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Episode 959 Scott Adams: Join Me in My Fortress of Garagitude

2020-05-07 | 🔗

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  • Making the most of our lockdown opportunities
  • The future of the coronavirus task force
  • Testing our way out, versus reality
  • The economy and recovery

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Anybody it's time for the evening emission of causing Scott Arabs.
Well well. Then I told you before this luxury started, that, like the disaster be wasted courses ill the setting in the box, but I'd have any of you took a dark, so I asked
New objectives for this one was gonna learn some new skills, Niven already practice in the jobs will take into account the lover ed. I was worked out my license, which southern somebody asked me if it was foolish out, so I just decided from some one viable, because I really good bye said so like everything else is good, but I thought a good ever sixty days locked up I've ever obeissance when I get up so they did that end. As most of you know tat, I put my content
locals platform, so there's a subscriber platform. I got lots of different tat stuff there since like a new line of business sense, and I hope that all of you are doing something similar I asked I mentioned it on twitter, so somebody says we build a house regard, learn to cook Well, that would be good if we did that. So all of you should try to commander this with a skill the the airports are connected with these. They should they could only right. So I let the Amsterdam because Christy actually likes me. Have you, which is very convenient. Synergy, actually asked me to gain weight so
give up a little on the absolute movement on the arms see without looks like you, I tried out so here's my advice to you is a little life advice and I know most of you already do this, but I'm going to add to what you already know to deal is how extreme to do it, and one of the reasons that I took up the drums especially later in life, is that I have absolutely no musical ability whatsoever. So the first thing I could do by taking drums as I could fill in the blank spot in my social The understanding of things which is open about how music works, which I never had any interest in before. Secondly, my fiance Christina, is gifted musician and they give me something to talk about it. You know we can compare, notes, sudden musical things.
Is like a woman topic of things that are less wanted, but actually the biggest reason this historic and my dexterity just year of actual coordination. And to exercise a part of my brain that before so. This is,
lifelong practice. This is a part of your brain. They dont use just so excited, and so this is completely outside my talons only experience so and as part of what's appealing about so it keeps me sharp, makes me learn. A new thing gives me interested the other they benefit, and I talk about this with skill. Second, is it if you had to skills together? This is more than just twice escaped. The second skill because sometimes makes you think of new connections. They, you entered thought out before the one of the things I wanted to explore, and there is a connection between music and persuasion
we know surprising that music can be persuasive, because it is really change your mood and I can do it in the moment. Citizens music is persuasive, but if you doubt was a control that manage it, it's persuasive random. Could you learn something my music? They would have some cross over with persuasion, and these are exactly the kind of things you accidentally discover when you start later. Instead, which is really what is cooking, have to do with mountain climbing, and suddenly there actually do something. I can't think what that will be right, elbow you get. You get my point. So your theory. That I've been working by the way when I, what I'm gonna, do a thing like this, unless I'm doing it for money and I'm really serious about getting to that view, covenants quickly.
I prefer to learn as efficiently as possible, others elsewhere, but rather than get instructor, obviously I could pay to lose the next day. I would give better fast, but I want to do that. I wanted just learn the rules is this, as I read the sheet music and I want to know how the stakes sounds like the basics, but after that figure myself, others layers layers and layers drama, suddenly where's things
you wouldn't even know where things just take the again lay in ways that make you feel different things, etc. So here's what here's, what I'm fighting? I'm fighting that I think there's something about pattern and then disrupt that is very related to persuasion, and I don't quite have working theory of us, but as something like this, that your brain is up ever recognition. Machine in some music has a very special hook to your brain, because music is patent and if it were not,
you would not recognised as music, so you ve got a patter, recognising the shame and then you ve got the sort of input which is the music, and I think that is worthy of this sort are very early. I apostles. It seems as though there's something about your brain, recognising there's a pattern and and then having violated and then wanting a pattern again and just as you wanting it becomes back. So there's something about teasing you with repetition, mixing it up and then teasing you back with repetition. So sore like getting you in the groove mixes up his back in the groove mixes up, indeed, drumming is exactly that is likely to parts of Germany and the roads
those two things, there's just the bead which its repetition because our efforts on the battered and suddenly registered, why so I got your attention, so attention is also entirely violates. Looked at her because you can't pay attention to everything, your world, you just get used to the patter, my chairs, or with their lives for their sources, violations without protection. Therefore,
music houses to parts of the other part this repented beat. So this is an absurdity, others shots its call us that's where you break it by now. It turns out that the funds can be just that anyway, and that was whether things in order to be lower. Does I thought they tell me the rules for the film and mighty by John teacher was well. You could do this or that, like? How can I get do this once the rule? Is it always happened? Users Johnson troubles it serve order at himself. There's just no Those as long as you keep the timing of the news have to stay with the timing, but otherwise justice.
