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Episode 965 Scott Adams: Teaching You the User Interface for Reality and How to Author Your Life With it

2020-05-10 | 🔗

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Bump bump, bump bump bump o everybody glad you could make it today will be for some of you, the most incredible day of your life, not everyone. Some of you just get a little bit smarter. Others of you will find a transformational experience happening tonight. Yes, tonight you're going to find out the user interface for reality itself, so that you can alter your own reality. Don't believe it. Why are you here here? Your curious you're wondering? Can I do it? Well, you gonna find out. So it turns out that there are some stories that can't be told right away:
there are some things that by their nature, cannot be communicated, and there are no reasons why some stories care be told. Maybe there's a secret involved, maybe there's a violation of trust. If you were to tell the story Maybe you somebody's being modest little wanna brag, maybe there's a lack of credentials involved, somebody knows something on the right, but nobody can hear it because they lack credentials by the question of loyalty. You promised you wouldn't tell somebody you don't wanna herself You might be a complicated complicated. It might be complicated and so just too hard to explain it. This is important to know because you're gonna wonder why didn't I
well, you were the user interface for reality was before it's kind of a heck of a thing to hold out, as an reason is, I couldn't tell you before there needed to be a certain perfect situation and that perfect situation happened today today, after twenty two years, my plan came together, Today then I'll tell you about that in their plan was a Sunday. I wanted to be in a position to tell you the thing that I'll tell you today that I couldn't tell you until now
You'll see why. Let me show you my path towards figuring out the user interface is important and that you know how I got there so that you could have some trust that there's something to it and where's my path when I was a kid, I was influenced, as was my mother by the the book, the power positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peel. Most of you already know that President Trump was also influenced by appeal, in fact weirdest coincidence in the world, or is it normal? Vincent appeal was actually the Trump family pastor for the church they went to, but he was more famous. Baby author of the book there suggested that you could somehow cheese your life or maybe you are changing reality. It wasn't really clear if you could simply think positively. So this was my first introduction to
concept, the maybe reality was not fixed as something that you were a victim of, but rather you could do so. There were some mechanism, some technique, some tools you could use to get some control over your environment and your life as opposed to having control you. And that in that was my first thought that reality could be programmable in at least some simple sense. But of course I am part of a lifetime of exploration to find out. If I could find out more about program reality and that led me to learn meditation. I became a trained hypnotist, of course, Mushrooms, let you see the world in a completely different reality. And all of these things from studying all the different religions to doing affirmations, which is really just visualizing, where you want him and writing it out
and then learning persuasion. These all have the same cumulative effect, of tat. She may the reality was indeed far more subjective, then you're you're, you're led to believe. And when I say reality is subjective, I dont mean that there isn't some base reality. This real. What I mean is that we do not have access to it and other words just take religion to people with completely different religions can go into a store. They can. Shop, they can get married, have children. They don't really need to reconcile the fact that they live in different worlds. One thinks there's an after life. One thinks there's reincarnation. One thinks there's nothing: and yet we we all survive and thrive and reproduce there's nothing to suggest,
that our brains are the kind of brains they can understand reality. Instead, all the evidence suggests that we can put filters optional. And someone subjectively on our reality and the thing that we deal with the filter. We're dealing with the under lying reality, but our filter on it isn't thickness real to us and you can change those filters. So that's the important part and you can change them fairly easily and if you find a filter that predicts better and makes you happier well, that's the better filter, even if it isn't a better approximation of reality. What matters is you're happy. What matters is you're getting what you need a life. So once you accept that, there's a subjective reality you're starting to get ready.
To accept the user interface for their reality. So during this time I started to feel that I may have discovered the user interface reality and the reason that I thought that is, that my life was working hours, so well that I couldn't explain it in any ordinary way. I tried to become a cartoonist with no experience in cartooning and about this time. The nineteen ninety seven is a time are going to be talking about. I had already won the top. Awarding cartooning I'd, never without any cartooning experience, I was the hottest cartoonist in the country and at about the same time I had written my first book. It was a number one near at times runaway best seller with no extra.
