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Episode 960 Scott Adams: Fake News, Bad Math, Bad Mind-Reading, Bad Behavior in the News

2020-05-07 | 🔗

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  • Is the record unambiguous…it was a coup attempt?
  • Mind-readers confirm, Schiff is panicked
  • Tim Graham’s visual writing style
  • Ahmaud Arbery shooting
  • The Plandemic video

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Pump and pump, and more so than bump, bump bump bump on Hey Buddy gun style forgot. He was got Adams the best time of the day. A jack good to see you this morning could see all of you said. Marla, thankfully super art appreciate it, and I know many of you are already prepared. Some of you, such as Joel, is jogging on the beach right down cannot join us for the simultaneous sub. Many of you are prepared and all you need is a copper among your glasses tanker jealous, was die. They can't Intergroup Alaska vessel of any fellow with development. I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled,
the dopamine headed the day. The thing that makes everything better, including Damn pandemic, it's called the simultaneous up happens right now go, I feel fake news fading away. The veil is lifted from my eyes, now So I was talking about a few things. So, as you know, the drug run desert here has reportedly shown some promise in reducing, Virus but there's no report or no evidence that reduces death rate, but we're still pretty darn excited about this drug that doesn't change the death rate, but I wonder how much would this drug cost? While the estimate I saw? I don't know if this is still the case would be
thousand dollars per patient. So a thousand dollars for Rome Desert here, and I wonder if that's enough money that a word you just potentially corrupt, The system that is, that much a thousand dollars per customer times all the people who need a vaccination said point six billion people in the world, be it only to vaccinate them all a say?
Let's say you do four billion save actually four billion. How much profit well no profit by how much gross revenue is that if you vaccinate four billion people a thousand dollars apiece? Well, let me do the math for you or actually allow me to have someone do the math for me Alexa what is four billion times? A thousand for billion dollars. Four trillion dollars has ever been any product or any company than ever sold. One thing and made for
trillion dollars in the first year Now, if you are on the brink of making for. Trillion dollars: oh yes, thank you is not a vaccine, but what is soon that many people would take it if it works, so none of accident as crack. So could we worry that maybe are science could be influenced by four trillion dollars and somebody says well Bill Gates is just an angel right, a blocking you for being here and ask a block. All the people who think the bill Gates is the devil does a richly end.
Stupidity if you're so fuckin stupid these thing bill cases in it for the money? Please don't follow me please. I dont know what it I can't read bill gates his mind, but he's not in it for the money I'm gonna block. Anybody would suggest that you just are smart enough to follow any less. If you think that's the case. Sorry in the news on Fox NEWS, it says that the shift is panic, he's pissed about the transcript, so the interviews, the interviews about the so called Russia collusion situation that turned out to be nothing the now the interview transcripts are available. I guess I've been around for a while, but other they're talking about releasing them and Adam Shivers decided- maybe not maybe not release them, because apparently what they show very clearly is that the
F B. I knew there was no basis for going after carton page because the steel dossier was the basis and they already knew was debauch. So apparently the the record is unambiguous than it was a coup attempt. Now it doesn't say that, but what would you call it when people are trying to use non legal means to remove a sitting president? I don't know what else you call it, but that's what happened anyway. So, as a jig Novak pointed out on Twitter that I always call out when the left mind reeds and they they act like they know what's in it
smiling do they know it's in everybody's mind, and so it would be fair to call it out when it happens. On the other side, and let me do that as Jake pointed out, we don't know. Shit is panicked under reporting, is that unless Schiff says he's back or we hooked up to any cagey or somethin, so we can find out in these panicked. What basis do we report? The ship is panicked, ridiculous. Now a reasonable person could say well. He would be concerned about this yeah yeah, I mean they all play a pretty high risk kind of a game. I don't think there's evidently panic, listen I'll, say that here some here's, some bullshit for you. You say you to see more and more articles about how the economy is worse, since the nineteen thirty's
the worst since the great depression. All this is already yours. It's all ridiculous! Here's what didn't happen in the great depression, sixty percent of the public making money, because I think that's what just happened. I think forty percent of us in an I'm in the category of people got hit bad by the growth of ours by income will probably drop ninety percent this year, but we are not asking for simply tell you fact. Probably forty percent of us took ahead, but there is a good, solid, sixty percent who made money that didn't happen in the depression. All the people who made money still want to spend it and they've got more than they had before. When we go back to work to all these comparisons, to the depression were basically the tire world one down. It's so inappropriate if sixty
Other people made money. Forty percent lost that really speaks to a quick recovery. Now that the real wildcard is whether people will go back into stores and restaurants and stuff it's going to be pretty easy for a while cuz they're only buying products. They got the money in that want to buy them all right. Can you believe that in this most basic question, the experts still don't agree, which is save for kids to go back to school? You get. You can add this question to the long list of very basic, seemingly basic questions that are best experts dont know got it wrong, They disagree what the Hell Gunnar experts- and this is very basic question- the safer kids to go back.
