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Episode 976 Scott Adams: The COVID-19 Cure, Biden’s Raisen-Brain, the “Worse Than Watergate” Guy

2020-05-15 | 🔗

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  • Are Jennifer Rubin, CNN, MSNBC Russiagaters self-aware?
  • There’s a cure for coronavirus…but only on FOX news
    • Sorrento Therapeutics discovers STI-1499 antibody
    • STI-1499 flushes coronavirus within four days
  • Obamagate…a coup and unmasking, are the walls closing in?
  • Don’t wear masks that reduce infection by 80%?

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on well I'm here: where are you there you are there. You are right there. I knew you'd, be here quickly, good, good morning. Are you ready to cure the pandemic? I am. We might need a few things to do that. We might need a breakthrough therapeutic, the cure vaccine, maybe, but until we have those things
and I'm sure that they're near we can get a head start on it. With a little thing. I call the simultaneous cept. Yes, it will boost your immune system. You think it won't well you're, no doctor, okay. So if you are doctors, but I think you'll back me on this- the simultaneous it will boost your immune system, probably protect you from Audino cancer coronavirus strikes for meteors, pretty much everything. Well, that's why you don't get your medical advice from cartoonists, but all you need is a copper. Bugger glass attack, your trousers time, accounting, jogger, plus a vessel of any kind fill with the favourite liquid I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine
today the thing that makes everything better, including the damn pandemic. It's called the simultaneous it happens. Now go, I ever a fun game for you to play. You ready goes like this. I am day by didn't supporter online. Challenge them to make the following definitive statement. I challenge you to say publicly here on Twitter. They, you believe Joe Biden is mentally competent No, you say to yourself last no problem just say: conversation he's badly cover them right. Not anymore other war, I tried this whither
With a guy online- and I just said that directly because he made some comment about the abiding being better than tromp- I forget what it was: And it was right after I had. I was after I tweeted, yet another Biden blowing his sentence, clip which is ironic, because I blew my sentence describing bided losing his and a boy you send. It doesn't mean I'm crazy, not yet not yet, and so somebody onto twitter. Your may the comment that the terms no better and showed a clip were trumpets, gnashing, some words which, of course, well do, and so I thought to myself. Does he really think that looks the same, because you can do a measure mash up of everybody who speaks a lot in public? Getting that words are everybody
you can do that, but does out look the same as the Joe Biden stuff. Really look at me honestly say he s just the same thing. Everybody missing a word now and then put it all together is gonna, look pretty bad, so I just said: can you stayed directly here on twitter? do you believe Joe Biden is mentally capable? What do you think he did? He might have changed the subject, Actually he actually sent directly is still prefers, bud without answering the question: do you think he's mentally capable? He actually said he's still prefers by thinking you know, especially since this was done in public,
on Twitter. That would abandon the ideal time to say: oh he's, monkeys mentally capable door. I wouldn't be. I wouldn't be supporting the guy from President of the United States have as have his finger other nuclear button. Unless I thought he was mentally cable I mean. Ah, there were actually in a situation that is so divorced from everything. That's sensible or just makes any sense at all. The people are literally and in public preferred
The guy that they care even says they care, say in public that these monthly capable and they want to put him in front in charge of the nuclear arsenal, I'm not even making this up, I'm not making this up. So you have to try this this technique. If you run into Eddie Perfect situations online, let me know Argos so the latest. I think there are three different clips of Biden just going off rails. Just the last twenty four hours, the best one of courses when Biden saying we ve lost eighty five thousand jobs. No, it's tens of millions. The jobs is eighty five thousand lives, if you can't do that. He starts got in their millions and millions of things, and it is just completely off the he's off their tracks.
