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Episode 928 Scott Adams: Free College, Teach Math to Pundits and Demise of the Green New Deal

2020-04-22 | 🔗

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  • Lockdown Protest…bring your kids and no masks?
  • Oxygen sensors for coronavirus
  • Whiteboard1: Which Virus is Worse?
  • Michael Moore documentary: green tech’s ENVIRONMENTAL HARM
  • Whiteboard2: Free College

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on well as a curtain begins to drop on another day in the land of corona virus. We prepare for a very special evening was got ends this time with white boards, yeah yeah. Why boards I said, World wide boards. What is the proper plural name for away boards whiteboard? I now that's not true. But we'll get that first, so quick hits
is anybody seen Joe Biden, Joe Biden, anybody, as always in Joe Biden, still nothing. Ok, I've got some some tips for you if you're a protest. If you plan to protest the restriction opening up the economy, and you see a sign posted in your local town. James when the protests will be Your side says no, asks bring the kids, that's not a real sign, it might be a russian side, a russian trawl. It might be a Democrat, operative. Maybe somebody you just lie was funny might be China.
But you know what it is it our real side. I say that because, that was floating around the internet. People were were shocked because they thought themselves. Are you serious? Are you serious? this could have a protest, other actually saying bring the kids and don't wear, masks clause that can't be real. It's outrageous! It's alright! just you know, and also this it's a little bit too on the nose is in that very say that before this, what are your best tells For a hoax, the real world is kind of message in the real world. Usually, things just remind you of other things, sometimes to stories in the news that both involve tigers or something
but when you see a story that is this perfect to the narrative. You know that the narrative being from the least from the left that the people going to these protests are not their bright rights, so that would be the narrative from the Democrats, so the site is allowed to perfect positions. If it's narrative don't bring masks now What would a real? What would a real side say? Firm, real conservatives, who are legitimately protesting for freedom. What would a real side say for people who really cared about individual freedom? Thus right it wouldn't tell you to bring the Basque wouldn't tell you not to bring a Basque. It wouldn't even suggest, as your tip off should be that the no conserved
live organizer would tell people what aware that's, thus the opposite of freedom. That's the opposite of what their protests the. So, of course, what is so perfect to BT unto look contradictory and stupid. That's the real sign as I said on Twitter, if the Oceans are now already organizing these protests. Are they slipping what's what's up, with food and this sort of an obvious one boat, if puritanism, Having this one love, I mean you might as well get rid of the KGB this sort of a lamp. You gotta do is start a little facebook page, but together little protest say don't bring your masks, be sure and bring you kids boom of social dumping.
So I wouldn't trust the protest to be genuine. Actually literally, I wouldn't trust any of them to be genuine. Now that doesn't mean that the people attending are not genuine, because I think they are the people attending it always emerald. But you gotta wonder about whose idea was to pick the time of the day you. So I won't go so far as to say that their all organised by other countries, but you have to assume somehow I don't use of summer they after me. Here I ask again that whatever happened to black lives, man to black lives matter just decide that they they succeeded in now done it's gotta, be a funding thing right. They must have lost funding.
Here is good news and bad news is another study. This not peer reviewed. Yet the says I drugs, a clearer queen, gave worst worse outcomes than not using it all, and even when paired with the Azores through Mason, he gave worse outcomes, but was weird is that they didn't say they parity with his ink, which my understanding is that sort of the magic part. If you dont Para with ASEAN and the Euro, is a through my son. I don't think I dont think that even the p who say it works suggests that would work without the zinc. So you gonna see it in an easy stories. Essay I drugs, the clerk green, doesn't work, you gotTa Fox defined stories, say it works, and none of them are credible on either side another. The regrettable.
