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Episode 932 Scott Adams: Talking About the Sleepy Guy in the Basement of a House (Not Moving Too Much)

2020-04-24 | 🔗

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  • Coronavirus doesn’t like sun, heat or humidity
  • Matt Walsh’s inescapable conclusion
  • President Trump’s brilliant/humorous branding of Joe Biden

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump ups careers, the official face pressure, Esper aspect: everybody combated, there's bloody room in the digital world of ours. Why were actually simulated creatures who were meeting each other over a digital channel they'll be like two levels wave being real and it still pretty good stop worrying about it all. So we got news news and stuff so user, years old, you if anti far becomes active again, how are we gonna know? Which ones are the anti far away?
What are the counter protestors? you're, be wearing masks, and I have a suggestion to tell them apart. So if you see a big test and the only thing you know this is mother, vast people or anti far, and some of the best people are involved. They oppose. What you do is you wait for a skirmish. Then you see who wins what was losing the skirmish would be the antivirus number so. You can't tell right away, you may have to wait for a skirmish, but if there are getting their budget, probably Antiphon. Here is a horrible question, but it's really just for the thought process is a horrible russian Bermuda If the corona virus it turns out, kills
mostly elderly people were, all the economic slowdown most Please say of younger people. So we're in this weird situation, where work just saving younger people somewhat accidentally, because they they don't get to drive their cars into poles. But fewer youngish people another talking about just twenty year olds. I mean anybody under say sixty. So there are fewer younger people getting killed, but more older people. Would the net effect of that be an increasing expected lifespan? where the average life expectancy actually increase, because this because you can lose Three elderly people, whose entire are combined lifespan, maybe another twenty years, but if you
There is one person in their twenties might died in a cart car crash. Then they might lose your seventy years of life, so I think the math, maybe a surprising and use all the carbon feel we can get any pleasure from the math is enough. Now? What do you ask me is what about suicides and ideas? I am I baby. Contrary in prediction of twitter, that I will follow up with now wish that they will both be less at least in this country, and I am fully aware that a hundred percent of experts say that both of those categories will increase. So you don't have to tell me that all common sense and all experts say that if you take people were in a bad situation.
And you make the situation worse. Com sense says there are more likely to do something: it's bad for themselves, but here's why I'm going to disagree, because there's something weird about this: that pulls us all together at least psychologically like all of the priorities just changed and I think it a weird way some people might find more meaning more meaning because they are part of this bigger war fuel. So I think, is also interesting in a weird way, because you want to see how it ends so some curiosity about like well, let wait a few more months to see how this ends I'm kind of curious. At this point, You might also feel that you're, not
One person whose having bad luck now realise that people are going to decide to end their life of a variety of different reasons and mental illness. Everything so there's no there's no magic, one reason, but you gotta think they're. There would be some kind of a trade tradeoff, some people more likely because their situation got worse but other be I think, maybe forced to be around people more, so they might just want to say. Well, I'm not gonna do a now, because I didn't wanna be living with my family banal, recurrent eating so our privacy. So at the moment I'm concentrating on something else. Maybe people who say that they do that want to check out, but I don't want to do it at a time when the family couldn't deal with it,
so they may say you know if it were just now. Would me now would be good, but I have to think about. The people were will be affected by it and they ve got other they got bigger problems right now, so this is one way of saying that people are complicated and I think we might be surprised that, because the boxes shaken so much during the squirrel road of ours that maybe just everything different because nobody is thinking in the way they used to we'll be unpredictable, so gonna go Contrary view there will have fewer those or at worst similar, but not a lot more. There would be less attention there is a study to China.
