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Episode 996 Scott Adams: Freedom Breaking Out Everywhere, China Behaving Badly, Hydroxychloroquine Fake News

2020-05-25 | 🔗

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  • CNN coverage of freedom breaking out in America
  • Joe Scarborough gives but can’t take?
  • Alan Dershowitz and mandatory vaccinations
  • Rachel Maddow and the truth
  • Hydroxychloroquine confusion

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump our ears a quick question. What's the best part of the day, I'm waiting, I'm waiting, that's right! It's now it's now and you don't need much to enjoy the best part of the day, not much at all, I need is a cover, bugger glass, a dagger, jealousies, time against injured. If I ask a vessel of any kind and fill it with very liquid, like coffee,
and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the Dover been here the day. The thing that makes everything better, including the damp, undemocratic skull disciples. Eighty seven happens out, go I can tastily infection rates decreasing yup working well is talk about. All these things. Are you ready for all the things we ll start with China. There is talk about a cold war breaking out with China over their increase strong grip on Hong Kong as her closing the vase on Hong Kong. To which I say we're not already in a cold war, what is a cold war? If we're not already in one is a bigger
we're in a whore. I mean how many Americans, if they kill this year at what point, has China killed? So many Americans, with both the sentinel and and viruses, that we have to start. Gotta get gold or does it cannot over here? Maybe it's not a hot over there, but here's what I would suggest. So I dont know what it means to be in a cold war. I guess it means what we wanted to mean, but given the fact that there are squeezing Hong Kong, which would be violating a business agreement, a political agreement, but it's kind of a business, As well as under shipping Fenton, all under therefore request.
Spying in there taking ip and they're doing you know unfair trade deals and blah blah blah. I said this before, but it's time to say it again rather than a cold war, we should do an international rating of China and other countries, and we should simply rate them suitable for business, and I would think that would matter. Read it all the countries as for their suitability to actually do business with them because How much China is not so much that we think they're going to attack us militarily. Is that we think their business will get so strong that it will just eat up the YO civilization with I need money and influence. If that's what you were worried about, let's just call it what it is
China is not safe for business, which is not a safe place. To do business with them safe place for a company is not a safe place to you except their male. I'm not even sure we should accept their mail for sentinel. I so accurate junk Brzezinski add enough. He knew this, but doing the pandemic, he was doing a little web show, I guess he's doing it himself called some Good NEWS so unbeknownst to me he was doing kind of the same thing I was doing. He said not as well obviously, and it got picked up by CBS News, CBS all access seriousness, so they go pick it up and turn it into a show.
Except the show will not involve John Prison Ski now. There was one good thing about the german presidency's shell, which was John risky. So somehow he managed to sell CBS concept the lawyer, one good element, and he said, but well there's just one thing: I'm gonna tell you this great idea. But it's just a little change. I'm gonna take out the only thing, maybe work, which was there was John Preserves, who is hosting during a crowd of ours that you take that part out
What exactly did you sell but of course, in a world full of stupid people out people take it. His fans rebelled, that's right. Chantries excuse, probably probably one of the nicest guys in the world. If, if you can near baser than what we see on tv, even not just as role Yes, but what is just talking in interviews stuff? It looks like a nice guy buzz fans are very angry that he gave his time for nothing during the quota virus and entertain them and millions of others like them for free for free and that these cells, the concept to CBS, he's not even involved. It is
as an actor is now they will be at it. He sells the concept that he has already. It is all a matter for selling out. I thought: selling out selling out CBS boyfriend himself probably has no value whatsoever? Personally, I will do so. I was all that somebody says like issue. Well, he sold So I was having a good laugh at the scene and coverage today, because I wanted to see They handle freedom breaking out in America. Over the memorial day, so what's people and the other in ignoring the medical guidelines, not worry masks. Everything that the experts say they are supposed to be doing at, but on the plus side it was outdoors.
