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Episode 945 Scott Adams: Oh My Goodness, What Fun We Will Have This Morning While Sipping

2020-04-30 | 🔗

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  • President Trump double-tweets about “Lyin’ Brian Williams”
  • Sweden’s coronavirus numbers
  • Suicides resulting from the lockdown
  • Cheryl-The-Server, her theory about change
  • Alyssa Milano’s imagination established as a standard of guilt

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. Well, where is everybody clad in its time? Those of you who are exercising congratulations get their pump in their those view or just waken up drinking coffee be commuting enough. Many people commuting call me did somebody say call me: this is a brand new news about coming before we get going for what will be probably one of the most most that's not even word. One of the most amazing coffees was got atoms Eve ever had, and I'm talking about from the beginning of time, not even just now,
lifetime, but this will be the best one you ve ever had, and all you need is all you need is a couple mugger glass, the tanker jealously they can't Intergroup Leslie vessel. Look. I think I feel with the payment. Listen. I like coffee enjoyment of the emperor little pleasure, the dopamine till the day. The thing that makes everything better, including this stupid pen, dammit kids, called the simultaneous happened. It happens now go for those view just fast forwarded at one point, five speed or two to term speed watching this you might be watching. You run the locals network, for example local platform. I just did this.
The global bob, coffee and slow down and generally good stuff- I don't even know where to begin, There are some days that are tragic. There's some. These are just comedic today. Would be only comedic category in no particular order? Let me just tell you some of the news you can make your own decisions about it number one and they had some interesting tweets. He apparently is not too happy with. Brian Williams, he tweets the president to its
Lion, Brian Williams of M S, Dnc a con cast, scam company, wouldn't know the truth if it was nailed to his wooden forehead. Now you can tell me the back in twenty. Sixteen people are saying: please don't normalized this behaviour. We can't normalized this behaviour. Aren't you glad the God normalized. Would you be laughing right now, If we had not normalized, this behaviour is the best normally behavior ever? Are you kidding me this? Is it exactly what I want to be normalized, but was he done Was the president on now. This was a to Twitter yeah, whatever Brian Williams did. I dont know what it was. He probably add some bad coverage of the present
but whatever Brian Williams did, he earned a double tweet. Now, when you ve done something so bad that the president double to eat? You the day, so the president goes on in a second to it. I must admit the lion. Brian Williams is war, where the hell were you. Smarter than fake those CNN Echo Ban Don lemon. The quote dummy, man on television, then. You have Psycho Joe quote whatever happen do your girlfriend Scarborough, another of the low iq individuals. I'm sorry, if Europhile that's funny, you're Della the inside and the forty four years, the president has
probably just some of the best comedic sensible is probably the best. Maybe since Abraham Lincoln or something comedian, civilities, because even the order which he put these things- and I will talk about that rule- that the order he put them was because you start out with lion. Brian Williams does I was as targeted the day, but he was suddenly throw some other people under the was threes dumber than Hell basement, Cool air command on Lebanon, the dumbest banner tell them so it throws download the boss dilemma that nothing to do with whatever whenever bridle lives that and then Rosa cycle. Joe Scarborough quote: whatever happened to your girlfriend- oh my god, my god. Now, of course, the forty four the funny part
not just that you say it and the funny part is not just that is worded committee colleagues just sort of perfect, but it's funny because he sent it at all. That's what makes it funny part of that here's a little low, humor Tipp. If you want to know what makes something funny, it's things don't go together. That's it! That's the rule. So you just learned the entire rule of comedy as things nation they should be together. So it's a logic. This not quite logical. Its is too things that are in the same sentence. I don't belong so, anything that doesn't it make you laugh if you saw dog wearing a hat, you laugh, I mean on all of you, but you may laugh because dolls us was to wear a hat. So the reason this too
