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Episode 963 Scott Adams: Reviewing the Two Movies of Reality and the New Press Secretary’s First Days

2020-05-09 | 🔗

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  • The Vitamin D potential for reducing risk of coronavirus
  • Ted Cruz continues to impress and entertain
  • General Flynn coverage contrast, FOX versus CNN
  • Nate Silver’s coronavirus analysis insights
  • Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s zingers

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One can function for the benefit of both well provided there is plenty of room if it seems crowded, could you try to stay six feet away from each other? Please use your crowding now you're getting a little closer to each other. I need to control you. I need to control you.
And your home's don't bygones well. How is it been since last we spoke here in California, it's a really nice day and I understand most of the beaches were were opened, my cats being bad. If you see some weird activity up here, just as soon as cat related, so would you like to hear about all the things all the things that are happening would that's why you're here? Let's talk about all the things, so I have a year. A chip for life crisis is one of the most valuable tips you might have.
You know, I'm not sure, for the work for everyone. It could be the after a certain kind of personality. My cat is getting ready to chase listening and she's, not leave me alone, unless I throw it well, I totally or so years tat. I think you're right about this I had a feeling. Almost everything and stolen big, but one of the tricks, Tuesday, motivated and happy the feeling that they are meeting in my life. I must stop right there. If I can give you a tab, there would totally work. Didn't cause you anything. Was no effort. Really, in fact, is better than no effort. The thing you do would actually just feel good. So
You just have to do something as easy. It feels good wanna, do it and it would give meaning to your life. Make you happier. Are you and everybody everybody our ears in addition to whatever else you have in your life, whatever ambitions and objectives. Whatever systems or maybe even dolls for Have you no matter what else is happening in your life? I use. This whole track and I've been using my whole life in its great. I, like that one thing going on in my life. They could change the world. Very unlikely. It will, but it might and for my entire life. I've always had at least one thing brewing. If it worked, it would really work a lot.
And I don't care what it was. It could be. An idea could be a book and could be something like that. I think that here and small ways something's work my way in the sense that Delbert as a household word, Dilber does actually in dictionaries and people know what that means, for example, that of a little bit of employed. Suddenly the office cartoon world, but did not not the most important thing in the world you can change. Every year maybe I've had some some influence. He her in my book build almost everything. Still when big a year every day from someone who says it changed their life, but the others are individual things, but here's here's! Here's my I have to tell you this because I realized I ve been doing something in public
I didn't realize was that it couldn't possibly be obvious to everybody else what I was doing advisers at internal process- and that is what I am talking about- the vitamin d stuff you ve all heard be said that there seems to be as far as we can tell hi correlation between how people do when they get the krona virus and whether their vitamin d deficient- and this is, I think, is useful and fun to talk about it, but also what? If it's true? What if it's true that this is really? big deal now so this year, at least for this week. This was my one thing
so my one thing was because I have this this weird platform I can attract all these people were actually know what they're talking about serve his way. If you follow the most, you follow me on Twitter. You see that's quite a few doctors, biologists, emu I'll, just some radiologists and stuff who are awaiting in and on questions that I ask and while I am not an expert, I'm really bad at answering questions. Could I ask you something: If you ask a question and you find out, nobody has an answer: will you ve kind of learn something and maybe something forward, maybe in the us you connect a few people wanted the linking connected. So what those vitamin d stuff.
What do I mean by that is over tweeting and interacting with the whole topic? Apparently, there's just scared of examples Where vitamin d is so strongly correlated, that could be confirmation by us but looks feels real until we get disappointed much Whether I think Hydroxyl clerk, we might be that way Ilsa that we wanted Baby Alps little. I suspect Vitamin d will just be one of those things that turns out to be useful, but not the thing that changes the world, but it might be in here. Why am here's the little thing that I'm going to add to the conversation? Ok, cool thing about it? I don't know if it makes sense, I don't know if it's a good idea for remember the context. Until I find, though it's a bad idea and there
I'm doing is useless. I I can live in this fantasy world and this publishers, authors, I can live. This fantasy world, where this close to making good happened, that would change the world, meaning Let's say we discovered for sure was vitamin d in that caused a fairly easy solution to happen. So until I find out is wrong, I get all the the the chemistry benefit of workers, they would have great meaning and purpose now didn't. Do you get that I can enjoy the fantasy. Just like is real But at the same time, it Israel in the sense that it is not impossible- I mean I've done a lot of things that seemed impossible before I did them. You ve seen a few of them if it turns out there.
