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Episode 972 Scott Adams: Coffee and Cursing Over School Reopening Delays, Red Pill You on Obamagate

2020-05-13 | 🔗

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  • Dr. Rand Paul versus Dr. Fauci
  • Crossover point: lockdown deaths vs. coronavirus deaths
  • Coronavirus Whiteboard1: Managing With Data
  • Coronavirus Whiteboard2: Leadership By Data
  • Red pilling you on Obamagate

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody in its day for coffee was got atoms today, with extra cursing some people like sugar in the coffee, some people like cream like extra cursing not every day, but sometimes there are just no other words. They can get the job done we'll get to that moment, but first was to the important things it starts with little thing: coal, The simultaneous, whereas everybody this morning, the crowds can light somebody sleepy Well, here's what you need to get going. You need a cover up: Mugger glass, it anchored shells were signed, a contingent of laughter vessel of any kind. Fellow with favour liquid. I like coffee.
Coffee and cursing and join me now for the internal pleasure, the documented and dancing makes everything better, including the damp and go. I can feel our data improving every moment. So I did a little lesson last night, periscope on affirmations right now that still live in all the places that his life at some point, that might move only two locals, but now it's available in all the usual places. If you want to catch Interestingly, Twitter has announced the risk and allow its employees to work remotely. I don't know what that means in terms of transition. I assume that
they'll, get a choice of going to the officers working remotely. But, as smart people have pointed out, the commercial real stay market might be in for a big hit. The bay. Area. Curs, lotta, big companies are gonna, say we don't need this much office. Space serb they'll, take a wilder wine to the system. I guess so close. He has a three trillion dollar relief. The proposal- and I saw Tucker talking about it as the only people who good fun this borrowing would be China. I asked myself Are we understanding this right? If we just print money, we owe China money to a printer. An issue instruments which China buys and if we do, why would they buy? Why would they do that.
Is it still better than whatever they're doing? Is it better than the alternatives? There's something about ya. I've got a degree in economics and I'm looking at all this printing trillions of dollars, and I don't have a clue. I don't even have a good gas, where their ends up. Do you and you have any idea where that adds up what happens when you print what five, how many trillions Rowena print altogether, sex right and somebody says why only three trillion one out of six. I have exactly the same question because your instinct as well, you know you don't want to have too much, but I say to you who knows what's too much? If you would ask me I'd say we'll lose too much one trillions too much hundred billion yeah. We could push the we can handle that, but a trillion,
no three trillion six trillion. Nobody knows what the limit is think about that the smartest people in economics. We can get this right within ten trillion dollars. Would that be fair, we'll be there? say that the best experts it with our world and economics. Dont really now then ten million dollars just for the United States. I am not even talking about the globe, but for the United States we don't know the right answer within ten trillion dollars we don't know. Is there a place where you you ve gone too far and you can never recover deserve place that isn't far enough ten trillion dollars and we don't really know we're just guess it
So that's Gary Aspidiums Gary AIR Sea is barely given join violence campaign to be as some kind of a climate change panel which will go well until she accused him of sexual crimes. His they hit. The fun thing about air sea is correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she she came down and a little bit harder on bided than other people. Dingy my remembering that wrong, so she sort of dangerous to have inside the tent, but at the same time you gotta have to guess: she's made herself somewhat industry well done quite a good job that I would say so. I love the fact that does even being talked about, but was funnier is the fact that by and is literally hiding in the basement and well you, the years, here's another wonderful.
Thing that dissimulation is served up. Didn't you imagine the all we would be talking about this summer. Is the women, the Bible, Was nothing and touching and hugging, and guess I didn't you think that he be. You know all hands he in public, and it would just be one story after another is hands it after all, always just Joe Lustrous thy way is, is vacuum, but the simulation delivers us the one kind of crisis, the mace Joe Biden, unable to touch women. I weird is that the only thing the Joe Biden really really needed to ever a legitimate chance of winning the the election
We things to about think two things. Two things abided needed to win. The election number one an excuse not to debate. I am I right, because if he debates he's gonna lose everybody knows that, so he did some extraordinary situation. Not after debate delivered, the other they needed was something that would keep him away from touching one in public and he got the only kind of the only kind of crisis they would have their specific quality. Don't touch anybody public. What else can you think of any other anything any other crisis I mean even aids, you can touch people, you want you not gonna, get it from a hug right. So this is the rarest weirdest once every problem, the job.