the president has tweets are so funny, I admit, is just the base. Obviously his critics don't think it's funny, but what makes it funny is not just the fact that so perfectly worded. What makes a funny is that he did it at all because it doesn't fit right. The president is just not explicitly saying these things, so that's what makes a funny if, if anybody else in the world and made the same tweet, would it be funny it wouldn't because it would just be normal? It's like our people, three things in a like people. They say bad things about public figures. That's not this. The fact But the president saying is what makes it funny, so the president would, after gently he gently when, after Bill Mitchell today with a tweet, and this question of whether Sweden is doing great so
Mitchell, as you know, is one of the president's biggest supporters in the internet world, but He decided to be sort of on. The other side of the president is one time and wishes that the economy would open up sooner than the president once it open up. So Bill Mitchell, tweeted that between the Sweden was playing it differently and they are doing a great and trumped weeds back a bit Mitchell egos really have you looked at the numbers lightly chosen numbers, so the Sweden situation is just a perfect example of how humans agree on anything when its political, just anything, you would think that we should be able to agree at least whether sweet And is doing well or sweden-
is not doing well compared to other things right. What do you think? That would be the easiest thing to agree on what turns out the third smart people this agreeing on that. But the numbers are starting to look bad for Sweden things we met. Somebody like ten times more death that Norway in Finland and Denmark not not put together but individually they're, just way more deaths in Sweden, but in the whole country. Sweden, early, twenty five hundred deaths, as of yesterday s most and and everything's open now, twenty five hundred ass is a tragedy. I'm getting sick of everybody in the past, work having to remind you that we also know it's a tragedy when people die. Can I just stipulate in case I ever forget to throw into the middle of my sentence. Of course: is it true
anxiety when even one life has lost, because this is just too stupid to have to say it every time. But you feel like you have to do that, and public psych we'd, like to we'd like to open up sooner or later, but even one life lost his one life to that he has a tragedy. Just assume that I'm thinking that the final say explicitly so I saw one of all rather can't use tweeting about Sweden and he's socially urged people to take a little closer look as Sweden's numbers, because maybe there s so good after all, but Sweden's hospitals have not crashed right, so you actually do have an argument. Both ways
You have an argument that they have way more death, then countries that played it differently, and that seems true. It seems objective. We drew that services no mind really did I say something that will fall by category I did, but if I did its fair holiday anyway. So there's one argument says Sweden's doing tat bull and there's another another argument says, but their economy is open, and hospitals are still functioning serve. Your economy is open. Your hospitals are still functioning. Can you say that wasn't right like where you can say is that twenty five hundred people died but I dont know. If you can say it was a wrong decision. Yet I will say still worth watching it's very interesting
If the hospitals get crashed continues to worsen and it looks like it might might now be a different story, more fun news. You saw that the there were some notes found from the investigators for the General Flynn situation, but you may not be completely up today, because it was another set of notes. There were just found- we don't, we don't know who is from, but it, but I have the notes so the lose some extra notes. We don't know exactly who was the author, but somebody involved in these limb investigation and that read them to you. These are the actual notes, says, fled notes at the time. Point number was, as I remember, to ask: if Orange man still bad, ok number to threaten kids, three kick pet dog or cat.
