hide it even in the east, when he talks about present, shaving, awesome, powerful and a good friend of his. It's, not personal he's not actually talking about his good friends presidency. If you
believe that you're, an idiot now the president is treating the leader of the biggest country in the world are used and population with respect, because that's functionally the best thing to do is obvious is just for a fact. How does he like impersonally cabbie? May they spend some time together? like him personally, but believe me, whatever present trump says about president. She in public to the United States is for effect, is not what he actually things. I've done what you have to be to think that the president, this is the only time he tell you exactly what he
He thinks now he's the present these treating other leaders when there is back. He tells you that directly. He says it directly, of course, on treating the leaders with respect and then he goes hearted them with terrorism, other complaints. So so I think the president on the same page, which you dont need to treat them like an enemy at, but at the same time you could be clear eyed about whether the risk is so here's out. I said this before, but is it better. Rosin treating China as an enemy. We should treat it as an incompatible system. We should just say you know: we've got this electronic thing we want to plug into the Wall Socket, but we need voltage of one hundred and ten you've got to twenty. What is the matter is not our opinion as good or bad luck criticized Are you your daughter enemy, I'm just saying I have a toaster, it requires a one hundred and ten, but your system is to
we tried. Plugin a blue toaster. There we tried. Clearly The hair, dryer and hair dryer blew up two so that we tried plugging in an electric car and my Tesla blow up, and then I tried plugging in my phone and my phone blow up. How many things do we have to blow up before we find out that you can't plug a one hundred and ten device into a two hundred and twenty outlet. So we are so he says getting adapter stop it. You engineers, stop ruining by analogy with your clever clover, engineering solutions wine is. We should just say why you have a system that doesn't have transparency. You cant connect to a system that
now. Do we have all the transparency in the world now even the United States could have far better transparency, but it's pretty good. When you say I mean we are pretty close to transparent a meaning, we even have we have them transparency on things that didn't happen. We have so much transparency. We know the things that didn't happen behind closed doors plus people are writing entire books about things that didn't even happen. We have whatever is more than transparency. We have people actually making stuff up and they still don't go to jail. Magellanic, China, magic driver, simply write. A book is make up a bunch of stuff that happened behind closed doors, the president, said higher than president. She said: listen the skill, all the workers or whatever, and imagine that at long last in China SOAP, not only does the United States have true
sparingly, but we have whatever's pass that where people can just make stuff up. Still long gone jail, it's kind of amazing actually, so I think you could boil down to that. You care plug a transparent system into in a non transparent system and get good get a good result for the transparent one. The non transparent one will do just fine right. Remember you plug your toaster into the two twenty the toaster blows up. I don't know such because an electrician, but imagine if I were an electrician knew what I was talking about right now. Wouldn't this be a cool story. So just imagine this issue, you plug your want him. I have no idea that this happens. Like your want em, you couldn't do it because the Plaza be different
Imagine you did you plug it in your toaster blows up, but the two twenty eight as fine, the outlet is fine, as only the toaster they got injured. So as long as we're a transparent system, we are vulnerable to plug into a non transparent system, and I think we should just keep it simple says not about communism. We don't care. Do we care? Do you really care if they, if the Chinese government is communist. Now you only care how it affects you Halifax the world without really care how other countries governed cells. I mean we, like I'm not be murdering their citizens right, but it is up to them. I mean there's somebody we can do about it. So that's how I do our deepest analyze it and say you kept plug a transparent system into a non transparent.
System- and if you do only one of them can win, only the non transparent can win? Does they can take from the transparent side, but they give nothing? They don't even tell you if they ever pandemics So that's it that's how I would decouple decouple entirely based on transparency, because it can't be argued, there's no argument about it and you don't have to argue whether a communist system is better than a democratic system right, because transparency isn't really technically built into the communist system,
If you said China, can you described the communist system? Would there be anything under list that describes their government in their own opinion? The said earlier and we don't do transparency because communist don't do. Transparency does not actually part of the system, so you can actually ignore communism in your immediate. We ignore the entire system of government, say we don't really care workers system, you have we care about transparency, and if you don't have that it doesn't matter what else you doing we'll carefully. Gonna, King Dictator communist system, we don't care of your democratic. You can be Democrats. If you have no transparency, I guess it doesn't work if you democratic, but if you have no transparency to us, doesn't work. I also tried is going down. There is no two ways about it. Let me sentences is clearly as I can. In five years time
gonna be a bad place, it's gonna be a bad place, because this is gonna be doing nothing by going downhill and, I think, has guaranteed at this point. U S. However, in five years is gonna be really really good shape. What are you where you want to be the United States in five years? Why do you want to be in the United States and five years gonna be an amazing place. This year will problematic last night. Was it. Living, shall I think it was Doktor David Gas, the founding director of the Old Prevention Research Centre in Connecticut. He says what I've been saying so apparently I may qualified virologists now.