So I want you- and I actually don't know like Did he actually momentarily think that it was eighty five thousand jobs were lost. It makes you wonder if he actually thought it for a moment were ordered justly mash the jobs and the death numbers. Look bad whatever was that also yesterday, I think Trump is on the way to having one of the best weeks. Anybody ever had also said that he doesn't remember terror, red Buddy advised that, if women believer that they probably should involve for him? What what. Is everything that you shouldn't say all in one sentence, the first? racist violence. Biden says he doesn't remember her. He does
remember her she work? For a while, she doesn't remember a Russia that help them do you think it helps Joe Biden that he has a memory problem because this is the first thing you think when he says I dont remember her. Do you say two years? Do you say to yourself? Well, there are so many people who have worked for him over the years. He needs a lot of people, yet it seems reasonable to some ran down his office. He wouldn't number Or does your brain immediately go too well? What else is forgotten? right because of his age, and these brain is in question. The first thing you think is well. He may have forgotten her, but he's pretty quick to deny he didn't have sex with a woman. He doesn't know existed because if you can forget, she existed.
Maybe there are other things you could have forgotten. If you know what I mean now the parts that Joe does well, I would say is that his denial of this does seem unambiguous. Have you noticed that, if I'm being fair we're being fair. His denial is pretty darn good. I have to say she you're his ears. Accuser is very credible, remember credible The main true just means that everything about her seems consistent, unbelievable. So I would say I would put complete credibility and the claim, but at the same time it could also be true that the denial can be criminal right. You could have a credible claim and a credible denial, and they can both be solid gold credibility only one of them to be true, but they can both be credible.
I gotta say Biden denial of this. You have given. That is not the most clever with words. You would expect that you would expect that if it was a fake denial, in other words, if he had of actual memory of it, and he was just lying. I feel like yours, words would reveal it cause he's just not that good with concealing is words, reconsider his thoughts and clever words. Every time it might not be able to talk clearly it just totally ruins by fluency. That's gonna have again getting you had railway. I would raise the quality of violence. Denial really good, really good. Only from the from this perspective, he said that clearly and carefully
it doesn't leave any wriggle room, one denies it. He also says, and this this helps us denial. He says that is my character, so even though he says that he doesn't remember it, he say yeah. I was certainly remember assaulting somebody in the hallway basics, which seems route. Fair thing to say: rights like ok, they're, Solana, character, I dont have remember now, remember that's just not me you'll be like you'd, be like you. Somebody accused me of eating a stake. Last week and I say I'll remember that they care really back to me is already well. You said you don't remember, but I remember it so there is no because I dont use stake. So, given that I haven't had a stake in thirty years, I don't have to remember if I am to stake last week
I know I did so. I can know it without having a memory by now has a similar situation either from his telling us right, I'm not saying I'm getting in his head, but from the US telling of it. That's a pretty good denial psych. Ok, this does like you're, describing a person lose all different person. I don't have to remember to know. I didn't do that. You know I could tell you with confidence. I've never socially bless them, in the hallway. I mean. I know that about myself. Do I have a memory of all the times I've been in the hallway now really, but I know who I am and I didn't you to stake last week and I didn't Socially, less anybody, Norway of the cap will be specific binding. Always there. I have this great enduring curiosity about this, and I wonder if you do too are the
people who have been lied to us, but Russia collusion thing and now you're trying to lie to us that the Obama Gay thing is no big deal at all. Are they self aware? however, the oven opinion, altruism names in particular, Jennifer Reuben, Maggie Hebron and Karl Bernstein, the worse than Watergate Guy. I just use them as my three Example, people do you think, there's any self reflection going on and actually go now. This is a legitimate question. I dont know
I'm not even sure which way I lean on this. Do you think that the only require times they say to themselves? Oh, my god. I wonder if the country realises that we like them for three years, misled them deeply and we're still doing it. Do you think so because seeing somebody says I've spoken to them all three of them would be we're here. Comments because I am actually very interested in seeing your opinion. So I'm sorry. There believers unaware mental illness, thralled knots, three horrible people that sums it up part of the swamp. There said, You learn so look at your looking for opinions urges all over the place self loathing another chance to movies Owen screen either way is bad
No, they don't carry ass. I saw your answers. Roll over the place. So you're about where I am, which is it's hard to tell, but I want to see if you did you get this oppression, You know we're all stereo tapers, but we're all biased. We try not to be so. You try not to put your by us on the news. Baby care really help And I'll tell you if I watch the say historically not not talking about the last year, anything but historically, if I watched a Republican on the news- and he would say the Republican was saying something I didn't like what was my feeling about that, Publican were usually my feeling was that's coming from your some religious base that are not binding and all that or something.
