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Episode 967 Scott Adams: I Teach You How to Reprogram Your Brain Using the Simulation Filter

2020-05-11 | 🔗

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  • Reprogramming your subjective reality
  • Whiteboard1: Simulation “Evidence”
  • Whiteboard2: What if Simulation

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody volume. This is the place you know in the morning when we do these periscopes, it's all about enjoying the beverage, but an evening is about enjoying the knowledge. That's right, the inside the the awareness that you'll be a gaming right now.
It's gonna be incredible, die or be also over the other guys. I made last night, teach you the user interface reality. If you look at the comments, you can see that it was well received just about a hundred thousand views since yesterday and its on fire and the broadcaster referred to that that same periscope is screaming up. The charts on Itunes. Well deserved, so I thought I would extend the concept since I will never well. They gonna teach you today,
a little technique for reprogramming the simulation await, did, I say, reprogramming the simulation, because when I tweeted I said reprogram, your brain is that different, Sure if you re programme, your brain, have you reprogrammed the simulation. Well, let me ask you this: have you noticed We live in a country in which there are two completely different worlds: living simultaneously and one. The president is a big orange monster, destroying everything in another he sort of a god, king or at least very entertaining. These are not the same morals, and yet we seem to be able to still reproduce still still exists. So you tell me
Those different mindsets who are experiencing entirely different realities. Is that the reality have they reprogrammed there own simulation. Well, I'm gonna. Take you on a little bit of a mind trip today. I'm first going to reinforce the concept of these simulation, Anybody you need a little bit of money more of a nudge to accept it as a useful tool. Then I'm gonna teach headings. Or is to reprogram your brain, or is it the simulation itself? Maybe we can tell so it goes like this. The simulation is not
to be a reality which replaces whatever you're prior version of reality was. It doesn't replace anything and it doesn't even need to be true, because the basic assumption is that our little human brains, dont have nearly enough processing power to know what's true anyway, that's why we can walk around in these differ movies. We each think we have a truth, but of generated by our brain? To keep us saying? That's why the Republicans and the Democrats have different little bubbles, leaders, walk round him, there's no larger truth, the seems to affect them. They stay alive. They they go, go through their lives and it seems to work that threaten different who bubbles. So the first thing you must accept is that you can live a life in which you can create a bubble.
That's better than the bubble Urim. Will that be the true bubble that be the bubble, this the right one and everybody Else- has the wrong bubble of reality, probably not probably not, because What are the odds? Are you would be the one who figured out a reality and nobody else could it seems far more likely that we live in our own, constructed somewhere subjective worlds live in one, that's pretty darn good sense. Find a way to enjoy myself just about all the time. Some people are living in a bubble and they could be in one looks like my same world, except their struggling in everything, looks like it's going the wrong direction is there a larger truth to it? All I don't know I don't know if we could ever
no, but I do know that you can reprogram you're at least you're subjective reality, and I'm gonna teach you how so don't think about the simulation as true or false, think abandoned as fun. It's a fund exercise. An alternative way to think of the world and every time you think of the world and an altar that way the still works issued. Take you to a higher level of awareness that. These so sure about your review of the world. There are so many interpretations, they can all work so just for fun I'm going to say, simulation evidence to get you a little bit closer enjoying the USA. The utility of thinking of this as a filter reality doesn't have to be true. Just have asked of utility. Something will make you happier, maybe a predicts better,
See for yourself so don't get too up and evidence. This is not like scientific evidence or a core evidence is just stuff is compatible with the idea. First of all, the basic ideas that there will always be more simulations, then, will be real universes, and that has to be true. If you look at the entire arc of tat, That may not be true at the moment, but if you do the entire arc of time. Of course, there will be more artificial worlds. Then originals does originals. Time, but as soon as somebody can make, an artificial world was thus in ten years or fifty years, though, by more than one and so there are probably be far more artificial worlds. Over the entire arc of time, You don't know where you are and that art, what are the odds the year you're at the point where there you're the first original
species. Are you not one of the billions or more of simulated realities that come after so the math is compatible www being more likely to be a simulation. Is it true that history has only then here which would suggest there some deep reality and wherever they have a notion of what that's about or is we created only when we need it when we an observation when you dig a hole. The backyard does it put the does a dinosaur bone just appear when you dig because if this is a simulation, that's the way it would work, because it would be enough processing, power, decree, if the universe and all the possibilities, so instead, They will do what I regular computer programmer would do today. Build a limited world. You wouldn't be able to get out of it
it wouldn't have as much detail as as the entire universe. We need we detail when you are observing, and so? In other words, the world would come into focus solely upon observation and there's some suggestion in physics. Maybe that's actually what's happening. So is history created on demand? Well, consider the the idea of spooky action at a distance if you ve never heard of this after this is over a Google spooky action at a distance If you separate two entangled photons, you can put them anywhere in the universe and if what is observed, it changes the state of the other instantly.