Some people say well against, don't get it, they probably don't spread it much so low risk go ahead. Send the back! There's some other study that says that that causes spread. Of course it would who's right. I don't know, I guess we can ask the expert they disagree. I tweeted out an article on advertising on the internet and I wondered how many people already knew this showing the comments tell me if you Thus, did you know that advertising is now a real that it doesnt work. How many of you knew that because we live in a world is driven by advertising. Oliver media the internet advertising based, but did you know it's all bullshit
I'm going to modify all some. You say mostly and then I'll go back to some special cases. Worse now, there's some of you did here. So I thought I found out the way I found out the advertising. Isn't even a real thing, is I ever You should try some time whatever your product is or you could even just rises, they spearmint try advertising anything will make any difference. I value advertise rest. I've done radio print I've done every kind of advertising that you could do didn't make one time of difference likewise, for start ups, etc done advertising didn't make any difference. Now. The exception is, if there's something simply doesn't know exists, but they know they have a need for it. Then
telling them about it for the first time, if you tell us something about simply for the first time and they want that, it can work, of course, but they are not necessarily gonna, find it with a search engine, that's harder, so the kind of advertisements that doesn't work- Is brand advertisement especially, and the the article that I tweeted written sporting gives a perfect example of that talked about somebody. You understood, statistics and stuff coming into this world and thinking to himself my crazy as it looks like none of this was real and yet everybody's pretending is real and are a giant platforms all depend on selling its people as they gives real, and this guy said well, why do you think is real, and there was a what luck we ran the sad to say, was ebay- can use them for an example. We ran out for Ebay and then
look at all the people clicked on the ad, and then you can tell that they bought a bunch of stuff we run and add people click on it. Then they buy, and the economist says how many of those people we're gonna buy anyway, and they say well without nobody, they click the ad and then they bought so the ads work, and so the economist said: what are we try this experiment, because the add the people were clicking on shows up in these search directly above the organic search, the one nobody paid for, if you were searching for Ebay by name you take Ebay. The thing that comes up at the top is the advertisements that takes your ebay. The one right below I didn't call you a dime is the organic search and also takes you to Ebay in there. What do? People click looked like
one of the top, so the economist said: why don't we try this one? We try pig in some regions of the country. And not advertising are those I just see if it compares. So they did that. What do you think the answer was? The average doesn't made no difference so so Ebay was there twenty? Whenever a million dollars a year for these ads and and in one day in a very easy task, he showed that there are no value and buddy is other. Examples of people seem to know their advertising doesnt work, but there they so do it, and you said yourself, ok, I'm confused. Are you telling me that everybody knows it doesn't work, but they still do it. What exactly is behind that and he
claimed it in a way that I already understood as the creator of Dilbert and having spent a lot of time and the companies a lot of advertising myself. I knew the answer to this, but it was funny watching him. Shorted discover it and it goes like this. The marketing department in your big company isn't just more giving externally are also marketing themselves and what the marketing department in your big company wants is the biggest possible budget, because that makes them more Parliament, it's good for their careers. They want to manage the biggest possible thing so when they go into their senior management, do they say advertisement doesnt work
now they say you need the biggest advertisement budget you could possibly get. Then they get that and then the bosses could ask him, did it work and what are they gonna? Do they get to show them? How many people click than the advertisement and how much they bought than they do to say? Look at all that extra staff people bought, as all is all neural. Now services, I'm seeing one people mention my pillow. My pillow is a special case and I'll tell you why number one did you know there was such a thing as an improved pillow says the.
