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Episode 968 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Sip Now

2020-05-11 | 🔗

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  • Joel Osteen says God is updating his software
  • Politico says it’s Kamala Harris for VP
  • Joe Lockhart pushes “Fine People Hoax” as #ObamaGate trends

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Bump, bump bump and simple bumbling simple, but bumper everybody, but it here it's time for well you'd want to Africa. He was got out prettier. My notes here, a little too late Yes, I did a little thing called Lebanon To do that. Here, late again, overslept, So I know what you'd like: did you probably this morning, you'd, like probably lighted we need on the simultaneous cept and all it takes- is a couple of under a glass attacker challengers, Diana Candy, jogger, flask of vessel of any kind syllable, you favorite liquid, alchemy. Enjoyed me now, if the until a later, the dope measure the dancing
something better, including the Pierre DE on pandemic. Damn pandemic join me now. So periscope has this minor bug in it that, if you, There is a certain kind of headset. Where are you couldn't talk and listen? You have to remember to hinder button before you alive, or else you can talk. People, so I had read it and that's all I was good morning good morning we grab my notes, don't go anywhere well today the news looks like so repeat news: Let me do let me do the news for today, but I can also do the news for every day for the next three weeks. Are you ready? Here is the news: every day
next, three weeks theirs- doctors improbable laugh or doing a study on a new potential Koran virus treatment called problem of love. They have signed up people, but it's not completely a good study because they don't have a go. Control group Obama, mobile Block, so we're waiting on that Tuesday. The news will be some doctors, Brahma bother tussocks above a bother getting some people bubble by way of a workable. Oh, but I ll believe any Leah. Any the news about tat same order you, I really doubt everything they say about this. They try. This they got. A very good result is not quayside. Second, you know it's only eighty people, but it looks good feeling that none of its real at this point just feels like none of its real.
Certainly by now, if I drugs a clerk win, was a big deal. We'd know by now right will you agree We all agree with the statement that, if I clerk Wade was a magic bill. As opposed to just being a little bit useful, which I think is worse, can add up we'd not by now The same with most of the drugs of he's a joiner. Testing were really just knock the crap out of this virus. We know by now Kate, you about one abominate. You know: trending Obama, Hashtag first started trending as exactly I didn't even know exactly what it was, but I guess I just referred to the lucky. The origins of the Russia collusion hoax and we know, Now that Barack Obama, apparently at least Lou, that we, the wiretap understand
it happened, but we don't know what else he knew. What else did he know so I was looking at the twenty hashtag and there was a tweet to just a few. There's a tweet where I showed the hashtag at two point: six million, which If you don't follow the hashtags, that's a lot Typically, a trending hashtag could have like six thousand tweezer, sixty thousand livres, really big one. That would be a really big hashtags. Sixty thousand people retreat to get a bomb again had a two point, six million, but here's was interesting just minutes after at two point, six million It had two point: one million uttered the difference between how they have they count the ash tags at different times, maybe a lack or something better
I heard of it when doubter up ices, whether people complaining that it went out, but I'm not sure they saw it correctly. Not sure I saw correctly either so the weirdest thing happened last night have you had the same weird experience and I want to see how of you experience the first, You had to have joint be last night when I was talking about for the second time that the simulation and besides my little periscope entirely on the topic of the simulation matter. Program, you're you're reality with stories. And I'm done with that and I'm gonna winding down for the night, and I turn on Fox News- never ending up a special about organic. Ass ever gets through some time left over, in which they stuck in an extended. I guess a paid must win appeared thing. From Joel, asked in now
the collegial would be in front of the church, packed full of people giving them his inspirational message. But the krona, viruses, Dempsey, church and he was just giving his act hears the part blew my mind. It's Joel. Last year I had the way he decided to talk about the crowd of virus. Our current situation is a God was updating software. Can you believe that we use the use the phrase repeatedly throughout his presentation? He talked about the crowd of airspace, the thought of as a reboot and God. Sometimes it's up to you, the software and they. Updating software. That's what the corona virus situation is gives us all do you take a pause stepped back and that one go back, we will effectively have rebooted civilization, allow with our understanding of our place, it is
Exactly what I say like half an hour before, except I'd left out the the Christianity form, That's the beauty of the simulation is that it works overlay on any religion, you can put it on reincarnation works for them. Your programme, the Islam, any religion, you're still works. So what were the odds that I would give a whole forty five minutes of presentation about the universe being a simulation later, software eternal you re inside one of the most famous Christian preachers, saying exactly the same thing now of promoting his view or or him rising like that. No love people like him is he is it as a good job of keeping people were was it was a motivated and feel good about themselves, and if he makes money from that, I'm ok with that. I don't think anything about that is
two sketchy reciting, I've heard so few know something, but that was just weird I hears update on what could be my best prediction ever now. I do think that my prediction about Lucian made twenty two years ago, pretty darn good, but never gonna get attention for that. One, because people are still Other people are illegal change, your mind about where things are there, so I ll never get it I'll, never get credit for that protection for righty reasons, but this one Harris being the vice presidential pick and then being considered at the top of the ticket skilling close closer, so Joel Pollack noted in his tweet, the politico is speaking about Harris as the year, the like they want. So politico is already talking about. Her is pretty much the one.