Now. We have no rules of physics. They could explain how that can happen. How good observing this photon when one part of the universe instantly, which is faster than the speed of light, because there is not enough time to transmit it by the speed of light, It actually happens instantly there. Will you observe one? The other one comes into some kind of a defined state. Now. Is that the example of creating history, because how can something happened on the other side of the universe without any time passing the only way can happen as if maybe history is somehow affected those having good example. I don't know probably that, but about that you could find him about that. You could find in physics examples where it seems. The history is being created by
at present. I think the double slid experiment might get you close to that too, but fetch me if it would hear simulator, you wouldn't be able to get the outside and look in fact. We can't the speed of light boundaries. We can't get to the edge of the universe and ever look in just the way you would make it if it was a if it were a computer program. It's a simplifies things. You don't need a big bang. You don't have to explain your how everything came from nothing because I sell software works. The software seems to come from nothing, it's just an arrangement zeros and ones on some kind of a so a lot of thorny questions of her hard to understand our to explain just sort of become easy. Well, the software was written
How do you explain this spooky action at a distance? Well, it was just something we couldn't reconcile with software, so we just made it so we just made the code say if one thing is observed, the other thing happens at the same time, sharing its never need so little sloppy. But this way software is sometimes sometimes you just have to. Paper things over: isn't it nice that there's a perfect balance of physical and everything that we happen to be the humans, who always when, of course, there's some kind of survivor. You no reason that can be The reason that we're even talking about it is because we're the winning species If we were not the winning species, we wouldn't be ever those conversation, but is very convenient very much like if you were to design it. For it was a putting your personality into it, so that you can play it like a game.
This is why you do you make sure that didn't destroy itself or you're playing so would have some kind of amazing balance and your species would be the dominant one. Does why wouldn't. And then, of course, we would not be made of anything if we simulated world we would reveal defined what were made of now. You think into yourself. We were made of its like electrons and photons and particles and corks charm. We also feel that Europe now but physicists, knows all that stuff, those elemental stuff, but here's the thing one of those things made of you. I get there you parks and loved ones and stuff like that. But what are they doing well
eventually you get. It is just a word weird salad like well its energy, but what's energy, what's energy is the movement of stuff was the stuff, so you end up getting into nonsense if you give drilling now, if you keep saying, but what's that made of you to really just a nonsense situation. So we can actually determine were made of everything which is suspiciously What a simulation would discover its like If there were made of you're worried that evolution doesnt explain everything you don't need to be. If we're a simulation, we're just software, and you don t the aliens which would certainly explain why we haven't made first contact or seen any signs of life. You can also explained this by just as. Haven't yet, but if we're a simulation, there's no
for other plans of aliens. Just there's no reason just the way, if you are playing a video game, you wouldn't create planets that you're never going to visit within the context of the game will just be a waste of time. So our any these evidence per se. Really, I wouldn't call it evidence, but it's fun. They just told told you that The simulations shelter holds up the sort of robust. That's the only their origin you have. This, you don't have to believe is true. You have to have a sense of what it is Then, once you have a sense of what it is, You said yourself well, if that's what it is Let's just say what? If what, if where a simulation. Well without imply for one thing it might imply my real the hack it you may to find a way to.