A perfect example of something that candy advertised as you didn't know existed. I thought a pillow isabella, but there's a better one get now once you know it exists, then your next question should be bus God. I know it exists now that I know it exists. What good is the extra advertising? Well, here's. What good it is like Lyndal is not like an average advertiser. Why he does is so darn persuasive. That you can't compare to a written, add up the internet. Listening to him, do his real thing and over and over again and showing you examples here, the people using it and here's my graph and you know it. Many stories and stuff
in a way. You selling himself. Wouldn't you say Michael Andella sort of selling himself, and you didn't know you needed him. Did you so that's the bar. You are looking for. Were you looking to find MIKE Lyndal now you worked, but she did so now. You found him and he's gives is made in America, stuff and people like him, so you like, Michael and they'll, say well. I can always use a better built up and then suddenly that works. So in the special cases this that can tell you why the normal cases don't work. So if you just political printed on Google by mice,
you're not like Lyndal, they don't know you didn't care about you that in full in love with you, they were interested in your story about. You came from nothing that carers is built in America, another thus there. But if you didn't go full Michael indelible yeah, I would think in his case, advertising works but there is the reason: is the internal marketing departments are lying to their management because it's good for their careers, than they give. The management is vague numbers, the say it works, and what is this you see? I do with that supposed to see our doesn't believe it Suppose you see our says, know they all about as much anyway. I don't think you did anything with the sea. Oh say that or with the sea oh say as all seers do well looks under much under my management. We went up. This much is because of all
good things. We did our marketings firing and also in of products are now the sea. I was gonna take it because it makes the ceo look like it makes a ceo looked like they did their job as well. So it's is weird little fiction, the company's run. The advertising works again. It does work in the special cases, but I'm talking about the general cases. Keep that in mind when you're looking stories, such as the number, test. Kids, they will be available in, I told you know. I was lying about that all the companies alike, because why wouldn't they, of course they would lie. I see what else we get. There is a great line written by
TIM Graham wrote on the Fox new site and I'm only a mortgage repeaters, because I loved the way he put the sentences today. I shall just enjoy this for the writing. It's not even any bigger point than that. He says a press conference for a trump has the feel of diving into a tank of hungry sharks. A press conference for Hillary Clinton nor Joe Biden carries the vibe of getting free pizza and game tokens at Chuckie Cheese, bided virtual press governs April. Second only lasted twenty minutes and the jabbered for seven minutes before he took his first question bubble up. So here's what I love about the
has the viable getting free peace and game tokens at Chuckie jeez. Here I've told you before that were visual people. So this is such visual writing. A tramp tramp event feels like jumping into a tangle tank of hungry sharks. Like you can see right, you could almost see the press conference is Sir sort of CM jumping into the short tank is lay so visual and then just the same thing about it's like getting pizza and game. Token said Chuckie cheese because you get the pizza, you see it. You gotta game tokens, you see it and then Jackie she as you see it, and then he built a story in your head is brilliant. Writing is really good and then, in the second part, the red uses or jabbered he jabbered for some years now
horses hyalaea highly highly biased political writing. But you know it's on Fox news. You expect that in the opinion pieces on both here then Fox Europe is an opinion, is an opinion, so you can say jabbered, but jabbered is a great word jabbered, because you don't have to you: don't have to defend jabbered you you just say it happened, and people go sounds like you was jabbered. You don't have to give up the examples of what a jabbering is. So I had an experience yesterday of talking to someone who shall remain nameless policy, someone who knows a lot about the world, so somebody who's.
