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Episode 950 Scott Adams: Don’t Miss My One-Act Play Called Kim Jong-Un Plans His Schedule

2020-05-02 | 🔗

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  • Planning your day when you have 2,000 sex slaves
  • Test kits versus herd immunity
  • Tucker Carlson and totalitarian concerns
  • Testosterone levels and AJ Cortes provocative tweet
  • Success and drugs

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump obey Gregg Mountaineer good to see you I'm glad you joined the rest of Europe and commanded hurry up good, see all of you it's another wonderful, then it's a perfect day for coffee was got hours, one away to spend your morning what away to wake up and join the weekend, which is gonna, be amazing best weekend in a while and the best way to kick off the weekend. I think you know, I think you know it requires little thing called the simultaneous and all you need is a cover. Mugger glass take or jealousy is dynamic and flask. Let's vessel another guy, fill it with a very relevant. I like coffee,
and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine the other day, the thing that makes everything better, including a damn Undemocratic scholars- I'm not up that happens now go. I can feel the hospitalization rates decreasing with every step. Let's talk about some stuff, I tweeted a real, a real thinker yesterday. This one will make you stop and really really think, or they won't make any sense at all. So one of those two things is going to happen to you in a moment, they're going to have a really profound moment or for most of you, maybe eighty percent you're going to say. I don't even know what that meant goes like this listen carefully. Twenty percent of
we're. Gonna have a profound moment. Eighty percent of you are going to wish. I will just change the topic. Here's the statement predicting and creating would be the same thing if you were good and both of them. Let them think in creating and predicting will be the same thing if you were good and both of them twenty percent of EU just one wall. Eighty percent of EU just went know what that's supposed to me. So that was just for twenty percent of you or I ll start was well things Kim Jong run apparently he's been photographed at the opening of a fertilizer black.
Now I had jokingly said that when the news came out that he attended the opening of a fertilizer plant, I said on twitter but we don't know if he attended as a guest or as the fertilizer, because it seemed like both possibilities were opened up time, but we have been provided with photographs, yes, actual photographs of something that may or may not be a fertilizer plant and which Kim Jong IL is cutting a ribbon as someplace that may or may not be North Korea and may or may not have been in the last ten years. So, in other words, we care really tell from the photographs. Don't tell you as much as we do know. He wasn't weren't walking with a came and unless you get a miracle cure,
what he went a for a week. A miracle cure miracle. Now it doesn't need a cane. Maybe maybe it was such a good hospital trip they left looking younger yeah. It was such a good hospital job that they fix them up and now he's centre and younger, and it doesnt work with a cane glad. We got those photographs I'm gonna go on record here's my prediction: fake photographs, fake photographs: here's why, if you are going to produce real photographs, the point of which is to show that you Leader is alive, they would be a little more unambiguous. You, don't you don't publish ambiguous photos to to prove something? No, you prove something with em,
he was photos, perhaps something called video. Even North Korea's heard, a video. It's a thing with movement wouldn't be here. That demonstrates a Kim Jong then was alive Wouldn't be hard fact, it would be quite easy. Instead they went with green photos of a younger Kim. So I heard the news today and I think vaguely aware of this, but when you read the story about it, it reminds you of something that you couldn't believe. Which is reportedly Kim Jong UN has the sudanese alive two thousand sex life literally two thousand sex slaves
Who apparently, will accompany him on trips to his multiple resort compounds on his train and what not? to dance and sing and the other stuff for him in his elites. Two thousand sex slaves for king jargon. So here's here's the news as best we note and thank goodness we have intelligence agency because if we didn't have intelligence agencies and a free press, we were the narrow it down we don't know exactly what. John is doing this week, but thanks to our press and our intelligence agencies, we have narrowed down. It's either he's dead. Or he's partying in his seaside, resort with two thousand sex slaves.