As what I've been saying for a month is now being said by an actual doktor does not like other doctors have said this before, but is the clearest one goes like this. He says if you Babylonia, his exact words right on his exact words, the basic think as he's saying that unless you have vaccines, which we don't have or you have heard humanity heard immunity with, we don't have alleged to have one of those two things. There's no such thing is getting back to normal. And he suggests that the longer where in isolation and of war. The virus we're just pushing the problem into the future. Now suppose you could put it into the future like theoretically
the vaccines here, but we know that will work cuz it's just too long, and if we, if we, we cancel the economy for a year or eighteen months, I think everybody wears is grease. That's too long, so we can't wait for a vaccine. So let's take one of the two possibilities off the table. Name doesn't help us soon enough. What is the only other thing that good work according to a doctor, who is an expert on prevention as soon as the scan to prevention, and nor can prevent leaves a doctor of so? Let's, let me not assume, I know his credentials, but he got on tv he's a doctor, gonna tv, this work something and so is basically saying we should go out and get the herd immunity. Well, he doesn't say this directly
Obviously it directly, sir. I've said that we should rethink what our goal is. The goal should not be to avoid it. The goal should be to get it in the most careful way. Some other way. If we're not already letting out the people who are unlikely to die from it so that they can guess, You re, we can't really ever get there, there's no way to get from here to there. So I very much on the team, which is to say, I think, we're on the right path. Really, because, as we carefully reopen the government, the inspections should spread. I think the only guy In fact it should be the icy use, and unfortunately, the only thing that should slows down is the aspect of resources and I think we're in much much better shape an aspirin resources than we thought we
they. So that seems to be the only path, and you know it's interesting about it- is that the public will all their protests and going to the kitchen, huddling and stuff it seems to me. He actually know people than talk about cove lesson floods Europe. He should have said that that was the third option right, because wooden convalescent blood serum also get you to something like heard. Immunity, if you did enough of it, so I think we should change our strategy. I think our strategy should get should be explicitly to get too heard immunity, but to do it with the least possible So there's probably some strategy for doing that. The balls acting the young keeping old away for at least a month and then
and hoping you ve gotta immunity. Maybe you can test for Anti buys a few months away. I would like to see our goal explicitly changed to careful. Heard annuity and were vaccinations because right now, just hiding, I feel like isn't getting closer to the end point. As this doctor says, there's just pushing left the end point, and I, and if you push off the end, point you're also pushing off the point the year the european economy can recover it serve. The next point make sense to push off here. Your end point: if the only thing you're worried about his dying because Accoucheur ass resources as open as possible, but if the economies a variable too, I think you wanna, do it sooner.
