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Episode 995 Scott Adams: Psssst. I Think We Won The War. Take a Look at the #GoldenAge of Education That is Coming

2020-05-25 | 🔗

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Bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody as we bring the curtain down another day in the era of grown virus. I have nothing but good news for you today. That's that's good news We can watch light some of that as way better. So I take it as my sovereign responsibility to make you feel happier. We don't have snickers in the chair on the ground.
Due to the audience knowledge instead get I'm fine. Fine, well policy must be on camera here, so you'll be seeing her door. A walk by there we go. Here's what I wanted to tell you tonight I feel like we want and I'll talk about the virus. Have you been watching the pictures of people going out and just having a good time outside
feels like we want and here's what I mean in two weeks. If our hospitals are not crashed, we one meaning that nothing can stop us from reopening, because if what we did this weekend, doesnt causing massive spike their crashes are aspects I made in my my cousin spike in some places. But if it doesnt crash, the hospitals were back water back and I dont want to get ahead of it because, of course, the rules to be lots of people dying. There is plenty of tragedies, less work. A lot of people been fun Actually, devastated and there's gonna be a lot to do to clean this mess up, but it's starting to look like twenty twenty one is
like the best year of all time. Things are going to happen or directly because the crown of ours there are things that it shook up the just needed to be shook up, for example, I would be amazed if a healthcare costs don't plummet now that we can have doctors and tell him across state lines, even that little bit of change probably is going to open up competition like crazy, so healthcare will clearly change to a more digital model. I don't think there is any any way that we're going to go back to full commuting, so traffic might become less of a problem. People will be spending less to commute that will be less than expense. Quality of life will go up. I honestly think also that the lifestyle changes that people took just to boost the review system. I asked
this morning turns out almost every one of you did something to boost your immunity, there's no way that doesn't pay dividends, because a lot of this becomes habit, overtime. So we'll be healthier, will probably pay less, for it will be driving. Less will be less stressed about all that and then at the home delivery business will be better than ever. Start Mark is love you strong, weirdly, even property values didn't seem to change too much so I won't tell you one specific piece of good news I see coming, which is the future of education few people ask me the map out what I think is going to happen and began. The color of a virus and everybody rethinking the whole idea of do I need to be on campus. Do I need to be in a classroom deserve a better way, and here's where I think
to go. There will go this way, I would say the biggest wildcard and I'll. Tell you what I'm talking about a minute, but the biggest wildcard is probably the big tech companies, because if they decide to try to control education, the way was a apple tries to control Itunes. That sort of thing if it becomes a sort of world, often somebody's product? Well, it may not be so cheap in the future, but in a perfect world, be door open. Appendix I sought interview with Scott Galloway, Professor Galloway, who wrote this book the four and he's a really good interview. If you get, if you get it, she has to google it Lugal Scott, Galloway and Anderson Cooper. Readers of you see that it was excellent, he's really guarantee re, but he also with thoughts. So you tell you the thought that I thought was really in safer.
It goes like this. The big tech companies are so large that, for somebody like Apple or Google, to have, unless they have ten percent growth, they would have to eat entire industries. They can't just launch a new product and grow ten percent, because they're already so big, they need to devour industries, but not every industry is right for devouring. Some of them have low margins.
Some of them there already and and lots of people like Healthcare and what's got pointed out, is that education is a super high margin business and when I thought about that, I thought well. That can't be right, because colleges don't make me how much money right, thrice fund, raising their barely making ends meet, isn't college sort of the opposite of a high margin business and then this whole thing clicked in my brain, which was not if you do at the old way. If you do the new way digitally, you could drive out what ninety eight percent of the cost Think of another industry where you could take out ninety eight percent of the cost. Now I don't know if that's possible, but I would say easily ninety percent cuz you're going to get rid of
room on board the classrooms and most of the professors, the administration, I think, ninety percent. So if you ve got an enormous industry, the education industry, it's also a mess, I mean. There's nobody thinks is good the way it is right. So it's a mess its enormous. There are only a few big company or a big opportunities they have high margins to disrupt and that the tech companies are going to come for it. That was, A dollar dollar ways Gallo Scott Galloway is insight is that there is no way that we will be able to stay away from it is too big and his two juicy, and especially now that everything at disrupted the way were thinking about college has changed, and that's probably key because until people started really thinking about a different lady was just too easy to do it the old way to do it. The way we did it before. So, let me tell you,
and once the big companies get in here and the innovation starts its could ever really fast and Then we're gonna be on the way. The golden age I tell you. What I think is should look like in a perfect world if I could design the future of it. It would look like this, the first, all you need is a start with some kind of a comprehensive major. A college. Major teach you all the things that are useful and none of the things that are not. If you take a regular college and major today,
some useful stuff but you're gettin can allow stuff is not that useful. Why not have a college major, that's just a uniform major for the digital world. That's, let's call it life strategy and its only the good stuff. You teach you persuasions selling. You would teach you a little bit about money managing money, so we can understand their world and digital rights to communicate to speak, basically, all the staff the makes anybody successful, including the strategy of how to succeed. How to build systems than a goals? How to increase your talent stack. So those are the types of classes and now the what I'm adding to this is the idea that there will be broken into chunks, and each of these chunks would be like a marketable products. Just like a book would be on Amazon.