I often think of their starting from some philosophical starting place that I don't buy into so therefore makes sense that we don't have the same opinion on a few things. So when I say revoking unjust? Ok, they get. This philosophy were legit or something and is incompatible with this hour. I get that but I see a lot of damage will say the anti tempers in particular and not as a Democrat, I ll say, anti trappers, when I see the answer trappers such as Carl Burns theme in every man, Jennifer, Reuben and similar, whose son CNN such as I'm leavin. What does your? What is you're just impression of those people is, your impression.
That they're coming out with a different philosophy and that's why you're opinion doesn't match, your opinion that are coming at it as basically criminals who just making stuff up to make money, and they know it's not true. It wouldn't be illegal, but yeah, sort of a fraudulent and the desert register that way with you or do you register it as mental illness, because so is ongoing in my opinion, which is that are registered as mental illness, which is different from saying it's mental illness. So I'm not gonna give your diagnosis, I'm not a doktor right, even though, even though my medical opinion has so far been better than the experts uncrown a virus, but that's probably just a coincidence, we're not gonna, say that's a trend that should continue, but when I look at a lot of, though the intake crook trouble critics,
wait registers to me and I'm gonna be careful with my language. I'm not saying that they have mental problems. I would be totally irresponsible not to say it say it feels like so I can only talk about myself, so this is just a comment about my self. When I watch the trappers on tv, not all some of them are perfectly reasonable people. There's a class of you that the really hard course that that Ray to me like mental illness. Now you're out. You are aware from your own life that
when I say mental illness, I don't mean there's necessarily something organically wrong with them, but rather thither their troubled by whatever the situation surpluses say troubled in a way that would be a mental distress of some sort. It doesn't doesn't necessarily have to have a name on like you, I'm not saying it's bipolar, something hasn't name. That's that's why take a wonderfully has answer this question: do you? Do you receive them? Just you're human sensors do you read them as mentally having a problem, origins, lie or just or maybe the right, you're wrong? Who knows joyously earlier comments as they commander Lou?
at a time all right, and is it a coincidence that Carl Bernstein has it been on television? I suppose he's hiding in his basement and may may not have all the technology needs Carl Bernstein Bent on CNN, since Obama Gay became Obama gate? Have we see them since then cause? I have to wonder if they feel comfortable put your mom. Do. Wouldn't you love to know what the conversation is CNN privately? Wouldn't you love to know what the producers as CNN and the other tell up, are talking to themselves about right now right when you love that because I feel, like I know, a Fox news is saying the producers in South, because I feel like what they're saying ends up on the page right. So
You feel, like you know exactly what the producers and on our people have Fox news. Think because I think they just pull rub their use. You said, but are the CNN people Putting on the air what they think, because it doesn't look like a navy, is it doesn't look like they're trying to put on the air the things they actually internally think to be the truth. It feels like they must be in some kind of weird world, but here's the fund power, its big organization. There must be people who see it anywhere at both sides. Internally, there must be people who say: ok, ok, we just have to say we were wrong about this for three years. I mean this is embarrassing. We should just in that we are wrong for three years, and that is probably some other producers egg. We do have to do that
we don't have to do that, because the Republicans don't watch this station, the only people watching the ones who believe anything. We tell we weren't wrong. We're just doesn't happen. We were all you'll, be fine, watches The measures, actually you didn't happen as five. It only works but only create any reality. They want some know another people walled off from the rest of the other competing competing opinions and they are Recent Jennifer Reuben, who still signal the walls, are closing in on trumps, lawless presidents, I guess there's clips of her save the walls are closing and alter the the Russia collusion stuff. I mean it's, so it's so absurd now entertaining way that I can't do anything but laugh at it if you're not watching CNN, just for the jokes
you're a good show. Well, I buried the lead very believe as they say here. Biggest story the day, if you haven't heard it maybe verrier this. Maybe this is the first news you're getting So there's a cure for girl virus, just let them sit there for me. Oh, I should say more about that. Yes, there there's a cure for growth, a virus- maybe maybe so, but it's only occur on Fox NEWS. If you go to see around there's no story about this, so what did I tell you when they heard two networks and one has a story this, as this is the only true and the other one.