I've come to understand that he doesn't spent much time in between those two extremes because think about it. You can join. You have two thousand sex slaves Why else you going to spend your time on, and so I present to you a one act play which features Kim Jong loans advisers talking to him about the schedule for the day, I will start in the role of the advisor to Kim Jong, and you can tell her the advisor is because the advisers I'm no pads, so that's how you know dear leader, were planning your day and we have various from a very important budget meetings. Can I put you down for the budget meeting at two p m Kim Jong budgeting?
yeah yeah. I could attend the budget of that's, that's one possibility or I could go to buy seaside resort party with my two thousand sex slaves. Maybe you could attend a meeting for me if I later that things didn't go well, I can execute you and everyone who attended the meeting? How about that instead location forgot. What will you do for the two o clock meeting? But we ve got a year, didn't cutting fertilizer plant. That's tomorrow, could you make the fertilizer plant ribbon, cutting dear leader, yeah yeah? That's it completely possible
I could drag my fat ass across North Korea to visit a factory that literally makes shit or or I could go to buy seaside resort, and I could party was by two thousand sex slaves. Why you visit the fertilizer planet and if I hear later than anything, went wrong, I could execute you kill everybody at the fertilizer plant to just make sure I've wrapped in all up how about that excellent plan. Excellent plantier leader: do we need to talk about the rest of this scourge not so much now so much scene. Now. Here's. This is actually an answer to a. I guess:
the three that I've had all my life, and I should have known the answer, because it was kind of obvious and I always say it myself: why is it you can't get a dictator to retire? Why is a never ending story about the dictator's I've been enjoying my dictatorship, but I'll tell you what I'm gonna retire turn this into a democracy or whatever. Now It turns out that the answer is that if you retire from being addicted, you will lose, and here I'm just speculating. You will lose access to your two thousand. Sex slaves and you'll, probably be hunted down and executed. So retiring is a really bad strategy for your typical as they might get executed, but at the very least, whatever openness that comes with
airing in becoming democratic is really gonna cut into your two thousand sex slave weekend. How do you expect a dictator to retire when that's the proposition here, your ears a deal? How would you like to make peace- we'll have some kind of North Korea, South Korea, your win, we want necessarily merge right away, but will be more travel and openness, more connections, maybe a lot more communication, Aisy Kim Jong sitting there in thinking, yeah yeah yeah. We could do that. We could do that. We can have the peace and openness I could give you get rid of my nukes or or I'll just put this out there. I can keep my nukes, which keeps you out of my country, and I can keep my two thousand sex slaves. How about that? And so,
the the possibility that Kim Jong men's sister might be the heir apparent if Kim's, young and actually is sacred, incapacitated or dead. And I said to myself: isn't this interesting? Isn't this interesting Because I dont know if there are historical cases in the modern era of female dictators who have sex slaves, I gotta think they might have a few right. If you had a female dictator, she might have a few male sex slaves. Maybe a few female sex life Why not, but probably not two thousand and if The work in german sister and lets say hypothetically, you decided to make peace and have
kind of transitional stage towards a more democratic system. Could you retire Could ginger noon sister retire? Would she be safe from the reaches of the law that up? Because only. She could argue that everything that happened was her. Brothers falls goes out around decision. She bade she just had to do with it, I said so she can say I didn't do anything carry their owners, by the way I do have two thousand sex slaves. I got three or four probably take him with me, but yeah, maybe we could have some peace because think about it is realistically all joking aside, real
ethically, would Kim Jong on ever do anything to ruin his situation now. Nothing there isn't anything. There is no risk of death, there's nothing! There's gonna shaky, manages situation with his private train and all the boozy wants, and two thousand sex slaves. There's no there's no negotiating in which you say I got an offer and then came says. Before you say your offer. Can you tell me how it's better then owning my own country being a dictator eating and Whatever I want smoking a lot apart, I certainly does and playing with my two thousand sex slaves at my luxuries is your offer better than that and then the negotiators negotiators will say
well in some ways and Kim would say: maybe we just put on hold on those negotiations. So the bottom line is it's possible that Jim Jones sister could negotiate for peace like a real one? It is now possible based on this new. Permission? The Kim juggling would have any interest in the in the garage aiding for something that would cause him to lose access to his two thousand sex slaves anytime soon, so I just don't see it happening. I was Esta and Twitter to talk about the revised death count which my unjust is that if we go back to work, so I think these estimates are based on we're still, integrating in all the smart ways, but some of us are phasing back to works. I think this new calculation.