You know they don't go right out and say it, but that they talk about the activity in the Democratic Party in who likes what. Who is talking about what it is starting to sound like a consensus is pretty solid round around TAT, Harris right now, the talk about Elizabeth Orang being a strong second, and I think to myself. I don't see it if the second place place. Choice is literally impossible in my view, Let me tell you this: if Elizabeth worn is picked for the vice presidential spot,. I don't know anything about anything that would be to me. That would be that we just blow my whole world. Because I would just say I don't understand anything I've watched for the past year, if that happens,
because what I watched was worn, big. Basically, a death sentence for the Democratic party. Is they add to that the ticket? What the heck with David Baby thinking, unless you're playing for a draft back next year, but I don't think the work that way. So when your second choice is just ridiculous, Does that kind to tell you they settled other first choice already, because you would have a little better. Looking second choice right, obviously worn is super capable yeah. I'm not I'm not talking about that, but in terms of her shift and whether she can win all that, it's just us and obvious losing proposition all right. Yeah, so if that comes in and they will be my final protection but will see the damage,
pundit, do you have a year. They have a nomination for the dumbest political ponder working today. What is it? I want to see your opinions now when you They dumbest or when I say dumbest, I dont mean that they lie the most because Europe probably gonna, to say earlier that Jim Acosta he's the dumbest. What without a lot of people watching this would say that but I don't have any evidence that the other you have evidence that the visa policy a member of one side, but you don't know what he really fix. Because a lot of a people in the public say ridiculous things, but you say- well little believe him, that's just their job. Your upon You say ridiculous things about the other side, You say your site is magical. Awesome. So you don't really know that their dove you just another they ve taken aside, but there is one point
that I got to say no matter what he's talking all he register's stupid, Otis gimme? Some of your guess about a hundred Register's is actually just stupid. Not just disagreed with you. I ran away to see your answers. My nomination is Joe Locker Joe Locker even looks like the dumbest guy on TV does I don't going to be laughing cuz, I'm looking at your choices, I would say Rachel Matter now. You could disagree with everything. Rachel Matter says how in the world you say, she's, Dub, she's, brilliant you can is everything she says: bushes, brilliant. There's no question about that. Yeah? Well, you know what I'm saying: names like to solicit J, Reuben Spelter I'll. They carry enamored up, not even a little bit
I think the lemon stop now that they're, the ones crystallized add up there, all the ones that I would put the category of their just on the side. But you compare you compare the names that you have just said to Joe Locker I think it's a different category. So yours, Sir John Joe Locker, is writing today in supersede- and I come he's wondering why no newspapers have called for the removal of president Trump. As you said yourself, what what even talking about yeah that's right Jill Accords wondering why no newspapers have called like the boards of newspapers. They get together, they say this is. This is the opinion of our newspaper because he knows that when Nixon was in trouble for Watergate that there were lots of newspapers that called for dixons.