Not so much well evasion, believer. Yet letters with age and little bakers is brand new news. I think it's newsroom. Probably they have to do this. A California based biopharmaceutical company called surrender. California, representing you know, if you want some smart people come to California. We got a lot of problems, California, we got you're here. I prefer my needles and the states. We got your taxes, we get you're immigration problems, we get joblessness, we got lots LAS problems in California, but the other thing we have. We got some smart people here because sums small smart people in California and wanted some of them are at this company surrender and they have made the following claim. So surrender therapeutics will announce their discovery. I guess today
of the SBA fourteen ninety nine anti body, which is a good one? If you, if you are keeping track Eu Anti bodies, this is a good one. Yesterday I fourteen ninety nine and a half their that's a good animal. Right there, so I guess it's a company that had millions of anti bodies sort of in their library for just this sort reason, so that they can run their tests again, southern of his computer simulation or actual tests, but they're, probably computer simulation just guessing. But they ran their tests against other existing cattle of millions,
they bodies and they found this one, the sort of a Super star and what it does is it wrapped around the krona virus. It just put the wrapper and it cannot act you just his past from your body. Do you believe it said the echo company, but here's the thing that that just call me by surprise if you're a legitimate traded company you ve gotta, keep some credibility right. What would be worse than making a claim that you do is just bs and then yes, weeks later everybody knows Allied Republic company. What second do you start price remember? This is a billion dollar company, so serious company billion dollar company at least that's what simply offered to buy them several months ago, a billion dollars and
that this is the exact quote from the company we want to emphasise. There is a cure, not a therapeutic, not a vaccine What have you ever heard? A legitimate american bio Biotech company say indirect language. We want to emphasise, there's a cure. There is a solution that works. One hundred percent Doktor Henry G founder and Rancho therapy extolled Fox NEWS: If we have the neutralizing anti body in you, if you have the unique neutralizing eighty body in your body, you dont need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear. They felt there was one particular anti bible. Now, if this guy's lying well,
it would be wrong and that line right. You could be maybe just optimistic but how unusual is it for a ceo to make a claim of a hundred percent cure? He used the word cure and he said a hundred percent have you ever seen ever know. This guy is either so far out on a branch there. He is just a nun, Because, even if you are ninety nine percent, sure you wouldn't say hundred you just one, I mean nobody responsible would say a hundred percent. Alas, unless actually believed
nobody responsible and we don't know if he's responsible right. We don't know this guy. He could be like the biggest bad guy in the world, So if he was the biggest bag unworldly, I could make a crazy claim. Apparently, some big companies that make crazy claims already. I'm in trouble, so he wouldn't even be the first pharmacy Biota company during grown a virus to make a claim that wasn't true. So would be the first time. So if you're evaluating this you'd have to say Is it only news on Fox NEWS that your first red flag, wizened, are more widespread coverage of this. Is it just because you doesn't want to give you any good NEWS about growth of ours? I hope not a doubt. That would be the case.