Takes into account the low end, would be a hundred thousand s eye and would be to forty thousand based on the current model. Models, of course, are deeply inaccurate. They dont predict they simply give you a range of where you might expect things to be. And I would say that they do that actually pretty well, so does that range look reasonable to me? Yes, we ve we raced past sixty thousand. Are we close the seventy thousand s already, I dont know what it is today is number is, but one Seventy thousand pretty quickly. I would expect that in the month of May, we would soon pass a hundred thousand unless something happens really quickly could be that the rim desert here in the eye jocks Chloric queen, maybe they work, a little bit. Maybe we get that go on in May a little bit, maybe maybe reduces the daily count me because down,
but I don't really see the situation will be less than a hundred thousand. When it's all, then of course, there is also the issue of whether is counted correctly they throw in a lot of other things donor. I did see a chart. The shared total DES compared to what we would have expected, and here the expected is: if it's a normal year, look like most of the weeks were below the normal year. Couple were above it because recently death from a covert, but it looks like we're actually maybe close to break even with total best. If you count the ones that are saved here's an update. What Bill Gates said about testing and again this agrees with what I was thinking, but he does. He says it better,
so I'll give you his I've been telling you that, based on everything I've been hearing at the task forces now, testing that you should just forget about testing forget about it being a path out. As there is no there's, no evidence that we're doing anything that would allow us to test Beware were nowhere near the number when you were no new. Nowhere near the number of tests available were no new. Nowhere near testing the right people were not clubs, and I think that you know again. People give me a hard time for your bolstering the president and saying everything he does is good, but I've been brutal. About the reporting from the task force in terms of the in terms of giving as useful numbers, I would say that the task forces ability to give the public useful information effectively zero, just a failing,
just a pure failing ray. I can't even give them a D. Minors is just a pure failing grade one of the darkest, I would say one, maybe the biggest mistake of the Trump administration, I would say so- maybe I can think of a few other things, because it's hard to think of everything happened but I would say among the most grows embarrassing. Incompetent performances is the reporting on the numbers I think the overall effort is probably successful, but the terms are just specifically the question of: is the public being informed? No. Now is t administrations fault
that we don't have enough tests and the right kind of tests and the right kind of priorities, probably probably now they're doing this. The techniques are using is making sure that the private sector is deeply involved in their not trying to push through art. As long as the private sector is willing to step up and they are but the the way the tests are there, so many different ones- we don't know which ones. Accurate and then Bill Gates said this CNN. I think, apparently the tests we have you're only going to get them if you have symptoms. So if you have symptoms, you ve already been spreading it so so getting the test after you have sex
doesn't help you for all the time they already had symptoms and he were spreading. It doesn't help me get treatment before that. So neither was it can't fix the past, and since the only people getting tests were the ones prioritize once symptoms, you didn't help the past, but do you help the future and the answer is it takes about three days to get a result? Keep hearing them. Fast us those exist but I'll think through the majority. So imagine that you you, you ve had it for five days you ve got symptoms. You ve been spreading like crazy. You get it. Asked and you still don't really have for three days. What do you do for those three days? You live your normal life and you spread.
So by the time you get it as Bill Gates, says by the time you get the test result. You ve already spread around you and your practically over by the time you get the result. Now. Yes, there are faster tests in their there, a start observe even faster tests and immediate s. Coming. That? But what information do you have about that? Have you in the chart. The says how many we have. This is only the experts We need of this type, and this is how we're getting there or anything like that. No, no, my advice to you. To make your decision about the whole situation as if testing doesn't exist, as if it's not an option, I would say that it is so poorly reported that you have to assume it's just not even a path and bill gates, basically just laughed at it. He frigate laughter
He laughed at this that it's not even close, is not even in the decide, even in the conversation being something that could be awful, just think about most of the reporting most of the experts have said. We need to do more testing, we all know, there's nobody who doesn't think if we can magically test, everybody would be better off, but apparently it's hard to make caskets targeted done. So I dont think that we're gonna have anything like a testing solution. Before we have heard immunity accidentally I keep watching token girls in show where he is complaining that will show about totalitarianism and how freedom and rights have all been taken from us and how we can adjust handed them over
To which I say, I feel I can just watching crazy down. It just looks crazy. This boy. Now I'm a big fan of talker either you show is one of the best shows on tv of its type in the news, genre deadly one of them shows of its type? But this particular theme that he's, though we ve given up all our freedoms, is both true and trivial and unimportant at the same time, because let's say you're in a coma. Have you lost your rights yeah? You have. Let's say you, because you can do all the things you can do if you're in jail? Have you lost your rights? Yes, if you're in a dangerous neighbourhood, can you do all the things you? What? Yes, if you're temporarily? If you have to go to work, are you free not really you have to go to so we live in a world in which this all freedom, thing assertive, fluid
