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Episode 964 Scott Adams: Grab Your Beverage Because it’s Time For…

2020-05-09 | 🔗

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  • Adam Schiff lied for years…but broke no laws
  • We do NOT know if Russia hacked DNC?
  • Law enforcement targeted/framed President Trump to take him out
  • “Cheryl The Server” theory applied to the lockdown

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Air this time ever coffee was got Arabs studio coming alive any moment now, Alexa Turnin studio logo bump bump bump bump bump. If your desk doesn't have a rolling chair, you're missing deserve our. If you things more fun, unrolling rolling around in your office, staring up and walking that's for suckers teachers over those rolling chair, true story, well tell you after the simultaneous, because I know you,
you're, probably ready you don't want your coffee, the cold. It's probably up you ready and only needed. Was a cover, bugger glass, integra challengers, dedicating geography lesson a vessel of any kind fill it with very limited. I like Enjoyed neither of the unparalleled pleasure the dope me the other day, the thing that makes everything better, including the damn pandemic skull, the simultaneous up it happens now go, I feel my vitamin d levels increasing to acceptable range yeah. I think I just happened now probably is a lot of old indian coffee, but I feel there is nothing that coffee can't fix really So I remind myself of the story from my childhood.
So when I was a kid, my grandmother would sometimes babies having actually fairly often. Like my grandmother, had sort of a little apartment room in a farmhouse farm and used to be were where she had been married to the farmer but to her son took over so her son was running the farm and she had so little new grandma apartment. Within the farm house. So I would go as little kid and- and I would have to be with my grandmother. All day long describing was like to be with my grandmother all they have hung, so you just have to get this picture so by grandmother like two quilt she would make. And because I quelled is a pretty big object. You you down on some kind of a table, your device, so you can
around all the edges and put in the pieces of this alone project, so you're you're quilt table? If you will will be set up Therefore, your days or weeks, several are you working on your wealth, the primary room that was area was filled. Entirely by the quilt and the bill. So there was a narrow path around the edges, which was the only place I could be except for outside, and we have the weather- was a good was a really adoption, so my entire world as a kid was narrow path around a quilt, though it gets better My grandmother went about three hundred pounds and she had a rolling office chair, so there He could roll around the quilt without getting up and work out a quelled, avenging, pushers off round and work on the export
and she returned other soap operas which This will room so an age where I was eight or something similar aid. My entire day was giving EAST by my grandmother, who was walking around the quilt now walking pushing the share out and I'd have to move all the time. They place to go up. Further around the quilt. Wash you wash Listen to her daytime soap operas now, if you're a kid listening to daytime soap operas, you just want to kill yourself listening to them for like seven hours in a row walking around the perimeter of quilt being chased by three hundred. Woman and off his share of theirs. My childhood look We ve telling you the bad parts,
magician. Roy Horn of Sick, Frieden Roy died from covert nineteen complications that age, seventy five I ve been tell you that my my personal standard for when I'm gonna get worried is if the first famous person under seventy dies of the crew, rivers virus, because I'm not look here, my odds them say: ok, famous person under seventy. So my Category has so far zero deaths, famous people under seventy in the United States. That? I saw this headline. Like oh shoot Don't know how old he was. He was seventy five, which is way too young. In this world and I'm sure he had started complications. I think, from the Tiger attack years ago, but sadly he passed, and I felt that this would feel like a like. I got grazed
yes, you can hear the boy go buy. You feel that way. Browser your legal ethical. Favours person all leave. I've years over seventy getting closer. I'm not gonna, be worried. Unto my category has its first death, what are the odds are would be me. There is yet another drug cocktail combination is getting some promising reviews. Over a Kong they sense, the I guess- is ignored HIV drugs combination. So it's got the top of urine low pot of ear and beta interferon,. Now. As you know, the beta interfere, Drug is that's what the Democrat then take. The beta interference
because what does the designation more of a beta now, I'm just kidding. I don't know why they re met David. If you're honest, they don't want me to make fun of it. But here's the thing they call me skeptical But you know all the drug companies are saying the same thing which has given the compressed timeline we don't really have time to develop a whole. Do drug that's perfect for this virus. We just take too so they're using all this off the shelf stuff, just to see What are the odds that you'd have any kind of a new? Was a new disease, the pops up in the world? What are the odds? then a new disease, a new virus do anything would be, treatable with all drugs. I mean it's not impossible.