Is it because the claim is so the so ridiculous, meaning ridiculously optimistic, that's the avenger just said. I don't know about this. It could neither just better news had to say but you cannot rule out the fact. The Fox news bit on something and the CNN reporters are saying. That's a big claim. You know, I'm not gonna run that you, if you would not use the word cure, fine, will write a story that if you had not said a hundred percent, ok fine will re story. It's promising. We do that all the time, but it could be that these claims are so absurd, may be true, but are observed our brains at the moment that that the other news organisations just went Ah,. I don't even know if weaken our enough. We can,
report that he has so it might be just the time lag, maybe take little while before there pardon, but I'm gonna tell you. This is highly highly unusual for anybody at that level to make that kind of claim is either it's either career suicide right causes, founder he's, he's got a billion dollar company. So basically, here he's a super rich guy unless he messes up, and he didn't need to do this right. Remember This is a company already successful and founder, whose probably already worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He doesn't need anything. There's nothing. You needs Would he get in front of the world risk? His entire company is entire fortune.
On a lie this this ridiculous? Now, of course, there is also the possibility he's not lying, but he's also not right. That's the obvious possibility, but full disclosure don't take any advice for me and financial stuff. You relation I've had a number of situations where the right guessing on some financial stuff, but probably as many what I'm wrong. So I feel like I get the politics right more off
but don't take my advice on finances really doubt except her general concepts like diversification, but just fell full disclosure. I bought their stock this morning stock and surrender. Now you should not by stock and surrender. If you think it's an investment is not anything like an investment is just something that dumb people like me will do, because I I just wanted to bet on optimism. If you told me was that a smart thing to do? No, no, it is not smart, not even close to smart, to put your actual hard earned money, On a new story about one company making, you claim in a context where lots companies making claims- and most of them are not true, but I just found myself wanting to better optimism today. Sometimes sometimes you just want a better,
optimism. The stock has already gone up so much before I bought it. I can't even imagine it will be a good good idea. You should be here a week saying I wish I had that. That's what I would expect, but I just want to bet on activism today. I want to go into that. We can feel that way. So here's the fun part when these very states are being reviewed for how they're doing with a reopening The early indications seem to be there's not not any problem with the early opening places. That doesn't seem to be a big change yet, but it's too early- and there are lots of other factors such as what what may be the reason that these southern states that are opening up earlier are getting a good result, because his warm what one of his warm so
We will never know why something worked and widened, but we'll all be sure we did everybody was bias. Is that we should open up quickly will look at the states that open up quickly and they say, will right in front of you. Look they open up quickly when five, compared to the other states. No, no, better. No worse. So, therefore, we were right all along when we said you should open up early. That's what people say. There will be no reasonable basis for that opinion, because we want now, probably never. We won't know what work will never know when when this is all done for the rest of time, smart people say: ok, you around the real reason. It didn't go wrong in Florida. Let's say it doesn't the real reason was the weather turn. Real reason was a they dealt with things differently. Real.
It was the people social distance on their own. The railroad is more. It's gonna be like that. The real reason was people stop. Ants we'll never know why something worked or even if it worked, I dont think will ever be able to tease out of the data, but man people get me sure people can be sure they see stuff and that data that they rosy, and so I was sent to southern twitter this morning called there. Donald data and somebody said to me: a Scots got Scott Florida. You know they closed the clothes late. They opened up early, they don't have any problems. Does that anecdotal is anecdotal scout the Florida nodded they closed laid, but they
their only meaning that they were open more than other states, and they still have you except all death rate is that disasters Eric Total Scott, to which I say here, that's what it means. That's like literally the definition of ethnic. Don't that's exactly ekdahl that that lacks a rigorous scientific analysis, that's a little
And still the the fascinating to movie situation with us Obama Gate on masking. This is a really interesting ones. So unseen, then the Obama Gay thing is nothing by gas lighting and conspiracy, theory and there's nothing to the Fox NEWS is bigger than Watergate and this giant conspiracy to spy on a political campaign using the organs of government. The worst thing ever.
