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Episode 989 Scott Adams: I Tell You How to Find Meaning For Your Life

2020-05-22 | 🔗

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  • Joel Pollack’s possibly best tweet and insight ever
  • Naval’s perfect message for the times
  • Micro Lesson: The Meaning of Life
  • Whiteboard1: Meaning of Life
  • Whiteboard2: Author the Simulation

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Bump bump, bump, bump bump bump bump on carbon good to see you come on in everybody gather around this might be the biggest day of your life. I say: might the odds are, but it might right there. A lot of you here. Some for some of you is, can be best day life. It just follows. Well today, you can learn the meaning of life. For yourself people people may have different meanings, but while waiting for people to stream and here so they can get them for goodness. First sum up, Have you seen the news has turned pure loser? Think one of the chapters in my book loser think is marking people who say that something good should have happened sooner.
Because everything good should happen sooner than simply the story of the corona virus, so looks like the Democrats are gonna settle on the specific chapter of loser. Think too, it's funny that they have an actual chapter, a chapter in a book called loser. Think and the democratic strategy is to embrace it. There are probably don't know it's a chapter in a book called loser. Think I don't think you would matter if they, but the actual you say: if that's better, do you know what we all know said than done sooner would have been better, no matter what it is does matter. What it is would be better for them.
I mentioned earlier today that what the world needs is an app that lets. You do really quick. Three second videos they use placed together automatically to make a lesson, because lessons come in tiny little chunks, whether you're telling somebody had a change of sparkling Gore right. I just little chunks and turns out that there is one called Oreo, a r. I oh and I guess it's an app for training. It looks like a big big corporate kind of enterprise, candidate app, so suppress areas that I dont know if it works for individuals, but at least for companies that are looking to quickly train people up. Somebody on in the field can just parenting.
Just take it out and say that above are put in some text in words and video and suddenly got an instant tutorial. So that's one: did you hear that done? Junior mentioned on Twitter. That is going to be joining the locals platform, where I have moved much buy stuff. So that's a big deal is not every day that Junior joins social bidder platform and, of course, for they are. The reason is that it's not subject to any, but he's algorithm. I gotta give you one. One great thought followed by another great thought:
closer with another thought. This great and then I'm gonna give you the meaning of life. Ready one little make your head explode. One little just make you feel good another one. The next feel good Here's one will make you have exploded jaw, Pollack, tweeted this, I told him I was is best. Maybe as best tweet can just blow your mind, I love it when suddenly take something you ve been looking at forever and then just terms and round and you go out I didn't know that was on the other side. Of that thing. I've been looking for ever and liquid. He did here. Is your policy says if, if Real Donald Trump had shut down the country two weeks earlier, remember this when everybody's jabbering about shown about earlier, if and only then to weeks earlier about. So what would have happened says Joel says if you have trumpet shut down the country two weeks earlier,
South Carolina and Super Tuesday would never have happened. Bernie Sanders would have been the democratic nominee for president and the media would be screaming about trumpet, interferes in the twenty twenty election. Right violators. Modestly use you d, the you ve heard today. I swear it. Sometimes, if you just watch, you know the regular broadcast news you just getting dumber as you watch it, but how come nobody thought to the thought actually play back the tape. Why? Why was it Joe? Who was like the first the thought of this might well. If you want to go back to weeks, less rewind deep stake, look if that's what you want. Let's go, take a look
But that looks like there was a really clever insight. Jos got a new book coming out. Gonna talk to him about that when we schedule that is now before us. So this is a quote from Laval Rebecca and it is just a smart little true statement very optimistic and it goes like this. Technology destroys jobs and replace them with opportunities. I like that, because if you don't have a job, jobs are pretty good thing, but if you do have a job was even better. Is your own thing so technology it might take your job, but it also makes it possible for you to do I think a lot of people figure that out during the krona virus, so
Not all that was the exact, perfect message for the times. So look for your opportunity, there's plenty out there and the president has promised, and before we do, our MIKE, lessened the meaning of life. The president has promised more good news coming in the coming weeks and fairly soon about therapeutics and vaccines. Do you remember when the president was saying I think we'll have a vaccine by? I forget what he was at it, but everybody said: well, that's crazy, you're not going to have a vaccine by- and I was September october- that's kind of crazy but I think that she would say has more of a twelve month. They team months situation, but I think the president's thinking and of course I can't read his mind- some can make an assumption here. I think the assumption is
he just trusted american ingenuity and he trusted the in the context of an emergency. Americans would just do what needed to be done because we always do actually a pretty good bet, and I was you sort of philosophically I'm completely with the present on that point. That, however fast you think something can get done, we're gonna beat that I will probably to buy a lot, because it's the top priority and we're pretty good at this stuff. So are you just give you that little bit of optimism, I think you're gonna see mostly good news. Of course the other designated continue, as does the tragedy, but on top of that you see an increasing amount of good news coming out and it's gonna feel good.