But what are the odds of the pharmaceutical companies just happen to have on the shelf rimmed elzevir, with doesn't use for anything else, but they get a bad and they know how to make it wouldn't it be convenient if they could find some way to convince people that works for thousand dollars a shot or whatever it is So when I say that these existing HIV drugs were tested and they got good results- I don't think they haven't you it's not as full scientific studies, they are with their small group. There are getting better about twice as fast or maybe a third vest and I don't think they have any information on death yet because they were really testing. People were near death anyway,. So I am really really skeptical.
Really really skeptical of any existing drug working. For this really is ethical. So you know my I'll give you my my estimates of arms, Those view were that, if your new to this If I say the odds are something are eighty percent chance that will happen and then it doesn't happen. I was wrong right. You have it is there that we, you can't play saying the odds can be right, even if the less likely thing happened so so, I'll tell you what's gonna happen. Just give you odds, dry secure. I'm still putting a forty percent chance that that makes a big difference, there's a higher shares that it makes a difference, probably of forty percent chances of getting a game changer.
Based on the fact that we would already know that if it were that big deal, we would never by now the easily we would know by now there's a hundred ways. We, no it by now. If it work that well, but there are certainly indications of my work limit and that's that still worth something so forty percent chested, I drafted flora, clearly is a game changer higher chance that it has some activists, RAM desert. Here, I'm gonna put at ten percent say: there's a ten percent chance. The room does here is, either the game? Changer again am. I also have some effect in some situations, but maybe ten percent chance. Then those HIV cocktail combination still it orally to know if it really makes a difference? Sergents. It's not really control study rising
I would say what are the odds that this cocktail there was made for a completely different reasons, We should also work well enough to be a game changer, I'm gonna say we just can't believe that we win happily invented the right drug before the virus occurred. I mean that would be a big coincidence, so they say twenty percent twenty percent chance that this particular carbon. And is the magic bullet, and then there's euro another hundred things out there that are being tested right, all sorts of monoclonal things and what not I would say that the odds of will say at least one, of those things that I have mentioned yet so that all categories of things that I have mentioned. So I have mentioned urgent hydrochloric. We, these HIV drugs renders view
So those are one category but the whole other category. That's not those! for a game, changer say fifty percent. I'd say, there's a solid fifty percent chance that there's something in the pipeline that could really just just yank this thing back to where it is today. Fifty slash fifty I wouldn't count on it. Those my best gases. These are based on nothing but having been alive, I'm tired of looking at the dog is embarking like we're, not hearing them. Doing better like the drugs of, but we can all be surprised, one of the things that Mark was saying an interview talking about the economy come back on line. Is that the equality in twenty twenty, is nothing like any any broken economy of the past, and I would like to add that thought.
The thing, there's really really weird and unpredictable about this coming economic recovery is nothing's, broken Physically saw like a world war, were your buildings? Don't exist to rebuild them, everything sort of there. Also all the people to do the work. Here and there retrained so you got the jobs, holdings, the assets, the people, that's all perfectly attack the partners broken. Does the psychology of it and possibly consumer spending, is as more Cuban was pointing out? What we don't know is: will the people go back and that once they can spend Will they because lotta people don't have money, but, as I have pointed out, the other thing is weird about this. One is therefore something like fifty percent of people are unemployed, but.
Those fifty percent, how many there more making a lot of money to begin with right, how many people who lost their jobs will say, servers, restaurants near you, you can read them line retail retail people. They were not the big income. People for the most part, the other ones, barely getting by Probably a lot of them had to live with someone else to pay the rent, so the other and someone else who could be it? money in the family and my belief your home, they also serve. You took their fifteen percent. How much is the total buying power as consumers, there was enough that fifteen percent, those people are gonna, be high income people because you'd have to throw me in there too. Basically I've lost. My job is waiting for the waiting for the notice, basically, in fact, mice, indication companies already
I already told you the cats on the roof. You know that joke I got a letter this as well, cats on the roof newspapers go going out of business, what to renegotiate, don't novel get paid so approaching the unemployed in not the way. Of having a salary job, but it says, My job is what away or its on, though it's on the path of go The if I might throat, in that average to my bout, my buying power or good animal, seventy five percent, but mostly Fifty percent of the were the ones were not making that much money to begin with, so numbers of people as it is a disaster, This is a lot of people who are struggling, doesn't know how money, but if you just talk about math, the total
I am power of that. Fifty percent may be. Four percent of the consumer purchasing just just guessing, because it is a big group, fifty percent of the public, but then by much Gazeta. How much to begin with so the people who still had a job sped away last, while there are lockdown they actually have extra money and pent up demand. Everybody who wanted to buy a car for less three months or maybe some other did. I think car dealers are actually open, but probably just a lot of pent up demand. So if I had a gas, Now the real problem of the businesses that are opening up under capacity there's no way you can open up a restaurant or movie theater at twenty five percent capacity. There is almost no point to it. It would be smarter to go.