Is: this is real name is really a connection between persuasion, pattern, recognition and music. I don't know, but I know that is fun to think about and a thousand connections are you don't expect? Beginning issue was talk about things that are happening. I told us that you are here today to local, Graham White, amateur sport. Successful investor died and treated this. He said I gonna hear CUP just before origins,
but I'm starting to think I should have gotten to pump now. You recognize answerable, dad you and I don't think he was drawing it, trying to make anything else, a big fan of dead. I think it's a general and as long as you know, that's why you're getting same with parts, YO punchers, some say them a swarm of Europe. If you know Leslie less than that could be fine. So here's my point, the joke is funding for this rule that I keep teaching you and every time you see another example of it in love, it'll be more real. Do you understand? The thing that makes something funny usually there could be exceptional cesspools, like the most the closest to a universal law of humor, is something
almost makes sense, but deserts. In other words, your brain, wanted to make sense, but it knows it doesn't tries to reconcile it and then the little disconnect between making sense almost but not is work. Wasn't here, you're reflex laugh reflex. So that's why the programme job worked so well, because there's there's like a broken logic to it like WWW. If, if you need twice a year, does lunches getting that's all right, it does work, and so, when you realise that doesnt work slap, I would argue before that politics is
or to leave replacing Huber for as an energy source. So they're, usually more humorous movies in tv shows, but they largely been replaced by reality, but not every reality, everything's funny, but the reason the tribe is so hilarious to some of us, those us those of us who can't it's funny to those of us who were not afraid basic. So if you believe you get that year and on the job he's among the job, he knows. Other people no reason on the job and the job is another people. If you ve got that its, alas, by years, wider works when which
of course, George Hardway Moonface, it just shouldn't be happening right here. Your understanding of the world is suddenly broken site. Is the president of the United States- and they just call somebody moving face and public waiting were not tat, happens to be the husband of one of its kind MRS advisers and then your brain just goes. I don't know what I'm saying my brain can make sense of that. Their use crashing the husband of workers closest long time, advisers gallienne any thought this was the only people who can face and none of it makes sense and then your lap so easily trump as replace you isn't. He
Logic, all the time you just those well you're, not supposed to do, and I think we find their various, but I do understand the other people were or trouble I daresay they show the easy. It was duly. We Travis ass, you she played out sometime, I think. Firstly, I've got shut him up. She played a vice president. There was a comedy, but a running joke and through the entire series, which was, wait right, but if you go Chester didn't watch it totally worth about running joke. This issue is a female vice president and she swore like a wounded sailor and ask you swear like ways that you didn't even know could be done, like even things that I've. Never thought
curses that I dont know if they made up in the writing room, but there are other merchants seamanship or something I haven't been exposed to a pair of it all. We all of this will be things that you can stay with you, bad, but that's what made the show work because again didn't make sense, wise wise person that job talking like so look, let you drive the hubris yourself laughing at the president's deft move on this grew virus task force thing, so you know the backstory. He said he wants to spend it. Lady, at the end of the month,.
