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Episode 991 Scott Adams: Taking Your Questions and Making Your Fears Disappear

2020-05-23 | 🔗

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  • Taking calls and solving viewer fears

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump them as we look down on the sleeping dog. And the current come down another wonderful day in the age of grown, a virus you're wondering what could make this day and and the perfect way, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on editors out the came to the right place, you don't have the lead. Sleeping dogs lie. No, you don't guess it's time for the best time of the night, time. You ve been waiting for the time when I will be taking your questions in a moment, and I will listen to your greatest fears and then I'll make them disappear.
So think about what it is thus making anxious. What is it you're worried about about the future in a moment I'll? Let you call in an hour remove your fears in front of the crowd yeah. It's. A ham butt first slowly catch up on a few things. Sue the the Joe Biden gas supplies. I guess I call the gap. In which he says that, if you ever figuring out whether you're familiar jump. Then you ain't black, sir. I guess the hashtag you ain't black has been trending and Hashtag Joe Biden Race is now what's funny about this. Is it just another here, this is literally nothing till the story is his Joe Biden,
I tried to be tried to be casual, and obviously Joe Biden was thinking that what he said but the actual meaning was, of course, I'm the best person for the black community. This is what you meant to say. Clearly, that's what I meant, but, of course, the the pro Trump people have turned that into it. Well, it definitely means what he means. What he's thinking What do you think in Gaza Raiders mind ways really thinking? Is that it? basically yonder about vote, and It is a little like that normally say anything like that. Does baby results, but everybody's pretty darn sure that's what he meant so watching the conservatives, just usually the left's playbook through just Menu
actually this ridiculous. It is just ridiculous because nobody in the world who thinks turbines racist, no really and shall remain the God. I dont off his weight in on it, but I would care about his opinion because he was he was there. I'm not sure I care about my opinion about or anybody else's? I heard someone say that if you not black here, it's not up to you to say the Biden did or did not insult anybody. His shoulders and other? Suddenly they never layer to apologize or does need to apologize. I thought to myself as a very good standard. I will accept that standard and watch purely as a spectator
I'm out Joe, you get your works as well yourself, so yeah yeah do were there to apologize, but it is a lot of fun watching the the politics of law, Jerry wonder when they discover some ancient ruins, that they have to dig down to gather, wonder how it all got covered up was said in the first place. Who, who builds a whole ancient city and then is it? Do they not sweep. Is it deserters better housekeeping him? I just don't know reason I have a few hundred years. It has built up a than their houses. God you now you should dusted or or did they all leave town for a thousand years and they discovered was handed than they come back and tell the city atop the San. There was wonder about that. Nothing to do with savings. I wonder who built the pyramids too?
it turns out, the ram, does severe, doesn't save lives, so doesn't change the mortality rate but seems to reduce the virus abet not enough to make any difference by itself. Surrender severe doesn't make much difference by itself, so your test it with other things now area. Who is this that this is just be a test of how cynical you're If RAM does VR doesn't work by itself and REM does there's like one thousand dollars: interpretation tries real expensive drug and they test it and they find out they do get a good result with some inexpensive drive there, that. I think that some other kind of drug say, but it was an drug.
No said the two of them produce a good result. What are they gonna do? I think they can appear them a charge. A thousand dollars severe and whatever the other judges, the sheep Yo Buck. Fifty and save you don't take the two of these. Do you think, do you think that after they test the room does veer with whatever the other drug? Is that still keep going as they are? Now we have to test it with just the other. Drugs Catherine does. Where do you think you're gonna do that test, or they just go say well all, we know is that when you use together works, so it s not, so you could take you Jesus, but always
it is the two of them together so wide agenda, two thousand dollars, if I were you saw me now so stories funny be funny services via Greece, before these at your enemy, somebody, you stopped all over my great joke. It was coming, but Lee everybody in the cameras had the same punchline as I did witches and that other jointly works was run. Does, however, is toxic Clark, wings, So, anyway, CNN and everybody continues to act as though the Hydroxyl clerk win, when given to people will have a few days left to live baselines? Worse, I'm taking probably everything. Does that boy I'm going to take some questions
Passivity and we'll take some questions about. What's bothering you what's, what kind of big worries you have for the future it doesn't have to be. Media future could be the long term future and I'll give you the positive spin on whatever it is. That's bothering you will see who's who supply law we will take a row is an actual name.
