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Episode 948 Scott Adams: Join Me For a Quick Laugh About the Funniest Biden Kill Shot Ever

2020-05-01 | 🔗

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  • President Trump’s funny kill shot for Joe Biden

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Comparable buffer, comparable right, I'm not gonna, take up much of your time. The city so became a short, but I was just just pulled out his sure in my closet, which is not important in the story. I'm just letting people come in here son. I tell the story like like people were bad, telling stories masochism stalling until their more people in here. Well as banana shirt, my closet, these are the people. We start with the part that doesn't matter it was a blue shirt. Couldn't find my good green church put murmur shared in the closet sooner sir. Three thousand of you here live I've got to share with you just about the funniest thing. I remember
I've been I've been laughing so hard. I've been crying in my closet about this, so apparently well, we're close enough. So apparently, present Trump was deemed bungee knows podcast, it must have been last night and Martin Alors dollar dollar dollar is tweets this out, and so this is a quote from this is a quote from president rub. When asked about the Joe Biden, allegations against them. President Rob said quote, I would just say to Joe Biden: just go out and fight it. As president of sexual assault allegations against their regret interview. Damn bungee those podcast president's. By them in a way you could,
Hey! I'm sticking. Africa does not obviously referred in your whole life levies play. What is why this is so funny, because If, if President Rob had said yeah Joe Biden is guilty that would There were totally open up job for the same accusations, and you know that would just be automatic right So Trump didn't really have a play to talk about it at all, because the more talked about the more people would say. Well what about you? about you, president job. So once again, this is likely rosier. This is very
like the rosy O Donnell play and I swear to God. There should be some kind of hall of Fame for best political. Lasers over so remember the the rosy O Donnell play were ass, the serious question about incidents with women and he just moved over to Sunday, the so ridiculous and so funny that you can't take your eyes away from because it so ridiculous. You just said now: it's only rosier dial, it wasn't true. It was just ridiculous so you couldn't even remember what the original question was after awhile, because it nearly is interesting. Is that ridiculous thing just said: and what was this was similar about it is that you couldn't imagine
There was any way Houdini could get out of that question before he used the rosy O Donnell escape hatch. It just doesn't look like it was possible. Above you said Joe Biden being credibly accused. This is the very fabric. Is so credible, credible, the accused of sexual, the scandal that the President, the galleys trapped, what are you gonna? Do you cannot talk about it right? That's another thing! You kid You can't go hard at it because then they just go hard to you. Any care say you can't say he might be innocent. Or a cab you or can you, nobody else in the world who would have found that path if it's so so perfect,
but right now I realize I've been I'm totally into fanboy the territory here, but I like to I like to keep stuff and stuff to the communications part of what he does you can you can make your own decisions about policies you half the time. I don't even have an opinion of the policies. I know about trade deals and what that, but what do you see? Communication, this or or strategy plus communication? In this case, and also humour that is this? Is this one executed. This is like once in a lifetime stuff using usually the best, maybe the bestial ever say. I solemnity. Let me just finish where this is a brilliant. So, by taking the unexpected path, Trump does what He always does you can't look away, because here He refuses to do what you expect him to do and what normal people do so its eyes to defend to the FED by
how in the world this. So you get honestly say: undefended Biden, what a great guy- and he can perfectly philosophically pure argument that it's up to bind defend themselves not up to President we do acknowledge that lots of false rumours in this world- Russia Gate just to name a few and so the president is embracing Biden and though, in the way the violent would least want to ever be embraced. Witches ironic in and of itself, so the president is using as a kill shot. Just just think about the beauty of this. The president is using as a kill shot that his opponent is just like him
You do you understand how sublime because there's all there's only one person in the race who can survive being just like Trump, and it's not Joe Biden of so the more the more jobs as well as brothers were break. Equally, the same guy I lie, he lies. I've got some allegations. He's got some allegations. You know when you come to think about it. I've got his back. We're practically brows. Now you could this. This is like somebody get reality escape room where there is actually no escape with their actual, Is there any way to get the escape room and saw that we out like how the hell did he find this path?
in a billion years, if you said, if you, if you were you hired the best consultants in the world, think about this, The way you know that this came from him and did not come from an adviser, repaid consulted is that no paved consulted could come up with this plan. Just to good, and only only job could pull it off, because I think he is he's self aware there. There can only be one trump dislike highlighted I forget I'll ever there can only be one likely to be by.
Others have discovered. On the same day, the Bible basically confess that he was guilty of the allegations, so is even more absurd. In my opinion, he confessed because of the way you worded it when he said why. Why. This coming up this. What's this, if it didn't happen, why you're saying this coming up twenty seven years? Lynn? So anyway, there's just those by opinion admitted it not his opinion.
They would. It could be worse for Joe what the wheels are completely off. Yes, ever a caretaker sitting next to him to do is is lit. His life's waves from his beach is based, but what, where I think of his cord diedre, they lock them their official taken. This photo way, because I don't think anybody, those eastern talking to the world, but the day the other day that nothing you get worse for job is be accused of the baby tried to hide the wreckers, Delaware. We really it couldn't be a worse day what is present I do like in a way I'm kind of defending so over so over, like God, anyway,
I don't have any other topic. I just had to share with you this this. If you're being honest, even his critics, know about what they think give him, no matter what they think of this policy, whatever they think is. Mental processes are no matter. What you say give him this was brilliant. I mean this was just brilliant. Is one for the ages and vibrant and
If anybody is new to watch my periscopes up a pretty brutal, a brutal about the president, some of the task force and growth of irish stuff. So as I like I've, just supporting your wildly, no matter what, by communication wise every day that people something like this, that they you just can't even imagined anybody else would have done anyway. That's enough for that authority. It tonight.
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