So at this point I'm gonna still go with my sixty forty sixty percent chance that it doesn't work. Forty percent chance Who does. But there is another thing that might have a lot of potential We saw this others a doctor who noticed that there's something weird about the love of people who have grown a virus that they They could have very low oxygen. So low that you would expect them to actually be dead and there's no. Walk around the taxes on their phones and stuff, even though action, Level is basically death level and Apparently, this is not common to other conditions. If you're graphs engine gets below sea level, normally just pass our diet, gas with red eye. But the thought is that the term
be the earliest they you could catch at least of the symptoms of the dangerous ones. Here by the time it gives you a lot of Sesar danger So you think easy, maybe I'll catch a whole bunch of earlier cases, then maybe maybe that does make a difference. If you ve got some therapeutics, but at the very least you can pull the better. You can isolate them, so that could be huge because the cost of a little oxygen sensor, I'm sure they're. Also now, my guess is that everyone is, although everywhere, but there are two basic issues small electronic device, so the I would think, there's a learned, zero chance, Eliza being pretty optimistic with this there's a man, zero chairs of the oxygen sensors could be a third of the solution with with whatever else turns out to work so
It is very encouraging. I want to give you a little math lesson virility, but you need to check my work. Ok, You should not be getting so so I'm gonna teach you next. You should not be getting for me because I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think I'm right. If I'm not just tell me an algorithm. Video runaway? So I'm gonna go out and live here. I think what I'm saying makes sense. You you decide here's little quince. Which which viruses worse, which viruses worse. Would you rather have a virus with a one percent death rate
where they are for leisure, if I'm expressing their right, but the ideas that one person might get may give a too for people on average or a point: zero one percent death rate with an hour to virility when you say which one is which one is worse. Which one is worse by the way. These are not real viruses and is making up these numbers, which one is worse right, yeah the what the this is. This is more like a old, flew rights. This is like a mild flew that we get every year. This one destroys civilization the that's how different there there's this. When you lose a few days work this one destroys civilised.
Nation. Now what we're seeing from the pundits is consistent, confusing one percent and point zero. One percent use. This all over the place right and the people Who will tell you that that this that we should reopen the UK, we rode right away because it is just like a regular, flew our say, the regular flu is just one percent, and this one is to know their confusing one percent with point one percent, which would be the regular flu the best we know is the growth of fires is ten times more deadly and again all of these numbers could change by order of magnitude we're just just giving you the concept, so don't get hung up on the numbers are putting here speed.
Conceptually so the first thing that IRAN is a confused one percent and point to one. If you made that mistake, you should just retire eurasian. Just leave the conversation. If you care of difference between those two things Secondly, they completely ignore the vitality difference My understanding is that the normal flu has whatever the number is utterly it's too, but whatever their number has is presumed to be again. We don't know for sure, because you'd have to know a lot more about the infections nations about people and all that. But the assumption is that its way more viral So if you forget the are apart, there's no point even comparing them, because you're you're, just ignoring a big part of the equation now-
but why were one hundred of looking all your comments and you have many of them. A hundred thousand american dies homegrown flu are so. Did you get my point? No watching the comment, so many people are gonna struggle with us because What we are hearing from the Pandit see, if I can do this, what we heard from the ponderous is that we might have a weak virus we ve heard that it may be a weaker virus and we thought only one percent. Still there viral is the worst thing that ever happened now. Do we know that the growth of ours is more viral? Do we know that for sure the answer's? No, but we ve seen what it did to nursing home.
That doesn't look normal right. Have we heard of other nursing homes where a regular flew just takes out the nursing home? What about the cruise ships? There must be the regular flew on cruise ships, practically every crews, but every ever heard an entire cruise ship, where people are dying on board now, so there's clearly something about crony virus. That is impact, hospitals and away regular, flew doesnt impact in nursing homes impacting cruise ships. So that all suggests that has more vitality and even if this deathrays, is much lower than the original estimates. It was still destroy civilization if left, if left, to spread. Tell us what is one percent of seven billion? Let's say we never come up with a vaccine which I think is entirely possible.
I'm not, I would say I have low covenants and we're gravel a vaccine for this kind of ever made I'd love to think that we would obviously, I don't think we're gonna. I think we'll have to reach. You heard heard immunity in this. Probably the end of the story. Now that's not bad news, because maybe there, just the only went together, deathrays relate to different locales, the others, definitely difference in the death rates, but there I others thirty different versions of it now what did most people, the Pandit say where they found out that there was a study that maybe there were a lot more people infected. They said all this is good news, because if there
lot. More people have the current virus than we thought that the percentage of people dying from it is way smaller and that's where he got down to the one percent people held. That is good news and then they mistakenly said. One percent is the same as point one percent, and then it all went out. So you should ignore it. Body whose whose tried to do any better this, including me, I saw this argument from Larry Schwaiger on twitter who believes, or somebody named Doktor Lee. I think a british doctor who has determined that lockdown make it worse now. Here's another Tipp, if you'd, only five one doktor to back years,
Mary! You should be a little less confident about it than treating it. If you can find several doctors, there would agree with you that the social isolation dozen doesn't make any difference. If there are several doctors, I'd say maybe take a stab being true. But if you got that one I would say hold off on your confidence, sir. The thing Larry's like our says that I would take issue with, is that economists have estimated that their you'd you killed. Forty thousand people for every one percent, extra unemployment. You further right. You ve probably heard the news. Every one percent an employee kills. Forty thousand people. Do you believe that? Do you believe that one percent extra unemployment
we'll kill forty thousand people. Well, there's something left now. Do you think they'll? Do you think there's a variable left out time time about time. Because if everybody in the country were were unemployed, for one week, almost nobody would die right, So you wouldn't matter how much unemployment it was only last week and nobody starve to death. Probably nobody would die how about if the last two weeks, two weeks, probably almost nobody. You can. Argue that maybe a few extra people will commit suicide because lockdown losing businesses and stuff, but I think there are a whole bunch of the people who don't die because we're not in traffic, so
It seems to be that when the economist say forty thousand die for every, percent of unemployment they have to be long term unemployment right? I don't think they beam that unemployment as a bump over the summer, and then you have fairly fairly quickly in next. Several months gets back to normal rate. I would like to talk about that. That's not that's enough!
