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Episode 957 Scott Adams: Let Me Tell You About the Psychedelic Mushroom I Accidentally Ingested Called CNN

2020-05-06 | 🔗

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  • Watching Anderson Cooper CNN is like being on mushrooms
  • Why state governments are best for reopening decisions
  • Disbanding the task force, it’s time
  • Moonface
  • Ben Shapiro’s clear description of coronavirus situation

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Well, it's a very special evening. A vision of no coffee was got atoms because it's it's the evening who drinks coffee at night, this guy yeah guy off guard. Did I d ever beverage deal Barbara Joint Swipe, whatever beer that's good that's evening. You can we're not all workin tonight, but I am I never sleep, but you should. For you join me now for the bonus? Simultaneous it's happening de level.
So I will see you know one of the things that we do not give enough credit for and sometimes every now and then I think we should pause and show our respect the health care Workers- specifically, not only are they healthcare, frontline workers handling the biggest pandemic in a hundred years at great personal risk, but on top of the pandemic There are also heavily an epidemic of people lower ingesting disinfectant and men, are they doing a good job, because. I know about you, but I haven't even heard one problem with that. Yet have you because I know there is a lot of it going on, because the press told me it was a pretty big problem and the
you're not hearing much about it just well. I am led to believe that our healthcare were have we not only the corona virus wow, but they ve. They reduce this epidemic of disinfecting drinking. To you, don't even hear about. Anymore. It's like it. It's like is not even in the news I mean you can't get better than that so slow club for the front line. Healthcare workers, make it seem like the epidemic of drinking disinfectant, doesn't even real seems like it but we know it was the so I made the mistake of turning on CNN tonight and is really hard to do this next part will without stopping to every few seconds and say I'm not making this up. So if I could, maybe
Just say once in the beginning there anything I say for a while until toy, I tell you otherwise I swear to God. I didn't make it up its actual real. So I turned on CNN. Just for the laughs, honest to God. That's why the joke. Man was, I not disappointed the experience was like being on mushrooms, and I talked about the other this one time. I've ever done mushrooms and I was twenty one. I guess and the the thing I took away from the experience mushrooms was it, you could experience a whole different world, but every still work everything looked different, a new and wonderful, bizarre, and here you'd never seen anything before you know you'd look at a chair and it was like you'd see or seen for the first time he really
you'd be amazed by it, but at the same time you know it was as a cherry sonata, you knew how to work and so is like everything in your world changed and yes and somehow used to do that and work it. It was the weirdest experience. But turning on CNN seeing an alternate universe is just absolutely mind blowing. It was actually for a while, I felt like, and this again member, I told you, I'm not making this up so what follows is not an exaggeration. It fell I can almost psychedelic experience Cosette, because I got to feel a whole, Therefore reality and I spent a lot of time of it. Then I started to feel like what it must be like to be a full time. Inhabitant of the movie lemme, give you attend.