In writing books, and there were a number of things that I was touching and doing. The of the licensing for Dilber did Cetera and it seemed as if I couldn't manipulate reality, but here's the thing Was I manipulating reality to get these ridiculous results or Was I simply good at my job? How can I tell How would I know if I were manipulating reality because a sort of what it felt like, but that didn't seem right right or what I just got it by job I didn't realize, oh god I was so. I performed better than expected. Maybe goody, it's possible, but I wanted to asked it and so a ninety ninety seven I I did a bald experiment. The experiment was this:
Mary publicly and annoyingly made a prediction and I chose an area in which I had no expertise, which is important, because if my good success so far had because I was just good at my job. Then one way to test, of course, that perfectly scientifically, but at least to get an indication of what is happening in the world. I thought I would try something that was just impossible. I would make the most unlikely prediction and then wait as long as it took for it to become true, and if indeed, good hit the most unlikely prediction that maybe other people would believe me when I explained to them the user interface for reality. Because this was something I couldn't communicate cause. Why would you believe me? Why would you believe me that I actually
knew where the user interface reality was. I had to do something that was so weird and so My sound experience, if I, if I got that right, you be forced to say, ok that credible, two, but at least I'm little listen to so I won't claim that I'm right, I will claim that makes me sound and credible. Love for the first time that little doorway just opened, and I can tell you something that I couldn't tell until now: here's what it was I predicted the in my lifetime this. Theory of evolution would be debunked in scientific terms, not in religious terms but in science terms you can imagine how well that went over because again, I ain't
actually chose an area in which I don't have credentials, all the people who do have credentials rushed him to destroy my career and reputation as best they could quite angrily for what they thought was giving us a comfort to the internal. Design. People and they didn't want them to have any energy, and although I was not promoting a God view or were intelligent design per se, there felt that have simply on this narrow point that if evolution I was predicting, was going to be do both in my lifetime tell you, though, obviously I'm not and should not be listened to, and you should listen to anything else. I ever say I was twenty. Two years ago, twenty three years you today
two things are true. That were true back then number one we're in the era of the Trump Administration And then the Trump administration you ve watched as my predictions about Trump, not just that you would win, which was interesting, don't look at me, yet not just that he would win, but I predicted, boldly and many times that he would change your understanding of Rio. The, and that was also necessary for you, here what I'm going to say next, if you and experienced yourself the fact that there's this guy Adam chef whose created an artificial world and sold it to half of the public in which the president was guilty of colluding with Russia
At the same time, the other half of the country knows that isn't true, you see it with your own eyes. There are two movies subjectively That are rubbing based on the same observations now, if you the seamless, with your own eyes, time after time after time during the Trump administration two completely different worlds being created in the hall and they both can survive. Even the atom chef world is the world. His world view is surviving. The fact that we have the transcripts of unknown of its true there's still doesn't change. You know that the people he convinced
are still just as convinced now in order for me to tell you the crazy stuff, I'm going to tell you next, you had to live and experience reality breaking down that way. You had to see different worlds being formed right in front of your eyes, but here's the tough part you have to be to take it up to the next level, the lower level of awareness, as that We have the right answers and those It will disagree with you will say on the other side of politics. They have the wrong answers. If that's where you are you're, not ready. And what I show you this is just gonna, make you angry and you you're just not ready, but if you can follow me, this far you're ready- and it goes like this
If you understand that neither of you have a grasp of reality, not you and not the person who disagrees with your politics. Neither if you have a grasp of reality once you understand that simply chosen filters that may or may not work well may or may not predict well, but it gets you through life. You can get through life with your filter, and that's all it is once you understand those the filters that we deal with not reality, then you're ready for the next part. So something happened today. There was a very big deal in my life because it opens the door for a bit tell you the next thing: I'm gonna tell you, and it was that there was a podcast by red, build America. I Iheartradio radio with Patrick.