Really. You well educated about how things work. Rights are not talking to a dumb person, so keeping you might smart. Smart super accomplish person supports bided, and we got into a little conversation about that. That's supporting Biden, these he's a big it. I trouble and I was curious about why anybody can do that. Lay what's. What's the thinking and I had predicted on twitter baby a so ago that we would hear more and more tortured explanations of
why anybody would support Joe. What is obvious his mental health is declining and is really obvious. Right in here was the first cognitive dissonance example or its true. So you get to decide so my judgment of it is early little cognitive dissonance. He knows that devolve you you're, not gonna, guess who it is. It's not somebody I have mentioned before. So if its, if you're guessing somebody there you I've talked about just forget it, you lack of yes, it doesnt matter anyway and war or is the following thing.
Objectively true. So you decide to sound like crazy doc, which would be a telephone cognitive, doesn't distance, or is it a perfectly reasonable statement here? It is Joe Biden is actually smart and capable. When you talk to him in person is just that when he does things in public he's these or the last step, so he can keep up here in the inner public venue. He carefully keep up anymore. But there's no problem, because if you talk to him in person is perfectly fine brains, all their everything's Workin trot on the other hand, goes the story tat. He might look like he can function in public. He always to his supporters. I made it looks like he understands the topic, some as a full control of things. Yo Emmy is always job, but it looks like
He does have a fool full control of his faculties, unease operating awry level in public, but the storing it knows that in private it's completely different so one version of what's going on here is a Joe Biden is unique character who smart privately, but only recently, he's become in carpet in public. But you shouldn't worry about that too much because he's fine, it personally slime, whereas Trump and here's a weird coincidence. What are the odds? The trump would be the opposite, and that Trump would be perfectly functional and public? If you don't count what the fake media says he's saying here, if you believe he suggested drinking bleach well, then you think he's not competent, but of course that didn't happen just what them
he said he said so. If you ignore what the media studies that and just look at what he says perfectly reasonable behind closed doors? Not so much now? As you know, I spent a little bit of time talking to the president. In a personal conversation, I did not detect anything wrong with his brain right, so I have only this much experience and we were talking about and you can have your business, your policy things than there was anything complicated about it, but I feel like I would have detected a problem. We talked about enough things, a broad enough palate and things I picked up, I'm sure I, when I picked up a little problem. If there was one I see anything, I don't see anything even question does like. Why do you say that or nothin like that,
perfectly ordinary functional person like most of us, so look for further stories about the explanation of why people are okay with Biden in at least people are saying directly yeah, we think. Maybe he did do a thing with terror red we don't like it but boy. We really don't like trumps, another worser, throwing their principles to decide to get a better result. I got into this discussion with a professor of biology. Epidemiology now, if you the following: along with my parents, goes for a while
You probably already know where this is gonna to right. So I little bit of I won't colored disagreement. I was confused at what Carl Bergstrom from saying on Twitter seems like a real, well informed, smart guy, and he was doing a good job of explaining stuff. It was explained specifically that the purpose behind flattening the curve- and his point was that the purpose is not just to keep people out of their hospitals, which is important, but that also by flattening the curve you would in the end. In fact, she were people and, of course I've course raise my hand, and
say: ok, but dozen. What you said doesnt support that, because I was just looking at his thread and his grass. They said it doesnt support that. Why you were use where you so far presented simply says it would be spread out, but I don't see the argument for why would ever be less? In the long run we still return immunity, one way or another and ye we had a few innovations, and I and I still said but other seeing any cave description of what would cause is the flattened graph ever to drop off, because if it doesnt drop off, then it just keeps going flat until you get in the same amount as if it had been a peak right now, I'm just asking from the point of ignorance: I'm not I'm not yet disagreeing with anything. I'm trying.
