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Episode 988 Scott Adams: Things Getting Back to Normal Because the News is About Racism Again. Normal Might be Overrated.

2020-05-21 | 🔗

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  • Jeffrey Shaman ProPublica article on COVID-19
  • Volkswagen ad
  • Kamala Harris resolution, “Chinese virus” is racist
  • Howard Stern hates Trump supporters…is that racist?
  • Stacy Abrams, black women and Democrat party
  • Facebook censored coronavirus information and protests

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Bump bump bump bump bump on the bumper everybody in Dhaka function is good to see you as always. Well, if you came here for the simultaneous up and you were expecting, to be good. I got news for you. It's gonna, be great. Yeah and all you need is what what do you need a ride? cover. Bugger glass, attacker challenges die the jogger flask of vessel of any kind fellow in the event of liquid like coffee
join me down for the unparalleled pleasure, the dogma of the day. The thing that makes everything, including the damn pandemic, better skull, the simultaneous an app is now go. I can feel racism declining everywhere in the country. I think it's the coffee, I think so. Well, I tell you, there's nothing better. Better news, then seeing things get back to normal and my right, and by getting back to normal, I mean in the news, is now full of stories racism, fake race. Allegations of racism people defending themselves racism and policies that are racist.
Once, once you see the headlines, look like that and see mostly back. The normal, barely there's nothin else happen, but throughout Europe. Few other stories which I shall talk well, sir. Pro public, which is a publication. They ve got a story talking about. How is that, if the United, These have lockdown sooner, let's say of the country and like them. Two weeks earlier than dead, it could have prevented eighty four percent of the DAS and eighty percent of the cases. Said this was said by research team led by epidemiologist, Jeffrey shaman. Do Jeffrey Shaven and his team of epidemiologists up. This would be a good time to ask your children to leave the room
If we could or turned down your sound all that they report Anson on some headphones, because Jeffrey Shamon is not making me happy right now,. And sometimes we are not happy I will use an appropriate language. I feel that moment is approaching, so you been warned. So, according to the team led by epidemiologist Jeffrey Sherman, if we had locked down two weeks early, we can approve hundred eighty four percent of our does, to which I say, Jeffrey Shaman, fuck, you, you fucking asshole, you fuckin, stupid, fuck asshole did the best. We could did that ass? We could. Where were you? Where were you when it was time to lock there? Were your fuckin stupid mom, thanks for coming after the crisis to stab the wounded you fuckin useless, Ps I. Yet this is the analysis. We don't need, we don t.
You bay and adding the fucking citizens while we're still alive Can you let us just work through the fucking crisis without blaming people for making this regions. I could possibly a fuckin gotten right. Every time fifty fuckin stays with fifty fuck indifferent such patients. Do you think everybody knew what to do Nobody knew what to do. Give us your fucking after the fact bullshit you weren't there, you weren't a leader you didn't have to make any fucking decisions Jeffrey Fucking shaven in other news, separated a separate analysis shown that say without further Ado, in a separate analysis.
Ok, the others. Another analysis that do you know another model to the says that if if New York shut down sooner blah blah blah blah attire, I dont have any patients further further twenty twenty hindsight, though, is the biggest useless mother fucking piece of shit- this country, any anybody who is here just a stab the stab the people who did the best they could, there. Wasn't any body on the other side. Everybody in the United States was trial. The best they could we do the best we could So barely Sweden has taken the throne for the most deaths per se. I wasn't with enough that last and obviously that's just a recent number, if you look historically, they were not number one.
Another up to swim is little over six deaths per. Million inhabitants habits per day. On a rolling seventy average. Now, who knows that keeps keeps Doing I would say that almost all of our data about current viruses sort of not credible, so I wouldn't take any the too seriously But those tell you that leadership doesnt matter. I keep saying that that what this is all done, the countries can be sufficiently different the others enough different going on each country that. I don't? Love will ever know what men difference. I really dont because like there's, this is one fact I just can't get in my. And then I heard this one epidemiologists expert talk about any.
