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Episode 953 Scott Adams: I Score President Trump’s Coronavirus Performance, 4th Branch of Government, Solve Some Hoaxes and More

2020-05-04 | 🔗

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  • Whiteboard1: Trump Coronavirus Grades
  • Whiteboard2: Who Dies?, Who Decides?, Solution
  • Twitter has evolved to be the 4th branch of government

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For both of us, the barber partner, but about a girl, what do you know what time it is its way border clock now, it's better that its double whiteboard time, yeah too I boards. What are these side? It's gonna blow your mind full of tantalizing, a provocative ideas. The regular make you think make you hate. Make you cry. Well, probably won't make you cry my bet you do those other things up. We'll start mouse was off. This happened since the last time I saw you
Well, I went shopping today, pretty big news. Yes, yes, I put on my mask, went to the grocery store I have. Then to anything like a building with? ceiling arriving at my house, you quite awhile, and I gotta tell you I was thinking. I was thinking to myself. How bad is it going to be shopping at the grocery store? If you like, some kind of distribution, they bear water world and the world have escaped the situation, but I had. I had optimistically been saying in general that there might be some things the end up better after the virus This is the baby, some things that we say hey. Let's just rethink this from scratch, because we
wouldn't ordinarily, but since everything's broken, less rethink. Everything, and let me tell you, I just had the best crochet shopping experience of my life and I just wanted to continue. But let me tell you how good this was. As I approached the front door, there were cards, right by the door. There have never been carts right by the door. They usually after go like over over yonder and get yourself a cart but they're right by the door for the first time, not only where they by the door but to very nice employs with asks were worst sterilizing them as they are, the other customers drop them off for the first time in my life I picked up. Sterilised freshly sterilised, cart right by the door
How happy was I before I've, even walk through the door? I said to myself: I can't go back. I can't go back to the days of grimy everybody's touch. This car I dont know which baby as drilled on it. I can't go back to that, but I figure ok, but the there's one thing this good about it, but the rest of the shopping experience is gonna, be tough, so I got ready. I know most of you but shopping already, but he hadn't been hiding for a few months since the first cyber than the store. So I go in, and I noticed personal everybody has a mask on including me as they should I said to myself: will this be the first time I've ever purchased groceries? They didn't have a third
some people's human spittle. I love. I thought I think it is. This might be my first spittle free shopping experience of all now I dont have you know how we handle OECD here I can. I can shake hands. A prettier here's to wash Williams soon after shake hands, I'm not you know, I'm not sure concerned about germs and whatnot you'll have a healthy regard for them. But I have to tell you having those shopped door where the all the employees of the other customers have masks on. I don't want, go back. I really don't want to go back. I mean a lot I mean I'm not joking. If we get it
always were a mask, the grocery store. I just keep my than the glove compartment, my car I'll, wear, my dear as long as you get all those whose to wear a and all of my food will have only the pesticides that I like so much about the human spittle. So now that's a sterilised card. I think of Heaven didn't even have to work to get it. There's no spittle by food way. It gets better. This gets better There limiting the size of the crowds right, I didn't even have to fight for anything. Nobody was proud of me sure there's some people pay by, but they were much in my business and then I got check out. It marks the floor. I a urine parent number stores of doing this. So they mark to store the floor was square so you know we're square to stand on so the ears
its feet. Away from the next customer line at people were using it and I thought to myself: oh my god. I never have to be crowded again I never have to have the the the six year old who pushes the mobs car into the back of my ankle while waiting for to pay for the groceries I'll never have that their fuelling, again of being just sort of pushed and somebody's breathing down by makin a little titan. Mobile squeeze them there. I'll. Never have that again. I can stand six feet away from the nearest person. I've never been happier it was. They have waited, gets better it s better. What am I paves the tale always asked me if I were a paper bag or plastic
