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Episode 951 Scott Adams: Get in Here!

2020-05-03 | 🔗

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  • Conspiracy Theatre Episode 1: Kim Jong-Un
  • Asking viewers questions

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Bump bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump. He asked usually desert in other needs. Not only is it an attractive fashion necessary, but it allows me to talk to gas, and so I will be inviting some gas to ask you some deeply personal oceans deeply personal, oh yeah! I will be the one to ask him a question this time, so wait for that way for that, so. What are we are day was for me. I told you before how strange it is today, maybe in house. All the world has become an delay. I'm just like my own business. Look around twitter like I often do.
Set up second, what's happening on Twitter. Anything new. Look at a comment there. Somebody I back to me. I forget what the cabin was, but I saw the comment that he was commenting back to me and one other person in the world. Other personal as President Trump. And I thought to myself: wait a bit: how does a reply, however, reply have the two of us in their duty than I thought, I wonder if they checked present trumps Timeline area as three retreats of me at a retweeted, something that I tweeted about tat about something Gregson, another five. I thought what just binding way
Business that the President of the United States is tweeting via funny video, so I Maybe I'm not writing the simulation. I'm open the possibility that there's some other explanation for this reality, but my life does not formed anything normal. It is so unusual and always has meant that the weird thing, even as a even as a kid, my my ordinary experiences, seems somewhat extraordinary even to me Meaning that just things that you wouldn't expect could could happens, it happens all the time what that's about, I don't I assume it's like the memory. That's my best
best gas. But why would I have so many of these stories that I have selectively remembered, but other people dough. Why wouldn't other people remember? Their cruel stories lay is, is just a weird coincidence that there were the stuff happens to be with us. So that was a lot of fun and uttered a visa which, with which one the president retweeted, but that alone is worth look here. So a couple thinks so it seems it would seem. The Kim Jong is alive. Did you see that Kim Jong and Supreme Leader, North Korea,
has appeared. Video and still photography at a fertilizer plant. Grant opening seemed quite spry seem quite healthy. Look like either have a care in the world And look real to you DM believe it will the president tweeted that he wished him well in the president's already had said that he knows what the situation is, so he had hinted that he was confident he knew the situation and had said before that he wished Kim Jong UN.
Well sure enough you. If your wishing someone well now it indicates, you know you say that there are no whatever it is: it's gonna bass, then today he he said. I think the tree was. I, for one, am glad see, give drugs. This is well or something like that, so it just purely friendly lead. The leader tweet, so tat? We have the evidence that he's alive, we have a video, we ve got still photography, we ve got. The president's tweet, seems pretty authoritative what you say and then, by the way, South Korea.
You said that you were, there was a problem in the first place as far as South Korea was concerned, there like well say anything. So it's that's our redone, that's right! Well or areaway. Let me just put this conspiracy theory into your head. Now I do this in a spirit of entertainment. If anything I say convinces you, the sum of this is true. Well, that's all you because this, Conspiracy, theory story it. I am you're about to take these things too, literally or shared view. That is where you will decide
Look at the look, if you will at the video of Kim Jong visiting the plant and tell me that you're paused, that's the same guy in all of the pictures. Tell me your positive. That's the same guy, because at one of them as these are guy or he had dental surgery, simply was passed up. In the middle of the visit of the last few minutes because it was there another photographs. Is it my imagination, or are they are the pictures they showed the fertilizer plaid were those also, coincidentally, the the the pictures in which the alleged Kim Jong on was kind of far away
Am I am I wrong about that, and I am I wrong that the close ups of came in his face that are clearly him. Am I wrong to say that. Still show much of the background could be anywhere the ones where he sort of far away- and it looks like it could be some kind of fertilizer plant well indeed, It is a little Smith, but he's out of fertilizer black pure love. If you think that looks like him now further evidence, I submit to you. If you do. Joining, don't take it seriously further evidence. I said
If you look at it still, photograph of the alleged Kim Jurgen cutting the red tape, you will notice that directly ble beneath him, German there's a shadow. It's a shared between his two feet. Look for the direction of the sun. Is the sun directly above him. Now it is. That is quite clearly. I am fairly down on the horizon because the the shade from the building which we can see and other photographs is very long. It's a long shadow, it means the sun is low, so that's who that was the only lighting. It was outdoors The only lighting, and yet the sun on the side, but the only shadow is between Kim Jong Legs HA
Wouldn't you also expect there would be a second shadow on the other side of the second leg. Why only one leg shows a shadow? Is he part vampire? Is one leg of empire leg, the dozen cast a shadow or or is it possible There's a little Photoshop magic. Now you say to yourself that the background is very distinctive, looks real to me, but I submit to you. It looks like that is a mobile, a viewing stand at a mobile area where he probably cuts a lot of red tape problem. If it's a right on his trainer, whatever truck April, I think they take it with them. It looks like little bill there on the spot. It looks like that Kim Jong owns official platform.