They tend to be the younger people that wasn't one senior citizens were out running rather memorial day. How dangerous was it? Well, we don't know that's what we're gonna find out, probably in about ten days, but CNN coverage was hilarious. Here is the first one. This is the headlines we have seen, I said, lionesses a seventeen year old dies in Georgia. Now. Why is it important that a seventeen year old died in Georgia deserve? You, like National news, less radar. Georgia, one of the first states to begin reopening officials reported this above the state Youngest grown virus destiny. Seventeen year old boy who died Thinking to myself is the only thing that made this a story that a Republican stay open early and they had to find some bad news
one seventeen year old died, and that became the headline what about was re further the headlines, says the Georgia overall is doing rate reading ring. I dont think I mentioned that they shouted. One tragedy in the state that is biased. By any measure, a huge success story and they reported that one tragedy. I ok. Here is another one bright bryanston alter the headlines, and one of his article says twitter Main silent about trumps, appalling attacks against Joe Scarborough so says when I remain silent about it. And then he read the article and it shows the quotes from people like Brett break you etc,
doing exactly the opposite of stay, silent, just scores excruciating the president fruit for doing it and thinking if you're, if your title, says twitter remained silent, maybe the body of the art goal, should have all the examples in which it doesn't the case. Just a suggestion today by sea, the twitter remaining silent about that as Twitter remain silent, There does know how to remain silent. There was the opposite, and by the way, does anybody think that are any Does anybody think that one republican or conservative, who thinks that the president's trump about murderous alleged murderer just Scarborough there's no evidence, everybody, but the present blaming him out the conservatives have basic
We want a billion which is number one our bureau outcome she's been lying about the president for years? certainly worse lies than that, because the press lie was a sort of silly nearby took it to seriously Serbia babysit, that's, but buzz scar. RO, has been calling the president a trader to the country and a and a russian pop it for years. Isn't that way worse, because I was was sold as a real, lose their way worse than the president doing this often tweed before he goes golfing that nobody really took too seriously. So that's. The first thing is that I don't think there's any conservatives who think it was unfair to go hard at Joe Scarborough wisdom, fake allegations, because it just feels like an supplemental season. It's going both ways in the area, but he's just,
they can tell at this point, but I also don't think they're ready conservatives who thought it was kind to the other family members of the, so I haven't heard advice. I owe you it's no problem. Very much everywhere the sailor venue. Oh that's, gonna bad for the family members at the same time Nobody cares I already when it does Scarborough, so others much less story. Ellen Jesuits found a new way because trouble. By writing opinion that mandatory vaccinations would be constitutional now what happened to Ellen Dershowitz when they give relief. No opinion about the constitution. He was called many anti semitic things to which I think
myself how in the world, do you get from a constitutional opinion from a constitutional scholar all the way to an anti semitic attack like even connect those things you ve gotta, try very hard make it a melon an problems. So what I saw the push back its people who don't understand how lawyers work. Lawyers will get a guilty person off if it's their large Laurie Others will, if they're doing their job, argue what is or is not constitutional independent of what they would like it to be. That's the job, we're not talking about the room opinion. That's the job you know what the laws and even saw that the stakes actual hammer, six, six six, you know him
He replied that the alum and on the topic of the constitutionality of vaccinations, And they said dwell in your Wretch Ellen one, one does have a luxury bunker. Builtin stand there since the world scares you so badly, and I thought to myself. I didn't see anywhere in his opinion, were he was scared of the world or scared of anything. Just wasn't there. He wasn't, he not escape. It, wasn't not afraid it wasn't frames was in there. You simply talked about what the constitution Does and does not allow with some context. Historically, I either that is as something you should attack Alan Dershowitz, for it is it is personally, Alan Dershowitz problem that he interprets the constitution to be objectively, allow this
No, I'm not giving my opinion because I know I'm gonna get attack next, so Please go to hear this. Say the he was a lioness up and give us these unproven vaccinations. No, you also have now heard my opinion. Have you. You know that I'm gonna be accused of having an opinion. The pupil though like, but I have not rest by didn't help. I have expressed no opinion on that. I will talk about it and it goes like this. The as I understand it, president trumps reservations about vaccinations in general have to do with the fact that are given to very young kids and that their combined. So it's not one vaccination. That's all it's a bunch of accident.