I always say plastic cuz, the paper bags. They had those break off and I like to be able to pick up like two of these hands and you can only do that with a plastic one. Now it turns out that they only have the plastic ones, because the paper bags were kind of less. I guess the less good recently. So every time that I would go into Safeway. I would say I'd like a plastic bag, please what do you think they say where there are two choices, and you pick clearly and without even being asked. I would like the plastic bags please well, seventy five percent of the time. This is what would happen under the terms of this type, passing under the hood of what kind of bag would you like, plastic or paper I just said plastic, but of course do this all day long and they forget what you said
London with last forever people they were right. Do I have to ask again I don't really get that, but as the customer, what is better? not having to answer it or die. Azra twice sometimes three times. Sometimes Beggar will come up and I'll have to The same question for the third time: Europe still plastic bag, just like the last times I was way another question, but now no paper bags just plastic. Again, one of the biggest annoyances of shopping, wiped away. Go out to the parking lot. I was parked right next to the cart area, where you take the cars back, because the store wasn't at fault just best parking or the best shopping experience of all time. I hope it
that's not what I came here to talk about, check your your hoax detection equipment. How How do you view fell for the hawks? There was going, well, the internet. Recently there said that the CDC, mysteriously and quietly cut the number of people they estimated dying from grown a virus from the sixties, some thousand to thirty seven thousand. Collectively cutting in half. How believes that were that hawks? There was going round for last couple days if you believe that one, Yes or no need to check here. Your hope, Sir Detector, here's, what you should have known right away, the real it turns out. It was just people were looking at a page, the showed arrow
partial data were for less than the entire period. So wasn't what people thought of us, but. If you believe that the CDC quietly. Cut the number and half you'd have yourself, why none of the major do sources are reporting it, because it would be the Biggest story in the country immediately, so if we waited a few hours, the first few hours you by saying you solve hey, they haven't covering yet maybe they're. Looking into it Bob after about a day is called by any. I therefore see them nor a Fox news or bright borrowed nor often imposed nor anybody. If no these covered it. The only on Twitter, it probably didn't happen. So if you are one of the people got taken in by that,
these detestable you shut up about it, is that there is no major new source report. If he's in one of them reported that then you'd be on at least reasonable grounds, because of a major new source was agreeing with you that does It is true, but we should have a little bit of support give a trump report card. How is this corroded virus business, Eryphylus, ready controversy, provocative and you can add, lit no, you can operate with CEO drop dead. I tried to make it into a sort of logical categories? Airless I see today How do you do an early awareness? There was reported that his security briefings, which they say he doesn't red or pay attention to
That they had been warning him forever weeks and weeks about this crowd of ours. Is that true, probably here's the curtain A lot of people get warrant. Well, the president is warned about a lot of stuff. What, it's just sort of an early indication that doesn't mean it needs to do something. His experts work Are you immediately to worry so. Early awareness. I give the president who is nigh himself an expert and biology at a because he took his seriously at exactly the same time as the top experts in the world. Fao Chee Brooks, etc. So you didn't, he didn't, go you didn't take it seriously before they did. That would be bad performance, nor did he take it not take it seriously after they talk to urban.
Daughter, so the best you could perform as they not export is that you gotta as early as the experts got it showed the experts have much earlier, yes, but they have an excuse to, because China may have been considering some of the information, but even state maybe the experts could have been a little bit more on the ball. An the experts. Only gather sea would you say, greater, see because, even though China was hiding, the information show the ban. Enough warning size. It feels like that the experts should see this a little earlier, but not the president, the not the politicians. I wouldn't put anybody else that category either. Because, if the, if, though, if they took the same path as the experts did that's as good as a politician and could do.