East of what I learned in ten minutes of CNN, whose Anderson Cooper show that the krona viruses unstoppable, but the president stopped it wrong. I mean that's a little hyperbole but there's some some version of that there's nothing. We know how to do in every possible way. They could stop the same and the president is a fall for now. Stop. And I must say that some say Do you not know that those don't got together then if it cannot be stopped? Its so gotta, be true that you couldn't have stopped it wrong because of the care be stopped park. Have you noticed, I think, to myself. The country is doing something completely different and getting largely the same result. Does anybody brought
the no matter what whatever country does We don't know why some things worked in some doubt There are some that are actually getting a better result, but we can't idea any one thing were, or a combination of things with any kind of reliability. I'll. Tell you why it work but be that none of the things the government is doing makes any difference. It could could be entirely social, it could be entirely density. It can be entirely how many for travellers, or it could be entirely where you are on the timeline of. Forgetting other already have it, we. Anything about this thing, but the thing do those we don't without to stop it, not even a little bit so in the other universe of sea, and
it's an unstoppable problem that the president is a big old dope because it didn't stop it. I guess you of course empty my own words to us the sense she gave watch it. He had some woman who is an expert on pandemics, the US yesterday, or what the best case scenario was soon expert on pandemics and here's your best case scenario remember the context is that the trumpet the situation has done bad things. I've handled right, right, Leslie, permanent context, the Trump administration totally incompetent. So it would be reasonable to say well Everything they have done is wrong. Why look like We would all right, and so they have it gives a pandemic export a chance to give them the best? scenario if you did everything right
here s, the rosy picture was what would it look like to be competent? and she said this- that we'd we develop grown a virus vaccine by Europe and then it would be the really good guy. Canada's new needs be refrigerated, and we get to three million people signed up to be like an army There was scour the world and we produce tons and tons of this, this vaccine that works and we ve got it in record time and the twenty million people go across. World. They would find every villager and every removes city. They gave him a vaccine ban. And then she said, but there's gotta be impossible. Because you know why it's impossible. There's no way. That's gonna happen by the end of the year and if it did by the end of the year were going to be pretty close to hurt you meant.
Merely whether we like it or that it's not our plan. But by the end of the year, by the time we ve scour the planet with twenty million people. What what year is that not even so that the best alternative to all these nets up to this? To all these nets up to them all, the oars do bid months. Robust science, denying Obviously, all Those mistakes. Are not nearly as good as the alternative, which was clearly explain, which is magic magic because there is no other solution. Oh, that's the best case scenario is literally something that can happen Do they even know how to compare things? That's not bearing things when you compare-
things you're supposed to compare to something that could happen? If you compare two things that cannot happen, you're doing wrong. For example, if somebody said Well, what are your career aspirations, Bob, so well, I'm gonna go to law school. I get good grace who study are trying to be a lawyer, not bad other alternatives, Zola sprout wings item I asked, Other alternatives as spread, wings item I ass and fly. The Bob that's not actually than an alternative, because what they, as going working against. It is the impossibility of it cause you reckoning, Sprout wings outer ass, a flight of Mars,
So really you haven't offered me an alternative. You just told me an impossible thing, so you're doing wrong, there's a terrible example, but you know them coming from. Oh I'm not done yet then ended. Cooper spreads the the idea that the president disbanded the crisis taskforce way for this. After this Anderson Cooper speculated because Did he didn't say that you can't know what somebody's thinking and then he went on to tell us what somebody is thing. But at least you admitted that it can't be done before he did it thus progress and he said that you speculating anyway, that president despair, the grown virus taskforce because way for
He was embarrassed, forgetting called out for suggesting that maybe people should ingest disinfectant to cure the virus which, as you know, but apparently the viewers of sea, then dont know never happened. He puts it out there, like it happened, Didn't happen. President was talking about light as a disinfectant. There is a real product in testing right now that injects literally injects the disinfectant the lie. Into the lungs than an orphan works yet, but is based on solid science? The real reels serious companies doing is not the shady people. So But on CNN there's still there, after Lisbon, the most widely debunked story in the face of the bug stories. There's still there still reporting like its fact- and I asked my
of course, I really dont, know the answer this viewers really think that happened. I mean imagine living in the world where you think that the leader of your country. They have taught us the idea of drinking bleach and just think about that about you wake up in the morning and like You start screaming, because you know you woke up into a world in which your leave there is an orange monster whose encouraging people to drink poison than die. That's actually what you think you woke up into an actual world like that and why would you think that? Because of the news is actually the news? But of course it didn't happen so, but there's more
There is also the the magical thinking that the president should have done, something sooner than less can be that the main attack on the president, as you didn't take it seriously sooner. But of course, the reason that you didn't taken seriously is that the experts were advising him. And they had not yet turned up the heat so use doing everything that his critics ask of him, which was he was. He was very clearly quickly and unambiguously following expert advice. It just happened to be wrong, so you think they would mention that You think they'll be part of the story that yeah, maybe you a little slow in this based on our perfect hindsight, But are all of their viewers so dumb that they dont know? there. We only know it now. We didn't know it then,
if it were so obvious, then tell Tony felt she because he didn't know. Apparently the mill. Now, of course, China is to blame for giving us better information. So there are perfectly good reasons for it, but on CNN those perfectly good reasons China allied found she was fooled. Fancied gave Trump bad advice based about data from China, trot followed the bad advice. That's the story. Over over since the early just started late, TAT is so different. That does not even the same universe. Yeah. You just use dummy just started late. There, viewers watch that Agraea, big old, dumb orange, Muster told us to drink, blatantly didn't take a pandemic seriously, my god, I am so of what could happen. I need Joe Biden.