Put into one shot and there's some question about that, because it has never been tested as a a totality individual things have been tested but hasn't been tested. If he give it to a kid. What's so, there are reasonable adults who say hey is a good enough. There's a good enough. The vessel individually, because I got some questions I don't know the answer that I don't have it. Incited to that so I don't have an opinion of how safer unsafe. That is certainly a question. I'd like to know the answer to have our say farther we'd all I do know that, but this shot would be for adults primarily. I dont know that young kids would get probably not right, but it's gonna be voluntary. It would be for adults it. It would not be combined with other shots.
Now, if your primary concerns are children and I it with other shots either those apply so be more safe, released. We don't ask more safe, let me say it more I'll be more technically act. We don't know how safe and would be, but the two concerns children and combining with others that have done exists for this to say so if you're, Sesar, your personal risk, just take into consideration that this is not like other vaccines is the two biggest risk factors are not present with us. It might have its own risks, I'm not telling you should or should not taken
bill gates that everyone should get it while the whole point of it is that you should try to get as many people to take it right through the would be much point in having it. If you didn't try to get a lot of people take it. So I get that Single vaccines often use multiple adjuvants, make a signal vaccine problematic for everyone. So the question would be so I'll I'll. Let accept the general statement that every vaccine hazardous But would you also accept the general statement that the more things you Were you combine that with the more you risk goes out? That's all So even an individual vaccine is a combination of things that you can't really drive the rest of zero, but it's less than if you can find it was even more stuff. I would think that would be common sense.
So another that so the Rachel Matthau Court case came out The funniest possible way, which we wish that it would so I forget which what claim was but Rachel Matter was accused of saying something, but their defense was that the Rachel Matter was bullshit, so the defence, was that the show is opinion and rhetorical hyperbole that matter A gauge is exaggeration of the facts so as long as long as she has a show which, by its nature, does not tell you the truth. It's ok that she didn't tell the truth that, because the context of the show is not the truth now, how would you like
to be a person whose, but then believing MSNBC all the time you ve been watching. It you thought that when you're watching Rachel better than it was something like the news and then you find out of actual court case where People are under oath there Rachel medical team said now we're not really even we're not attempting to tell you the truth, because if think about it by branding themselves as opinion and rhetorical hyperbole? An exaggeration exaggerations acts, they are saying directly. It is not our intention to give you the truth. I think that you saying that we made a mistake. Sometimes that would just be normal. I wouldn't older against any news organization to make a mistake, that's gotta be just routine if they corrected it. Ok, without probably.
But imagine tell your audience: we don't intend to tell you the truth, because that's what it says, there now saying we used to be an opinion, and I probably show, but we're not gonna, do that anymore. They're saying directly, that's who we are and therefore presumably it means will keep doing it and people will still watch it and, though, still interpreted as trip. It's a funny world Let's talk about how'd you like to be Joe Biden, and watching the discussions on social media and in the news, they seem to be felt guessing on how he will be removed, if he knows that I will tell you about making making, you think, pass the sale, sale in this case is. Will Joe Biden be removed or confirmed as the nominee? That's
question. But people are no longer ask that question. Those people are asking the question pass that which is, how is it going to be done? Will it be done before the convention will be done during the convention will happen after the convention and then the vice president? slip in their more easily if you're talking about how it will be done. You ve already accepted that always gonna be done. We don't know when it's gonna be done. I started good place to be a good place to meet all so stock about tat, I jobs were agreed now, I'm interested in hydrochloric win, eighty percent of it is because the psychological political part which I find fascinating,
Twenty percent of my interest is because hey my work, but you know another a bunch of other things that also paid my work. Do. I don't have a special obsession with our drugs. Deplorably, in fact, my ass. Is there is no more than a year thirty forty percent chance that it makes a difference? We don't know you, but some interesting things. The first. The interesting thing is, that is clear in the comments as everything through twitter the people we watch the news on the right believe: it's a fact that the drug doesn't work, and that is dangerous on top of it, so people watch C and animals and BC reading your terms. They think that's actually a fact. But there are having trouble understanding the news, if that's a fact because,