Business. At that point, does you just your everyday, the open at twenty five percent capacity? You just lose money, so I suppose it is easier to declare bankruptcy, a big restaurant chain round here, sweet tomatoes, I think just declared bankruptcy. A big Nord strongly the biggest store in my area in my town is, nor should there as part of that One mall in my town that. This, the anchor talent and they just decided this reclose evinced- or I don't know them nor Norsemen general, but that the steward looks like you will be closed for ever. So these are pretty big changes. But here is what I'm going to add. Two more Cubans comments,
we ve never been in a position where everything was not broken. Physically, the people were all trade and here's a part of tat. We ve got the best communication we ve ever had, and I think that is that ability to instantly communicate both on you in digital ways, but social media ways which are also digital, but we can connect, find each other and fine problems and solve problems in a way that was never possible before so you take take the most trivial. Level. You saw that the restaurants and tab, I think the clothes the reason for the restaurant, so they can move the tables of the street and have lots of space, and you too, so that he can still every restaurant now in theory, you can get a lot closer to a hundred percent capacity by spreading your tables.
The street. That's an idea that would pop up in one place then there's a new story or some social media, then suddenly every restaurant, Here'S- the idea now think about the difference of having no community, report communication early on and will say the nineteen eighteen pandemic, and some restaurant has a good idea. How would the other restaurants over here hear about that good idea way for it to be written up in a physical newspaper and hope that you saw that newspaper? Somebody says Seattle annulled dinner to right now, don't know to what extent that the idea just so obvious that everybody would have thought of it, maybe as possible, but I have to think that There are probably eighty percent of the restaurants who wouldn't have thought of it. They would just what I have said. I guess we can open up but the fact that some of them had that idea alive,
that idea to just spread across the country immediately, Likewise, every time anybody has a good idea where it immediately spreads because we're so well connected, so my it might take on this is that a economic recovery under these unique conditions should be spectacular. The conditions being nothing's broken Everybody's trained half the country, probably as more money than before the crisis there still gonna, spend and the people who lost their jobs were the biomass lower economic strategy to begin where they were a big part of the consumer spending and communication is great. If yet, communication to this mix, things can recover quite quite quickly. So I'm very optimistic about twenty twenty one
here's the years. The weirdest thing there's a dark thought here. I keep watching the leaves often Flynn collusion Russia, collusion story and other see the actual documents, and we know that Adam Schiff was lying to the country for What years? How long was out of sheer lying and and a lot of our leaders bless, you start by having chef, because to be that the private, purveyor of the hopes, so My understanding is that he broke no laws, because members of Congress have immune So because he had immunity, he was able to lie to the country.
In such a way. That is such a consistent in public way there he effectively attempted a coup nodded effectively, he attempted coup, I don't even have to add effectively. He tried remove the government of the United States by lie consistently and grotesquely in the most in ways which are now obvious, we couldn't really tell before you really know. You don't really know, but now you know here's the weird thing when you think yourself all right, so somebody tried to overthrow the legally elected government in the United States. While what would be the pedals, for that. You in your mind what feels like the right to penalty to match the crime, but it was a bad thing- was called a bad thing that was not technically illegal. What
imagine would be the appropriate punishment for that. Well, if you like me execution, now you could argue, I don't believe me the death penalty. I prefer life in prison, but I think you're cool attempt, a coup, attempted actual treason against the United States, given how much this cost all of us, I mean there isn't gonna ring it that really expensive even included Nothing is prepared for the crowd of virus, maybe leisure. I believe that it would make any difference, given that we have that information about it during that period, but Issues blowing my head up the sum but he did something that day a reasonable citizen who is not who's, not crazy. Just looking at the situation of a reasonable citizen,
by being objective, this person, we now know how we don't have to guess about. More. We now know is certainly attempted to overthrow the president with it. It was treason and it feels like the right punishment is execution. That is that too much going too far, because traditionally that's the traditional penalty for treason. Now I don't think we kill people, the United States for treason, I think actually we don't have the. I think the death penalty is baby on the table, but not always used as early but she's blood my mind. The legitimately, not even in a political sense, just my my natural human, citizen instinct of
a bad. It was why he did feels like if it had been a crime which it isn't the right penalty would be execution. Is that too much because actually don't think it is like? I don't even think it's a little bit too much now, if you said no execution life imprisonment. Ok, there's more cervical difference, but in terms of the extent of the crime and the extent of the punishment is their range, but instead the noise punishment will be almost certain reelection, almost certain real action. That's what he'll get for that. Usually he's gonna get rewarded. Now. When we talk about horses and of course, you amusing, talking about horses that airports,