Which ones true can both be too well. I'm gonna be on the side of saying that the walls are closing and does it feel like that. It feels like the walls are close again and the the Obama administration, bad people who did whatever they do with fire and spying on flat, but at the same time I'm gonna say those walls have not completely closed in. So if you think that you see the direct evidence of the crime not there yet not there yet do I expect that will ever see it can. Sometimes in you never see there might not be any indication. Will be
We're thinking which is really the entire accusation. The accusation is what were they thinking? Because if we found out if we found the documents to say why they wanted to unmask unwise thirty nine people needed what? If there's a good reason on there could be right. Thirty, nine people have to fill out legal paperwork. That could be discovered to say why they needed to know that Flynn was the other person on the transcript. They must have surrender reasons. How bad of those reasons do they just leave those boxes blank, or do you think they said something like in the country? my work. I need to know where we are a Visa VIII, Russia, that's it that's all. I have to say anyone. Anyone who one mast, whether a diplomat or Obama's chief of staff, will you automatically think what do they have to do with any this process,
The issue was the very nature of the relationship between the United States and Russia. Basically, everybody in the government, who had some kind of an official role had arisen reason enough of that. I don't know how common it is that it, but on best to get a little? the data about something you that stuff will will learn. So I don't seem to be highly highly unusual based on what we now so, If you ask me, my opinion is sure, looks guilty is sure, looks like a coup. Have the direct evidence yet gonna hold off for it. You don't need to A new studies suggest that the covert nineteen cases could become as much as eighty percent. If people were masks wad. Eighty percent for us all,
neither do you believe that if everybody war masks serving that the hypothetical here is a you'd wear them. Susan woke up right now, just everywhere, decent, you cut corona virus spread by eighty percent, because that does not far off here, love it's eighty percent or sixty percent or fifty percent, but it does. It does feel to me if the people who were infected were wearing them, Why wouldn't reduce it mean just feels like you should see how far we ve gone from masks? Don't work could imagine you are the surgeon general anyway In the morning and you're, the guy was famous for saying in public: don't get a mask master work you wake up and still the crisis you still, the middle of the people are dying by the
Lessons- and you see here actually, if you have not told people that might have cut the sprang down by eighty percent, what what I'm the surgeon general and I gave people advice, the wrong advice and if I had given them the red device, it would have reduced infections by eighty percent. Well, I wonder because we didn't have enough supply, but in theory this is some of the worst medical advice of all time. If you had, if he had to guess what was the worst medical advice of all time, well, probably back when they send smoking was good for you. That was probably the worst medical advice of all time, but I would say second place would be the mass, don't help you in infection really that had to be the worst. Second worse, advice.
I keep seeing more and more things a vitamin d is, is going to be important. I got my vitamin d supplements, so I was holding off The sun and everything I saw described the sun, but I didn't know. If I wanted to also supplement, but I thought that the risk reward of that was good. So do maybe a thousand two thirds units a day, so they'll be way under. Way under a level than I would have to worry about having too much of it, but it would be probably protected in a general way, not necessarily a cronan virus waving in a general way. Vitamin d apparently is good for you.
Ms Mckenna can see the Thursday that there was. He was wrong to claim that the Obama left no kind of kroner virus plan behind. Currently there was a detailed Obama administration plan for how to deal with a proud of ours Brigham, but what we don't know is with that plan have helped us have enough tv now without plan have told us what to do about closing the airport down it. Did their plan have anything in it. That risk management. If he thought I drugs the clerk, we worked, but it wasn't proven now. So I don't know what was in that detailed plan. I think it was mostly about which which organizations talk too who and who is in charge. I think it is more of a framework for the government organizes if I'm right, but did you hear any problems on that regard?.