Global heiresses, the vice presidential novelty and then becomes the real domini. You will see the greatest prediction of So I came to live in a world where I This continue stream of experiences they couldn't Would we be real because they're so unlikely? So that's. Why could thus be another one? Now here's my little thing that labelling, because lots of other people I've done the work of your studying the the chemistry and looking at the correlation. Five there were others more or less vitamin d, lizards brethren I've been waiting here all day, she's really looked into it, and I kind of hope that people will fact, I think a little that's going on. So what I especially at this topic, if I tweet something it's not because I believe it sometimes, I just want to believe it
But I'm looking for a smarter people to say this is crap. Study is banned in fact that just happened like an hour ago and let me get to the point, I'm glad when I talk about vitamin d, you reflexively think that what I am talking about is that you would give it to people to make them feel better or recover faster. I'm not talking about that. I have no idea. If that's a good idea, the notes been suggested. I don't know anything about that, so I have nothing to add to that science. The other the medical community obviously is aware of vitamin D. So there's no way, I could add to that right. Likewise, there's this this thought that they be. If you just supplement and bring up to some sort level. You might have some immunity, so if you will low that might be risky, so maybe
be safer to bring it up, because it seems to me that the correlation slash causation, but if we ve learned nothing since you watch my periscopes, if you ve learned nothing, said correlation doesn't mean causation and if there is causation, here's the phone you don't really know which way goes. I you know one things causing one thing, but you you sort of leads to a conclusion that the causes It is you didn't, have enough vitamin d, so something went wrong, but what? If, everybody, whose unhealthy it anyway as less monday- and all of this is a co, unlike a co marker. For somebody who, as bad health, Is the bad health not to have much wildman dig, maybe
it's the vitamin d shortage that causes them to have better off, most likely is of your little by directional, meaning If you really unhealthy, is probably hard to get the vitamin d you want, and if you don't. The vitamin d want problematic issue unhealthy, so without being a doktor or anything close to It makes sense to me that, There is only engine, is more likely a little in both what both directions. Then it is just hey. Here's some vitamin d, you're safe from the crown of ours, but here's the fun part. It doesn't matter. This is the part that, because I think there is an illusion here, they people are having trouble seeing passed and I did a terrible job of explaining it. So now I'm gonna nail it.
It doesn't matter if there's any causation as long as the correlation is really strong here, it would be one more important indicator to simply telling you if it was safe to go outside, wouldn't like one easy to test thing there, Tell you everything, but if you have a good deal, vitamin d level, those right in his own, you it just mathematically bill level safer now exposure level below well no harm in boosting up your vitamin d into the acceptable level? Apparently there is a way you can overdose. Now with the sun. You forget it from the sun on your body just suggests, but you can, if you're supplementing, apparently you could overdose. So
so don't overdose but the sensors nothing to lose for optimizing divided the day, and there is plenty of science to suggest. That is important. Lots of ways the love lose. And might might tell you your, whose other special risk So if the only thing you did is tell you whose read news at risk could be could be a big deal but causation now so sure about that. If you want to find out for sure about the closet, I think we already have the right data. We cause you Things such as For some reason we now for some reason I think I have a hypothesis but so prisons. Several
person that, like ninety five to one hundred percent infection, ninety five two hundred percent affection infection, but almost nobody dies and their prisoners. So, what's up with that? Here's my assumption! First of all and this Elizabeth Brown was saying this as well that covers all if you're in prison, you probably get some time outside. There are a lot of you. Just the regular world. You don't get any time outside. So if you are in prison, You might get a little more son, then people, We're not at present is not at all. Impossible. I mean I don't know how often they go outside, but if they get fifty and this outside there probably getting more so than most people. Secondly, it makes sense that, because you can't have a prison that is intentionally