in my world is simply not effect, is something we're still trying to figure out so my world makes sense because offers still trying to figure out what would that protect? You would see in the world what we're pretty you see the trials are still underway, and indeed there's a story: Scott got leave, Andy was tweeting about. This is something called a recovery trial. I think that's the name of the trial recovery like a brand name and urges the date for the project there. Yes and they they thought that they would take a look at it. For they were done to see if there was any danger any if they have any really die, because they see the other, the other warnings in the Lancet etc,
so they looked at their data and they found that there were no particular side effects. There were deadly, so they decided to continue on with the trial. So how did the people who believe it's a fact that doesn't work, and we know it's dangerous so fact they believe. Haven't they understand their world when they see a professional medical organisation that has all the information they have They have all the same. Access to information have looked at all and decided is not a fact. How did they explain our world My world doesn't even explaining because everything's play exactly the way. I expect we dont now. Therefore, it makes sense. We are still testing. If your world is not compatible, meaning that of a belief that doesn't explain what you're saying maybe rethink your beliefs, maybe rethink the stocks are more about.
Drugs are currently one of the reasons it is so hard to figure out. What's going on with this thing is first of all, they have tests of only He bore near death that doesn't tell you as much as it should. They also have the time. Without using the zinc that doesn't telling If it works whether things because I didn't test it now- during the existing mice and might be the dangerous part. So maybe you should leave out the as from my son. I just read that today for the first time in office, true just read it: so so. Nothing is apples. Apples, but people were if you, if you really quickly, it sounds like it is so people are acting. Like is apple. But Oliver information is just a different set of information with different variables that doesn't compared to the other, nation, so we have lots of it. It just doesn't work for making decisions. Yet one of those is Costa Rica.
So, there's a there's an account on line that is promoting all the Good NEWS about drugs. Clerk win I dont know if it's just a citizen who's trying to help. I dont know if this is a kind of sponge should be. Rising. So I don't know anything about the account, but. Where there is less information, but I wrote soon, those all true or accurate. So what things that was tweeted? Costa Rica apparently is doing an amazingly good job at controlling their virus and their des amazingly good. It's Is it true that the beginning of the crisis, they called China, and what do we do? China told them several things to do in polluting hydroxyl clerk lean and give it to people or Leon First symptoms, and so they started doing that turns out. They Costa Rica is a producer of hijacks Chloroprene so that they may
if you didn't country so they are love, so they added off their desire to use it. The result is one of the lowest curves I've been basically was it didn't even curve up that they flattened it. Before I was even up. Basically, they flat on the ground just what justice total flower with everybody else was grown up now? Does that mean hydrochloric which works. Our little brains make us think that right because well, users originally used it. They got the best result both done now, unfortunately, that you wanted to be true and seeing in the comments. Suddenly
it's also an island. Costa Rica is not an island people. Not an island is connected to landmass, while it I've been to Costa Rica- and I promise you I drove their Didn't I didn't drive all the way, but it was there was there was no need for go across. One so here are the first to rig is also warm place right yet goes Rica's Central America caused Rica's warm What is the other country? That's also warm. That's having terrible problems if you Like the warm countries are doing better Right Africa, not so bad ass, we thought it would be.
Somebody said Mexico wasn't so bad. I don't know. If that's true, I have to do a factor that but here's the problem. If the only countries that are doing well are also the warm ones- and we know that the word, they're, probably as a big big impact, can really tell just there's just too much this different so you gotta go now. And so I asked this question. I tweeted I said: are there any countries that are routinely using Hydroxyl clerk win for first symptoms, the wake the way cost rigorous, is there. Anybody else was doing it just as much as they are doing it, but getting a bad result. So I was looking for the counter example. I'm looking for any country. Ideally
not so warm climate and not an island, doesn't count Brazil just started using, I believe Brazil only just started, Hydroxyl Chloroprene, so they're, not an example. And but I don't want to do. The the warm countries so forget about Central America, give Gimme something above Central America that doesn't have the warmth that use Hydroxyl Chloric. Queen early wasn't Brazil, Brazil did not use an early and and and is doing poorly so that asked- is give me this and whether the test is they use. The early is not one of these hot countries towards the equator and they did not get a good result and did not get a good result. So give me that example.