Corral? She, I hope, I'm saying that right and is co host Adriana cartels. Now I tweeted this save him. You can take her. Take a good, oh you shouldn't. You should just see it while you should listen to me. I should say you should listen to this. Progress is one of the best produced written directed, performed the thing I've ever seen. I mean it is really high quality just as a production. So even if you, the Canton, didn't interest, you in Libya will is really interesting. The content is amazing. Part of its about me, which is part of the story, but it's just really well done. So, do yourself a favor and listen to it, it will be necessary, probably for you to fully get there's an export, but you can do it afterwards,
we find it here's the story, he told and I won't ruin it for you cause. You really need to get it from him. He told the story of my prediction and by the way you might be watching this right now. If he is, I better, it was amazing job the pot guest. They told the story of of he heard of my prediction about evolution being debunked, and then You brought the story into the question of the simulation now, of course, if the simulation is true, then We believe that evolution probably isn't. Does you dont need evolution? If you have the simulation we just are here, and our history is created and demand whenever we go looking for it and then it's made to be compatible, dramatically and Patrick told the story very well, founded.
Very serious people like you, love musk, who we added some clips talking about it. He hasn't cliffs of me talking about it, but that he had clips of actually credible people of yours. The fund are actual scientists. They Nick Bostra was mentioned as the the creator of it. He talked about some science fiction, things that are their farmers well and essentially, what Patrick did is told you something that I couldn't do myself, which is. I couldn't tell you that my prediction had actually came in. I've been trying too, but I feel like I had failed at it because I'm not credible about judging my own, my own protection obviously have a stake in, but once you see it from a credible source, in other words, listening to the the scientists talk combated
Well with what I've been saying and also directly saying, if the simulation is true, allusion isn't so twenty two years later, I'm not saying that you evolution is not true. I'm saying that there is now a competing theory, the serious scientists by into- and although you can't tell- which one is the true one, if we that one is maybe neither maybe they're just filters. But what do you want? You can tell us the arts and the odds are maybe a billion to one for the simulation, doesn't mean evolution can't be true. It's just that the odds billion to one against it, because the other theory is better now. Having told you that again, hearing from me should not be compelling, and that's probably what you Are you thinking? I don't know I'm buying that the simulation means of
buying that? That's why you have to use the podcast so you're the podcast, and then you will write so having nailed my twenty two year, gamble that I could make a prediction so unlikely that the best explanation is somehow I'm altering the reality now, just as a shelter again, that doesn't mean that I can actually change reality. It means that if I put that filter on it, I get good results and if you just think, you're happy but you're not. Are you happy? Yes, you are, if you think, you're after you're happy, if you thought you won't through life as ability
but you are just crazy of your word. Still good, still good cause. You happy, you thought you were your rebellion so, except here, subjective subjective life. Somebody was actually for Patrick's last name, it's Patrick career. She c o, U R, r, e l c h: e butt, just Google, if you want to find a Google red, pilled America on Iheartradio and then my name and it'll pop up at long last, the user interface for reality, somebody things you can say: hey I've heard about those, I've about them in your book, win bigly I've heard about them in your book had to failed. Almost everything still when big so a few things anyways book loser think Where are you should go? If you want a detail, and these, but let me run through them. First
