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Episode 975 Scott Adams: Systems Versus Goals for Creators

2020-05-14 | 🔗

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  • Systems Versus Goals for Creators
  • Whiteboard1: Television versus Internet Media
  • Whiteboard2: Creator Career Path

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Bump bump bump, everybody come on in re is going to be a very special. No coffee was got elements because this evening who drinks coffee well, I just had a cup from being aroused. I just finished off cup, but I did it for you. I would be awake to give you this micro lesson on systems, verses goals, aver retort, both systems versus Goals- topic of my book Hatfield. Almost everything still when big, and I thought I would run you through a specific example- causes just more fun. To look an example. And you'll. All. Imagine that you would like to be less a famous pod, casters or internet celebrities. So that's your start
point and then I'll walk you through what it would look like to build systems together again. So we'll start with a little background number one. If you want to be a creative creative person. Where are you going to do it, so you want to find the place that there's the most energy so the first part of your system. As you say, I would like to be a creative person and make stuff whatever it is, could be music, cartoon art writing whatever it is, and you want to put it on the internet that you want to make money. So you want to go where there's the most energy and the most future. So take these two exam. Television, I would argue, is a dying form because it doesn't take into account people's attention span.
And they shows, are too long live commercials and make your weight is predictable. Scripted stuff humour as a reform is largely dead and television and I time to how long it would take me simply to turn on my television at home and actually get to a show it took eighteen say, Hence to go to issue. I know I knew I want to go to do. You know how many tweets I can look at an eighteen seconds, so people's worldview is compressing. Compressing see you gotta get there. You have to understand the big trend before can decide where to go. Then once you're there I'll tell you how to build a systems right. So this is just picking the field you want to play in at this point and then, of course, you can only watch television on certain devices and they have all kinds of limitations, but thank the internet, let's say you're on Youtube
other place on the internet. Everything's faster. Their shorter content is free issue, depending on what kind of contact you he had, its more unpredictable causes more of it. So it's short, is far more variety. It's almost internet. You can get a quick hit quick yet and here's here's the other thing remember. I taught you that if you put any kind of a penalty or friction on anything that eventually eventually the the personal do less of it. Now, if you look at a typical tv show or a movie they all. The following form: every one of them, which is something bad happened to somebody you care about then you hope that it gets better right. That's every scrap of every every movie least fictional movies. Now biographies. Now
certainly but very fictional movie- something bad happens to people that they tell you to care about and that you just hope it gets better and if it does, is it good movie? I guess compare that to spending ten minutes Youtube. If you're picking your own short themes, you might look at TAT dog, you might look at it. You know a humorous or something but you're never going to pick anything. That makes you sad I mean not intentionally. So if you go to the internet, you're giving yourself one little dopamine the end after another and they're really quick, Psych, and you get no sadness if you turn on A regular television and watch irregular tv show or irregular movie its packed with sadness. By design and then you're you're influenced by that their guests in your head, and even though
you said yourself: well, I'm just watching, I'm not I'm not in that movie. You know it's not affecting me, but it does because humans are pattern, copying machines and if you watch said things you guess add. So all This put together tells you that you can meet They sure that television is the past. The internet is the future. So, let's just say, we ve figured what our domain is. Maybe there's gonna be the internet. Create something you don't know what it is to be a part guest. Some kind of a show. What is it Let me give you one sort of example: potential career path,
now. Let me say in advance that there would be presumably a million different variations of this. But if you get the basic idea, then all the variations makes sense. So, let's just stick with the basics: Let's say you want to achieve what I call boss: diversification The ideas that you don't want, one boss to rule your life, but rather you won't have lots of bosses, Oh you, wanna have lots of clients, you wanna have lots of customers, you want an audience because then a lot of your bosses, your customers. Fire you on any given day, and you still have plenty of offers plenty customers. But if you boss, one boss and their bosses a tyrant and sometimes even if they're, not just making life.
So if so, if you want something like freedom use of the math of diversification, to give yourself lots of bosses being that's what being a creative person if you get the the path right. Here's, what a reasonable looking path would look like we put together more than one talent. So there you have something special. I talk about this as the talent stack system based. And if you look at me, for example, I do the podcasting stuff, meaning that I can talk on camera so? I have the skills we all do. What I'm doing exactly now, which is talking You can understand me and I can put sentences together, but I also about persuasion and I've got some background and humor. So I got a few different things I can put together there. When you listen to me, if I do right, you say to yourself