Within the rules of the simulation, get a better result now I've got a little insight for you that I learned from being famous cartoon guy. There are a lot of people who are really really successful, and just because of my weird life, I get to be a lot of them. And if you ask them privately the altar oh you that it feels as though they can they can hack the simulation now they won't users words, but they will tell you quite often that their life has suggested that taken simply make things happen. There shouldn't be possible very. Ireland, and so it seems that there are people who believe they can hack the simulation and have. I believe that as well
Otherwise. I believe that I mean it's a convenient and useful frame or filter follow here the world that makes me happy- and it also seems to be productive Now, if we're simulation, you would also expect it to be some kind of a challenge built in some kind of a game, some kind of her purpose, because Hard to imagine that nobody would build goes into trouble building simulation without putting in the mission at all and objective to it so do we know what that is, maybe good day that the purpose is to ever increase our awareness to just go up to higher levels of understanding of our central until maybe there's some kind of God like ending to the gave but worry, but imagine if you will
there were a simulation built with some kind of game rules and, as we figured out dissimulation we get do we get to advance in levels. So you can imagine that there are some things that would be introduced into the game for the purpose. Of challenging our understanding of our situation in giving us a shift in consciousness, something like a crew of ours which is comes out of nowhere. It is going to have the effect of massively changing, Human awareness that the very way we feel about our place
in the world, how we relate to each other, how we work together, how we communicate Yahoo, we trust, who we don't will be reassessing every single part of civilization, from the bridge from the ground up will be reassessing everything all of our priorities of our assumptions: the table, I'm even starting to wonder. Was it always true that we could just make money? Another like we just did now, of course, is a special case where it's almost impossible to have inflation, so maybe in the in the case, where is it possible that inflation is there's not enough demand? Maybe you can just pray
money? Did we just learn? There lived a special case. We can literally prince trillions of dollars and there's no. There is apparently no. There is no doubt side to it now, IRA does it come back and by this in the US later, I'm actually confused about this, because the stock markets acting Like there's, no there's no penalty to it, so I would just say that there are a whole bunch of things they weave assumed to be,
to that. We no longer assumed to be true lot. It has to do with it with what experts have told us, and then I think we're gonna have a big awakening about privacy and you might not like it, but I think that the the ultimate outcome that is going to be that people will not people will give up more privacy that you think they ought to recital one have that conversation, but just to say that there's gonna, be these massive consciousness shifts now. Here's the fun part. If you are software, if you are a simulation and if you can reprogram yourself, I would say that this is how it works. Your brain is a
pattern recognition machine it just automatically sees patterns, often incorrectly, but it sees patterns patterns patterns. It's not a logic. Machine can do a little bit of logic, but it's mostly a pattern machine. So stories are how you program a pattern machine, because you want to put it in storage to become the new patterns that better than whatever the other patterns were. Does your sort of operating on the software this in there? This is working on habit and pattern, introduce a story that will upgrade. Some of that will give you an example. You see this lovely mask. This was sent me by you're, who might be watching this right now. The name is a young Jacob.
And young suddenly elation out with this mass that apparently she made this all tied together in a moment and so young, me. This she said you read all my books and especially my tips on goals versus systems so that that's from this book had failed. Almost everything is still win back and upon learning these systems being better than goals, idea, which Young says, was a game changer for our business and her parenting and went onto me and Sarah. Then she suddenly and proceed on a pink version of this you're the coolest that ass actually be users. So thank you, young Jacob. Who were- and I guess you're real estate business is- is doing well case that now that was a story
This is a story that one person just just turned into good, because it is really the chance the young is either watching this live or what? in reply- and not knowing that this was coming is saying. Something along the lines of. I can't believe this is happening right now, because I read his book I use uses ideas. It changed my my business in my parenting for the better percent of this thing and now he's talking to me on the screen. Young Jacob learn the user interface for reality,
I should just dead doesn't seem like it's easy to do. Does as she did the effortlessly after learning, the very tips that I've been tell. You are useful for reprogramming reality. Now why she did she created a story. This now part of her permanent, say permanent structure of her brain now. The next time she to herself. Hey, there's a thing that there's a thing is a little bit hard. I wonder if I could do it this or I will will be part of that part of the history. The says: yeah Cosette other thing: workout, given a shot source that can happen. So she now has a little bit of any new tory of a success story. I likewise have a whole inventory of stories that collectively form what I call my personality Collectively they become my reality
so. I have a completely artificial say, subjective reality formed by the some of my life stories. You too should look to find ways that you can add stories two year, your history, because those stories directly affect the pattern. Matching of your brain and when you can match the pattern matching of your brain to a new story. It can you gotta clampdown easily and become part of your permanent code, so do some things that you know will work out, find some minor challenges. Try some things that won't hurt. You maybe be nice to somebody see how it works out. Do a kindness to somebody has, as you know who this is why young didn't you just use the technique that I actually right about my books.