by Democrats against chop those that the famous one job, Russia collusion, the fine people, oaks ingesting clorox hoax, the the goal, Feeling oaks rather line is a hoax after oaks, but is not just one direction. People is not just interaction watching the coverage last night and the opinion shows on fox talking about chef and there I think Tucker was doing this showing clips, of your chef, saying yes, there's plenty of evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. So they show him say, lad They show the evidence that there's nobody, if there is any evidence that no direct evidence that whatsoever The implication is that the experts
authors, I didn't see any evidence yes shift is taking, is going on in public in saying plenty of evidence so therefore shifts the liar except he's being taken out of context. I hate that I have to defend the guy. I think, should have the death penalty. I'm gonna defend Adam Shift is for your benefit, so you can survive a better appreciate. Of how you might be being manipulated by the news. Here's how you're being manipulated when chef says: there's plenty of evidence of collusion by the campaign here, specific examples are the junior meeting, which did happen but the way interprets it crazy, but at least it happened and the fact that the president's certain public there time, hey Russia, if you can get us, emails here. Why don't you do it.
So when she says there's plenty of evidence, he's look, it is look here things that we do know about, and they simply, turning them as evidence. He's not talking about the same kinds of stuff that the the people who were testifying or talk about them we'll talk about real evidence like you ve seen, Russia do so. There's an email taped conversation like real evidence, but they People is that there's no evidence. Would also have acknowledged Don Junior to a meeting and that the president is one say in public at that. They take Russia, you have you, have those emails eludes emails so, When you see those things juxtaposed as they are. There's no evidence and then just show says: there's plenty. If you leave out
Apart, where the plenteous talking about is the stuff that we do know exists is just interpreted differently. I'll feel. That's exactly honest. Honestly, I still think that what I did so dishonest that he doesn't. It has really deserve a fair shake at this point. But, and of course what he was doing by defining those trivial things as being plenty of evidence is completely bogus completely bogus, but it's it's a complete You have to say that's what he was talking about before you say is bogus. Otherwise you just confusingly lit listeners. So I am sure for still saying there's plenty of evidence and still using those trivial examples
the other thing. Those interesting that Tucker was talking about. Is that, unlike I don't think I've heard this until those Anita and by the way, if you didn't watch Tucker show last night, it was really really good one. One of the best I think Tucker show less. That was one of the best he's ever done overall, like that the item shift treatment, but if you look at the whole show it was really because it's the first time I've seen it laid out as bear. Is that just just showing us what happens? What the the things we found out the transcripts, though important. I think it was laid out really well in the thing that I haven't seen reported anywhere until talker talked about was though you know how we, the government, has been telling us that were sure Russia hacked hacked pedestrian. The answer whenever never we're all sure that they did, and
I think you remember that from the beginning, maybe no number from beginning I've been saying, are, we sure, do Do you really believe that we can now who had something? Because I've got a real plan about whether we can know that I don't know what we can now. We What were told but we know that were being told frequently were told things that are true. What's happening literally every day, we're being told things are true by the government intelligence agencies. The news pretty much everybody's telling us untrue things so when I first heard that we could tell who hackers said to myself. If we, tell who helped us. Then I don't know I hacking even is because if these of secret intelligence agencies with the best the best technical hackers in the world?
are leaving their fingerprints on their hacks. Understand the world because really, appointed taxes that getting caught now, if you could get Cartwright Wouldn't you know if you are leaving a fingerprint so from the beginning. I said myself, we could We suspect who did it, but I don't know we could ever now and sure enough. The transcript shows that, when asked directly, if we'd know, we don't know it was just a lie. The whole time So you're watching the story I know about, I guess we're eleven secret. Sir. People who have the krona virus, and there are several members of the and send Trump staff. People were pretty close to him, who have tested positive, neither pence nor Trump of tests. Apposite,
Here is the obvious thing. I often tell you that you can predict the future. When you see this situation, which is There's a situation with a big potential upsides, there's a lot to gain and there's no risk of getting caught so I say something that is illegal, but you know you're, not gonna get caught and the gains just gigantic. Does it yeah every time, every time and then the third criteria is answers. Multiple people involved in this situation. Meaning that is not just one person who might potentially say: hey, I'm a good person. I am the only person who has this opportunity for this huge upside gained, but I'm not that kind of person does is illegal. So I really had one person might get one that was honest, could turn a billion dollars because it just isn't right.