Removal and anything how come. There's no newspaper do never trump, because after all, Trump was guilty of calling those Neonazis, fine people and Charlottesville, and I'm just saying what what are you kidding me? First of all that didn't happen. Does he really think that? its most debunked hawks and all of her is literally, is literally the most debunk coax. If you count the number of clicks Steve. Cortez got over six million clicks on his debunking video, I probably gun. If you added up all of the retreat I've gotten debunking that several million bright bars, run a several stories. Yo Joel Pollux run number stories, debunk yet how many heads till I get so just tens of millions, probably of heads debunking,
and he writes for sea, and then, of course, I know there are in fact Schekem even on their own. It is our opinion, peace, a little fat jacket and he's wondering now. At the same time, they use wondering why isn't wire why President Trump is not being asked to be removed from office. What's the biggest hashtag in the country at the same time same time, biggest hashtag is Obama, gate. Literally, accusing Obama of something worse than Watergate, because Obama Gate is way worse than Watergate. It's not even close Watergate was sort of an ordinary little crime that probably didn't have that big of a difference in the end result of anything but.
Obama. Gate was literally a coup adapt. These things are not even close lizards. Not in the same house, but not the same zip code. You ever gonna say simply was worse than the Watergate Obama. Gate is a thousand times worse. A wall. That's happening right now, exactly right now, not even in the same month, but the same day. That's happening Joe Locker, discolour, saying the President Trump should be removed from office and that were enemies puzzled, as newspapers are calling for it. Are you kidding me today of all days? This would be the data to strangers with culture, trumped library removed after he's been basically cleared of all Russia collusion. That's when you want to remove them from office. After he's been cleared of all charges, and you know that the other side was running a coup,
the craziest dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life, it's very how to react to its almost just entertaining, that's what it feels like. I said what every questions that were asked me: I did oversleep. Let's day the news is boring today. It's all just repeat news, saw repeat news: What? If I told you, people who don't agree with your view, evidence or not, will avoid your content, Dont agreement with me will avoid boycotted. Well, that's outworks. Yeah some is budgeting, done lemon a lot as being the dumbest pundit first. Well, I will tell him, may also not upon it, but I don't. I have no reason to leave the dire lemon is down what we see is taking a team side, but we have done this
it is pretty high level jazzy does well. I doubt he's done sink, sank, Eiger. How do you say thanks last name eager. I know they used up either I don't see anything. There was just any. These people are Dub Mika makers. That job are you kidding me. Did you see her reign of you with Biden was was very sharp. I thought. Ok well enough, that does anybody have any questions that you would like to ask me because I feel as if the the news is had exhort of Iraq. They just just feels at the news. This could be the same. Every day for a while, we shouldn't have open up. Look at the number of deaths is worse than the flu here's your desk out, I just realized, go the same thing for awhile.
Let's see who we ve got questions from. I think flip, flip Lucy, if you have a question, slept you have a question for me: people, you, Thinkin binaries, because if as either all or nothing it's, we want I did I or any act and I got any: can we have a conversation with the average person as it so polarized yeah? Well, I do find that just pointing out what you just pointed out usually works in person. So if you actually having a real conversation with somebody who said he in a binary the behind ground maneuver, as I call it is to take the adult position, because if you say to him well, you know it's not either either or could be somewhere in between could be a little little bit of this Most people will agree with you that, somewhere in between
it will immediately go to the adult position because it's embarrassing to stay at the kid stable when you ve already moved the adult table. Something as adult as well, it's not as clean as this or that others. Not a grey area in the middle. Almost everybody in person will come with you, but if you talk, on twitter? You don't have the back and forth, and so they could just sort of keeps her weird position, because it so I would even bother on twitter, but but in real life in just pointed out that come with Yucas, nobody stays it kids table when you're sitting right next to them at the adult table. Talking like an adult they just after they just have to join. You are also just feel like the child. In the conversation that works every time something celebration, I thank you. Rarely do have advice, that is, that clean and the usual aright,