Drug, close travel, early. I think he deserves credit for it. There were all getting tired of him. Reminding us of that, but is also completely fair, is completely free, to say that he took an actual. There was super unpopular and idle There are many people in the rouble agreed with him when he did it. So that's a day plus probably is best red is that take that away from gonna give him so lower grades as we go. So this is all going to be good news, but I do agree that you just have to you just have to give the applause closing the travel ventilators ape was going to say a plus You could argue hey where we're all ventilators ahead of time but I would argue that being prepared museum run out of that, didn't we
I we did not did we have extra ventilators in the long run we did, So I would say that the president, You could argue that we should have had a warehouse budget, whereas ventilators, but nobody else did. You were, there are other countries and warehouses full ventilators, the factory. Private industry to serve to whip up a bunch ventilators, in fact, so many of them that we are three times more than will lead. I gotta say pretty pretty girl. I'm gonna give them in a four ventilators because I don't think it is reasonable. Lay. He knew we would need somebody ventilators. That's a hard ask to think that the president do that, but we were prepared enough to respond to it. So we give money. American industry. Now, there's a real question: whether was ever important, maybe there's a real
whether the ventilators are hurting people more than their helping. Those good questions, but this it was identified on one point as being critical, the president made it happened. We have tripled ventilators Willie Naples, P B. My biggest complaint with Ppe is that we do have visibility, we couldn't tell if we all love where we have enough etc. I would say that Our initial bad start we have enough so looks like However, the governments were doing, the states were doing mostly by the federal government, was backstop I would say that this was a little bit of a closer to a pass fail situation. If you run out of pity, you fail. If you didn't run out. Why thank you best so allow show that sir,
given abc your day, whether whenever it feels like that was, fail we best will in the end, we have enough. I think that they love smart stuff and I think that these spare spared nothing to get done. I think that also I'll give him an aid for cutting red tape. It seems to me that there was a tremendous amount of red tape that just catch you washed off just with a brush of a hand, and it hasn't come back to bite us use are you not? I would so far. There is no damage from early red tape. The got caught, though we love now, I would say that you can argue that the PPP payloads didn't have the controls are needed approved, but we quickly or adjusting looks like the other, some clawing back of the money etc and from the start that, when everything is sort of
type of war and its fog a war, and you ve never done things before that? You judge everything is how quickly you can correct that. How do you ready response to something that work and I would is always look at that over. The first attempt has a first attempt. Sometimes a gas, and these murky situations did trumpet take expert advice, yes, Zack troubles take your expert advice, so so clearly outside in such Asia, such a consistent, dedicated manner. Those even becoming a problem there so because there are some people who wish you are not taking their advice and maybe the loosening things up and go back to work So. But if you had to say as the leader take the advice of experts. Yes, if you think that support
You can argue whether he shuddered at that's a separate, separate arguments. Do you think, but you can't argue that he is that you can argue that the that the population of the United States by over majority wants that to happen. So so the country was that happened. He did it. I gave a day. Financial relief is harder for me to judge I would say again, though, the smart thing that's happening is. I would say that steel pollution is very qualified as far as I can tell if anybody as a counter, to that. I listened to it, but every time I see see fell G d, I'm sorry pollution do something I feel like he's he's good at this.
My wrong. I feel like you, sort of the right guy in the right place at the right time. So that's great, but you know, Congress has been role and this is not all is not well Trump or and I think that there were some missteps slows clunky they get the right people. But a lot of that is built in their heart. It is. It was just a hard problem with a very short, So how do you great somebody who is just part of a lot of people troublesome Congress, Trump Isabel illusion, but Boujean works were so what's trumps grade, furl sore Thy Bessie process, I'd, say the process itself. I'd give a solid, b plus two,
again using the same standard, which is that it was very messy, would have started, but did they adjust? It looks like they death. Would like your lots and lots of adjustments, and it looks like there's still jesting, I will continue to adjust. So as long as you see the monitoring and adjusting their feels like the right stuff shows like they ve got a system that makes sense. You don't know how quickly thing you should have been. There were some other points I've got a different result. Europe now submit to say that's at least to be, but that's the also involve Congress answer, but at least the baby. Testing, I would give a mere failing gray, thou, say, C D, maybe generously ideas dog, so this is really the the worst area, not only because we don't have much visibility, but
I've just avoided this part. I saw Senator John imported He was reading the Eu S done six point: seven billion tests that was love, can we tested more that everybody is ever tested, but if you dig down just a little bit yeah, you factor the fact. The fact that our population is large, the bird most really are and much testing, and I can't tell you that we have a plan to do more testing or enough testing. Obviously, they'll be more. But we don't really have any visibility. I think we're close and even bill gates said now, we're not even prioritizing things right to be useful. I would say TAT, they would be a that's the lowest grade. I would say the therapy recently vaccines. It does look like the federal government is doing lobby one more thing about testing
President has said that that was the state's responsibility and help them Oh, what resources were available for the states to contact in terms of labs and getting test case is not like that which I dont think was as helpful as it could have been. So even though you would say well, that was more what the states was supposed to do you can't blame tribe is the federal government, but I can because it because he said an emergency. So in an emergency there's no, they really as job responsibility. Not really is the federal government can do something that cannot be done by others, and I think that was the case with testing that they sort of are obliged to do it because emergency right, you just are obliged to do it because you can so this low grade, I think, deserve protection. The vaccines will see that we haven't seen anything yet so it's hard to give a great for that