You ve got a lot of people in their situation. Somebody's gonna take the billion dollars, so I look at the situation of the people of the krona virus infections. I say to myself: if you were, I will say a sophisticated country that capabilities and. You want to bother another country and possibly assassin. Their leader who is over seventy? How would you do it now? giving anybody ideas causes just so obvious. You have to assume that every intelligence agency thought this one day, one which is liniment. If I were to infect their outer circle, which is probably easy, because you could find people who work at the way house we're, not themselves guarded. You could easily in factors the other their place where they're going to be other gonna. Give you too many ideas,
There was something is now something the individual could easily do, because how did you get? little vile of kroner virus for yourself? If you wanted to do bad things, will it became a hard less? You are personally infected, but if you're a government in intelligence agency, of course, you can get yourself a little vile of protocol. And here's the thing imagined, I ll just give you one example around They have elderly leaders who are the big problem and then you've got number of countries in the area. I don't need to name names who would have the capability and the motive. Go on better corona virus, The advisers does that, Then the advisers will do the rest inadvertently so When you saw whistles, I saw that around was having extra big problems
earlier, I said to myself a very. Unpopular regime surrounded I highly capable enemies who could usually do this without getting caught and then statistically. Well, you got a pretty good chance. There's gonna mess up the other huge upside potential, practically no chance of getting caught. Lots of people involved. Do you think anybody intentionally tried to infect the iranian leadership? Probably right, do you think array try to intentionally, if that, in fact, the advisors of the israeli government, probably probably, why would they try to think anybody. Any malign actors which
Do the same thing with the leadership of the United States. If they were, interfere with our elections if they would be sending US sentinel. Of course they would. So you don't have to ask what day, because of course they would with. We have such a history, where it's just obvious. Of course they want, but only if there was a big big game potential gain and almost no chance of getting caught, that's where we got because a subway shows up and they have the corona virus. How there Would you know our came from you and it's the most Just another risk management perspective. I care This is why, being used by a dozen different country is trying to take out a rival country. I mean I want better twelve countries right now.
They're trying to mess with some other government this way, because why wouldn't they just? Why? Wouldn't I really so? He says: never heard of tracing while the tracing isn't gonna get it done. I mean it would be too easy to put an end to that trail, The nearest hoaxes, the paths carrying empty boxes of p p He's price of the videos. I think Gibby Camel started it were they. They acted like use, carrying empty boxes. To pretend you is helping, but in fact he was carrying full boxes. To protect, he was helping the sort of a hoax of a hoax. Obviously, if the vice president is moving, boxes is obviously for the camels.
I were were all adults right. Nobody thinks they who is just help now. Of course it was from cameras, but I guess he joked about empty boxes or something, and they got that Cameron put it together than try to act like use, moving empty boxes, but does it matter? Does it matter if the? But if the boxes were empty, it was just a video thing. That's all it was. It doesn't matter who was empty. I mean if they were followed their full of of his late paper goods. That makes no difference at all. It's Tori that didn't need to be told at all. No importance was wherever I told you have been digging into this vitamin d. Correlation with growth of terrorism and weather. To recover from covered or not and there's just tons of information, but a lot of it is immaterial, is making their own grass and not doing it right,
So I tested again my model of taking somebody's claim. In this case it was a graph. They showed purported to show that the the more vitamin d you had, the better you didn't with e covered, but I people to take a look at it in my twitter feed and other doctors and scientists poured in and said bogus bogus bogus bodies so that we get that's got debunked fairly quickly is a good model. I think I'd be using a lot, we're just put it out their say comments and sure enough again debug, but that doesn't mean that vitamin d has no role it just being. The EU should be really really cautious of everything you see about everything. Literally every graph, you see, every cell statistics about vitamin d so far has big problems.