Understand so a year, I guess he was doing something else today. Besides talking to me, Sir Ease and the other had runs, we didn't quite finished. This body did leave me with this provocative thought which, which could be true so let's say, there's a good chance that what are you saying might be true and here's the argument still missing some some reasons it least here: it is that if you do the unmitigated peak and you just let it take,
you will get to herd immunity same as, if to say the least, my worst nightmares same as if he had a flattened curve that would just take longer. But if you let the p cabin, you will go past heard immunity in words. If you creep up to hurt immunity, maybe you can sort of hid it wherever that number is sixty percent of the lobbyists. But if you dont creep up on it, you gotta overshoot, the mark, does it'll just be so vicious that just too many people get it before heard immunity even get to be a thing to which I said. Ok, I will accept the people say
but I still don't see you why and their eyes, and then I asked this question, which is still hanging around and get an answer. I said I can see why there might be a thing with a quick killing. Fast moving virus is moving fast as killing people fast. I could see how that would make sense that have a goes up. Spike could get you password immunity and then to bring people died, but he said with a groan virus, since you can be asymptomatic for a week or two wouldn't, even if you got all the infections in the United States to zero, although take as one traveller to come in and my town would be infected before anybody even got a test, so I said in the in the very specific case of the for all of us, where you can be asymptomatic for a long time,
how do you know? How do you ever not get to the same heard immunity, but there could be something to this thought that if you get too quickly and just all at once, you can chew past it, but I've that have not yet seen the air the argument for it, but there's a punch light all this and here's the punchline. So after a few of my ignorant, none scientist questions professor bergs from left me with this thought. He said: Scott is entirely possible that thousands of infectious disease epidemiologists are mistaken or lying or maybe you're intuitions around. So he says it up, as is my ignorance
cartoonist intuition, which he says pay could be right and maybe thousands of infectious disease outbreak epidemiologists who agree with him, maybe they're all wrong, which I thought was a pretty good line under normal circumstances, run Good line right, here's what I said I said: well, it wouldn't be the first time this year. I was more right about this virus that nearly every health professional in the world. It would be the third time, because it would, it will be the third time why intuition was better than what do you say, thousands of infectious disease epidemiologists. Yes, yes, why intuition was better in public, then thousands
of epidemiologists. I I told you the mass would help when they said it fact check me if I'm wrong and wrong, they all agreeable. I told you that we should shut the airports on January. Twenty. Fourth, when the expert said not yet. Who was right, my instinct or thousands of infectious disease epidemiologists and the answer is by instinct So professor bird from is, he seems well informed and smart, and I hope he gets back to me because I think he has something there. I just think that he had some, maybe some asylum. Things that he may have resumed. Other people assumed, and so I was a little bit in the dark about that
I am working with me. I just think it's funny that even at this point, people would still doubt my intuition over there are thousands of excellence. What's wrong with them. I say. Said. Sir remember I tell you how to spot the fake news, and one of the ways that you do. Is you look for a story this a little too perfect because it It's a polemical narrative and then secondly, fake news is when you do you think you can read mines. Ok, so it turns out. We have this story about a mood: arbitrary young, african, american guy, twenty five ex military He was, he was, the story is, are just say: the story is because I wasn't there, they use
jogging, Anais, Brunswick, Georgia, neighbourhood, and that there were too- and this is this- is twitters explanation. Two white supremacist eastern down and shot up now. I have many comments about this number one are you the story from the people? Did the shooting is that he looked like somebody who had been a burglar, rising some homes that they seen on a video from before, and there were just tried to talk to him and he was running away and there's shortly won't stop them, but they had guns. And if you look at the video there's a video of the actual event, I don't know if people see the video differently, but what I saw was the I saw armoury attacking the guy with the gun. I did not see the
with a gun, shoot first or attack the other guy, the the person who died. I only saw the personal data tat the person with the gun and run right at him and not let go while the guy with the gun had the gun in his chest like like the gun, was actually pointed at the guy's torso, while the guy was still fighting with the guy. Now I'm no handy and expert, I have not battle expert. I have never been in the military, but I rose, subways pointing a gun at me and they just want to ask me a question: I'm not going to try to take that got another hands because I would be afraid I would be shot. Now. I think I have to insert this point of the story to keep me
Lloyd and energy on stuff. After insert this this'll be the part that people take out when they take note a context later. I doubt there was a good reason to shoot this man, meaning a situation was created. The probably didn't need to get created to allow for forgiving anybody I would say. However, it is not in evidence that these two people who did the the alleged crime were way so premises. I dont think that some evidence and if they were white supremacist, which I haven't seen any evidence of that. That doesn't seem to do the motive for this, because there is no part of it were, they would have said you know, there's a white guy jogging. We saw this white guy in the video. We think this white guy has robbed or neighbourhood several times. Do you think they would not have tried to stop the wake up and me that's the assumption right
that if everything was different now everything was the same except the young man had been a white guy. Do we assume that is to people with guns would not have tried to stop him if they had recognized above the video or thought asked somewhere. I dont know that he was actually on the video, so there's no evidence of a racial motive and there's plenty of evidence that it wasn't so, of course, on twitter that That makes them way. Supremacist was Lebron. James says that African Americans were quote
literally hunted every day, every time they go outside would somebody get with Lebron James and teach him what the word literally needs, because I mean I could be wrong. Fact check me on this. We have some african american viewers and periscope. Would you say is literally true that you are hunted every day. Every time you go outside, are you hunted feels extreme? I mean I get the point in and I said We think that if I were African American, I might be arguing in the same way that you have used a lot of these arguments about power and safety in Europe.