we're figuring out as we go, but we have a general. Idea. Where we want to be born sort of tweaking and all the time now, assuming that this perverse that doesn't last forever, which of these rights that is being denied to us, will still be denied to us in less say the end of the year. Do you think that any of these rights will be permanent? They have been the reduction and rights. Do you think the when the krona viruses gone? Do you think the governments will say you can The beach. Do things are going to say you jack work, gonna concert now now in what world and what world already these gonna be permanent they are the ones that will be permanent, we're gonna be permanent. Anyway, which is your loss of privacy,
You might argue that this cost you a little bit of extra loss of privacy, but not really because the government always could cause tracked. Where you were with yourself. They always have their ability. They just maybe we're doing less. You were a criminal, So I dont even even a little bit understand what talk Tucker is talking about, because all the examples are true they're observable. Yes, they can go to the beach they live in. Country and without any laws passed no constitutional. Thirty, these things are all true. He other things that Tucker's reporting are true. They just don't led to the conclusion that these concluding which is where an emergency the way, He would act in an emergency should now
be similar to the way you would act in the novel urgency. So why would you ever compare them now? If he's gonna make the case that there are certain subset of rights that have a high likelihood of of going away during this and then staying on what say? That's a pretty good argument. If I'd heard that argue do it like they can always find it emerges. Our rights temporarily during an emergency. I have also heard that give that's the way tyrants do it like. They can always find it emergency to use as an excuse for grabbing power, but doesn't look like that's what's happening here.
Say nothing close, because the minimum requirement for that to happen is that the public would be ok with it. Now. One of the things that people point now is how easily the public became sheep and just quarantine themselves, to which I say is that what happened? Is that the public just turning into sheep in obeying the your government, or is it a public who were informed about a risk and decided to take it seriously doing what the experts advised them to do
I mean, I'm not seeing a problem here. Somebody says because of the slippery slope right: the slippery slope is purely imaginary and somebody says emergency who defines Scotty. Well, I'm gonna block you for their comments. So the comment is emergency, who defines Scotty now, I'm I'm deleting blocking you forever. So you'll never be part of this conversation again because Scotty is personal. You can certainly make a comment about the
x, european etc? But when you add Scotty on their that sort of an instant block, because you're trying to minimize me, you can minimize the opinion just by saying what Europeans, but when you add the Scotty, then you just being asshole and assholes get blocked goodbye, asshole What else we got going on here? There's a New York Times article that was fascinating. You said that stress is now work. Kills you, you know that stress can kill you. You believe right stress can kill you but it turns out. The stress only kills you if you think you can now that's a little That is an exaggeration, but the Article said that science is pointing toward stress, will kill you if you believe the stress will kill you.
Another words. If your mindset is a stress, is all bad. It's just all bad. It's going to kill me that it did was. It actually has had that effect. But apparently people have a different mindsets and just accept the stress as some sort of response to as because are trying to achieve something stress, being normal reaction of the body, something maybe they the eyes I use dress. To power, my fennis, so my my mindset is that what I feel stressed and by the way this is totally legitimate, and this is a lifetime- a lifetime habit. So I'm not making this up. Read the storing the something I've done, all my life. If I, if I day of work- and I'm really stressed out. I think it's gonna go way right away. That's normal right! Everybody has stressful day's work
I say to myself man. I gotta have a good work out today because- There is nothing that can power good work out better than strengths, you know you're gonna have less of it less stress and you know the use your stress productively- to lift more and push yourself and exhaust yourself and really really get a good at good work and am now that's my mindset and one of the things that people always asked me is whether you seem so not rest. And part of it is that I make it a very much a part of my job. If you will to avoid stress and a big part of it is that mindset disliking. What's the first thing you think of when you stressed? Oh, my god, my blood pressure is going up or will we really have. Lift today and I'm not making that up. As literally what I think, when I, when I feel stress, is like schools could run.
So get you mindset right, that's. Why should be following people such as make some rich who talk about get your mind Right, one of my favorite follows on Twitter is a J Cortez. Does a personal training and what I like about him as a someone to follow on Twitter is that first of he takes the trading to the mind body mindset. The whole way, so it's more a holistic approach where, programming. Your body is way too programme your life. I don't think he says that in those words birth effect, if we want it is so, is more than a trainer about how to lift stuff. You does that to what is more about how all of this integrates into a
Life so eager to eat today they made me laugh I reach, we did it, not because I agree with every word of it, because it's so provocative that I couldn't help it. Sometimes I just like to see people react to provocative ideas, so this was is tweet from Egypt Alexander, quarters generation of defective men have been produced to believe that being now gives us list. These are things that make the men according to age. Agreeable quiet as of de sexual as soft, gentle and emotional, and he says that this is.