So how many of you would like to have little lesson on the meaning of life, and so it will begin right now right. This is your micro lesson on the meaning of life. Now, this is gonna, be an individual meaning, not a meaning. That applies to everyone, because you take her yourself in terms is the meaning that you find a life there's not much. You can do for other people, they have to figure out themselves. So this is your personal journey and how to find meaning in your life. And it's a two way board situation? That's how good it is less a lotta. Goodness of you can take it
Here's, the basic idea, the starting point, and I will get more detail on the other side. If you were to live an ideal life, there was compatible with your biological self. What would it look like? And Here is my contention that you all you will have the sensation of and for all practical meetings for all practical purposes, you'll hear. Meaning in your life, if you stay on this line, which is the line of selfishness, and the idea here is a you're born a baby and there's no and you can do about it, you didn't ask to be born somebody asked me to help out. You couldn't do it. If you want to do You are one hundred percent selfish baby. Now, as you get older, if you're doing things Maybe when your team, you can start to help out a little bet, you're a little less elfish. Maybe,
because I'm your apparent you don't have to actually biologically of children, but You're an adult- and here you find yourself giving back as much as you getting you give him back. A lot could be to your family could be to anybody. You your company, whatever. Usually, once you ve got everything that you need, you ve taken care of the people who around you. You enter some kind of a call it a mentor mode where you're sort of a senior senior member of the tribe. You know you're a tribal elder essentially and you're just trying to be helpful and the last thing you do, at least in our culture. The last thing you do the moment your life is extinguished. Is you give away we, then you have so all of your material possessions just go away at the moment of death. So this is a purely unselfish moment because you literally that so you start
hundred percent selfish and you try to stay on the line to get to the point where you can be so unselfish that you die perfectly a perfect death. Is you ve, given everything, there's nothing left to give if do that or even if you feel you run the line to do that. So, for example, you're just in school, are you doing the right thing if you're a teenager and you just doing well school and paying attention. Yes, very rarely do young kids ask about the meaning of life. Because they're actually biologically doing exactly what they need to be doing. So, if you find yourself compatible with your biological nature for their point of life, you will feel meaning if you're learning and then
giving as much as you getting and then eventually becoming more purely unselfish. You will feel meaning in the life. Now. How do you do this so that our part right? How can you be sure they? You can take care of yourself well enough, which is really the key. If you don't take care of yourself, first you're not gonna, be in any kind of position be helpful, so you have to be selfish in the beginning until you have acquired enough safety knowledge, financial assets network. We whatever to be saved yourself, then you can start branching out. This is the basic belief behind this is that we evolved to take care of ourselves. First gazettes was
viable would require, but secondarily assumes we take care of ourselves. We brought back to the family, the people close to you here your tribe and then of course, civilization So how can you be helpful, sure, you're staying on that line? Well, let's say you ought to be an author of this simulation You knew this. I like to call our reality. A simulation feels like it. You don't have to believe it's a simulation for these purposes is just one So when I talk about authoring simulation, what I'm talking about is not enough Sally, changing base reality, because we don't have any access to basic reality. Even if a change, we might not know the difference Because we did not evolve to be able to know reality, we evolved to live in these little worlds. We manufacture ourselves so to the east,
that you can manufacture your own world. You become the author of the simulation, your work in your living and working now. The process for doing that, I'm gonna give you the general outline, but then each of these items you'd have to work on individually. So this will this would be how to understand your world the best in a way that helps you get to that that great line where you're becoming more useful all the time. So I broke it into three categories, but before you can't even get serious on this, you need to understand the beginning point that these are filters not necessarily All of you know what I mean by that is imagine. If you would you go to the grocery store, and I like to use this example. You standing in a grocery store, and next to you, is somebody with a different religions and on top of that
they also believe everything that the opposite political parties new, whichever that is, they believe the opposite. They live in the same reality that you are probably not. They might be worried that the other the leader is gonna, do suddenly horrible