There was a big outcry, because people said now you go. You fool with the task forces all we have and we need that, give us that task force. Now, of course, it was never as if the functions will go away. It wasn't as if thou she was gonna, stop answering for girls and they getting rice. Protestants paid not the same as what ever they were doing before, but they will just. You would have. Presumably then distributed to other areas in Ghent doing withdrawn, but there was a cry. So the present is all this criticism
were maybe entering the task force, and what does that mean ignition best? Do you can he do you want for any number of other reasons, but what he does not like this, you just have to shake your hand say. I see that I did not see that way. He decides when they ask him about it, Billy reinstate the task force, but wait for this assistance. This is just the best they ever it decides. These permitted state the task force, but he may change the people on it over time again,
I sense is still the same task force, even the few exchange, some people here, the arab fairer, and that he adds that their mission will change to work more about opening up the economy. Now, if you haven't thought this move, what exactly is a task force, if not the people and the elderly mission that they have an he just said. I'm gonna give the taskforce back to you the only thing that will be different or the two things that make the task force. Which is whose other potentially anyway- and you didn't say you move on paper, but that's like a maintain whose and what's the mission, that's what makes the taskforce so he's basically said the I'll give you what you want and that he s a complete option to change it, and I just told you he was going to do so, but it gets better. This is the deaf to move. He framed it
as like they're. So popular were popular, they brought them back and add. This word like an encore of a popular of a popular act, and I thought to myself other sobered. There were so popular though you decided to bring them back for an encore. That is really good. Is that when you would you admit that those simple framing now I didn't make a mistake, you know me, I presented my told star usually is what their framework about. As I know so popular my father was brought back for long before. You have to appreciate that. I hear is my petard argument for why I think we should not rely on testing to savings, and it goes like this, and these are rules you ve heard before for me now
the situation sincerely for what is that whenever we have a situation where there is a huge upside potential getting if salute or something like that negotiating there's a huge amount to gain usually money and there's lots of people involved that could all take advantage of the same opportunity. So you don't have to worry about, or maybe there's one this version, because there are so many people with somebody's, will take advantage of it. This is a big upside will use the key almost no, she s going to jail. When you have this situation, huge upside, less people involved know she s got jail. You always have fraud, not sometimes not that one time owings. So that's my room now. Look at the situation where the governor
it was always a hundred or so different testing companies and manufacturers to tell them the truth, what they couldn't do and the governments at the Blue, because it wasn't that must take a check. Some of you think those hundred companies promised do you think that they promised what they actually thought they could day. Sadly, little bed like ten times as much as they could, probably because there was no penalty and whoever said to think it do. The biggest number was gonna get the most attention. So if you thought you could you tell those views, love you'd, be done not to say under thousand say: yeah were positive. We can do tat dozen, but very confident we can get
a hundred thousand right up there. Even if you don't know how you do that, the only thing that makes sense is to promise it because suppose you don't deliver while there are still so ten thousand some of you still ahead and you probably got more attention because it for a while they saw you make honour that so you you go back to the top of the list of EU funded because your beggar, the bigger once we get more funding. So, of course, is a hundred percent chance that there is massive fraud in what these companies told. The government think you do, because why wouldn't play
there's no penalty, all they have to do is eight, which I may I swear. I thought we were just him. Roebuck, huge upside, no downside, bus people involved no way the garden gate. Good information like with MAX the public, is largely confused by what the politicians experts and tell them about the tests to let you feed is because their different kinds, tests used for different purposes said all had always upstanding like one big thing and then, when the president says stuff, like all the states have sufficient testing to accomplished is one that sounds to you. You're on credit rating is outside again I've been working hard to get testing another fellow. In saying that there is less testing through phase
Why Windsor Breed of testing? Pretty soon surveys to Those like get got things wrong now right this way, your brain say, and so probably probably we have either very closely related. We need to test our way out of this, because we further testing is the key right. All the smart people say so must be true, but here's what you miss took bill gates to explain it for me to say that, as I was happening. It goes like this. If you didn't try to test, you went out of it as opposed to simply you.
Doing way cabin asphalts very different, trying to test your way out of something is a lot of testing and here's a key asked to be almost immediate and people have to be able to get to a three days you even if they dont have symptoms. So if you want to test, she lay ahead of it. You're talking to me my aunt s day or something like that, and they all have to be the instant kind. We don't have anything like that. What we have is the bare minimum the somebody can get tested. They know the way three days later, like him.