Said that we don't know why viruses ever burn out, to which I said what, really we don't know the most basic thing which why any virus ever burn. So now I think, is probably a combination of smaller, smaller things right You little bit heard herd immunity that's not the whole answer. Maybe there's something about the temperature: the whether people change behaviour somethin. Maybe the virus mutates, maybe there's something. About some individuals who are more susceptible and once you ve gotten all of those that's effectively heard instinct, because one's work, arrogant anyway, there's something mysterious soup, but the fact that we ve got this far into it. We don't know even was was tops of viruses, mind boggling to me about the printing, all the money, so
I have a little rule serve a rule of thumb, which is, and I think you will agree that it is probably not a hundred percent effective, but. That's pretty darn, pretty darn reliable and goes like this. If somebody here explain something to you simply it's because they don't understand. So you'll see you'll see that roars pretty effectively. If you cannot simplify your argument to the point where I could understand, it is because you don't we stand it because I can certainly capable of understanding a simplification, but if you're not capable of making one means- probably you don't understand your topic here is the perfect example: when everybody's doc, about the money supply? And I would ask the question you: you ve been hearing the asking for a few months. What's the downside of just printing trip,
dollars and your brain immediately says. Well, obviously the downside is and then you can finish the sentence because You say because we are, too much money and then I say well we're not we're just printing it we're not borrowing it where's, printing, it digitally, but were promptly Then you say well and that I say care have inflation because demand is to allow the economy got work too hard nobody's gonna raised, prizes they by lower them to get some more demand, but It's gonna be a long time before they raises any prices, and then you say yeah. It's ok! For now, But when the economy gets back on its feet, then too much money sloshing around so its approach.
Home for later for quantitative of EU really, you could just measure it saying this much extra money economy gets up to speed. Well they're much extra money causes all the inflation pretty pretty objective. When you say. So let me see if I can explain it, as somebody did today to me on the locals platform. It was the best explanation. I've seen it goes like this that the economy could be thought of as the money supply, literally how many dollars there are multiplied times. Something economists call velocity now in economic terms: velocity is just how quickly the dollar is going through the economy. I buy something than the person I bought it from quickly by something. Then they buy something. So velocity is how quickly things are going through the economy. She, if you ve, got a high speed.
We have also got a lotta dollars. You got a big family because lots of dollars times lots of speed is a big number. So tat those two variables simplifying it to just how much there is and how much is moving You can change one of them. As long as the other was somewhat compensating. So you can add lots of dollars so long of lasting goes down or stays the same, so would the velocity go up, and here he was of insight. Somebody made- and I thought spurn again because there's a big unexplained part of this were mine. My brain queen figure out. What's going happened a few years down the road and I'm not sure anybody can actually- and it goes like Is that all of the extra money if it stayed in circulation? At the same time, the extra activity
created the velocity to be higher. You would get you would get the inflation, but rich people. Don't necessarily circulates or money, sometimes. Just so that So we have enough rich people, they could actually just absorb the extra cash and just take it out of the velocity equation because they don't have to spend it there, but they did so. The weird thing about this, this economic hit is that it here to half of the country unjust you're, throwing out approximate numbers ripe just making this up but half of the countries that worked hard, but generally speaking it was there. For the countries that do not have much money to begin with it or income wage earners, the top of the country, actually get richer idle affairs whatever
but it is true that a whole bunch of people kept getting paid and didn't have any expenses for a few months. I just got richer So we ve never seen this situation where half the country got richer of exactly the same time. Have the country lost everything I'm one of these men, so we least have the possibility that the rich half of the country becomes like a regulator for the economy rather too variables that deeds between how much cash and then the velocity. So the government is going to determine how much seventy dollars or are, and they ve done, that they printed a whole bunch of new ones. So, there's more of that at the same time, because inflation is slow the half of the country with money can be like, Regulator of the country working like a site logical engine managed by The president of the United States and his optimism essentially.