I can get exactly that anywhere else. So it's not that my my individual skills that I bring to this are special because none of them are theirs. There's not one is really special, but the combination you'd have to admit you just don't see very often so as to come nation, that can make you special invaluable in the market, so figure out what your expertise is, as you have, a good voice is the ever since the humor you can RO just figure out what it is. It makes a special. That's you tell us that one, way to start would be a blog, because there's no friction to starting a blog. The can write a blog, so they say, First thing you want to do is just right: a bunch of blog posts as soon as you want to be a writer But if you want to be any other kind of an artist, you could put Nano blog format.
You got a little body of work, then you could start your twitter account use. Twitter is the best example of this and then start promoting. You might say, you might go into conversations in which you have written something as relevant. You go into that car I should say I rose something about that in the comments. If it's a tweet, this getting a lot of attention and you're you're edition of a comment of something to read, that's right on point could get, this new followers so use twitter wisely. It by adding value the way that you give thought the followers is by giving them more than their giving you that's that's the whole thing right. Yes, on twitter, giving your followers more than there are getting follow you it's all this. So if you're wisely retweeting you're a good curator, stuff or your wisely, inserting your own comments and and links to things. People say,
I want more that I get smarter when you're when you're interacting, so you build up a little one here and the name you say, let me let me try and video you take it to periscope, and you say it's really easy take. Energy. Literally, all yesterday was turning ably the device at yourself and put in a title and your life very just what I M doing now and I can't make much money on periscope. Some of you are nice enough to to do the super hard thing which is like tipping, but periscope is not really designed for creators to get rich. It's just easy to get in and see how it is got some special. I say more personal, quality too. It is simpler as a lot of advantages over Youtube, but is one thing the Youtube can do but which is modest modernization so
if you get a little audio son periscope the way you can see what I'm doing here so that each level that you do something well, you try to get attention to bring you to the next level and bring up here, visibility, so you might want to jump from periscope to Youtube. You can still do both of them abandon any of these things are still doing you just extending your reach. Now, if you a boring content and say that humorous, boring, meaning kitten, videos funny stuff family agent, like things I own? Nobody, in trouble. Some basic information that TED talk, that those things are not boring, so I'm just being here this here I'm saying things. The advertisers are not afraid of.
So I only mean it boring in the sense that is not provocative. So most people think- and I used to think this- that Google and Youtube word suppressing conservatives only, but it turns out that their advertising model makes them demonetized pretty much anybody whose provocative whether on the left and the right, so I have. I have confirmed this David for example, on the left to get divined exactly the same time same way, I did so is really just the advertiser saying we don't want the associated with certain costs content does. Why would we, if you weren't advertiser and you can be associated with something where there might be cursing? or something where there won't be if he had a choice. You'll take the one where there's no cursing, why? Why would you take any risk if you don't have to
so Google and Youtube, or trying to figure out how to make their work. So the provocative stuff also gives sponsors pearly. They don't quite have this system to do there yet, but I would imagine you'll get However, in the long run, provocative people care really get monetize to any good degree of Youtube. So that's what the locals platform will do for and that's why I moved. I move my more provocative, none dilber stuff over there everything they use ie and the other platforms which maintain so hostile be doing all the same things, but the basement extra staff behind them. The subscriber, walk, because it's the only way to get monetize if you're, not in the the boring subset of again boring just means not provocative.
So you Dave ruin solution. The commons Dave Reuben is the original founder of the locals thing. Yeah I just got out of it. I got to tell you that is way better than I thought it would be, because it fills in this whole category that didn't exist, and I didn't really think it was a category that didn't exist, but the category a creator who can control their space and sorted do whatever they want, and nobody can tell me not to do it. Obviously, I'm not doing anything, that's horrible, but I can t I can be provided
If, as I want within the bounds of what I'd know, my subscribers would want to say so just fills a network at so you might be able to hear my dog going crazy, which means I'm gonna make this kind of short, because I have to attend that she was at the veterinary and yesterday and she doesn't like to be in that the same room with me, and I can't let her upstairs is a long story, but she'll be fine, so yeah she'll be fine she's, I'm sure I just have to keep her. Not turn around and she doesn't like that at all. So there's a little bit of work to do there, so this is an example of using systems to sort of build a system for each phase of this. As you go, you can see that each face
Autism system. If you were to generalize this to writing, there's a book called on writing by Stephen King. It's really hard to do this when your dog is screaming in pain, downstairs, stop paying she's just mad, because I'm over here was driven king suggested as a u find, whatever is the lowest level of Writing that you can do that, somebody will read so again. You might write a blog, my rice and blog posts and then take them into the local publication and say hey samples of my writing. They like home, they may say I will run you in the local paper. You just keep writing and building your resonating up one level at a time until you get that big book deal. So it's always the same. Your system is start small builder bill the body of work and then try to get it at the next level, etc. Are gonna go take you
My dog, I hope that was useful and expect to see some of you as internet stars. Releasing.
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