cruel that the food is probably engineered and in fact I've. I've read us, but under no, if it's true everywhere his engineer to have the right nutrients, including they supplement with Vitamin D. So the weird ironic thing about being in prison as it might be, the healthiest lifestyle you could possibly have cause. You don't have stress- assuming that they european being beaten up by the other prisoners or the guards. I guess by our thing. So you just bored and you probably get plenty asleep perfectly balanced meals, because he couldn t do anything anyway, so here you're reading books it up right now want to be in jail. I assume I haven't been jail they're happy about it, but the other the unhappiness, seems to be primarily mental so that they might be Super healthy, they got another
The new but exercising the perfect food supplements with vitamin D. So you could just compare that group to a group. This love, that's not somehow comfortable. Let's say you pick the same ethnic, this same age same gender and just say: you're not being supplemented with perfect food and you're, not walking outside the in the prison yard. Fifty minutes today. How are you doing We probably have all the data we need. We just have to find it if you're not subscribing, subscribing well, I've been following twitter just that, just the real news, which is that at heads labour, zero one one you're missing sudden great stories, because when there are big stories there can be other big stories. They just don't even notice
so there's one is potentially pretty big story that doesn't have the zip so you wouldn't know varying except for just the real news, which picks up a lot of the government. Presently so abruptly this guy already, wherever the how science space technology, Billy energies are really blah blah blah his introducing legislation. That's really boost the nuclear energy business so with its building. What is it the this little buzz worthy? You should know there building the the versatile test reactor. That's when this, so the verse still versatile means that it say test reactor
the taken? They can test a whole variety of fuels until they find the one. That's the great one, because I guess there are lots of things that can be tested and and eat me, but the ability to iterate Is the main thing that holds back the nuclear energy business is something that we have all said when he was on my periscope alone. That, unlike something like an Iphone where you can just sort of crank, every year, so long to get approval and build a nuclear plant that you can just say? Well, that was almost right was built us another one. You can't iterate. But this versatile test reactor will let them iterate the far faster than if they were actually building nuclear plants to see. If it works
So is such that it feels like a small geeky thing, but if this bilges pass, I think there might be enough spofford if this billiards bad, It just sort of unlocks the future. I mean it might be enormous, the US, the fixed, the climate change. If, if you worried about it. If you not worried about it, it's was drive, power, your electric car, in taking care of your pollution. I mean the the potential is just so enormous that this law, technical change in the system- this system versus goal. There is talk about a goal to build a better nuclear power plant. But it's hard right why we don't do it. So much is hard
in every way, politically funding the technology, so the solution is to build a system. Instead, So, instead of saying, let us build a nuclear power plant which was to harm. Not many got built relative to what we need. Then all the system so this is so gpm about it, because it looks like the thinking about how to do. It is exactly right and we ve never had before the just in time for oil to become cheap, bright. Somebody says so: TED crews continues to impress me whither, I feel like yours: little call skills are getting better all the time and the correct me. If I'm wrong, he is totally stealing technique from Trump to put on the shelf Right because he wasn't always this good,
this good I mean this entertaining meaning this much of a showman seems to be tell cruises where these guys, you could you can easily underestimate Cape Verde close getting nominated for the presidency, so maybe you wouldn't underestimated, but you just impresses me sometimes in the way that not too many politicians do- and I always talk about being smart enough to pick up free money trouble, that's his leg is trademark. He'll simply do the thing that nobody, Vanunu was available, just say I'll. Take it life, for example, starting the space worse. Somebody was do it might as well be him then you'll be framed famous reverence the guy you started. Space forces frequently said Andrews goes in and get a haircut for the woman who was just released by the governor from jail for open
illegally it or little Eric Rehearsal have sent a telegram possesses Basque. Carers are rolling because I gets a haircut comes out and with his mask, gives a gives a speech about freedom and stuff. And I are not even invested one bit in the story, it self and, like you, I don't want anybody to go to jail for something like that is ridiculous. I'm glad that taxes corrected took way too long, and we are not sure I can give to. Lab much credit cuz. He don't really fixing it was nice punish of shouldn't happen in the first place right so that getting can't take so tat grows.