They. They also talked about disbanding the task force as if that's crazy, now Here's where having some experience in different domains really serves. You well I'm gonna gas that, Maybe some experience lacking and the people were on the that episode? Here's how this works when the government the spans the tasks that is not the same as now work in them the problem. You think that they will explain that anybody who had any experience of a big organization knows that is very common to your bill bill, the task force it doesn't work and then, when it get past the critic
a period as we as we have in the sense, because we now have enough supplies we enough ventilators. We have a blueprint of a plan everything that can be done by the federal government sort of been done, which is that they back stop the states, to the point where the states really want to do their own thing, the citizens of those states or what the state to make the decisions that are what the federal government of egg. And the president said well, who guess? Who is the best? Here's, the beautiful part? We cannot tell the difference between genius and stupidly. We really can't we are. We think we can, but we can't it looks identical because both a genius and stupid person, do something that doesn't make any sense to you. So if you don't understand why somebody's doing something keep in mind. There might be two reasons now want one is that there smarter than you right
this might this may be an example of that. No, I see an m is reporting. It is that the president should sort of trying to put the responsibility of who dies and the states so that he can get real because people are gonna die, no matter what, but if the presidency has our eye is up to the states, then the responsibilities of the states in its political move, and so the president is cleverly moving responsibility for killing people after other people. Now is that what's happening, Yeah yeah, that's one of the variables, but of course I see them So they can only one variable anytime. So is there anything that president. Does this not political yo, a few months before the election now come on everything as a political dimension, but is that the reason the? U turn into the space around now, I think you said at the end of the month now
The reason that you turn it over the states is genius. Its genius. Here's is why what about and by the way this will be the first time. I've said this. So if you members some my earlier periscopes us making a big deal about the fact that these you're government is the wrong instrument for making the decision. Because it is a life and death decision, and you put your president this position and he should not make the decision and the position was this. Mr President, do you want the poor people to die? the sick people or the old people? Because whichever way you go is gonna move is move the emphasis. There's a lot of overlap in those groups, obvious but the emphasis of who dies. It's gonna be
largely determined by whether your favouring the economy or the you know the absolute avoidance and health aspects and the virus. So the president did what the constitution their stance, he should do push responsibility down whenever its practical. More importantly, if it's a life and death decision which these are, that also needs to be pushed their the lowest level of authority. That's the end is closest to the individual, because if you're gonna make life and death decisions about me I would much rather have somebody lives in my house made the decision, if that's not I want one of my closest neighbours to make the decision, if that's not possible. Somebody in my town, if that's not possible my county, if that's not possible, my state, if as possible,
last choices, the federal government, but if s life and death- and it might kill me or am- I my grandmother and somebody's going to decide to you goers grandma, I want that decision pushed out of the lowest level. And I ve been saying this right. You know, I know I always get blamed for defending the president many willingness by, but you can fact check this than had been save her while the presidency is the wrong place. Let me also take this something. I've said consistently for a while to on the question of abortion. I've said that the only person who shouldn't be inferior abortion under any circumstances, no matter what party therein is. Whoever is the- and the reason is that the president should be the only person in the country who will never kill an american period now, maybe the death sentence for federal offences and and the military air
