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Episode 981 Scott Adams: A Glimpse of the Coming #GoldenAge For the Economy and Humans Too

2020-05-18 | 🔗

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  • We’re living in a world designed for people in the past
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  • Yet more coronavirus facts…that aren’t facts

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on its time it's time for no coffee was got items, because it's too late at night, when it is time to find out more about the golden age, old age is come yeah. It turns out that this corona virus was like the third act. It's a thing. We have to get past laid out for you in a moment. We're gonna keep these seem alive that, at least for the rest of Sunday will pass the thoughts paused a thoughts are their real. Are their realistic doesn't matter for today we're gonna rap ourselves in a cocoon.
Of course, the thoughts and I've got away board to take it home. How would you like to see the wayward here's? Here's the setup services For all of the time that I have been alive, things Based on basically something that evolve from an oath authorities, the house that many people live in if you live in a house type of a structure was probably designed how much different visit than a hundred years ago, but our lives have changed completely, so we're living in a world that was designed, or other people too big thought we are living in a world designed for other people People were not alive. Anymore are.
Design, the ideas of what a house is how we live when a community is what a city is, what a street us. What a school is that as a system and a bunch of systems that work together, they were designed for other people. We don't live like those people were not those people, those people died decades ago. What, but was what is preventing us from building something for us Are we putting up with these incremental little tweaks to somebody else's civilization that we just happened to be living in what we put up with it, because it's hard to change things, people things you haven't inertia, they just keep on go on it's hard to change everything, but also our minds were not in that place, because Did you know you were living in somebody else's world
Did you ever once have their thought? Did you get up in the morning? I look round say you now everything I'm good experience today was designed for somebody who died hunt. Years ago the road was there. The baby cars were there, but basically you living in somebody else's world And the corona virus just change that, because the one of the things that the Krona verse did that I think will be the least appreciated the fact is that changed, how we think about everything when you had to rethink everything from scratch go to school? How do I can you tell my work.
How do I know, even interact with my own family when you have to start from scratch and rethink everything, suddenly becomes clear to you that you are living in someone else's world completely and you'd bought into it like that was ok sore, like some animal takes over another animals dam and just moves in, but they're not really Animal that lives in the damn, if Europe would be like being a vcr, a tiger, the climb a tree and sees a bird nest there and then goes and lives in the bird now. Tigers, don't belong birds nests, then I'll set, but if the tiger was less say asleep in his mind, he just didn't know much about his reality. Am I say I guess tyres live birds nest now
it wouldn't know the difference and ass the world where you been living in your entire life. You ve been a tiger and birds nest, one until the crowd of virus. You thought, maybe that was ok, because it was just what you use to so now, having been forced to rethink everything. So once again somebody's confused about analogies. Let me pause to clean this up now. I've never said advantages are worthless, their worthless for persuasion, specifically their great for describing a new concept, which is the way I just used.
If I go to persuade you and I try to persuade you with an analogy watch how it doesn't work, that's the lesson it won't work. You can see if resolve. If I ever try, it's not gonna, persuade you I promise, but as an explanation of something new, there are great. Here's what's gonna change guaranteed, we are living in the legacy systems. Oliver systems are legacy, meaning is something built for a prior time. Here is the way this can get fixed, and this is where you design anything. If you knew how to design. So you wouldn't a recent change. My world baby, you made me laugh.