By then, who would be touching women in public and Lucy has raised by doing it can't do it the old we do things, he needed. Words over to him by a pandemic. Now. That, of course, is raised is leading the poles and some of the swing states. One imagines that, as we get closer, that lead will disappear now. My interpretation of vitamins, pole numbers, are the bite and is still represent the agent Eric Dammit In my opinion, people don't yet know who the democratic will be, so they just sort of keeping that democratic vote an idle. Well, let me park Bobo Joe Biden.
Because that's where I wanted to be part when the new car comes so I don't think you can take anything from the Biden. Balls accepted is funny situation, so, in the been in the news we saw that the Rand Paul was sore facing off if you wanna pollutants or a tv terms against activity on the question of reopening the economy in schools, in particular, fancy of course, being a medical professional, has a a bias towards making very, very sure- and I appreciate this about him- to make it crystal clear. People understand the risks. I think he does it. So I would say that found she does a as good a job as you can with the information that
available to let people know there is a real risk and then I think he's done that. Well, so I won't take that away from one bet, but it must be said that he has a view of one part of the world, but this is not making any claims about the economy or how that will kill. Blue. In other words, you sort of silent on the parties, not an expert on, which is how many people die from bad economy, and I appreciate that cause he's got an expert But also nobody else is the problem. Of course they ran. Paul, I think was calling out. Is that if you're only talking about half the equation, you may not get the right answer now. I would like to break this down to you with a jerk here's the charge that we don't have, that we need
You are truly doing a thing called managing with data, which would be different than say, managing with gas it or managing with random chance. If you are going to manage with data, things? You did in fact check me on us. If you get a manage with data, you need data right, actual useful data that would be sort of the minimum requirement for managing with data to have data. Do you have it well? The question of when we open up comes down to the two curbs the covert death curve, which we hope is already peaked at, maybe as planned, towing or lorry, and then what happens if you close the economy, while I would say that,
for the first several months, there isn t much impact because it takes a while for any kind of a big shocked, work its way through the system. But the longer you wait, this curve is go, start getting steep and make a steep covered quickly. I don't work quickly, looks like, but it's gonna happen. So there's nobody who disagrees that if you waited long enough. You didn't you'd have at least a risk of the economic downturn be worse than the cover DES now. Here's question: am I wrong that? That's the only thing we need to know he doesn't doesnt all of the data come to this point, which is? Can we tell when the one is? The crossover are we already? There are re already passed it and it is too late hour we well before it and we can afford to wait a few more months who exactly nausea,
that question because that's the only data the matters is that the right date or we there near its past it or what let me summarizes in more urgency tones, because sometimes all these complicated charged graphs well, they might not clear things up as much as you want. So sometimes you have to put it in clear language, so here's leadership by data breaking down so the only data we need to know that crossover ones the best date to go back. All things considered says: the only thing we need to know also. The crossover date is the only
thing, we don't fucking now, since the only thing we need to Know- and it is correct me if I'm wrong disinfect check it out here is the only thing we need to know and who, incidentally, is the only fucking thing? We don't know, we don't know it even a little bit. We don't have a good idea, we don't have a guess. We don't have a fucking model, we don't have anything. They shows us both the corona virus DES and the economic death. We have fucking bullshit idiots arguing in public, like they ve got a fucking secret knowledge about where their cross over point. Is you don't fucking? Now you don't know where the cross over point is nobody fucking knows so.