Meantime. The movie is further get oh. I guess you should be important in three days ago now: option or other wasted and professor, but don't be fooled because test is that task was all these developments. Sorority, tacitly antibodies, are completely different us than the others said that in here that here's the other way you know. Single that get us to the other side. You ve got fifty governors, smart people, Democrats Republicans, and he got tons leaders the president. The task force was vexed. First hear something that none of them were telling him none
Well they're not say unless there's two resources do not tell me this asset, as any governor said, for example, if we just wait x number of weeks later access by then will have all the testing we need to be able to really test every clean, and then just tests are aware of this and do their contact tracing with the task of course. So, as anybody said, I remember this fifty dollars all these experts is president. There are a lot of people who should know how closely are to having enough tests to test our way out, as opposed to just just a few people them into the office, which is good enough for the phase one The reason that nobody said you know you idiots, if you just give us two more weeks, will have only just believe is killed,
Nobody has any idea that that could possibly happen. We are not close to listen to bill gates, describe Stanford of being able to test the loss that you can actually get on top of the virus and Millie I just did it we're not even close, nor will we be class, is very unlikely in my opinion. Now none of us know what we don't know, so it could be that they make,
maybe some kind of a company that grubs it's just something the war ramp up like crazy. Maybe, but we don't know that. So, if you don't know that magical happened, somebody suddenly appears in soldier follows you can make it a plan b. So then she drew up this very well written to you that I mentioned before I treated in which he was describing the fact that we have no known articulated plan. Now I would say we do have an articulated plan in the sense that you don't want to delay the thing different status quo, scattered plan and ambiguous Lydia literary return. Do Cyprus marketer
I think it's blows marker mesh dues ex market now. Somebody a correct me in the comments by the USA is a greek and Latin Latin and greek witches. But is an old saying from the old days of plays when they were bad writing planets. So he says: Creek cell cyclists was this week and their right to express players and the stories were poorly written, so they take it to the editor of the planet.
The Euro had a problem. I just couldn't resolve and there was nothing happened in the play so far, the consorted. With your help, I happen so the device that they use- the writing the nice. So it looks like it's latin, but maybe they views used by the Greeks, Adam solely the mechanism, the writers used. This is due to the exit mechanism, which was basically God from Gmos, which means in it and basically just super character. Just appear at the end. You had nothing to do with a story up to that point. The way to solve the problem, and in so doing in there modern day script running. It would be considered a an obvious writing mistake to require a deuce ex martian
arguments at the yet zombies. You wrote it so poorly. You couldn't souls solve these story without introducing new character at the end, which is lame, as I had the magic personal appears as yet. So that's what happens in comparison to other poorer virus plan, and I, like him except another day. The Germans and is good, because what exactly are we counting on the very different than today, while will be different tomorrow from today we walked back in tomorrow? We will doesn't seem to be any serve. You take this also because we will know about it if there were any of the outbreak, their abuse of being tested, if any of them were really good, we were talking about and they were very stop the test and it would be a big news.
So you can be pretty sure that no other home, maybe something reduce virus or something You saw the room, does it doesn't even changer your death rate? I mean a sandwich reserve so I think that the plan at this point is that we will gingerly chipped in the next few weeks, see Athens and heard earlier D. The play, but I don't think anybody in government can say that out loud
would I so ensured sniggered she's outside the others, make millions moving. So this is just the hopes, anyone right well. Nobody ever said that progress was a hoax except the people who thought it was like the powers like the regular, I think Progress was a hoax except the people who thought it was like the virus like the recklessly. I think it is really, but you still thinks it's only like a redwood flew. Now, though, we know the regular flu was never never. Fifty thousand read those in the year. Two thousand
the actual number of people who die from the flu. Regular flew basically close to zero few thousand year as it is you dog is working back. I say very questions. I want to see if my ear buds work for this and see if Alex as question Alex you're gonna, be surprised by suddenly being connected to the world in Alex Theory. That area your request, I didn't have a question
I love all your periscopes and carry. It gives me a little bit of faith in humanity when I get to see her smiling face two times a day. Out, small thanks patron Saint, I yeah thanks caught off guard must also encourage you all to take. This opportunity to do what you can to improve their skills, slaughter meter is still at two hundred percent. Think about this. What is president trumps one area where he actually beach Democrats every time? What's the one thing he beats Democrats at every time.