For cotton stuff. So is it possible that they displaced together some real video of Kim Germans phase from whatever he was feeling great? with some greater photo it's hard to tell this him, but you could definitely tell the others of fertilizer plant and maybe there's still photograph this suspiciously clear. Why would you have an unclear photograph this coming? an official source because The video wasn't unclear There were no still photos, they were nice and clear and. Shadows only apply to one leg to one of the best. Had no shadow it all. He had no shadow between his legs. He had no shadow to the side
but another one also had a shadow below, but none to the side. Three people a place in relation to the son. I'm just saying I'm just saying so. Clearly, if you put all the clues together in conspiracy, theatre? He can only mean one thing that China, the United States, South Korea, possibly whoever we're talking to north korea- have decided that until things can be sorted out, we want no kind of information getting out the present, of course, would be wise to play along and say absolutely glad, you're feeling great which is why you say just a few days after saying I hope things turn out. Well, That's a pretty fast recovery is from.
Things turn out well to pay you looking pretty good, get round great, pretty fast, wouldn't you say, and this concludes episode? One of conspiracy theatre, in which. If you believe any of it, Jerome risk I'll die everything. It didn't happened. None of this happened they're, so damn it. Somebody says I would like to take a volunteer. I need a volunteer who led answer a personal question.
Well sort of personal, nothing they. You would necessarily mind saying in front of other people. The question would be about your internal mental thought processes. I'm going to ask you what you go through it her head in certain situations where you see that sort of thing I'm looking for some volunteers and I'm not taking questions right. I'm gonna be asking the questions has done so we'll see. Somebody is game, so, let's Let's go where I think her mark mark seems Ike.
The kind of guy would answer a question mark hello. Are you there? Are you game to answer a question about your own mental process, job all right when you are doing the simple mass in your head, seven plus five described the process that happens in your head tat seven and I spent the five at the three to get tat. And then at the two onto the tent, get him and were what are you saying or using digits or using units or items?
when you say you split, it knew at it. What are you saying it? Did you give it our digits susie indigence, so you actually manipulating digits it out Let me tell you what I see, and this is by way of explained, there were all living under our own reality. So if I had ever five, I see Darwin and I see you- have a domino with v on it and a domino with seven dots, and I I just look at them. And I don't do that with every number. Is I just do with that? That combination- when you are planning to drive someplace, let's say that you're not going to use GPS is someplace that view you can get to it easily enough without GPS.
Do, you feel picture the entire route and if so, do you picture from our bird's eye perspective a map like you're reading it or from new cars perspective when you visualize it go, Well, if I, if I'm going somewhere on- and I know not done the trip before I don't- I don't pick before- I got it So you don't, you know, visualizing, you just drive and take the terms when what do you know the terms are ready to be taken? I will always visualize the entire drive and if I care visual has our GPS s EVA? Even if there are times when I times I'll, be like okay. Why can't I see the whole path so so there's a difference when, when you make big decisions today
applause, a big career decisions, etc? Do visualize yourself in the future, as the older version of you in that situation say twenty years ago I remained wrinkles in that kind of stuff. Well, Yoda, not not just the physical par ballet, every part of doo doo, doo visualize yourself in a movie that issue in the future. With those decisions you ve made working out story, I think I realise how things will work out like a good day, sleep with lights. Up here has an older person. I probably this visualize myself and I am now, which is an unrealistic that hopefully I'd never write soon, so that
Just a guess. I saw a study I forget when it was William in which they felt that they could convince futile to save more for their retirement if they showed so if they show the person day, digital version of themselves aged so the artificially age and if they could see themselves at an older age. They would save more money, they will be saving for their version of themselves, but as a concept, if they just thought about it here that their future person is real sort of a conceptual you in the future. So that's interesting, so maybe maybe you should, I think so much for the call it. But now I so I was male. Let's do if we can get the female perspective from Miss rhetorical.