Cs free money, though not everybody had the opportunity, as used after you have be close enough, that you didn't have to take a plane or something so Del crews picks up to free money. He gets this great press Yeah yeah laugh about it because it's funny here's the the Trump technique, trump has layered skill stack year, these knowledge of politics and business, and then he puts on top of it, is showmanship the reality tv, And his yo showmanship over his entire career, as he's always been in the public eye. And so he makes it work at its core, we shameless one job. Does it you know he is putting on the show, because it Please put up. Why is there something your finger nail where he
They are to entertain you when he puts on a rally. It stand a comedy. Everybody knows it is that is not accidently. Funny he's there to entertain, because his ease figured out as Ronald Reagan. Out that are really good. Combination of skills is entertainment. Plus politics is a really good gamble. Your president of Ukraine would would tell you the same quite a few people with the actual backgrounds of sort of made their work so takers pick it up these the ethical chops. Impressive most move. So I get living of your movie review of the two movies that are playing men, flipping back and forth. Between CNN and Fox NEWS. Am I wrong? That is more tribute.
Right now than it ever has been. Have you ever seen this tricky smack gazes birthday, happy birthday to magnates. Here? The two movies overrun Fox NEWS. Is there anyone story of how Flynn wasn't trapped by crooked cops, who probably committed treason cops, but you say FBI and just as people and that's the story? It was done. The operation by crooked people against this. Poor innocent guy, but justice prevailed, president didn't even they departed, pardon him because
so nothing there and just like there was nothing in the Russia collusion. Now it's all revealed as a hoax. Maybe some of these people are going to jail. They're gonna pay a big price. Movie, one I'd say movie, one would be sort of a drama crime drama. Wouldn't you say crime drama, and it looks like the third act as over, because Flynn has here he's escaped certain problems. I gotta tell you, I didn't think Flynn was gonna, get this exonerated. Obviously you know, I don't think What he did was so bad, but I didn't think you'd get completely exam maybe he was a little more exaggerated and I expected. I do, however, think it was completely legitimate.
Because the thing he did wrong, he was entrapped it. So if you're entrapped, should you do any any penalty for being entrapped, I'd say no in most cases, maybe there's an exception, not this one So a movie to its is more like a was some kind of fantasy science fiction thing, or at least this is. Read to me so remember that the whole point of the two movies that they're playing. The same screamed at the same time we're looking at the same facts, but getting a different movie and and the other. The other thing is, you can't tell which ones are real one. The only thing that matters is which one predicts so soon see. If there's a difference in predictive power here movie too, This is what you can say. If you go to see them, Flynn lied and broke the law in some kind of, and this would be MSNBC would say this to so Flynn was a criminal
clearly broke the law like the FBI, either so serious crime people gotta go to jail for that, there's a miscarriage of justice that is freed after these crimes he committed crimes after all, a criminal and enemies. Like you just let a criminal go well. Why would you let a criminal go? Obviously, because the Trump Administration is corrupt from Trump to bar and bar is just a toady, doesn't think for himself is just doing what the president once it's a miscarriage of justice. I tell you Not present a movie too, is they black tell them by saying they're gonna put his son in jail. Movie too, is silent on the blackmailing the guy, threatening to put his kids jail in movie too is obvious.