Remember to burn these notes with number five by milk and then there's this little drawing at the bottom of take figure general phlegm running away from a giant fellows labelled label. Whoever wrote this note so? This looks a little damning. I mean you know about those other knows what bad, but this was very bad. So the president is teasing us tweeting about Flynn and Stone, as if there's some chance, they won't be pardoned you know there, either the exaggerated, your pardon door or whatever the other words are through several words for getting people and the trouble. But
I would say at this point: there is no longer any question whether Flynn will be a free man, and I dont know how to be more amused by this. I really really don't know how it does. Look like Trump is cleaning the swamp draining swamp it, it looks like people are gonna, go to jail course in this work, if they get good enough lawyers, I suppose they don't, but I certainly see jail evolve, jail, mobile activities being no expert but once jail told me, so I will say. I have an update to my theory that the number of suicides would go down during the luck during the shutdown economic shudder. Everybody's more in the world has predicted that the number of suicides will go up for obvious reasons: people ur Self
bring more their locked up. They can't do what they want. Their freedom is gone, there are in a bad mood. You will make your worse, so I will acknowledge that all the smart people in the world thinks that, when we're done with this, the number of suicides will go up during this period. I am going to go to the contrary and on this I haven't seen in numbers on this. By the way very basic numbers. Let me know so. This is without ever seeing any numbers, I'm saying that there will be fewer suicides during the lockdown period and the following logic applies, and this is a rule that you can use for. Many things is a general rule is called the Cheryl. The server theory Cheryl was a server at
a restaurant or you Stone and Cheryl once noted, could she'd been they serve many years, she'd been very experienced. She knows that the customers, the near the amount of traffic into the restaurant, would dip whenever there was change, so if the weather got good suddenly there would be no business has restaurant, but also if the weather got bad, so any big change in the world, whether its tax day? world series it just as matter of theirs anything that changes your normal routine, fewer people go to the restaurant, so that was Charles theory, Don't go use these Cheryl the silver theory to say that the the routine number of people who would have taken their life during this period is disrupted because there's just something big in the world. The chain
just and so they surely, the server Cheryl the server theory says they even something that you would expect. Ok every week there would be this many people, unfortunately taking their own life there. Every pattern is dropped it so doesn't even matter if the logic says well, there's no logical reason why people shouldn't go to the restaurant, because the weather changed because you're driving, new car and people will go the rest all winter, they go all suffer. Why is it just when it changes that are based, slows down and part of his late? Maybe just people rethinking the options and their suddenly put off their game a little bit, but I think that just the disruption in routine, why should reduce the number of suicides during the locked says my prediction: I'm seeing some tweets that,
studies. I guess three of them. I don't know how good they are. He can't trust any study these days showing Correlation between vitamin d levels, impatience and the outcomes So apparently there are studies showing that if you have a high level of vitamin d n you there, you have good outcomes and he recovered quickly, but people. The least vitamin d are the ones likely to be hospitalized and die from the virus? What does that mean? Go
Does that mean the vitamin d will protect you from the virus because, as a high correlation between people don't have enough vitamin d and the ones who die? I everybody you say yes is wrong. If you fell for that, here's, what you missed, how much vitamin d the somebody a nursing home, get none! Not if your bedroom we ve got three core morbidity is how much vitamin d the Avenue body nub house our at risk. Are you from the krona virus? Very high? Wouldn't do you expect that the people who are most likely to die are also the people who have embedded in the sun? Lately, you see at the correlation is backwards,
So it is obvious that whether vitamin d worked or did that work? You would find that the people most likely to die had the least other. That's guaranteed the people most likely the dire literally inside and nursing homes where they are three core morbidity and they're, not spending a lot of time. Hiking now it is by assumption the vitamin d is also useful, accuser, there's so much science, suggest that so I'm not tell you that the correlation is completely reversed. I'm just saying that you really can make much of it, meaning It's gotta be bettered, have vitamin d the not right. I mean it makes sense that if you have enough vitamin d you gonna be in better shape than if you're, not because there's just so much size of
and he is good for you, but I would not trust these studies that shows such a clean correlation because low violet and people they are. The people will die, of course, are already sick. Let's see crises is getting in trouble Chris from MSNBC because he dared to cover the iter red accusations against Biden MSNBC. It turns out that there are a lot of Democrats who are not really happy about this. We are not happy that crises was covering the story, and I was reading the comments in the tweets about it as peripheral areas, because it turns out that people actually believe Joe Biden might be innocent mean obviously not everybody, but there are substantial number of people in the country who don't think that the accusations are credible.