Reciprocity, so she did something for me without being asked, was actually very nice is really good mask I usually do. One so was like a sort of perfect. In return. She uttered a shadow on the story, so she understood that about the way the universe works. If I do this, for somebody I get a little bit back, so go find your story find the thing you can do that can build your inventory of things that work for you, but I am afraid another one of my stories. So what am I stories that I try to keep going? My head is that I can win against all odds, and indeed, through my life, I've had just ridiculous success. How things I shouldn't winner, because I don't have any experience Eve Eve witnessed some them so
here is one of the stories adjust fits into that inventory years ago I lived at parliament, buildings and sometimes courts that attack historic events from the people live and they they somewhere randomly paradise up? Who is going to be a doubles? Mixed doubles tournament, meaning then women playing in Saint James. And I was paired with a young woman who had never played tennis. So I was in a tennis tournament and I got paired with somebody who had never him the tennis ball. Not once and that's my that's my doubles partner now I of course said to myself. I think I'm going to win this thing. She'd never played before, but here's the plaza. She was a college athlete basketball player. So she was a a
well trained, well Coast athlete in general, which meant that she had all the physical coordination. You'd ever walked all the hand. I shall hide young. She was strong enough issues athlete in so And so I said to myself working to witness. I told her where to stand out. You're ever play the net, mostly I said you're just gonna learn sickly one thing: you're just gonna go upstairs net every time and you just gotta get close enough. They have begged the ball down when it floats over if it gets to be headed, aggressive shot, because I was better than the other, the other two people on the other side and there will be a weak return and then you go and slap down to have course. You can imagine that we lost badly the fur several points because they just landed at the. What they imagined was the weaker player in there were right and the first few times,
hammered is she's, pretty predictability and but each time well used by them. Growing powers of persuasion and she was of course getting very very down on herself and negative. And I told her now I got this: we got this you're, so right, you're, almost there just make this. What adjustment you'd ninety percent there just tap down the next time. You see it and there are three more points we lose were down. The game is you'd, be your. Maybe we should just quit not even having a ball back. That's a note! We're almost there. What's this we're gonna get the next couple of points before he knew it. She'd winter point you know, maybe by lock you just have the side of the rack and followed the other side, but we got a point.
And she was recovered, its started to come in and she started to gauge or natural athletic vibe I see now we took it all the way, the finals, the first day she had ever play tennis and we were we're we're chewing our way through the year through the rankings now we will have losing the files, but we got to the files and yet was against all odds are going to contribute more ridiculous. We shouldn't have, at any rate, to even being determined, must make it to the final. So, even though we do get, the final thing was an important news, MR just a funding but It's part of my inventory of stories
that, I remind myself that I can win against incredible arts and that's the story, the seems to form for me over and over again now so he says Scott was. I have four. Oh yes, I was approximately a four hour at that point and choose approximately as you so some he says a lot of us have inventories of failure. So here's what you do. The stories that you think about the most will be the ones that influence must focus is the most important thing you can do, focus and repeat, focusing repeat so play back your success stories as much as possible and also play back future success stories. I like to literally imagine future successes and replace them in my head, a million times, and sometimes the atlas
such plays out just the way you imagine it is really freaky. So that's fine too, because their stories don't even have to me all ones and actually happen I'll. Give you the perfect example. Here is my most powerful story. I have one story, the rules,
my other stories, like every other story. That forms my personality in my subjective. Reality is the weaker version of this, and I call it the prisoner island story, and this is who this is, who I think I am not because I was necessarily born this way, but because I've programme myself to be this person and as a source of great strength and confidence- and the story goes like this again, it's a future story. It does have to be a real ones like a fantasy story. Lashly hope is not my future, but the fantasy story it goes like this is an island prisoners were all the bad people go and, of course, there are tough under other murderers and just the worst bunch of people
The reason I am I get blamed for something and I'm connected, and they drop me off on the contract island on day, one of the Convict Ireland, because I'm not as large as a lot of the other prisoners. I get beaten up mercilessly on day too, just as bad, I get beaten up almost killed a day three, either using me for a toy a day for theirs, practically, nothing left me. You come back in a year, I'm in charge of the island every one of them, that's my story, because it doesn't matter how much bad this happens the first week. Because I didn't go to the island for a week, I went there,
the rule, the island. First, we didn't go well second week, I'm going to find a way by the third week. People are going to start drop by the fourth weaken the fifth weak people are going to start saying. Maybe we should be your side if you come back in a year, I'm running the island. That's my story. Now, of course, I'll never be dropped off the prisoner island, but I take their story with me as my core identity, because every situation you put me in, I just got dropped off at the island like yeah. I know today might be bad guess what best years can be for you. So that's my story find a story like that works. Few doesn't have to be real, could be one of those if it's
Available with your personality, that's best lemon fits me. I don't know why, but go build up your story inventory. That is how you programme yourself. That is your tip for today I hope is useful and I will see you in the morning.
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