So the way you design anything if you really knew how to design things is the first you live with a family. He would actually embed yourself with a variety of different families and you would actually watch what they do during the day cause you gonna try to ultimately design a new place for them to live with new systems from scratch, sufficiency they actually do. Let's say you see, one of the parents comes down, says: mom mom comes down, she is, she starts to leave the door and she forgot her keys. So just go walk all the way up stairs again. She gets occasions all the way back down and she forgot her wallet. Yes, go all the way up. Stairs again, your wallet come all the way back down now, you're the observer. You saying what was wrong with this system: ok, how better for the designs of community from scratch? How about you never need, gives abolishes biometrics
so you don't have to ever go back and get your keys. How about if we don't have physical money and credit cards, what if it's just also biometrics or it could be just could? phone. So what have you just get rid of all those things that made mom annoyed for those five minutes, and then you keep watching as everything from the way they do homework. So they say the kids Rome in their there's, no place to do your homework and there lay on their beds doing homework. Now, like is like to do their homework and the bed, but is the worst place to do it? You should be setting up properly, you should have a table and you should have a proper light and away from the other noise, so that the researchers Sazen couldn't do homework, but even more. Maybe why
the school at all. Maybe there should be one or two places spaces, an arm in which you ve got a big enough screens headphones and a kid or too could take classes and essentially optimized as a room for learning this. Just what it does is not a tv room, it's a learning room. Now these just ideas. The point is that, if you don't stop by, if you don't start your process by actually spending time and recording what people do, how could you possibly design a better system now? Do you think they're home builders do this? Do you think that there is a major home biller whose whose studying things from the bottom up to build a perfect house? I will think so. Here's what I think on builder does, I think, a home builder says what sold well last time
what our competitors selling that is Sally well for them, and that I think they build a house that they know how to build the other s important you, don't you don't wanna, take five years figuring out how to build else. You want to build the house, you know how to build this very similar to the ones that people are buying. Try a little something see if anybody buys more of those tests. Your way through it, but I'll tell you what they're not doing their, not starting from scratch to ask. How did People live in twenty twenty and beyond, but they could still say that you ve done that and now you know how people live in and what a proper house needs to have would be what I'll call ideal Reuben designs.
Why do we have a million different looks for every room, because I guarantee you that there are some room designs that are close to universally right and suddenly just on his good? Why don't we standardize on some rooms, standard, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc? Livin that can be easily Furnished but here's the thing, the everything from the light to the colours of the taxpayers too, how easy it is to maintain it and everything. You consider all of these things and then you make each room like it's a separate product bedroom would be a product, and if you want to live in home, you could say all by three bedrooms and then you could put them together and in the range meant, maybe not an infinitely different arrangement, but a few set.
Structures, so you'd have perfect rooms and then you get your systems. Engineers involved too, not just design home cassettes. That's what we ve done before. If what are you doing is designing home and you plop it in the middle of other homes. There were also designed just to the arms you haven't really designed the system, so you need your systems, engineers committed, say: ok, what's the ideal size, a community while making two big, won't make it too small. What do we do about energy? How will you to make this thing? Green was the best engineering for that. Should we put around a young generation for nuclear power plant. How do we do this? You probably wanted to have your own banking.
Is there any reason that a new community built from scratch couldn't just have an automatic digital bank, and just everybody has that bank they could have other banks to, but if you're living in the community, homeowners Association or the town or whatever, just as some software, So it is a software bank, maybe you'd have software insurance do and you might have software this sort of the backbone of this whole thing running. It you'd have to make sure that you have taken the trips, station. I just throw some wild ideas. If you are going to build a community today from scratch, would you build each home so it could accommodate a drone landing on the roof? Maybe the Jones is delivering small packages and stuff, but would you consider that the original design they're probably drone?
will be delivering small stuff, so you don't have to drive through the star, maybe so maybe you'd ever underground walkways on November transportation pray whether the engineers would say that out, as well as everything from healthcare to security and figuring out what kind of nature to put right now I'm gonna, start administered deleting anybody block. Anybody mentions communism or were socialism because there's nothing in anything yours say that has even remotely like that. So very baser say that's communism. You take my freedom. Rwanda rubs can block you because you're not ready for this. So those are the first three phases.
All very doable. I think you can see and then here's the fun bar start building on kids should be Lego like meaning that even snap and together It should be so easy that you can hire you goober driver to assemble your house, for you now not specifically over driver, but the point is unskilled. Labour should be able to take these blocks and say: oh here's, the directions, here's the Youtube. Video for today's work, this block, ok, there's only one place, no cutting would be involved, no cutting, no sign, no reason everything would be the right size because, let's say the floor panels
Earl Squares, so you might have different size rooms depending on your needs, but they would always be that there will always be true to the the one foot square, so you never have to cut em. You just add another square warning: but you never cut anything. You'd make a low maintenance and you'd make it one level because even assemble one level. More. We now, I don't know how exactly you do, the the the foundation part to make sure that it's got everything it needs, but I think engineers figured that out and even the the plumbing and the electrical could be just different components, or you say, ok, ideas of electrical here, so you put it you snap, on a different kind of component that has a pipe it. So that would be the basic idea. Now you wouldn't build it yourself, necessarily like it said it could be built by unskilled laborers, so you can have your your land.