Really, well is one thing if you say to yourself: I can't know if that happened, because of course we can we can be. Bathing, but when you use the word credible, credible just means: does this story hold together? Do all the parts fit? Is there anything that would make your question it on the surface, the answer's no on the surface is really credible. Doesn't mean is true, was very. So then Crusades is being blamed being a Bernie support Who hopes a burning still has a chance of you slip it in there and taken the nomination? Maybe there's something to that lets say: Germany decided to ban Hezbollah after
after assessing that is sheer group was behind a multitude of attacks, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries worldwide. Thinking to myself, I'm glad that Germany finally get the news, because apparently they ve never had news. Does anybody you had news where things are reported and stuff like that, we're kind of already on the story of already on this. Hezbollah is bad situation, but I'm glad the german Eve finally we found out that has below was was not just a social organisation, so good for them. So the trumpet administration is leading to accelerate a vaccine
oh yeah operational warp speed and have it by maybe by January deeply that do you believe that the United States, where the vaccine by January, which would be at least six months before anybody thought it would happen, I'm going to say that if I, the gas, I don't think one of a vaccine by January. But when I say no, I don't mean ninety percent. Now I mean sixty percent now side say slightly more chance. It won't happen, then it will. But I like those out there it could. Work is good for the economy to have these hopeful things floating around out there.
So was at last night, I said in my purse scope that the news, the news that some anonymous sources said the President Trump yelled at his campaign manager, Brad poor scale and threatened to sue him, which does it make sense like like just crazy thing- and I said, wait till tomorrow and the President will tell you that none of this happened ere we wake up this morning, the president is tweeting, fake news, none of happened. Thank this never happened. Call it. There's a strip club there's decided to to respond to the growing virus by they created a drive through Strip club source in the parking lot. I guess they set up tents and stuff so
actually just sort of dry through and from your car window, while you're still sitting in your car. Even look at the strippers, poor definition of the ok creativity, we that was a mulatto decided It is a right, some kind of a longer explanation for her support. Abiden. Given that he's been accused me to issue stuff and it's a sort of painful and hilarious to watch her shredded deal with this terrible situation. So so something she said was. The socialists are summed up this way. She said the former, the former charmed actress in the reeds allegations against by them quote, concern me deeply, but by the new someone quote, who I can't
picture, doing any of the things of which he is accused. So the standard which Alyssum Olano is decided to publicly state, for why should please Biden is that she kept picture him doing the things that he is accused of. Doing. Ok, that's a standard. If you care picture, it probably didn't happen That's not really a standard. If you ask me, Alyssa just told you that the council on the roof, the cap on the roof? think she's saying that
She's very, very aware of our situation, so let's just say that there is no there's, no there's, no stupidity and Walter. It's obvious that she is a sentence: human who knows exactly what the problem is. It is trying to deal with the best she can And but there's just no resolution, there's no right solution. If she also wants a democratic present, she doesn't have another option. That is obvious anyway and I I feel bad for
because it's such a weak play every woman in the world just said. Are you serious? Are you saying that you're not gonna, believe me when I say that I got sexually assaulted because she kept picture that nice guy doing it? That's your standard. That sounds like a guy standard lessons. I simply a man would say: does the satellite that, like you, you're talking about your body, you say no, I don't think Bob did that. I just get a picture. I just guess he Bob doing us, as I solemnly guy says it doesn't sound like something a woman says. Why have you ever talk to women? Do you what experience women have with men every day. Oh, my God talk talk to any any modern youngish woman in today's world, old and say so were have men ever surprised you about, how awful they really are, and you didn't realize until it was too late, I think every
women will say I was you, I trust this guy and that he did this. I thought he was a good guy with a need that small carbon, When the world turns out, all men are bad. So now just getting you're, not the men watching. This are not bad. But all of the other man in the world who are now washing was periscope at this moment. You're all dogs, there, just dogs, thank God we're not congratulations on being on the small group of men who do not ever do things so good for you. So. I've been watching as Democrats. Slowly realized Biden has no chance of winning, and this is a fascinating. Time, because, usually you don't get to be this. Let's say aware of a situation developing. And the situation is developing is
more and more the Democrats have to know the Biden has no realistic chance. Less arrow. Something happened, a trump between now and election day, but as always, tromp is healthy and running for election. Binding doesn't have a chance, and they must know this now now one of the things I didn't know enough about until I just read about it today,.