He's. Gonna say things are good, spend some money and then could be good and we got a bunch of extra money We don't have enough velocity so that the other people's money they spend they get the velocity up to now. Lastly, up we ve got this extra cash. Suddenly the GDP recovers faster than you thought, but then what? Then, what if you keep going, you could overshoot the mark. Then you ve got too much cash and too much philosophy. Then, inflation, but the rich people again, the half of the country- that's got the money can pull back. No would they But it's interesting that they could they could Early just spend less let's say you're. Let's say your problem was five or ten percent inflation. That's why you're worried about if the rich people simply pulled back five or ten percent.
I don't think that mouth works white, but there's some number that they could pull back. Just voluntarily just because they wanted to and have the impact on their life, because a ten percent, less Leslie spending for rich people is immaterial, and and we can sort of just regulate this thing so that the economy grows progressively Is it eventually absorbs all that extra cash boom? So here's the thing is, it is it mathematically possible is physically possible cost. The laws of physics, the laws of math the land, the weakest, it wasn't works. If you take into account all the forces can we can reprint trillions of dollars and still cover this fine. And I think the answer is yes.
The answer is. Yes, right, I don't know I'm, MRS often, but Slightly Israel's, yes, but only because this very specific situation and I gotta say I'm impressed. Manager, then the people making them die and decisions only that I just didn't, have any choice. I suppose you could say that, but it looks like they did exactly the right thing in terms of tweaking the economy. It looks like it. So that's reviews. What's the funniest story the day so we'll into the racism female. So I mean the seriously when the news when the news was left anyway, terms do nonstop stories about alleged and actual racism. No other things are looking better. I think
look it up? If that's, what we're talking about and sure enough Syrians praises all buncher racism stories, so here's the funniest one. If raises can be funny, sometimes it can come on line up. It's not always doubtfully. In this case Volkswagen accidently did a racist advertisement. That's funny come on No, nobody saying anything bad adjust. Funny the Volkswagen accidentally mailer, races, dad Though I didn't see the add, but its described this way, the sea, as You're in believers, like I swear, this is actually real Volkswagen. Have this ad Europe and the United States must ban in Germany, Surely the emphasised white hand push a black man away from a part of the W Gulf before flicking.
Into a restaurant called pitied colon, which translates from French as the little colonists or little settler. Now how many people in Germany saw the commercial and saw that, like the bay, him coming down the big way. Heather flicking a tiny character of a black character than commercial into a restaurant called the little subtler. No no no flies were raised. Do you know how many people see anything and A corporation there's rooms full of people. Of all of those rooms for people, There wasn't one person who said no. This doesn't look quite right to me. Not one person. Let me make a guess what happened. This is just a guess again,.
I'm guessing that a lot of people saw it as a script. So they saw written down in said, there's a character here, there's a character here and specify what they look like that there were white or black, because why would even specify that who would writer who would write a script? for a commercial that actually specified the ethnicity like unless I was the point of it, which it wasn't so, I think, the commercial was written as just a generic commercial did better what characters you put under their pledges back and then whoever was casting the commercial said. You know you know begun would be diversity this. Partial needs, a little diversity, but we already film the part with the giant hand. Now we need to fill in the second
bar that will you put together monsieur July, so we need just a guy who's, walkin undecided. What I know why don't we be inclusive, and we will make sure that we show some diversity or so the other character and in it since one characters, white. Well, who make the other one black african American, but this is Germany, would talk about so it's a black character, And probably the person who cast the commercial was the opposite. Racist was probably just say I only got all these people whispers of diversity of their just guess, I'm just guessing whoever cast The commercial was just not a whole different wavelength, was literally trying to do the right thing as they sought. But then there is this whole time. Between when the commercial go shot. Two, when other,
people in Volkswagen saw what was no one was there no point at which it was sort of, Here, too, the management, because that would be the typical we'll do it. You know that almost always your previous version, management, before it ever got on tv and there's no point which men Benjamin sat there and watch the commercial and said to themselves, are you sure, you cast? This right is this: by giving us a little trouble now the funniest part of the commission, the whole story. Is there when I came out and the vote was roundly criticised for it Volkswagen's response was we may erases commercial they didn't say enough. This is to the credit or you can you can decide, but what they? didn't say, as my god we didn't mean it that way, it wasn t ass, complete action,
we wish you hope you didn t That way, we are just trying to put some diversity into it. Didn't occur to us we see a two year, another like that just one spread at it and said we made a racist, commercial, no excuse, and I thought to myself. That's weirdly, refreshing, isn't it. You re almost one year an excuse because you'd like to know it was an accident right, Would you like to those of accident, but something noble, There there's something I can respect about the fact that they left the excuse We have to appreciate that doing they easily component excuse. They said it was born Bob men? Well, we see our came out, but yeah sorry Bob's not raises. We just answer that way. We don't see color, that's why we missed it through So many ways: Volkswagen,