sash, I don't know this is a name or a level or even if this will work, as looks like we're not lacking, looks like that. Or a strike, someone else I think people get stage fright when I select them. Let's take the Sandra Cassandra Cassandra are you there? I do. You have a question for the expenditure has been so long since we talks. I was wondering you said a lot about like tell bird and kind of like those in your top and stuff like that, and I'm wondering are you going to general is their other ways that you know that we can promote you in you know: builders, better law you're the best. Yes, yes, on the back and another,
I've, I've gotten the cats on the roof letter from mice, indication that money has a cousin roof is reference to warning letters. Your big trouble ahead at the moment. The cats on the roof, but it's all good. So yes, by the end of the year, I would not be surprised if I'm not a cartoonist anymore, because I'm just won't be Deuce papers and there may not be enough advertising that even didn't online stuff works, so Of course, I'm not gonna be the guy's complaining because we live in a world where I'm still, I'm still in better shape them just about everybody. So I'm not bet you that I'm just gonna tell you what it is, because I think it is good that we all know why everybody situation is thus rather than complaining about it. I'm one of certain events not by granting, does picky labourer, I'm sorry what like magazine
Do any of those will they think you? I will now because magazine role going out of business to not really the customers so years use you use without what I'm doing a moving to a ban on advertising based So some of my some of my material will be on locals local stock hops. I've already, the sources of supply subscriber site secrecy- everything we could see here will also be there conveniently, but as a bunch features that you it will have heard some material that you all of your soul, be putting special micro lessons there things are, you won't get anywhere else, so the people who find the most value can simply pay a small amount subscription and they can get it and those who don't care we'll go out something else. So I'm kind of drawn to these subscription process, partly because its optional, you know nobody has to do it and partly because I morgan
to build a situation where somebody says? Oh, I got a value so I'll give you some some money, that's equal to their value, What is most comfortable there ever the wool advertising thing feels like I'm giving some LISA, for free, but then there penalized by watching commercial they didn't want Awad Missis is now. Ideal. I, like you, know here's a dollar, here's a dollars worth of value. We both when everybody goes home, so I have great hopes then, and so far the subscription servers. So you could find it at locals where the NASA Local stuck up. It just search for my name so far as working well, people are signing up. I didn't know that would go, but it's gone great. So anybody who wants to support be going forward. That would be my preferred way to do it that way, you get something for your money that the patriarch stuff. I tried it at just feel right.
Like people? Don't eighty money I'd rather than as a subscription, they get something. But thank you for the question. That's pretty curbing gear. All right, let's see what Let's see what Joe has to say. Joe come to us. Let's technology work this technology was not working. Let's try LOL. This alone, why some people of doubt connect when I try to connect them? An author quitting up looks George could hear me. I do you have a question regional? I do not. My name is low at, but I wanted to, we were a little boy. Why did you change your name to Lowell?
Well, I just want to do. I've got the you're amazing manner. Listen to everyday, and you kind, my Britain life, and I don't know- I just tell you, I love you, While I appreciate that tell it, they would help me to tell me what would be. Could you point something out in particular that change the way you think that was I was yeah. I have any particular concept that you thought was especially powerful. I guess it's kind of hard to put together since you ask me, but I read your books: and it's been like a journey- the last year have been all doing like my life- had got so much better hasn't get out. I'm thirty, seven, thirty, seven. Yet my stuff, I do seems to work. Every age, but that the younger you are the more people find that they have more years due to practise. What
learn. So they get a little more value and got well. I'm sure, glad for the gall and thank you things were taken. My comment, I gotta go. We all know are you on their little life. If I have a question for me little yes, a virus is going to need all and now they see.
Well, what do you think we're gonna, I think mostly revert back to normal anytime. Does any kind of a shock to the country people go out by guns by think is mostly the people already have guns, I feel like people were just getting Extra guns. I doubt there were to bury Democrats who were God who said to themselves. You know it's gotta, be over the edge now now I'm gonna get it got there had to be so, but I doubt that any kind of long term shift to that that sort of stuff- so probably just go back to normal. I have to I have to admit I always have the same seamen, Action to us any trouble, I better get the gun store, but I'm in California by you gotta such pain in the ass. The I think twice I am here. The question was about where the people would buy.