RO, are you there hello row? I can do you have a concern which you like me to erase from your mind? I do. It was on a tweet that I saw from Katy Hopkins and see it was saying that you know all of our statistics and death rates and models were hoaxes and we were being programmed to live a new way of life and I hadn't thought that have stayed away the conspiracy, but for some reason I got off work and it hit me- and I was like- oh my god- we're not using money. We had to schedule a day in Vain
This work any more do I who would be benefiting from this globalists? I don't think anybody is benefiting. Are they haven't globalists Benatar from us? Well, I guess upscale cut off. Well, let me finish the answer. I would not worry about the at the grand scheme to change the way by his living I'll. Take that something so no evidence for other than people who like to talk about grand schemes. So I would not imagine that anybody's sitting behind closed doors- and you know it- you can just convince them to door dash. Then we ve got some I don't know how that works. If we could just
didn't, send to work from home a little bit how's our somebody says control. Nobody wants control just for control. People want cajole to get them things or control just to control it. Who wants to control the deity nobody alright see. Somebody else has a concern that I can erase for them. David looks like he s a concern. David there David it hello. S got our it. Yet, how are you you have a concern for me, a worry that I can arrange for you well, actually wire immense sales for a living, and I'm open your good with personal things as well. Correct.
Sure you name it. I got the item and sales were living in. It baffles me how in the majority Majority in my life, I'm very competent and in certain ways I can approach people with no challenge whatsoever, When it comes to certain sales cause, I find myself cripple with fear and can't get any sort of real rationalization. That's why, and do you know what kind of calls make it different ways, a different, sometimes that's good
russian there is. There is no obvious reason is a Sunday Javert and Sundays. You don't know I'm in it with with things primarily related work is when I see the day when the fear comes up more often, if it thinks that don't matter, yell hell do thirty one thirty one. So yes, I imagine you young, because part of the solution to this is just experiencing a lot. As if that does not have a hurry you, so the only solution to build a do. This is to put yourself in increasingly embarrassing situations and to learn that there really are.
I don't think there's any other way to do it now that the ways the people do it as a sign of fruitless either masters or the deal Carnegie Course or you can just approach strangers, and I shall just practice now with. I guess about invites the other day that I was laughing after I gave it which is always good to match. You're, you're, emotional and energies state to the task now part of the problem might be that, if you're you're all wound up about a meeting or assail you're in exactly the wrong point, the wrong frame of mind to take a risk gives you just to wound up to take a risk. But there are probably times when you think I had such a bad day. I just had a fight with my your girlfriend, wife. Whatever five things went wrong, I couldn't find my pants. Nothing like could ruin this day because
resell ruined playwright off. Then you say to yourself: I most will try that thing. I was gonna. Try just let me do somethin to wake myself up today, so I would think expensive. We about which state of energy can get you not afraid. Now I find in my life that the same situation can be saved making if I'm certain frame of mind, but no problem at all. If I'm like, really angry you now so sometimes it is is just The case of change your stay until you find one that fits the situations and that if you ve gone through enough of these situations and they don't, they represent the same issue doubt let me ask you this: what do you imagine could go wrong was the worst case.
They say no wiser bad, because you know the nine or ten calls are gonna, be here now. Here's a look at you. I grasped that there is no problem. But have you ever right it s my finger on the phone changes have you ever read my book had failed. Almost everything is to win back. I've actually. So I would try re framing your situation as trying to get something out of every call
It doesnt mean that you get a sail out of it, but you get tougher, you get a practice. You try a new trick. Yours like I'll, try this I'll! Try that you keep track. Maybe you keep a scoreboard, you say I got. I got one end of the year. Eighteen yesterday, I'm gonna get one of the seventeen today, but I think you could refrain as almost a sport as a personal, because none of these people now you they don't know you right is these are basically strangers you talking about at the mixture. Well there they may be people just seven said here yet so Rosales, is it certain that wearing people down after a while the USA that way but-
Here's a year. Let me, let me tell you sail stories. My favours favours cell story, I added neighbourhood, gotten rich Adele s about the story of his life and one of his first jobs was selling salt. The grocery stores- and I laughed- I said: how do you sell salt? It's all the same. We want what you competitive advantage. He told me this story that one day, one of his grocery stores was be reorganising shells. They said the eight have to be closed all day at the weekend and now he's gonna be working. All we can reorganising shelves. So the salt salesman without being asked just showed up on Saturday and said well beyond help you reorganise yourselves and the guys like really why he has had Saturday off without it.