They are criminal. He admitted it. If ever there was a criminal did the central part, five people and better criminals. Sometimes they are sometimes or not. Sometimes I cant open France, but we all know that people had met the crimes that they didn't commit. Why would Flynn Mitchell crime? He didn't commit. Could it be the threat? to put his son in jail, the dwindling Fourchan does he. His entire life is drained l through through his lawyers could be one of those things. Maybe so. And then just before I got out as likely. This is
see, then, is interpreting the trouble to have meant when Trot was talking about the members of the who was it the tents assistant and also his valet so's they they ve tested positive recurred of ours, and so the president was a how often their test their tested every day every day. The point that you know that what one of them was tat a negative one day and then the very next day they supposed. The president, was saying it out like that's. Why doesn't help to test? Basically you say something like it does well to task, as we are. The very next day could be the day or positive, The sea it ends. Interpretation of that is that he actually means that testing is worthless. What he's crazy, it's like Tom is the follow up to. He advised drink,
English, so there are interpreted in the fact that he darted there's a flaw, though you could get it the day after yet tests. That's just a statement of fact is an actual flaw. There to extend that to say that he thinks the testing is a bad idea and care work is a pretty big. It's a pretty big stretch. Somebody says Bill Gates agrees. Yes, let me, when I connect those dots bill. Great bill gates does agree that, if you're not doing massive testing like really available to everybody, and they can get a lot of them, you can't test you out and were nowhere near the number that we would be able to do that So the president has said that, but it's a big stretch to go from here. You could get it the day after the task which are but he knew was it was a new news was anyway surprised that you could get it the day after you gonna tell me. You have to
the Sunday. Why couldn't that be true? nothing really happened. We always you could gather today after again test so anyway, that's the CNN vision. Did you see the video of the creepy little four legged robot, that's Trolling a park in Hong Kong is a little. Four legged robot the walks like that crazy dog is a general dynamics. Robot is really creepy because it it's gets. Easel stick paused sick, stick, stick! Stick. It looks like it. You know the worst scary size cypher. We're just gonna chase you down and kill you with the other robot dogs. Just walking through the park saying keep your distance social. This is somebody says in Singapore,. So right there with the army,
those incorrect seem so impossible. Yes, Singapore. It is fact check correct Singapore. So neat silver, who is really really interesting in the corona virus stuff. Now You know, I know that if, if it were purely political, you think you probably think he's leaving whatever, but I don't know, I'm not so sure, that's true, meaning that Certainly that is certainly not they hold up on the left, meaning that if the numbers go different direction, these follows lever so he does have quite independent, I would say largely
I asked the view and who is talking about the krona virus. There's not much biased to be had everybody just wants it to be better, so and he says he's a bothered, because stories in the media that the Save II, the number of infections, is going up and they said they don't mention. This endeavour of testing is going up, which of course, means number. The UK numbers are you detect? does your does he work now and these sort of calling out the various the various publications. I guess the New York Times on Monday published the story title this as Trump pushes too. Open. Governments is virus toll, nearly doubling like the headline. They don't mention that the reason is nearly doubling.
Or at least some part of the reason is that the amount of testing probably doubled. Don't you think those courts or the important context? Well, nay, silver does so he's been. Calling about that. I let me give you a review of new press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany have all of you seen some of her some her reason. Performances have any she done now. Two or three I've seen bits is so, When I saw a lot of this last one and Here- is my review of her performance as press secretary? Maybe the best ever made The best ever adheres why I say that, because, best ever really depends on the fit right. It's not like
No such thing as the best, the breast press secretary? What why? What there is is the best fit for their boss, you're, the one who represents the Boston US and whether there are then do you have capable prosecutors IKEA? Imagine a better fate for Trump. Then than what we are witnessing an here's. Why same point, I made with TAT crews, TED crew, does Optus game tremendously by learning from the president to put out some shall apparently Kelly back and any now the sort of freed from the confines refer mirror pundits tree that she is famous for and political seasons she's seems to be free to put other shall and I would love to know to what extent she actually talked with the president about it.
Why? I wonder if they had an explicit conversation where either Suggested like go beg you just go big, maybe he might have parental show, or did she say Do you mind? Would you mind if I make this fund or is it just understood because you she knows who he is? he hired her for a reason. Maybe they just understand us have to know what the conversation was like. But if you didn't catch some of her performance, currently what she's her act is going today, and I think I could watch this forever by the way. So I think she's than it three times. And what is, as she has somehow to book with all raising is lined up in anticipation of exactly what questions are going to be asked, and this suggests that she waste for the question. Then she goes to the singer
and the really good best thing reserve, so here is over them, so one was yo. The president was blame her under playing the virus at one, We are so her ear. Should I apologize for just like that? without losing a beach flips open a page as research really love deadlines should the Washington, apologize this headline and then she reads all these different antitrust publication headlines. The totally were said the same thing he said. Then it wasn't. A big deal was just the flu, well what then she smiles and walked off. Thank you very much as I do the best. I favour a press conference because it was so prepared now thinks of people try to criticise or because it was prepared, response to which I say are prepared.