kind of unemployment. The kills forty thousand people per point so that sea math lesson for four pundits. Now there are days when the simulation serves up. The most delicious of stories today is such a day. If you have not heard this yet prepare to receive a delicious story, a story that taste so good, you can taste it with your ears. That's how good it is. They goes like this. Yes, that is proceeding on the piano dancers.
I told her she could play while I was on periscopes side have some background music, so this this autumn becomes too courtesy of Michael Shelling, burger writing in Forbes. If you're, not following Michael Shellin, Berger on Twitter, you really should yes, some of the best content you'll see Use you wrote a little submarine review of a new film produced by Michael, more you all know, Michael more right, I don't have to describe who Michael more as you all know, him he's got a new document, if you haven't heard what it's about prepare your ears for a delicious story, I'm your actual you to be able to tasteless new year's and so good is getting. On your ears is gonna embrace your brain is just couldn't massage. That's how good it is here. It is
This is Michael Moore's documentary these produced these. It and its being released, afraid of the public on Youtube today and the fiftieth anniversary of earthly good or you would expect Michael, more, would care about Earth Day and the environment, because we, It requires a lot about the environment, so What's the name of this is called plan. The humans plan, Events. What's it about it's about the document reveals that industrial, wind farms, solar farms biomass and biofuels. I natural environments. What that's right is it's a documentary produced by Michael more This suggests that the green new deal table technologies, don't work.
And I say, don't work- be that they the as much problems or more than they solve now. Did you see this coming because I did not see this coming. But I'm going to say something that I have also said about bill more. You ve heard me talk about bill more in war, things like about him, even when I disagree with specific opinions is, is obvious that he is an actual flexible thinker. If you give them a better argument, if you give em data, he is capable of changing his mind. Very few people can do that, especially public figures. Michael more, if you recall, was one of the first Democrats who said this Trump thing is real he's reading the public right he could win do remember he was. He was the one who could peer through the bubble.
Everybody else was lost in the bubble and they couldn't see it. They are actually blind to it. But, Michael more whatever you say about, you hold your opinion of Michael Moore's politics, the thing he said, the major mad that time the fact he doesn't go to the gym as much as you want. But he is a flexible mind. Surprisingly, maybe you don't expect it but I consider him a very flexible thinker, like Bill Maher in a good way I think what happened is he came upon this honestly? I think he, I think EU funded this thing, probably didn't, nor would end up and I think it ended up. Place that maybe wasn't his first choice and I think he had the
intellectual integrity to go out and say produces so my pop up. Four Michael, more now, planning and watching it today with Christine. If we can find it, I'm sure we can find it. So I tell you if it is interesting as I think it is, but it feels as if the green new deal is so dead. His chair supplier, that's what year, when a great thing to be let me tell you a story then I am going to a you, buy flipping around my whiteboard and completely redesigning college ready for this
to redesign college, so it's free, almost it's gonna, be so close to free. You barely can tell the difference and it's gonna be fairly quick as fairly easy. You believe it before we show you the amazing this, which is the other side of my whiteboard. Let me tell you the story It was nineteen seventeen eyes. I just graduated college only out of New York and I took my belongings from my dorm room and I move them back to window near where I grew up my family ill. In there I treated my car an old dozen five ten. I treated it to my sister for a one way ticket to California, because I made this calculation like calculation was there. Maybe there may never be another time in my life when I have a completely blank slate
I can actually move. Anywhere I want and what? The first thing they should do to improve my eyes of a good life is to simply move where I have the greatest odds of a good life simply says: good weather, good economics, good travel, video, just good everything, good, good everything, the unity, and so I sold so that car for a one way ticket to California to suitcases and two thousand dollars that I got her graduation plus some of my own money, and I went to San Francisco and long story short made my life here, one of the best decisions I ever made, because I moved from a place with no opportunity to a place with unlimited opportunity and that I took advantage of that. You might say to yourself the other. Way to look at my situation is I have nothing to lose weight because I didn't. I had nothing. So I have nothing to lose.