Reorganise yourselves didn't didn't even ask about buying salt just held him all day went home and the next time the guided a salt order, who did you buy or from so basically built a relationship that he just waited and me I wasn't. The only relationship was building. He was building relationships all over and waiting for them to Blue over time so yeah, MR discovered Numbers game and a question of what he was gonna. Give them so maybe one way to think of it is when you calling people say to yourself I wanted. Doing for them and if you can If you can be honest about that and say I would. I can really help these people. I can help them save money. I can help them do a thing they couldn't do before. I can help them now do nor product it is, but you know, I suppose, if you don't believe in Europe they'll be harder, but if you believe in your product that he would also believe that they could be better off
so think in terms why who give them? Yes, oh you know the process of reciprocity. Somebody the comments that the sole salesman basically gave gave something for nothing and then just stood around until paid off, so that that is my advice, and I watched this now leave her. This re framing, The next time you go to do this, you going to think yourself wait a minute I can think of this as a scary thing and which I could get rejected, or I can think of this as a as in which I come out ahead. Every single time because, as literally what's gonna happen,. We call you make whether works or doesn't work makes it easier to make a call because it in her Yo Yo yeah you're afraid the calls over your body feels the same year. Breathing the same your days, the same you did it get one closer to a yes, so every
That's a now is one closer to a US watch how well that works. I thanks legal things got see. Who else needs a problem solved possibly make Bert. Are you there good at you do have a problem. A worry, a concern, a fear that I can make disappear. Here's a big opportunity And with it China buyers problem, our prime minister or Little Party is seizing power and its very rare concerning issue because we don't really have all opposition party,
due to do what he has done, because he'd refuses to participate in the parliamentary process. Now what we do. Is help too. To train, are All these things do defeat this guy you know, you're hurt anybody like that. Well, you, but are you worried about that, or is it just a preference? I mean really that Israel is your life, that much different depending on what political parties and in others, while if there are allowing our national, please do to throw together sweeping gunned down without any legislative process becomes a probable. Yes, though this is, it's gonna be a very big problem. Well suppose, suppose everything went away. You don't want to go. How did effect you personally
we look a lot like China, ass, well, ass kind of extreme. Don't you think you are just looked like Canada Boat was your guns, Ah, no, if alleged that the process is, is no longer a thing andor circumventing dictating what can be allowed The process, then, is not really the process anymore. Well, this slippery slope is usually suddenly you don't need to worry about. So typically, things go until every reason to stop and right now is something's going in. That direction is because the does never isn't the stop where. But everybody in Canada has a reason not to become cheaper,
whereas is not true that everybody, Canada, has some concern about guns. That's the same services, so you could pretty much care on the sliding to stop once everybody's on the same side, which is no, we don't wanna, be a dictatorship with no rules. We just want a new clean up, a few things that where our preferences, but maybe not other people's preferences, so you could well lose some basic rights Getting massive comments about my nose whistling. So my nose, isn't it. But you are hearing a whistle, it's not my nose, those actually coming out of my mouth. I don't know I shall I didn't why it's a long story said other with clear that up, I would say I know a lot about the canadian political process like here to mention the details, but I will tell you that
No, I can't think of any reason. There was a year of my life. There was less happy because of who was in power, and I doubt that that will happen in Canada and I wouldn't worry about slippery slope, because it'll stop or at least stop, maybe maybe a little bit after it needed to stop, but not for China. So thanks legal problem. I think I talked about that and if his fear I need a whim, rubber is coming in, and Roberts rubber. You they're Robert. I know either robbers another. Let's try Tyler Tyler.
