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Episode 993 Scott Adams: CDC Blunders, Biden DNA Test App

2020-05-24 | 🔗

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  • Whiteboard: Coronavirus Optimism
  • CDC guided Gov Cuomo on disastrous nursing home policy?
  • Who can we trust…CDC, WHO, Surgeon General?

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Bump bump bump bump bump about about over but bump bump everybody wanted here tonight. Nothing but optimism nothin, but optimists scurry optimism all over the place, Once you gotta get in here, we can have some interesting updates. And one waiting for everybody out enough using the new Joe Biden. Dna app celebrate areas in that. There's a new app, I guess Joe Biden campaign made it and it's like a twenty three would make a better anything. So little test your dna- and I was just going to finish. The inputs here. So we can get a result while you're waiting, Policy, it's just get. One question is how do you plan to vote for a job
now enter and then you get the Joe Biden. Dna result says, the says you ain't black, what sort of raises creepy Unless these Joe Biden DNA up now is not a real thing, but if it were, wouldn't it be funny. So when we talk about some things that are going right, I'm gonna give you you're way out in the governments, are gonna. Give you the most optimistic view of the future few minutes, I'm gonna, bring on a special guest to talk about convalescent plasma, slash blood, serum therapy, and this can be in his garden. Martinez's was probably
queuing up right now to be brought up before we do that. Let me show you all: the good is now another. Anything on this list is true. This is just pure optimism. By some of its true look at all the ways we ve got the risk. So this is the way we know and the ways we suspect we might you're lucky. But we know the masks seem to cuts risk by seventy five percent, and I was just out at the lowest Home supply represent the people of masks because, of course, they can't get in without em. So. At least where I am the the actual compliance is it under present distance, of course, is gonna work. How can distance network there's lots of stuff? We will be doing to make sure we.
Maintain distance, of course, of the work, I'm just gonna say, reduce risk by fifty percent compared to not doing distance or about tat lesson blood, serum syrupy? We're gonna hear a little bit more about that bit, but do we know yet how well it works? We don't zealanders but my optimists- and maybe it's even better, but I'm gonna pull up optimistic middle ground and say: there's a fifty percent reduction a risk once we get as, Then, of course, we know what to do with the restaurants now, wouldn't we knew the wrong thing to do And now we know the right thing to do so I don't think we'll be repeating those mistakes so that probably data a good twenty percent right off the top of risk, because we finally, I think I think we finally figured out how to do the old people care facilities right.
But we got some other wild cards, so the things on the left are things that we were pretty sure about, at least in the area. No, but the things in the right could be good. Do. There's something about summer. This seems to make viruses your lesson the two humidity, is at this visit, the heat is a device. Monday without now, but it doesn't. Something about summer Of summer a fifty percent reduction- these are just my gases, I'm just being optimists. They Confucius joining US I call the vitamin d already. Maybe that's the only reason the summer makes a difference, but probably that are probably the other factors matter to talk all this out by itself. What, if I didn t, is everything that people say is cut out to be. We don't know that does there's a strong correlation seems, but we don't know about the cooperation policy,
I will just be optimistic but say good vitamin d levels cancerous by twenty percent. Less say that the country, especially because it summer is getting worse and get their vitamin d because that they know what matters career by twenty percent weapons. If we are really lucky Andy, Hydroxyl clerk, Queen indoor income nation was incorrect, information or something else. What if it works, I don't think he's gonna be. Magic killer shot, because if it were that good, we already know by now it would just be so obvious you ve just eliminated the virus. We'd know that by now, but in my work I may make a difference and if its not these, the Ismail, maybe there's something right behind it. Somebody give that a twenty four. And reduction of risks on about heard immunity was worth something I don't think we'll get a sixty or seventy percent.