Very rare to have a blank slate. But when you get one, do not let it go if you ever get a chance to start anything whatever it is from scratch, something that you never get to start from scratch, such as your entire life. If you ever get that chance don't blow it. This is like solid gold. It's a one time! You can really make something, nothing! You can do get something done now. This brings us to the cruel virus, the bad news about the corona virus. You already know people die. The economy, the economy falling apart, but. There is one weird aspect of this: is that it it destroys everything we assumed about big institutions and the way we used to do things,
I'm sure that working at home will be a thing, and I am sure that there are like education, gotta gonna big boost, but how could you make college almost free in way better way, better. You're, so so AGRICOLA free meaning that is almost three year- nothing's free free. But it goes like this. You would first at all be a yelp like a search engine for class. And the Elbe search engine would be all the search on any platform, so, even even within a subscription service, it would be all the search for a specific. Class. So if you say you were to take a specific glass, you can look at the ratings and say others, one on you too, but there's a a more highly, really want you to me. So you Debbie Arrive said she you go there. Instead,
How our do would be to build a yelp search engine for individual classes, not that hard Yes, that's well within the range of stuff. We do it fixes by the way, Dyslexic as hell I don't know, I've ever mention that just as one of my many oddities, but that was actually just dispel here, not just next year. So here is my idea I would like, create a major, that's useful. We all know that higher education, evolved over time, and because it just sort of evolving, ossified and just doesn't need to change it. Just in changing the system s. So I would like to invent a major which is the major that would be free,
so you start with ESA than if it works, you can expand into other other major, especially I would invented major called life strategy and life strategy would be a not too deep dive, but all of the good stuff here that the eighty percent, the matters even quickly in these, and maybe other other situations so risk. It requires communication, persuasion, economics, statistics, I dont mean in the best sense necessarily little math, but mostly I've told you about practical statistics. An example of that would be the idea of diversifying your portfolio. That's that's practical, This is another example would be having a talent stack. Every time you add a talent, their works. Well together, you multiplier OZ of success. So I say statistics I mean figuring out the odds of things. This looks like a better chance than this. Have you compare things as everything
You gonna teach people them about design little Billy history. History is useful, not because it repeats, but because you see a whole bunch of patterns, so the more patterns you see of like when history is like that the thing if the watchwords this thing. So the more patterns you see, the more well rounded you're here a little bit about managing how to hire and fire can do a better job of learning the suffering. An iron fire a little bit about start ups. If you start your company banking and invest in one of the biggest needs, especially in the lower income community, and you hear this from black lives matter and activists in those communities that People really need to learn how to handle money. You take it for granted. If you ve been around a family that knows how to do it. You just want to pick it up by associate but if you ve never learned how to manage credit or getting
really that's enough. How would you know if you'd everybody you could ask? So to teach all those basic things have to have a stack. Your skills little been about technologies, you'd understand. What's you have the basics of what the hell was, the cloud, how things work together, Details of all this are highly variable, some just giving you the the concept then we imagine that certified could be sort of by the government. Imagine if you will. Government of the United States said we're going to have one just amazing class, like anybody who gets through these classes. You really didn't want higher. Now the exceptional be stemmed, and some specialities here that you still need lawyers and doctors and scientists and stuff so they're, not taking this major. This major is just for the generalists the people might want to start a company. The people who work in them go to work for a fortune. Five hundred companies.
Betrayed within some special job, etc. So the idea was: maybe the government could certify, but maybe individuals could what about me, Could I make one and then certified why If you do this credibility, so Well, I don't have that kind of credibility. Imagine if somebody who did it It came up with a set of classes and said: if you do this many hours of these things and meters checklist, you ve gotta degree. How long should it take? you to get this degree. I say one year I say one year and you can do in ninety can do now. I think this degrees one year now, if you full time, maybe two years part time or something.