MRS Age aim me don't blame me and this, as these are trace of women needs, as these men have been programmed into passive eunuch slaves to the mainstream narrative, so a retweeted, because it so darn provocative not now, because it's exactly matching my opinion of things, but let me give you my opinion, the things so, first of all, let's all agree that individuals are so different that it would be ridiculous, A list of characteristics and say that this applies to men or this applies to women. Can we all agree that individual differences are quite extreme, but that doesn't change the fact that the averages can be the arrow? So I know you know somebody who's not like that. I know you're not like that. Can we agree that you and your friends are now we're talking about?
So let's get out of the anecdotal headset mindset, Yes, we all know individuals are all over the board on everything that people can be you're different about It is certainly not true in in a technical scientific way. Women are any of these things agreeable, choir, passive, decentralized, off gentle or emotional. I think the point is more that those or serve traditional. No. I have to say that there is good or bad, because I don't think a J saying these are good qualities or bad. He doesn't say that these you're saying to some kind of gender difference. You can agree or disagree, but here's where I'll take this
it made the Google to see if there was any kind of aid testosterone difference in Republicans verses Democrats. So I google that what do you think? What do you think I found out? Do you think that trumpets supporters have more testosterone than anti choppers? What would you say in the comments? based on your non scientific opinion. Just observation is Europe's innovation that the classic,
People who are supporters of tribe and more testosterone than those were opposed in many of the comments that the comments is its unambiguous right is very unambiguous. You you could tell me that this doesn't pass the science and that I will just doubt your science, because it's so frightened obvious. I dont know how in the world you cannot see it. It's is obvious, could be others now what causes that now it keep in mind there too, there are two things happening. One is that Trump as or male supporters, so if you're simply to you measure all the testosterone in the trumps supporters. You would of course, get more just because there are more men in the group sets. The first second thing is is obvious,
Since the obvious and I'd made the hypothesis before that, the way people respond to Trump might be based on whatever experience they have had in the past. With bullying and my hypothesis, this is which under modify right now, my hypothesis had done that if you'd been the subject of bullying victim of at during your life- and you saw a he triggered you to remember those situations and you say to yourself: no, never again, I'm not gonna be in this believed situations. I guess for him and then I speculated that if you'd been the bully yourself or you just hadn't, been bullied that You didn't say that any what you saw was a strong leader who may or may not agree with you, but that's it. He wasn't scary. I'm going to modify that, because
I feel as though the bullying thing might be a factor, but not the full explanation I feel like testosterone is the better s, explanation and here's. Why again, let me say that this is speculation space time anecdote all stuff the moment there is a scientific peer, reviewed, controlled study. The says that there is no correlation. I will immediately adopt that opinion, but at the moment there isn't, there is not that I just looked through is no information on that so years. What I think I think that your test strown level, if your man, so let's just talk about men, the higher your testosterone level, less afraid you are of other men? Would you agree with that? But let's say I think, This'Ll be harder to answer for the women but man you have experienced. You ve experience
just in your own life times when you knew your test, US testosterone was high. Let's say you just want to contest. You been workin out you're feeling healthy. You know, you're testosterone tie. You can feel it. You also know that there have been times when even sick girl now broke up with your girlfriend or whatever you promise. You knew your testosterone was So can the men here first confirm for me that they have a physical sensation and they know the difference between when their testosterone is, is jacked up and what is not, because personnel changes. I would say my entire personality is quite different, if I know my testosterone is raging- and I can tell right- let me give you one example used to do a lot of public speaking, and when you public, speaker and you're invited because you're already popular usually goes well the audience collapse in nature and they
if you spent an hour being the subject of affection of an audience by the time you ok stage and you're heading back to your hotel room, your testosterone issues raging because it just want to back if you become ill. Celebrity on stage and everybody's clapping, for you and literally standing, sometimes standing ovation. Your testosterone is off the chart and you and your personality changes too, and you know it I mean. Is you just feel it? It's almost like? You can feel it in your goosebumps in your hair. You can It and what comes along with men, men back me up on this, I'm just looking for the men to answer this question. Women would not be able to when here testosterone is jacked up. Are you ever afraid of another man, Are you and I think the answer is almost never.