I think he also none of it is conclusive than I've that I've seen both so promising. So keep look into that. So there's a, I guess, he's Democrat who on Twitter, He says, I'm gonna data scientists guy and he s a scientist. I guess he tweets s I feel my brain rotting everytime, I talk to a Republican like, also bad, to help them understand. Madam good teacher, honestly believe everyone is redeemable, but good. Lord is like their brain scan swapped with the donkeys He is a youngest guy. I judged by his profile picture younger. She was like the thirties, maybe candle.
But I love watching somebody right before the red bill, because somebody suggested that you talk to me what would happen if you talk to me well, he's gonna he'll be choking back. The biggest red delivers life ad. I love look, I love being an observer of of this person's journey. Now he's he's is at the lowest level of awareness right now. The lowest, the level of awareness? Is there Her side is giving you the truth and the others others live. That is the low. The level of awareness and he's a scientist and in public is proclaiming himself. To be at the lowest level of awareness, because his view as the Republicans are broken brains and his side is getting it right. Now,
Can you imagine how much farther would have with this guy to Paris He has never been introduced to the next. Full of reality, which is none of its true just none of his true you're. It's just everybody's interpreting what they want, but I could get him there that. Is all there is this happening today about Bob over here really is the same. Somebody says you re thinking about the Democrats, being everything the broken brain Yes, what I don't know I hear these thinking, so I wouldn't say that I know what you're thinking, but it is true that the Republicans in the same situation, I have not watch the. U and musk interview with you talk about your Rogan, its origin,
Watch law? Listen to long form, interviews. So. He says the London brought up the fine people hoax again last night. He, though, the EU do, though, that people like that probably have never even heard the counter argument- and I think like dollar eleven. I actually think it happened. They actually believe happened because, as widespread. And justly yet you're talking about bar being the worst attorney general, who we should. We said: Psmith Surety generals that did that bring glory to the office.
Plan dynamic has been banned. Lobster waiting for the with counter argument, unplanned dynamic. He tried to blame the shooting of the of the black kid trump who did. I don't think so. Have I ever challenged lemon? Why would I challenge him? It's not like he's gonna. Have any kind of a conversation will be to see. Kim still relaxing, yet nobody seemed Kim Jong on lately. It. There will be more about that story
what's on mood, Aubrey. Well, here's fearsome thoughts, It's it's sort of a maid for television crime now get a collar crime without the benefit of the legal system having yet fully weight in because it looks more like a really bad judgment. It like so I think what happened was ever It involves the two people who were chasing Aubrey there and then all brave. For reasons that I don't quite understand decided to wrestle with a guy in China. Russell wrestle his gun away from them, and I can't think that was his best play.
So I think you had three people who were all under the wrong impression of what was going on. I think robbery probably thought these life was in danger in some senses. It was, of course,. Propriety know exactly what was going on and maybe thought it was a different situation than it was, and everybody was just mistaken. And so when I look at this thing, I hear people putting it in political frame because what we do and maybe the racist and maybe there. The symbol of what's happening in the country and its another example of racism are all that another area that it just looks like three people who were subject to confirmation, vice And actually uttered university is the two were together guns, I don't even know if they were having confirmation buys or there.
Just trying to find out, and they did it in the worst possible way, in other words, where they just trying to find out. If this was the person, I think they have some show cameras, video images of somebody trying to break into places in the area. Of course, we haven't seen that. Have we nah suggesting that the deceased was doing anything bad, I have. No, no information would suggest that, but since they feel the the people will chase the now we're doing it because he match some description of somebody would broken and homes, but I don't have. The description was based on video video women.
Toys. R us assume there was some kind of video, the capture them. So at some point we're going to see a video I'm guessing. I don't know. If there is video, I think we might see a security video of somebody breaking into homes in the area and then we can judge for herself. Does it look sufficiently like got shot and killed it close enough where you say okay, I can see how that make that mistake. You know they were just going to get a better look. They were sure, maybe they're profiling, like young black male soap videos. So you can certainly argue that the racism was part of that part of the confirmation. Bias fair to say that Europe is racism. If it's just based on a physical work, though I mean what they have done, the same thing: if the description a ban,
looks like a white hillbilly overalls overalls one day, a chaste anybody. You look like a white hillbilly in overalls if, if what they are trying to do is find a burglar, so certainly the victims race was part of the bad decision making. But I think that they would also have been susceptible to bad decision making. If had than any other color as well, including their own, because of that just what they had heard, Wally's a blog. Forty five wearing overalls. They saw blown guy forty five, wearing overalls. Would they not have chased them. Yeah, where they let him go because whose white? I don't think so. So I thank you. You gotta be a little more clever.