As apparently violence, Gaza explaining to do that in seven days and some connections with the DNA, a bank that was bought by back merk eventually. But there was a large bank that now only bought by this house, the ceo, coincidentally, the ceo of the bank, the needed Biden to promote their legislation and what not the sea or the bank paid away above market rates for vitamins house. He bought his house for away more. There was worth, and then he hired Hunter Biden, fur basically bs job.
So vital is just totally dirty, as looks like he's crazy to demonstrate. So now we is biting the financial crook that people have been assuming they would find a job. I didn't you think that the Democrats would find some by now. You somethin about alone, or some money ideal, correct me if I'm wrong, but during the entire trump presidency. There really found anything they didn't know about already right, every everything about the present. It was kind of known in the things they thought they found like the Deutsche Bank loan I just didn't exist, so Biden has exactly the problems that the President's bill accused of and there are exactly the isn't that people wanted him replaced so violent clearly was undertake. I'm just say that say that say that is a fact.
We thus demonstrated in the public record. Byron York did reporting this back and ninety eight seems to be in the public record that he was a dirty politician. They was on the take and we know the names. We know how much money we know how it's just that they did it legally. So the way he took his bribes It is hard to prove somebody overpaid for a house that happens somewhat. Hire. Somebody wasn't fully qualified happens to says all this sort of can't really prove it, but it's also well documented that this option. So he has no chance of winning and was the interesting part. Is it what what is predicted by this slow turns the realisation that they ve picked. The only guy you couldn't be Trump, I mean I swear to God. All I needed was ascensions being as a Democrat,
in that and being would have had a good chance of being Trump just goes the popularity but they managed to nominate the only guy you can't be them. Well, maybe burn you can, but I feel like I feel, like the there's gonna, be this big cognitive dissonance moment And here's my religion. I believe that to be a new reason for supporting by because it might be too late at least for a little while maybe he'll eventually be replaced by just for a little while the gonna be right does Biden Horse and they have to they have to say stuff about it. They have to comment, even though our base hiding about commenting about to read the Democrats are, but I think the cognitive dissonance we'll call
them to concoct a new reason for why Biden must be the one they vote for, despite having no functioning brain and being undertake and also being somewhat of a rapist. I think that There are going to have to come up with a whole new, absurd, sending justification so remember. I said this and then I'm guessing within two weeks. Maybe three you gonna hears, somebody explaining why they support Biden in words that you think are just crazy. I don't know what they look like, but they'll sound, crazy it'll be something like well. You know, that's not a perfect choice, but abiden at least protects the integrity of the constitution will just be something it doesn't make any sense. Steve. Cortez is doing this. All video pieces called the mega minute and in it I just waited.