And I would say that I can't think of any situation in my life. That I've ever been afraid of a man or men. Not once And I ve been lots of situations if your mail, you ve, been in tons of situations that are dangerous You can be a man in America and I have lots of experience with almost getting in a fight. You were there when the trouble window, Europe and Asia. Normal life that men around the male experience is violence and near violence all the time. It's something that women can. Possibly understand the manly men living a permanently violent world and I I mean that their actually performing violence at any given moment. There our mindset is that you're ready,
violence at the drop of a hat. Maybe not all of you. This also could be a testosterone difference, but I would say and let the men in the comments confirm or deny this men. Would you say that you are capable of violence at the drop of a hat? For a reason, I'm not saying that you do violence for no reason. I'm saying that is it true that you're always on the edge of being violent, but only if there's a reason and you don't really ever turn that after you, so you can guess. Maybe you'll see some differences here. You see somebody's incorrect, I dont know if there there? Somebody says I'm never afraid of anything survival of the fittest only if he's holding a gun, so I've
guns pulled me three four times so. I've had guns pointed at my face four times my life once a Boeing, I've I've had a knife pulled on me for guns to have them was one as working as a bank teller rob twice once was getting mugged in downtown San Francisco. Another time was walking in the mission district in San Francisco and whereas walking in the mission district. Somebody pointed a real gun at a window as walking by the sidewalk, and that in the window was really close to the sidewalk. So you're, looking right at the person in the window, you it wasn't like there was a distance and evolved, and I'm walking by the guy sticks a gun out. The window holds it up to my basically pointed at my head and he pulled the trigger
And I watched the watch, the cylinder turn click and there was there wasn't around in the chamber he had appointed at my head ass. I walked by a real gun click and pointed at when I walked like. So that's the neighbourhood I lived in so just, just generalised that. What my neighborhood was like this is when I first move to San Francisco is it was. It was on the border of a rough rough place anyway,. So I've had numerous guns and weapons pointed at me and I would say that my my dreadful and went through the roof. So if you talk about adrenalin, adrenaline went through the roof. But I don't know that I was ever afraid, like. I didn't feel like any kind of experience that
I fear I have your normal fears of normal things, right of ordinary appreciation for danger that, like the brave I'm, not a brave guy I would say, is that as a man and especially brave or especially Umbria, probably average, but I also have a gas, and so here here's an assumption. I believe my testosterone relatively high. How does one know that? Why have the eye of the tells for that? So I have the balding. Losing your air is either side of starts room were sensitivity to it. I have the squares July as a sign of testosterone. I think there's a difference with the finger link that tells you have testosterone but more important. I live my lifestyle to maximize it. So I left I exercise I e riot ice.
So I do all the things issue boosted and my. Sperience habit is nothing really frightens me. So when I look at I look at tromp, I see his tools that, but, as a threat to me, I can totally imagine If you are low testosterone, you would see somebody was bristling with it and was unpredictable, a scary area. So I think that can be tested, but will leave that open question. John Roberts reports Fox NEWS, that senior intelligent source to tells him that there is agreement my most of the seventeen intelligence agencies, the covert ninety originated in love, lab. And there was believed to be mistake, so
most of the seventeen agencies agree so mean anything. Does that mean anything it doesn't? Does it. The fact that seventy and intelligence agencies agree, we know that that doesn't mean anything. I remember when now when I would have heard that some seventeen intelligence agencies. Well, I mean what are the odds and I'll be wrong, now. Let me tell you what it means when seventeen intelligence agencies agree. If you We're worked in a large organization, you know this is trip You haven't worked in a analogue large organization. You would be totally fooled by this Lennox. And what it means when seventeen intelligence agencies agree. It means that one did the work came up with an opinion and the others heard about it.