I think you're gonna get the economy going, get the infections going young, the x number people are going to die, no matter what you do, it's it's an adult decision and by the way I heard a number of other people use the phrase. Adult decision is a really good one in terms of persuasion. If you get an argument with some idiot, whose just being political and acting as though there is a choice that where nobody dies, that's the child, you I'll take the child. You please where the economy is good and nobody gets errors or have that won't. Listen. I say what we don't have that choice. You you're a somebody's gonna die because the economy when at different people
Other people die. If you do the other plan worse, the virus goes everywhere, see just sort of have to back, and I shall say it again: if, if there's nobody in the country wants to make the choice I'll, do it you're, not my job? Obviously or do I think, I'm especially qualified. But if you need an adult to make an adult and you don't want to make it yourself I'll do it. I won't like it I mean it. Would you met me up for the rest of my life? Would it and if you you knew kill people you'd never really be the same. I don't think I'll be. I would do the same, but the only way to get from here to there the country required somebody to make a decision, as can have some kind of load on their person for the rest of your life, while I'm pretty I'm pretty hardened against anything, I'm pretty mentally tough I'll. Do it. If you need an adult to tell you
which way to go and people are gonna die I'll. Do it. You have any other adults who will do it I'll do it that what we won't come to, that. I'm just saying that we should just stop talking with children about the impossible, with let's get a failure. And then the economy will be good and nobody the virus children you're done now Speaking of children, so called Comedian Patent Oswald. I hate Ipad Multi annual budget aid. Impersonally, though you can ask me personally on Twitter, he's just a horrible little troll of a man, and it is clear that you would, after Gregg felt this week and so no people to go after him. So here's what you said. Of course, I'm not
I'm not the guy anything, she should get in trouble for jokes right, so I'm not gonna, say salvation lose their job or something because I made a stupid joke, especially if you're a comedian Emerge said. Balin Oswald is a horrible human being, as far as I can tell I just a terrible person bases public public persona, I dont know personally and so usually set, but even so is it even though, is a terrible person out of the aviation lose your job for a bad joke, but here's what he said and twitter. He said Anne Frank spent two years hiding inadequacy
already sunshine shaky ground. If the first two words in your tweets are Anne Frank, it almost doesn't matter what comes and resolutely you're gonna get some attention. You start with an frank as the start of strong measures as an frank spent two years hiding in the Vatican and we ve been home for just over a month with Netflix Food delivery and video games and rich people risking viral death by storming state capitol buildings and screaming open fun rockers. He tweeted now on aid on a comedy level. Now bad. Now that I mean TAT, Oswald is a famous comedian, because he's gotta cutlery
take that away from, and I also in terms of judging artists in general, since I'm usually on the receiving end of the judgment, I always like to say that if there are, if an audience is paying for your work, it's not bad. So anybody who says that the comedian is not funny at the same time that a comedian, entire stadiums of people buying a ticket, and they know why they're there and they're happy when they leave that's, not a bad artist as somebody who filled the room with people want to pay for it, so bad as what he feels rooms with people who want to pay for his contacts with is good, he's gotta what he does. I can still haven for just being a horrible personal.
So what is this money but, of course he's he was blamed being low tone, deaf, not reading the room, because it this is not describe everybody in the country watching Netflix, with their delivery envy games you do now. There are people who can afford food delivery, they're called most of the people in those states, probably the majority when you say I would guess over half of the country wouldn't do take out, even as they wanted it does. It would cost a few bucks extra. I think at least half a country doesn't do take out orders or delivery. Even if it's not akerana, viruses can be half more subtle.
Five percent it might be. Seventy five percent of the country has never done delivery of groceries because it can afford it when you say, maybe seventy five percent of just guessing the least fifty percent endeavour had food delivered to the house. Does you wouldn't packs her for it? yes, I'm saying three quarters, I think maybe seventy five could be higher. It could be. Eighty percent of the other would be surprised, so battened Avonlea wasn't reading the tone of the country there. Here's a horrible story that only gonna tell you because of the way I feel about it. I want to see if you ve got to this point too.
This is a terrible story. You not like me more after I sailors Salami just warn you. I'm gonna reveal a little bit too much about my inner thoughts. I really shouldn't do this, but I feel like it anyway. You ever do something. They know you should and you know you're going to do it anyway, and even when you know you shouldn't do it, you say I know I shouldn't do this now watch me do it. I don't know why I'm doing this cuz, I just said. I know I shouldn't do this- I'm going to do this, now there's a California mare who again trouble for doing some public. Presentation where he showed a coup. Klux clan photo and compare the two transporters So this is a matter of Auburn California and he had just recently on social media posted a medium comparing trumps supporters.