Really about the specific situation of people are trying to generalise a specific situation to get some political game. If our african american- and I thought you know- I think, I'd like to improve my situation, I might use it this way. If I thought well, isn't exactly in evidence, but I can spend it this way. Maybe something good comes out of this. The weirdest part of this story that these simulation has served up is that the people did the shooting suspected this young man of robbery and his last name is arbitrary. What are the odds? There's somebody
whose last name is arbitrary, would be accused of robbery? Suppose know it supposed is possible, but I like to think it's the simulation working on code reuse, even though that's probably know what's gonna so they still. The Linsey Grand was saying that the steel dossier just completely, completely lays bare. I'm sorry. You said that the steel does aid was due credit discredited before roses. Rothstein even said to investigate Carter page and with that now documented. So we don't have to wonder about who said what or when, when it was said, Aunt Lucy Grounds is basically
just playing plain that now that there was a plot to get rid of the president, I dont know how to processes. Are you having the same? Are you having the same mental problem than I am, which is apparently Yale law enforcement and the FBI. Did actually try to remove a legally elected president under with inappropriate means How is that? blowing our mind and the only thing we're talking about a part of his approach to buyers, coarse and part of it? Is it took so long to get here that we got some sort of exhausted by the story? So so I think we got exhausted by the story before we found out about it was, and now we can generate the outrage.
Yeah you you again if it was the second week of the story. Imagine finding out one month into the story about the russian collusion just said. Size with me. Imagine in one month you had found out everything it took us two years or whenever to find out. We'd be calling for the execution of call me in some of the others. When we I mean actually the execution, would we not because what is what is the one? Is the crime for trying to throw the country- or I don't even know is- is that is that reason is treason if you're helping your enemies, but suppose you just doing it for your own purposes. What exactly is the penalty for that.
