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Episode 925 Scott Adams: You Know What Goes Well With Coffee? Oh, I Think You Do. Get in Here.

2020-04-20 | 🔗

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  • Test kits…how many do we need and when will we have them?
  • Decisions in the face of extreme uncertainty
  • We need IQ tests, not blood tests…for coronavirus
  • Nancy Pelosi’s weak cover-story  
  • Joe Biden disappears for several days

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For them from some bump bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump on well, it's time for coffee was got those. That means it's time to crank up the studio. We got the studio lights on the windows are going there. So called them here today I can see my breath lobby for twenty everybody. Welcome to the best coffee was got. Atoms of all to no seriously. This would be the best one you can judge for yourself, but I think you ll agree by the,
How many of you have gotten primed for the day? Guess who isn't commuting today? You aren't now you're not commuting today. Do you know you can do today? Finally, you can enjoy the holiday the way it was intended yeah, but I started Anyone with coffee was got up and all you need. A couple: Mugger Glass tanker jealousies, Diana Kantian, jogger, flask, a bomb vessels. Any kind fill it with your favorite liquid, like coffee, join me there for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine here the day. Well, maybe the second dopamine end of the day It's called the simultaneous up and it happens now sublime well. Should we talk about all the way
somebody's nephew is born today. Congratulations. That's good or bad to be born on for twenty in the middle of a pandemic, sort of little this little. That kind of good conduct. There are some things that are happening tonight. I understand that in this band I make one of the biggest problems as we don't have enough tests and I'm talking about IQ test, because what we really need is to I q test everybody in the country. Just so know who to listen to cuz. I get up twitter everyday and I feel like I'm listening to a lot of dumb people, and wouldn't it be good to have a filter on twitter we're just just during the emergencies cuz I like to hear the dumb people for a Damon normal dates, but during the pandemics, another emergencies like
with the option of filtering them off. So what do you like a shelter there? Just you could you could dialogue to whatever I q you're willing to listen to, and I think we are condemning- I'm not really willing to listen to an opinion from anybody under would say. I q of one thirty, now realise these tests are not totally accurate. You, you ve together the false positive from german chancellor, For example, so does eight hundred percent accurate IQ test? until we have enough iq test to get everybody tested, I don't see how we can go back to work because without knowing who those stupid people are, how whose advice to Dick Should I wear a basque We're a mask candidate
who tells you they have of course subtract from the smart people, anybody you as a financial interest, so I am sure that the director of the World Health Organization, if you were to give him an iq test, already, do great. He probably score really high, but you have to take him out of the sample size because he has a potential financial interests. I see so speaking of testing, I'm I'm. Basically, I reach the end of my patients. In not getting useful information from my government and tell me if this is off base, but I think the I think, the public You can listen to its government, even when the government, maybe doesnt, have for constitutional authority in area. Maybe it's just a guy, like, I think, is a
Real good idea to listen do your government and take their advice. If you assume that they have your best interests in they do, and that they're they're on top of it Your government has a responsibility to be credible. They, have to act in a way that the public and say. Oh, maybe you don't you, with a right? You know we get there. You can see the future Get there you working with estimates, but you know you're generally doing what looks like a credible job here. Nobody else is really doing much better, except maybe by locker. They have different demographics, so it looks like ok, it looks like you're doing your job. You care about the citizens. Are that's good. What you ask us to do, even if it's hard, I'm willing to do it, because you ve establish yourself as a credible leadership entity
we have today. You are unwilling to put up with it. Little bit of fog of war early on a per inner problem. But as of today, do you think that MIKE Pence should not be able to tell you how many tests we have? who has how many are in the pipeline. What? How many do we really need before we have? Whatever we decide is enough to get back to work. Do you think will have any information like that today I'm gonna predict and I'm gonna go out on a limb here, I'm going to predict that we will not hear the most important piece of data in the world right the most important piece of data in the world. World period most important data in the world is probably not that hard to get at least an estimate
the government's surely knows who makes the test gets my now, they surely are in contact with They can surely ask how many of you produced many do you have in the pipeline? How many can you produce this month? Surely that can be obtained if your government does not present. That information to you today, even an estimate format. It get me wrong. You could be wrong because we don't ask perfection if you're asking from perfection This five of war emergency nobody's ever been here before. Let's just unrealistic, that would be a child's view. It would be a child's view, The new government is gonna. Do everything right and also do it as soon as it could be done, and better than all the other governments. A brand new emergency that nobody seen before, and nobody really have the right information. It's not reasonable. But here's what is reasonable April twenty
Many weeks into this, knowing that having enough test gets is really gonna, be the whole game right can. Here really do anything else without that base information. And we don't even have the basic information of whether the kids are available or in what quantities. So let me give my government a failing, f, does not to say they haven't, got a bunch of things correctly.