The cake, ok. Well, he died in a small plane crash yesterday and I thought to myself. I dont have empathy. I have I ever less than fifty for his family so to his family, of course. Of course, under present empathy, nothing else would be even human, but I honestly this is part? I don't wanna meet in public, but I'm gonna do it anyway. If somebody who is a little elected official has put me into a category because, on the trumps supporter, not a conservative, not a republican but definitely a transport, he puts me the category with KKK in public and that he dies. I don't fucking care. Sorry didn't mean to
I don't care, I do care about his family, I mean genuinely, you know anybody to die if they loved ones etc. That part is a tragedy, but let me say this clearly is again: if you are elected official, and you ve compared some part of the american public who just want freedom constitution. People follow the laws and, though, raise my taxes too much. If you calling, then we KKK in public and you're, an elected official and yeah baser use joking right to use. Joking, no really I mean use joking says he didn't little mean the cake, a gay, but he meant to compare them and I got to say I don't have any empathy for him. He died in a terrible accident and I actually just don't care. I think he deserved it
There is a desire to tough word. Nobody should never say anything deserves that, so I'll take back deserved. I will say that he he abdicated. He was right to mp3. Let's say that nobody deserves it, so nobody deserves it, nor these clears again. Nobody deserves. The dialogue about accident. But you can certainly abdicate you're right to empathy. Yet I think he did it some site. But I like to hear so there's a former NASA scientists to the Sun Fox NEWS Base, who is talking about this thing called far uv light and here's take on. It was really really good, and I have said before that
Engineers are going to save the world just over and over again scientists, but also engineers- and this is this- is a good example, so the scientists and this guy's, a scientist, former's NASA scientist- was saying that this special kind of uv light is not the normal kindnesses spent range, far uv whatever. That is. We know that it kills a virus and we know that for a while, in fact, their industrial devices with this light that actually do that right now they work in hospitals, late, they killed the virus and what the scientists was saying was essentially in engineering solution. So is one thing to invent things, but they have to actually be spread into the public and implemented, and that's where the engineers comment as though these scientists were saying that instead of using these devices,
to say decontaminate. Something you know is the king did, you know is contaminated, which is the normal way. Your brain works, so your brain says await. Theirs is light and you know it kills a virus, so will use this and all the places that there's a virus like if I've the mask wanted to Camp Dick decontaminated. Maybe it tat in their you'll, find something specific those contaminated and put their light there and then the. But then the scientist users twister energy, It completely changes. What I thought of this idea, and he put an engineering spent up- and he said you dont want to use it to kill the virus where you know, there's a virus. You just want upon him everywhere. Because apparently you could even put one only your attachment to the dashboard your car up to them, hang one for the rear view light must be a little unit
all day long or at least when he turned it on you. Would you shoot. Some- you re light into the environment. It will be killing the virus if it were in your car so without even knowing if your car would ever be infected with a soul device there during the day periodically adjust yourselves on far uv licence. If anybody had some and if they touch your car on the inside, it will develop now you say you could put it in your doorways. You could build a doorway so that, if you walk through the uv light kill some stuff. There was a new body. Maybe you could put, you could build it into the ceiling lights and they actually show the prototype. Actually ceiling light that, during the day, disuse uv laid out in addition to the regular rude light. She has the regular room. Light is on a sunny says I already did this So as the regular room light is on, you can't even see the EU be light switches,
during the day, killing viruses in your environment- and you never know and to me this seems like a really scalable solution. It doesn't look like, is necessarily to scale all the next twelve months before talking about the future of humanity, and I think that within our societies, the document because we ve got pandemic after pandemic after pandemic. Right now, to the extent that there are viruses, they probably wrong, acceptable the same kind of treatment, yeah, airplanes airplanes would be the obvious one where you going to put them. So you can easily imagine, and let me ask you a question: how much do you think it cost? If you were to make a consumer product that was handheld,
or ceiling mounted, or maybe it's just a label, and they could be just like all right. But what would it cost per room or or precarious both? What would it cost? If you got your production down per unit unthinking I'll bet, you could get one of those devices below twenty dollars pretty quickly for listing small space like a bedroom, there's something bathroom, maybe I'll bet you can get your whole house done. Under a thousand dollars. If you got the good stuff and maybe under three hundred dollars, if you went cheap, maybe
Car unit would be fifty bucks, sits up there and change the batteries now and then some like that somebody says five g will come when the Abbe Great met badger waking up to borrow finding out there. We killed the krona virus, but just the of cranking up all the fine she's salt hours for a few minutes is turning off. For a few minutes. We kill all the virus as they go. So that's what is more hopeful things. I've heard because it does feel like even if we beat the growth of viruses, just could be one virus. Every action is killing our economy, so would be good to have some kind of permanent way to suppress it we'll talk about that skate park at cruise ships or another another gray. One somebody says they have them on Amazon. Is that right
I'm not sure I would like our trust anything I M is answering the virus like there's a lot of land scams, sir, let me just share so he says little talk about the systems in it, sir. That would be far uv right, you d say. And the answer is no? recital lamps for honor
fourteen dollars, you goodbye a pack of sixty one light bulbs, their allegedly Germicides lamps, but here's my warning to others all bunch of light bulbs, arbiter, synthesizing, labelled they'll, say you ve, not far, you ve! So here's what I would caution. You always wonder. You stick your hand into twisting, so the others all kinds of products in that category, but then- Dont be used word far and here's the thing out worry about is very likely that there's a specific and of unity before you ve, whatever that is out of their works better than other uv things, and so I'm thinking that. The regular uv might be a little bit useful and the four.