Paper take the weekend and help here whenever she will have to do yourself, then, once you have done some gets, you find some places. The test them could be in a brand new location could be, whereas an urban blight has been cleared, allow bill pull day, another the blade authority, you ve heard this where large swaths of broken down stuff in the inner cities has been removed and just available Try something that you try to relax the codes and I think the krona virus helps us there too, because if you relax some of the building codes, you could do a lot more obviously, and I think that we saw so many codes and regulations being relaxed during the corona virus that we just sort of feel. Like that's a thing now,
It didn't feel like it was a thing before right to get rid of any red tape, but now we just got rid of massive amounts of red tape and had two and we all live through what about your mind, is little primed, you're thinking. Well, why don't I get into some more red tape that worked pretty well, So there is something about being the right time in the right place, which is happening right now. I think and then we should also think about the design of the communities in terms of lives there, which might be more. Important to your overall happiness than anything else. Let me let me give you a provocative thought that I had today that's good at this gonna blow your mind, you ready this leaves. This might be the one thing you remember, this periscope promise you'll make Europe your brain her here it is. Do you think that drug attics.
Have a drug problem, or they have some kind of- was a self control problem. You probably think it's one of those right is either a drug problem, as some people would say. Or is about the individual there's something they need to fictional themselves? Those are probably the two ways that people look at it word or a combination of the two things. Let me give you a new frame. Drug annex are allergic to other people who are not drug. Annex the danger for a gigantic is the other people, because who brings drugs were into a place where attics would otherwise be by themselves, Alex does well limit money said include, replace, obviously inadequate, sometimes gets drugs. The point is us.
If you have a city where community there was nothing but attics? Who would build a drugs? I'm sorry we build the liquor store there. Nobody could you couldn't make it, honey. So if a world was only attics and there were no non annex, the annex themselves would have no problem because they wouldn't be either they wouldn't be buildings around liquor store. There would be no place to buy it because the only people buy it should be buying. It are the other people. So, if you think about it, the weird situation of annex is that they need to be away from regular people. At least until now, they ve got things under control. So if you built a place where I was only attics, they wouldn't have the problem of dealing with regular people in there and their liquor stores and and their way,
though you might also build communities where families or seniors singles near there might be a variety of ways. Do it maybe some mixed use. You can see some situations where we have already seen this, where some college students- Are living with senior citizens because it's really good combo, the young person can help them with some stuff. The old person has a nice house, but it's sort empty so we're already seeing that that's a dozen trend. Maybe you could build a community without taking into consideration. I so here's the bottom line, Everything about our legacy- lifestyle from school. To how we live to how we eat everything does now under question, and I think that people are getting a real serious about designing from scratch. And if you guess you can imagine the the magnitude of this kind,
the change, because the thing that we don't get right with housing is we don't really build it to the person and the person Willoughby. Let me show you this. We'll talk about it. So the golden age is gonna. Come because what we could have super low interest rates, which is really good for construction. All of our assumptions about how we live change because the growing virus there's this entrepreneurial gigantic away. If this coming largely because everybody had to rethink all their assumptions and suddenly they said, maybe working for that old blasted just fired me is not a safe job anymore. So I think you're gonna say just a huge wave of lunch, brutal action, but importantly, I think we're gonna learn that our happiness as as creatures in this universe depends very much
programming, our bodies in our brains with our environment? And what I mean by that is, if you can build a low cost situation, which is designed well, but allows you to get your vitamin d, because the need for sunshine is built into it. It allows you to get your quiet time, because we did that allows you to sleep well with darkened darken. Rooms that are too loud if it allows you to be safe. Let's say I got really good security if it allows you to be less bother less anxious, less stressed. Every one of these things are things which you're physical surroundings can control. They can control you with colors sound. The the availability of good food, good nutrition,
And then just the impact as on your your wallet every one of these things programs, you if you want to be happy, you first have to understand that you're being programmed by your environment and then the second thing you need to do Is learn to program your environment, so software programs, you that's the part- is missing and were so close to unlocking the golden age. By realizing it. So let me say it again: if you just let it, we environment programme, you you're just taking it as it comes you just living in somebody else's world, which is what we ve been doing a world that was designed for people in the thirties long long since I'd. But if you want to, if you wanna take part into something amazing, you have to realise the simple truth about the world
You can change your environment and if you do a right, it programs you the way you want it. That's the interface changer environment.