a separate things, but you want your president to say: if that's a grey area as well it's a grey area lives and dies in the United States of the innocent citizens or arguably innocent citizens. When you're talking about a foetus, different opinions, you don't want president other conversation? Let's do this only personal, more country who should say I'm out the door. Down to the lowest level because his life and death. Now, if you can get away with the Supreme Court, handling it that's cool, but in any case the president should give out of that decision and they should get out of the life and death Decisions for the growth of virus by disbanding the task force the guidelines are in place. I think the public can very much look at the guidelines from the get the federal government. They can look at what their state had in various
To those guidelines, and then they can look at the other states, make you make up their own mind. I mean I'm not sure, will ever builder. You know for sure who did a good job. There are just two: variables involved, but will be able to look at it. And if you ask me, this is really exactly the right time to disband the test. Course, I believe we have. We got tons of information how much of it was accurate right. The taskforce gave us probably more inaccurate information than accurate. If I'm being fair, now, that's another, so their fault, because there was no accurate information to be had. So, there are passing along the best they could with the best intentions But the result was that we were now better inform. Were you
better informed because they told you master Workin, I mean I don't have to go through the less right here. You know really better informed, and so I think We then we ve, we ve all been educated up to the level that we don't lose has forced anymore. So I would agree that the right time to get rid of it till the end with that decision, here's the funniest part of that Edison Cooper episode. He had other guy who is leave here the former CDC emergency preparation person. Okay, this is really important. What is jobless, he in a four I think in a pirate, duration. He had been in charge of emergency preparation at the CDC Anderson Cooper, Adam talk about. What is the CDC is doing right or wrong at the moment. He did not ask him
you are in charge of the CDC emergency preparation. Why didn't you, bear big ocean. We have them all prepared by now, because you are the head of preparation and there's a good reason maybe actually good reason why we are not prepared and Anderson, Cooper was interviewed, the guy who is in charge of preparing. Now the questions you might ask would be hey Guy? Who used to be in charge of preparing I'm just curious? Why didn't you do some preparing? Could you ask that question that question was not asked because,
because the narrative of the shows the trumpeters Orangemen bad such I guess I didn't come up. I so much happened since this morning is interesting, there is a question for you. I was listening to Turkey. Carlson's show when he was talking about go through the whole time line of all the bad things that China did to conceal her about the krona virus was and then worse than that, they not only conceal that, but they well, they they can, and then they bought a bunch of pity dvd for themselves, meaning that they got a bunch of massively started buying stuff, so they have enough and then, at the time the rest of the world filled out. That is actually a pandemic. We would try to buy, ventilators mass wouldn't be any cause. China would have them all net.
We ask you this. This is gonna, be a real My ever ready for this. I know you can handle it only because those of you in watching my periscopes you can handle a challenging thought without retreating, dear bias, I'm trusting you tat. It is your China, your president, she, your experts, come to you and say we the problem we let alone the corona virus, looks like it might destroy much of the world could be hundreds of millions dead. We don't even know how bad this is, but I'll tell you what we're going to run out of medical supplies really fast. What do we do? now your presidency, you have two ways. One is complete. Transparency use immediately. You tell your appears in the scientific community,
immediately alert, the? U N and the World Health Organization and tell them that we have created accidentally. But we ve created this massive problem and you all need to get ready what would happen What what what happened is? China would not have nearly as much access to medical supplies right. What if they dont tell the world than they can horror the supplies? Let me ask you this, which one did their population want them to do. Yes, they people in China had better democracy and they could vote on that question, which of course was impossible, but as they could have voted with, they said you know. It was an accident that every country for itself we, the advantage that we found out first because we created the accident, but it wasn't accident in every country.