You ve, gotta, say ten percent Eu Republic, maybe twenty percent at some have it will that certainly makes it efforts it's not enough to stop it but these things are gonna all add up, and now what about the agenda later situation? We know that, while others- I think we can say we know it This point is short of being confirmed. I just whistled its short of being confirmed, but it does seem There we were over ventilating and killing people with ventilators right there. Seems like we know that now that's not guessing anymore, and now we know so there's a gigantic gain just from learning what to do and what not to do it went and what not to do it, but the thing I most
mostly cited out in the short term. Besides masks and distance is as convalescent, and I don't know yet- I'm gonna ask you, everyone was, I should call it blood or plasma will were we'll get three the skinny on that, if an is ready to join me. There is a right for technology works. This will be really interesting. He can hear me
I'm doing great terrific so make sure they re pronounce your name right in he'll guard Marty's. Us close, my thesis do illusion. So so did I say right, ear, Guard Marty's, us and my losing, lastly, connection I know he's gonna, come right back. So let me keep an eye on that and we hope he will go only place where his cell phone works a little bit better. I think there s. He come back to us, come back to ASEAN. This is gonna work at all. Is it
Well, it looks like we're. Gonna have to try to do this some other time, it's funny when I have lots of yes most of them work, but what you have one special guessed: the technology sneak up on it are you see if my guess is that he will be looking for a place for a better connection? Soongoora keep an eye on that and if he finds it we'll go that when we talk about taking over. Restaurants, one waiting for to try that began with travel more time. If this doesn't work previously to do that different day. And it looks like it's not gonna work. I wonder why the whales,
but the rest homes in New York. So he another of easier me, but it looks like this isn't and work for saying much, not quite sure why but we will definitely do this year So here is a really interesting development in the in the Cuomo New York. Did he put people in rest homes and then they all died turns out that the CDC recommended that sir Even Fox NEWS was reported that they that apparently the CDC guidelines were they. You should put them back in the homes that they came from when when it's safe. Now, of course, you want to save partisan wildcard Agus nobody knows.
So are you about Europe? Wants your comments. Somebody says that is being. He blames the sea, they say well, the CDC gave the guideline. So apparently there were a dozen states that did the same thing. That. About it and the reason it doesn't stays the same their endeavours that they are the same night lines from the federal government. Now, how did we don't know that right? Why? Why is it? Why is it today? We learned that the city see recommended exam what he did now. I know you still want to be a terrible person. People say it's not true, it's not you! Well, I read it in the news minutes ago. If it's not true, maybe the news these two fixes off, but
for years it did you see that common cable, no word in it now part of the question is: why did other governments new differently does go question right? There were other guy Those who did not do a comedy added, yet they all have the same guy lives. So would you say that the ones who played it correctly were the same, ones and the ones who followed the guidelines for the CDC were the bad ones. I think it at worst. The worst case scenario is if the governors were actually following the cities, Guidelines worst case scenario is the so best case scenario. There were some governors who, for whatever reason, I did a different way, but here's what I suspect will be true this is just based on this- is not based on any information. This is
he's done living in the real world for a long time. Live in the real world for a long time. Just certain pattern. Jesse One of those patterns is why, if you feel he had Thea specifically the nursing home situation, probably there were different situations in each state. I ll just give you an example. I'm not saying that this is what happened but as an example of how you could be missing the bigger picture. What one possibility is that the the rest homes situation is just different in different places for example, I ll just give you a year. For example, Imagine if you will that a lot of rest homes in one state were essentially run and organised. If you had one entity that ran arrests, arms. You could say that their entity, hey, can you hear me stuff around
so that one of them is completely emptied and you'll you'll just move the man to the other places and then you have one that you can use just for the covert patients now that would be kind of easy to do if you had one owner who owned a chain of rest homes, and they were geographically not too far apart, because you Joey Dr Grandma, to the other one. Now imagine you're in the state were that's not the case, every resto. Rest rest on has individual owner and why you want to do is empty one of them and use it just for controversy, patients is harder. I know. Suddenly you ve gotta get somebody who gives up their entire rest on and just turned it into a corona virus place. It's not a chain, that's just moving everything around nobody.
Feels too much pain is just one person is just go. You wanna business, basically for a while now arrive, money would work. But the point is this: a lot ask of one operator. It could be that the individual operators were smaller in one state. Maybe there's some states such as Florida, are there so many old people. They have massive infrastructure, far more professional management because it's more of an industry in Florida, people, people site, so the point as you can imagine a whole bunch of things better serve the the details of what is different about the rest home situation, world. Easy to imagine that only a few states, it was easy to make the change. That was the smart change, which is to use one facility just for a crown virus patients and keep everybody else.