You got that one agency did the work and the others heard about it. Sixteen are useless, they're not duplicating the work. Do you think that the United States has multiple agencies and sending different people into North Korea open up? I hope weed Different agencies doing that you think maybe there's only one, the scattered that's got that responsibility. I think there is only one intelligence agency that real as the primary responsibility of figure out. What's going on, there they know. When you see something like seventeen intelligence agencies agree, your brain should translate that into one intelligence agency has an opinion sixteen of them just said yeah, whatever their guy says with you, it seems credible task, and the one who had the opinion is probably not right. That's that's how you should interpret it. If you,
Terminated as seventeen cents, seventeen agencies, it's true, while probably true, then you gotta completely wrong. There's nothing in there your reality. There would suggest the seventy and intelligence agencies and United States Agreeing tells you doesn't tell you anything. Sensation process, let's see what else we got here Ellis mostly. What I want to talk about today, rightly I missed in the news today Somebody says others that this question that those gonna bring up some somebody says what organization did not agree and why exactly which organization did not agree no, it doesn't say that there is an organisation that disagrees so. The way I would interpret that is that of
seventeen agencies, one did the work fourteen of them said the other looks good ass. We didn't do the work, but you did. The work looks get us and a few who said we haven't seen waved up, we haven't looked area, It's gotta be more like that
somebody says, one everyone's thinking, the same thing nobody's thinking while lesser all right, I mean rule out the fact that sometimes people right, but it's a good warning. It's a peer review, rubber stamp yeah peer review, I think, is totally overrated to you got some better information. I do, I guess, I'm better information. I watched China's response. If you watch to China as a response to the corona virus situation, it's pretty obvious that there were concealing information from the world. Do you need seventeen intelligence agencies to tell you that
The China was line. We already know that those public information, so what are the intelligence agencies know that we don't guess Isla mosques tweet storm, so Isla tweeted, among other things at last, for There were so, among other things that he use girlfriend was having a bit Monday, people didn't know that and that tassel stock was overpriced. In his opinion, he issued life double talk about a guy who likes trouble. I think you joys and some other random things tweeted anyway, the tweets were Let's say eyebrow raising enough the people, started wondering if he was on drugs are crazy, you're
trolling what they exploit and so says, like a cottage industry, trying to decide what you learn is secretly rethinking. If I had to guess I'd, say drugs to be a look like somebody was on some kind of drug and tweeting now. Do I care? What would I sell my tussle stock. Learn that you love had taken mushrooms, I'm just speculating, there's no evidence that you did that. But what I do anything differently with my investments, if I heard that you learn took some mushrooms and tweeted too much nope, because you know what Whoever Isla Musk is today he was same guy a few years ago. Right if it worked the only other thing is you gonna sell off all of his possessions, his houses etc? Now
that's true whatever, but it sounds like somebody was on drugs. Do I care if he was on drugs hope, because if he was, he was still you, learn mosque, who broke all the rules. You will, is be remembered, I think, as one of the great unspent oars of our time, do you care of Henry Ford drank too much. I don't think he drank and loving sure if he did but the De Care if Steve Jobs did LSD because he did do you care? Do you care that almost every major company in Silicon Valley has major top employees? Were micro, dosing, LSD? Everyday? Do you care probably not declare that using performance enhancing drugs at all and everything else- and I really do
this move marijuana, nice and weakens nope, so I guess my take on the alliance tweeting. Is he still the same person? He didn't become less capable of doing anything. He just letting you know who it is as if the unkind global truth that nobody wants to say out loud. Let me say that let me be the first person to say it out loud. The success in this world is about which drugs you get addicted to their there. I said what a lot of people thought, but you don't wanna say if what you gotta dig into his alcohol? Probably that's not gonna go well for you unless you are a functional alcoholic and you're in sales, if you're a functional,
Pollack and here in the sales profession might be pretty good. I mean I wouldn't recommend it, but it could work out what In fact, I know several people who are clearly forms, alcoholics who have tremendous lives as far as I can tell from the outside, because they just they just funnel. Drinking into sales? The very social Michael on sales have a good life and their drunk all the time, and they don't seem to be any the worst. Where so some people apparently can make that work now recommending that special case. But it is also true that people can be more creative, bending what they're taking they can relax. They can. The IRAN after all or other and performance enhancing drugs
Sometimes they need, and sometimes they get them recreational or just for performance. But the point is Silicon Valley is, is run on drugs. If that was clear enough, let me say as clear as possible: Silicon Valley runs on drugs and not the legal kind all the time, but some of them are legal. After all, is legal, etc. But Silicon Valley is a drug fuelled industry. Now, there's something that you don't see the new so much using stories about it, but it's not really emphasised, but the fact is, I don't know what percentage But the way people in Silicon Valley or using drugs are using it not recreational exactly so using functionally
so the Silicon Valley people were using drugs and also successful, is because the drugs or other addicted to or choose to be addicted to are productive. I'll use myself, for example, a mountain technically you can't be physically that to bear one, but I'm certainly psychologically addicted, and I can I can guarantee you from my own experience that my creativity goes through the roof when they use it. In fact, a lot of the ideas that you ve seen coming enemy happened, knew what I was enjoying a
good for twenty afternoon, and so would I be more or less successful. I don't know it's hard to know, but I will tell you that a lot of the most successful people have simply chosen the right kind of drunk their works for their particular situation. There are particular
genetic make up their particular, whatever the reason that I don't recommend any of this is that it can kill you right. Do you need a better reason about this dont? Do it it could kill you. That's it! That's that's all recommendation, I'm not a doktor, and if you're, not a doktor dont be playing around experimenting with drugs. To make you a better person like to recommend that I'm just gonna saying some people have, for whatever reason have discovered that there are some types of drugs that make them better. Other people have found drugs. They just make them worse if you're taking a drug that just makes you worse. That's that's where you can end up.