You ve may be very useful, so I would be cautious anything by during the krona virus because, as rapidly as many scams is real products on her name so he says- are made in China that they are what would happen if you found out that the reason China got it under control as recent far you re in their light bulbs, and they didn't tell us how he says five g could be the problem that the pure yeah, maybe someday, says you're analogy, expert electrical engineer
good. There might have been more to that. He had some Youtube's on this people are sending me. You are also see not a novel approaches bill to hear this way set asides, but out there forever is a common approach, but what was different is to have an engineer into everything. To me there was the breaks. The breakthrough is not the the uv like kills virus. The problem is that it's not in the places, needs do and apparently could be, barely could be, there's no preference or it could be. Sums before and after the corona fires. Are you curious about that? Because you ass, I told you many times. I think many of your doing the same thing. I am consciously working on my immune system, so it almost every decision I make nearing the day is directly or indirectly related by abuse.
On my immune system, so it almost every decision I make during the day is directly. Directly related by immune system, because at the moment is my highest priority, as I figure eventually I'm gonna get exposed to the virus later and I want to be in good shape. So, for example, are there are there so many people who are doing something similar if it could be, just work was more stressful and stay on for a lot of people as long as you're still getting a paycheck staying home is probably a little less tense than going to work for a lot of people? Maybe the rivers for some of them, The question is, if you could measure our immune, if there's a way to do that, directly are energy before and after quota virus shut down, would it be higher or lower? I'm pretty sure by you'd be higher if.
Assuming that I can actually boost by merely by lifestyle in the year in a few months, and I thank you again- I'd love to give an opinion. If there's a medical doctor here who knows this, how much can you boost your immunity through lifestyle was saved a month? yeah. Can you make an appreciable difference in your overall bodies, immunity in a month or or is it a case of the average person? Was good? Immunity has good days and bad days based on what they did that day, In other words, if you didn't you asleep that day, germ unity lower- if your tat more tens that day. If you, if you, if you
over exercise and worry about yourself out. So that's my question and the reason I M S. Illnesses is entirely possible just throw this out as the most ridiculous, optimistic statement. Nobody ever said. Okay, if the problem with this virus, isn't it kills more, what seems to be extra deadly, releasing quantity, if not in ratio, meaning that it might not be killing such a high ratio of people gathered, but lots of them because it's pretty viral thing, further lots of them. Then he knows that, like what would happen if our immunity would up twenty percent less say if you didn't measure such a thing and then we were released back into the wild to get some heard, immunity would be Would boosting your immunity by twenty percent make a huge difference,
suddenly mortality rate and in the way- a series of at the comments cuz this funny leaves us there was waiting for Monday, colonist Monday. Welcome to the club no idea what day it is most of the time. No idea, in fact, is worse for me. You think it's bad for you, you don't know data's. I dont know what time of the day it is because I put my black out curtains down what I do. These parasites, so when the curtains or down could be any any it today. I don't know what it is outside, because I do the periscope at the same time,
today in the a dot m as the p dot m, so it my local time is seven a dot m and then again at seven p dot m. I have this weird experience like last night: where can I do my periscope? I was probably in bed by nine hundred and thirty ish, and then I wake up it today and I'm just doing away, and so I've got some groundhog bathing. Were I do this periscope. Sleep and do the periscope than I do things do a periscope and I have to tell you on several occasions
Remember as it was morning or night actually couldn't tell. I was sitting there thinking. I know I've got periscope, but is this the morning, or is this a night a few times about? Actually at once I had to look outside adjusted to figure out if it was morning or night, so there's bad circulated, escape park, this is where those stories we would like to talk about. As you understand it, there's a there's, nothing to it. You don't understand so there's some scape work ethic southern California, They filled with sand solid people when you use it in violation of the of the ban on getting the other and loving people sentenced outrageous since outrageous, except probably not idle, figures outrages. If you wanted to do