Can a weasel than others and keep in mind that there are still suffering from the fact that those values associated with the of the Nazi regime literally so they ve got a little reputational baggage there if you can call being associated with Nazi Germany Baggage, and instead of making any excuses, they just said we we made a racist commercial. We don't even know how added boom. Sorry about that. I, like the directness, in racist story. Number two common viruses introduce resolution condemning the phrase chinese virus as racist. Because you know when you got a pandemic, you gotta take care of the priorities
It was a pretty big priority. Wasn't not. I would suggest that the phrase chinese virus is indeed racist, so I would agree with a couple Harris in that, in that, but I would add this China virus is not chinese. Is also to my ears, says where the better Chinese Americans that are Americans emphasis on the Americans for right. Do I want to cause trouble with US Americans in the middle of a pandemic. We're we're just trying to get through this together and the I do not. I do I want to be accidently, insulting chinese Americans or or chinese. Lessons in China either for some
that none of them have anything to do it. So I dont like chinese virus as a phrase. I know these raises in terms The people using it they're not using it in way. Certainly, that's not what their thinking. I feel confident saying that. But sometimes worse, carry their own meaning. Somebody says: oh, please, let me let me clarify if you're, if you're anointed, my opinion is only because I haven't clarified, I dont personally give a shit. So I don't wanna confuse me. Let me agreeing that words are suboptimal. That's different from me personally, giving a shit. Like it doesn't feel racist to me right. I don't think so. People using or even slightly thinking of it that way,
So it's not racist in reality It is racist in how it's gonna feel. Some people, and, in my opinion, we as social species. So something bothers you. There should matter to me right. Should it not matter to me that something do bothers you of course, issue. I should care about that, so there are people in the United States who are chinese american war. Even here, encourage or whenever status with Make them uncomfortable hearing chinese virus instead of China Virus, which would be the government and the place, not the people, and I would say they might. I can see no solution uncomfortable about the phrase, so I'm gonna agree with camel hair is another should be. I don't think the government should be of also, I think, that's a dumb.
Iceland, so I think workable, heiresses, dumbest thing it's the way priority and is just not something the government should be vessel with but in general I see the boy. So that's all I'm saying Jake Novak points out. The political politically humour that goes after one side is just hate speech, with a laugh track, which is a good life tweet, so political, humor. The goes after only one side is just hate speech, with a laugh track. Now, of course, all political speech pretty much just goes after one side, but the differences, and I think the context Jake was. You about is sort of their Howard, stern situation. Yeah. You know that our stern is decided. These gonna be saying publicly and privately.
I remember as a shock jock, so you have for everything context, but he's saying that you just hates transporters, here's the thing. If you say you re at the politics or the kid there does this political, but if you say you hit the voters, what's that, while I was suggested racist, so I would suggest that Howard Stern, when he says he doesn't like tromp voters. Do you think that in his mind, so we're not mind readers, but so we don't know what he's thinking bullets to speculate of the possibilities His Howard Stern, when he thinks about from supporters, is anything Do you have any them as being black about now nobody has a images and said: that's the stereotype image of some of the southern southern guys and women here with their baseball, had similar megawatts
maybe they're air Fifteen's, water and that's probably his image of trump transporters. Which is why raises because as you know, these, they hear them as a certain type of white person right feels racist me literally. I'm not joking about that, because it would be folly racist, I don't know what else it would be right because I've been there. I think if it's their definition, because you couldn't, And the test, of course, as you couldn't replace anybody else and get the same result, listen he said that he hated, Everybody in black lives matter, would you say yourself. Well, that's not racist, because their way people who were in black lives matter now. You wouldn't say that if Howard Stern, I've ever sanity hasn't,
if you said, I hate the people who were in black lives matter. You'd say: let's raises. Even even though the people are all kinds of different people, because your I would say mostly black people. So I would say this is just classic racism to me. I mean looks like to me the southwest more racism now. Let's talk about Olivia Jade GM, so you rather thier rich kids, who were going to college fake scholarships and stuff I don't know why this is funny, but The agenda fake scholarship was based on being, what he thought when I row was the name for that was safely the name for rowing, forget what it has baby, but Specifically, she was she was
a champion coxswain seo acts as the view I am now, exactly know what a champion coxswain is. I just know, I wouldn't want to be time, anybody that a dollar, went to college to be a champion coxswain, you can fill in your own joke- don't make me do everything for you, I see that our is another racism story, Stacy Abrams recently said that the black women are the strongest the Democratic Party to which I say That's not raises what makes the strongest how would you measure whose the strongest part of the Democratic Party, moreover, isn't the whole?