Our guns, because the growth of irish stuff they already have, but I don't think it'll, be a major change in society after that The audience Goodyear allow us I'm gonna disconnect, but thank you for the call was Where is? I was looking for somebody in Portugal I just saw sign on, but would go with Norman Norman Norman you there. You have a question. I did in joy, you're interface for reality or the interface for life. I'm still thinking about it. I'm hoping it's a lot more than just you know the power of positive thinking, which you know something
can be hard to force yourself to do. I also enjoy your. I actually subscribed locals dusty here. Your thoughts on micro, finance and another keep some of those in mind. Older than law and I did have a question- I thought the most important question you could ask regarding the pundits it or not. That shark is whose predictions have proven wrong. Well. You know at the left that it's almost day so like a million way ties, because I think that people in the left, if you subtract, Michael more, who was close to being right, a trump once you subtract him is, or even one person he would say on the left, who had anything like a good track record, who'd, you suggest, as even in the running for their after Michael Bore.
It's unbelievable. How wrong we ve been over and over and over and over again That would you say, weighty. The dvd do consider yourself part of the left either what I am by the left. I am, but I say we I mean everybody, because I don't think anybody got it. Right, I'm a well! Well, nobody! I like it for you. Ok, ok, you're, like a black fine, maybe we'll say if I get the. If I get the calmly Harris Prediction right, will you admit that it wasn't the blacks one? In other words here I know I don't know it was a black. What is it you're, a black box on ok here that sort of consistently high level this? Why people? Finally so fast ass, the wind avow, finds you so fascinating, because you look at things from a different way.
Actually words here. I was thinking about this when I was learning to play jobs, and this will make sense of the minute as watches and Dave Growl course famous musician. This letter is: let s talk about learning, drums and, and also the German, the trauma that he hired we'll talk about it I am amazed at how many professional musicians learn to play the instrument. Without taking lesson now. Some it is they who smart, how some natural talent, but I think that some of the magic when people say how come nobody drums away. Dave drawled us considered by many the best rock revolt and you see him, do it just doesn't. Do it the same way as other people and that, like likewise other great drummers, they simply don't do it the same way if they ve got the wrong thing and I think a leather.
Do not take you essence, and not only through the greek side, the guitar laying down here I mean just the people who are self taught. They end up looking like more of a better product if it works out my case, a terrible artist, who tried to become a cartoonist now, because I didn't go through our school and I was a sort of working out my on trying to figure out what can marker pens worked on the paper, and I mean just all of it. I just had to work out on my own and I think that there's there's something to that. That makes it look, Special when you're done, because you could see it came out of one person's mind when you look art. You can tell the difference between the committee art and a one person creation. Really is striking Emil. You know if a committee painted a painting did you just say all the parts look about or no it doesn't hold together. For some reason, doesnt, don't touch me,
she suddenly made by one crazy? You know that for some of the wall, Hey. That's that's! That's! Tomorrow, There are no, how you'd make that if you tried the goblet, and so I wonder that about how I got here not going through any normal path to be person talking about politics through some benefits to work it out yourself. It makes you an original one got there because you didn't learn at right. So there's something about not learning a right that I find very appealing and it works for me, but maybe not for everybody back. If you can persist in here folly, you'll be a g, yes, everything you I'll, give you the simple version of this. I wrote it at once. The best way to be a creative person is too tredick copy somebody else you like in that field, but do a better job of it. Because other people won't recognize copied does not very good at it. Exactly what I did so I tried to call
Gary Larceny ART and I tried to copy some art from be mad magazine and some other people, and I will try to do it the way they did it as as best I could, but if I would draw character trying to make The way Gary Larsson were dropped, it wouldn't come out right and it would look like my own character there was still ok because it looks original so doing a bad job copying other artists, monsieur Le Creed.