Let's hope Miss Rhetorical, there's a real person who is coming on the lie in this hi. Are you? Are you game to answer some questions about your internal thought process? Yes, right when you are To fall asleep, you close your eyes now tell me what you think you think about anything. Well, you that's impossible. It is possible that who intentionally think about Ebay or do you say that you allow whatever thoughts tat you might just to do another? Oh yeah, setting out ok take what is a more yes or no.
Now. So so what happens? If you have unpleasant thoughts, do you just go with it now? So you push about yes, so you do. Energy users. Do you ever imagine when you're trying to fall asleep? Do you imagine the current world or something that will be? Are you thinking about what could be or will be, or or your current situation here there in bed what Welby and you think of the pause, diversions of it or you do the worrying version where you're making lists and worry about getting everything done tomorrow. The positive say I should end. How often is your positive, practical, isn't like yeah that'll work out words like really
deposit, positive, that's funny! Now it's more like dreaming, so more like dreaming like anything's possible right so that you could end Ok it in your imagination. Are you the star of it? What are you doing now? I'm not the star that I use. We dream about other people, other You need even and other humans. Yes, yes, and mostly humans? Yet again, sir, are you actually have you have movies you had with you? What did the actors or you're just not the star, I'm not the star, so you're just not assign our well. Let me, let me tell you, there's a little bit differently.
My daydreams tell others So the the the audience. What I'm trying to get at here is how different our internal worlds are, because the real life that EU lead is as much that secret internal one. That's that's the way process thoughts. That's what do you care shared over the disease? So if somebody doesn't ask please you're pretty probing the specific questions you never know how different it was. I will tell you that I would never have a daydream in which I was not the personal star of it, because why not just make it up if you make it up, make yourself this, our desserts does what most directly feels good to be, but I don't think there's a right or wrong. That's just interesting that we have differences by thanks legal undertaken alone. Let's do it.
That's a lot of people on tonight. Let's do it, There is a lot of people on tonight. Alex Alex Alex Are you there s nothing like arrow automobile access other Alex or you game, to answer questions about your thought process here. Yes, again, tonight is your first question let's say you're, with the person of your affection, whoever that might be and left and you're just hanging out and that person takes out their phone and you don't really feel like.
Here, your phone but they're just say there look either phone. What is your internal thought process go I'd say wonder. What we looking at at was is more important than mean now more than what we're doing right now like who? Were you talking it more important than any attention to important. Then what right now to get an eight year mind. How long can somebody look at their phone? Let's say that situation worse as the two of you before it's too long, because I think in the modern world we accept that checking a message is pretty standard. Would you would you agree. He added users and so how long would simply be checked out on their phone before you start thinking? Ok, that's rude!. Get given in seconds or minutes. However, you want explicit, I would say
be under a minute by the way. For me, I think it would be a bigger tell us if I was to ask a question or try them and then they, responder they, like you know. You look way to go about. Instead of potential down to me like a game. What what's Here's the next one when I've ever had a jubilee drinks here to the earlier, but I look like a like everyone in the world when, when you ve had a few extra drinks, do do you think of it as being out of control or don't you think of it in terms of control and all I feel like coming complete control.
And yet some people feel the exact opposite, like the rather control. I would. I would say that I deficiency feel like I'm in when I used to drink, but I was wrong probably, but I felt like I am. Where do you find out that there's something you were positive, was true for a long time the sand politics someday, you thought was really true that you found out it wasn't what you thought process. You know it's funny since listening to you for years now I have a very different approach to it, where I recognise the potential cognitive dissonance that I may experience, and I now know and when I'm thinking enter. William going walls. I can't be wrong. I paused, and I think we,
Could I be wrong and I kind of question myself a little bit more now, so if I find out- I'm a hundred percent wrong. I'm. I can accept that. I find that I've often delighted because any time that, as this is one of those ways to frame year life, so the frame I put on an error like that, if I've just like dead wrong about something that almost every time there's something valuable. Are you going to take away from that and you're not gonna, be wrong the next time because it yeah there's you gotta, be alert because the more patterns you see, the more capable you are recognising the next bad thing covered. So that's where they are and the same.