but it does look like the federal government is clearly the deck and doing everything it can to make. Easy, so I would say other things: we know they ve done, probably a probably really good. Psychology outside the president does a good job. This of being optimistic and keeping the comedy talk up, while still being realised. Your it off. Intervention was his actions, so I think that the present actually is a really good balance and these blade before being to up to this We definitely was in the early days of the protein virus, say I think he was too optimistic early on as often as point now but at above it he's having a really good note. Yeah, it's tough. Every life is important, but world the goods There are serious, that's exactly what you re right,
give her with a forbidding Julie, Kirby our stress in terms of how we are thinking about it. I know the use of credit. I think the governor living the federal government did a good job with the guidelines. Even if you don't love, I love the fact that the federal government sent a states, let us take the heat we'll do these guidelines. You can have a little bit of flexibility within it, but yeah, but will take the lead so as long as you stay within these, though each of you government govern governors are not going to be individually as responsible for our turns out I think that I think that was a really really smart. So I would like to say, was tribes idea necessarily have guidelines. I doubt it was
I would say that the federal GO blood's I hated this is so dirty and woke him. It's like a cubicle point. He is like guys, cubicle kind of a point. But I think these guidelines were a huge head in the sand, They really let everybody focus. Their stand. What mattered though you can argue about the details of it, but just the fact that they executed as well as they did, I think, really strong given today. Messaging, I think the president's spotty, Hola disinfected thing. I thought he could have clear that up and he didn't I saw a lot of is press conferences could have been shorter. Now it looks like he's adjusted down. I think he's he's on the right track.
We probably bribed a little bit too much and some of them will. We just wanted to hear what the numbers were, and I thought that the communication about the year, the sufficiency of the tv and, alas, other those terrible. So I would say that President always hits runs, but he had a lot of strike and to sell it. Partly resorted babe, Ruth others. One babe Ruth, I think, a record for our roads, but also strike out because he sways was for these huge swayed for the fence of it, so those are my grades, so I would say overall the present gets strong graves some of you can say but but but but Going back to work and didn t take it seriously. Seriously the thou seriously enough. Maybe.
But he has followed the experts and if you are just going to degrade the president's performers wrote a virus. I say quite strong unless you think testing is the key, in which case quite bad, I barriers a one point. I tweeted Treated early are going to die this into the other topic. Between an earlier there to Twitter, as because the fourth branch of government, what I mean by that is a twitter acts as a czech and balance, the the other parts of government, So if it also in the press So in the old days, the press, the government who often work together a little too well could control are you do you do so the news didn't come from the government. Well How would you know what was happening but because,
Twitter allows everybody to be weapon ized you you just yesterday. I think the terror red story our red gave some interview or something that a pay pal. Deadline and with The minute terror, it is reading the headline- gets on twitter and tweets that their life is false. Would you know that without twitter, the rifle the actual source. Now there's more the story, but that's not important to my point by point: is that twitter? allowed you to see the end of the term. Because there's always somebody was there. He heard the news. The newest can report are one thing, but it takes five. That is to say, but I was. Where I was actually there, that's thou happened, so I think Twitter somewhat accidently has evolved to be like a fourth bread
government now when I said that a twitter loving people, so you can't say that, because there we didn't, let them they were not elected. There is not elected, to which I say: have you heard of this report's they're, not elected You could say well butter appointed by people who are all right, but the point is you we can make the government. I think we want there's no rule says every part of it we elected? I would say that the twitter is essentially an extension of the population. The voters the voters were always part of the constitution. The voters, always had the right to free speech. So Twitter is just magnifying really the the power of the public to be a check and balance of the government
but let's take that idea and take it to the throne of irish situation. Here is the problem with our form of government. At the moment. Let's say if you will say our three branches of government: could the existing three branches of government get us to a good outcome with a crowd of virus? I would say: no, I think you need a fourth branch government. Let's say twitter to that's a good result and hears? Why? Because we have the wrong system for this specific problem. Our system of government is really really good for a bunch of stuff. For example, if your country is attacked, you're federal government is a really The choice for putting an army together to defend your country, so federal government, real good, national defence and armies, but
Here that the who decides depends on what what the question is some things that are driven the city or the state something's driven down to the individual, etc. So the Hutu size is a big deal. This is more important because of the corona virus story. Somebody is gonna have to die. Meaning that no matter what we do in terms of either going back to work soon or not going back to work soon. Those two decisions will determine who dies now specifically, but it will determine which group gets the most. So do you every elected official, given our three branches of government? tell me which official within our existing three branches is capable of making public decision