So that's easy way to get a taste of passion. Thank you right. Let's try him see have come as a question for me. Can you have question free your current and thought about whether the virus was released from their were alarm versus not well? What do you say released? I mean I've seen em possible possibilities. There was an enormous accidental release. He idolators it there's no chance in my mind, there's no chance. I did I intentionally such question at night. I was actually wondering if you ve delved into whether it was
Julia Currie him from the wet market offers will definitely category things will never know for sure. But I thought if I d better I'd, put her I'd, say: eighty percent. She has a came from the lab twenty percent chance of getting from all other means put together some eighty percent chance? That's what it feels like to be but in a world world just flying in the dark here you say that There is such an obvious way. I could come from a lab and we know it was there and we don't know that there was ever anything like that in the web market. The bats is leading that way. So eighty percent-
the soldier. I'm with you are not a right where we have time for one more quickly. Often, ok, I'm the unusual animal of being a conservative who loves Ilan Musk and I've noticed that he has now become. You know, Redfield, let's say about governmental fascism, and I wonder if he would disrupt the next industry to disrupt would be a news using satellites. His satellites said he. I ve never seen any indication that you love was sure to be interested in the news. Business does not true. He has called for something called prompter, which is a website that will
check out the truth ass. He has spent your toys that but the does more effective action on the news as well as opposed to pick up the deuce gathered up. He hasn't interest than that, but it does seem to me that you can you can't be a proper billionaire without controlling some part of the news I think just basis, and also Carlos ends with the directives that they sort of set the standard. But if you're gonna be this wretch, be nice to have your own news organization exactly and fast. It has lost its way. So I think we have done well as as Fox losses way or are they trying to show a little bit more diversity of opinion. I dont know because it gives you could see bulls. This is not like any nobody's Diana. Do what to say nobody stalling talker, what to say and misery see
as a fox losses way if their biggest stolen is doing whatever the hell they want. Just like always been. I do think you're not there, but my my opinion from the outside is the guys like Tucker Inanity, Laura, grab the other, the big opinion voices. I don't think anybody telling him what to say. I think their bosses who tell him maybe, but I be surprised at the big stuff anyway, so either the fact that you see more more diversity of opinion. I'm sure that's bad, because I can see why some of the audience was they are getting there, but you know, I think, about the biggest problem of CNN viewers, as they literally don't hear the news. Imagine consuming what you think. News all day and then he didn't Galilee because that the left us
joke right when I found the right finally lost its way. I dont think I think I do press present the other side better than CNN ever tried to sell their. Is that, but in that's what I'm looking for something that would be, in the middle- and this way you I saw, there's a really good at the on going to put you to those can eventually this as if I can quickly find it was a ground, something. Maybe somebody to remind me before. I find it quite quickly because I know exactly where I'm looking the is called the summer Jeff Tulkington. He noticed this is called the ground news so ground. Let the ground your standing on news, snap added it takes all the different new sites.
Puts them at their left right issues and finds out where they are blind spots sounds like the the idea that Ellen was going for a sort of way too knows getting to you straight and comparisons. All the others feel like there's laugh is trying to do that. I haven't looked at it closely, but Jeff Jeff took it up, I had few years oppressed by its up given look. I sent a lotta people your way and I'm shot out to Tom Tenant, like you think. There's somebody I'm looking for here. If I can find it,
He's asked to join. It keeps the spirit I was try address. Andrei say their address. Are you there were high the unquestionably? Ah yes, as against a country where I live, we have often are people who are losing aids that the governmental, our basically on the knockdown, comes close to the Nazi power Grab and nineteen thirty three and them, but apparently there seeing an elephant in the room that the rest of the people are not seeing, I'm just wondering what's a good, what's a good way to convince somebody that elucidating so well, convincing somebody that their hallucinating is almost impossible, because
They see it with their own eyes. They feel it. You can't talk somebody else, but here's here is the best thing you could do. The best thing you could do is get them to arrive at it through questions so rather than say, you're wrong, you're, saying you're wrong people just harden in there. Their opinion. You should say something like us, really looks like you think that the german situations, like the beginning, a very simple not Nazi locked out in this area, then you say how different or things in Germany compared to all the other countries were dealing with the same thing or the other. Treating it differently, and then your friends as well. Haven't looked at other countries is that well seems to me if you dead, there were there all doing. The same thing seems like every country is close to exactly the same thing I'm wondering why only in Germany, it looks at the beginning of a Nazi take over, but in every other, countries such as now you name it did not
but he also realise that every country is having the same conversation right, so I would broaden it away from Germany so that they can see that Situation is essentially identical to most of the other industrialized countries, and you say: If it's happening everywhere, I know, is the whole country nazi. I don't think so, although Ola, probably not that's the best you can do is just point out that is everywhere station worry about it specifically. That's that's, not gonna talk anybody out of it, but it might make him a little bit because it that's a sort of thing they have to talk themselves on it. Just want to ask the questions. Let them deal with the new, the new expansion of their thinking maybe they go away and back better, but mostly You're not gonna, be able to change minds all that stuff.