Their programs, you, the simple example, is I say you weren't getting enough vitamin d, you whatever you think that does for you sciences, pretty pre, adamant that that's a big deal, so you build a bill that community, where your physical surroundings will just accidentally give it you. Let's say you know that taking a nice walk in the outdoors everyday makes you feel better by the way. If you try, this lot of, you have been taken walks since the current virus started. Have you noticed how much better you feel when you take a long walk right, I mean you can really feel the difference is because you views your external environment to reprogram yourself internally now, once you learn that that's sort of the key to life.
Changing your externalities to reprogram, hear yourself. Then the golden age is unlocked and you get to go to the next level. So we will be, I believe, yeah. You know wave of innovation, reprogram our environment so that when you sit down you're sitting in a good place, it's not is not giving you germs it's now. Maybe you and healthy is now stress a u. We all figured out how to build a civilization that for the first time the first time was designed for you. That's an old age, my friends! So that's what's gotten one hears among other fun stuff. I know you do so As we're watching,
everything you re like exactly. You probably would want to put some EU related to your home of the future. Get those viruses right over there. This is one example I so you know how we're not trusting any information about the corona virus It seems as though every you find out? ass to be wrong later another some question about a symptomatic sharing? Apparently we don't exactly know that a symptom attic sharing is a real thing. Apparently we're just kind is sure. Maybe now that's a pretty big deal, sprightly being feel wouldn't be nice to know that the other thing that apparently we don't know for sure- and I think I told you the other day M Culture- was all over this. So apparently we don't know that their virus came from.
Lab according to like Pompiers recently I guess you one from a really darn sure we got plenty of evidence that virus came from the lad. All the way to we don't really know working from that's a pretty big distances. Net. From yeah came from that lab too, because we have no idea, no idea, pretty big difference The chinese ambassador to Israel, who is newly assigned was found dead in his home, how undue chinese ambassadors die arm does seem all sketch do
hers early party, you the says chinese ambassador dies a home in Israel, maybe maybe ok. So is wondering today how many intelligence agencies or watching me, and I'm pretty sure you leave. Those states gives me- and I know of a few others that pretty darn surer keeping an eye on me, but I was
I was wondering what would be the criteria for some intelligence agency in another country to keep an eye on you now. Obviously, if you're in politics or the military thou be obvious, but don't you think that they probably watch at least some people who are not politicians or in the military just because they think there might be something they can learn their wondering. How could anybody watch american politics and watch closely enough, so they know who all the players are. If anybody watch me for the last few years time, if you think they would have intelligence ass as watching me by their just to figure out what the hell I'm doing that either of you never know what the the odds are better. My guess.
I guess it just based on the things I've seen and and heard is a baby forum that I know of, but I'm just getting so Jake Tapir was talking about President Jake Taffir, the little piece of recyclable present chums quote unprecedented smear campaign, So you talk about how it is done: Junior made some kind of joke on Twitter about pedophilia and Joe Biden. Now, of course, Joe Biden has never been accused of that and Don Junior YO immediately said the Oda you should be able to tell I can it was a joke so that any kind of a serious accusation? I know it, you think any sniffs air, but that's that's different.
So those are the two examples. Were the present trouble, Cues day a tv news person of possibly murder, I thought because he didn't name who the pursuers Jacon, I thought to Myself- did Trump accuse news, hosts personal murder. I thought edge Joe Scarborough UP
Actually, you didn't actually say Joe Scarborough may emerge somebody, but through there was the essentials of a dead body in the office or something in the past and and Trump trumpeted City S, letters. Maybe a story here even say you did say directly that Scarborough was a murderer but is also funny to watch. So you see an end is just then running like one one hopes after and others for last four years ago,
thing from the fine people hopes to the Russia collusion hopes to the drinking glee chokes the Ukraine Oaks is one after another and then when, when the trumps turned round and the like. Well, ok after four years, the thing we ve learned after four years is: there's no limit. What to what you can say about the other two. There is no limit. If you look at what what they ve been saying about Trump for four years, you'd have to say where's the lemon there's no limit, you can just make up anything now.