point of the Democratic party diversity as it is a sort of really basic to being a Democrat that votes. Verse. That's like all the whole deal according to Stacy Abrams Democrats are diverse, but there's one part is a little bit stronger and that just happens to be the group she's in a black woman, the strongest part of the Democratic Party. Now I think, because Stacy Abrams is not terribly important, she's not gonna, be the vice. Iceland and she's not important to the country and other ways except little interest in character? The news, but I can Imagine anybody else saying that there was one ethnic group within a political party that was the important work and get away with that like somehow that somehow that was it,
Thank you. The the word out will you for was true for the rowing stuff, In the current Swain Services is the captain, but what am I am, I am by pronouncing coxswain we'll get it it's a funny, word. If you sell your daughter to college. Just hope he's not call the champion coxswain when she gets back as a myself. I so Facebook was getting trouble for taking down growth a virus information. Now the facebook was trying to take down. Information is incorrect medically and also information about protests. To which I said what what
what I had originally heard the facebook was taken down medical information. I thought my you know at least as well intentioned. I don't think, there's when you do right, because the world health organs they should have bad information, and I have good information out. How is Facebook supposed to now that the cartoonist had the good information telling people they should wear masks when Health organisation was not. I would have been banned by Facebook for my correct medical advice, the World Health Organisation would have been included. So the whole idea that you than a ban, the stuff is not correct. You know what's correct and we just prove beyond, shadow of a doubt that we just can't tell no matter where it comes, so from problem but I wish you d say to yourself: right. Well, maybe at least that you get the big stuff
if somebody at a really bad medical advice that we just kill you, maybe they can catch last off right so but then that's impossible to because what they think Hydroxyl clerk queen. Off the list, or would they put it on the list I do with it with the wood facebook say is not approved for this, use and therefore, even though a doktor could use it off label, that's more about you and your doktor. We're going to take the whole idea of it and of your universe. Would they do that? So the point is even with good intentions. Anything Facebook has good intentions,
I mean, why would they? Why would they have bad intentions right? So I think Facebook has good intentions about getting people to write medical advice. Cuz it matters, it's just not doable it just isn't do so. Is that it's an impossible task and therefore you have to ask why try because they're going to be filtering good information with bad and they're, just just just no way to avoid it. There's one question, but then the second question is apparently they were taking down notices for anti lockdown protests, at which point I say, wait a minute and anti lockdown protest. I get that there's a medical risks involved, legislating together, but that's free
This page is one thing that you're trying to be helpful and getting us the good and useful medical advice, but you don't know how to do it and you did it wrong. That's one thing I can sort of almost kind of forgive you for trying hard to get the medical part right, but just not knowing how to do it, because it's hard ok, but blocking a notice of protest, a peaceful protest in the United States, Facebook used to be destroyed. Facebook sore across the live here? Don't you think it's Facebook is suppressing political speech. This both legal. And non violent and has a good purpose nobody's nobody's looking for a bad purpose here.