Really big enough. But out of three hundred and eighteen l breaks out three hundred eighteen outbreaks, there's a lot of people gazettes, just u multiple people per outbreak and there are lots of them. The transmissions retransmission with virus occurred out of doors. In only one involving just two cases. So of three hundred and eighteen outbreaks, your gigantic clusters are big. They were, but there Hussars only one of the clusters are three hundred eighteen had any. Eddie's global at all that they can identify that was transmitted outdoors and that is affected to people people and maybe they were in the same situation So the obvious implication of this is that if we all camped out, if we just camped out and lived outdoors over the summer there,
no corona virus left like come to us from some other country that had not eradicate, but in theory, if this is, this is true that the quota virus just hate to be nurse and tromp was talking about this at the press conference that the creative artists doesn't like The humility doesn't like some doesn't like heat, and so we could just all care about Let me put it this way what what would be the odds are getting thrown a virus if you simply camped out for this from the summer, you just lives in the woods. Basically zero, not quite zero, but pretty so. I think that gives also lots of ideas how businesses could open up, because, as luck would have it it's our summer,
so. There are a lot of businesses they can open up like the restaurants could just like it. And restaurants will do this. Just get rid of the front windows and be an open air. Restaurant in California doesn't work in every state but yeah worsen why they ve gathered opener restaurants and they also have the lowest cost you Why has the lowest problem or one of the lowest problems, and they also have all the conditions that would suggest it would stay that way. Business or live outdoors when you're in Hawaii. There is a leaked information that the rim does a. It may not be that great, but who trusts anything these days as a wait and see the funniest thing also want one more thing about the krona virus
Services preliminary study of three thousand new Yorkers and they fell. That roughly forty percent of them tested positive for grown virus antibiotics or into Cuomo so, What does that mean? What does it mean the New York they have forged. They found a ford in presenting already have it. What's I mean? Well, let's ask that was so that Walsh tweeted Referring to the study, he says these anti body studies, if the results hold true, seem to indicate two things. So these are things that India is number one. The virus is much less deadly than report it. We'll be true, as well as a percentage of people who die, who get it so this would. This would suggest that
A very, very small percentage of people actually die from it. That is good news. Yea number two says it was already spread widely. Before luck, downs, true I mean you could say that would be true these are two true statements. No doubt about it. Definitely true that less than we then reported if these antibody des are right Definitely true that it must have been spreading fast through more than window. And then he says in those led to an inescapable conclusion. So I want you to see if this conclusion seems inescapable board to you because watch me who Dini out of it in the scale of what you say who will so the inescapable work inclusion says met. Is we erect the economy for no good reason so as to two pieces of
Evidence the viruses much less deadly than reported true as a percentage of people and they had already spread more widely before the luck downs before, like those even started true, These lead to an inescapable conclusion that we reject the economy. For no good reason is that true inescapable. Well, let's do the math suppose that Your numbers hold, and let's say just to be generous, that The world was like New York, so there, our world is Nolan? What not lightly or policy that will say fourteen percent of the whole country? intentionally go with most conservative Essen here, because you know that fourteen percent this probably only in the hot spots and others rest, the countries must be lower, but let's say was that
fourteen percent everywhere in the country just magically to keep the the mass simple that is produced? I believe forty six thousand this, so fourteen percent infection producing, for. Six thousand and ass. What will happen when, Infection reaches heard immunity level which could be sixty to seventy percent. Take seventy, because what we do know about this viruses, it seems to be a little extra viral. So you're our thing, carbon, sensors and always dangerous that if, if a viruses little extra viral, because the way it goes to the air etc it's a little extra viral. You probably have to go. Higher on the end of heard, immunity like closer to seventy percent, to really step it down versus sixties, lesser suddenly,
so the effort of fourteen percent, which has been measured just in New York to get to seventy percent, How many times is that as well five, so for them fourteen percent, who already have been exposed to grow to seventy percent you'll be five times as much as has happened already again. This is the most conservative, because we know the the rest of the country doesn't have anything like fourteen percent. Its light is a husband number, so If we continue down the way we're going with this super weak virus, the Forty six thousand, who have already died at a fourteen percent infection, would be five times so there will be about two hundred and thirty thousand people would die. If we take the controls off,
and were also hearing that people getting Oregon damage that may be permanent. We know no sellers, at least the possibility. That the Oregon damage demonstrate people maybe ten times as much as the deaths. So maybe you get a million people with Oregon damage, some like that, maybe two million could be higher. So would you say that we read the economy for no good reason if what we did was. At least slowed down, so maybe we can hold it to a few hundred thousand dead, because we slow things down got us a little close. You're too, maybe a vaccination or some therapeutics at work or some better testing or something to me. That looks like