I am strongly in the camp of agreeing with Trump they're closing down travel from at least one early was a very strong sign that this is a big deal right, there's no way you can interpret and unprecedented closing of air traffic from a major superpower. You can interpret that as he didn't think it was important right there there's no way you can go back in time and say he closed travel from China without thinking that was a big emergency. You. You can't reasonably think that now you can certainly look at his language and say we wish he had said it was more of a problem early on but you also have to understand that it is President Trump he's going to put the positive spin on everything, even if he's acting, even if as actions are proving that it's a big problem and they did he closed, you did what
we do that to be done there now lots of people are saying- and I think this is a fair criticism of the government. Just of the government in general that we didn't have the ability to quickly ramp up testing. I don't think it's a criticism that we didn't have a test for a virus that exist yet. It's not a fair criticism? By shouldn't? We have had at least some kind of a quick ramp up plan for testing in general, it looks like we did not see it have to say that some that one major part of the Trump ministrations responsibility, which is to have a reasonable plan for Endemic that doesn't mean having enough tests gets. That means having a play over quickly having enough which is different. Ed, I think, is further, say we didn't have the right. Have you heard anybody
say that we have any kind of a plan for a quickly wrapping up testing if we didn't then I would say the government is in complete failure on that topic now. Do you say that that is therefore president trumps failure, while the buck has to stop the top? So yes, yes, in the sense that everything is the bosses problem but if we did that level, do you think that there was ever a meeting in which somebody It is easy to President trump you now the only way we really be ready in case of a pandemic and by the way these bear endeavours,
almost guaranteed, it's not like we even after worry, if will have one pretty much guaranteed, do we have we? Would you like to fund the preparations to be able to quickly rip up testing? Should we have abandoned it? Do you think that conversation ever happened and do you think the president's and no? No, I don't think that's worth any money and look at us giving I'll say that happened. So if we could be adults for a moment is very unlikely that President Trump ever even the hut was presented with a decision about how to prepare the country in case of their those. I'll bet, you'd everyone have that building now you could argue that he should call that we and I think that would be fair point, but just look at the entire context I will go further and say that if we don't
Hear more about testing at in the today. Really is there's no reason not to hear today and we even have pence came out and said. I know how important it is to give you just billion testing your work eighty percent of the way to adding adding it up and giving it to you I'll give it to you tomorrow. Thou be good enough. That would show that they have some sense of how important that is to be not only important they those important by important to communicate it if you're, if we're in the midst of the endemic in those protests in the street- and we don't know exactly when waking reopen. The economy have said this before that. If we don't have at least a target date
each area that they can rely on as opposed to a? If you meet these conditions? You go back to work. If you meet these conditions comes with a condition of its own. You have to have tests still you know have so the government has created a situation and presented to the public like this here. The guidelines to get back to work by the way is not possible to achieve them. That's what happened right. Am I wrong because you would need a certain amount of testing to be? we will achieve it, we have no information that would suggest will ever have that ever right, now. One assumes that were working toward it, but what information do you So if your government is just telling you that hey you go back to work as soon as you complete this checklist. What's on the checklist,
Well one thing that might be impossible: we don't know if it I'd be solved before the economy. Totally crashes thanks for another thanks for nothing So without the information on the testing, your government is incomplete, fiduciary default and if Trump loses the election, because of this totally fair. Now I don't want Joe Biden depressed That's the problem itself, but if Trump loses the election, because he won't tell us basic information. Remember who they wouldn't tell us about the ventilators, but he got lucky. It turns out it didn't matter cuz. We made some money and didn't matter, but that was a complete failure of management that we, the public, didn't, have visit.