Cells and by the way, this could be so bad that if we take yourselves. Well enough, we will be the last country in the world when this is done, because this might take out the United States. What would you do if you were present? She moreover, what would you do if you were any resident of China and your choices? Were Telling the world and your own population YO dies on the streets for lack of medical attention and the right proper. Your protective gear, your entire country, is destroyed. Your time to go to hell is cannibalism on the street or you beggars somebody else's problem, because after all, What is the motto of the United States. The motto of the United States is not let's try. Everybody, equally nope,
motto of the United States is make Amerika great again America first what would we do if it was the United States, while when President Trump, due in the exact same situation, but in I've states. If somebody came to President Roman said we must stop this virus got out. This is fully our fault but if you tell the rest of the world. Ten million Americans are given die if we put it off and making their problem. It might be- a hundred million people, die in other countries, but we might be Say of ten million here and we're not even positive about that kind of guessing what it feels like that, and they say that to President Trump. What's he do
Would president from stay true to his often stated philosophy of America? First, because if he did, he do the same in China did or when you say this is bigger than all that this is just bigger than all that. I don't think so. Tromp would have even had the option, because we don't stop freedom of speech. So what happened in our country are scientists would just talk to the other scientists they'll, be it. So what is the question of the Eu President being involved in the decision? The information we just flow out, like it does from the United States, so I just put that is there to say but what he is harder on China that I am as most of you know they killed my stepson with their offence in all twenty eight in the least I blame them, at least partially, of course, is to blame, primarily
and I ate them more- the robot Hazan Trust, Look at this, and I say this a real one off I dont know if any other country would have acted differently. I don't know, do you do you know if any other country would have acted differently? I don't no. I don't think that matters, how we treat them because they did make their choice. And part of that choice is that they would have to accept the blow back the words they made a limited certain with full knowledge? I assume right? They had their full knowledge that the there was a high likely where this will all come out and they would have you possibly devastating long term effects. But maybe it was just a better bet.
Maybe was if their economy opens up sooner than ours and does better faster than ours. It was a good bad, so things I'm thinking. So did you see the story about the british scientist expert recommended quarantine for everybody and lockdown for everybody, and then found out that is married. Mistress was coming to this house during the turn locked and then go back to her family like oh, my god, I don't have anything to add their story. But if you haven't seen it just go with a story for energy purposes, because it's just it's just jawdropping, really awful. I use the phone That happened, which is that
President drug finally decided to give a nickname two colleagues Conway's husband now before we laugh about this. Let me explain something about humor for the few people who don't know, and I have often said that one third of the public actually doesn't have a sense of humor. But even the people do have a sense either there are varying degrees and there's there's a new since then I dont know if everybody appreciates that it goes like this. If an ordinary person had made a deep insult about Kelly End runways, husband was named George George Conway, in the end. May that comment about his physicality you're any part of what he looks like whenever that, wouldn't funny, even if the actual insult was gathered, clever I'll think I would be amused by that, because this is
random person, saying ugly thing about somebody who view maybe isn't the best. Looking that's not fair. I got on the coup that no, but when the most powerful person than the planet calls, George Conway was, of course presence biggest credit, probably when the presidency, those states- this was powerful person in the World- calls George can't Conway Moonface. Well, that's you, Funny, I'm sorry! That's just body! That's just plain funny now, I get that not everybody thinks it's funny, but the part of it you have to understand is that it's the president's position that makes a funny because ass the thing that makes it Addison Out of sync right is an ordinary troll. As an ordinary insult to even a famous person
you'd only register it just doesn't mean anything. There's causes it's it's completely within the expected universe. Serve embryos teaching. You d, think I was teaching about humor and how You can create a situation that makes sense, but it doesn't make sense. Then people's laugh reflex will be triggered oh, you want to create situations. The heart they have it a humor logic to them, but they don't actually make sense in the brain will try to make them makes sense, but it can't because it doesn't make sense, and then you laugh and were like tackle this reflex. Well, if an ordinary person insults another person, there's nothing poor dear about that and your brain just processes that oh troll insults victim, ban, no laugh, but