I would not assume your set block you for set for. For this saying I sound like a como apologists. If something is true, you know an apologist effect. If you call anybody apologists well I'll, just speak for myself. If you call me an apology, you're, not paying attention you're missing the whole shell. If that's what you're getting out of it. Why would I do apologise for global? Why really can you think of any reason I will go out of my way to be biased in favour of governor of the state, I don't let em there's no reason.
I'm just tell you what I say: if you don't like it, you don't like it. I can't do much about that. I just explaining what I say. I am physics, apologists because you fell for these folks brother routine. Did I fall for it just go block you too. I generally black people, for when they tell me my opinion unhappy. We need help european him. You never get blocked for time in Europe. But if you tell me my happen, they have to get blocked, there's nothing, productive, that I can do something now some essays.
But they also have guidelines. But if you were the governor of New York and there's a and there's a crisis as a viral gi crisis- and there are two entities telling you what to do and one of them is this Gee crisis and there are two entities telling you what to do, and one of them is the CDC. It doesn't matter what the other one was right, I'm hearing you when you say there were two entities, because I saw that as well. Was the wasn't matter- the care about does matter, because one of them was the cdc it. It just doesn't matter what the other ones that is it is. It is a virus crisis. People got to do with the CDC tells him to do I, let's see, if few in this back.
Yeah, maybe back endless if he has a different phone or different technology. Oh! This is looking better any there. I do have different technologies in the corral: same technology by our and he's got a guy. I let him out years ago, work you will have to find new technology and tried again. I am, I swear. The will make their work one of these times, but I think he's just is often didn't have dinner signal. Word is so anyway, just finish up under the silly staff who are resolved. The story would go there.
The cdc would, we know, of course, can be questions whether reinterpret the riot, whether reacted soon enough, whether he did he adjusted quickly enough and by the way, if you, if you would like me to say something bad about- and it turns out that another details up if it turns out there knew there was a problem for a long time and he didn't adjust turn out blame him for not adjusted. But getting around in the first place if the sea, These. He had a guideline about that. Hold that against them, but absolutely out all against him. Yes, if they, quickly knew there was a problem and it took a long time to adjust
It looks like you took. It belonged to adjust, but I didn't know the details there, but if you want to criticism healthcare, if it is too long to adjust, why why would I ever defend that who could render? But I don't know the details here, so I can't make their claim. It Right: it's ok, not to blame any! Day he ordered letter Jacques see Chloroprene. So let me finish up with the CDC. Let me Let us look at the records of the city said: don't closer poor they're wrong about that. They said you wouldn't transmit between humans. They, of course they are different gyre, but they are there. I think correct me if I'm wrong, I this unjust spit born here. They were wrong about the masks and now they might be wrong about
somebody else's wrong, they're wrong about the wrong about how likely it transmits on physical surfaces They were wrong about, and now probably this year, this rest on thing so yet and the CDC was wrong about the ass the tests, the task, a thousand the task. It was the biggest the task it was the biggest mess up around. Maybe these were all being massacred right. So there was the didn't. Want closer report. Wasn't transmittable people, the people mask locally, you rest homes,
Basically, every major problem was the CDC. Wasn't it if you think about it, it looks like the CDC probably is responsible for fifty thousand ass. I guess explain my retweet. Only I ever met in study. I didn't understand. I don't remember that retweet what was over backwards. I remember him at all of that is that there are so many new little studies were come out, ass, other services, etc. So I think the CDC is the sort of an up who do you, trust less the World Health Organisation or the CDC I'm an even even the the poorer
surgeon general. You saying don't wear masks, use, taking advice from from the other experts that still come off. Somebody says what is more toxic. I jobs are clearer queen or the CDC Garral think we get you back on he's gonna need a different phone or a different location. I think I want one of those two things, so I will do everything I say so. Let me check one more time see if even came back. He looks like he's back, we'll see if he's gotten refineries in
and a simply keep you out for more than five seconds the style under amendment and are you in the same place with the same thought seemed like is in the same place super while no matter how many times which are exactly the same thing, can start work but will make this work some other time, but for tonight I will thank you all for coming and I will see you in the morning.
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