Handling the right is the one thing we are forever peoples, and I we don't like this. We all like that, you actually pretty good for the economy and, if, over the next few months way, it looks like it's good again is the president will be busied himself trial. To wrap up the economy, he's really going to be in a sweet spot, if you think about because I don't think anybody will blame him for ruining the common he's, lack and take them for that, but people are going to say to themselves who would I want revivers if I've gotta disappear? And the second me who do I want to do that? Do I want the guy who's gonna before
Who knows how to breathe energy into her into a thing, or do I want the guy CPR himself? If you know what I mean now, I have ever leave you yes economy. So if you just wait like this out, which is a huge mistake. This is anything you never learn. The making of streamlining prediction is just just because you're too many things will change in a complicated situation, and so the slaughter meter is a down measurement because it mentions nothing will change, but of course it well nobody celebre virus, gonna, settle it. Is it useful for protection, but as a fund device to save me? We would like this. I want it out and I would say that, given that were not and wore a play around with you candy voters who could have a strong preference for the person, they trust us.
And they might put everything else off, among other things, the voters to say you know in a normal situation, I'd be carrying about this. This is this is this is this? Is this? But at the moment I really care about the economy and if we don't get that affects all the others, so its future We basically one variable much exaggerated, it's gonna come do can handle the economy bass and if the stock market yell another say another ten percent by November. It's it's just.
Based Clearing Omar because nobody is gonna wanna, take a chance on roaming becoming when they just a little taste with accidents like the other there. Your appetite for risk is goody. Planned epic yeah I've been trying to do
nor others some plan that I think people keep sending me. I know it's stupid son of a look at it when I know after his immense can ask this. Is it do you prediction for a quick look every I do not, but here's was here's. What tat is so different about this situation? I call by like local bike reversal and I want to give chain forever by an bikes dollar spike reversed wars are often because their research transportation and I thought I could take my bike. And maybe get a new GMO and turns out that the way the weights time at my vocal by prepare is two months. They have so much business, and I said what do you have any kind of like? I was interested in.
And there's like we were like no inventory: they saw their bikes to month, waiting lists for repairs and how many other companies are in there. Situation because it must be one should start. Ups Money makes things were grown, a virus dusting over everybody makes paper products while the grossly business it was on the killing door. Dash- probably didn't well. So it's a weird kind of economic problem in which some number. People just stood there, which I don't think that's a rapid before right, yeah we're rather severe economic downturn, including the depression, in which is something like half of the people made money right because all the people who just got their regular paycheck, but they have to work at home or whatever that's a lot of people
Fortunately, a lot of people, they got the regular bay Unladen, spend that money for three months, so there should be a lot of spending coming back, allied faster than we ve ever seen. It happen before so I am very much in the fast recovered camp. I'm somebody in the cabin says that day till he says he saw terms and also without waiting for a way from attracted to make more, so I may never still greater than ever,
loud people who made its money. I was alone my getting pretty well LE, beat up in this, but I'll be fine salaries hired a tree service. I tell you what I think the economy with the banks asked my guests and think about. It was very warm bed. Somebody said yeah how much money the warmer bake. Think about that. I too have also says, goes your photos or paranormal stories. Yes, I do. Would you like your good paranormal story before that? I know I know you do. I know you do I hear again
What, though, is studying the hypnotist early twenties, and it was somebody in the class who is also stoned, limited, who said that she was a second and, as she did second readings, and she could see the future now worse, greatly sceptical that so I I thought of yours. Your psychic I'll bet you are now I want you to come over, makes him predictions we'll see you do now my excuse. What is it my might? Hypnosis, professor, if you can call me and told us that one of the types of people you can identify the tend to be good subjects for those,
our people claiming to be psychics. They said he didn't know why. This is something you noticed at times of Sunday claim to decide if they could be hypnotized very deeply very quickly. It was just anything so I said yeah teacher says that works. You say recited question over our practice on you, I hadn't station and bring your general hearts. So she brings return regards my points and I said I was dual devil text I Hypnotizer, so she was on the other side. The written smallish rule which is on the other side was nobody else is just my own place. Nobody else there for sure and
her eyes were closed and she's lying under back on the other side of the room. So she can see a good deal and now she d have to turn towards better to see my direction and it's not gonna pick some cards and of your turn back shuffle I'll pick them. You tell me your card. I am such as I sighed picked a guard, the I forget the weird little turtle guardsmen. Joker do somebody do this, so I regard that as they work harder. My genetic and she describes in great detail the rocker. So I thought I knew it. Fraud, fraud, fraud, but I'd tell her. She was wrong. I just do it,