Let us accept the frame, at least as a filter, that It could be a subject of reality and that you can, you can manipulate it again. You might. We be manipulating your own impression of reality, but that's good enough. If it predicts well and you to our plates you should accept the systems work better than goals. People are telling me every day that there after reading my book had to fill them something's gonna, win big, they implemented systems in their life. This is one of the biggest buttons on the interface. Life if you dont like where you are, and you want to go somewhere else, learn how to build systems for everything, from your diet, to your career, to your social life, to fitness. Everything- and that's that's in this book. If you want more details,
Tell him stacking also from the same book the idea that if you intelligently add new talents, you become not just a little bit better but exponentially better, because talents really explode your capability and your options. So this is one of the biggest buttons and the interface to reality. Now you ve seen these before a few of them, but the totality of em that I'm trying to present you seen them individually. Affirmations the idea of writing down or visualizing. Your goals seems today, so That gives you the impression that it works, and I say that very carefully. Does it work? Do affirmations change reality? I don't know, but I can tell you that when I have used them,
results. I've gotten don't seem like anything, could have been natural. I mean I, I cured an incurable voice problem. I had ridiculous stock market luck. When I use the affirmations I hear my career, as I told you crazy and it feels like it works, but unluckily hell you does again. You should see these as filters if it feels like it works, keep doing it You should know that the mating instinct is the base of pretty much all of your impulses if you haven't, learn their pretty much everything from the way you talk present yourself, hold yourself, dress, everything you do is some kind of expression of your mating instinct, whether you like it or not,. Everything you show off about everything you'd near here that you don't want to show if you have a flaw, pretty much everything you do comes back to wanting to look good in prison yourself well
for meeting purposes. Once you understand that you start to understand where the buttons are crucial, say that's, why that's happening it's an extension of the mating process. Once you see it, he care and see it. You'll see it everywhere, it's like play. Clavell will come off at the end. You'll start seeing everybody's actions as wait a minute. Why is it everything is compatible with that showing off of for mating purposes such a Here the other buttons which are mostly self explanatory, but freedom is a big thing. People will trade a lot for freedom. You can say. Would you like a bad life with freedom or a good life? Would not with no freedom than people take the bad lifeless freedom
So if you ever have a chance to create a situation where you can offer, someone were freedom, that's very powerful. That's a button and you should get as much for yourself and you can and you can use it as a tool to help other people get what they want, because they will trade. A lot for freedom and freedom can come in the form of getting money That gives you freedom, having a flexible schedule being in the right kind of social situation, of less ways to get fear is a motivator. I don't recommend using it. Unless you trying to save somebody, you could use fear to keep them from smoking cigarettes, for example, but when uses in the EU Boy curiosity is one of the most important and overlooked buttons on the human interface. You can see that authors that are good at it will make you curious at the end of a chapter so that you want to keep reading.
So. Building curiosity into things is a really really important button. You'll see that President Trump does this, often because he'll tease things that record he'll say yes well, I got an announcement on that and tomorrow you, here about that, and I think you're gonna be really impressed when you can, when you can the Stoke somebody's cure, see you can really shape what they do and you can shaping environment through curiosity, a very powerful you notice how I use this to get you to come here. Novelty is very important for memory So you want to make sure that you always inject novelty. It's. What triggers memory is your brain will get bored of the sameness, so you need to trigger memory and attention with novelty. Contrast is away.