We four tonnes or problems of hey where's, our ventilators, where's, r, p, p, tons of problems about outcomes. But have we heard one complaint I'll say it didn't happen. I'm just saying it's where the women harder than have. We heard one complaint that the real problem was that the government didn't get self organized efficiently or that they didn't know it. Talk to dinner, who is in charge, you now, I'm sure, I'm sure the ground. There was plenty of that complaining Israelis is he whose and charges but in terms of Europe. The country in your hearing government how they do was Anything in the Obama career. Virus plan. The main difference, because don't you think Everybody knew what the CDC role was. Probably don't you think everybody knew the president was in charge? I think so
Do you think that all of the different organizations that new immediately I have a role in this? Don't you think that, as soon as they read the news and said, oh, I M not a virus department. Remember this, Sir Femur, whatever don't using every one of those organizations said immediately. This is where I jump in, and the way I connect to the process is the way it is. So I call the CDC make sure they were made. Contact is I'll hit the president's office make sure he knows we're up and running. I've got a feeling that the Obama plan, the said how you organised for the pandemic, probably just happened spontaneously. Because every organisation already so they are. If you know your organization has a certain role and the time comes for their role to come into play. Probably there wasn't that much of a problem figuring out. Who does what sort of normal business stuff? Just my guess,
Current do Scott got leave empty, whose great followed by the way on Twitter is as a national data, showing that the number of grown a virus does is plateau doing or going down but other. Nor do we still have some kind of a time lag problem. I'm not sure I do believe anything yet and so what is a CNN talking about today? They ve got this whistle blower Rick Bright, so easy ousted. Director of I guess it was a vaccine agency, Yeah he's complaining now, among other things, that the end ninety. I've mass though we bought, were not effective. Now, here's the thing.
You know I like being a good whistleblower and whistleblowers are important. I like a good whistleblower now and then, but if you're whistleblowers complaining that the mass we bought from Asia or not effective, I just don't know that that's on us is that on is that on the government that products Were poorly made, I mean obviously we wish they had known to check or they done some testing or something. But it seems to me that in an emergency situation, everybody just by everything that they goodbye, because the alternative was worth wouldn't it be way better to have a mask. There was half effective, then not being able to get him ask. So I think everybody did what they can do, which is by every frequently you get an and live with the consequences, which was, unfortunately, the best risk management thing they could have done.
I see it and turning it into a whistle blower story about how they did bad job by masks. Also. According to here, then, the Hydroxyl Chloroprene story is dead. It's a done deal doesn't work. Were you that, were you aware that in the other movie, it's already a fact that Hydroxyl chloroprene doesn't work and might just be banned for you possess not stray and fox lose made. Nor foxes is talked about recently, but the sea and ends evidence is two studies. One said it had no harm and no benefit another when they said it had no benefit, but it did have arm in terms of scope. There's something, but given that we know that this drug has been around forever, that's not really credible the suddenly. This is the only case that those drugs cause problems.
We're the one and only time that these drugs that are built around forever the ones. Cause problems. This time, maybe, but the other study didn't show anything like that. So. You know where I had been. I've been sick. I barely forty percent chance, the hydrochloric. We would make some kind of a big difference that United started out higher level and the reason was that I haven't heard good things about it, but isn't it still true? The doctors are using it. Let me ask you this: So if you see and then saying the other studies ruinous useless, isn't it also true that the doctors are still prescribe again? So why would the doctors whose job it is to prescribe it still still doing it in a widespread fashion? When CNN says I am studies,
what's wrong. What's going on here, hey now could be that my information is behind the times. It could be that lets say a week ago. Doctors all over the country just stopped using Hydroxyl earthquake. Maybe they saw the news to maybe they read CNN said darn. It was promising. I guess there's no reason to try it now. I don't know where the reporting on that it's pretty big story or doctors still prescribing. I see what else we got here. Oh a user on linking sent me a long description about the monetary situation. You know I was asking: can we just print money? Can we just print money, because I thought
Myself, there's something about this unique crisis situation that we ve never seen before. That might be the one, and only time that you could just print money and any other time it would cause you you'd have inflation or if you borrowed you'd cause death and cetera, but I was thinking I don't know. There's something about this. Everything seems to have lines where we can just print money and haven't you been waiting for somebody to tell you can't do that right? Are you waiting for an expert to come on tv and say you could prevent a little bit of money? I mean. Maybe you could prevent half a trillion and you can. You can live with that, but you can't just print four or five trillion dollars. He can't just print the entire gdp of your country.