if the most juvenile and yet super clever, which also doesn't make sense that it could be juvenile and super clever because its both so that's the first thing they shouldn't sit together. It's like wait a minute, that's juvenile! How but is also. Like ridiculously genius, but is also juvenile but you and I'll a genius, and so that's the first thing that his here you're humor reflexes, here, reconcile than it really is Kennedy S just juvenile at the same time, and that you care. Conseil. While why any of those two things whatever comes, sitting President's thumbs, and and then you just go. I can't even understand this and then you just our laughing, because it's all things I don't belong in the same place, though the president, you know I have often said these is he's Annette. Ought to be uninteresting idle
Now, if you ve knows how to be uninteresting, he's just normal, Normal mode is always interesting. The way you does that is that he makes things it puts things together. Though your brain doesn't want to put together, like you can't quite make sense of it, but you sorted, nobody is talking about, it doesnt so often the you lose sight of it as a technique. These continually, putting not quite logical things together and your brain is trying to keep up with industry the cement them together as he's going, and why struggling with the last one he's already onto the next one like, but how woman
go pay for the wall. I dont even know how that works and then he's out of Ex topic, and so, if you know it's part of the show you can really just enjoy at the way. Many of you do the way I mean it's just from an entertainment perspective is just messing right, but if you think he is evil and knees up them up the bad news, you just think he's a double guy remilly. You missed. You miss the shell. Did you notice that the idea of closing the streets in front of restaurants actually is catching on? You probably heard mentioned energy polio, Gregg Duffel mentioned on the five. I think you mentioned at least three different times. Five probably other people that the ideas well and the idea is that since you need Space- and it's always healthier to be our doors with this virus
mission there. Where you have a density of restaurants. You have you have several of the mother saw a main street. As long as you have your surrounding streets, seeing around just close the street. Now in my town we have that exact situation. We ve got a tiny little downtown. This, mostly restaurants, work a lot. Restaurants, not mostly lot Erasmus and they fairly frequently closed the street for extreme fares and events and stuff so sort of built for them the perfect. So I sent that idea. I guess those restaurant tamper doing some other people playing with it. It's just the obvious solution. So that idea to one of the best restaurant guys in my town to see if we can make that happen, Why else would I go about here? Are speaking Gregg, so the president tweets this just like it.
The blue. The early. I told you the other day that the present treaty these extra times in a row today, I am you, wake up to the present www, just as we feel like reality anymore. You feel like you're in some kind of way other world again. It is like doing mushrooms again So imagine your Gregg, just you just the way like any other day on public bumblebee goes to work, does the same somebody has to see what the president waded. What need and say what did you see what the president waited about you? what not an upper window like that, but maybe that This is what the president weeds goes. Well, congratulations to the Great Gulf, one time tromp hater, who has come all the way home, which is Larry's,
His ravings easily beat no talent, Stephen Colbert, nice Guy, Jimmy Phelan, which is just a wonderfully dismissive, Insel, nice Guy, Jimmy and wacko last place, urgently, should kill Gregg Builtin, show from scratch and did a great job and in doing and I love the last line that last line is just that the other dagger, You can feel the dagger going injustice that Gregg beat all of these people and he says good things about Trump now and then so your trumps, just putting a dagger in and the daggers like. Isn't Jim, this last line and the UK, no, I got up the earth's quite a bit that beggars about an inch and then the then says Gregg built to show from scratch.
I often think about that you're, all these other three guys who didn't get as good a ratings as Gregg Ferguson and the gout Guff culture, Gregor Culture, every one of them just inherent to show their. Such a long time audience that they couldn't have ruined if they tried think about the difference Dwayne, just inheriting somebody's chair, which is largely what the other three dead and convincing way for this convincing icons, It is news network. To run a humor irreverent show at night why? How do you do that? You would obviously read. I gave him some some traction on that, so the guys and your top rated shows for their time derision other the five and drug culture.