What do you do when you don't fucking now? Will you don't see that kid stable? If you want to be a charge, gotta move to the the adult tale at the adult table, we can say things like we'd love to measure with data. We don't have any fucking data that useful or we got lots of day, is all fucking useless. The only thing we need to know is: what does that date? That's the best time to go back to work might differ by region. Of course, that's the basic idea, and we don't fucking, know that. Do you know why nobody study it? Have you seen a model that shows you? The economic des on the same charge as the cove does know. You haven't seen that fucking model. If you haven't seen that doesn't zest- I just ghastly- do want your government to just gas on your fucking life. No, you don't
you dont. If somebody's gonna gas about whether I fuckin liver die, that's gonna be me, so I could be Doktor fashion It's not going be ran Paul as much as I respect the both for their respective service. This can be found me right every time I dont delegate that decision they they can do their decisions about what they want to do. But if I'm gonna gas, if I'm gonna, live or die, that's up to be fuckers. That's not everybody else! So here's the thing. Why do we at these assholes pretend their managing leading using data when nothing like that's happening there nothing like leadership with data- that's happening. Of course. It makes sense to collect as much again in those budget but if the only thing you need to know is that cross over day to want to go back to work, we do
No we're not going nowhere in there's no way to know it stop. Acting like this is some rational data. That's just not what's happened. So what do you do when you don't know you do? A ran Paul suggests. Who apparently, is the only rational person nor fucking government, because it out I agree with him on everything he says, but when he says here's your suddenly, you said that I think was completely overlooked in the coverage asylum. The coverage by wasn't emphasised which he said that one of the reasons to let the individual locales make their own decisions Is because nobody knows what the right decision is, so you diversify just like a portfolio if you dont know, was stuck to buy you by a bunch of stocks in you hoped that the ones I go up compensate for the ones they go down cause you don't know, do you know why you don't buy if you're a good
investor and you're smart, you understand investing. Do you know why you don't just go out and buy one stock cushion? Fucking know: what's gonna happen to one stock. Nobody does I mean you can thank you do, but it's just guessing anybody could buy one stock, and now it was gonna go up. The entire financial model would be the world would be applied out because nobody can do that. So let's just get a little work up here. So what ran Paul says is that you should do the same risk management that you do if it were a portfolio portfolio, you just by a group of stocks and hope most of them go up. Rainfall says we don't know what to do with his school openings. Let each other regions take a shot at it.
Maybe we will learn something. Maybe some will go too far. Some more work, people will die, kids will die, children will die and still is the adult decision, because we don't know what to do. You might as well. Let people make decisions that are least closer to their individual situations. You know you could baby talk to your mare, but you We cannot talk to your president or your governors I'd be harder, so you got a push these life and death decisions specially when its children I mean come on. Do you want your government to decide what children your children live or die? Now I think some parents may have to say: I'm not gonna send my kid in. There might be some tough family decisions, but she got a push that.
Is in doubt the local level, I think, especially for schools. So I'm on the team, Rand Paul one hundred percent, but I would note that neither he nor doctors out. You know the right answer but ran Paul suggests away. They you move forward down the data? If you don't understand how brilliant that is, then you ve missed the biggest story. The biggest story is that there is one person in the whole fucking world who suggested how to move forward without sufficient data when all the other fuck it assholes at the kids staplers. I must wait for some data. Let's not do something that's too soon and to dangerous. How many people have you seen say we don't want to do
too soon, but we don't want to do a wrong fuckers. Just stop saying that is just what everybody's thinking you might as well say. Ah, I've got an idea today. Let's all breathe air has been thought about, breathing air it's all over and it looks like it's free, less breathable, air and while we're out at it and breathing air was let's not go back to work in a dangerous way. That's too reckless Thanks for all the leadership, so Rand Paul gives us the answer to which is, if you don't fucking know what the right answer is, let people make decisions diversify it summer, going to be wrong really wrong and people are going to die, but that's the decision we have. You don't have to be a ghoul
no that's true, is people died away? We just gotta, try. It ran Paul's right. I also wonder if we consider that, let me just Tarzan there were assuming that schools start in in the fall because they always do remember. This is krona virus era and all assumptions are now. Capable of being challenged is ready reason the school has to start in the fall. For example, why can start in July. Could school start in July way for it wait for it if it were outdoors. Suppose you put up tense around the school, so they gave some people in classrooms with less a distance, but other people will just be in the tents and also with distance
but also outdoors, could you move classes outdoors while it still warm because I don't think people are going to do a lot of family trips and stuff in the summer like as normally would be the case. So is raising that would prevent us from using the the safety of the outdoors, while it's still warm guy, see what it looks like when the weather terms here when he had and when he had December, December, when he had was a lay September reevaluate have we everything we have, a new therapeutic. Are we a month away from vaccine will know somethin by them. So I just put that of their misery, compelling reason that you couldn't just spread out campus have some ten.