so I said the alone described as well and she describes it was with great confidence bourgeois I, like overdue, I bit five guards in Rome. She got all five of them wrong, so there is no such thing as sacred right, but here's the thing she got all five of them right. Just out of order now making up. She got all five right but out of work, and I certainly would have regards turreted not are not the answer that one of the answers
pretty darn lover so that I started red regressing her to her previous life. Now I don't believe in brown eyes, I'm just gonna tell you the story, so she described in detail what ever prior lives and she was a guard at a world war. Two concentration camp and the entire state. She she where she was
she didn't know her own name or what she looks like, but she knew she had. Some kind of idea photo something so irrelevant ice age. She pulled out the photo and the ideal and described in detail who she was the world water. Now it's not like. I believe that I'm just saying what she said, and so I led her through a number of questions about the psychic state. She explained that cheap the cards out of order because in the psychic state she cannot tell the difference between things that are going to happen and things that have already happened. The less interesting and he's got a complicated for recycling. I suppose it gives a more ways to be right, but her story was a time doesn't exist in these psychic realm. So what has happened and what will happen? That's all the indifference and we recognise
She didn't ok sure whatever. So I started to ask you: if you are, my students can excited ass, rebounded, lances and gentleness, and I didn't letter finnish less. I sort of talk over you. Ve probably see me do that with my You saw them interrupter and I interrupted, and then she said slowing down, and I said who were you talking to, and she said your spirit. Here's the funny thing is soon she said slow him down, and I recognise that she was talking to someone else room. I felt every goose pulp and every year in my body and I could feel an end,
Do you behind me a benevolent entity He described my my my spirit guide. She is she described it as someone who is present, And had done with me a long time and was very fond of me. Can certainly be. Eighty, I think they're young soul, and so as an also my Spirit guy was trying to get me a little Bruce. Here's a funny thing the moment she said, but my spirit was in the room. I have a good memory, our dream, or was it then I had
ten years old. I was in my book that top and rolled over in the middle of the night, so those facing out toward the room, arrogant, Sheila presence. I opened my eyes and they are right in front of my family. Was an old man says you're an old man standing just right right in my face and of course, my eyes when war, strange old man in my bedroom and as I watched him- and it was not a scary- use benevolence any faded. While I was just two years later when the siting, except that my Spirit Guide, was in the room, that picture have nowhere.
Popped into my head, and I connected those two stones and I said to myself: I don't believe any of this. What if I do? I was very guide I think I have already mentioned and that what is probably the frequent wrapped me now after this, because I can actually feel that the present after this meeting over predictions she told me when my car would break down into did any of these cars will break down I mean cars can go pretty far without breaking that listens. Then she little arrest play soccer and she told me I was gonna, get him the edge and I was like us by the way I've been playing soccer
years and years and years and morality. Injury so would be pretty weird. If this was like the one day, I got any injury now. Did I get any injury because it was in my head and I did something that causes other, maybe goody goody. But this was one of the many experiences I had. I might did you understanding our reality in terms of shelters. I no longer believe that we humans evolved ass. It had the brains they could understand. Reality
We never needed to weaken or live in our own reality you can leave. The site was real. I can believe she wasn't and yet are largely the same. So we can have a different realities, and we know this was sure, because this happened right now, and so I dont look at that same was true, were wasn't true, it was a shelter had projected. What was going to happen on several occasions, to accurately predicted things that were seemingly likely. Maybe not likely? Maybe she was gonna do read so I can keep might alter the, which is that it was probably love for obvious. Maybe I'd like to marry him coincidence. I can keep that and she can keeper.
There was every bit of Israel and we can live in the same world. So if you release on what is true, which is really hard, you should have to essentially Did you get your ego? Does your ego was now the you figure it out Illegal was, if you like, yeah. I know reality. These other people build these clowns. Were the rocking fears.
Yeah I figured out reality, so you have to give way to finally understand you don't know anything about it, but sometimes a filter is more productive and another one and that's the best you can do so. That is the thought which I leave you with today and I'll see you in the morning tonight. You can have amazing dangerously really one of the best, maybe not the best, but a really good one or maybe not everyone, but many of your great light so relaxed feeling optimistic things are heading in the right direction and will really without thought c in the morning
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