Everything, oh yeah, he works for Putin. Ok, I Asia spending time with children. I was just put that other civilly believes that so was hilarious about this is that everybody can complain about the other side, making stuff up we're so passed the point where it means anything to complain that somebody is making stuff up, because this is all made up. This all made up way that was fun and less page amounts doesn't have anything on it so that some issues birth tourism started. Well did it goes I do now
birth tourism did. It was like you, somebody says in joy: this tonight open did for you in a better mood and so Joe is not the nominee it'll be Harrison Obama with Obama's vice president ethics, ethics. Hooper Gretta on the Krona panel, and why well wasn't CNN spell, and why is fairly she's interesting? You don't. You know the trick of doing something a little bit wrong intentionally when CNN, poor, Gretta Thunder the corona virus panel. Do you think CNN was just dumb and there like she's, an expert,
were put on the battle. Nobody'll know the difference, or do you think they were smart cause? They knew it was just a little bit wrong and I was going to draw people in I'm gonna go with smart. I am obviously I have plenty of credentials of your criticising people when I think they're not in the media, especially I'm going to say that the gravity thing, if, if I'm being consistent, with my ongoing theme, which is, I was separate, the technique from weathers, morally or ethically appropriate. Because that's your decision- and I can tell you- is morally or ethically appropriate whom I am not
Pope, so you can work on their moral. Ethical stuff yourself doesn't mean I'm ignoring it just means or make my decision. You make your decision on that. But if we're just talk about technique was a good technique for sea, then spoke Gretta Tunbridge panel. Where doesn't quite make sense, why she's there and the answer is: yes, absolutely. Do you think that she got more eyeballs because I'm shooting it I'm sure they did so I'll go call that a success. Another mark see them every time they do something that works if it works. It works. Somebody says it's only a little bit wrong. Why Actually, I think it is a little bit wrong, because you will. Let me let me do something Then I know your head
I have the same opinion. Gretta is, as I do, some of the celebrities who weighing on politics, if they're just a tourist as just some celebrity or something in theirs. Me and say something and go back to their life. I have a lot of respect for that. Although everybody gets to see their their peace, I dont disrespected just the sort of another boat for those people who actually come Anne and Grant is one of those people peace committed. I can this agree with everything she says and still respected, because there is a degree of commitment there. That is more important than being right. In my opinion, because you know it's a big world and we all have different opinions. I don't know which ones are right, either we ve just watched a year of all the experts been wrong about everything, but I wonder why now so so being right.
Maybe a go too far, but certainly being interesting matters getting people to engage on matters, and I would say that Gretta has. I think she urged her place on the bell. I'm gonna say that, because no matter what you think about her anything ever scientific knowledge, her anything, no matter what you think of anything, she is committed, she's passionate she brings, she brings an audience. She represents a generation, that's gonna be impacted by this and I think your opinions might actually be newsworthy. So maybe you didn't You expect me to go for pro rata, which is completely different from agreeing on what she wants to do is stuff, but I I I
slowly. Welcome her voice as well. Is anybody on the other side is got imposing opinion, so long as their they'd, meanwhile, and their passionate, and they are willing to do it in public and try to make the world a better place somehow so sets off. Yes, I know some of you rub the wrong way by her, but there's plenty to like and stay we're. Just gonna do optimism. So he says you lost me she's a tool. Well people don't like it. When I dont go after people now have you noticed?
don't usually go after people. That's very intentional because I think going after people is maybe the lowest is the lowest level of politics. I'm sure there's something lower than that, but. There are lots of times when you wanna go after the person and for me, if the person means well, I won't take that. So you're somebody means well in their pulling in the work good with them. Every time says my room, you can have it if you are right. That's like effort today, and I will see you in the morning and we will have more good. Fun then hope you enjoy today see them.
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