Teach outdoors and start in July, instead of September spit it out, there I say, looks like a California State University system is already saying that there are not planning to have classes through these fleer or the fall semester and man, that's a big one in others. There's one weird I look at the bright side during a crisis because it yourselves like you're, ignoring the bad stuff, so without ignoring the bad stuff. We all acknowledge that the tragedies everywhere I've noticed something. I wonder if you ve noticed it So I do. I do leave my home occasionally to go outdoors, that's about it! So! Well, I'm outdoors, I see other people outdoors in my neighborhood and here's a trend. I've noticed
adults, walking Andorra jogging or biking with what seem to be probably college aged kids letter back because the crisis. So one I'm noticing is older. Children and adults spending quality time together in a way that I just really never see. Normally, I'm just the other day watching what was obviously a dad baby, a nineteen year old daughter, something jogging. I thought: how often do does that dad and that nineteen year old daughter go jogging together, how often they Gopher run now there might be something is happening
now, because if you say the the typical teenager the say take her to the law fourteen year old, you say: what do you want to hang out with your parents or your friends? Well, no contest right, they want their friends, then I want to spend a minute with their parents except for the basic right, but now a lot of people sort I had to spend with a family which is the only option and if it's your only option, you start feeling differently about it and I'm wondering if this whole corolla virus situation has given people a a new appreciation for their core family, because in normal times or worse a distributed species, meaning you now you can go to school and you go after your job and you ve got all these different support systems. You got your government. Does this for you
coaches and organizers up. So you go through life sorted just depending on this big distributed system that takes care of you in whatever place you're doing whatever you're doing. But then the crisis happens. What happens when the crisis its go home to you family and said: go home to your family, given their house with your family. The understand your priorities, yeah already, suddenly Crystal clear. I mean they were before, but we live this life. Where will we owe you you? Don't will focus on your priorities there just already taken care of you, not thinking too much about their the family structure, you just live in your life and suddenly the crisis heads and boom who depend on who's gonna, be by you, groceries was not your teacher.
It's gonna, be somebody in that house. Who's gonna make sure that the light stay on Sunday that house right, so they the value of the family unit in our psychic land map. I guess Just one way up, and so in my opinion, the value of family probably increased by fifty percent in how we think about it. Now, one of the things that the novel set on twitter while ago now I don't know if he came up with it were- was influenced by somebody else. But the idea is that, though the you are the sum of yours. Promise, now I'll be talking about that at some future date, because I don't think you're, I don't think that's all you're you're the sum of Lhasa things, but you you're, traumas or a big part of it at the trauma of the corona virus, is going
to be a forming variable for an entire generation. So people, my age? I don't know if I'll be forever changed by it. You had a certain age. You don't changer world view that much, but if you're a teenager- and you just went through around a virus situation. I do actually think it will change you and I think that you will be changed forever and here's the airport probably in a good way, because this is this- is exactly the kind of risk exactly the kind of thing world when people up and give them a more realistic sense of the world, living in
feel as though this was a tremendous lesson, if you will a bad one but a valuable one for a lot of people, so that's the Good NEWS. So here's a question for you saw the pole, the said something like seventy. Some per cent of Republicans think the worst is behind us, whereas about seventy some presented Democrats think the worst is ahead of us, so the the Republicans tend to be optimists on at least two our situation and the Democrats tend to be pessimists, but I ask you this question: is that always the case? I'm wondering I wondering how broadly universal it. Is that Republicans or more optimistic, because that has an impact on
Turnout. Doesn't it lets, say you're republican and you say ass through the crowd of virus. I'm gonna go vote. I'm not worried by your democratic, like like it that girl virus. If I go vote, don't you think that there will be some kind of a party difference in just fear it literally just how worried? Are you that if you voted you would die? So that's my question. I'll bet, you could measure that and I'll bet I have a. I have a bad feeling that the election will be decided to Tirely by the fire
Are you feeling that too? It feels to me like this? Next election will not be decided by the people. It looks like it's gotta be decided by the virus. Does the virus first law could take out one of the candidates, I'm if we're being honest either by didn't trump, might not be here at election day, and we have to actually look that is a serious possible they get here. We be talking in that the one percent range risk, both real and then so the krona virus is going to affect how we think about the candidates, whether or not we show up to vote, which one of them is alive basically is does not even helped us anymore. I believe the corona viruses are new form.