Using this sixty nine percent of Hispanics are in favour of closing the borders. For the krona virus, sixty nine percent of Hispanic said that when it came right down to the metal me, Sir roads sat with his eye rubber, Miss road. When it came down to it, the Spanish Have you no Boucher closer Board of sixty nine percent and I think there is one of the highest percentages, so anybody who thinks that Hispanic Americans are not yet fully invested in the american situation. Just look at the numbers. Hispanic Americans are just as America first
does anybody else. Here's a fascinating new story that I haven't heard of think this came from the Jerusalem Post. I have not seen this reported in american media and the report is that when tromp was talking to the Saudis about increase decreasing their oil production to support the oil prices apparently trumpet that and Crown Prince Mohammed been Solomon, then Leslie cut their production that we would withdraw military support from Saudi Arabia. Now, that's a negotiation not now. I think Trump denies that it happened think he denies saying indirectly, but I don't think he had to say directly, because even the reporting says that the ways at it- and you can't trust this reporting, at least in terms of the exact wording of things, but the real
What is the use of said? He would be powerless to stop lawmakers from passing legislation to withdraw? U S, troops from the so in other words the reporting is it from didn't, say I will take the military support away. He did the smart way, so you can stay friends with the leaders and say, If you don't cut production utterly, what I'm gonna do there's nothing I can do. Congress is gonna pull military support from Saudi Arabia. Now. Did Congress ever say that, maybe maybe not But the report is that when an bs heard this, he cleared the room,
everybody other rooms. We could talk to Trump, because when he found out the tromp was threatening to withdraw all military support from Saudi Arabia. That's kind of the end of your kingdom. I mean a real problem. If the United States, with Jaws military sport now was the present bluff yes, a mill, because we don't know what would have happened. We don't know but here was the argument that I think is just a game enter. So you can have an argument after the statement, why defended industry when they are attacking hours right? So if we have our military defence literally defending their oil industry, because we ve got assets in place in the country, this mostly in oil, producing country if we're pulling their military over there to protect their oil industry either country.
Can we put up with a situation in which they are attacking our oil industry? What were literally defending theirs. As soon as you here. That is the end of the conversation right right As the end of the conversation Why are we defending your oil industry while you're attacking hours boom? You can stop talking after that, and you can just look at the other person and if they talk you don't have to listen, gives you nowhere scallon. Once you said, that frame were protecting your oil industry. At the same time, you are attacking hours. You know, that's not a situation that last. One of you can change the situation and the present will just says: here's your situation worse,
acting royal industry, while while you're attacking hours guess what's gonna happen, you figured out you do the math. What do you think's going to happen if your attacking our oil industry, while we're protecting yours, you figured out with what the fuck do you think's could happen so I love that that worked out for the present so see it as a kind of a tough time this week, because they cannot cover to the biggest stories in the news now they have mentioned so I'm not gonna, say they ignore them entirely. But given that these are the two biggest stories, I would argue. There are very under a covered, so it's almost like you can't find them yet it tends to be the little note on the page, not the headlines.
But the two big stores of course, are general Flynn and if they cover that it would make the reporting from the whole Russia collusion thing. Look ridiculous, so there's gotta be embarrassing. Plus is good for the press. Then, so that all cover that then there's a terror red accusations which they have mentioned, but they don't want to focus on that too much. I thought the only thing they could make this week better. The only thing they can make this we'd better is. If there's a new study coming out, saying Hydroxyl clerk, gluing really works. Cassandra would be three top stories. The scene and cover, and that would just be hilarious. Now, I'm not aware of any study about drugs clerk lean this coming out today or this week, but when you be great don't you think the simulation is gonna serve this up. You see and ends already like two biggest stories. We know
wanna talk about it will manage them will mention them so later people can say it and talk about them, but we're not going to talk about them too much, my god. If thy drugs chloric Green turned out to be working, that would just be the perfect day, stormy Daniels, somebody says what about all of the trumps allegations have been somewhat method and trump job has to advantage is over Biden when it comes to the accusations. Number one trump has been present and we did not see any harmful effects from store mediums right. Did you see? Did you see the President perform worse because of anything that happened with Stormy Daniels now needed took his time? There was a distraction.