That now or in another complete failure- we don't know my watch hijacks Chloric, Queen there is or really even if it makes a difference for sure, and we don't know anything about ass. That's a complete failure. There's no other way to say that sword say the government is in complete failure. Federal government, as of today, easy defects could be completely fixed by this afternoon. So what I say is in complete failure, and I don't mean it's over- I mean if they don't fix this really fast, while their protest in the street, largely because of this lack of disability, I would argue,
we are not saying that nobody is saying were protesting because you, we don't think we'll get testing in time, but if you haven't given them a practical believable plan with a date, even if it changes you have given us, nothing, nothing, and so if the public reacts as though the government has given them, nothing don't be surprised. You will not be surprised if you give them nothing and then they act like you gave them. Nothing should be what you expect. I've got a huge influx of new followers are linked in where doctors, most of them, followed me from twitter or someplace else. Add, is really
I guess it's just cause of kroner virus stuff and everybody. I think doctors are probably more interested today in what the non doktor communities thinking about this than ever before, because the doctors fates depend almost I'm into a huge degree. The fate of the doctors depends on what people were not doctors. Our thinking about medical questions right, I'm not sure we ve never had the situation before doctors who are in the front line, of course, making the frontline decisions, but we are we go in terms of opening things up, etc? Will be medical decisions essentially balance with economic decisions, but medical decisions made by non medical people? So, given that one of the few who talks about the stuff, all that I'm gonna make sense. The doctors or poor again to see with the non medical people or feeling and try to sample has been.
Windows into that as they can cause, our fate depends on it. If, if, if we, the the ponderous, get this wrong, it's a big problem is a big problem, because the doctors will suffer from what the public decides ultimately, and so I do appreciate that many of those doctors have sort of stepped up to become my become my mentors and informers. So quite often Albion engaging on something topic on Twitter and I'm very very happy to see actual medical doctors pouring into the comments to clarify and then fix misinformation. So it's a tremendously good. It's a really good trend to watch the doctors star following the non doctors, because it's important right now
and to fix our thinking. Specifically, you know, there's gonna be a lot of poles between now and election day, and I would argue at this point the only thing that matters to re election is the problem of virus. I think. You, maybe maybe these Supreme Court, but it feels as though, because people are more influence by whatever happened recently and also whatever was the biggest, and this is the biggest and it will be most recently so really. I would say that these the few people were swing. Voters probably are going to be mostly did mostly effected by the corona virus response But I would say that when you are in the middle of the battle, the polling is useful and entertaining tells you something about what the middle the battle which like, but it doesnt, prove it.
Because the only thing that will predict is winning or losing- and by November we're going to have a much better consensus, of course, than what the country never agrees that everything, but I'll probably be these two thirds consensus one way or the other there Our government did either work or didn't work. So that's all they will depend that that's what's going about the election, the election will depend on that. So. We don't know how that will go because we don't. If we win or lose. We probably want now for several months, but I like to use this phrase because it is you're really explained so many situations. You ve heard it before winning fixes everything. I've said that my books, I think something famous at first but winning tattoo thinks, is everything
If you win, people will almost instantly stop com, leaving about how you got there if you lose their will complain forever about other things, the wrong, but the day win. If you win, then all the criticisms of the dumb things you used to be doing. They just go away to remember when, when Trump won, the election. Why haven't all those criticisms about the way he was campaigning, all the criticisms of all the things, was doing wrong and where we were all little experts right, we're all experts and the thing Trump was wrong to campaign. Well, he's not spending enough money well eyes. He doesn't have the right endorsements. Well, he seems to be insulting people lacking. The good what's all this reading about, and so we really brilliant pundits. Had all these criticisms about what the President's do wrong campaign to be the president and then he want.