I just love the way the president, through these other guys, under the boss, backed over them and then ran through the back door, again, but when you throw in the last part like he built from scratch from nothing, he built it. Nothing, that's a whole different level, have been Shapiro too, the probably the best description of what's going on right now, so you should take a look at that. We threaten, I tweeted it I tweeted is invited by toward the top of my twitter feed and he makes the following point, which I agree with. I have one small disagreement which are mentioned, and that is that What a benchmark points out is that we don't have a plan that we sorted didn't noticed,
meaning that original plan they sense. We going to try to do a spare the hospitals from overcapacity by bending the curve that we were going to do that with social distancing mission. Accomplished God say, would you so that plan seems to I've been successful, but now or at the phase where that plan is doing is thing and has been ass and then want why what's was the next thing? I know I obviously, rather than trying to open up businesses, slowly incautiously that, but Are we? Why are we just opening them all? Are we are we holding out for therapeutic? Are we hold the offer of vaccine this? Never go. Urban are we? What exactly is the long range plan, because yesterday,
I have is that we have to basically just live with it, which means getting it if there's heard immunity. Would that be great if there's not heard of Unity well that's what it is, but we don't really have an option anymore. You I've said we're already criticising the president for nothing no baby being too fast do, and so he gets here display from all sides. But I'm not so sure anybody knew what was the right thing to do. So, here's point we. We have to recognise that there is no plan to get rid of it right. There's there's nobody even suggesting there's something could happen for it to go away certainly not before hundreds of thousands of Americans die from it? But we
There is some reason we are saying that. Why can't we just say that and then was making this point as well. There we should be able to expressly say this- is We're gonna, do we're. Just gonna live with it because we don't really think there's anything. That's gonna change within the planning horizon and if we don't get back, the work could be too late so So I think this point of view is the one thing you said the realm I'll slightly quibble with. As you said, if you dont have a timeline an estimated time of when you're gonna do what, then you don't have a plan? I would disagree with that because I think in the context of a ever changing situation? Worrier data is different every day. They having a plan almost doesn't make sense. Who really more in a situation where were responding rapidly, which I would call a plan
So we certainly have a plan of rapidly responding to what we learn as we learn it. If we developed a therapeutic the works, we would rapidly implemented if we learn that genetics make a difference we rapidly implemented. So I mean that is but it doesn't require timeline, because nobody knows when this vaccine might or might not happen, when some therapeutic will work or not. So I wouldn't worry about the timeline part of it, but it is true that there is something like a lack of up. No part of it. Is people don't want to save? They want to kill people on healthy people, minorities and poor people who does Who wants to say in public? You know if it's up to me all save this group and kill this group well go first, how about I gophers? So
here's your choice, Scott, you ve, got to have a policy that would favour or not favour any of these groups. The elderly. The people will come more abilities and the poor Now, there's an overlap of course, but if you do so. Playing that helps. People financially helps the poor, you're, probably gonna, kill level people. The people. More than it is they probably have bad luck, no matter what you do and so Scott who do you want to kill all people or poor people, many of whom, especially are african Americans, who have a special risk, apparently for with the crew members, so we gotta, kill old people or African Americans go and Scott sat said in public. Who are you gonna do?
Are you willing to say that in public that you would kill old people or you would kill african Americans and poor people go ahead, say it? Okay, old people, that's my choice. I choose old people. If you can say that to or even You can say the opposite. If you ve been saying that allowed you get to sit at the adult it, you could be right. You could be wrong. I would only ask you to have good intentions. You can be selfish. That's totally allowed, you can say this is good for me. I don't care about other people, this is the way I wanted and which is good for me. If you can that and say it. I you to get to sit at the adult table because you can be selfish as an adult.