looks like a lot of people, so you can certainly make an argument that we should not have closed economy in wishing to just ploughed right through without you can make that argument I think, but you can't make the argument that there is no good reason. You can always say. Ok was a pretty good reason, but I still still think region and others. I think a few hundred thousand people dead million people with organ damage. That's a good reason. Good enough for you respect that. But it's not a bad reason. What say we ve got to. This is weird. It warrants brother, ass away from well. He had grown a virus, but
there was a died from it. He passed away after testing positive for it. So you don't know what the what the ruling is on that and then Maxie Waters also said there. Her sister is dying from Cronan viruses and is in the hospital. So you remember, I told you that we are going to have this cavern bacon thing where you do that. Who, having grown virus problems, I gotta start. Now being well was nobody. I have any connection with them, it's gonna, be somebody you know. No. Somebody asked me so, but you know- and I It just feel this thing like the somehow weaving its way into society, because, like ok,
others do people what we you know from television who ve gotta problem in the family, so getting closer. I wonder if we need to get to restart my Joe Biden did you see the the brilliant branding that present from dropped on Joe Biden at Prescott I been laughing, I believe, in four hours about this, there there is a real magic to the way trump words things and I think we just have to That is why we just have to agree that you can put his sentence together if it's gonna be an insult or persuasion centre, like nobody really nobody else. He does Here's what he said about Joe Biden when used users ripping item at the press conference and with no
It looks like you know, preparation anything. It is also time who said job says we are sleepy on the basis of a house, we have us, We began in a basement of a house I guess I could write masters thesis. All the things that are right about this It is giving had so, first of all as visual right, it's not just in a basement its base, of a house as soon as he said. These are the basis of the house You see the house and they see the basin. And by having the house you that is the contrast being in the house, would be pretty good being in the basement. That allows us worse if you just said basement, if all you sums basement cool basements people other than caves in the basement. Sometimes you like your basement, but if you say
the basement of a house you ve added the context. I know you didn't even make it last year, the basement under the house so This is the sort of thing the term does. Obviously out of the planned before resettled. Exactly, but it's perfect phrasing and even the first part of the sentence he didn't say by then is a sleepy guy in the basement, which wouldn't really I wouldn't be funny If all I said was Joe Biden, is sleepy guy in the basement that would just lay there but look at the way he said it. He goes. We we have a sleepy guy in the basement of a house. You have to admit, there. We have totally cells that sentence you there's a Ways you could have started the sentence that just lay there flat completely uninteresting
we get it you already said that Joe Biden leave me Joe got it got it. But somehow he makes the sentence just come alive. By starting with, we have whose way why do we have, actually you have to ask yourself whose way Why do we have Joe Biden? That's that's part of the magic because everything. These says has a little extra if you just Joe Biden Sleepy and is in the basement. I would be a little bit interesting. But if he says we have suddenly, brain just stops the goals we have. What? What exactly is we whose we what do we have an end? a whole level of complexity. That draws you in if she were the sentence and they he doesn't even used by the UN's Dame
you just as I don't think you use the other years? David. All he just goes. We have a sleep the basement of a half ago, combined The sleepy guy is not even not even like an ex senator and ex vice president is not a candidate for President he's. Just a sleepy guy in the basement of house It is so minimizing he's just a sleepy, Is that even the guy he's asleep a guy. He's? Not even the house is a basement allows. It gets better use and a few other things, but the puts us M cap on so that the first others was You have a sleeping on the basis of ass, they serve other is there any places m gap? It was just like this perfect as a weapon of war.
Because it is not moving around moving to work. That will we do it. This is the kind of centres. Regnant there are the the job. Peters ahead? It because when you, If you read it, it doesn't readers well when you're you're talking is not moving around is not moving too much It is not moving around is not even Warwick is just some leaving guy is, whether the house he could make it allows he's in the basement. Is now moving rather she's, really moving much
I was even if you want something this evil failure this. If you, if you want the tat the topper, the the saying news, rubbing polls that binding there's just trouncing stresses trouncing troubled me and this waste its by bided, is just barely sentient. He's is barely censured, justice leave a guy in the basement and is leading Travilla term boys. In this way it is,
that's what we ve come to wages. Letters made all day. Well, I guess that's what I wanted to tell you to sleep again: the basement losers, no names goon man so funny he has. I gotta make lyndal topper it's a bipolar I was thinking. Maybe a topic for these these evening. Periscopes gazette alighted just year do or providers all the time it's fun in the morning, but by the evening he was tunnels.