One more there's a a hard challenge covering up, but is one day you know you can succeed at just hard. Are you excited or just like. I would say depends on the ear yeah, but usually I get a little bit excited. I sort of like windows, a challenge over when I'm under pressure. Personally, so anything that to me, especially when people can't be done. For example, I ran a marathon in two months ago, and everyone said it's impossible in the morning of I was thinking this is insane, but yet I just got up and. And I learned a lot away whenever anyone living- what was the longest distance should run? Let's say within the last two weeks before you ran a marathon. I didn't write.
I didn't want you, wherever you telling me that you just got off the couch in Latin America,. I wouldn t. I got off the couch, I work out, but I do kind of weight. Lifting I don't do anything related to endure and sir running the most ever man within ten years ago to ten kilometers lies to be under a button the idea behind it You train your legs. Now, really it's a weird thing, no nothing other than you ordinary just get the very people, something that might be the strangest story. I've heard tonight pebble that face like all our vision, no brown, thanks guys, I stood other ones,
make sure that he is Case Christine, as I do, I want to see if she set her up Christina. Are you I'd cipher, we'll take Judas Judas Judith, hello Judith. Can you hear me that's not where gas, ok, we'll try something else. One more, but we have to try a female to make its fair is we're talking about how people are thinking so we'll try Jen. So we have to have been half women
Shin disappeared assumes isolated. Her wonder why that happened so often because of scary, we'll go for mark mark. Are you there? May I ask you some questions about your internal thought process, absolutely when when one hears it, when you see the weekend covering these video, do you say to yourself yea I've got here the weekend or do you say to yourself? I have a plan to do these things I don't have to do during the week is as easy to do my job I've always enjoyed weaken ever since I was a kid I love the weekend and you are you at extrovert, I'm an emperor. You didn't
who loves the weekend? Yes, I'm I'm an extra averted entered the other way when I want to, but let what says this is Thursday afternoon, you you're starting to think about the weekend? How do you hold it in your head? Do you see a little movies of the things you gonna do psycho? Here's me doing this do that or how do you hold it? Did you had? Would you think of the weak and come why always picture, everything and movies my hope, our processes. When I look at things and think about things, I see things as As a movie screen, do you see them in order? So captain said you see like as Thursday yeah Dizzy Friday little movies, like their other stage, sort of Arctic grabbed Sunday? Now I think about certain items and events that I'm gonna do over the weekend. I will think about the once I'm looking for tomorrow, probably in pictures, and do you think you're everything else around it? Do you think
seriously, or do you sort of almost looked down on your schedule and see it filled in and others that morning thing there's that after ginseng, do you see it like as geography or only think of the one at a time, probably more geography, antibiotics, hello. I been peaceably ways, you don't know what you're thinking of LE say. Listen. I've got three things. You ve gotta. Do that danger three different places it when you imagine this different places. Are you more likely to see yourself there or to think of it on the map and say: oh it's one whatever here, whatever I hear one over there, I think of it more like from the sky which way do you think about your pricing vials ways but which has doubled and probably the map out a kind of an overview of different places. I need to go and look at it
Strategically right, if somebody's asking you to get for directions, do someplace you now let's say as not, that far away would and they say how far would you answer it in terms of miles or would you answer in terms of time it would take to get there? I think I would say miles first and are you from the West Coast? Always I'm not! I'm from there. I from the Kansas City, Missouri area. Ok, that's the same answer because I wonder that if you grew up around New York, U S ready in time, because little traffic is so bad and other matters is the type are it thank you for played like you are much bigger, I'll just experimentally, without to see if we would have any harm
Let us do that at home with precise data, and it was fascinating, I think, maybe as even better with couples, because that those differences are really more meaningful but start asking questions of the type that I was asking is, first of all is a really good conversation thing to have because it so super personal, but is not the kind of personal people don't want to talk about I was like super personal and sort of scientific sage, feel I talk about it when you find out differently. People visualize things, especially the visual apart, is really remarkable. Anyway. That's all I've got a few tonight. Remember if you wanna, get to sleep tonight, remember to close your eyes, squeeze one muscle in the time it was really
really tight and released its then go to the next muscle until you squeeze to release all of your major muscles that you can tense, while you down then account for one to twenty. Maybe imagining that your hearing by voice when it happens optionally, will you get to twenty do you do those two things you're just going to melt into the bed and have the best sleep that you've had in a long time. So yeah that to look forward to- and I will talk to you in the morning.
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