Loud. Our system allows you to vote for what you think he's gonna help you that's that's built into the system perfectly fine. But if you can't say it, you gotta stay at against it, and then you just pretend like there's magical solutions and magical vaccines, and you and you don't have to make trade on- the others that can still go sit there, so I send it out loud I would say- of the poor and the african community first, to the extent that your policies can can have an emphasis, I'm not even sure, that's possible benefit and that's the way I got so. In other words, I would go back to work a little faster than maybe some others, not so fast, theirs, and really, I said before I said this morning that if it turns out that we had to wait another three weeks in California, that's what it looks like another three weeks.
Three weeks, roblee isn't the difference between living and dying is perhaps, I believe that the difference between your company- failing everybody saying so keep in mind all economically ignorant. Let me tell you why things are not as bad as maybe you think in terms of the companies that are going on You know you're all these stories from the from the financially ignorant portion of the press, which is almost everybody saying. All these restaurants are going out of business and closing, etc. What they won't tell you, What is the landlord going to do? What what are the? What what did they do? where they building that used to be arrested and now is still a restaurant, but they own it. What they can do. While the smartest smartest thing the landlord could do is make a deal with the the honour, their restaurant owner and say, look you didnt pay me for.
Makes you totally underwater. But so is everybody, so is everybody? Can you come back and you're? The best thing for me is my best thing for me as you come back that's the best thing for the landlord and that will always be left out by the financially illiterate- that all these declaring bankruptcy and closing insane they'll, never open up again, that's not exactly true. Quite a few of those that think they're closed for good are going to come back to a world in which people are way more flexible than they imagined they're going to have banks. That say you know, you're bankrupt I'll, still give you a Imagine it imagine a world where you gonna build a walk. To a bank and say a bankrupt last week. Will you give me a business, love and the bank?
look at you and say: were you in business three months ago and a successful restaurant? Yes, I was and then your restaurants actually are hard to fires, maybe restaurants. The worst example does it's gonna be hard for them to get along, but It's always hard for restaurants funding, but for an ordinary business the the bank is gonna, say I'm not sure. I care that your bankrupt. I care that you know it's a real business. Pay the bills by everybody who came in this week is bankrupt. That's like is universally I think that you will hear a lot of fake bad news people will imagine as if somebody, whether the business in a world where everybody else didn't
But in the world were massive numbers of people went out of business, the options are very constrained and the most obvious best option for almost everybody, is to get really flexible and put those people who are adamant. Back in business as quickly as possible, so I think they could be, and it is this and then back in business faster than you think. Just as is the easiest way to go for everybody, those things I want to talk about. So he says another three weeks is ridiculous, while I might, ridiculous scientifically, but I don't think you'll believe be ridiculous in terms of death. You know, I don't think anybody will die from poverty in three weeks. I don't think it'll be a measurable difference. Taxes
woman put in jail for coming here, that's the only I want to say When this is all over When all the restrictions are often, everybody can move freely I want us all to share our stories of massive cheating during the lock them, and now you guess you stories I know you do, I see you you're, smiling, you're smiling. Because I know they use luck somewhere use. Somebody. You know you did you less people go over to your house. You know you did I see, you're smiling, you yeah, you busted. So when this is all over, you don't feel the red, hot syrian pain other people's judgment upon you. I want to hear your funny stories of the things you got away with us because I say so slept with neighbour, which I am sure is true.
Because I think there are going to be a law stories about people who may be less just say did not obey their government if they didn't feel that their governments rules were, let's say, perfectly crafted people who may have massively cheated this social isolation thing just because they thought through government and have the moral authority, the technical expertise, worthy management risk management ability to decide for them
and so they decided for themselves and just figured out how to beat the system by recommending. I'm just saying you re very funny when we we share the stories nothin, I have one I've been totally good. I know you haven't. I can agree that comment. I have enough now have a great many asleep at a great night, tomorrow's Gulliby way better than today promise you just wait and see
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