Response that works really well and becomes the year one of the main clips shown on television completely transmits her point that it was generally. People were generally on the same page about the same time, be they trump or be. It terms, graphics. There is our law in this because we had a bad information from China. Soap You did everything you want. Do that point, the show it became the clip, it was circulated ill. She executed a perfectly because she has all this experience from european territory is ever etc. But you thought tat, you thought you legislation on another prepared one though she landed there, I think, was even better. So one of the entire trumper's astor, basically
why she had said bad things about tribe in twenty fifty and when she was actually, I think she's working and somebody else's campaign- and she said bad things about Trump, because he was just one of the people running. Ed, and they asked her why she said that no notions working for him and she said that back in twenty fifty for a few months, she made the mistake of watching CNN and naive. We believe in the sea so she socially accepted. That's why she said in the past was stupid and Rob was because she wants. I believe there is a body is because it's completely compatible with what see was reporting, what they want. They, what they blame
her first saying was exactly what CNN was and still does report, so she goes well. I just naive it believes there then so deserving because This feels like a like. A trump move. Where's your study them or something because even referring to herself being naive, verbal, that's that's the disarming part because you can't say your night. Oh, you sell your name again labour for being naive, because you just What do you got left? I will should the believes see them now I can't go with you. Shouldn't have believe sea I'll go with. They were ripped, saying No, they were saying exactly that but I'll go with you,
to believe what we tried to think issue, but we love. I just took everything off the table. It looked like yours prepared as well, and then she was prepared for this, The thing about the other she just whereafter CNN for running with Russia, collusion narrative and it was the best of it goes as the vessel closer on this. He's going after CNN, because all of these people said These horrible lies that we now know our lives and choose you talk about club Loretta knowledge is she Elsa all these sort of bad people who were CNN, stable gas, and as she says here then view CNN viewers might be confused about omens if I'll get to see the booze
I realize paraphrasing, but she said see than yours may be confused a hearing these names, as I have no idea what's going on Do so right, CNN View, viewers, literally literally, they don't know. What's going on, then another treason happened. They actually don't know. It is not like they looked at both sides of the argument and decided like this one, they actually dont, know it What kind of a world we live in words tempted overthrow of the government. There was the a story for three years. Will we finally get to the truth, the network? Theirs? when promoting just just tell the truth and that they hide the facts. They still have to report the basic. Ex, but the way their doing it is a very it another context, so you can barely barely pick out the narrative of drawing the high.
They don't really well unless that is just about all. I wanted to say, So could you be more amused? I dont know how many times I laughed at this that the the Democrats are are so mad about tribe. They hate him so much that there are willing to back by. Who clearly is referred to as a burlap bag full of twigs and hair, just nothing in there and the fact that they
prefer him and they would even take him and they explain more and more people are explicitly saying He might have been a little Raby, but we still prefer em over Orangemen bad and to watch them after throw away all of their alleged principles to throw away everything they ever said about following the facts using reason, picking somebody, it was personality is stable and you can depend on them an emergency getting somebody who's. Finally, smart somebody's got control of his faculties than any of them I feel as if you could have passed room with you, Democrats just say randomly selected Democrats
and throw out, I want to say throwing dogs- and I want to make this violent, so throw a ping pong ball into. A room full of democratic. Whichever one hit first thing to say you you I don't know who you are, but the penguin They had to appear you the next candidate, for the presidency and on states. Tell me the truth: could you pack a better candidate, then Joe Biden? There would represent the Democratic Party better in every way, with a ping, pong ball thrown into a darkened room, packed full of Democrats who didn't get the memo go about social distancing. Right literally everything
no person in a democratic party except Hilary baby would be a better choice. I challenge you Adam shivered viewers choice. Maybe OECD think he might be corrupt, but he can think. Right, so I get endless entered into that. There is still gotta believe they can win and a stranger things have happened right. What could happen over the summer? Who knows but You see the stock market today, the stock market, why you're ever retirement accounts for being a small business? So my sap is actually back till the highest point, as I remember