The pit the protesters are looking to help the country not heard it have a different idea of what helps you take. That kind of speech do if you're suppressing ordinary protest speech, You have lost your moral authority to exist in the United States, can't coexist in our system. And also be the primary vehicle of communication and suppressing people's free speech. Now, of course, We can argue blah blah blah Scott facebooks, not the government. There are private company. Well public but they can do what they want their, not the government. The first amendment does not apply to the private companies. I area. I get that your technically correct. You are technically correct. What is also true as if you still using Facebook.
Why? Why does anybody use facebook? So I have a facebook account and for if I want to see if there's a picture of my stepped orders, the other like I'll, go and check that one thing, but why would you ever posters and Facebook. Why would you go there for anything? Actually I don't know like legislate on this question. If I got a twitter, unlike I'm, just filled with Stories and ideas I'm getting informed, debating people in a meeting people and its like his whole. This whole energetic situation, where there is good and bad, but you certainly know why don't I don't know anybody, uses Facebook you, I can't think of a signal reason now suppose if you have a family families, and you want to show pictures.
But is a really no other way to show pictures. You can show pictures on Instagram Twitter shows pictures while always show pictures. So Becky, contrary in protection on Facebook, I don't think he's gonna last. I think Facebook could actually be failed company in five years, I think it would have to do with the fact that there's something about it does work anymore now. Do you get any kind of a dope immediate from Facebook? I'm curious, but that? Because if I look at least say if I look at Instagram, which of course support facebook, but walled off. If I look at Instagram, I can get it open media from that she's good pictures of some things. I wouldn't see it's interesting figures.
When I reckon you all kinds of dope media, secular, the locals, I get dominions like crazy for the creator. That's the highest. Dopamine head is locals, and but Facebook spoke was last time you went to Facebook, you gotta dope mean hit like it actually fell. Good. I dont know if I've ever felt that so, since kids don't really use it. And I honestly don't know anybody uses actually, I know people use it, but that use it. I think Facebook is destined to become an elderly persons product
would be my guess, so I predict that Facebook, that's the best part of their history, is behind them. I think those were my prepared comments. How many of you? have learned a skill during the lockdown I'll give you a low. The reason I do this is because I want to inspire you by example. I know that's, that's six says terrible when you say that out loud. But that's the point. The point is that humans are imitating species if all of your friends are doing acts. The odds of you, Ending up. Doing actual really high abusing pure influence to lose a persuade you in a positive way.
So what are we to do ass? I tell you the things that I have personally accomplished during the shut down, so that You say to yourself who is still a few weeks left of the shutdown will see if I can get a few things done so this is the talent stack idea that if you have, Any opportunity to add a talent to what we already have. You can make yourself far more value, so what I've done is I've moved lotta content over to the local platform sorts basically, a whole new line of business effectively started to do business by just moving my content over and ass. The great after the better way, surprised at the number of people who signed up and Let's go so we did that. I started using cameo just to see what that was about they are probably won't use for much longer, but in terms of av testing,
What to see if it was something like now the problem with cameo of you don't know that is its for semi famous people like me to leave messages for people and they pay from the message we usually somebody paying for a message, happy birthday message, for example, for someone else now I tried it and here's. Why doesn't work for? What I thought was really I can just a few words and say hi and, like somebody, money for that I'll. Try that here's, the problem, the p I'll. Tell you what to say and they're so confusing the you don't get it right the first time because We like say hi to my my mother, she's she's affair. She did this she's taking a class she's good pottery, make sure you compliment her hat and I'll be like a cat
so a lot of stuff and I'll be like your pottery, like your hat, happy birthday now submitted so far so good, and then you get an email back. Could you re do this because the thing you said about the hat? Wasn't you left out the part about it? It should be a pin cat. Have you read, do it with just say everything you said per SE pink at this time. At that point I leave the up, because I don't want a boss. Why are you telling me what I did wrong designer for that? Like so so I'm still under the app. But the point is try some stuff. It's not gonna work out the cameo thing.