And then all those criticisms went away as soon as you win, you realize they were either overblown or the matter. Or maybe we're wrong in the first place, I got into an interesting conversation which I dont understand a bit, because I'm not qualified. False positives, verses, false negatives. In specifically, looking at the cousin said Clara that showed there were a lot of people relative to what we expected. There were a lot of people with it nobody's now. What does a lot? It was you who a few percent here somewhere that one of four percent, depending on how you look here are some say two percent and unfortunately, that's also regular range where you can get false false positives. But so then Laval was dealing with this question
these smarter about this stuff and he was pointing out that the tests, Hopefully are calibrated so that they take into account what they know about the accuracy and testing. So that's all get into it and other smart people came in and said well. In order to do that, the only way you can be sure your test work is to calibrate against a test. You know works, but that doesn't exist. So there is apparently there are no. Really reliable tests. They can be calibrated again. Something that you know is reliable. Now, alas, are I believe it because the Bin, the manufacturer of the,
ass presumably is testing it against some others standard. It seems like. If you got a any kind of a positive you would just retested say: ok, are we getting too many false positives? They're, just re tasked with other devices until they were sure, then it was real were sure that it was a false test. So I think the bandy factor could use just a variety of other test gets to see if it is the least that agreement now get your pretty close to know you Vienna, false positive, but if he had a false name, if you tested a thousand people and you got one positive work is pretty obvious that you should run that one positive through some other tests just to save as real. What about the nine hundred and ninety nine negatives, with the manufacturer of the test that we're talking about
were they ever re, run all nine hundred and ninety nine, through all of the other tests which are available to see if they all get the same result issue, and if some doubt then re run again to make sure that they know it's gonna. I don't know. I'm guessing not, but it would only be gas. Maybe you could imagine but they would say yeah, that's the only way we would do it course. You have to test and retest the retest against all the standards. Otherwise you don't really know what you have. My experience in the real world is probably not, but maybe it's a medical world and one has to assume that they have higher standards and most of the world. But my point of it is that really smart people who were up, building at a level that I can't quite reach. In other words, people understand this world and can deal with a statistical ambiguities of it more capable of action.
Are not quite the same page? about whether these tests are reliable or not. Now I can't really judge because it again and that qualified, but isn't it interesting this thank you would think would be as easy to know the truth of it, even though you get so. Let me very back you up to a bigger thought about all this. Wouldn't you say that the most standard information you ve gotten is that we should use facts to make decisions, and we should really know the facts or what everything we do with a groan virus thing would be just nonsense. We gotta know the facts, but it is also true that all of our facts are reliable or total bullshit. Am I wrong about that? Heaven All of our facts. So far proven
either unreliable or you can be sure you might be too may not be true. So protest, test atrocity results of the tests. I don't trust anything that comes from any government source. I don't trust anything that comes from a private source. I don't trust they were cultural funded. So our wish was to make decisions with facts when the only fact we can be sure of is that our facts are wrong. Anyway. You wouldn't have to have many facts. There were wrong to have the wrong decision. So let's say you add: all the facts were right, except the safest MAX face messy vraiment make things much worse where they fix everything so as they have all the facts correctly, which is impossible, but only just one fact was wrong.
Without one wrong fact could totally blow your strategy, and we certainly have at least one fact wrong. We don't know which ones exactly we don't, even though the denominator of you know how many people have recovered, you dont know exactly why. This is that we don't know a lot of things. We don't know their genetic differences were not entirely sure of smoking is good or bad for you. We don't know how many people really I didn't China, we don't know why Sweden is doing better. We don't know why South Korea's do better. We have guesses asks blah blah blah. We don't know if social isolation works, we don't know if it's worth rate, we don't orphan works. Well, we don't know if it's working better and someplace, we don't know anything. So we should sort of abandon the child like fairytale. There were going to make this decision based on facts.