So the anybody could produce any these chunks and just go into the marketplace, and as these, if these boxes from left to right represent the entire course, then each of these funds could be classes. They could be parts within a class within the topic, but they would have to be defined by somebody, so that anybody who is making content would know that this is exactly the content for this box, no more! No less! So everybody is its apples and apples. Once you have apples, apples and all courses are lined up and in less than a federal body, or just somebody credible has created this this degree, then, let's say the federal government blesses it says. Yes, we can certify that if you finish these classes, you get the degree in life strategy major now, if you need it,
a skill on top of that, and it's not something like lawyer engineer, were doctor in a very specific stuff. You big companies will teach you the extra skills, but they want to know that they ve got a good base and that's what the life strategy major would give you Mister Dinsmore on top of that But I guess you started now: once you ve got a competitive market, were anybody can have a best seller? number things. You want to make sure that your accomplishing some good, robust market number one. Each of these things should have no introductions when you click on it, It should be a lesson. Not let me tell you about how I became a teacher not give you, the history of people will go. Classes and tell you why they used to be bad. Another just start teaching
that even within the chunks, there should be some easy indexed clicks. So you can find the places within the EU easily identified boom go right to it. Next time you need to be able to track performance, you want to be able to keep track students you, as you know- which of the classes they took a journey, and then you, measure how they did on tests so that you would be able to, say. Oh this, whoever took this glass almost always did better on tests, so that would get a higher ranking. Maybe they can charge more in the future Of course, eventually they be augmented reality, virtual reality this is, is guaranteed. What would be a better way to teach history, for example, putting you in the middle of it. Have you actually there in some historical event, you wouldn't forget that, because your visual creatures, they plop you right in the middle of history,
Remember history, you were there, you remember your old life when you're there. It will feel it will be. Just like that. Now imagine teaching somebody to be a mechanic of some type or anything that you work with your hands. Now it nobody needs parts. Nobody needs an engine to work on. Nobody needs a physical thing. You can just manipulate him in the virtual virtual reality world, You learn end. Of course, out of sums are to be sort of Hollywood models for these these chunks, these classes, that'll be teams of people. Just like a Hollywood. Film will bring a team of altogether you'd best sellers you'd every views, of course, which ones are the good ones here's the ages in part, these chunks, these classes could live anywhere so one of them might be on the d me one might be unkind academy.
One baby be your website that you made all by yourself: one might be on Youtube. So as long as you, pointers to them better where they live in if you wanted one of the good one, let's say well, maybe you need a subscription to your food at me or one of the other online sites. You might need not need to take every one of their class but because I won classes so highly rated and that's a chunk you want. Well, you don't have to pay the premium. You can get the less expensive version, but if you want, you may have to go to you that you didn't hear someplace else and and sign up together, but we're not talking big money, we're still talking in the range of a hundred.
A month to get a college education and, of course you did to solve for testing and rating of papers and such I'm pretty sure that you can find a way to distribute all that. Maybe you can have somebody who actually watches people take a test. Digitally bees be easier to achieve Muscleblaze in the room, but between facial recognition, monitoring. What's on your keyboard, checking to see if he stole your paper some other document. This is pretty easy to check. Now, if you plagiarized and and some kind of monitoring while you're taking a test, might be enough, I don't know the exact system that would work, but you would have to solve for testing. I think we could do it and gray
And then I can imagine that would let people who are on the same path get together locally in little pods would say a dozen people doesnt matter with numbers, but was a dozen people. They just look at the wrap in this area. I want to take chunk number three of this class see who's taking it out of sight through somebody a few miles away. They're gonna have a watching party. Go me. Some people were doing the same thing. I'm doing get my networking in. What's the worst thing about not going to physical college, you don't need anybody. So with this model you you're still watching and on a screen, but you have the option of a meter.
With a dozen other. People were watching and at the same time, and you can talk about it and help each other and network, so many people. So this is how I see the future. It's gotta be broken up into little competitive chunks, and once this happens, anybody can learn anything and then you get us Then you can restore unlocking the potential of the people who had been under served. Think about how many people in this in this country have not had the benefit of the right kind of education and you're, not gonna, get it partly because of finance, partly because they don't know. How is he Are they can't find it? They have to travel? Is a lot love those like going on in getting a college education? Not everybody can do it, but.
Everybody with a phone in the tv can kind to do this so that that is a suggestion I want you to. I've got to end on this, because I want you to just have a a positive thought about the future. Education is going to change and it's going to change quickly. I think Scott Galloway is exactly right about that, and I think the big company is going to make a huge impact. Really soon. Somebody says mentors are important and I would agree- and it is easy to imagine the work led into the system so you'd have tutors. Inventors would be associated with each chunk of information. That's a four day, somebody's Escobar snickers she's doing pretty well, thanks for asking and I'll talk to you tomorrow,
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