There might be penalties were not doing your job right and the details of yell, maybe you violated somebody's rights, rights and stuff, so can could be some legal recourse. But what about the big picture? Is there no big picture where an actual coup was attempted one, but that is exactly alike that define treason. Ok, yeah treason, threats. I was thinking the treason was more helping inanity, but according to that definition, it just has to do with trying to overthrow your own government. So did they try to overthrow their own government,
I think so, if you found out, let me is this: just ipods, Oakley, if you found out that this was treason and that it can be demonstrated, I don't know the actual penalty in this country is, for that. Would you However, the death penalty for the people involved, so that would be call me rose esteemed the cave did so so make the assumption that the legal system does this thing unless they found that they did. In fact try to overthrow the government was say that that was demonstrate
A court of law is that a life sentence, thirty years execution capital offence. I dont know because I can't think of a bigger problem in our work. What would be more of a crime than that word? A terrorist act be more of a crime, and I know it's. A pretty big rhyme feels like their biggest crime Well, I've ever seen- maybe that's not actually violent, sir. I just put that other users companies that are looking for a k and ninety five Basques than some other protective equipment, and here you're you're lost in the wilderness of all these pirate and scam organizations or trying to sell things and not delivering check my twitter feed for between by Tom Sour S, a
are who is located in number supplies that you can deliver. So if your corporation and you're too, let's say get some key and ninety five best for your staff, you could buy them in big, bunches from him a mole emerging him, because there are so many frauds out there and since it is well known, at least at least conservative twitter knows Tom. Well, one of you were watch this follow up, on Twitter, so he's a real person doing real thing, militant ex military. So I feel you could trust him to be straight on the transaction, which is obviously to trust me now. I watched the planned Emmett video because so many of You asked me to now: if you don't know that it is a video going around their, it looks like an interview that might be a set up were publicity for something
a full length movie that I haven't seen so I watch the interview part, not the movie and planned Emma. I guess is the movie and here's my bottom line on the video it looks is mostly as far as I can tell. This is my initial opinion. It looks like in Spain Firstly, the theory bullshit today, but it doesn't look like a number of facts that are probably true, almost almost certainly took. Some are saying the facts are all lunch. But there is a way that their tied together and some assumptions and my draining the terms it into a bigger conspiracy. The Netherlands is, it looks like this that she is actually some kind of a bad guy and that he is associated with an organization. That the funded the a lab in another
a year ago. He warned that would definitely be thrown a virus and how do he know and by the way he's got some patterns for some facts or something and those patterns on things he by profit from them. If you can get his legs, air, his company, with a therapeutic to do it so that this whole thing that Fouche, he somehow he might have been behind the virus and less the conspiracy crazy
the less crazy part about that is that the pharmaceutical industry could be prompting things lying in trying to make four trillion dollars, so others. I did not find any credibility in the person who was interviewed the principal character there. I would say that she had every policy based on experience. I'm gonna say the people who look and act like her in my experience have some issues that go beyond the facts of this situation. So I didn't find regrettable, but in the same breath here's something else. I didn't find credible at one point that the F b I tried to overthrow the government of the United States. When I first heard
that I just like her mind. People is there anything you won't believe yeah, the f B. I try to overthrow the girl and you bunch of ignorant what we have documents. We are mammals, We ve got a hundred notes. It's all true pearl is all true told you now. The part I doubt in early on primarily was the the level of coordinate, was or was it like a ringleader and everybody was sort of work. For the ringleader cause us away was one of poor trade in the beginning. I don't see evidence of that. Yet I do it. I do so evidence that lots of people had the same motive and thoughts, and maybe they acted in a way that any one of them would have acted as laid out in their situation, plus a little different than an organized.
Plot, but that does not much goes there like they did all know. Each other have the same goals, probably talk to each other, young people signed off on the same stuff, so you can rule out the fact that it was kind of Oregon I'm just saying that does not in evidence based on the documents. So I didn't believe that, because I see him just wait Wild, I mean just way beyond the pale of likelihood bud turns out. It's true turns out his true. So are the claims made in the plan plan d make videos and interview. Are they true? Doesn't look like it to me if I had to put my own money on it and say that there are two facts in the Europe of the way you ve woven together? Now, let's just misleading, that's what I've been on, but I also would
at the F B, I was not trying to remove legally legally elected president. I would have been wrong about that. So I like to remind you what I'm right, but is also just as useful to remind you when IRAN and I would say that, even though I you know I can making arguments relations all bad about how organised there was, I would have sailed rolled out. I was is wrong and that one so killed there. One on my incorrect predictions are. I think that was everything I want to check in minutes.
Yes, it is that's it as I had did. President Obama know well. That would certainly make things interesting. Wouldn't it wouldn't that be interesting. Here's my best guess on that now, even though all these people were professionals and you, you would think that they would be smart enough not to write stuff down right when they be smart enough. Another right down the things that are gonna, get them in jail or whatever, but I. To think that a bomb was never that down my my impression of a bummer. You can love a moray Adam for his policies or whenever I don't care, but I dont know the day: bodies, questions intelligence. To me always seem like a really smart guy, so water.