Others, of course, big news about the present were not wearing a mask. The golf course Great Britain this all buzzing about Dominic Collins aid to the Prime Minister. Who apparently this travelling in size, his parents ruse give her something. Save feeling about all of these leader, what were not doing what the under what they're telling the underlings to do. I really care you. Do you really care if doubling governments took a drive and change a little bit of a dingy, but the care they care. I don't care, do care that the president and were mask war. Golfing care
because I all because I assume that every person who had with them had additives that day and they weren't. That close, I mean it's outdoors warm care at all. So I think all of these looking for the hypocrite stories are not landing because, frankly, well? Well, let me ask you: let me ask you this question because You will not be arrested for your answer. How Many of you have violated the guidelines since, since you knew what the guidelines were so From the moment they said, I don't do this kind of socializing stay, six feet away, etc. Me and covered many of you have cheated at least once how many of you have cheated in the comments while waiting for those com, a scam, here's my assumption, I think most
people have treated, not everybody, I'm gonna say seventy five percent, maybe they seventy five percent have cheated alleys, wants and areas. My my feeling. If people always, she went nobody's watching as probably five, because if you achieve in a way that you address a hundred people over to your house and had a house party, everybody would now so People are not cheating in these, like big group ways without getting caught in that's all different story. But if somebody saw person, somebody snuck way to be with their girlfriends your boyfriend. Now I don't know I'm just not to worry about that, and this goes back to my theory about friction. There was never any thought that, looking at all the comments
Coming now there are a number of people who say not once of looking at the ratio say so we ve got about fifty fifty. That bad, a lot of you have not cheated even once very impressive. Those of you have not cheating do have. Kids is, if you had kids and you didn't let the play with a friend, I would be surprised, but I'd be repressed. I wanted visibly says my doctors offers no one war. Banks Yeah well looks like you ve, all of But many of you have cheated, but
the prize. How many of you have not somebody get a massage? Well, that's that's a little bit of taking a gesture, or maybe not, I suppose, is the precise therapists wore a mask and washed Israel her engine, fine. I guess my only point is I don't expect my leaders to be any more perfect than the citizens that they lead that whole hypocrisy. I never get on board with the hypocrisy thing, but I agree that may be used if they do a little role modeling, but aren't we we pass that with President Trump is. Anybody left or centre who looks at the president says all more like that. I don't think so, I think we all realise that he's such a unique character, the We look at him as he's just doing his thing.
We make our own decisions. I just don't see people saying I'm gonna be like him and you just dose it Sir Joshua Jonah Goldberg somebody's. Promptly beyond the common still covered that, so I guess a journal. Goldberg is not too happy about the Kelly Makin any and her job as spokesperson thinks she's think she's, a little too were baby baby aggressive work about combating, but the funniest thing about that is the job of Gothenburg. It looks like we're off now. Because a year cows hair, it looks like he's levies, beer scruffy and you just turn full werewolf and all tat I was looking at the interview- that's all I can think is, I think, you're wear off now. While I think
of a severe shortage werewolves. If we can, if you have not changed your Karen ok I thus offer now We will be doing a few more of the evening periscopes as the country is opening up. That their spirits are lifting and things are getting back to normal, and I'm going to declare that this weekend is a victory. Victory and what that means is that if we get we'll say several days from now and there's not a gigantic spike infections. So large that crashes, the hospitals were back we're back. I think that's where we're at.
So as we get back the evening, leaving periscopes were really to fill in need. Yea? I may open up my evenings at some point, not tonight tonight I'll be back in I'll talk to you tonight see there.
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