Think about. So I have a a topic this. If you like this one, the and the topic would be the most surprising things I learned from either being old, so the most surprising things ever Oh yeah, I did what they expressed about being old about about fame about getting rich, because I've experienced all these things and I thought tat. Would you like a year with you, like you're, the most surprising things about those things and sincere, covers or delayed I'll? Just assume you said yes,
It is most surprising thing about getting older. Really surprised healthy. I am because, when I was a kid. When I was a kid I don't think there's any such thing is anybody. My age was also healthy, seems like you didn't exist,. I've, also surprise at the fact You get smarter azure, as your age Think that was going to happen. I thought I'd solar. You care about forty five. I do not expect that. I would feel smarter every year of my life into my current age said that would not have occurred to me, but certainly feels like it these issues are layered. Alot of skills together I also would not have observers of yes, it's good
I also would not have guessed how much I can hack my own brain and reprogrammed myself. So for my my earliest memory, I was interested in understanding reality, but also in Reprogram, my own brain and I started. Reading books was really young about you, the power of positive thinking, meditating and, as you know, I learned hypnosis and all that stuff. The same it was the same journey which is trying to figure out how to directly reprogram my brain as though it were a computer. And make a different. So you know the easy ways you reprogram your brains, you learn something or you you break a battery, resolving have another, but The thing that I would not have guessed is that
there is very much a like a compound interest element to it, which means that the first, Ten or twenty years you try to hack your own brain, you do get results And you said yourself, that's pretty good. You spend ten or twenty years like working diligently and deal with the specific outcomes and lied to us. To fix my brain and reprogramming by how much? How much further can you take it, and I got to tell you that it just keeps getting better and at this point in my life I feel like I have a and almost self designed brain meaning that I have so programmed and hacked my own brain. That is almost an invention of of my own creation. It just to fifty years together. And if you, if you had told me.
That that was something that could happen, that you could just keep me. Programming, your brain and you just keep getting better at assuming that you're dedicated and was something you are actually trying to do all your life. They they would just get better and better. I would have been totally surprise. Here's something teach you how I could do that on another day. I can teach you how to do that. Here's the most surprising things about fame But what is how its responsibilities? The thing you don't really care about being famous is how much work it is. It's like this a lot of extra work to be famous just diminish the famous part, because what happens is it attracts a lot of inquiries and messages and requests.
It's just a lot of work to be famous, I'm not complaining unjust, describing obviously I wouldn't be in their careers that have chosen if I didn't want to be famous so that the positives away the negative. In my opinion, but here these are just the surprises so was surprised. How much responsibility there is first of all in part of is the spider man problem. You know the undisputed Mary said somebody like with great power. There was great responsibility when you're famous, especially if its attracting any kind of money you and I, feeling like they're, just something I can do. Hers excuse me laughed until I got There's something I can do the people here do you feel like well. I guess I have to do that
the other thing I would not have expected is the number of people you can heal. If you're famous. We're says we're right, but the number of people live directly, save their lives at I've lost. And thus I you expect, you probably wondering, can you give me an example of how many people you healed or save their lives? Yes, I can. One example is I had my own bout with this. This weird voice problem called Spasmodic Spasmodic Desoto, so I could speak for over three years, but I felt a surgical- do surgical technique that I took these surgery that I became an through an outreach ambassador. So through my efforts, I got to tell a lie:
people who probably would not have founded on their own that there was a way to fix this thing. So, there are a whole bunch of people heard about it for me, because I was going out of my way to make sure that they heard about it, who got the surgery and now can speak so those people I basically healed- thou not directly right. The doktor did it, but it wouldn't happen. If I am connected, and likewise viruses of they have talked about before people shy bladder. Just the fact that I talked about it and made it a public topic, actually probably healed dozens of people we just heard about because I gave some tips about a I was among the first people to say that the coronavirus- maybe it was something dangerous enough to closely the traffic from China