Because we're not the reason we're not because there are no facts. We can rely on their only facts. We ve heard fact sometimes come from renewable sources and are also not true as evidence. The World Health Organization, the CDC their surgeon general, and our government, all of them have told us things that are so insanely, obviously not true phasing ass being the obvious that we don't have any yeah we're still arguing about Dr Shiva Weather. All you need is some vitamins that we are so far from facts and leave the bill gates. Rumors, I mean we're not close to fax here's the question: how do you make a decision in the in the face of such extreme uncertainty? the other. Some general things we know such as. If you do nothing, more people will get the virus. So we don't
so, using just those general things, plus some risk management? Your generally go look for things that you can test and then pull back. If you need to do so If you don't know what is the right answer usually make sense. Every situation is different, but it usually makes sense to take the strategy that is the most adaptable. If doesn't work out there. You can immediately say ups taken back now if here, to reopen new economy and just say those who have reopened everything and the virus took hold them deal. A million people got infected in a week, Who'd you easily reverse that not really became a hard to reverse it wants a million people were infected, although were I think we have a quarter million already
but likewise it will not be easy to reverse shutting down the account but which one would be easier to reverse. Well depends on what you care about the deaths. If you don't care about, does just open up the economy. If you do well, you ve got to have decision, so we have to make a decision without facts, love that goes well. Here's here's one of the things that made me think that we need IQ test, not a blood test for or not a test for the perverse. So I treated this, which is a lot of people, a lot of people who believe the Trump talks to complete you'll be ass. Ninety nine percent of the time so there his critics believe that pretty much everything is
lie inseparably, whereas bs, and yet they can't understand why Trump would say that President she's, an awesome guy in China, is doing a great job at the same time, he's trying to get a trade deal done. Do you really not understand how that works? Are people are really so dumb that they don't understand their president. Trump is standing right in front of you on camera and winking as hard as we can yeah. I love president. She he's wink. Wink did a great job, great job. We all Bilby concerned if they give us better information, but President Chee he's my friend link egg Could he will get a harder Do you believe him when he says that China's awesome
I believe that he's smart enough to know that you're not gonna get anywhere with China. If you try to humiliate them that I know The president knows not to humiliate. Somebody is trying to do a deal with in the middle of the deal- oh sure, maybe before and after another the deal, if you're actually negotiated with somebody, you're gonna be insulting in public. You get, you need to get your iq checked. If you think the president should be insulting the president, China Wall we're trying to get something done? Your check check your iq at the door. There made no sense, but you know them talk about. I don't think the Roger Stone upcoming Pardon
whatever whatever the word is worth was here. The word is a pardon, ory, clemency, clemency. I don't think there's any question about remorse. The president has so clearly signals that he's gonna, pardon or grey clemency, to Roger Stone, it's just a matter of timing of this boy. Now, metaphors, there's another situation, because there's just a darker situation, but I think the Roger Stone Pardon is essentially guaranteed. There's a was asked by Chris Wallace yesterday. To explain how she would say that the president was under playing the virus,
The very same time she was publicly going to try to town telling everybody to enjoy Chinatown in the big crowds during the pandemic. Of course, Chris Wallis's calling out saying you know criticising the president for not taking seriously exactly inviting people to hang rounded big crowds and what was near sea pollution Inviting people to hang rounded big crowds, and what was near sea pollution response to that its real had shaker. She said that the real point that was to counter president jobs racism because she was worried that, because he was
following the virus, the chinese virus or the virus that would stoke racism, and so she decided to go to China Town and get all the chinese american citizens infected with grown a virus and maybe die so that they wouldn't feel bad. Then a virus was named after a country that they don't living. So this might be if you can have some kind of a second, a ward for the most pathetic answer you ve ever heard from a politician- I am not even going to college lie because it so obvious alive there, you don't really need to call them out. You should at least you're gonna lie, you should at least take a stab at making it'll save a little bit believable. Do you think there's anybody, even in the democratic party? So sorry about that Technical,
Oh, let's is because of something I said about China. I dont know we'll find because all test that again away. So whatever Nancy Blowsy said, I'm wondering where their Democrats were the Democrats who were thinking to themselves gosh. You know that is a good question. Chris was why did desi blowsy criticise president trump? At the same time, she was inviting people to a big proud to get infected and trying to tell you what. Why did she do that? And then they hear the answer and Pelosi says: oh it's to counteract President Trump's
is there anybody who is a Democrat who heard then said how that makes sense. Now I was thinking God do I want to swear. I want to swear so much today, I can say, were too much could pull back serenity? Is there any Democrat who heard Pelosi say that she was trying to correct president's racism by going to China town? Does anybody believe that is already democratically, double actively work really because at least to the credit of trump supporters when shrubs says something that we know is not true, we can now it don't we don't you don't you know it if he says I had the biggest crowd size since the gladiators and
the Colosseum here. Don't you listen to me, you go. Maybe maybe not really matter is zero point. Does it doesn't really matter if you exaggerated that I too,