and you're not so you live in a world where there is no risk for all practical purposes. That's where you experience as you're really reality again, independent from any based realities, just what you experiences in reality. Once you understand that we're all walking round in these manufactured realities, it frees you two or three Rhone reality. If you feel you're a victim of reality and it just well. Obviously, output and not the input and that the variables I'm just what Gus courted at the end, if that's your view of life, that's exactly how your life will go. If you believe that it's you who manufacturers this filter
reality and then can live in it. You could turn yourself into a say, a Buddhist. If that was compatible with your thinking and you can live in that world server a buddhist reality, you could become a Democrat, a republican and independent You can watch your own reality now. Does that alone help you be more successful, live better, be healthier, better relationships will not by itself. You need some technique here. The things which I recommend that you understand are you I already is. If you have not developed people's skills, the odds that you will be successful enough to eventually give back. And therefore have meaning of your life vision of learning and getting more powerful all the time,
what did you do anything useful life that gets to the mentor stage anyway? They really really is a well lived life you're gonna have to master people skills. I just listed siblings, but ones here. So everything from working on your shyness, which you can you can work on, is a technique. I've talked about that. For your network EU conversation, new public speaking learning how to criticise. People without hurting the feelings how to manage them, etc. So that is a long way. But you know what it is, if you're not actually working on that list, meaning you're not reading a book on something on this was not taken class here, do not practising something then you're not quite getting ready to be an author, your son you're still a sort of taking it as a comes mode. I talk do much better.
Talent stack, but is so powerful that if here, if you're, not developing your skills that that layer well together in your case is not the same skills for everybody is just whatever is the combination that makes you powerful and unique invaluable in the market. If you dont have a skill, snack and some people skills you just not going to be successful, I mean you could, then it is possible that people without people skills can be successful, but it's less likely which gives us to the last thing. You should understand the math of life, our quality odds, but is really sort of the math of life. If you understand the math of life, you have basically a strategy.
Like to use were strategy, so I prefer to say: do you know the odds? Do you know that if you do this thing, you're better off than this thing here are just some examples of it. I talk about how is very typical in the business world to try ten different things before what then works if you didn't know that you'd give up after three, but if he knew it was almost sort of built into the texture of civilization. I don't know why, but it's a good rules on that. You probably try ten things and one of them is likely to catch on. You try three, Well, your odds are less so understanding that about the world is important. You should understand that if you sell your time there's a cap on how much you can make use of your lawyer there's a cap. So maybe you should start your own business. If you want an unkempt potential, the math of talents
in this. The just because you have a say ten talents, and you add one- you dont go up just ten percent in power. You might double in power, so the ones you understand the them, the multiplicative geometric benefit of of adding skills. You have a strategy,
You just built into here. You're normal thinking understand about diversification, especially if you're investing don't put all your eggs in one basket as they say, and follow the energy to to go where there's a most luck, most stuff happening. If you go wherever there's the both stuff happening than those people yet more chances for luck. That is the outline for finding meaning in your life. Now, of course, the details of how you fill out your various categories and stacks here will be personal and baby you're on your own, your own path. But the idea is that that, if you're following that path from completely selfish too
Willie unselfish you have an internal feeling of meaning and that feeling will be judge you being compatible with your your most basic biological self, because you were born to take care of your yourself first. So if you're doing that, especially when you yeah you'll feel like you're doing exactly what you want to be and kids do. Kids generally feel like, I know exactly what they should be doing. Learning playing growing so just keep on their path, and you you'll feel that the feeling of completion and a feeling of meaning so that's offer tonight that you're micro lesson and I'll see you. You know when.
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