Right, we used to have this republic the democracy thing, and now we have a virus which will totally dependent on our virus, has determined our budget. I viruses determined our educational system doesn't exist. The virus has broken our young men system at the moment, hoping that's not permanent, I don T economy the virus, a sort of control, but it would be a coup first, a wooden back control of our own country. I have a little thing. I want to do to make it really mad, but that's why you come here. You come here to be challenged.
You dont come here for the easy stuff get that everywhere else. Here is a challenge for you. As you know, most of my viewers, as I know from experience, tend to be pro trump types and Anti Obama, types and you're thinking to yourself that the news has revealed that than Trump has broken and our Trump President Obama broke some laws regarding the baby authorization, the of slim and then the ongoing work after there was no evidence of any handover of collusion going on that continued. So what I like to do is unrelated invite some calls but I only want a special kind of collar. So, if you're, if here, if you signed up to talk to me for a general rule, if you could remove use, often list.
I only want to pick somebody who wants to do the following. I want. I will play the part of President Obama and I want you to accuse me of whatever kind you think I have committed, and then I want to watch my what you see how easily I talk you out of it. Collusion investigation or on masking rising? So you can accuse me anything is any law you think I broke and then I'll show you how easily I can diffuse it make it go away. Cassettes apart. You don't want to see right. You don't want to see that maybe there's nothing there. There might be there by the way ass if more gets unread acted. We might find out through some smoking gun, but we don't have that. Yet, let's see, if anybody thinks would do so
take somebody you came on more recently, just as are more likely to be a topic. Dollar. Can you hear me? Hello? Are you here too, to accuse me of a crime as president brought about? Mr President, did you serve Bell the candidate from the opposite, from the adversary party did did I know I didn't do any surveillance, Mr President, did did you authorize any surveillance of the opposition to date, no, I dont work on that kind of a detailed level. I did too, I did ask you call me and yields what they thought in terms of Should we treat Flynn the same now that we know you might have some russian suspected russian affiliation, or maybe some affection for them that we do
quite understand so until we get a hold on that. I have some questions, as I have just add some questions to praise. Mr President, do you take responsibility for surveillance of the opposition candidate. Well, you know the present always has to take responsibility, but that's different, then being aware of what they were doing so, Mr President, you do take responsibility for surveillance. The opposition candidate. I always take responsibility for everything that happens in my administration, but it is true. I was not aware of that and nor Would it be normal that I would be aware of the details must present Do you believe that it is just in fitting and ethical to survey the opposition candidate, and do you anticipate the four happening?
do you want. It is definitely a security national security concern. If we think that there is some foreign interference and Government so, in the end, the very specific case where there is some a credible evidence of right of exterior influence than that would be one case that, on a special case, individually, you might want to look at that, but in general now you would not want to have a situation where your surveying, the opposition. That would be terrible, but if there's some the accusation of treason or something this really big deal. Well, you have to look at that Mr President, had you been aware that the opposition candidate was under surveillance? Would you have stopped it Why don't answer hypotheticals? Mr president? Should we allow surveillance of opposition candidates
I in general, I think it's a terrible idea. As I said the only time you even consider it would be a special case. Were you thought there were some credible reason that foreign governments were interfering with the country? Is that risk would be so great that there do the one time at least consider it miss browser you where they taught members of your administration in privately on transcripts in hearings before the Senate inquiry claimed that there was no evidence of russian collusion, I trump, and yet they publicly declared that there was? Do you these two contradictory facts now I dont believe those effects. Do you have any recollection that this happened now? I didn't see that ever happened. I saw their public comments
I don't know what they said in private when you're with me and I didn't see any conflict. These statements, conflict, clap head on go ahead. Now the statements don't conflict. The news is confusing two different concepts. When the people on tv talked about clear evidence of collusion, they were talking about things. The public are actual, I already knew they knew that the President asked to publicly for Russia to give them emails. Some people I was getting. Some people were sure and Another that the intelligence agencies. And I don't have any other information that they don't have say that Russia did some hacking and did some troll activity. So we can say for sure that the public? Has the information that the President asked Russia for Help Russia in fact provide help. That certainly gives you cause for concern and certainly was worth