about which of these three groups is going to be the victim. In order to get to the other side, How do we make a decision is bad for poor people, which elected officials gonna. Do that I'd say that which elected officials say well we're gonna make such decisions is going to be really Bolivar unhealthy bugle. Nobody can do. That our system doesn't let you do that, because you can never rub forbearing office again, the aegis impossible. You couldn't do it you can't go after all. People and elderly people are poor people, but this cronies, our situation are? Has What is the situation where you absolutely have to choose? you actually have to choose. Are we gonna screw the poor peoples groovy? screw the old and, of course there there's lots of overlap right, the port, the poor people more health problems. So there also unhealthy. So
which politician just decide who to screw, we don't have that system. And the problem is that leadership doesn't work for the krona virus. Because no leader can say yeah screw the poor people, but you. People and unhealthy people you web, it's the poor people were than ever problem can do it So what's the opposite of leadership, since leadership here work we have a system with three branches of government and leadership and it's just the wrong system. It cannot make a decision like this. So what's the opposite added off this is workable, countless color follower ship, maybe things depend on public opinion. Baby twitter is a big part of that, because Twitter is building public opinion obscure even the year. The protests-
probably get organised social media, probably a lot of them of twitter, so Twitter, an opinion poll. Become sort of that fourth branch or government which can actually make these decisions, because twitter is sort of forming its own opinion if you will and people are starting to take matters into their own hands, if you will now, would you what is it that gives any kind of government moral authority. I would say that any government, no matter what of whatever you're talking about the only thing that gives a moral authority is capability. This they demonstrate that there capable that people will say: ok, you're capable? yeah. I might be able to come complaints about the EU I buy, love what you do now,
It's not what I will do, but I do admit that you're, very capable of us being capable is what gives you moral authority. This assumes a your intentions are right as well as my point is that our federal government in our government in general is not capable of making a decision about who dies accepted in terms, war, but that's a little more clear cut, and so I believe our government is losing moral authority not because their bad people, not because they don't try, now because they don't want to have a good outcome, not because they are the best minds. We, the smartest people and the experts of the world? They are doing everything right, Have everything think that you can imagine they do they're just the wrong tool for the job.
Here s your elected government in this Democratic republic system, you just can't ask them to be a screw However, when you did I ever you know it's just the wrong tool, but you can't you ask you, can ask the public. You can ask the people, What do you want to do that? The public, because we are a capable will actually decide. Ebay that look like a vote with the majority or anything like that, but the public is gonna start taking things into its own hands. In other words, there is some point then you're starting to see that the first suggestions of it there is a point at which the public, will simply say: government I gave you every chance government. I gave we have a chance. And I even allowed you moral authority, because this,
initial stages in appear to us as the public that you are capable and in fact the government did many things I just gave them. I raise a lot of them. There were very capable, in fact nothing short of impressive amazed Really you in some aspects are what the governments did just amazing, but they are not capable of making the go back to work decision in a way that allows them to keep them. Said SARA, so the public is gonna need to do that for them. Both started before in a weaker form, now say that the stronger you, as a citizen of the United States, need to help your leaders you need to help your leaders follow you, because if you think it's time for the United States to go back to work
and your eyes are wide open. You know that you might die. You know somebody in your family might die as then said today is town all which I find it quite well. I thought the town hall was a strong forwards for the present, but that the president was noting that he knows personally three people I think you said, for you have died from coronavirus and he said: he'd lived his whole life and never heard anybody. You know who died for the regular flu and I said the same thing
like. How can I get to this point in my life? I don't know anybody who died in the flu but of hearing of all these people dying of corroded virus even by life people of hearing of dying in it. So the president made that point. I thought it was good anyway, the public does get to decide this. Would you did you need to get to the public needs to get? the point where it's driving the car we're not quite there is, I don't think the public knows that is gaining moral authority by the let's say, imperfect actions of his government, and I think, we're the government's loser moral authority of all these grey areas certain grey areas that, whether you go to the beach in the park or go to church service. Recently church Service
You could say those grey areas, but not really, I think, those after after default toward freedom, now that I've said that, let me tell you the worst argument of hearing for we should be allowed to go back and do everything we want and that's the argument for freedom is really a bad articulate. Freed up is the worst arguments of say this way to get your worked up before I tell you what I mean yeah, but you're, saying that we should. We should go back to work. The government shouldn't stop us, it's our constitutional right, it's about freedom, that is the worst Once again, I want to go back to work to but safely. I say that because a mocking people say but safely like there's able you doesn't want to go back Is anybody on the other side have you
by say, I'd like to go back to work, but if we could find it unsafe way to do that, I think I choose that. We all want to go back to work. We all want to do it safely. Maybe we can just stop saying it. We don't need to say any more. We ve also added the skipper. To work their way? Freedom is the worst argument here is. Where argument, why. Because both sides are fighting for freedom Who were the world believes that people were afraid of other people marching. Do you think that the gun It doesn't work for really giving all the people who think well? Maybe we should stay inside for another both deal. You don't think those people are freedom. At what world is early one side? There was freedom kitty.