Somebody says but doesn't kill yeah. So, there's a little bit of disagreement on the side of saying that marijuana doesn't kill you, but there other people say well, but if do marijuana and tried ride your motorcycle really fast suppose you could do something foolish. Somebody says, stop taking any marijuana for a while and see if you have physical results. Well, I've done that. Of course, I know I know
the difference. I am very aware of how different it is often drugs or try for a fixed for an underlying mental issue. I would say everytime. I would say that all drugs, unless you just trying among the weekend or something you just experiment but for people, are using them regularly. I would say that statement is true, that people do it to fix something that wasn't giving them enough happiness or something I can't drink or get high during work. It's a waste of a good buzz yeah most work is not compatible with marijuana, but some is somebody says I should plug locals dot com yeah. I would remind you that I've moved moved.
My video content, all the periscopes will be reproduced there I'll keep doing here. This won't change, but there are also on the locals platform. So if you went to Scott Adams, Scott Adams, DOT, locals dot com you'll find my page who look at my twitter profile and see it as well, and for a very small subscription free you can. Extra stuff? When you get everything in one place and the algorithm will not rule. You are telling me long term play here so the law long term reason for putting it on a subscription platform. Is that the the Youtube's of the world? They can't really handle my content, because their business model requires them to pair,
content with advertisers and the advertisers all say. Why would we take a chance on something this controversial, just Paris with kitten videos? So that's the problem that Youtube as even if they wanted to the advertisers who say I'd like to give you money to bear with the stuff half the people watch it. We're gonna get married. Me verges pairing it. So the advertising based models, including my comic strip, everything else or advertising they don't really work anymore for a variety of reasons. The newspaper advertising model will probably just disappear because newspapers will disappear by the end of the year. I'll probably have no no regular cartooning income. I would guess, from newspapers some, I'm looking to you re reinvent my content figure out how to adapt to the new World Leap
screw virus world and I'm gonna try the subscription services where I met Scott items not locals with an s dot com. If you want to be part of that, you get all the good stuff And more, where will dilber peace indicated? Watson? Two thousand newspaper Brazil. Is that a lot of websites and sat Dilber dot com. Probably a number of them will continue online, but I dont know if newspapers make enough money from just their online presence. So my guess is that these physical newspapers, the local ones, will disappear. The biggest ones don't actually carry comics the biggest new Spain the Wall Street Journal near times they don't have colleagues, so when the little ones go away. You USA today is a big one when the little ones go away. So so too does the comic business is associated with the local papers, mostly.
Somebody says they mentioned me on the five yesterday I watched the five and see the dilemma supper. Seven dollars is the subscription fee per month. If you're already donating to me on the patriotic site or the winner but platform, because people have done both. I would ask you to discontinue That and whether or not whether thought you want to be on the locals platform. That would be a separate decision, but yeah you can discontinue Patreon and you can discontinue using the interface app. And I would be just as happy because now I have a little home and the people want to use a subscription fee and see the lecture,
I can see it so what are we doing on the locals app? Is I'm gonna put a lot of micro lessons? I put my first micro lesson that their on how to write humor. So these of me very short videos, one topic where I teach you that one topic, my next war volubly design so would be like five to ten minutes to bring you up to about eighty percent of what you need to be a better design. So that's what we're gonna do. I will talk to you tonight have a good day,
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