keep people from using it. Didn't wanna put a staff there, a hundred percent of the time and the signs didn't work and he knew that people would be. Your paragraph to two Klaus Welle fellows and you can always taken out so I know people are outraged because somebody found a clever solution to these things. Just Philip Was- and you can argue that skateboards don't get that close to each other, but in my experience I've actually said quite a bit of time as an escape arcs. How many of you have to spend time and works? A glass I spent a long time at skateboarding parks in my local down, not skateboarding book, watching my steps on that and they can get pretty busy. There's a lot of lot of social interaction. There
So I would not disagree with them acting creatively in making that scape work on a noble anybody ever hear other questions, sleep tips. I will give you some more sleep about tonight, because I think you should look at sleep as a skill in Venice. California is the skipper saint lamenting some people say here. They tried caution. Take first, you can really get teenage boys are mostly boys. You really can get them to be rules so
maybe fool who sand yeah. I don't even think a fence would stop the other thing with the sand. Is its temporary? It's not that hard to take the sand out of it. Slattern even harder to order taken out in Poland here will be. Our Europe is not a big deal here: brooms sweep it Is there any other thing you would like from Navy in subsequent periscopes there would be in the form of a lesson, something something you think I know how to do that. You would like me to teach him do among the possibilities. Are systems for fitness systems for
diet? Those of you who are new to me are wondering what what are you talking about? I thought you were a cartoonist. Why would you have a system for diet and a system for fitness, and if you did, why would I care about it because after all year, a cartoonist there is one I teach is systems that will work in any domain. So it's not. A specific system is just how to build a system for fitness and how to design a system. Earlier comments before I sign off the carrying two. Twenty is an amazing technic Irene for certain, because the moors reinforced the more powerful The carrying two twenty is an amazing technic Irene for certain, because the Moorish reinforced the more powerful it is.
The new, by an idea, so the binding, add, tries to make it look like a trump. Do everything wrong in the pandemic and everything wrong dealing with China. It makes chinese the the enemy and that it stresses that trumpeted a bad job dealing with the only option is to improve pointed out in a tweet this morning. I'll think they thought this through. As it Joe Biden succeeds.
In making it look like China is the big old enemy who you get of all four I mean seriously. If it's, the only thing you gather that add is that China is really dangerous and we'd better, be tough without hurrying and above all, for you that could have over Biden. If you, if you think the binding, is accurate and saying that China is a bigger problem. Areas like it's almost like the mole came up. That the them mole is my theoretical personally gives bad advice to the other side. System to learn how to draw should I can. I can teach you that pitching ideas for projects.
I'm not sure on the best pigeon ideas for projects like I'll get you there. I could probably get you into the top twenty percent per easily the New Jersey Cobb Drones. Well, I think we have to get used to drones being everywhere. I think drones will be everywhere. I think that they're gonna facial recognition that are going to be able to sense things in the environment, but even the elder subway here you have military drones. The air you gonna have armed drones and their sooner or later somebody says buyers less dangerously creepy. Another, yes really onset dimension. Lady Gaga, as suggesting age,
Tell you wonder what year in in their private moments d, ever wonder if the Biden supporters like Alice, mulatto and lady Gaga answer, don't you wonder what they say in their private moments is privately, though you think they say we know he's lost. We just Have another we can orange monster like that. Again, do you think private, They know the buttons already done, at least in terms of mentally our drawing for kids yeah. I could give you air a joint lesson for kids. Ok I'll! Do that make that what am I to do so? I guess I got for today and I'll talk to you tonight. You know when.
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