It's a bet, that's the wrong frame. It's not the freedom lovers versus the people. He freedom, that's the dumbest thing you can ever think about this. What did it is is the people who think the best way to get two freedom is to just let us have it. We let us go. Do our thing in itself. Consequences, that's what version of freedom and the other people say it's be a lot better, freeing up like a real. Ran up. If we be the same with a little bit of stick to this now. That might be right, baby wrong? I pay. Liberal, a little bit more aligned with the list could go and proud release the young people from for God's sakes, let the young people go back to work. This is what I've, never wore argument for why the young people get to go to work, and I think that has to do with the government being the wrong instruments as well, because I don't think the government could this
by age, work or health ability. There's another? Recently government get me the decision we have to. We have to push them for a baby, The fruit of argument is ridiculous because everybody was freed of their only talking about different ways to get there and the other reason is ridiculous. If you live in a thing called civilization civilization, This is almost entirely to rob you of your freedom. Can you can you drive your car at his side of the road you want now. Can you drive, Already say the road you out without a license when your ten years old, with no insurance, though? Civilization is nothing but. We're doing down your rights into this little generic group. There won't kill anybody. That's all we do- is take away rights, yeah, you don't have many If at all, if you
Consider all the things that a person could do. You know you can't move into your neighbors spare bedroom. You can't hit people, you can say certain things about them. I mean if you like, that percentage of all that could be done, the things that you are free to do as almost vanishingly small. And I would argue that were basically ok with that because I don't hear a lot of people. Saying Scot I want my freedom to draw. The other side of the road I'd always dangerous. I know it's dangerous freedom, no nobody argues that, because it simply just sort of works better. If we drive on the correct side of the road don't run into each other. The scroll virus thing is temporary, biased nature. Are we going to be so? Does that will make permanent changes that were doubled?
well, maybe a little but will fix it. Are you can Sir, that the democratic and take advantage of the crisis and the EU. Yet their universal health care or whatever, while they bite, but taking taking advantage of a crisis is whatever boys. Don't you know the people were Becky Buddy. I just saw the light at the bicycle shop by local bicycle sharp, because bicycles are essential. There. Relation is Kelly, a line around the corner and probably have the best year ever cuz there a bicycle shop, so some people are doing great. I don't even know why I brought that out, but where has Scott been in the last fifty years? Don't know what you're talkin about? So let me give you the better argument for going back to work freely. As intellectually empty argument.