Did you see that count. Now, my regular you other other assets are nowhere near that, but there are not that far off there, probably ten or fifteen percent away so they're kind of where they were out year or so ago. So basically, the stock market is already backed trump. Don't tell me you're wrong: the stock market as already backed trump, Does it wouldn't be high without his his up. Listen about twenty twenty one, and I can tell you that the economy is a psychology machine As long as you don't have shortages at work, coming into a situation where we have an extra of everything extra employees extra space around on, Surely the only thing we don't have a lot of credit. They will probably fix that as well, so
dna in a world that doesnt have a shortage because you can't always fixes shortage easily. That's the hardest thing, but if you have all the parts it's a psychology engine Tromp has already convinced you, the twenty twenty one is, can be fricking great ass. You solve this. Is there any chance? The stock market will be as high as it is right now and spam pretty solid last few days is it shares that would be happening if the entire financial community, everybody by stock, had not decided that when President Tromp said twenty twenty one can be for economies. They believe it. They believe it right. I think they believe it, and in the story is actually quite believable
we believe it myself, but here's the core part you actually believe this into reality. The economy is the one thing you can actually manifest with your thoughts- maybe not you personally, but collectively as long as you're sort of following the leader in this case, the president's estimation of what twenty twenty will look like as long as we're collectively buying into that it has to happen. Because it's the believing it will happen. The low, Did they get alone? You can't get alone. If somebody believes things are going in the wrong direction. So you can manifest recovery with your minds, literally with your minds. That's what makes the physical stuff
and the president has already pulled off a miracle completely unreported tell me if I'm exaggerate The president has just taking the worst economic disaster of my lifetime and I've been around while so worse, one in my lifetime. Is convinced you that in the mirror, let's nine months, you'll, be hitting really good times and people are believed it. Is really really amazing and idle. I think people well imagine that they came to it on their own people. You say: well, we are we going to figure that that's not what happened now. The president convinced everybody was a dollar that they can invest. He convinced
This would be a good time to do it, because if you wait till next year, you ve already met Miss the run up their work. So I've? Those this before I was fairly brutal on the president for some of his early task force. For rounds. Yo too much politics too much valued a lot less than just just was. A strong performance, some of that stuff, but I said from the start, if you could pick one person in the universe to be your president, when you're coming back on line, The thing you need more than anything is somebody tell you twenty twenty one while Skinner be amazing and he provided that he was the right guy in the way. Lets. You would not why anyone else, in the universe to be in that job. Right now, too,.
So I don't think it's retail investors behind the recovery. I don't know. I think it's everybody as he statistics, but I would fairly broad just the gas, don't know, please do sleep meditation. Yes, I will. This time? For all of you to start winding down, I thought out and with that little bit of feel good news. I think that there are some really good news ahead of us can kind of feeling, and tomorrow maybe even tonight you gave a start thinking it yourself there. Anyway, I can change the world.
Even if it's unlikely. What would you have to do in a very small way tomorrow could be just the smallest little step? Maybe look something up. Maybe you talk to somebody, maybe just think about it. But what can you do to feel like you? Ve started something that might maybe a won't, but it might change the world for the better and then see how it feels it'll make you feel like you, maybe even though its somewhat fantasy
Or is it because you further said before by somebody smart somebody's somebody will say: well, one person can change the world and then I forget who said it, but somebody smart said it's always one person. It's always one person who changes the world because everything starts with one person and if you think you can change the world look at the people have they have simply. You know have while their different, but maybe not, maybe you could be part of changing the world at the very least
it will be a lot of help pollyanna this little economic downturn. So I know I can count on all of you and right now I want you to take a deep breath from your diaphragm exhale one bore breathe through your nose deep breath. Sale, failure body, relaxing the stress, leaving you remember your exercise, squeeze your fists origin can until your muscles were exhausted, then just releasing feel good feels and take another muscle
there are other here could be, would have order you wanna, do it squeeze out muscle than relax, it think about your breathing, breathe, deeply slowly and feel yourself, drifting off thinking about how you just maybe could change the world and watch out gonna feels you get him a great my sleep tonight when you wake up tomorrow. Most of you not every one of you, but most of you are going to wake up thinking. Well, I feel really good today and I will see you in the morning.
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