like Trump supporters generally novel what're, you saying things that are complete bs, but I dont know if democratic, no at when Pelosi says I just kettle. Has anybody seen Joe Biden since Friday? This is an actual question because I dont know has Joe Biden Ben televised since Friday. Wait for your comments, because I didn't want to see, I can't tell that comment is this- was the last. What most people still talk? You want me to swear by isn't that question has Joe Biden provided in the answers. We know that's what your answer, as Joe Biden has shown himself in two and a half days,
because, if feels like I'll wait for your answer so I'll get it, I get over my skis a little bit if we haven't seen them all. Let me make a general I'm going to make a general observation if, if we did not see Joe Biden for two days- and I need a confirmation of that so I'll make it a general statement, if there ever, It is time that we don't see Joe Biden at least and video for two days. It means he's gonna be out of the race. That's that's my prediction. If you ever see a two day gap with no Joe Biden LIVE video at this point from here until the election any to day, gap means he's out of the race,
That is why the subject now, the way he leaves the rays of courses, great question, but I would think if you were dark for two days of Indiana did a confirmation that I saw tweed of it, but you may have reappeared right after that Ok people say no and Joe Biden. So if it's true though, haven't seen him for two days. It means the Democrats are talking into leaving the race because I see no scenario that he would stay out of the public eye unless Democrats were talking him into yet another race and being replaced. I think that's happening right now. If he's been gone for two
is because otherwise there is no reason that you can say to yourself. Don't ask out the reason is he's not mentally capable so they're they're keeping them off the Airways, which, I would say is really the same thing. I just said because if they ve kept him off video for two days, because they don't think he's mentally carpet and at the moment that also means they're having the conversation about replacing lose no way. You separate those two things, and then I saw one article opinion article see then saying that Elizabeth Warren was the obvious best choice for vice president. Of course, she made things interesting by saying that if Bernie
Yes, I'd like the answer to be vice president, she would say yes, which is sort of a weird thing to say. Usually you say well, I'm not talking about that today. So what? If it's warm, because if they replace, if they replaced by you end up with. Because word is basically burning, indifferent, close. So what and get you the woman, so good for the woman vote and it gets your Bernie So the Bernie voters can say we wanted Bernie but she's younger she's, pretty close, so you could probably get the Bernie rooms many of them, and I think that the main stream Democrats have proof by their nominating, provided that they literally don't care who's running right, see you.
Have the Bernie brows, who would be back in if its Elizabeth or maybe we still have an argument to get him back in you'd, have you'd have the will and then the mainstream people just one characters, arrogant of our democratic and better Louis? I dont know if anybody would voting against war and if there are democrat, I can see people voting against Bernie Book, but weren't has that I haven't better a communist. All my life can divide, so maybe she could softened her stands a little better, still get in get in there, so words actually interesting choice. I'm just stick with my prediction of Cobbler Harris in part, because I think she has a better relationship with Biden and by certain has to be part of the decision.
So China, somebody official in China as stated that China is not the enemy of the United States, so that's good is the great another. China is not the enemy of the United States, but I would point out that China, who is not the enemy of the United States, has already killed more Americans this year with growth, a virus and sentinel than all of America's enemies. Added up over the past ten years- and I ran about that check- checked my math, but I think that China, who says there our friend as probably killed, maybe approaching a hundred thousand Americans in twenty two really, I think, one hundred thousand between the sentinel and growth, a virus, probably over a hundred thousand, and if
you're, to add up all of the Americans killed in by every enemy country over ten years it wouldn't come close to wander thousand one hears. You didn't you'd, be adding up here, the the two wars and they comply with the message uses does didn't like world some people say. All right and I'll go back to something. I said if I didn't say that this on the morning periscope I'd like to reinforce it, we of course they're going to decouple from China. Now the question of whether we will do couple has been answered
It's just a question of how long it takes cuz. The government doesn't even have to be involved in it anymore. There there's enough social pressure that, if you, if you were to move a production facility to China from this day forward, it would be news in the past. I would not be doing this right if that fortune, five hundred company moved production to China. That would be news until now. Now as news, so they can. I can't do it so social pressure and consumer pressure will completely stop at a big company from moving to China. They can move to another country. They could probably get away with Vietnam where Mexico, but now the decay that's what's gonna happen so that there is no question about that. But the way we should presented is to avoid humiliating or offending China because there's nothing in it for us. You know, I think,
ok to hate China, but they have a different reaction to you. Obviously every country has people they hate them. Your people are used to be heeded, but people don't like being disrespect, and then it will be humiliated, etc. So we should look for the the way to decouple the sounds the most like. It's not you! It's me. You know when you break up with so you had me and we need a version of therefore China, when we decouple- and my version of that is, we should say our systems are not compatible, has nothing to do with. You has nothing to do with you presidential, your awesome, it's just that you have chosen the system. The sadly doesn't doesn't fit with our system.