Tyler are either. Do you have any kind of worry or fear than I could make disappear? If you have any questions about Canada, you gasping, as I actually live up here so, but I did want to ask you something else, and I was you was talked about something called a humility fetish that the Anti trumpeters had, and I just noticed that there are a lot of people say on my facebook and my social media, family members and I dont think, has anything to do about politics when it comes to Trump there's something about him that they just cannot get over. I was wondering if you could comment on that cause. It's almost like. I hate it.
Use. The word trigger cuz being overused, I think, but they're the same thing to just drive them into irrational behavior that I've never really seen before. Well, I have opined that Trump comes across as a play and if you have been bullied in your life, that's all you can say, and everything is all about that everything sort of emanates from we ate him because he's a bully and then we'll find all the other reasons if we electra, whereas people have not been bullied or were the bullies themselves, look at him as just a harmless and entertaining person who may or may not have the skills that are looking for. So I think that's the biggest difference whether you ve been abused by somebody that hearing
and you have desiring, does that ring true yeah? That could be, as I say, it's at it doesn't seem to be about anything he's done. It just seems to be strictly his personality, like desert dealer people who I consider stupid either like really smart people, I have just been driven. Well, you know thing hatred. Anybody use cocky has as many, admirers. As late as I have haters, You remember when my evidently was no you're. Probably too young But he was famous for being bragging in and being cocky in a number of athletes who have made an aim the same way and of course, people become super polarized people believe that,
this is another genuine self there not just putting act for the further for the carers, so people just hate any kind of confidence or arrogance or a cockiness. I don't think there's much mystery to that in because Trump has a lot of those things plus he's ridge plus the insults people.
He is people lotta reasons to get worked up at the white one more thing, for you got your guiding on the other half our nations. I just take a chance on the affirmation that was a couple months ago and someone who I hadn't heard from a long time. I just picked them kind of randomly its carbon old friend of mine, and I wrote down for a couple days. This person will tax me. This personal attacks me over and over again so couple months go by and I basically forget about it, and I kid you not Scott, I'm not the Jim, I'm just about to close my locker and guess you I get tax from, and I haven't heard from this person for a long time. I d have to tell me how long are we talking years yet, and I wouldn t I was the years I went to university with them, and so there was probably both for five years ago. The graduated so
so I'm not contact with very often is funny, because the very first time that somebody told me about affirmations, it was exactly that story without the taxi was a phone call and it was a there's. Somebody got somebody to call them as the blue that they wanted to call that they had heard from in years and years and years. Another all right, so there was the very first or air now, of course, as the people in the comments were saying you Coincidence is coincidence and they're gonna, because is so that
I was advised the first time I tried affirmations and it worked out so well and then I said well by just a coincidence: you're almost have to try something that just couldn't happen on his own and it has to be more than one thing. Are you not gonna do anything. So that's. Why pick this person, because I didn't want to pick a person who I am and in normal contact with? I want to pick someone who you know the odds of them. Getting contact me weren't zero, but they weren't percent either I wanted to be someone who will be less than fifty fifty. Yet the only had one affirmation right was only. What do you do? Yes, and I didn't say it over and over, I kindness wrote it down, and I did that fried say
three or four days I set out at last one day out and then I'll just like damn, it's God, damn you the first. I thought that I get you knowing you tried and something else, maybe region. Size from getting a text to getting something better. Well I'll tell you before. I even heard you talk about this. I got this idea from Jim carry an interview. He was talking about how he wrote a check to himself a million dollars right now. Obviously, mine wasn't a million dollars, but it was. It was an amount I I wanted in my bank account. So I literally take us a screenshot. My online bank account and I I wrote the number and it was a reasonable number and you know it wasn't crazy
course. I've far surpass that. No, no, I don't want to say I don't wanna sounder to cocky. Now people aged people asian, you have you watch the Michael Jordan Documentary Onion, there's a little bit about it play there too. I found to be quite groggy now that that's a big good suggestion I kept meaning to watch that some blood you reminded me I face legal. Like he's got lacking, I figure all right, I'm gonna winding down for tonight. I hope some of you had. Similar kinds of problems, and maybe some of that helped you manner and in the meantime I will see you. I will see you bribed early in the morning.
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