So here's, let me make a bold clay right. I know you like it when I make cocky unsupported bold claims, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't do that right. Here's! My bold claim you take a group, A group of a hundred students chosen randomly from any community except the black community, such as any other group. You take a hundred of them I'll take a hundred african american students from the poorest to school and listen soon the day, that of prey so that they could qualify for this, you provided some minimum standard. You have probably icicle education. Ice, cold degree. I'll take a hundred african american low income, kids and I'll give them some version of strategy. That's what they're they bought. It might only be one year, but that's that's what I get then you let the other the control group, the hundred
everybody else they take whatever they want, that used to track failed. The stem people, because there are gonna, get good jobs that the ruins the experiment so in both sides, if anybody's stem another side, you eat also know see just compare my hundred african american students from a poor neighborhood who have learned solid gold strategy. They understand how to manage money and start businesses. They see lots of historical patterns. They learned at a network that right networking, but now working would be one of the skills and would gather they learned business writing. They can give a speech and they have these skills and here's here's. My cocky claim check with me in ten years, and my group of a hundred african american students from a poor neighbourhood will all be on average, will be earning more money,
the control group, because the control group to your dumb ass college forces in their tails, sociology and anthropology in french literature and bullshit and honoured of my eye pathetically african american students from a poor neighbourhood just got a solid gold life strategy that works because a math is just math. You know that the the math of, if you try ten things, one of them my work, strong laugh the bath of. If you diversify your portfolio, you're, not gonna, lose it all by making one dumb gamble. This just now is very simple: math, bushes, math and skill stacking. The idea that you can cleverly stack your skills and that improves your odds again issues
So you give me the group who runs their life based on the math of life. The things we know are the best stuff. The things are combined best always have the best career potential, the things that let you see the farthest and manage things the most effectively that's my bet. My bad is all I'll give a one year, education to people and they will that will be ahead in income in ten years. So let me see in the comments what part of this think is impractical and others there's an assumed part of it. That is unstated, which is that the free market would allow the quality of these classes to continually improve, and some of these classes might be for like on Youtube, and some of them might be in some of them by be was services, racism what're? You know how that fits into this conversation.
Since other by rephrase under the microscope, twenty dollars- because you are so good- the site at best really class for organic chemistry, but organic chemistry is so bad that you'd be willing to pay twenty dollars to get the Goodwin, see them a chance Would corporations back it while they worry if the government gave it credentials and they were if they saw what the kids were learning and they would, if you had a little bit of a track record, to show that those kids perform better. So I think you would have to you probably have to subsidize it or something for a while just detested. Somebody said Jordan, Peterson. A similar idea, that does not surprise me. No, I wouldn't call this like a brilliant
innovative new idea that nobody ever had the only the only claim I'm gonna make is more like a prediction, because this is all easy right. Don't don't you know that there will be a yelp for college classes that are online and other classes? You know that's coming right is just too obvious that that would sunday exist, so doesn't need credentials. Well, it helps the Alps. Accreditation is when I should say Eventually, I knew tat the scientific method to be in the major I thought they actually. I did have thank you for that. I did have the scientific method on my first draft. I missed it
method, and also networking is controlling it. So what do you think. Where did they learn every interact socially There should also be one of the classes, and I know this sounds like a making this up. But I swear that was also the first draft social social, You can imagine you can imagine other things too, such as learning how to travel. If, if you are the poor kid any literally, never been an airplane. Would you like a one
class, at least to teach you. How are you book of light? How does anybody fly other things AEGIS, assume the people know there's only because you bet around if you ve, never been rounded you'd have no way to know how the book of light and navigate an airport you and even try. Add hypnosis INDIGO station. Well, that's actually under persuasion. So each of these categories have subcategories yell, a communication which would include speeches in writing and maybe social media. You can start to school with it. Well. The whole point is to not started school. The whole point that you don't need a physical school, but you can't make governments due to a less true.
Review of Rice war, I think you could hear it seems to me the home schooling is- is likely to be good of course, a little bit of experience with kids school recently, and I tell you my personal opinion, which is matched somewhat by the kids themselves. School is kind of a whore young kids. Today, I just feel sorry for him, because school cells from the social perspective, Yoke, Reserve Bullyism mean people and everybody's.
Fighting to be light and stuff and the pressure and actually sounds kind of terrible. Our know how bad it was when I was a kid because you forget, you, don't really remember exactly what you like, but I remember Haiti, and but today it looks like it's a split ideal. Critical thinking did I forget that one too damn I had other logic course up there. I think critical thinking the better. Turn for it, but so anyway, you see the point right. You see the point that if you spend a little time, you could come up with a life strategy class only better than anything very by learning. As I got you today, give you
and I will talk to you in the morning. We got lots of fun stuff to talk about tonight. You grab a wonderful day, sleep. I hope the dulcet tones of Christina on the piano have put you in the mood to drift off thinking about all the railways that you can reinventing yourself, because if you find yourself in a situation where there's nothing to lose well, then you're free. If you really want freedom- freedoms as just another word for enough left to lose as generous Joplin Sables famously said before she died in an overdose but were set takes away. The motivational quality I I'll talk to you in the morning have agreed,
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