I have heard from people who said that that was the first moment they took seriously and started doing their own social isolating about the same time. Some thinking, maybe I helped indirectly in some way there is well bro. You look like a goblin. I wish Niccolo for every time I heard. Here is another thing that I would not have guessed about theme that, Cures, shyness never see that covered with you, because you think that being say famous would be. The worst they like it happened to an insurance and I'm sort of naturally adventurers, but naturally I am at the same time its, which is not an unusual. A lot of people who become actors
and suffer an actual insurers, so I'm a natural introvert but becoming famous You heard all away my problems because it gives me something to talk about and it makes people know who I have before they know- who I am so I don't have to. I don't have to get people interested in me because assumes a here what I do for a living there already interested. People are interested in. You often few questions about questions about what you do. There's really isn't. It ought to people Could you not working out at all? You just answering questions about yourselves. I gather that the cartoonist, this some newspapers bubbled up so oh saying like like James Worthies is: is he insurers well? That would not surprise me, but being famous creates a set of rules and expectations and psychology, the banks,
being shy unnecessary. It just makes of unnecessary. So a biologically, probably just as shies I've always been, because I always have a set of rules about how to behave, and people tend to be nicer to me than they would to people that they didn't know there will probably go egg, which was really cool. Here's the ears of earth from Crag of Craigs List, you know, Craigslist! right well, you may not know that there is an actual Craig so great here's, the guy who literally wrote the initial programme. They became Craigslist and I once asked my that much of the month they once asked them about. I guess he famously passed up some gigantic offer to sell them
and if he is, if he has accepted the offer, ruin about a hundred civilians are billions. Whatever was some gigantic never Better news story- and I asked them- I asked him why he decided not to take it and he decided for just to keep the company smaller and simpler. Add any said that being re seemed like a lot of work. I thought to myself that what I heard that it's one of those things that you just can't get out of your head because actually made the choice based on their much work. It would be. Here is not like: he ever wasn't choosing a bad life. He was just choosing a really good life. There was a sort of simpler where the cup laxity of what are yet? What do you do if you ve got all this money together. The way you can do. Something with it. Then they have to hire people take care of them the assets.
Second how's and then surely have a plane these questions and I thought Maybe it's not a coincidence that you started a company that was so successful because for someone to have such a keen grasp what matters Liked actually know what matters is hard to do. It is also the skill of a good programmer good engineer, these you'll, have a good programme were engineer, technical person, is they get the best result you can get with with the least nonsense with the cleanest, most direct Mozart? an approach, and so we should surprise me there when it to sort of say, a philosophy of life. They add the most stripped down, cleanest, most solid philosophy of life. You may never see
so then I was stuck in my mind is one of those things that you just can't not think about that, because I sort of may the opposite choices of endlessly complicating my life because it's interesting, I sort of like the challenge, but I got it hey. There were many years of my life were own wake up and say to myself. You know today would have been better if we had been a little bit simpler because you arrive. Typically, I've got three careers going at the same time all the time and either sometimes are compatible. Sometimes rabbi can allow us to go wrong typically, and if you, if you ask me Scott, did it make you happy or procedural things? I chose right for the most part, there are things I have an option of doing and I choose them. Sometimes they choose and because their hard I mean it's the challenges they face.
The likelihood of argue that this is that this that's muscle, sometimes it's just irresistible creatively, and I just draw myself and sometimes is irresistible intellectually socially sometimes there's something I want to learn from it. That is more the point. Sometimes it's because of the people involved, have some affinity for them some like that, but I always move toward cub. Complexity, and I don't think makes me happier. I know, do not think it makes me up here, but I love I stop. Oh home studio update, yes, well I'll, give you the tour so it turns out that there is no such thing. That's better for those studio than these ring lights. Go what here, no one there! So, roughly speaking, there's one this more on my left and once more.
Am I right? I point them towards the wall, because the Ipad is actually the very best care I found, and I actually have to darken the room quite a bit, because the Ipad such good light detection, that even with the lights off and I've, got motorized black outcomes, but even with just a little bit too much light. So, through great trail, there I have learned the following: there is there's no about you can spend better cameras system that would beat an Ipad. So this is an Ipad. The the other thing this important, if you ever want to do this. Is put it. I by level so may not be obvious to you, but the Ipad is actually understand. So it's I love.