Just have the downside yours money spent it. There has to be some kind of cost down the road. Have you seen one economic experts say that there would be where's that it aren't there, though we usually have to say, everyone, whereas the other side, the says I gotta tell you this five with whatever it's gonna end up, I'm guessing five trillion but fact checking wherever it ends up words wears a person going on tv and expert, an economist who says look, you're all dreaming. If you present five trillion dollars. Even under these unique situation, you dead, there's no way you can recover from that. You ve just ruin your economy, where's that guy or or woman where's that person right
conspicuously missing helping to everybody be on the same side that weaken print five trillion dollars? What what? What in this universe? In my message, That is so big that I don't understand why we cannot just invent five trillion dollars. So I want to read to you: if you don't mind, can I read you a little bit of a lengthy explanation of this? I'm not sure I understand it all, but maybe some of you will This is from portfolio and gave it to me on Linkedin. I don't think you mind if I ever read it. So on the question of money printing point one Normal circumstances, printing money creates bank reserves, so some of you are already lost by just stick with me.
This would throw the FED funds interest rate of targets, and normally you can't do that. The first point is a normal situation. You couldn't just print money, so that's what I've been years. However, now the interest rates residual and it might even be negative prison. This does not matter the feds could print and not alter the FED funds rate against you're, not gonna, be all fall that if the Treasury does not issue bonds to mark up those reserves, the supply bank reserves lowers the FED funds rate and again, Just the only thing I want you to get. The technical part is that this is somebody who knows what you're talking about now, I can't say jacket because there I don't know enough of the contacts to know if any this is wrong, but. Are you knows we are talking about, is looked into The boy you sell your bonds, modulation, FED fundraising, starting point. Two,
either China nor any other country has to buy our printed money. So it's not an obligation, we're not we're not borrowing money from China, which you'll see a tv people say we are, but that's not what this is. First because it does not have to be issued in bonds. Second, even if even if it was insistent that aviation in bonds the FED could buy them, so I guess the FED can by our own death at any goes. The Bank of Japan owns most of the japanese government bonds, so you government can issue a debt and then just buy it so basically be its own delegates and use banking system could do it with reg
there is agreement. I so I guess you need some regulator. Agreements do that sounds doable, says normally. Printing money creates inflation because it creates demand without supply. This is an exception, which is what I've been saying where an exceptional period, the exception is due to debt inflation. Here we have to get into the paradox of thrift, so starts getting more complicated, blah blah. Second, brief banks, great money when they lend that's, ok, there's more I'll stick out of it. I get out of the lower detail, but the point of all is that, as someone who does I understand all the mechanisms of the system and is agreed. The one point, which is there might be something about the specific situation.
That might be the one time you ve been print five trillion dollars. Isn't that weird there were two who saw that coming? Could any of us could anyone see coming, though we could just print money? Surprise me that. It's mostly when I worked document I'd like to stay on yesterday I mentioned that the locals platform were moving some of my other content to extra content you're. So this will still keep going on, as always the periscopes but I'll be putting some extra staff, including these locals, but I said some
traffic there, I crash their server. So if you tried to go there yesterday that didn't load, that was my fault. I sent some few hundred thousand people they're all at once and it crashed it for a few minutes, so just give it a year. If you tried again today is probably fine, I'm sure. Yeah and the only people I see weighing in on the question of printing money or to feel saying yeah, you can you absolutely can print money right now, all right, I'm stickers update, she is resting comfortably. My dog yeah she's, on pain, pills and the pain pills are masking the pain. Well enough that she doesn't seem to be in discomfort, so she seems happy. The hard part is keeping her
not easy, and thank you for subscribing today I'd. Let's all watch this surrender story watching for two things. One deceiving has reported on CNN or anyplace else, because of it. If its on Fox NEWS, then you never see it anywhere else will judge the credibility based on that our right thanks. So much for those of you did good locals, and I will talk to you tonight and yes is linked to the article on my twitter.
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