And we have transparency, you don't have transparency and those are two systems they can fit together. So if we became non transparent well, maybe we'd have some real progress were to non transparent systems, are not gonna, be very successful, but if they were to become transparent and, of course we're not your boss, we're not gonna tell China, they need to be more transparent, we're just not going to be in their game, so I don't think we should be in the business of telling China what to do cause. It doesn't work and
we would be humiliating. Just there's no upset, but we could certainly tell them that, while they're doing whatever they want to do that system is not compatible with our system. So we're going to take our ball and go home, it's nothing personal! We would we wish they fit together for transparency and non transparency, or just two systems, a dope it nowhere round. We try. It was worth trying right something weird happened this morning that I just have to call out to see if anybody noticed it. So I woke up and three thirty this morning, which is not unusual, and I just got up, went to work because that's
unusual. For me, I hate sleeping I hate sleeping more than I hate, really anything in my life right now. I don't like getting the bed, I don't like staying there. I don't like being asleep. I don't like any of it because I, like my life, and I realize that I get up so early in the morning- that I've effectively had two lifetimes when, people have had one and what I mean by that is the future. Look here. Twenty four hour day, those twenty four hours are not equal, because there's the hours sleep there like you, don't exist and then there are the hours a year, you commuting or the hours in the afternoon, the you're so sleepy, you can get anything done so the hours are all different there about equal quality, and I would argue that, because the first hours of the morning or their premium hours of the entire day, their people,
routinely. Get up at four in the morning by the time the rest of the world wakes up less. Let's say people are just starting to get up at a dish we're getting to work in a dish anyway that I've got a four hour headstart, sometimes five hours per day. Are people who are getting up and living their life and their normal schedule, and I often feel that by my current age, it's shows because I feel, like I present myself like somebody to live two lifetimes cuz. Actually physically feels like that to me, I have a whole lifetime that I led before most of you wake up, and I do the great majority of Alma useful, creative and productive work happens before most people wake up now. Here Jacko will ask somebody mentioned in the comments and he's one of
people who baby wonders so this morning he showed the use up at four in the morning and I saw least three other Californians, who were clearly up at about four a m this morning and tweeting Sunday at a text message my brother and about 445a ever whatever it is. I get an instant response. Yeah. I think I think California is just stop sleeping and I think California just getting up really easy. It really early. So maybe they were getting up at four hundred and twenty for a reason. Ever whenever I like to be a bed released during the krona virus, I like to be embedded nine thirty fish,
whenever I like to be a bed least during the coronavirus I like to be in at nine and thirty technical during normal times, is not unusual for me to stay of later used to have But doesn't matter when I go to bed, I just don't like sleeping so I just get up if it. If I wake up anytime after three a dot m, I just stay up yeah. Maybe that's why I do two times at eight hours per day. He was asleep
Stena recently, gay yes easier when you don't have to this too, is easier to wake up early when you don't have to maybe all the successful people move to California, where you know California has won in vantage, which is forgetting up early when Californians get up early. They have somebody to talk to guess where we can talk to the EAST coast, because these ghosts has been up for a while. If you, if you are the EAST coast and you wake up early, the only people we have to talk to you or your people. Are these ghosts detained naps rare I do. I do now are definitely in my my toolbox bird at say. Maybe we got him up
I've changed to get up now for you. Thank you. Thank you for getting up for my periscopes here. I think people are different about sure that everybody can learn to be morning person. I wish you good, because the morning is definitely the best part of the day. Yes, the Brits shows the brutes that the EAST Coast adopt could talk to if they get up early good boys. I dislike everyday lives. Babbling I'll talk to you tonight remember you can have a greatly today.
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