If you ve been watching all of the politicians and Turkey has tried to do their escapes and zoom calls on tv, Have you noticed the that the carers is looking up at them because it will give a laptop and they all looked distorted they looked at started. Everything looks wrong because looking down at the, the care on the laptop. Don't do that so if the only thing you do right, Suppose I level it look professional that no that I don't have much in the way of any reflection on the glasses? That's because the ring lights or pointing toward the walls instead toward me if they would pointing toward me you'd get her. Election pretty easily, but because the Ipad such good light late detection. Basically, warn him away from me and there still enough Andean like coming round
Look well let and setting in fairly you in the dark room. Now, Then I've also discovered by trial and error that the very best microphone is a twelve dollar clip on lovelier. That's wired goes directly into its there's. No wireless problems clip at anything had in my experience, is better than or as good as a studio microphone, though the studio microphone will have more say, higher fidelity, but it won't necessarily sound better to the ear I listened to myself on both because my my voices- maybe not that pleasant, so to speak there Do you have the more the more casual sound of the leveler clip on? This was a little bit better
so, there's probably more than he wanted. I've tried a whole bunch of different softwares and hardware is to automatically stream to multiple platforms etc, and they all have the same problem. They dont work twice. Every time you come in, you have to start from scratch and problem and then your troubleshoot, because just sitting there just sitting there from the time you were, away from less, though it degrades there's something in these three up daily. There's a connection liquors laws, there's a thing that needs to be rebooted, and then you get into this. You have to both things or restart things in certain order and wait a certain amount of time and then when it, all done there, like thirty five settings out, be just right. You don't really know if the right until you go live? That's that
There is a system where you actually dont know if you're gonna have sound, you just don't know until you alive now. I've used. Some of you actually saw me testing. Such a system is one behind me. Wire caste system and is not that this has to stop. Doesnt work is just as those stable, because softwares always changing the operating system is changed. You need a patch software. The connection is one to this one other not made by this company. So now you ve got your one Persons hardware and two pieces of software to get you to the third to the fourth plan, and if that doesn't work, which endeavour twice in a row who do you talk to? Does you get forever vendors revolves? you're doing something that none of them have ever seen done quite the way you just did it? They don't even know what to do. So. If you
The full time engineer would say: you're going full Joe Rogan, then it makes sense cousin, that's just the engineers but because of what I do, I do and almost entirely upon energy and diamond introvert. You see where this is going, so if I had an engineer- engineer would be draining my energy instead of me having an available to do this. So one of the things I teach in my hand, he felt almost everything book is: if the thing you should manage to issue energy. If you this is the most perfect example of this, so my energy would be completely diverted to technical problem, solving and being angry. If I do it myself, but if I hire some
one that there are going to be the source of my energies like I did you want this. Did you others just checking out you sound only Argo and my energy would just be going into this summer productive place. So when I teach you that the most important metric is your energy. This is the perfect example because all of those things would have made the quality better right, the quality would have been better, but my energy will then just totally trashed. So I wouldn't have lasted another. In other words, it wouldn't be sustainable. I wouldn't be interested. I wouldn't I wouldn't look forward to it. Do you know what I prepare for these, sometimes Usually you know, maybe an hour or two before you see me live. I start looking at was in the news and looking into utterance and putting some ideas together, but the actual technical part.
The technical part of how I go alive literally, I pick up this device, I have one button in my room goes dark. I talk to my digital device. And give it one command of a voice command. I'm wearing lights, and then I hit periscope by Ipad is always here so that it does other part of the system. I don't use my ipad for anything else. If you're gonna do this, I could give you one piece of advice. Make sure you got an Ipad just for this does assumes you take it from here. And take it anywhere else subtle, it's gonna be wrong when you gotta use the extra so Don't even I dont even unplug the microphone. I just leave it here. I might add power to it, that's it so when I need to start, I pushed to buttons put in the title and and his life
Bob so that I have managed my energy so when you see me go alive, I Molly thought about things I wanted to think about, and I've not I've got interacted with another human being in the morning When you see me in the morning, I not I've not interacted with another life, human being it so you getting the the freshest most most genuine clean energy. You you got for me and I'm not frustrated by my technology or anything else. And you know when I looked at my mind- HU, which is a new generation than even the Ipad and the quality of, the cameras on the Ipad and even the sound- it know that it of you would care about that, and so
You're welcome. I know that some of you would care about that and so save for the end. That makes sense somebody says it's easier when you in don't need to worry about a bad hair day. Well, some of you saw me telling my only around periscope recently. So I definitely add some bad here today is the last month. I that's off now. I will see you in the morning.
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