I was saying what it wasn't. The bias them because being biased by the physicality of someone who has been described is different than the racist. That's pretty different things is just the description. Wasn't good enough. That's racism, but these things of course turn into something else. Let me levy let me give you a hypothesis I just gonna put that out. There If you are a black citizen of the United States, let me not even pretend I can know how you feel or how you think, because we none of us know how everybody feels the things so anybody who is now you You don't really know how to think it was let's be little humble about that, but up with is the form of a question Let's say Europe and Israel
The african American. Viewers on this. I would love to get european right now, ass. You can confirm or debunk what I'm saying if you're a black say you're. A black man in the United States was making a man to keep the example symbol. I've been living in the United States. Do you That law enforcement treats you unfairly. What do you think. Typical Blackburn living in the United States is a european that the legal system trees. You unfairly, probably ass. When you say again, everybody's differently or you don't wanna make a sweeping an organisation, but I would think that's a fair generalization now, let's say you're a black man. You feel
The law enforcement has been unfair to you and you watching the news and the biggest story is that the FBI and the Department of Justice apparently just tried to frame a general in general, a white general and take down the President United States with false accusations? Theirs, something happening here that if you don't notice it could be really really big trouble just became a black man. Let us sink it. For Trump just became black. Think about it, you use it. We said that Bill Clinton was the first black president trumps number three
Trump just shares one of the biggest no experience being a black, a black America, which is that law enforcement targeted you and tried to take you out with a bogus crime if you're a black guy and he watching Trump attempted to be taken now with a bogus charge. What do you feel about that seriously? How do you feel about that. Because if that doesn't make you a little bit more empathetic about trumps situation now, let's go further. What has to be done in terms of black people in prison? He is quite noticeably and publicly worked hard to.
Free black people, who were let's say over over penalized, I don't know if any of them were literally innocent of the crime committed, but there are over penalized like Alice, Johnson, etc, than the entire prison reform movement, which is entirely entirely, but is mostly they get people into prison early, huge, them over represented our black community. So Just by a weird confluence of things, I'm not joking. I think trouble just became the third black president without you can try, because nobody is champion their side and forgotten the same treatment that I imagine they feel they get from law enforcement and that's a pretty big bonding experience. Not enough trouble ever be clever enough to
the tie, the ideas together, because you support law enforcement and he's not gonna, be anti cop. That's not going to happen! but he certainly could say in public. You know if you're black we're living in the United States. I'll tell you one thing: I understand Now imagine merging president from saying this in public. Let me tell you one thing: if you're a black man, living in the United States and you're worried about law enforcement. You unfairly, I get it. I get it there's nothing. I understand better than that law enforcement targeting you for a crime. You didn't commit, treating you unfairly, I get it How much will you love to see that. There is one of these is our sneak up on you, because when you talking about ethical, the rush of collusion thing you're. Not thinking about your race relations is just a little story, but the way
The way stories affect us, you know they they. What we do is we say, is the person on the story like me or not like me, it's just a medic. The reason we like stories, is he put yourself in the story and the story of Russia collusion? I feel if you were a black man you have to be woman to, but young men are more likely to be in the penis but if you're black man in America, in you just watched, the revelation of the President of the United States was framed for a crime. How do you not feel will empathy for that, while there in person is freeing black people from overboard. Over penalized in prisons, there's just why that doesnt effect, you will not be enough. That's a mine blowers that I could see the covers. Some of your.
Really really thinking about them? the heroes journey. Somebody says: yes, movies feature a story arc where the hero changes, so that that's what makes a good story the hero starts out as one kind of person and they ve. Yet they ve learned their heart is opened early, become better at something Digital services, job is literally a person of color because he's orange that's funny. It's an interesting but a stretch somebody says could be. Let me give you an update on one of my predictions which looks like based.
Preliminary information could be totally wrong but we know that preliminary information is often totally wrong itself. So this isn't funny, and also let me let me get out of my good mood so that I say this in the right way. It turns out that these statistics for release anecdote statistics for suicide or pre printed alarming. Now all the smart people said academic destruction. Losing your job and being socially isolated should lead, you higher suicide rates tragically and
Early indications are that there might be happening at least more reportedly, but not out of the universe. To study under that, I had predicted the opposite, which that I was going to predict that suicide would go down and I use the Cheryl the server. I theories that which is that every reduces when people think there's a new situation happening like everything. Everything that would have happened stops happening, whether was good or bad, because you're you're all just adjusting to the new situation and my theory, but the longer the lockdown goes: the law, goes, the less. The theory can hold right, So the Cheryl, the server theory, is only is only meant to be for a short time. So her I'll give you the exact theory again.