It is, however, a persuasive, emotional argument. So when I watch the protests, I see that I have to admit what I say. Other flags and whither the rifles I kind of like it, I like it, I'm not gonna lie. I love. I love. Watch these patriots cub demonstrate for freedom. I love that they bring their legal firearms. I love that the boar jobs support bizarre with guns, the law, The level of violence is it works every time I probably jigsaw myself but I ll The fact that the people there- They know how to use firearms. Are they gonna the gun rage and they take it seriously? You you can pack, you could packed the protests with those people. Just
safer, like every every girl. You add just makes and safer, because those are the kinds of people there so do I love those people tat do try to do. I love those people I love their protest. I love the american flags. I love their patriotism by love their love of freedom, love their guns, don't mind saying so, but that's emotion. That's a purely emotional reaction, which I think was you share Will you kindly love it when you see and protests even if you think, maybe they should, if you wish they wore their masks, don't you still just emotionally? Don't you guys love you do, but that's abortion, intellectually, Intellectually, the reason to go back to work is that there is a cross over point,
nobody knows where it is. Nobody knows the exact right time to go back to work here. I feel like we're there at least where I live near. Your town may be different, but. In my opinion, the best the best argument, if we're going back to work, is that you have to eventually nobody Those exact right time in let's just drive outside a triumph for sure, I don't think you have to make it out. You don't have to say we'll die from the bear. The costs to be too we now with we know about academy, kills you we have to go back, but we have to do it safely without we, though, we ve, though we get it, but let's, just like
People do anything right. Let's take the decision away from the politicians Oblast, suggesting I M not suggesting you civic disobedience, saying that the has a limit to their patience and that their That limit will be expressed by the same more and more civil disobedience in terms of the guidelines. But I think people are starting to be respectful casino. People who want to do civil disobedience still ever deep lover, the country, in both cases, the starting to wear the Basque because they told you they still other fellow humans survey. Some may not, but you get to choose where you go. You do other freedom. So that's my advice to you if you want to persuade use the freedom argument, but just now
it's about emotion. If you want to be intellectually honest about it say nobody knows when to come back, but let's try. It see how it works. There's no reason not to send young people back hospital seem to be in good shape, let's just trial, and I would argue that you, if you like, the love arc of history people were arguing that we should definitely go back right now versus for weeks from now. I don't oh, if you were to look at this from outer space, that there is really a difference between now and for waste from now there is. There is a big difference now feels at the moment. There is a big difference under stress level and there's yos. Clear financial difference, but I think if you are looking at it from the hotel. So now you gotta say yeah. I think I ve number it was longer than I wanted it to be, and I just don't know this will be the thing that makes a difference.
I would go sooner than later, but if you're by state we're gonna lockdown until the, They may not my choice by choice but I also don't think it's the end that everybody will starve woebegone will make sure that no one nobody's got everybody star. So he says great job got. What is your preferred strain well. Expensive depends if morning or the afternoon. Nuisance tweet is totally ratio did do some do something they gotta be trouble spots. That is, why are you calling for suspending rent and mortgage payments,
I haven't heard me say that let me say this as clearly as possible. I don't think anybody should pay rent or mortgage payments during the period of the closed, and I think it would be almost immoral To pay you rent or to pay your your mortgage, another million differently situations, so is a big difference between a rich landlord who can absorb it, and you, your renting from one person whose only income is that you pay the rent so. Yeah people, you have to work it over the individual level, but give this a gigantic problem with a million variables. If you can push their problem under the bank's. That's where you want to push it, because if you push it to the bags, the banks are literally too big to fail, meaning that the government has to save the banks disaster. So you can just sort of.
Thought you can. You can take a hundred billion individual problems, which is the people who could pay the red could bear the mortgage. You take all a hundred billion. To sort of what much bigger problem the moves to the bags. Because you know pay your landlord, then the landlord campaign led Bordeaux is owed mortgage, that bag get their body was easier for the government to bail out the bag if it has to be done the bags could also probably survive by just saying just take three months off repayment. It will go back to where we were like. It never happened, they problem. Would be ok because all the We think that they lost was three months of operating operating and gather. Their expenses were probably down at the same time, so as clearly as I can say it,
love to rescue the candidates for a second opinion, but I would love there to be no red and no mortgage payments for the these periods. Maybe you could adjusted for only people lost their jobs. Now will be fair right, I would say that unless you lost your job, you should still pay rent. If you still have a salary, you should still paying rent. This are really only talking about the unemployed or the people that just whack by the, but do I ever mortgage, I do not. Deflation will be a big problem going forward, maybe could be. A few in Michigan says: everyone is out doing normal running around normal in the sense of using stores
Even if I wanted to go. Even if I wanted to go to restore. Most of them are closed. Rogers will never pay back read by owners will always have to pay principle. But they will always have to necessarily pat on the same schedule can be pushed him. Ok, so I got to limit my answer to the unemployed or financially strapped should have said that off right off the bat Do I normally by my own groceries today was the first days at sea, the virus, So I told myself may first I was where do personally start making my own decisions about what I'm doing So if a store where open, I would go to it, but there's not much open.
So I have there's very little that I can do individually that I'm not her doing so I'll, be as careful as I can. Right so he says: seventy thousand Americans are dead Scott. You say that like there's a point to it is not entirely obvious. Snickers, mostly that's my intruder. That's her intruder bark can hear. Snickers is very upset about listening to you and see what you would go with me. Maybe an intruder. You like Did you kill like error, the square, the bark she doesn't do that was recently room? Well, if you don't hear from me in the morning the intruder, Gabby bureaucracy with that
Now so you worry life.
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