But I think it may be different decisions about the world or president. So the president now only ran for office by telling us directly, I'm no angel, but we all know it You didn't have to tell us. Everybody knew there were in trouble. Elected. There would be an endless number of your stories and accusations. Some might be true. Some might not be true, some might be exaggerated, but there's nobody. You didn't know it. So the fact that everybody expected and then we have watched him- do the job for it'll be four years by election day. If you watch him do the job and it doesn't affect them, you can candid discounted because you never really tried to hide it. He just said they no angel,
whereas by them his entire vibe is the opposite. So if it comes out that he's in any way like Trump, the whole argument for why you need to promote, replace drunk, goes away. Obviously,. Stormy said she lied about what that news. Everything about that. Somebody says there was I drugs colloquium story yesterday I didn't see a story ass. The sun was ninety percent effective,
I think that ninety percent was not the ninety percent, didn't some wasn't as good as ourselves, if it still studying you're talking about that, I did see he is not in the basement here. Job is not debasement. That's really makes a difference. Forty percent chance Skype can predict the future. There's a hundred percent chance predict the future. Nobody can predict the future O Elon musk. Yes, We have the battle of the billionaire some mark. Cuban and Eu Law seem to be an opposite ends about the shutdown mercury Cuban is more the let's, let's be smart. I don't think he commits to exactly where we should.
But up, and why? Whereas you I'm mosque is more it's a fascist thing, free free everybody! Let us live and adventure that either them. I don't think that either them are wrong. Those are just two different priorities: studies, countering studies tromp is going to Felix is stormy, said after that the affair never happen notion in no. She did not. Obviously here you're somebody said french studies as Lupus patients on drug Z,
To better well will look for that. I am not aware of any new drugs, chloroprene studies and less twenty four hours, but with seasoned are woven Institute filed for a patent on round as a mere. Yet the fact that China can file a patent on american, intellectual or our private property, that's pretty much all you need to withdraw from any kind of connection with China. So bases its road is getting short, never left the house in six weeks. I don't think it's the growth of arson.
Oh yeah, the lady with a fish tank cleaner, whose husband died of it she's being investigated for homicide. So that's a new twist, so it turns out that maybe that maybe maybe they didn't die from taking president trumps advise. Maybe it was a murder, maybe. I saw what was a doktor Didier, the ass, the french virologist expert. He said the doktor felt she doesn't know what he's talking about with the second
so so foul she's talked about how even if we get on top of it in the summer, is likely to be a second peak sometime later in the next season, because we won't be completely irrelevant and Didier. The french guy said now. That's just a bad pattern. Recognition because in nineteen eighteen, that's what happened but in nineteen eighteen the nineteenth eighteen flew started in the summer so because it started in the summer at a different arc, and he said now. This is bad analysis that if it started when it started, you gonna get one hump and then it will die out, but here's the most interesting thing member, I I do it a Jew, a picture on my way bore the other day. I showed that the the prediction is that we're trying to flattened the curve and then at some point
I out and I was complaining and they said we don't have a plan, there's nothing. There were doing. There was suggesting any reason for the virus ever to die out without heard immunity, and we wouldn't have it by that time on the graph so I was saying we have no plan for this virus to decrease in effectiveness because there's nothing we're doing that will make it happen and here's what video said he said the all viruses Peter out and here's the key were key sentence from a top virologist. We dont know why. What are you kidding me? Did you hear that so deviate is a video RO. I am using his first name servers lasting several new ways to stop french virologist,
a guy, and he says that we actually dont know why viruses Peter out. I thought you serious: how do we now know that is an our entire strategy based on some understanding that we don't know why they decrease, because they all do so. Did I just as they are? They all do that that you all you have to do anything special. Apparently, if you can survive you just after wait now I don't know why this true somebody says vaccines might be part of the issue. I don't think so, because every prior to the age of vaccines, every virus came and went as well, so always Didier PDA Rail route. So I think that's ok
doktor, Didier ROD. Thank you for correcting scottish saying. The stormy story is false. Was stormy story, whoever started the sentence was so you should consult with the other people who know me better, and you know that anybody you starts a sentence was so whatever follow. So is ridiculous and had nothing to do with me so. The S request, MR so the telephone, cognitive dissonance, whatever you said after the word, so just assume is not true because nothing after the word. So as Erika so you wrote it even you can do that. I won't talk to you tonight.
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