I'm going to say was a failed experiment, but totally worth trying the the local stuff. I didn't know what to expect. Looks like it's good, a hugely successful, really happy about that so far, and who knows I brainstormed a new book. I've started doing these micro lessons. I added day periscope I worked on my finis got my muscles up. I got a bike, certain biking, I got more son so in other personal levels, doesn't other things so those things I did intentionally because I knew I could do them during the lockdown. As soon as the lockdown starting to emerge and I can see what we're looking out for the next few weeks, I also approve by my drubbing. I spend a lot of time that so the boy baby.
Thank you yourself what you can get done in the next few weeks. You still got a few more weeks where things are not normal and you can pick up a few more skills. I've tried to to teach a bunch of skills like the user interface for reality, etc. That have been doing he's periscopes so that you can at least even passively pickup skills. I'll say this again, because I think I wanted just keep saying it forever, but I try to learn things from Youtube watching mostly drum lessons, and if I watch a drum teacher talk for five minutes before telling me one useful thing again and then it just like beat myself to death with a drumstick. Please the people were making lessons, put the put the homework or the year the housekeeping notes or something don't make it the first five minutes and the frequent video his people to learn,
Five years is a long time without one with that one change of having lesson start immediately. Instead of a preamble, you would change education in this country. Do you now much more? I would learn if I didn't have to wait. Five mins will lessen the start, doesnt matter with topic, as they all do. The same thing. A lot more. Somebody says I learn doored ash. I look in your comments about wave move. Either proves these skills multi, threading, ok,. Oh somebody's teaching, tell them stacked grouper team leaders today scrape drumming. Oh I've tried that too much introduction stuff get to the usual stuff. You will say the same thing. You know what I'd like to see is Youtube videos where you could easily go to the
the starting point. Wouldn't you like to see a Youtube video come up and you scream and then before you hit play on the left there a bunch of start times. You pick the start time based on the topic. So wouldn't you like that for these videos, if you watch the man, she say. Oh it's minute. Five Boop images hid it in those diminute, five, that's which need somebody's writing a patent rights while listening to me good, look at a recipe. A video is horrible. Yes, recipes. I've done that choice. Do a recipe- oh my god, The ep that I would like somebody to invent. Can you do this for me? Maybe darlings us. Actually, if it exists, just tell me what it is so here's the EP. I want to add that does nothing but make it easy to put together three to five. Second videos
really quickly, to form a lesson. So let's say I want to teach you how to stop. U Water either! That went off starting your water heater is like several little steps. It's like look at this find this knob turn this post. So with your, if you're trying to make an instruction on video you'd have Europe and he had to hold their only the thing for three seconds and pointed at the bottom. You say here: here's the knob, that's three seconds Then you do another three seconds any undue say turned to the right, and then he had put it on the The redoubt. You say here.
The reader, will say such and such a you just put all these three second videos together now introduction boom scald learning. Does anybody make that up? These are adapted? That is designed to make a quick tutorial any topic I'm talking about something they can be explained in a minute or two. Find that I needed I'm seeing the words mark Cuban in my feet. I think that's because you asked me about whom running for President Zelaya, And I think I saw news bit go by the said he was not ruling out with. If you have any chance of running for president. As a Democrat, Why would he ruled out I would rule without so what
the things that makes bark cuban smarter than other people? Is that free money thing if you mark Cuban would it makes sense to rule out running for president if bite in this, the presumptive nominee doesn't
Does not make sense for him to rule, because, even if he is not really thinking about seriously, you might well have the country thinking about you seriously, because I could turn into something, even if the only thing it turns into his people listen to a more carefully because he has lots of good ideas. So, if your listening to mark Cuban more carefully during the crisis, you probably doing ok, Tik Tok, wise everybody mentioning Tik Tok, o tik Tok as a the app that you could make a ok, I got so Tik Tok. Has that quick video thing they even displaced together? Somebody said Instructables, but I dont think Instructables has quite the user interface I just described. I know about Instructables China. Has it
says: Tik Tok lets you do it. You know that's bad news because do people use Tik Tok for directions, and this is actually used for them. I only know for those done little dancing values. Human debated, Hannity after watch that lets you seem to be any. We said Tiktok for fast, Well, that's like half an hour talk to you later today. Were the people locals I've got a little love lesson for them. They know what it is and they're gonna like a lot, can change life. I'll talk to you later.
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