Only only a events themselves can change it, which means we get past us things go back to normal, but they sequestered be before you go to correct me if I'm wrong, but I get disconnected from follow you and then I recall you know what I what I meant. Basically following back, you never followed me before hopefully that I never. I never followed you before. No mother knows unto me: ok, I've interact with so many times. I thought I had some. I follow you now, but then you you're you're one of my best favorite twitter personalities, because one of the great things
being in my position yet young closing in on half a billion followers. Is it attracts some people who are just unusually good commenting on stuff and and you're one of that, my you're, my my top two or three, I think, and so it makes what I do so much more valuable. This is also something crazy. People actually know how to analyze things sorted. No have a look at the world Commissioner, the comments as a yes or no urge is thought of this and I started bad ideas and then the carpenters such as yourself, you deftly one of the best just carver down into something real is, is kind of a wonderful thing. So thank you for that That's so weird interface, I read
Like the interface said, Eric go get some unusual things happen my screen. Let's try Julie Julie, drew literally hello technology or Julie, can hear me to have a question I can. I always wondering what you're take is universities opening in the fall? Europe The early on saying what the other universities are doing and when closed early. You said the other universities would and they did so, you twenty year old, were eager to leave my house and get back to their lives at school there are other schools they are twenty years old are almost twenty and there you go to the University of Connecticut. I think you'll do probably a pretty big difference in terms of when things up
based on the school and what resources they have and in all that. But I do think that whatever is going in the same thing, if some of them reopen most of them will, when I dont know. They're gonna wait to see if the experience as bad as the other ones. I doubt it. I think you're just gonna have to l a pure desperation and self defense. I think they can after open, because the biggest risk to colleges is that people find out they can do without for a year. When that one of have all said recently, is it we go a year. What was say this next coming here becomes more remote learning let's say the students don't go to school, they stay all, but do a year of school, whether revolt, learning and at what? What are they gonna pay for that they have to pay the same as they would if they were there in person, you're, not counting the Reul report part.
And what happens at the end if they get just as good education, but they did a remotely? How is the college going to justify charging the same amount next year? What exactly exactly because, especially with the engineering, you really need the lab work in Vienna on it. You can't just leave Really computer very well, although I think, that's just because we're not good at it, yet I would argue that we will reach a point where learning about the computer will be so much better Emil. You you'll be old. Ever your Threed eve you you'll be on you. Computer and what you're doing engineering I should build a retail and touch objects that exist and put them together. So,
What you're, actually manipulating a virtual space was virtual objects than the unlike stuff or be way better than in person. But I am, I suppose, you think in college is gonna, be chestnut mess, I'm so glad of them having to deal with that Joe, it looks like he came back Joe Joe Joe Joe. The question Mr Scott, yes, you have a question. Yes, I really enjoy your eyes. You do, but I have to know what this is going coup. Is someone gonna get per block? I do see somebody high level punish
Well, the problem is that the people at the high level are smart enough to but not leave any. Let's say you bloody gloves had seen. So what I would expect is gonna come down to something like well. I do the president wanted me to do this, but it is a sad or he didn't say it, but it was obvious that this would be a good thing and I, like it or clapper, didn, directly tell us to do this, but we attributed this as part of our job, so you get this weird, you not direct evidence of the assumed that there was any kind of a ringleader or ringleaders, I don't think there's gonna be direct evidence for them to be involved as they get will be at most a verbal conversation that could be interpreted two ways I'll think, Elsie anybody at a Breton, clapper or Obama level doing a purple.
That's not all I get that will maybe call me he seems like a natural fall guy from a simulation perspective, the heat ass. He does Toby saves learning. It feels like. If you wrote this is a movie copy. Would you go down? I feel this The way that I don't know? Why? Exactly why? that was the point I wanted to make us. He has made even sounds like Tommy yards. Perfect comic money, the others there's something there's something you don't call me that makes them she Blake to the actual. I bet against it because you everything they call me he's done indicates that he's smart enough to know how the system works me. Doesn't your so come is another one. You you could say if we want to say about him, if you like, if you don't like it, but you can't say is not smart right: obviously Argyle smart.