looking into. It is true, however, that when we looked for direct evidence beyond those things which I do consider direct evidence, but beyond them, they had not found any. But of course that's the purpose of an investigation. You don't do it investigation only to find things you do an investigation. That anything to fight and they did not find direct evidence beyond those things I just mentioned. Mr President, was there a predicate or probable caused to keep the investigation into Flint Open and to four the question him. I was involved in their level of detail, Mr President recorded in catch on tv, and I had my moment muttering to refer to the ambassador brush. I believe
he went. He should inform lad. That is glad Mere put me to just wait until after the election, when you would have more flexibility. What did you mean by that date? is there a statement. Why yeah? Why would you be surprised by that all presence and more flexibility in their second term, and this is a good example of why conversations between leaders should be kept private because there are things you say to set up a a relationship, a conversation there might be a first offer that you're hoping to negotiate. So it's always little dangerous. The Europe we are snippet of a private conversation. You'd have to see the whole context even know what TAT meant
Skier unbelievable rug for press, but but merely point is by that by the way you you, your excellent, are you? What is your job in real life lived as a journalist for many many years, and now I have a healthcare start up. Please don't get so I knew you had to have some kind of experience. I thought you were gonna, say lawyer, but journalists same same kind of thing being able to dig our request, lizard exact. This was perfect. I didn't expect that the first person I picked would be that good So thank you I'll see you. Then you you're perfect. Well. So my point is this: if you think that we already have enough to do a purple, walk with Obama, we're not even close you you're, not even in the universe of where Obama is threatened by any this, could it happened, did do doing
smell it. Do it do we feel it's like its? We might be just one more unread active, saying we're gonna get em, but it could happen I just haven't seen yet. So I want to ask you for a favor. Ok glad teach me and teach us to do what you were teaching last night to tread form our lives with those affirmations about which I am sceptical, but you're an intelligent, guys are really two were out. I'm willing to try anything like you saw my presentation last night. That's that's all you need to get going. The second part of that is just tribes who happens. Remember it doesn't cost anything. So if you don't try, you'll, never know if you do try. Well, maybe it'll never know. You always think that you, maybe you got lucky, just cause you're you're lucky but del there's, not much else to teach one wants you once you see that this is the technique in.
No real weight to do a wrong. I get questions like. Should I throw away the paper, I wrote them, or does it better if I chant, hammer sing the more it none of that matters is simply You can focus on this goal with whatever technique for fifteen minutes a day or whatever takes that's. Tell you something is tell you something about your commission To it, it's tell you something about what you want it, and maybe maybe setting you're filters in your mind or now improving your your shoulder our life. We don't know, but that's that they give it a shot to Athens and by the way, if you ll, see TAT, if you wanted more on it, read my book had to fill it almost everything.
Still when big, that that would be the sort of perfect place to see the aspirations in context of how to change your life by the book and appreciate the time. Thank you so much that there was a treat thanks. I will that when. Hardly how often does something go that well, what are the odds that the very person first person I pick would be a professional. With experience are asking questions of people like me, I didn't have a sort of perfect. I did. I make my point that if you think you you see and goes on, Obama not based on information, we have now based anything I've seen, but it still be reported as obvious smoking gun by either the people want that to be true. So I just put that out there not assume that I want something different than you want. I'm just predicting
spell of burnt omens you your comments are so random, although I know that means of course he every. If you have tape something's you. I have often thought that one of the super powers that the Trump has is that he doesn't use e mail and I don't think you tax and I think that there are no written records of anything that tromp is done bad. He is therefore that I think Trump four years as only done verbal communication Now you probably thought yourself their produce YO ten years and tribes life where people were thinking. Can you just send an email? You have said a text, and then he becomes president realise the best thing he s going as he doesn't have a written record of anything
Is opinions are not written anywhere except on Twitter, where he she's you some. He said I God said that. With him that I wish I had cares. I would have picked him if I knew I could pick simply that good. Why didn't pull him out of order? He was literally the most recent person who signed up to be a gas, so it wasn't so I knew TAT he was there for that reason, so those selection element there are. I have a Dell still stuck out this morning and I will see you tonight.
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