To get people to move from where they are to where you want them to be. You just say: well it's much much less expensive than this. So contrast, as were the most important buttons use contrast often you don't wanna, be this bad. You could be over here. Petition and simplicity, our brains are just. Simple machines. The more european the more the wiring gets solidified and if you keep things simple, the brain can process it and deal with it. If it's complicated, your brain has intensity just flush. It out can't deal with it. Flush it out, and so simplicity is important. The fake, because is a form of pseudo logic. Sometimes you do
to get people moving with a fake reason that doesn't even actually passed logical standards, but people don't need logical reasons. Just look at politics. People have incredibly different opinions and many of them are smart. So if you ve got a smart people on opposite sides of basically every issue, you can see that they don't need real reasons were not a species that operates on real reasons. We just we'll take a fake reason. We'll take one we made up we'll take a gas will follow our friends once you understand that people don't need real reasons
Capriccio cuz, if you're locked in a little world at a lower level of awareness where you say well, I'm actually convinced nobody unless have a real reason. Sorry, that's not the reality and it was living. Real reasons are good. I mean if you have them use them, but we don't once you know, you don't need em and the reality can be altered. Better shape, pacing leaving. I've talked about that just matching somebody until they feel comfortable with you and then you can leave them. People can be very influenced by aspirations. This is another way to refer to the high ground. Over the high ground maneuver is, is essentially you challenged somebody to be a better version of themself sort of the Jesus methods right here, it's not tell you, you must do something or you'll die. That's fear aspiration is don't you want to be the better version of yourself. Do you wanna be the person who sees the big picture,
very, very important button association, you know that any quality of one thing rub off on the other. If you was somebody to like something parent with something else they like already so that, like ability of one thing rub off on another, but also the unlikely Billy. So, for example, if you ever tv show that say the news and you have commercials that are really unpleasant. Eventually, we unpleasantness leaves it to the show and it would be better if you associated only things that were positive, so learning to associate only with positive things, one of the most important user interface rules of reality. I accidentally package
twice forget that pattern. Recognition when she realizes humans are not logical, machines were pattern, recognition, machines and so pattern, recognition that isn't very good pattern. Recognition is what makes you a racist pattern. Recognition is what makes you would ages a sexist. Every bad, because your patterns are all you. Have you not really a logical personal reasons, everything out your brains and big enough? You would have enough time. So. Instead, you default to these little biases, which are determined by patterns of the problem, is many. Those patterns are fake. Let's say you met three Albanians and new life in every
one of them slapped you in the face with a glove the next time you never bony and you'd. Be Lego. No thank you. I know one against slap in the face with a glove. Those last real bones were pretty rough on me, but so it's real balance. The odds that your pattern is predictive, probably love. So we We fall victim to patterns, but you can also use patterns to convince people of things. If you are consistent, people say I'll. This person's always honest, so patterns are a tool, but there also our biggest defect, and you have to understand that way and then, of course understand the brain is visualization. Machine is very important because visualization is the biggest most powerful party. Brain is the part that influences you most and so One more look at the full board there, and so the idea is that these buttons,
important ones visualization. If there's one there that just stands out as being the one the EU should sort of focus on the most visualization would be a good that these are the buttons for the the user. We face. I can tell you that almost every day I get a message from suddenly read this book, which was the beginning of this. I had to hide hide what this was either practical book, because the world wasn't ready to believe the facts, don't matter and the world wasn't ready to believe that you could author, your own reality So I played a little safe and this one world wasn't ready. You want to learn about most of these things there in there and then with Bigley, because President Trump at ripped apart the nature of the union
How's, it allowed me to say now you see it right facts, don't matter now you see it that there are two separate worlds. Bubbles and we can live in our bubble and will never know the difference and then, of course, loser think tried to just well. It teach you to think better because that's always gonna be useful. You'll, be more effective than you have a better handle on the user interface reality. If you ve been thinking, argue better. So this. My lesson only to keep it on one topic. I hope this was useful. Maybe you could tell me in the comments, if you can simply out of this, this is the sort of lesson that might not change you tonight, but it's never leave you once you ve seen it. You can see it you're all change
you don't know yet, and this will become sort of that lets a framework that you now have added to your mental. And now, when you see things that should their framework, it will give stronger overtime and say you'll, see that this view of the world will take root and then every time you compare it to the old way you saw you're going to say to yourself. Why sat a coincidence, because this new way of looking at the world just feels like it predicts better, but I'll keep an eye on it. So this will give stronger and stronger overtime and maybe never never stop getting stronger. What we're getting good comments. So I think that maybe we did our job here.
And feel free to refer back to this often- and I think you ve got everything now to author, your own life, you are no longer a victim of reality. You are no longer the subject of reality. You're down author Some of you were already authors and now you're better offers, and those of you who didn't know you could be an author of your reality. While you just found out- and I will leave you on that- and you can have a terrific night tonight and the rest of your life is looking good.
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