So she would say that restaurant business would go down when something changed, so if the weather became Seasonably good business will go down to sweep would want to go outside. If a rain and started the rainy that weak business will go down because people didn't want to be in the rain. So better. If it was good weather, bad weather business, I went down just because he was a change and people change their behaviour when there's some larger change, but That the Cheryl Effect where's off after a few days, which is that you know one day of nice, whether your business will go to nothing but after two weeks of good weather business goes back to. Where was people adjust, We have allowed our time Lescaut extraterrestrial, so we. And locked them so long that it does make sense that when you look, he had second third
the lock down and unemployment yeah yeah at that point. You'd have to assume that the locked down because norm As soon as being locked down starts to fear nor to feel normal and its unambiguously worse than what even the worst the previous situation wasn't, maybe people wanted to end their lives anyway. So I can see how it would go from I will remind my prediction: sellers are bad for the first few weeks suicide went down, but I'll bet by the final weeks Well, actually, by the final waste of my go down again. If people are saying lazily one more week, somewhere right around now should be the worst of it. So probably be higher than average for a while? So that's pretty dress. So it looks like by production will be wrong, but
we can learn something from from the EU the individual weeks, because I do think I still feel confident that the first week or two of the shadow will be lower suicide rates. And after that I wouldn't be surprised if they went up again. I I've homelessness, because of the China virus, I'm sorry, you know I have not seen much news about people going hungry. Have you we saw some news for while ass you like there has been a week or two Where every now and then you see the long food lines and various cities, but I the news would just keep showing more and more of them in the lines would get longer and be more cities involved. But it feels like the coverage of the food lines just sort of stopped in it.
There was that, because we have enough food and we the lines but they're getting their food, so snow, storm anymore. I Does anybody know what happened to the food lines still they're getting worse? Getting better feels, like that's some says, food lifestyle in New York City but I guess I guess how much of a new how much of a news it is depends. Whether they have enough, because you a pretty long line if there You can have a long line as much of a problem if there's enough food and in the line is moving quickly. That's a different level of tragedy than the people at the end of the line or are going to get any food. So is looking to me like we're meeting that the hunger problem right. Lester hold news handed out last night. Ok, so maybe you could be there just because it's not
new anymore, but I would think that the news would be all over that oh here it Ohio. Somebody says Mark cuban claims. Ninety six percent non compliance for Texas Business, distancing, have you noticed when we asked this question and then tell me in the comments.
Have you all noticed that there's way less away less compliance this week? Is it just my imagination? I think the the lack of compliance and starting to cover alive. I guess they mostly beaches were opened in California, but I'd predicted that if the beaches we're still closed, california- or at least in sections like oh see, is the beaches were closed on mother's day. That would be the end of the beach close things, because if you take your mom to the beach mother's day and like the beaches is full of mothers on mother's day, especially their kids, with what were the please, commissioner, because it if you'd, if you're looking at the power to say to police policemen, come to the beach. If there's one mom, while the police have an advantage, if you have
Fifteen moms over beach and there to police the police are gone. Oh please, you're, just gonna give up if you fifty miles on mother's day, not gonna get arrested, certainly not gonna get arrested, they're not gonna go. Aircraft is those. I'm sure say thanks will help officer, but we got this appreciate the advice officer we'll take care of this. Mothers are. Mothers are mothers day are as powerful as a bride on a wedding day, if you ve ever been through wedding and you ve observed the power of the bride on the wedding day, everybody will give the bride whenever they want on the wedding day. This is like a superpower. It's like that trees. In the way could somebody get out a pocket, Nathan and tragic.
Get rid of that old tree them. Suddenly, everybody be like taken other pocketknife, surprise and sobriety. Try to take down the oak tree with their partners. You're chewing like beavers so yeah I just thought it would be hilarious. If the beaches were closed on mother's day cuz, you know the mothers would have made a run for it right I don't know if you're state is different, but I can tell you California mobs they were going to the beach California moves will go to the beach if they had been closed or if they had been opened, and it would have been less because you know how would have ended there would be funny personnel or Massachusetts solution,
So he s what's telegraph Avenue in Berkeley like in the pandemic promptly exactly the same as I ever now I'll talk to you tonight, you know when.
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