There are covered smart without air cover to you, not any well again the bosses love. You have to be that Smart Ashur Natsir pal yeah yeah. I got I just love what you ve been talking about lately in terms of the simulations that I found it, my own life You ve been really insightful validated a lot of things. I said I president Trump would win the moment. I saw him come down the stairs everyone. Before I was saying I never relented once Have you seen Hillary Clinton? Have you seen? The sky was even a fan closer to San, your bullshit detector. That is the really resonated and your island stuff our island. I was on prisoner island. I know what you're talking about ok kid, but they are led by their estates picture signal. More would you want?
can't we who really really wants to talk to me badly off everybody does will finance Leon. Are you connected? I watch requests lab where it's about that conduct island thing you brought up last night, periscope, ok, yeah, and when I was hearing you say that I thought to myself. I think I have one of those stories real or not right, but I'm just wondering if it were, if it's a little off and I'm
sure, if I should be using it as a story, so I wanted to tell you what we'll shoot you you could do it? We have to make a quick version. Yes, absolutely I'm finds always involve the plane crash, I'm always in it with her, I'm actually on a plane or just thinking about a walking around and I'm I'm always. I always survive no matter. The scenario go into a sight of a mountain learning to them and when the planes going down, I'm helping people like I'm really that I'm thinking it's ok, the went on Right there are always survive nomadic scenario, while the levels of those are really a healthy and productive view. Unless it keeps you Elizabethan do dangerous things, you don't do dangerous extreme sports. Do you know not enough? Now, then, like the gazelles like just day, really healthy mindset. It's not really going to impinge on your real world. Yoke is parliament change anything you do in the real world.
In keeping with our past months, I like it now the only improvement I would offer on that. To the extent that you come up with new stories is one that had more about your own efforts being what keeps uses surrender Emma Jane. I love Macgyver type things in my head. You know that I have I get off the side of the mountain. You know when it's full of snow and I'm in a wearing, you know shorts and a teacher sounds he can. You mean are Yo Yo. So, sir, if you can keep your little le imaginary story, where you're the hero through your own good work- and let's say you good work- is something you can actually do Europe southerner humanly. You could you may be a stretch but as humanly possible. I like, where you go to that. Ok I'll, keep back rewriting the story, I think like you, so for those of you who didn't get the context there.
Last night, I was talking about having stories of your life just briefly one of my stories. That's not a real story, but one that I keep us like operating system for the rest of my software. My head is: is the signal gives me tuned to willing. If you will my story is that imagine I'm dropped onto the island of convicts we prisoners on asylum, I'm dropped off from the helicopter and that they want they be up data. They bebe up day three. They bebe up day seven, the baby up, I'm dislike yelled, views that and turned into like your human human whatever, but if Back at a year, I'm in charge of the island and I've killed everybody you touch me, So that's the story that I keep because you can beat me up for a week or two or a month. But one I'm done.
I ever get a little bit attraction if you ever turn your back. If I get the slightest advantage I'm gonna run your damn island and I've gotta kill every one of you and you can bet on it. So, let's vessel software, I keep my head that I applied every situation. She covered two situations and they want is often not so good and data. Offered us a good two and three weeks. There is not so good, but I'm gonna run the island, so it doesn't matter what the actual situation is. I told myself yeah getting beat up the first week as just part of the job. I'm gonna run silent, so doesn't have to be true. It just has to be a story. Rather you had the you. U let influence your general demeanour
So it's how you programme your personality, use with stories, as were story creatures says we must never doubt the power of cocoanut and cooking pies. Well, I don't know that means, but I've never doubted I guess that's the island. May we know your island to take over plan roughly speaking. Yes, yes I'll tell you, I will be able to influence people wanted to tie
To think that working with me was better than not so I would convince people wanted a time the being on. My side was the best play until I had enough of them and then run the out baby. One want one on one thing: you have to convince them individually. That is all Ben says in the comments. I'm Scots prison Lover in my dream. What you need to upgrade your movies to as the worst possible as pretty fun, as I get for now I'll talk to you tonight, you nowhere.
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