Smart guy, leave any kind of a trail of this kind of activity. I don't think so. I think that if he was involved and would have been verbal, probably only with one person who he knew. He could trust that our planet and flower tried to overthrow the government. I would not leave out any kind of a record of it, so I know a lot of you were saying. He, though, probably did I would have to go. If I'm gonna put, it will say a percentage. The odds that well here's that years, the problem, though we know that the F b I knew that they are doing something sketchy. What we don't know is, if that was ever transmitted to Obama,
we do know that he was the boss, but we don't know that if, when they gave a status report to bother, did they say you know? I know you want this guy and here's. What we're doing we're gonna pretend that Carter pages something maybe we can find something bigger ed. I dont know that they have told them that it feels like something. You don't tell the president, because you don't want him to know right, so I would guess that Obama will never be identified as a conspiracy. So let me put a odds on it. I would say the odds that he actually knew that something just blatantly illegal was happening. What are the odds? He knew something illegal was happening.
Ah then, he'd have to divide knowing did he know because he deserved a new or didn't know, because I told them, I think, knowing because I told him probably didn't now knowing because he is experience than they just new, maybe seventy percent. Suddenly percent chance. Somebody then I'll give you a seventy percent. Yes little woman, you will you be satisfied with that. I know some of you. One hundred percent. Elon you learn, musk is on Rogan really is dropping a nine absolutely says. Well, I would be interested. Somebody says he knew, but he looked the other way. We will never be able to prove something like that.
Lisa pages quoted as saying something in the comments here quote: porters wants to know everything we are doing well him wanting to know everything you're doing a. U deciding here to tell him are you doing something? Illegal are very different things, so I don't doubt that's president wanted to know. I do doubt that they told him everything somebody points out that Watergate started without direct knowledge by next good example. So I think in general would find that your president's or smart enough do not commit things. Writing here's! Here's something that I have a hypothesis.
The nobody like Trumbull could ever have I've ever made it to the presidency. If he had ever used email, that's my statement. That Trump would never be our president if he had a habit of using ie. All of his life. This is no way. Sooner or later those emails will come out, and God knows what would be my understanding is that Trump made it. Career long practice do not raise that out now. How well did that? really. Well I mean not right and stuff down is a pretty solid, solid strategy if universal become left. You Some is asking about Kim Jong Guns body double, so you know that I've called I've Kabul. She hadn t the video of Kim Jong on an bullshit, follow as well. Now that doesn't mean I'm right
So I like a like, always deal improbability my, but I'm gonna go with the protection that Jim is either. Let's say degraded or that probably not dead, more likely degraded, because I think we know a few stand, but we wouldn't necessarily know if you were in a coma here is my evidence, indication in here before up just prior to the video being shown, the president was acting like you definitely knew what the situation was, and he was wishing him well, but then, right after that, Kim's Chipper, walkin realm visiting for, Why you plant Daban did happen and then the President president, just meals at ass, great to see them happy, is due
I dont know so either the president had bad information or he had correct information, and he knows this videos fake, but he's trying to help them get away with it, because maybe he's just better for everybody for the short term. Of course videos can be faked to me it was like A video there was spliced together from baby a prior trap or something and then the still photograph, just looked Photoshop to me. Now. Experts have looked at the photo that I say clearly looks forward. A people who way more than I do about that stuff, dose it and a work events. It is true because I see it with your eyes, but we're not known worldwide. Videos can be true, so here's my further protection, it's be a long time before you speak german public again.
Now I don't know what is normal patterns in terms of how long he would normally go before he seen in public again, but here's my prediction: the length of time that he has not seen in public will reach a new high coming up. Other words, if you don't see, I'm just pop up again a month. Those are fake videos, six months from now. If you see no new videos of game, those were affected areas. If, in one month he pops up and is looking five, the number or revise our well, I guess I'm sure those who probably real videos and then they could still been fagged but more likely they be real, live if a month from now he's up and walk around in his obviously
Current video, maybe shaken hands, was somebody we know is over there. You know if its current innocent, above that I'm definitely wrong. Six months from now, if we still haven't seen him on video, I'm right. So we wait now we wait. That's all I got for now and I'll talk to you tonight.
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